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Timeline: A few days after the new Mad Hatter.

The Anti-Lantern Rangers
By Lucas Harrell

"We are finished, my liege," Finster said, "The new mind control circuitry is completed, and is ready to be tested."

"Very good, Finster," Zedd said, "Go to the dungeon and plant one on each of my Rangers."

"Yes, my liege," Finster said, before leaving the throne room.

The Mad Hatter entered as the monster scientist exited. "Will you be needing passage back to Earth, my dear?" Zedd asked.

"Maybe later," the Mad Hatter said, "I want to see first hand how effective the new circuitry is, so I can use it against Batman next time I face him."

"As you wish," Zedd said. He gestured with his staff at the device Rita used to look down on events happening on Earth with, which she dubbed the Repulsascope. "We're just about to deploy my dark Lantern Rangers. You can use that infernal contraption to see their progress."

"Thank you, Lord Zedd," the Mad Hatter said, as she sauntered over to the Repulsascope.

In the "dungeons", Finster was placing the mind control devices on the punk team that Zedd had kidnapped to be his Anti-Lantern Rangers. They all had their respective Rangers colors, but with dark shade to them. The Black Lantern Rangers armor was all black, and didn't have the touch of white in the midsection that Zack's did. And there wasn't a white, but Goldar was supposed to be taking the place of that Anti-Lantern Ranger.

"There you go," Finster said, placing the hearing aid like little mind control devices around one of each Ranger's ears. He then placed the Anti-Lantern Ranger power rings into their hands. "Arise, Anti-Lantern Rangers."

The Anti-Lantern Rangers eyes opened, and they flashed their respective color momentarily. "What do you wish of us?" they asked in unison.

"Follow me," Finster said. He left the laboratory and headed for the control room, with the the Anti-Lantern Rangers following him. When he got to the throne room, he cleared his throat to get Zedd's and the Mad Hatter's attention. "May I introduce the new Anti-Lantern Rangers."

"We're at your command, you dark majesty," Anti-Red said, kneeling before Zedd. "Do with us as you wish." Under the helmet, it was Shane.

"Go to Earth, and attract the Lantern Rangers attention," Zedd said, "And then, destroy them."

"As you wish," Shane said. Him and the other Anti-Lantern Rangers disappeared in their respective colors.

The Rangers were enjoying a day at the beach. They were playing volleyball. Justin was referee, since he didn't really know how to play. Tommy, Kim, and Zack were on one team, and Billy, Trini, and Jason were on the other. They flipped, and the coin decided that Tommy, Kim, and Zack's team would get the ball.

"Here it comes, guys," Tommy said, tossing the volleyball into the air. He then hit it, knocking it over the net. Jason returned the serve, and Kim knocked it back. Trini was next, and Zack spiked it just over her head. Fortunately, Billy was there to barely hit it back.

Tommy ran up and spiked the ball back. It hit the ground next to Billy, who couldn't get to it in time. "Good shot, Tommy," Billy said, picking up the ball and throwing it to him.

The Anti-Lantern Rangers appeared on the beach. Shane pulled a laser pistol and shot the volleyball.

Kim let out a yelp, as the volleyball exploded over her head. They all turned to the Anti-Lantern Rangers.

"Who are you?" Tommy demanded.

"We're your worst nightmare, White Lantern Ranger," Shane said.

"I don't think so," Tommy said, "Ready guys?" The other Rangers nodded. "It's morphin' time. White Tiger."

"Pterodactyl/Firebird," Kim cried.

"Dragonzord/Tor," Justin called.

"Tyrannosaurus/Red Dragon," Jason yelled.

"Saber Tooth Tiger/Griffin," Trini called.

"Mastadon/Lion," Zack cried.

"Triceratops/Unicorn," Billy said.

They all morphed into their respect Ranger suits and started circling the Anti-Lantern Rangers, who were doing the same to them. All of a sudden, Goldar appeared beside Shane.

"You're going down, Rangers," Goldar growled, "These are the Anti-Lantern Rangers, and your personal grim reapers."

"Wrong, monkey @$$," Tommy said.

Growling again, Goldar waved his arm. "ATTACK!!!" he bellowed and the battle was on. Tommy barely brought Saba up to block the blow from Goldars sword, and the two weapons met in a shower of sparks.

Jason met Shane's lunge with his sword, which he pulled together using his rings power. Shane had his own sword, which was called upon the same way. It was gnarled and twisted, like a branch of an old tree. Shane quickly got the upper hand, knocking Jason to the ground. To Jason's surprise, he was demorphed before he hit the ground.

Kim brought the blade of her bow up to block Anti-Pink's weapon, a long dark pink scythe. Anti-Pink was undeterred, using her laser pistol to shoot Kim, knocking the Pink Ranger to the ground.

Zack was faring better than those two, using his super speed boots and gloves to hit Anti-Black over and over, while making him dizzy at the same time. All of a sudden, Anti-Black stuck a foot out, and Zack tripped over it. He hit the ground hard, and looked to be unconscious.

Trini was winning against Anti-Yellow, using her special Praying Mantis style kung fu. Unfortunately, Anti-Yellow had a few tricks up her sleeve, as she pulled a knife from her back and almost skewered Trini with it. With a shout, Trini went down, the knife still lodged in her armor and the skin underneath.

"TRINI!!!" Billy shouted, scrambling to his girlfriends side.

Justin was easily beaten by Anti-Green, who dumped him into Kim's lap. The youngest Ranger looked to be unconscious, and was unmorphed. All of the downed Rangers were demorphed, in fact.

Tommy was the only one left, and he was duking it out with Goldar big time, trading blow for blow. Tommy used the lasers that Saba could shoot, to knock Goldar down. All of a sudden, he heard a loud "KYAHHH!!!" and a boot kick him in the back of the head. He went down to one knee, demorphing.

"What's going on? Why am I demorphed?" he demanded.

"You think I'm going to tell you, lowly human?" Goldar sneered, and then laughed. "And now, you die." Him and the Anti-Lantern Rangers closed in on Tommy and the others, but the Lantern Rangers found themselves teleported away just in the nick of time.

Tommy and the others found themselves in the Command Center. Popping the seals on his helmet and sliding it off, Tommy stepped close to the tube. "Zordon, what's going on?" he asked, "Who were those guys?"

"Those were the Anti-Lantern Rangers," Zordon said, "You see, a long time ago, there was a mirror universe of our own. The Lantern Rangers there were bad guys. That universe ultimately destroyed itself. I thought that the rings of the Rangers from that dimension had been lost forever. Apparently, that's not the case."

"There's one thing I don't quite understand, though," Tommy said, "Why wasn't there a White Ranger?"

"Apparently, the Anti-White Ring was destroyed with the mirror universe," Zordon said, "Or there would have been one out there."

"This is just too weird," Kim said.

"How did they demorph us?" Jason asked, as the team members that had been knocked out in the battle were starting to come to.

"Your rings weren't made to withstand the Anti-Lantern Ranger energies, I'm afraid," Zordon said, "A fault that will be fixed now. Alpha."

Alpha gestured to a table, which had their recharge batteries. "We've modified the energy bands," Alpha explained, "Your rings are about out of energy anyway. Your ring's energies should withstand the onslaught now."

"Thanks, Alpha," Tommy said. The Rangers recharged their rings. "Ready?" Everybody nodded. "Back to action."

They teleported back to the beach, where they surprised the Anti-Lantern Rangers. Tommy took on Goldar again, while the other Lantern Rangers took on their evil counterparts.

This time, the Rangers easily took out their maniacal Anti-Lantern counterparts. "Another day, Rangers," Anti-Red said, and the Anti-Lantern Rangers disappeared, along with Goldar.

The Rangers teleported to the Command Center, where they promptly collapsed from exhaustion. "You did very well today, Rangers," Zordon said, "I am very proud of each and every one of you."

"Thanks... Zordon," Tommy said, between wheezes.

"Why don't you go home and rest? We'll keep you apprised, if anything should happen," Alpha suggested.

The Rangers nodded. Tommy gently picked Justin up and they all teleported away.

Zedd was steaming. He had just force teleported the Mad Hatter back to Gotham City, warning her of possible future consequences of her failure. She had stood up to him, which Zedd surprisingly admired, but hated at the same time.

The Anti-Lantern Rangers were gone, as well. They had to go back to their lives, or the Rangers would wise up to their identities.

"These Rangers are indomitable," Zedd growled, "No matter what I throw at them, they bounce back with a resillience that I have never seen in my several centuries of living. What could keep them down, once and for all."

He was also thumbing through a book of warriors, looking for the right one. He happened upon a beautiful human appearing woman. "Ah, what's this?" he inquired of the open air. "Scorpina, eh? Goldar!!!"

"I'm here to serve only you, my lord," Goldar said, as he knelt before Zedd.

"Tell me something, lowly," Zedd said, "Do you know of a warrior that goes by the name of Scorpina?"

Goldars pig like snout curled in what looked to be pleasure. "Ah, I know here," Goldar said, "In fact, that's an understatement, my liege. She's my betrothed. She is the fiercest warrior in the universe. Second to me, of course. Together, we helped many a conqueror siege a planet, just the two of us. Just ask T-Zal."

"That's what I need to hear," Zedd said, "Contact Scorpina and tell her that her services are needed her on Earth."

"Right away, my liege," Goldar said.

"Between Goldar, Scorpina, and my Anti-Lantern Rangers," Zedd said, "The destruction of the Lantern Rangers is imminent. And with them gone, nobody can stand in the way of my conquest of Earth." With that, Zedd started laughing suddenly and almost maniacally.