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Timeline: A few days after Hawaiian Vacation.

Dying Green
by : Lucas Harrell

“This will insure the Green Rangers destruction,” Rita said, looking through a crumbling spell book.

“Come on, Tommy,” Kim said, “Are you ready to go or not?”

“Just a minute, beautiful,” Tommy said, “I feel like I’m forgetting something.”

“Knowing you, more than likely,” Kim said, “Good thing I made a list of everything you brought and what you bought here.” She pulls out a piece of paper and goes through Tommy’s stuff, mentally checking each item that was there.

Tommy shook his head. “What would I do without you, Kim?” he asked softly.

“Hopefully, you’ll never have to know,” Kim said, “Because I’ll be here until the day we die.”

“I like that idea,” Tommy said, pulling her to him for a kiss.

“Stop that,” Kim said, “I have to do the rest of the inventory.” She went through the rest of his items. “Well, you have everything.”

“I still feel like I’m forgetting something,” Tommy said, “Oh well. I’ll remember it sooner or later.”

“I’ve got it,” Kim said, “Where’s your ring?”

“That’s it,” Tommy said, “I can’t find my ring.”

“Well, come on,” Kim said, “Let’s find it.” With that, they started sifting through the junk on the floor of Tommy’s room. “Geez, Tommy. Mess your room up enough? This isn’t your room, you know?”

“I know,” Tommy said, “But the maid hasn’t come in the past few days.” He looked knowingly at Kim.

“Oops,” she said, “So I forgot that I volunteered to be the maid until Alan can get some new staff. So sue me.”

“I’m just teasing, beautiful,” Tommy said, “Good thing Alan will be getting new staff right before we leave.”

“Yep,” Kim said, “This was a great vacation.” They kept searching for the ring, but nothing turned up.

“Now, to cast the spell on it,” Rita said. She held her wand directly over Tommy’s ring. She spoke an almost unintelligible language. Energy from the wand hit the ring. “Now, the Green Lantern Ranger’s career is about to be over.” With that, she teleported it back to Tommy’s room. Kim and Tommy didn’t see it. They found it a few minutes later.

A little while later, they were all out front, putting their bags into the lugagge compartment of the car.

“All set,” Alan said. The new staff had arrived, and were helping put the bags in on top of the car.

“Looks like your staff is good, uncle,” Jason said.

“Yeah, but they’re nothing compared to the staff I’m losing,” Alan said, “Take care, Jason. And don’t be a stranger.”

“I won’t,” Jason said, giving Alan a rather awkward hug.

“Goodbye, Alan,” Kim said, “It was really nice meeting you.” The others took turns saying goodbye and then climbed in the car.

Several hours later, they found themselves at the airport back home.

“I can’t believe that we’re back home,” Zack said, “Well, I’ll see you guys later.”

The six went their separate ways.

The next day, they were in the park having a picnic. For once, Kim had her head in Tommy’s lap. With her eyes half closed, she looked like a sleepy kitten.

“That was so cool, going to Hawaii,” Zack said.

“Got that right,” Tommy said, “It was cool meeting Superboy and seeing Bruce again. If it wasn’t for those monsters and those dreams, it would have been perfect.”

“It was still close enough to perfect,” Trini said.

“Yeah,” Jason agreed.

Tommy looked down at Kim, who was fast asleep. ‘She’s so beautiful,’ he thought.

“Be quiet, guys,” he whispered, “Kim’s asleep.”

They went on talking for a while. They all went their separate ways about three o’clock.

“Come on, beautiful,” Tommy said, gently shaking Kim. “Time to wake up.”

Kim opened up her eyes. “Oh man,” she said, “Did I really fall asleep?”

“Sure did, Sleeping Beauty,” Tommy said.

“Aw, isn’t this cute?” Tommy and Kim jumped at the voice. They looked around, to find a monster near the lake.

“I’m Smasher,” the monster said, “Let me introduce you to my brothers.” Another monster teleported in. “This is Axis.” A third monster teleported in. “And this is Crusher. Together, we are the demolition squad.”

“Man, Rita must really be desperate,” Tommy said sarcastically, “Didn’t I see you guys on the WWF a few years back?”

“Mock us all you will, Rangers. Putties.” Putties teleported in. “Take them out.”

“Oh please,” Kim said. Her and Tommy kicked some putty butt in record making time.

“It’s morphin’ time,” Tommy said, “Dragonzord.”

“Pterodactyl.” They morphed and set into the monsters. Halfway through the battle, Tommy was feeling very weak.

“Kim..” Was all he said before he blacked out.

“TOMMY!!!” Kim ran up to him, put a hand on his shoulder, and teleported them both the Command Center.

“One little Ranger goes down,” Rita said, “And soon, so will the others.” She started laughing maniacally.

“ZORDON,” Kim screamed desperately. She could barely drag the unconscious Tommy onto the main platform.

“Alpha, put him on a biobed,” Zordon said. Alpha did as he was instructed. He then picked up a piece of equipment and started scanning Tommy.

“Ay yi yi!!!”

Kim looked frightened out of her mind. “What’s wrong with him?” she demanded. Alpha didn’t answer her, as he went over to the main board and punched in the data from the scanner. Kim looked over his shoulder, trying to read it. She couldn’t make out any of the writing. “Zordon?”

“Get the others here, Alpha,” Zordon said, “It’d be best if we only had to explain this once.” Within ten minutes, the other Rangers were standing around in the Command Center. Kim was in tears.

“I’m afraid that I have some very bad news, Rangers,” Zordon said, “Tommy’s powers are slowly killing him.”

“How can that be, Zordon?” Billy asked.

“He wasn’t the one destined to hold the Green Lantern Ranger ring indefinitely,” Zordon explained, “After a while, the ring rejects whoever is wearing it, if that person isn’t the one. What I don’t understand is why now? Tommy was supposed to have about a year, at least, of wearing the ring.”

“Zordon,” Kim said between sobs, “I’m scared. Is there anything we can do?”

“Alpha has already taken Tommy’s ring off of him,” Zordon said, “All I can say otherwise, I’m afraid, is that he doesn’t have even half the normal lifespan of a human.”

“In other words, he’s dying,” Kim sobbed.

“Not any time soon, Kim,” Billy said gently, “But he won’t live to be nearly as old as the rest of us.”

“It’s over?” They all started at Tommy’s voice. He was sitting up on the biobed, looking at them.

“Tommy,” Kim cried, running over and giving him a gentle hug.

“I’m afraid that it is over, Tommy,” Zordon said, “You can no longer hold the Green Lantern Ranger powers.”

“Look, bro,” Jason said, “You’ll always be a Lantern Ranger, powers or no powers.”

“That’s right,” Kim said.

“Thanks, bro,” Tommy said, “Come on. One last time?” He held out his hand. The others formed a circle and placed their hands on top of his. They waited a second, and then jumped into the air.

“LANTERN RANGERS,” they all cried.

A little while later, the gang was back at the park. Tommy had his head in Kim’s lap, and she was playing with his hair.

“I feel so worn out,” Tommy said.

“Zordon said to expect that,” Billy said, “Your body has to readjust to not having the Green Lantern energy to call upon.”

“I guess you’re right,” Tommy said, “It’s just strange to know that I won’t live as long as you guys. Especially you, Kim.”

“Yeah, well...” All of a sudden, Kim was interrupted by their communicators going off.

By reflex, Tommy reached for his first and hit the main communications button. “We read you, Zordon,” he said, “What’s up?”

“Rangers,” Zordon said, “Demolition has reappeared in the park.”

“We’re on it,” Jason said, “It’s morphin’ time. Tyrannosaurus.”




“Saber Tooth Tiger.”

“Dragonzord.” They all looked at Tommy incredulously. After everyone but Tommy morphed, he sighed and shrugged sheepishly. “Force of habit.” The others teleported. Tommy tried to bite them back, but tears appeared in his eyes. He started crying hard.

The Rangers took care of the monster easily and teleported back to the park. Once there, they demorphed. They found Tommy on the ground, crying.

“Oh, Tommy,” Kim said as she kneeled down beside him, put an arm around his shoulders and started to cry too.

The End... for now
To be continued in...
Bad Day To Get Out of Bed