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Timeline: A few days after the Anti-Lantern Rangers hit the scene.

Scorpina's Sting
by: Lucas Harrell

When Scorpina found her way to Zedd's lunar base, the self proclaimed "master of evil" felt metal jaw drop. He had been expecting a scorpion monster, which was what the photo had shown.

But Scorpina was a beautiful young woman, who looked to be human in origin. An Asian woman, to be exact. She wore gold armor, and had a curved sword that, legend had it, was used like a boomerang.

"You called for me?" Scorpina asked testily.

"Yes, I did, Scorpina," Zedd said, "I want you to be one of my army, with the singular goal of destroying the Power Rangers of Earth."

Scorpina shrugged. "I'll help you, I guess," she said, "But it'll cost you. Big time."

Zedd laughed. He was beginning to enjoy this woman's company, who wasn't sniveling like her betrothed.

Tommy, Jason, Zack, Billy, and Trini were back in the Youth Center, sitting with Kim and Justin. Ernie's week exile was finally gone, and they were enjoying themselves while Zedd wasn't attacking.

"Hey, Tommy," Justin said, "Can you help me with a kata? I'm having a bit of trouble getting it down pat."

"Sure, Justin," Tommy said, "Let's go."

They went to the locker room and came out a few minutes later. Tommy had on a standard white gi, and Justin had a green one that the Rangers had chipped in and bought him for his birthday.

They stepped out into an empty part of the mats. Justin went through the movements, and Tommy told him how to adjust them if he fell or his time was a bit off base.

Zedd was watching the two work out from the moon. "Scorpina!!!" he bellowed, "Goldar!!!" Goldar and Scorpina teleported into the throne room. "Go down to Earth and take the Rangers out."

"Yes, my liege," Goldar said.

Scorpina rolled her eyes. "Wait a minute," she said, "Why fight them right away? I'm able to turn into a human. I could infiltrate them, and see what makes them tick."

"An even better idea," Zedd said, "I'm glad I thought of it. Make it so."

Rolling her eyes again, Scorpina teleported to Earth. There, she transformed into a young Asian woman. "Sabrina Wu, you've got your work cut out for you," she muttered, as she started walking towards the Youth Center.

Tommy and Justin had just finished their kata to a standing ovation. They bowed like a couple of hams and then headed for the table. "You guys were great," Zack said.

"Affirmative," Billy agreed.

"Justin, where did you learn karate?" Jason asked.

"My dad taught me, before my mom died," Justin replied, "I used to be good, but I'm a bit rusty."

"I wouldn't say that, Justin," Kim said, "You were awesome out there. Same with you, Tommy." She gave Tommy a kiss.

"Thanks, Kim," Tommy replied, as he sat down next to her. Justin sat in the seat next to him. "You did do really well, Justin. No big surprise. Even with the power, you have to know something about martial arts to begin with to fight against Zedd and his entourage."

Justin shrugged modestly. "My dad taught me a lot before my mom died," he replied.

All of a sudden, Tommy's communicator went off. They all groaned as they headed over to the back room, where they usually teleport from. Tommy brought his communicator up to his lips.

"We read you, Zordon," he said, "What's up?"

"A day I have been dreading has arrived, Rangers," Zordon replied, "Zedd has been able to gain the services of Scorpina."

"Who's Scorpina?" Jason asked.

"A beautiful, but deadly, warrior," Zordon said, "Her, Goldar, the Anti-Lantern Rangers, a bunch of Zedd's putties, and a new monster named Nerkosis are all attacking citizens in the park."

"We're on it, Zordon," Tommy said, breaking the link. "Ready, guys?" The other Rangers nodded. "It's morphin' time. White Tiger."

"Dragonzord/Tor," Justin said.

"Pterodactyl/Firebird," Kim cried.

"Tyrannosaurus/Red Dragon," Jason commanded.

"Mastadon/Lion," Zack called.

"Saber-Tooth Tiger/Griffin," Trini shouted.

"Triceratops/Unicorn," Billy affirmed.

In seconds, the Rangers were morphed and teleporting to the battle scene, where they found Zedd's stooges running amok.

"Hey," Tommy said, "Stop that."

"Who's going to stop us, White Ranger?" Scorpina sneered, "You? Ha ha, don't make me laugh."

With that, she jumped at Tommy, who was barely able to bring Saba up to block Scorpina's curved sword. All of a sudden, Tommy felt his feet swept out from underneath him. He looked, and saw Goldar standing over him.

"You're going down, White Ranger," Goldar growled, "Nobody can stand up to the combined might of myself and my betrothed."

"Wrong, ugly," Tommy said, jumping up. "Let's rock."

The Rangers, both good and evil, were fighting. The Lantern Rangers were having a hard time, because putties were also attacking. Meanwhile, Nerkosis was just standing around, waiting for the Rangers to be tired before attacking.

"You're going down, pink prissy," Anti-Pink said, as she swung her own bow, which had blades galore on it, at Kim.

"I don't think so," Kim said, bringing her bow and blade up to block Anti-Pink's bow. With that, Kim kicked her evil counterpart in the stomach. When Anti-Pink doubled over, Kim caught her with a kick to the face. Anti-Pink went flying.

Jason was having a bit more trouble with Anti-Red, who was really Shane, although Jason didn't know that. No words were spoken, as the two warriors went at it tooth and nail

Jason eventually came out on top, knocking Anti-Red out cold. It didn't take Justin long to do the same with Anti-Green. After a bit of a long battle, Zack, Billy, and Trini also knocked out their counterparts.

Tommy, on the other hand, was getting his head handed to him by Goldar and Scorpina. He was a magnificent martial artist, but the two were just too much for even him. "I have to hand it to you, White Ranger," Scorpina said, as she knocked him down, just to have him stubbornly get to his feet again. "You're a good, stubborn fighter for a human. Join us, and we'll spare your life."

"Never," Tommy panted, trying to catch his breath. The last knock down had taken the wind out of him.

"You will join us, White Ranger," Goldar said, "Either willingly, or..."

That turned out to be a distraction. As Tommy was looking at Goldar, Scorpina blew a bunch of dust into his face. The filters in his mask were not able to keep it out, and he inhaled it.

Tommy ripped off his helmet, to show his eyes glowing with a slight gold color, the same as Scorpina's armor. "Of course I'll join you," he said, bowing.

"Tommy, no," Kim cried, as she raced over after beating her counterpart and her fair share of putties.

Nerkosis stepped into her path. "You will not interfere, Pink Ranger," the monster growled, "In fact, I think you'll be coming with us and join our army."

"On a cold day in hell, Nerkosis," Kim growled, as she tried to leap over the monster and get to her lover.

Nerkosis simply grabbed her out of the air and slammed her into the ground, face first. Kim was knocked out. Zedd's monster then slung her over his shoulder. "Let's go," he shouted to the others.

With that, the three monsters and two Rangers disappeared, along with the Anti-Lantern Rangers.