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Timeline: Seconds after the final battle with Shane and the Anti-Lantern Rangers. This is the season 2 premiere.

Lantern Rangers Reborn
by: Lucas Harrell

Part I

Aisha moaned, as she regained consciousness. The mind control collar had been destroyed by Trini after Aisha had been depowered, so Aisha wasn’t under Zedd’s control anymore.

Aisha stood up and looked around. Her “teammates”, the now ex-Anti-Lantern Rangers were scattered around, unconscious or dead, Aisha couldn’t tell. She walked around feeling their pulses. Her friends, Rocky and Adam, were still alive, but the other three were dead, even Shane.

Aisha knew what had happened. The anti-energy of their rings had destroyed them, but somehow left her, Rocky, and Adam alive. “Rocky, Adam,” she whispered, gently shaking them. “Wake up!!!”

They both woke with a start. “Whoa, what happened?” Adam asked.

“The Lantern Rangers defeated us, that’s what,” Aisha said, “The others were killed by their own powers, while we are the only three left.”

“Look,” Rocky said, pointing.

Aisha and Adam followed his line of sight, to see the Justin, Jason, Zack, Billy, and Trini huddled around Kim, who had Tommy in her arms. Without a word, the three surviving Anti-Lantern Rangers headed for the group.

“Why can’t we teleport?” Kim sobbed. She was starting to get hysterical after her failed attempt to teleport Tommy to the Command Cavern.

“I think I’ve come up with a probable explanation our depowering and the downed teleportation,” Billy said, “When Tommy’s and Shane’s powers met in that last collision, I think it sent a feedback through the morphing grid, cutting out our ring’s energy outputs and probably short circuiting the computers at the Command Cavern.”

“In other words, we’re on our own,” Trini said.

“Actually, I’ve...” Billy started to say.

“Excuse me.” Everybody but Kim, of course, spun around at Aisha’s voice.

“Um, hi,” Aisha said, “I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Aisha Campbell, and these are my friends Rocky Desantos and Adam Park.” Her two companions smiled at the Lantern Rangers.

“You three were part of the Anti-Lantern Rangers,” Jason replied.

“Yes, we were, but not willingly,” Adam said, “Zedd cut a deal with a Terran villain by the name of the Mad Hatter, who specialized in mind control.”

“This Mad Hatter and Zedd’s scientist stooge, Finster, came up with mind control,” Rocky continued.

“The past few weeks, we’ve been doing bad things,” Adam continued, “But we didn’t want to. And we want to apologize.”

“Apology accepted,” Jason said.

Justin was the first of the Lantern Rangers to look around and see the bodies of the Anti-Lantern Rangers. “What about them?” he asked.

“All dead,” Aisha said, “I checked them before waking Rocky and Adam up. The energy of their rings killed them.”

“We’ve got to get to the Command Cavern somehow,” Trini said.

“I’ve been working on something for some time now,” Billy said, “But we’d have to go to my lab to get it.”

“Good thing it’s not too far from here,” Trini replied.

“Rocky, Adam, we’ll need your help in moving Tommy,” Jason said. The former Red and Black Anti-Lantern Rangers both nodded. “Trini, you help Kim.”

Trini nodded and stepped over to her best friend. “Kim, you’re going to have to move back,” she said, “The boys need to get good positioning to pick Tommy up.”

Kim nodded and gently lowered Tommy’s head to the ground and quickly made him comfortable. Then, she stood up and backed up to let the guys get close enough to Tommy get get a good grip on him.

They were able to pick Tommy up, but hit an impasse. “Now that we’ve got him up, how do we get him over to Billy’s?” Adam asked, “We can carry him for a short distance, but your house would have to really be close, Billy.”

“It is, but I see your point, Adam,” Billy said.

Just then, Rocky hit on an idea. “My truck,” he said, “It’s nearby. I can go get it real quickly, and bring it here. We’ll put Tommy in the back, and we can head for Billy’s.” With Tommy out of comission, the Lantern Rangers looked to Jason for confirmation of the plan.

“Sounds like a plan,” Jason said, “Let’s do it.”

Rocky and Aisha, the two quickest runners of the group, took off for the former’s truck, which was just on the other side of some trees. They were back in no time, driving through the park.

Once they brought the truck around, the guys gently put Tommy in the back. Rocky jumped into the cab, with Adam and Aisha, while the now technically ex-Lantern Rangers piled into the back.

They made it to Billy’s in record time. Billy led them into his lab, which was in the garage. “I’ve been working on this for months now,” he said, “And I think I’ve finally finished it. Ta da.” He unveiled a machine.

“What is it?” Zack asked.

“It’s a teleporter, of course,” Billy said, “And don’t worry. It runs on a different power source than the Command Cavern or the Morphing Grid. Only one problem, though. It can only transport two at a time.”

“Tommy and Kim go first,” Jason said, “Then Trini and Zack, then Rocky and Adam, then myself and Aisha, and then you, Billy.” Everybody nodded and the group stood ready to teleport two by two.

When they got to the Command Cavern, it was dark. Fortunately, Billy had grabbed a lantern that had been in his lab since the last time the gang went camping in the woods.

Since he used to smoke, Rocky had a lighter on him. He lit the lantern, and the whole room was illuminated. “Oh man, what a mess,” Rocky said, “This is your headquarters?”

“Yeah, or it used to be,” Jason said, “Billy, can you get power back online?”

“I think so,” Billy replied, heading for one of the consoles. It took him a little bit of fiddling with the controls, before the lights came blaring on. Trini, who had been holding the lantern, blew it out.

The mess was worse in the main light than by the light of the candle. They also found Alpha hunched over a console. “He must have been trying to keep the feedback from doing this when he went down,” Zack said, “Billy, Trini, Justin can you do anything?”

As the three resident geniuses set to work on Alpha, Jason went to Kim, who was stubbornly refusing to let go of Tommy. Aisha was kneeling beside the two, checking Tommy’s vitals. “How is he?” Jason asked. Kim didn’t even respond.

Aisha shook her head. “I could help if this was physical,” she said, “Or my dad could, at least. He’s a doctor. But I have no idea of what’s happening to him. He’s barely hanging on, and he could slip away at any moment, for all I know.”

“No,” Kim said, “Tommy won’t die. Quit acting like he’s going to die.”

“Kim, as much as I hate to admit it,” Jason said, “You have to face facts. We all knew that we could be cut down one day, when we first became Lantern Rangers.”

“You’re his best friend, Jase,” Kim replied, “How can you just give up on him? He wouldn’t, if you were in his place.”

“Kim, I’m not giving up,” Jason said, “I would never do that to Tommy. But I am accepting the fact that he can very damn well die.”

Kim started crying again. “I’m sorry, Jason,” she said, “This just has me all torn up inside.”

“Shh, you don’t have anything to be sorry about,” Jason whispered, kneeling down and gently gathering the sobbing Pink Ranger into his arms. Aisha, feeling out of place, stood up and left the two and the group’s unconscious patient.

It didn’t take Billy and Trini very long to get Alpha back. “Ay yi yi, Rangers,” Alpha said, “How did you get here?”

“It’s a long story, Alpha,” Billy said, “What about Zordon?”

“It’ll be a snap getting him back,” Alpha replied, “Just leave things to me.” It was then that he noticed Tommy. “Ay yi yi, what happened to Tommy?”

“It’s another part of the long story,” Trini explained, “And one that can wait until we can talk to Zordon again.”

“Right,” Alpha said. He went to a console and started typing in commands.

A few minutes later, the familiar floating head of Zordon’s was in the tube again. “Rangers, what has happened?” he boomed.

The Rangers filled Zordon in on what had happened in their last battle with the Anti-Lantern Rangers. When Alpha had enough juice to power the teleporter, he brought the bodies of the formerly evil Rangers for proper burial later.

“Zordon, can you help Tommy?” Kim asked.

“I’m afraid not, Kimberly,” Zordon replied, “The explosive way he lost his powers has destabilized his life force yet again. There is nothing I can do for him, but you can. On the distant world of Oaedos, there lies a power that can save Tommy’s life. It’s his only chance. But it is very dangerous.”

“Anything for Tommy,” Jason said. Zack, Trini, Billy, and Justin all nodded.

“I think that means us, too,” Aisha said. Rocky and Adam nodded.

“We owe it to you guys, for freeing us,” Adam said.

The eight teens turned to Kim, who had a determined look on her face. “I’d face down one of Zedd’s monsters by myself to save my new husband,” she said, “When do we leave?”

“We will be able to send you there, but not bring you back,” Alpha said.

“Like Kim said, when do we leave?” Justin replied.

“Very well,” Zordon said, very reluctantly. “It’s against my better judgement, but I will allow you to go to Oaedos to get the power. Neither Alpha or I can go with you, but look for a great warrior named Dulcea. She is a Guardian. She will lead you to the power. Good luck, Rangers, and may the power protect you.”

With that, all of the teens, except the comatose Tommy of course, were teleported away.

Part II

On the moon, Zedd and Rita were having an argument, as always. “I can’t believe this,” Rita said, “Not only are most the Anti-Lantern Rangers dead, but they still didn’t kill the Lantern Rangers.”

“Be quiet for once, woman,” Zedd replied.

“I have news, my liege,” Finster said, as he appeared in the throne room, which now sported his and her thrones.

“What is it, Finster? And it better be good,” Zedd growled.

“It is, my liege,” Finster said, “When Shane used the last of his power, he also happened to knock Tommy’s power out. Tommy doesn’t have the power of the White Lantern Ranger ring anymore.”

“Yesss,” Zedd hissed.

“Oh, it gets better,” Finster said, “It not only knocked out Tommy’s power, but the power of the other Rangers, as well. And even greater news is that, without his power ring, Tommy is once again dying. He’ll be dead within three days, maximum.”

“This is excellent news, Finster,” Rita said, “Zeddy, we should send down a monster.”

“Wait a minute, my empress,” Finster said, “I also have bad news. I’m afraid that the Rangers that are left snatched the three surviving former Anti-Lantern Rangers and are heading towards Oaedos.”

“NOOOO!!!” Rita screeched, “They must be going after the Great Power. We have to stop them.”

“We can’t, I’m afraid,” Zedd said, “Oaedos is too far off to send a monster, even for me. We’d have to have creatures that can fly that long distance.”

“I’m afraid that I can’t make monsters that have that much endurance, my liege,” Finster said, “I am truly sorry.”

“Be gone from my sight, lowly worm,” Zedd said, flicking a hand. Finster was quick to rush off to his lab. “How can we stop the Rangers?”

“If they come back with the Great Power, all is lost,” Rita said, “Especially if they bring Tommy back.”

“We’ll have to make sure they don’t get the Great Power,” Zedd said.

“But, how?” Rita asked.

“We can help with that.” Out of the shadows stepped several warriors. One was a literal walking skeleton, another was an overgrown pig, and with them, were a bunch of birds. But they weren't ordinary birds. They looked to be a cross between a bird and a lizard.

“Who are you, and what are you doing here?” Zedd demanded.

“Rito Revolto?” Rita asked, “Hortence?”

“You know these klutzes?” Zedd inquired.

“Rito’s my brother,” Rita said, “And Hortence is a very distant relative.”

“Figures,” Zedd said.

“How’s it going, sis?” Rito asked cheerfully.

“Hey, cuz,” Hortence said, “As the humans would say, what’s happening?”

“Don’t call me your cousin,” Rita screeched.

“Quiet for a moment, Rita,” Zedd said. He inspected Rito’s and Hortence’s companions. “Are these Tenga warriors?”

“You got it, Ed,” Rito said, “They’re our wedding present to you and sis, to do with as you wish.”

“I have a job for them, then,” Zedd said, “Do you know where Oaedos is, Tenga?”

“Yessssss, we do, my liege,” the apparent leader replied, with a slight hiss.

“Good,” Zedd said, “Go there, and find nine teenagers and destroy them.”

“Assss you command, my liege,” the Tenga said, “Let’ssssss go.” With that, the Tenga followed him to the balcony, where they flew off.

“Well, Ed,” Rito said, “Along with the Tenga, we’ve come to give our services to you.”

“What can you possibly do for me?” Zedd demanded.

“I’m a good strategist, and Rito here is a powerful warrior,” Hortence said.

“I can unfortunately vouch for both parts of that statement,” Rita added.

“Very well,” Zedd said, “You’re a part of our family now.”

“Oh, goody,” Rito said, “A family. Can I call you daddy, then?”

“No, you numbskull,” Zedd said, “Why do I get stuck with the most lamb brained stooges?”


On Oaedos, the Rangers coalesced in a beam of light and found themselves on a beach. “Whoa, look at this place,” Trini said.

“Yeah, a virtual paradise,” Billy replied.

“Guys, over here,” Aisha called. All of the Rangers ran to where she was except for Kim, who wasn’t paying attention. They found the skeleton of a very large, very dangerous looking beast.

“What is it?” Adam asked.

“I think the most appropriate question is what was it,” Billy said.

“Definitely not the welcoming committee,” Zack replied.

“That’s for sure,” Rocky said.

The skeleton was starting to give them the creeps, so the Rangers started heading back to where Kim was. When they met up with her, they started walking down the beach, jumping on rocks to keep from getting wet.

Kim stopped all of a sudden, and looked out over the rocky horizon. Jason came up behind her. “Hey,” he said, gently touching her shoulder. Kim turned around and he found tears in her eyes. “He’s going to be all right, you know.”

“I know, but I’m scared, Jase,” Kim said, “I’ve never been so scared that I was going to lose Tommy. Never. After all we’ve been through together... the pregnancy scare, getting married, him coming close to dying before, and being Rangers... I can’t believe that it’s all going to be thrown away.”

“He won’t die, Kim,” Jason said, “I can promise you that. We’re going to find this Dulcea and this power, and we’re going to go back and save him. You have to keep hope alive.”

“I know,” Kim murmured.

“Come on,” Jason replied softly. They started heading back towards the others, when a Tenga came swooping in. Kim screamed, and they ducked. The Tenga went flying over them. They jumped down off of the boulder.

“What are those things?” Kim asked.

“I don’t know, but they don’t look friendly,” Jason said. The other Rangers crowded around. “Spread out and let’s take these beasts.”

The group did as he commanded, heading towards opposite parts of the beach. They each took on usually just one Tenga, but the others started teaming up on the teenagers.

“Want to know the funny thing about morphin’?” Billy inquired.

“What’s that?” Zack replied.

“You take advantage of it until you can’t do it anymore,” Billy said. He was tackled by a Tenga after he said that.

“These things are too strong,” Aisha said.

“We need our powers,” Trini replied.

All of a sudden, there was a terrifying roar, and a cloaked figure jumped off of a rock. They threw the cloak back, to reveal a beautiful dirty blond haired, blue skinned warrior. She fought the Tenga for a few minutes, then split the staff she had. She started twirling the two halves.

The sound that came from the two halves sounded pleasant to the Rangers, but it was anything but pleasant for the Tenga, who flew off after a few minutes because of the sound.

Rocky tentatively stepped up to the female warrior. “Thanks,” he said, reaching out to touch her shoulder. The woman spun around, knocking his hand away with her staff, which she had reassembled. Rocky pulled his hand back and took a few steps back. “Ow.”

“If you want to thank me, go back to wherever it is you came from,” the woman replied.

“We can’t go back,” Kim said, “A friend of ours is dying.”

“I am truly sorry about that, but I stand firm,” the woman said, “Leave Oaedos, or suffer my wrath.”

“Wait a minute,” Billy said, “We were told that there was a power here that could save his life. Is that true? And are you Dulcea?”

“Yes, I am,” the woman said, “And yes, it is true. The ground is littered with the bones of those who have tried for it, and failed.”

Jason glanced at the others, before stepping up to Dulcea. “But we’re different,” he said, “We won’t fail.”

With lightning like quickness, Dulcea swung her staff and swept Jason’s legs with it, knocking him to the ground. She planted the end of the staff on his chest. “Now, leave,” she said.

“We can’t,” Trini said, “Zordon said...”

“Zordon?” Dulcea asked, her head snapping up. “Did you say Zordon?”

“You know Zordon?” Justin asked.

Dulcea reluctantly pulled her staff away from Jason’s chest and helped him to stand up. “I know Zordon from a long time ago,” she said, “If he sent you here, then he must think that you can get to the Great Battery. I will help you save your friend. Follow me.”

With that, Dulcea turned and walked away. The teens hesitated for a moment. Kim was the first to follow her, and the others fell into step behind her, all of them determined to get the power and save Tommy, at the least.

Part III

It was getting dark when Dulcea led the Rangers to a platform. It had taken most of the day to get there, and the teens were worn out. Determined to save Tommy, Kim was the only one that joined Dulcea at the edge of the platform.

“There,” Dulcea said, pointing. “Beyond the Neola Desert, is the Great Battery, the source of the Ninjetti power. There will be many trials along the way, and there has yet to be anybody that could get to it.”

“Then how do we?” Kim asked, as the others joined them.

“Zordon had to believe that you could make it, or he wouldn’t have sent you,” Dulcea replied, “I trust his judgement.”

“Will you be coming with us, Dulcea?” Adam asked.

Dulcea paused with a sigh, then headed to the low fire that was burning in the center of the platform. “We will call upon your individual spirit animals to help you,” she said, “But we will have to wait until dawn. So get some rest, Rangers. You’ll need it.”

The Rangers spread out on the big platform. Billy and Trini went to their private corner, Jason and Zack went to theirs, and as did Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. It wasn’t too long before soft snores filled the air.

Kim was the only one who couldn’t sleep. She went back to the edge of the platform and sat down, dangling her legs over the edge. ‘I wish you were here with us, Tommy,’ she thought, ‘With me. I promise that, no matter how hard the tests will be, I will get to that Great Battery, my love. I will save you, no matter what.’

A hand fell on her shoulder. Kim looked up, to see Dulcea standing over her. Kim felt a little dwarfed by the woman, who was at least a head taller than Kim and was more beautiful, or so Kim thought. “You should be sleeping, Kimberly,” Dulcea said, “The nine of you will have a long venture tomorrow.”

“I know, but I just can’t sleep,” Kim replied, “I just keep thinking about Tommy.”

“The friend of yours that is dying?” Dulcea asked.

Kim nodded. “He’s my husband,” she said, “We were married just last night, and now, I might lose him.”

“Don’t think like that, Kimberly,” Dulcea replied, “Don’t give up hope. No matter what, keep the hope that you will save your husband alive, because if you give up that hope, then this Tommy is surely dead.”

Kim smiled. “Thanks, Dulcea,” she murmured.

“No problem, Kimberly,” Dulcea said, “Now, you’d better get some rest.”

“Right,” Kim said, nodding. She stood up and went to her own private corner of the platform, made herself as comfortable as possible, and fell asleep.


“The Tenga are returning, Ed,” Rito said.

“It’s Zedd, you idiot, and I can see that,” Zedd replied. The squad of Tenga warriors Rito and Hortence had brought with them came flying into the throne room through the balcony. “Now, what have you to report? Did you destroy the Rangers.”

“I’m ssssssorry, my liege,” the hissing leader replied, “We were unable to, becaussssse of thisssss monssssster, who had these ssssstickssssss, and kept twirling them.”

“Sticks? Did you say sticks?” Zedd inquired, “Did they have a whistling sound to them?”

“Well, it wasssss more nailssssss on a chalkboard,” the leader said.

“Begone from my sight,” Zedd said. The Tenga left the throne room quickly. “If Tenga weren’t so hard to find, I’d turn them all into fried bird.”

“Fried bird? Yum,” Rito said, “When do we eat?”

“Quiet, you dolt,” Zedd boomed.

“Now what do we do, my liege?” Goldar asked.

“We can’t do anything until the Rangers return as Ninjetti,” Zedd replied, “But boy will we have a reception waiting for them. Finster!!!”

“Yes, my liege?” Finster said, as he entered the throne room.

“Prepare a monster, lowly,” Zedd said.

“There’s no need for that, Zedd,” Hortence said, “We already have a monster.” He held up a clay figure. It was a dragon. “It’s called Malvolience, and it controls the weather.”

“Very good,” Zedd said, taking the figure from Hortence’s hand and studying it closely. “We shall use this.” He gave it back to Hortence, who put it on the ground. Zedd pointed his staff at the clay figure. “Arise, Malvolience.”

The figure grew, to a full fledged dragon. “I am here to do your bidding, my liege,” Malvolience growled, bowing.

“Good,” Zedd replied, “Ninjetti or no Ninjetti, the Rangers don’t stand a chance.”


Kim woke to find Dulcea gently shaking her. “It is time,” Dulcea said simply. Kim jumped up and followed her to the fire, where she found the others waiting. She took a place in the semi-circle around the fire. The sun was just coming up over the horizon.

“Deep within each person is a spirit animal,” Dulcea said, “Close your eyes and look into the depths of your souls.” The Rangers did as she said and closed their eyes. Dulcea took out some powder and blew it into the fire. Energy shot out of the fire and coalesced on the Rangers, turning their street clothes into something new.

Grabbing her staff, Dulcea walked to Jason, who was in not red, but a golden color. “Jason, you have been given a new color,” Dulcea explained, “Instead of Red, you will now be the Gold Ranger. And your spirit animal is the panther, sleek, powerful, and fearless, as well as protective.”

Dulcea then stepped over to Billy, who still had blue on. “Billy, you are the blue wolf, cunning and swift,” she said. She stepped over to Trini, who didn’t have yellow, but silver. “Trini, you are the silver fox, sly and wise.” She stepped over to Zack, who had purple on instead of his customary black. “Zack, you are the purple chimpanzee, playful, yet surprisingly smart and strong.”

Dulcea stepped over to Kim. “Agile Kimberly, light as a feather, you are the Crane,” she said. She stepped over to Justin. “Justin, you are the Humming bird, full of energy.” She stepped over to Adam, who now sported black. “Adam, you are the... Adam, what’s wrong?”

“I’m a frog,” Adam said, his disapproval obvious.

Dulcea laughed. “Yes, a Frog,” she said, “Like the kind you kiss.” She gave him a kiss on the forehead. “To get a handsome prince.” That made Adam smile. She stepped over to Aisha, who now sported yellow. “Aisha, you are the Bear, fierce and unstoppable.” She stepped over to Rocky, who now sported red. “And last but certainly not least, Rocky, powerful and smart, you are the mighty Ape.”

With all of their Spirit Animals named, she stood a little to one side, gazing down in joy at them all. "To be in harmony with the sacred Animal Spirits is to have the force of the Ninjetti. To those who are Ninjetti, anything is possible. But I am afraid you must do this on your own."

“You’re not coming with us, Dulcea?” Kim asked.

“I’m afraid not,” Dulcea replied, “One step past this plateau, and I would begin to age rapidly. I would be dead long before we made it to the Great Battery. The strength is inside you. Trust it. Your sacred animals will be your guide," she looked at them with love and care. "May your Animal Spirits watch over you!" she declared. A moment later, she had transformed into her own Spirit Animal, the snow owl, and flew away.

The Rangers stood for a moment, watching her fly away. “Thank you Dulcea,” Kim whispered, “Now, let’s go help Tommy.” Nodding, the Rangers followed her down the stairs leading off of the platform and into the desert.

They weren’t even a mile from the platform when they had to fight against the first test. A huge scorpion came out of the sand and attacked them. “Spread out,” Jason said.

The nine teens did as he commanded and circled around the scorpion. They tried attacking it, but a swipe of its tail made them back off. “All right, that obviously won’t work,” Jason said, “Where are you when I need you, bro?”

They dodged and tried to fight the creature for an hour, and it was Adam who noticed an odd colored spot on the scorpion. “Let’s see what happens when I hit it,” he muttered. He ran up to the scorpion and kicked the spot. The scorpion let out a near ear piercing screech before flopping to the ground, dead.

The nine congratulated Adam, but they knew not to take too long celebrating. The scorpion might have friends nearby. They kept heading towards the Great Battery, which they could see in the distance.

They were about halfway there when they ran into their second test. They somehow instinctively knew that all they had to do was survive. All of a sudden, beams of light started raining down, trying to hit them.

The Rangers kept running for the Great Battery, dodging the beams of light. The lasers eventually quit coming, so the Rangers were able to slow down and take a breather before the final test.

They rested for a while under the shade of a huge, cactus like plant. Just after night fall, they started heading towards the Great Battery. They were just about there, when they ran into their third and final test.

Another squad of the Tengas Dulcea had helped them with attacked. The odds were three to one, that meaning there were three Tengas to each Ranger. “Let’s do it,” Jason said, “Ninjetti. The panther.”

“The crane,” Kim said.

“The wolf,” Billy called.

“The fox,” Trini cried.

“The chimpanzee,” Zack said.

“The hummingbird,” Justin yelled.

“The ape,” Rocky called.

“The frog,” Adam said, still a bit reluctantly.

“The bear... whoa.” Aisha had to duck a low flying Tenga that had tried to take her head off.

The Rangers fought the bird/lizard warriors, using the newfound strength and agility that being Ninjetti apparently gave them. They easily defeated the Tengas, who just disappeared after the last one was defeated. The ground started to shake. “What’s going on?” Kim asked.

When a shadow fell over them, the Ninjetti Rangers looked up, to find the Great Battery towering over them. A tendril of energy shot forth from the opening in the battery and swept them up, and pulled them in.

Seconds later, the Rangers found themselves back outside the Great Battery, in full Ranger armor. Almost nothing was changed from Justin’s design, except for a new insignia on the front, a lantern with their respective color and their respective spirit animal in the white opening of the battery.

“This is like nothing I have ever felt,” Aisha said.

“Let’s get back to Earth,” Jason said. The others nodded, and with a thought, they were teleporting home.

‘Hang on, Tommy,’ Kim thought in transit. ‘We’re coming, baby.’

Part IV

“The Rangers are coming, Zeddy,” Rita said. She had her Repulsa scope looking out towards Oaedos, and saw nine lights streaking across the universe in a hurry to get back to Earth.

“Good,” Zedd growled, “Malvolience, you take the Tenga and go give the Rangers a warm welcome, understood?”

“Yes, my liege,” Malvolience said. With that, him and the Tenga disappeared in a teleportation effect.

The nine Ninjetti Rangers found themselves back in the Command Cavern. They found Tommy in a medical bed right by Zordon’s tube. Alpha was hovering over Tommy, scanning him.

“Welcome back, Rangers,” Zordon boomed, “And congratulations on getting to the Great Battery.”

“Thanks, Zordon,” Jason said, as Kim slipped past him as politely as she could.

“How is he, Alpha?” Kim asked, as she ran to the little robot and the still comatose Tommy and pulled her helmet off.

Alpha looked up at Zordon, who hung his head. “I’m sorry, Kimberly,” Alpha said, “You’re too late.” The other Rangers hung their heads in silence, but Kim was in complete, utter denial.

“NO!!!” Kim cried, “We can’t be too late. Tommy can’t die.”

“I am truly sorry, Kim,” Zordon said, “As smashed as things were here, we couldn’t do anything for him. We wouldn’t have been able to anyway, even if we had full capability.”

“No, I refuse to admit that he’s dead,” Kim shrieked.

Suddenly, a crazy idea flickered into Jason’s head. “Wait a minute,” he said, “Remember what we’ve learned?” The others, including Kim, gave him puzzled looks. “To those who are Ninjetti, all things are possible.”

“Zordon?” Kim asked, looking up at the long time mentor of the Lantern Rangers.

“It’s never been done, but it’s theoretical,” Zordon said.

“Let’s do it then,” Kim said.

The nine Ninjetti Rangers made a circle around Tommy’s bed. They grasped each others hands and closed their eyes, making silent calls to their respective spirit animals.

“Ay yi yi,” Alpha said, as thousands of beams of light came flying out of the Rangers, fixing up the Command Cavern to the way it had been before the overload during the last battle with the Anti-Lantern Rangers.

The lights fixed everything, before swooping in on Tommy’s lifeless body. All of a sudden, his body jerked, he let out a big gasp, and opened his eyes. The bright lights disappeared, and the regular lights of the Command Cavern stayed on in their place.

When the Rangers opened their eyes, Tommy was alive and in a white version of the same armor the others had on, except his helmet was off and on the floor beneath the bed. “TOMMY!!!” Kim cried happily, throwing her arms around her husband’s neck.

“Oh, Kim,” Tommy said, “You don’t know how great this feels.” He found it hard to get out of the bed, because Kim refused to let go.

Kim finally broke away enough for him to get out of bed, and then was in his arms again, pulling his head down to hers. “I though I had lost you forever,” she whispered when they came up for air.

“You should know better, beautiful,” Tommy replied, and then gave her a kiss, “I’m too damn stubborn to stay dead.”

Jason cleared his throat, and Tommy turned to the others. “It’s great to see you again, bro,” Jason said, as he clasped forearms with Tommy.

“You too, Jase,” Tommy said.

One by one, the old Lantern Rangers came and greeted their comrade. But Rocky, Adam, and Aisha hung back, not knowing what to say to him. It was Tommy that first noticed it.

“Hey, Rocky, Adam, Aisha,” Tommy said, “Come join the party. I also have you three to thank, as well.” The three teens, two of which were once bullies in Shane’s gang, tentatively stepped forward. Tommy’s warm smile invited them to welcome him back to the land of the living.

“There’s just one thing, sweetie,” Kim said, “How did you get this armor?”

“I don’t know,” Tommy said, “I woke up in it.”

“I can explain that.” The Rangers turned and saw Dulcea standing beside the tube.

“It is good to see you again, Dulcea,” Zordon said.

“And its good to see you as well, Zordon,” Dulcea replied.

“How are you here? I thought you couldn’t leave Oaedos,” Billy asked.

“I’m technically not here,” Dulcea said, “This is a hologram. The power of the final Ninjetti, the White Ranger, was hidden in your own powers. You released it into Tommy, which was what brought him back to life. Tommy, you are the Falcon, winged lord of the skies.”

“Awesome,” Tommy said.

“I’ve got to go, Rangers,” Dulcea said, “Good luck in your future battles.” With that, her hologram flickered out.

Just then, the battle siren went off. “Rangers, Zedd has sent down Malvolience, an elemental dragon, along with a squad of Tenga fighters down,” Zordon said, “I think he hopes to defeat you, while you’re still getting used to your new powers.”

“Let’s go get ‘em,” Tommy said, “Ready, guys?” The other Rangers nodded. “Then... back to action!!!” With that, the Rangers were teleported out of the Command Cavern.

When they teleported onto the battle field, they found Malvolience and the Tengas scaring some citizens. The dragon was the first to notice them. “And who are you?” it growled.

“We’re the Ninjetti Lantern Rangers, and we’re here to clean your clocks,” Tommy shouted.

“We’ll see about that,” Malvolience replied, “Tengas, get them.”

“Weapons up, and let’s go,” Tommy said, forming his brand new weapon of choice, a hammer, from solidified Ninjetti Lantern Ranger energy. “Ready to go, little buddy?”

“Let’s rock and roll, Tommy,” Saba replied. Tommy had used his power to transfer Saba’s consciousness from the sword, which was trapped in the old pocket dimension, into the new hammer.

The other Rangers formed various other weapons using their energies. Jason formed a whip, Zack formed a boomerang, Billy formed a trident, Trini formed a scimitar, Justin formed a light saber, Rocky formed an ax, Adam formed a bo, and Aisha formed a spear. Kim was the only one with modified version of a classic weapon, that being her old bow, which now transformed into a crossbow.

Using their new weapons, the Rangers had no problem defeating the Tenga warriors. Malvolience then attacked, sending lightning bolts from his maw to hit the Rangers.

The Rangers stubbornly kept trying to get close, so the big dragon called hurricane gusts of wind to knock them off their feet. The Rangers were almost blown away, but caught on to nearby things to anchor them.

“I’ve got to get to Malvolience,” Tommy muttered . Then, an idea sprung to mind. He teleported from where he was to behind Malvolience, where the wind wasn’t nearly as bad.

Tommy smashed his new hammer upside Malvolience’s head, and the dragon went flying. The hurricane winds died down instantly.

“Malvolience is losing, Zeddy,” Rita said.

Zedd joined her at the balcony. “Well, we can’t have that,” he growled. He made one of his patented growth bombs appear in his hand. “Make my monster grow.” With that, Zedd tossed the bomb at Malvolience. It struck the monster and exploded, kicking up dust.

When the dust settled, the Rangers found themselves facing a zord size Malvolience. “What do we do now?” Adam asked.

“We’ve got new Ninjetti zords,” Tommy replied, “Let’s use them. Ready?” The other Rangers nodded.

“We need Ninjetti zord power, now,” the Rangers called in unison.

On Oaedos, Dulcea watched, as the ten Ninjetti zords rose from their place beneath the ground and took to the air, heading for Earth. “Good luck, Rangers,” she said, “You might need it.”

The Ninjetti zords took no time in getting to Earth, and came flying through the atmosphere. The Rangers spotted them immediately and teleported up to the cockpits of their respective zords.

“Ranger call,” Tommy said, using the communications systems.

“Jason here,” Jason replied, “The Panther is ready to prowl.”

“Zack here, and the Chimpanzee is ready to kick some dragon butt,” Zack said.

“Trini here, and the Fox is ready to hunt,” Trini said.

“Billy here,” Billy said, “The Wolf is ready to howl.”

“Nice stereo,” Kim replied, “I mean, Kim here. Crane is ready to fly.”

“Justin here,” Justin interjected, “And ditto with the Hummingbird.”

“Rocky here,” Rocky said, “And the Ape is ready to bash some sense into that dragon.”

“Aisha here,” Aisha replied, “It’s time to boogie with the Bear.”

“Adam here,” Adam said, “And the Frog is ready to squash the opponent.”

“Tommy here,” Tommy said, “And the Falcon is ready to rock. Let’s try our individual zord abilities before we call upon the Megazord, shall we?” He received a unanimous yes.

“Adam, Jason, Billy, Trini, you’re up first,” Tommy said, “Rock that thing’s world.”

“You got it, bro,” Jason said. The panther, wolf, and fox Ninjetti zords came running up to Malvolience. All three bit off a good hunk of Malvolience’s skin, making the monster bleed. They quickly retreated. Then, the frog came in, wrapping its long tongue around Malvolience’s neck. Then, Adam pushed a button, and an electric charge jolted through the dragon. The tongue quickly retracted, and Adam beat a hasty retreat.

“Zack, Rocky, Aisha, you’re next,” Tommy commanded.

With his command, the three slowest Ninjetti zords pounced upon Malvolience, pounding away at the big dragon. They did quite a bit of damage, before being shaken off by Malvolience.

“Justin, Kim, we’re up,” Tommy said.

“Let’s rock and roll,” Kim said.

“YEEEE-HAAA!!!” Justin shouted.

With that, the three flying zords came rushing into the battle field. The Crane and Hummingbird were the two smallest zords, and Malvolience towered over them. So, they opted for scratching and pecking at the big dragons eyes. Malvolience swiped at them, so they backed off, giving Tommy a clear shot.

“Rockets away,” Tommy said. The wings folded forward, and the rocket launcher at the wing tips fired four rockets apiece. All eight rockets hit Malvolience, but really only agitated the big dragon.

“All right, team,” Tommy said, “This is getting us nowhere. Time for the big guns. Ready to call it?”

“Ready,” came the unanimous answer.

“We need NinjettiMegaFalconZord power, now,” all ten Rangers called in unison. The Ninjetti zords started forming up. The bear was the first to change, as it made the chest and stomach. The frog was next, becoming the lower waist and legs. The wolf and ape were next, becoming the arms.

The crane was next, becoming the head. The wings of the falcon seperated from the zord and fitted onto the Megazord, while the body formed a scabbard that fit onto the back. The panther and chimpanzee were next, combining to become the main defensive armor around the bear, ape, and wolf zords.

The fox was next, forming a silver sword in the scabbard that was made by the falcon’s body. The sword was easily accessible to the right arm. The hummingbird was last, becoming a bow on the back of the hand on the left arm.

Meanwhile, the cockpits of the ten zords combined, into one, big cockpit that held the entire team. “Let’s rock this things world,” Tommy said, “Let’s see what this baby can do.”

Malvolience attacked, using his elemental powers to call upon a tornado. The Ninjetti Megazord was rolled around and around. “I don’t know how much more of this I can handle,” Aisha said, “I get air sick easily.”

“Justin, ready the bow,” Tommy said, “A good shot should hopefully break his concentration and dissipate this tornado.”

“Bow ready,” Justin said, giving Tommy a thumbs up.

Tommy used Zordon’s sensor satellite that was always over Angel Grove to target Malvolience, and fired the bow. It was pure luck that the energy arrow was able to hit the big dragon, and it had the effect Tommy had been hoping for. The tornado dissipated, and the Ninjetti Megazord went crashing to the ground.

“Damage report,” he called out.

“Very minimal damage, Tommy,” Jason said.

“Yeah, the defensive plating was able to soften the blow,” Zack reported.

“Outstanding,” Tommy said, “Ninjetti sword, now.” The Ninjetti Megazord reached back and pulled the sword from its scabbard. “Ninjetti sword, power up.” The sword glowed with energy.

“Wait a second,” Malvolience said, putting his clawed front hands up. “Can’t we talk about this?”

“Not in a million years, Malvolience,” Tommy said, “Falcon finisher!!!” With that command, the Ninjetti Megazord took to the air, and dove towards Malvolience. Just before it hit, it pulled back and slashed the monster with the energized sword. Malvolience let out a near deafening roar, before blowing up.

After debriefing at the Command Cavern, Tommy went back to his apartment, exhausted over the days events. ‘I forgot how much dying can take out of you,’ he mused, as he got ready for bed. Tommy was quick to fall asleep. A few hours later, he was woke up by the phone ringing. He picked it up. “Hello?” he said groggily.

“Tommy, is that you?” It was Kim, and she sounded like she was crying.

“Yeah, it’s me, Kim,” Tommy said, “What’s wrong? Why are you calling at...” He glanced at the clock. “3 o’clock in the morning?”

“I didn’t know what else to do,” Kim said, “I’m sorry I woke you.”

“It’s all right,” Tommy said, “What’s up?”

“Can you come pick me up?” Kim asked.

“Now? Um, yeah, sure,” Tommy said, “Where are you?”

“I’m at the gas station down the road from the house,” Kim replied, “Please hurry.”

“I’ll be there in two shakes of a lambs tail, beautiful,” Tommy said. They hung up, and Tommy fumbled for his keys. He only had his boxers and a shirt on, but he knew that he had to get there as quickly as he could.

Tommy ran down the stairs and headed out to his truck, which had recently finished being repaired after an accident him and Kim had been in earlier in the year. He hopped behind the wheel, shut the door, started the engine, and zoomed off.

Not five minutes later, Tommy was pulling in to the gas station. It was closed, and Kim was waiting on the bench outside. When he jumped out, Kim ran up to him and gave him a big hug and kiss. Once again, Tommy noticed that she was crying. “What’s wrong, Kim?” Tommy asked.

“I had a big fight with mom,” Kim sobbed, “And she threw me out. She was so mad that I had gotten married without telling her, and then running off for two days without saying anything. She didn’t even give me the chance to explain why I’ve been gone. She just told me to get my things and leave.” It was then that Tommy noticed that a bunch of Kim’s bags were under the bench.

“Oh, man,” Tommy whispered, pulling Kim into his arms. He led her over to his truck, where she climbed into the passengers seat. Tommy then went back and grabbed Kim’s bags, which included a suitcase or two. It took him a little while, but he got everything into the back of the truck.

When they got back to the apartment building, Tommy led her up the stairs to the apartment. ‘I’ll get her bags in a minute,’ he thought. Once in the apartment, Kim broke down and started crying. Tommy held her until she cried herself to sleep. Putting her on the couch, he went downstairs, to get her bags.

It took Tommy several trips to get all of Kim’s stuff. When he got back from the last trip, Kim was awake, and sniffling. “Hey there, beautiful,” Tommy said, as he put the last of her bags down, closed the door, and made his way to her. “Feeling any better?”

“A little,” Kim replied, “I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t have any place to live.”

“Sure you do,” Tommy said, “You can come live with me. We were talking about it before, remember? Living together, since we’re now married.”

“Are you sure, Tommy?” Kim asked.

“Of course I’m sure,” Tommy whispered, gently stroking her hair. “You’re my wife, and I’m supposed to look after you, after all.”

Kim smiled a little. “That’s sweet,” she said, “And when I start working, I’ll start pitching in with the rent and stuff.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Tommy said, “I make more than enough money a month at the dojo I help out at to cover rent and bills. Having another person around shouldn’t make that much of a difference in the bills.” Tommy couldn’t help but yawn. He glanced at the clock, which read 4:15.

“Tired?” Kim asked. Tommy nodded sheepishly. “Me too. I really haven’t gotten any sleep since our wedding night.”

“Well, come on,” Tommy said, “Let’s go get some sleep.”

“Well, I was thinking of doing more than just getting some sleep,” Kim replied, a mischievous twinkle appearing in her eye.

“I don’t know,” Tommy said, but Kim insistently tugged him into the bedroom and closed the door.

The end... for now

Note from the author: So, what did you think of the Ninjetti Lantern Rangers’ quest and first battle? I refused to follow the show on how Rocky, Adam, and Aisha became Rangers, because I wanted to keep Jason, Zack, and Trini around, so I just had them go with the others to get powers. I made Rocky, Adam, and Aisha the Ninjetti colors that they were supposed to be just for the heck of it. I also made the changes to the Ninjetti Megazord to fit in the three new zords for the same reason.