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Timeline: Right after Evil replacements.

Lunar Escape
by: Lucas Harrell

Tommy stirred. He felt dizzy and light headed. "Oh man," he said, "Where am I?" As he looked around at his surroundings, something tickled the back of his mind, but he ignored whatever it was.

"Welcome to my dungeon, White Ranger," Zedd said, as he stepped out of the shadows into Tommy's line of sight.

"Zedd," Tommy growled softly, "I should have known that woman worked for you. Where's Kim?"

"Your girl is doing quite miserably," Zedd said, "I think I'll go make her even more miserable."

"You touch her, you die," Tommy threatened.

Instead of a reply, Zedd suddenly teleported himself into the cell. Tommy quickly found himself hoisted into the air with ease, and found it hard to breath, as Zedd's fingers were closed over his throat.

"You're in no position to threaten, Thomas Jordan," Zedd said, as he released Tommy, who crouched on the floor, gasping for breath. "I'll be back for you. Count on that." With that, Zedd teleported away.

"I wish I could morph," Tommy said, noticing that his power ring was gone.

`Call your ring, chosen one,' a voice said in his head. It was unmistakably Nodimus.

`How?' Tommy asked.

`Simply imagine that the rings will appear on your finger, and it will,' Nodimus said.

"Here goes nothing," Tommy said. He did as Nodimus commanded, and the ring was back around his finger in seconds. "All right, that's more like it. It's morphin' time. Tigerzord."

After he morphed, he willed the ring to find Kim's life sign, and teleported away to find her.

The Rangers, plus Shane and Aisha, who were still posing as Tommy and Kimberly respectively, were walking in the park. "It's been a pretty slow day," Shane said, "I wonder if Zedd has an attack planned."

"Don't jinx the day, Tommy," Zack said.

"Affirmative," Billy said.

All of a sudden, Goldar, Scorpina, and what was left of the Anti-Lantern Ranger team teleported in. "Too late," Trini said, as everybody but Shane and Aisha dropped into a defensive stance.

"It's time," Goldar growled.

"What's he talking about?" Jason asked.

"This, Red Ranger," Shane said. Him and Aisha dropped the facade. "And now..."

"Prepare to die," Aisha finished.

"I don't think so," Jason said, "Let's do it, guys. It's morphin' time. Tyrannosaurus/Red Dragon."

"Dragonzord/Tor," Justin called.

"Mastadon/Lion," Zack cried.

"Saber-Tooth Tiger/Griffin," Trini yelled.

"Triceratops/Unicorn," Billy screamed, completing the circuit. In seconds, the Lantern Rangers stood in full battle readiness. The enemies charged. Though the Rangers knew that they were far outnumbered, they were determined to never stay down.

When Tommy found Kim, she had cried herself to sleep after Shane had verbally attacked her. "Time to wake up, Kimmie," he said, gently shaking his girlfriend and lover.

When Kim woke up and saw him, she screamed. "Get away from me," she said, sitting up and scooting back as far as she could."

"Kim it's me, Tommy," Tommy replied, "What did they do to you?"

"They didn't do anything," Kim said, "You broke my heart." She told him everything that had happened.

"Kim, I was unconscious until a little while ago," Tommy said, "That couldn't have been me. I would never say anything like that imposter did. You should know that."

"Tommy? Is it really you?" Kim asked, looking into his eyes. She corrected herself. "Of course its you. I just realized that whatever they used to make that imposter, he didn't have the exact same eye color as you." With a squeal, she jumped into Tommy's arms, giving him a big kiss.

"Kim, do you know where your ring is?" Tommy asked. Kim pointed to the table outside the door. Tommy gently grabbed her up in his arms and then teleported from one side of the bars to the other. When he put her down, Kim grabbed her ring and slipped it onto her finger.

"It's morphin' time," she said, "Pterodactyl/Firebird." In seconds, she was in full Pink Ranger armor. The two of them teleported away.

When the teleportation effect wore off, they were on the battle field, where they found their teammates losing. "Don't worry, Jase," Tommy said.

"Yeah, help is on the way," Kim said.

"I'll take Goldar and Scorpina," Tommy said, "You help the others."

"Good luck, sweetie," Kim said, and she cartwheeled over and side kicked her evil Anti-Lantern Ranger counterpart.

Tommy took on Goldar and Scorpina, this time knowing what the former was capable of so that he didn't underestimate her again.

It didn't take the Rangers long to clean house. Working together, the Lantern Rangers were easily able to handle the enemies they face. "We'll be back, Rangers," Goldar growled.

"Count on it," Scorpina finished. Then, the two of them and the Anti-Lantern Rangers disappeared.

All of a sudden, before the Rangers could teleport off, the monster Nerkosis appeared on the battle field. The Rangers were worn out from their battles, but went into defensive stances, as Nerkosis charged.

The monster tore through them like they were nothing but paper. "You're going down, Rangers," Nerkosis said, "Because things are really looking up." With that, one of Zedd's bombs landed in Nerkosis' hand. It tore off the top and threw it at its feet. Nerkosis grew to zord height.

"We need Thunderzord power, now," Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kim all said in unison.

"White Ranger White Tigerzord, power up," Tommy cried.

"Tor, time to roll out," Justin said.

Their respective zords came zooming onto the battle field. "We need Ultra ThunderMegaZord power now," Tommy said, as the Lantern Rangers jumped into the cockpit of their respective zords.

Tor's shell opened up, and the Tigerzord settled into the compartment there. The other Thunderzords formed the platform on top, with the Red Dragon standing on top of that, in warrior mode.

Nerkosis started backing away in fear. "Uh oh," it said.

The Red Dragon's hand started spinning, using its sword like helicopter blades, lifting up the Ultra ThunderMegaZord. It took to the air and settled down upon Nerkosis, destroying the monster.

"They destroyed another one of my monsters," Zedd said, NOOO!!!"

"I have news, my liege," Finster said.

"Well, it had better be good news, onion dome," Zedd said.

"It is," Finster said, "We were able to siphon a small portion of the White Lantern Ranger's ring to use in locating its mirror universe counterpart, just in case he could recall it."

"And?" Zedd asked, impatiently.

"I think we've found something," Finster said, "But it's not a White Lantern Ranger power ring."

"It doesn't matter," Zedd said, "Are you sure its the counterpart to Tommy's ring?"

"It gives off the same energy output, except it gives off evil energy instead," Finster said.

"What kind of Ranger can we expect from it?" Zedd asked, "I wouldn't think that it would be white, seeing how the mirror universe has evil Rangers."

"No, my liege," Finster said, "Instead of a White Anti-Lantern Ranger, which, if you think about it, is impossible, you will be able to call upon a... (note from the author: Sorry, but that's a surprise for the next fanfic)."

"Bring me that ring, Finster," Zedd said, "But if it fails me..."

"I understand, my liege," Finster said, "I will find it right away." With that, he left Zedd's throne room.

At the Youth Center, Tommy and Jason were sparring. "It's great to have you back, bro," Jason said.

"It's great to be back, Jase," Tommy replied, "I can't help but worry about if Zedd ever found my ring's evil counterpart, though."

"We can only worry about things as they come along, bro," Jason said, "Don't worry about what Zedd will do in the future."

"You're right," Tommy said, as he caught Jason off guard with a take down.

"I'm getting too old for this," Jason joked, as he jumped back up.

The end... for now

Note from the author: Sorry about a certain omission concerning the next Anti-Lantern Rangers. It wouldn't do to spoil the surprise. Wait until you see what I've got planned to end the Anti-Lantern Ranger saga, a few fanfics from now. It'll blow your minds.