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Timeline: The day after Kim and Tommy's wedding.

Cruise of Terror and Discovery
by: Lucas Harrell

"Oh, man," Kim said, "When your parents want us to go on a cruise, they go all out." The cruise liner, the U.S.S. Titanios turned out to be huge. Kim couldn't help but gape at it. Her and Tommy were heading in on a shuttle boat to the ship.

"Yeah, they do tend to go a little overboard, no pun intended," Tommy replied. The newlyweds were all set to go on their honeymoon. Their bags were already aboard and in their room.

The other ex-Rangers all volunteered to hold the fort while Tommy and Kim had their honeymoon. Tommy and Kim were determined to make the most out of the honeymoon cruise.

When they docked with the ship, they went up to the ship. There, they were stopped by a photographer. "Oh, now here's a nice couple," he said, "What are your names?"

"I'm Kimberly, and this is my husband Tommy," Kim replied.

"I'm Rick, the liners photographer," he said, "Mind holding still, so I can take a couple of complimentary photographs?" Kim and Tommy reluctantly did as he said, and he snapped off a couple of photographs. He handed them one each. "Here you go. These are free, but if you want more copies, you just have to come to my photo shop in the mall area. I'm giving a special discount for newlyweds."

"Thanks, Rick," Kim said, taking her copy of the picture.

"Yeah, maybe we'll stop by there later," Tommy said, trying to be polite as he hustled Kim along.

"I'll be looking forward to seeing you again then," Rick said. Tommy and Kim waved and headed towards a man who looked to be about to take some people to their cabins.

"Excuse me," Tommy said, politely tapping on the man's shoulder. "Could you show us the way to our cabin as well?"

"Sure thing, sir," the man said. His name tag read Jeff. "What are your names?"

"Tommy and Kimberly Oliver," Kim replied.

"Ahh, newlyweds, eh?" Jeff said, looking down at the list he had in his hand. "You're cabins are on the same level as them." He motioned to the people he was taking along. "We'll drop them off, then get you settled in. How's that?"

"Sounds good to me," Tommy said. Him and Kim followed Jeff down to the living areas.

"All together, there are seven main decks," Jeff said, "The bottom three are living quarters, while the top four are recreation decks. Each level of the living quarters has about 200-400 rooms apiece, depending on the level.

"Like I said, there are four recreation decks," Jeff continued, "The first level is the main deck. Not too much to do there, unfortunately, unless you like shuffle boarding and playing bingo. The next level down is the shopping level. The name says it all. The level after that is the game area. It has several different arcades, and an IWERKS motion theater just for starters. The final recreation level are mostly the eateries as well as a big shopping area. We have one, main restaurant, and several little ones."

"That's nice and all, and I don't mean to be rude," Kim interjected, "But could you show us our room?"

"The customer is always right," Jeff said, "Next stop E deck." He led the way to a nearby elevator and hit the E button. A few minutes later, they found themselves looking down a long hallway. "This is E deck, where all four of you are apparently staying. Mr. and Mrs. Dunlow, you'll be in this room, 12a. Here's your key." He handed them a plastic key card.

"Thank you," Mr. Dunlow said, taking the key. They then went into their room, and Jeff led Kim and Tommy down the hall.

"And here you go,' Jeff said, "Room 17c. And here's your key." He handed Kim their plastic key card.

"Thanks," Kim said politely, taking the key card.

"I hope to see you on the main deck for the shove off, which is in about an hour and a half," Jeff said, "Until then, have a great honeymoon on our ship."

"We will," Tommy said, "Thanks." Nodding, Jeff headed down the hall.

The two newlyweds headed into their cabin. It was pretty spacious, but the set up was kind of dull. "Hmm, I finally have you all to myself," Kim said, wrapping her arms around Tommy's neck.

"Yeah, and I have you," Tommy replied, giving her a kiss.

"Just a sec," Kim said, as she slipped out of his grasp. She went to the door, grabbed the do not disturb sign, opened the door, and put the sign where it was facing the hallway. When she turned around, Tommy was still standing where he had been. Kim literally pounced on him, knocking him to the floor, and gave him a passionate kiss.

A little while later, Tommy woke to the sound of the ship horn blowing. He was lying in bed, with Kim in his arms. Sighing, Tommy slowly got up out of bed. Luckily, he didn't wake Kim. He got dressed and went out into the hallway. He looked up and down the hall, trying to remember where the elevator was. He finally remembered, and headed down the hall.

When he got up to the main deck, he found that the ship was shoving off. He was slightly seasick, so he sat down to stave off the queasiness. It was a lawn chair, so he laid back and soon fell asleep.

When he woke, an angry Kim was hovering over him. "So there you are," she said, "Where have you been? I don't like waking up to an empty bed."

Tommy smiled. "I'm sorry, beautiful," he said, "I needed some fresh air. When the ship really started going, I sat down here, and I guess I fell asleep."

"Oh, I guess you're forgiven then," Kim said, giving him a kiss as she plopped down into his lap. "So, what do you want to do? Go shopping, learn shuffle boarding, go back to the room, or what?"

"How about we go exploring?" Tommy said, "We're going to be here for the next week. We might as well check out the place."

"Good idea," Kim said, "I've been wanting to go shopping." She started tugging him towards the stairs and then down to the shopping level.

Danny teleported himself aboard the ship. He looked around and quickly ducked into a nearby darkened hallway. He would be considered a stowaway if he was caught, so he wasn't planning on that happening any time soon, if at all.

:"And now, to find the newlyweds," he murmured, "They're the last two to be talked into this." With that, he started heading down some stairs nearby. "And if I know Kim, she'll be shopping." He headed down to the shopping level.

The Tyrant Ranger was also there, looking for Danny. "If I don't stop him, all my plans will go up in smoke," it said. It was cloaked, and nobody could see him.

Danny could feel the Tyrant Rangers presence, but couldn't tell exactly where he was. He knew it was looking for him, and knew that he had to stop it. All of a sudden, he spotted the Tyrant Ranger. He started running for him, silently morphing on the sprint to his archenemy.

A little while later, they were in the shopping area. Tommy was glad that he didn't have to carry the bags. They were going to be delivered to their room. All he had to do was worry about how much this one shopping trip was going to cost him.

"Kim, slow down on the shopping a bit," Tommy said, "Even between the two of us, we didn't bring a lot of money on this trip."

"I know, but I just can't help it, Tommy,' Kim said, "Can I help it that I'm a shopaholic?"

"No, but you usually just window shopped before," Tommy said, "Why the spending spree?"

Kim shrugged. "I guess I'm just so excited being here, with you," she said, "And this is our honeymoon. We're supposed to be spontaneous like this."

"Yeah, I know," Tommy said, "It's going to take me months back home to get this paid..." He stopped in mid sentence, as he spotted a large crowd causing a commotion.

"I wonder what that's all about," Kim mused aloud.

"I don't know, but we'd better go see," Tommy said, "And help, if necessary." Kim nodded, and the two went running for the crowd. They quickly worked their way through it, and found two Rangers duking it out. One was only about half visible, with black armor that had blood red and dark blue lines running all over it. The other one was in similar armor, except that he had white armor, with gold and green lines.

"You're going down, Tyrant Ranger," Danny said.

"I don't think so, Prophet Ranger," Tyrant Ranger said. With that, he got a lucky shot in with his gunblade, knocking Danny down on his back. Tyrant Ranger was about to skewer him.

"I've got to do something," Tommy said, before bolting for the Tyrant Ranger. With a loud "SI-KYAHH!!!" Tommy did a mid air spinning side kick that knocked the Tyrant Ranger for a loop.

"Stay out of this, whoever you are," the Tyrant Ranger said.

Tommy was surprised to know that the Tyrant Ranger knew who he was. "No deal," he said, "If you want him, you'll have to go through me."

The Tyrant Ranger laughed. "Gladly," he said. With that, he jumped at Tommy, about to take his head off. All of a sudden, Tommy disappeared in a flash of white, gold, and green light. Mixed in the crowd, Kim did the same. Roaring, the Tyrant Ranger did the same in a flash of his respective colors.

Danny was barely able to fall into a seat. "Wow, that was cutting it close," he said. He glanced up at Tommy and Kim, who were surprised to find themselves anywhere else but the cruise ship. "Are you guys all right?"

Tommy recovered quickly. "Yeah, I think so," he said, "Who are you? Where are we?"

"I am known as the Prophet Ranger," Danny said, "That's all you need to know for the moment. I went to the ship to keep the Tyrant Ranger from killing you. As for where we are, we're in a series of tunnels just below the Angel Grove sewer system, tunnels that run all underneath the city."

"Wait a minute," Kim said, "Why would he be after us?"

"Because you tried to stop him from killing me," Danny said, "And also because of these..." He held out his hand. In it, were the virtuamorphers. "I call them virtuamorphers."

"Morphers? Now wait just a minute here," Tommy said, "We're not Rangers anymore. We gave that up."

"I know, but I need your help," Danny said, "I need a team of Rangers to fight the Tyrant Ranger, and you guys were the only ones I know of."

"I don't know," Kim said, "Just who is this Tyrant Ranger?"

"The Tyrant Ranger is what's known as a shadow symbiot," Danny said, "For most of his, and my, life, he was residing in my bloodstream, along with a tremendous amount of morphing energy. Just short of a year ago, the Space Rangers, the Psycho Rangers, Astronema, and Ecliptor all helped me contain the Tyrant Ranger when he got freed. When we did, history was rewritten to the way it is now, except for one thing. The Tyrant Ranger was contained not in me, but a special cell I had made. Neither team of Ranger, or Astronema and Ecliptor, remember what happened. Their memories were wiped. For over a year now, I've kept the Tyrant Ranger contained, but now, he's gotten free. I need help. All of your friends have already agreed to help. What do you say?"

"I'm in," Tommy said, taking one of the virtuamorphers by instinct. Kim didn't say a thing, as she took the last virtuamorpher.

"Thank you," Danny said, "Now morph. The power should tell you what to do."

"It's morphin' time," Tommy cried, "White VR power."

"Pink VR power," Kim said.

They both morphed into their respective Ranger suits. They were a cross between the armor the VR Troopers had and the original Power Ranger suits. "Power down," Tommy said simply, and the armor on both disappeared. When it did, they noticed something odd. "Where are the morphers?"

"There was an unknown effect to morphing, until the others morphed for the first time," Danny said, "They've been absorbed into your body. Now, they can not be taken away, unless literally over your dead bodies. They now reside in a pocket near your brain, and can never be removed. There's an upside to this, though: They're tied into these computers, and you are in constant telepathic contact with the computers. Not much of a contact, just enough to let when the Tyrant Ranger is attacking. And you can telepathically communicate with the team.

"That was so cool," Kim said, "It feels so great being a Ranger again."

"Glad you liked the experience," Danny said, "Now, to contact your friends. If you are to trust me, I guess I'll have to reveal my identity. I'm only going to do that once, so everybody better be here. Computer, contact the other Rangers and tell them to come here right away."

"Yes, Daniel," the computer said. It's voice gave Kim and Tommy a case of the shivers.

A few minutes later, the whole gang teleported in. The biggest surprise was the man who teleported into the room in a flash of green. It was Ryan Marshak. "I didn't know you were on the team, man," Tommy said.

Ryan shrugged. "They needed a Green Ranger, so I accepted," he said, "I was surprised to find that you all used to be Rangers. The others have been filling me in since the Prophet Ranger approached us."

"Speaking of which, Prophet Ranger, fess up," Kim said, "Just who are you?"

"You all know me, Kimberly," Danny said, "I'm surprised you haven't put two and two together. Justin, you would especially know me." With a single thought, the helmet encasing his head just unraveled back to expose his face.

"Danny?" Kim said, shocked.

Danny nodded. "I am the Prophet Ranger," he said, "And I used to be the host to the Tyrant Ranger, until Andros freed me. Now that he's loose again, I need a team of Rangers, ones that have mostly been in a previous incarnation, except for one lone exception." He grinned at Ryan. "And now, you will all be known far and wide, as the Power Rangers: Virtuosity. I have yet to be able to make zords, but I hope to remedy that before..." A loud siren went off. "Too late."

"What's going on?" Trini asked, as all of the Rangers rushed forward.

"Tyrant Ranger took a host that can tap into a power source like yours," Danny said, "Him and some of his new virtuasoldiers are attacking the city. Let's go kick some butt, guys. Tommy, care to call it?"

"With pleasure, Danny," Tommy replied, "It's morphin' time. White VR power."

"Pink VR power," Kim said.

"Red VR power," Rocky said.

"Black VR power," Adam said.

"Yellow VR power," Trini said.

"Blue VR power," Billy said.

"Gold VR power," Jason said.

"Maroon VR power," Kat said.

"Silver VR power," Zack said.

"Orange VR power," Aisha said.

"Purple VR power," Justin said.

"Green VR power," Ryan said.

"Amber VR power," Tanya cried.

"Back to action," Danny said. His helmet then flowed back over his head.

They all teleported to the city, where the Tyrant Ranger and his virtuasoldiers were running amok. "Why don't you pick on someone that can fight back?" Tommy growled.

The Tyrant Ranger turned to them, and laughed. "So this is what my goody good counterpart has been up to," he said, "Building a new team of Rangers. No sweat. Virtuasoldiers, ATTACK!!!"

"Call upon your Virtuosity weapons," Danny said, "And take out the virtuasoldiers. The Tyrant Ranger's all mine."

"No, let me," Tommy said, "Maybe a semi-new opponent can confuse him."

"All right, but be careful not to underestimate him," Danny said, "He's a lot faster than he looks."

"You got it, bro," Tommy said, "Virtuosity Saber." His sword, which he noted wasn't too unlike his old one, Saba, appeared in his hand. He jumped at the Tyrant Ranger, who called upon his gunblade.

"You don't stand a chance against me, White Virtuosity Ranger," the Tyrant Ranger mocked, "You know that, don't you?"

"Oh, really?" Tommy taunted, "Maybe I should just give up then." Then, he got serious. "Yeah, right."

"Your funeral,": the Tyrant Ranger growled, before making a swing with his gunblade. Tommy brought his saber up, and the two blades clanged loudly.

Danny was having fun taking on the virtuasoldiers, but was keeping a careful eye on Tommy and the Tyrant Rangers battle. The other Virtuosity Rangers had all called upon their weapons and were helping him make short work of the virtuasoldiers.

"You're good, White Ranger," the Tyrant Ranger said. The two had reached a stalemate, neither being able to get the upper hand on the other.

"I get even better," Tommy said, "Care to see how good?"

"Another day perhaps," the Tyrant Ranger said, and then disappeared.

"Anytime, Tyrant Ranger," Tommy muttered, though he knew that his opponent couldn't hear him. The virtuasoldiers had gone with the Tyrant Ranger, so the Virtuosity Rangers teleported back to their new headquarters.

A little while later, Tommy and Kim resumed their honeymoon cruise. Using his powers, Danny wiped the minds of all the people that had seen the fights on the boat and in the streets of Angel Grove.

"This team is going to have to work in secrecy," he had told them, "The world can't know of us, or the thought of a new evil being, especially a Ranger, will start panic." The other Rangers had reluctantly agreed with him, especially Tommy, who knew how much panic a very powerful evil Ranger could cause.

Tommy and Kim had fun the rest of the day, then retired to their cabin. "Boy, this sure has been one eventful day," Kim said.

"That's an understatement," Tommy said. They had taken the chance at getting on with their honeymoon, because they knew that they could handle anything the Tyrant Ranger could throw at them, now that they were Rangers again.

"Hmm, you know what would turn this day around?" Kim asked.


"A bout of love making," Kim replied, grinning.

"I think I married a nymphomaniac," Tommy said. Before Kim could respond, Tommy gave her a passionate kiss. Nothing else was said the rest of the night.

Authors note: Boy, Kim and Tommy are off to a good start on their marriage, eh? I bet you're saying "Good, he's finally gotten around to giving the team their powers" huh? Well, I promise you that, next fanfic, things pick up even more. Oh, and for those who are wondering how the Tyrant Ranger is able to tap into a power source that is like the teams, Waspicius, his new host, was a member of Grimlord's army before they were swept up by Zordon's energy wave. Somehow, Waspicius is the lone survivor. I got the idea about having the Rangers operate in private from Jeremy. Hope you don't mind, man.