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Timeline: The morning after part 2 of A match made in hell.

Note: You'll see why its the morning after soon enough (heh heh).

Final Battle
by: Lucas Harrell

Kim woke the next morning, in an unfamiliar room. Being a bit disoriented, she almost freaked when she noticed that she was in a hotel room. But when she noticed the warm body next to her, she remembered what had happened.

Being a surprising romantic, Tommy had proposed to Kim right where they had first kissed. She had accepted. Being spontaneous, Tommy then asked her if she wanted to get married right away.

Kim had said yes, and they had gathered up their friends and drove to Las Vegas, which wasn't but a couple of hours away. A little after midnight, in a small chapel, Kimberly Ann Ferris became Kimberly Ann Jordan.

But that wasn't the most surprising part. Her and Tommy hadn't been the only ones married in that ceremony. Billy had surprised everybody, by proposing to Trini when they made it to Las Vegas. And so, Trini Sur had become Trini Cranston at the same time.

Both couples had stayed for their honeymoon night in Las Vegas, while Jason and Zack had headed back to Angel Grove, with a sleepy Justin. The rooms had been a part of the package deal from the chapel.

Kim smiled as Tommy rolled over in his sleep, but then the smile turned upside down, as, for the first time, Kim thought about her mother. `Oh man,' she thought, `Mom's going to kill me for going off and getting married like this.'

She looked at the alarm clock, which read 5:30. "Tommy, wake up," she pleaded, gently nudging her new husband. "Please?"

"I'm awake," Tommy said, his eyes flying open and him sitting up. "What's wrong?"

"I need to get home," Kim said, "I have to get back, before my mom wakes up. I can't let her find out about this right away. Can you take me home?" She slipped out of bed and started putting her clothes back on.

"Now? It's not even dawn," Tommy said, yawning.

"I know, but I need to get back before my mom wakes up," Kim said. She almost smiled, as she remembered the times she had said that. When her and Tommy had first started sexual relations, she often fell asleep afterwards at his house. Tommy would have to drive her back early the next morning to keep her mom from finding out, because they didn't tell either of their parents for some time afterwards.

"All right, I'll take you back, beautiful," Tommy replied, rubbing his eyes. "At least I'm sort of used to this, after all the times you fell asleep at my house. Any chance I can see you tonight, and take this honeymoon night by night?"

"I don't know," Kim replied, "This honeymoon so far isn't anything near what I expected. Of course, I never expected us to get married like we did. I expected a big chapel, with all my family there. Not that I don't regret getting married, though. I don't regret it for a second.

Tommy slipped on his clothes while Kim grabbed the few items she had taken with her. "I'll go get Billy and Trini, and see if they want to come back with us," Tommy said, "Can you get some coffee going? I'll need it."

"All right, sweetie," Kim replied, smiling.

Tommy went out to the hallway and to the door across from theirs. He knocked on the door. "Hey, Billy, Trini, open up," he called quietly.

Trini came to the door, tieing her robe. "What's up, Tommy?" she asked.

"Sorry if I woke you two, but I've got to get Kim back to Angel Grove," Tommy explained, "So, I thought I'd drop by here, and see if the two of you wanted to go back with us."

"Sure we will," Billy said, answering for both of them, as he came up from behind his new wife and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Yeah, just give us a few minutes," Trini said.

"See you in a little while," Tommy said. Trini closed the door, and Tommy headed back to his and Kim's "honeymoon suite".

"My liege, I think we've hit a snag with the Anti-Lantern Rangers," Finster said.

"What do you mean, a snag?" Rita screeched.

"Explain yourself, Finster," Zedd growled.

"It goes like this," Finster said, "The Anti-Lantern Rings are made of anti energy, while the energy inside our evil Rangers are normal energy. The two are completely incompatible. Also, the rings are starting to affect reality as we know it. If they're not destroyed, or at least sent back, all of reality will be destroyed instead."

"I told you bringing those rings here wasn't a good idea, Zedd," Rita screeched.

"Oh, shut up, you banshee wanna be," Zedd said, "We'll use them one last time to destroy the Lantern Rangers. I've got a plan on how we'll win, even if they lose the fight." Rita and Finster drew closer, as he told them his plan.

At 7:30, Kim was in her house, attempting to tiptoe to her room. "Kimberly Ann Ferris," came a scolding voice. Kim froze and turned to face her mother. "Just where have you been all night?"

"I was with Tommy, mom," Kim said. Her mother knew about, and somewhat approved, of their activities as long as they were careful, so it didn't embarrass Kim in the least to admit that. And it wasn't even a lie. It just wasn't the whole truth. "We... well, you know, and I fell asleep afterwards and just woke and made him bring me home."

"You're lying to me, I know it," Ms. Ferris replied.

"Mom, I'm tired," Kim said, "I didn't get a lot of sleep last night." That was also true. Between the drive up and back, getting married, and making love to her new husband, she hadn't gotten but maybe four hours sleep.

"All right, go on up to bed then," Kim's mom said, "But I want you to tell me the truth when you wake up, you hear me?"

"Yes, mama," Kim replied sleepily. She went up to her room, flopped down on the bed, and found that she couldn't sleep. She was still just too excited about being married.

The phone rang. Kim picked it up. "Hello?" she said.

"Hey there, gorgeous." Kim smiled as she recognized Tommy's voice. "How's married life treating you?"

"Good as can be, without you here," Kim replied. She checked the hall and was thankful that she had her own phone line. "How's married life treating you?"

"Same," Tommy said, "But I wish you were here to make it better. I've been trying to go to sleep, but I just can't get you off my mind. I mean, can you believe that we're married?"

Kim glanced at the ring on her hand. It had gone from an engagement ring to a wedding band so quickly. She was glad that Tommy hadn't gotten her two rings. She could explain one with saying he proposed, but not two.

"Kim, are you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here, sweetie," Kim said, "I can't believe it either. I'm glad we tied the knot, though. Don't get me wrong about that."

"Yeah, me too," Tommy replied. Kim could almost see him grinning. "I'd better get off and get some sleep. You wore me out last night as always. Bye, beautiful. I love you."

"Good-bye, handsome," Kim said, "I love you, too." They both hung up. Kim laid back with a broad smile on her face. She was asleep in no time.

"My liege, I have been monitoring the Rangers, and I have found something interesting," Scorpina said, as she entered the throne room. "By the way, it's good to see you again, Rita." She hadn't been there for the wedding, because she was too busy watching the Rangers.

"What did you find out, Scorpina?" Zedd asked.

"It seems that Tommy and Kim have gotten married as well," Scorpina said, "And that they're trying to keep it a secret from their parents. I believe now could be an optimal time to disrupt their lives. I could go down, in human form, and `inadvertently' tell Kim's mom. I would also like to take Goldar, so he can tell Tommy's parents."

"Sounds like a good idea," Zedd admitted, "Go ahead and implement that plan."

"As you command, Lord Zedd," Scorpina replied, bowing before teleporting away.

A little while later, Scorpina, in her human disguise Sabrina Yu, was walking up the steps to Kim's house. She rang the door bell. Carol, Kim's mom, answered the door. "May I help you?" she asked.

"Is Kim in?" Scorpina inquired.

"She is, but she's asleep," Carol replied, "I can wake her, if you want. Are you a friend of hers?"

"You could say that," Scorpina said, smiling. "Asleep, huh? I guess getting married in the middle of the night can do that to you."

"She didn't get married," Carol said, "She was sleeping at a friends house."

"I was there, Ms. Ferris," Scorpina said. That wasn't even a lie. Scorpina had been cloaked and watching from the corner of the small chapel. "Her and Tommy Jordan had gotten married. I'm sorry. I had assumed that she told you."

"No, she didn't," Carol replied. You could see her getting angry. "Excuse me, while I go have a little talk with my daughter." Scorpina nodded, and Carol closed the door. Smiling evilly, Scorpina teleported away.

At that same time, Goldar was walking up to the front door of the Jordan household. In his human disguise, he was known as Nick Powers. He rang the door bell and Suzie, Tommy's mom, answered.

"Is Tommy here?" Goldar asked.

"No, he's probably at his apartment," Suzie replied, "Are you a new friend of his?"

"Actually, you could say that I'm an old friend," Goldar said, smiling. "And boy, do I have something to tell you."

Part 2

"Wake up, Kimberly Ann Ferris. Or should I say Kimberly Ann Jordan?"

Kim's eyes sprung open at the use of her now maiden name, and the name she took when she had gotten married just the night before. Carol was standing in the doorway.

"Mom?" Kim asked groggily, sitting up. Carol crossed the room and sat down on the bed.

"Yes, its me, young lady," Carol replied, "Why didn't you tell me you had gotten married? Why did you lie to me?"

"Technically, it wasn't a lie, but I'm sorry," Kim said, "I just didn't know how you would take it. How did you find out?"

"A friend of yours just came by and told me," Carol said. She sounded near tears.

"Mom, look," Kim said, "I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have lied to you. Do you forgive me?"

"I don't know," Carol replied honestly, "I just don't know." With that, she got up and left the room. Kim was about to go after her, but something told her to hang back and let her mom assimilate the information in her own time.

Not too far away, Tommy was awakened by the sound of the buzzer of a door bell ringing. "I'm coming, I'm coming," he muttered, saying it loud enough for whoever it was to hear him. He opened the door, and Suzie, his mom, was standing there. "Hi, mom."

"Don't hi me, young man," Suzie replied, "I've always been direct, so I'll ask this straight out. Did you and Kim get married last night?"

Tommy hesitated. "Yeah, we did," he said, "We got the whole gang together, drove down to Las Vegas, and we got married. I drove Kim back this morning, before her mom woke up."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Suzie asked.

"I was honestly going to, after I got some sleep," Tommy said, "I'm still exhausted from the drive there, staying up until about two or three o'clock with my new wife, and then waking up early to take Kim home. I'm sorry for not telling you last night, mom. But it was just so spur of the moment..."

"I understand," Suzie said, "And I believe you when you say that you were going to tell me. Congratulations on the marriage, by the way. Is Kim going to move in?"

"I don't know, mom," Tommy replied, "We haven't talked about that yet. We haven't even gone on an official honeymoon."

"Oh," Suzie replied, "Well, I guess I've embarrassed myself enough by making a big deal out of this, so I'll leave so that you can get some rest. Coming to dinner tonight?"

"Depends on whether or not Kim and I have plans," Tommy said.

"Bring her too," Suzie suggested, "That way, we can officially welcome her to the family."

"We just might do that," Tommy replied, smiling. Suzie left. Tommy flopped down on the bed and went back to sleep.

"I'm afraid the plan only half worked, Lord Zedd," Scorpina reported, "Goldar must have messed up, because Tommy's mother forgave him. Kim's mom has yet to completely forgive her, though."

"Good work, Scorpina," Zedd said.

"Zeddy, now might be the best time to send the Anti-Lantern Rangers down for their last battle," Rita pointed out.

"Good point, sweetums," Zedd said. He put out a mental call to the Anti-Lantern Rangers, who all morphed and went to fight the Lantern Rangers one, last time.

Tommy groaned as, not even twenty minutes after his mom had come for a visit to talk about him now being married, his communicator went off. He raised it to his lips. "I read you, Zordon," he said, "What's up?"

"The Anti-Lantern Rangers are attacking people in the park," Zordon said, "Morph and stop them."

"I'm on it," Tommy said, breaking the connection. "It's morphin' time. White Tiger." In seconds, he was morphed and teleporting towards the battle field. When he got there, he found the other Rangers already fighting their counterparts, while Shane was just off to the side, watching.

Shane turned to Tommy the second the White Rangers teleported in. "Today will be our final battle, White Ranger," he said, circling his foe.

"We'll see about that," Tommy said.

Shane lunged at Tommy, pulling Nega out in mid-leap. Nega collided with Saba, sending out a shower of sparks. Neither Ranger gave an inch, and the two grappled. Just as it looked like neither could gain the advantage, Shane started feeling his power slipping away.

"No, this can't happen," he said, "Not now. I am the Gray Anti-Lantern Ranger, and this can not be happening."

"What can't be happening?" Tommy inquired. All of a sudden, Shane's power started flickering, and Tommy could see under the mask. "Shane?"

With a cry, Shane tried to skewer Tommy with Nega, who was slowly disappearing from his hands. Tommy brought Saba up and blocked the sword. "I have to defeat you, before my power leaves for good," Shane determined.

"Shane, let me help you," Tommy said, "You don't have to do this."

"Oh, but I do, Jordan," Shane replied, "You're going down." With that, he got in a lucky shot with Nega, catching Tommy across the chest. The sword cut through even Exotanium, making a shallow cut into Tommy's flesh.

Tommy dropped to his knees, his hands trying to stop the flow of blood from the wound.

"Tommy!!!" Kim cried, turning away from her counterpart. Every Anti-Lantern Ranger except Shane's powers had already given out and were all unconscious. Kim ran to her new husband, intent on defeating Shane herself, if she had to.

Tommy held up a hand. "Stay back, Kim," he said, "I don't want you to get hurt. This is my fight." Kim reluctantly did as he said, and Tommy got back to his feet and turned to Shane. "This ends now, Shane."

"How right you are, Jordan," Shane said.

They both pulled charged their swords and sent the energy flying at each other. The two energies met and held for several seconds. All of a sudden, the two canceled each other out explosively, sending both Shane and Tommy flying.

Kim ran to her husband, and was shocked to find him not morphed. She looked down at her hands, and found that she too was unmorphed. "What's happening?" she asked the others, who ran up to join her.

"I don't know," Jason said.

Kim turned to Tommy. "Tommy? Are you all right, baby?" she whispered. When Tommy didn't answer, she felt his wrist, and found a weak pulse. "Tommy, don't you dare die on me the day after our wedding. I'll get you to the Command Cavern." She tried teleporting with Tommy in her arms, but nothing happened.

To be continued...

Notes from the author: So, what did you think of the finale of the Anti-Lantern Ranger saga? This is also the season finale of Lantern Rangers, as well. I won't be writing any more new stories for a while. But here's a little something for you.

Season 2 premiere teaser

Without his power ring, Tommy is dying. To save his life, the other Rangers must go on a quest to get new powers by traveling to one particular, far off world, which is said to be the legendary capital of the Lantern Ranger Corps. And the team roster will go up by three. All of this, and the bad guys gain two new henchmen/stooges, coming in the season 2 premiere of Lantern Rangers.

Teaser note: The current new costumes, which are like the ones in MMPR: The Movie, will not change much next season. Just one little change will be made.