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Timeline: A few minutes after Scorpina and company kidnapped Kim and Tommy.

Evil Replacements
by: Lucas Harrell

Kim woke up to find herself in a cell. “Whoa,” she said, “Where am I?”

“Welcome to my domicile, Kimberly Hart.” That voice almost literally froze Kim’s blood, as Zedd came waltzing into the hallway outside the cell. “I hope you’re quite comfortable.”

“Isn’t the Ritz, but it’ll do,” Kim snapped sarcastically.

“Ooh, spunk,” Zedd said, “Surprisingly enough, I like that in a woman.”

“You made a big mistake bringing me here, Zedd,” Kim said, “It’s morphin’ time.” It was then that she realized that her ring was gone.

“Did you really think I’d let you keep your ring?” Zedd asked, “Meanwhile, I want you to meet someone. Well, technically, you already know him.”

The door Zedd entered opened again, and in walked Tommy. “Tommy,” Kim cried, rushing to the bars. “I am so glad to see you.”

“The feeling is not mutual, Pink Ranger,” Tommy said, with a sneer. Scorpina came in right behind him. Tommy grabbed Scorpina and gave her a long, passionate kiss. Kim felt like throwing up.

“Tommy, stop that,” she pleaded, “It’s me, Kim. Your girlfriend, and lover.”

“I know who you are, Pink Ranger,” Tommy said coldly after breaking the kiss with Scorpina. “But guess what? You’re not my lover anymore.”

“I am,” Scorpina said.

“Tommy, no,” Kim said, “I love you.”

“Pathetic,” Tommy said, his face contorted with disgust. “Oh, and remember, Kimberly? You weren’t even my first lover. Do you want to know who was?”

Kim couldn’t help her curiosity, which had been building up ever since their first time, when Tommy told her that he hadn’t been a virgin before then. “Who?” she asked.


That one name shook Kim to her foundations. “Trini? She couldn’t have... She would have told me.”

“She knew that you had a big crush on me, and that’s why neither of us ever told you,” Tommy said,” And she was a much better lover than you.”

Tears sprung to Kim’s eyes. “Stop it,” she sobbed, “Stop telling me lies.”

“They’re not lies, ‘Kimmie’,” Tommy said, “Why do you think I was so hesitant to tell you until now? I slept with Trini, and, compared to her, you’re a wet noodle in the sack. And neither of you are compared to Scorpina.”

“STOP IT!!!” Kim screamed, putting her hands over her ears.

All of a sudden, Tommy was in the cell with her, pulling her hands away from her ears in order to torment her even more. “And you know what else, Kim?” Tommy asked, “I regretted ever sleeping with you. Because I don’t love you. Who would love a pathetic valley girl like you? Certainly not me.”

“NO, YOU CAN’T MEAN THAT!!!” Kim yelled.

“I do,” Tommy said, “You, are without a doubt, the poorest excuse for a girlfriend I’ve ever had. And for a Ranger.”

Kim collapsed from sheer stress, sobbing like there was no tomorrow.

With one last disgusted look, Tommy left the cell block, along with Scorpina and Zedd, leaving Kim a crying mess.

“Good work, ‘Tommy’,” Zedd said, “You can drop the disguise now.”

The face of ‘Tommy’ melted away, and the face of Shane, the Red Anti-Lantern Ranger was in its place. “Did I do good, master?” Shane inquired.

“Very good,” Zedd said, “She’ll never be able to trust Tommy again. The Rangers are finished.”

“The other Rangers are resourceful, master,” Goldar said, “They’ll find a way to get Kim and Tommy back.”

“Let them try,” Zedd said, “I’ll crush them like ants. Now, for phase two of my plan. Shane, go down to Earth, under the guise of Tommy again. Take Anti-Yellow with you, and make the other Lantern Rangers think that you’ve escaped. When you’ve gained their complete confidence, I want both of you to kill your goody good counterparts, you understand me?”

“Yes, my liege,” Shane said. He teleported away.

A little while later, he was walking up to the Youth Center, with Aisha Campbell, the Yellow Anti-Lantern Ranger. “Remember,” Shane said, “The master said to get on their good side before destroying them.”

“I know,” Aisha said, “Let’s just get this over with.”

They walked into the Youth Center, and were practically mobbed by the Lantern Rangers. “How did you escape, bro?” Jason asked Shane.

“We were lucky,” Shane said, “Zedd had, rather stupidly, sent Squatt and Baboo to feed us.”

“We easily overpowered them, and here we are,” Aisha finished for Shane.

“Come on, bro,” Jason said, “Care to spar?”

“Sure, Jase,” Shane said, grinning. They stood up and headed out onto the mats.

“Ay yi yi,” Alpha said, “Zordon, according to these readouts, two of the Rangers aren’t the Rangers we know. They’re two of the Anti-Lantern Rangers in disguise.”

“Do you know which are the fake Rangers?” Zordon asked.

“I think so, Zordon,” Alpha said, typing in some commands into the computer. The read out surprised him. “Anti-Red and Anti-Yellow have taken the guise of Tommy and Kimberly.”

“That must mean that those two are still in Zedd’s palace,” Zordon deducted, “Contact Jason.”

“Right away, Zordon,” Alpha said. He went to the communications console and punched the button for Jason’s specific communicator.

They were lucky that Jason had gone into the locker room, while Shane went on to spar against Billy. When his communicator went off, Jason brought it up to his lips. “I read you, Alpha,” he said, “What’s up?”

“Jason, listen very carefully,” Alpha said, “Tommy and Kimberly have not escaped from Zedd.”

“But they’re here,” Jason said.

“That isn’t Tommy and Kimberly,” Alpha said, “It’s the Red and Yellow Anti-Lantern Rangers, sent to probably kill you and Trini, since you two are their good counterparts.”

“Thanks for telling me, Alpha,” Jason said, “I’ll tell the others, and we’ll confront the two of them.”

“Jason, do not do that,” Zordon interrupted, “Do that, and you’ll be endangering Tommy and Kimberly’s lives.”

“What do we do then, Zordon,” Jason asked, exasperated.

“Act as if you don’t know about their true identities,” Zordon said, “You may tell the others, but do not confront the two Anti-Lantern Rangers, do you understand?”

“I hear you, Zordon,” Jason said, “I don’t like it, but I see your point. I’ll be in touch. Jason out.” He cut the transmission and then walked out into the Youth Center, where the others waited on him.

“Hey, Jase,” Zack said, “What kept you in there?”

“Oh, I had to use the restroom while I was in there,” Jason replied, eyeing “Tommy and Kimberly”, who were snuggled up to each other. Anybody that knew the real ones knew that these two were fakes, but only Jason seemed to notice, because he was the only one of the team who knew the truth, for the moment at least.

Shane noticed Jason half-glaring at him. “Is there a problem, Jase?” he asked.

“None at all, Tommy,” Jason said, “Well, I’ve got to go. Mom wanted me to come home early for some reason. I’ll catch you guys later.”

“Bye, Jason.”

Jason got up and left, glancing one last time over his shoulder at the fakes posing as his two best friends before going out the door.

Later on, “Tommy” and “Kimberly” were in a debriefing by Zedd. “I believe we have a problem, my liege,” Shane said.

“Yes, we think that Jason is on to us,” Aisha said, “He was acting very strangely before he left the Youth Center earlier.”

“Keep a close eye on him then,” Zedd said, “If it looks like he really is on to you, kill him. If not, wait until my signal to kill your counterparts.”

Both Shane and Aisha bowed. “Yes, my liege.”

Jason, Zack, Trini, and Billy were in the Command Center, where the latter three were being told about Shane and Aisha. “Man, things are bad enough,” Zack said, “Now we have infiltrators?”

“That’s right, Zack,” Zordon said, “You four will have to make sure that you give the imposters any reason to believe that you know the truth. If we’re lucky, the road to our opportunity to uncover them and get back the real Tommy and Kim will show itself soon.”

“And when it does,” Trini said.

“They’re going down,” Billy finished.

Note from the author: So, what do you think of the storyline with the Anti-Lantern Rangers so far? If you don’t like my new evil Rangers, don’t worry. The won’t be around for very much longer. It’s not too original a name for the evil Ranger team, but it’s appropriate, since their powers come from a mirror universe of the Lantern Ranger mainstream.