'Part Six, The Adventure Begins '
Chapter 2
by Paladar`

Rocky was the first to arise, and as he glanced around the room he soon discovered a vague familiarity between this room and his own room back home on Earth. He also found that the clothes hanging in the closet were very similar to what he usual wore.

The room itself was divided into three separate parts; a bedroom, a bathroom, and a den-like room. Under closer inspection, Rocky discovered that the furniture and the fixtures in the bathroom were identical to the things in his Families' home.

After getting cleaned up and dressed, he embarked on exploration!

Rocky opened the door very quietly, only to discover a Theian, at the end of the hall, sleeping in a chair. Since he couldn't tell which one it was, he slipped quietly passed it.

At least, that's what he thought!

The Red Ranger quietly walked down a hall admiring the collection of paintings hanging on the walls.

As he entered what appeared to be a large living room, something tackled him!

The ginger-colored creature allowed him to roll over onto his back, and then to sit up. It then sat on his feet looking at him with big round green eyes!

"You need to be quieter in order to get past us!" Athos said with a chuckle.

"Theians' are very lite sleepers," He added climbing off of Rocky's feet. "Are you hungry?"

"Yes a little!" Rocky mumbled still dazed after being tackled by the small creature.

Athos ushered the Red Ranger into the large living room, and over to a preset table. Brightly colored place mats, napkins, and decorative silverware marked a place for each of the teens.

Rocky watched as the creature walked over to a table which resembled a modern day steam table. (Just like the ones used at the high school.)

As the creature returned it carried a plate of food that resembled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and toast.

Rocky was so engrossed in watching the creature that he "yelped" when it pinched him.


"Think this is a dream, don't you?"

He started to say "yes" but realized that the spot where Athos had pinched him still hurt.

"No, this isn't a dream!" Rocky answered rubbing the spot of his leg where Athos had pinched him.

To look at the Theians, you would think of them as fragile, easily injured creatures. When in reality, they were just the opposite!

As he ate, Athos sat opposite him munching on a piece of toast.

Rocky and Athos were soon joined by Billy and Theius.

Two by two, the remaining four teens and their Theian companions entered the room.

When Mariah went to get Kimberly a plate of food, the former Pink Ranger left the room.

Kimberly headed to the room assigned to Tommy, hoping he was awake!

She stood next to the bed holding his hand, as several tears fell from her eyes. "What had happened to him?" There were bandages on his wrists, and what appeared to be an IV unit hanging by the bed with the tubing entering his shoulder.

He was attached to several medical monitors which indicated his vital signs were dangerously low. An oxygen tent covered his upper body, and most of the color in his face was gone. She couldn't read the instruments which hummed, thankfully none of the alarms had gone off!

"There you are!" Mariah stated as she entered the room.

"Is he going to be all right?" Kim asked as more tears fell from her eyes.

"Yes." Mariah said as she took both of Kims' hands into hers. Mariah climbed up onto the bed, and gathered the frightened teenager into her arms.

"It will take some time for him to regain his strength . . . but with rest and the medicine we are giving him, he should be back on his feet very shortly." A reassuring hug from Mariah confirmed her comments.

After wiping her eyes, Kim was led from the room, and back to the room where others sat.

Aisha hugged Kim as she sat down. "Tommy's going to be all right!"

While Tommy recovered the teens explored Ninjara.

Adam found the remains of an ancient building, while Aisha discovered wild life very similar to what could be found on Earth.

Rocky and Katherine studied the small space transport and it's design, while Billy studied its computer system.

Kim stayed pretty close to Tommy, and as the day's passed he began to improve.

One morning, Tommy staggered into the room where the others sat eating breakfast.

"Tommy!" Rocky yelled as he jumped up, and caught the White Ranger as he began to fall. He refused to return to bed, so after several pieces of furniture were moved around, Rocky helped him into an oversized chair.

Mariah continually had to remind the White Ranger to eat slower, before he got sick again!

"Theius, where's Paladar`?" Billy asked, because he hadn't seen the brown cloaked being for several days.

"He's gone to a Council meeting . . . " Theius said adding, "which he hates!"

"Let me guess . . . A Galactic Council meeting?" Adam said sarcastically, almost jokingly.

TaLooze glared at, and then rolled his big greenish-blue eyes at Adam, and several seconds later, the ginger colored creature threw a freshly baked roll at him, in protest of his sarcastic remarks.

The food fight that followed, was quickly brought to an end by the Matronly Mariah who scoldly TaLooze for his childish behavior.

"We're supposed to be the grownups here!" She snapped.

"I want this mess cleaned up right now!" Mariah added stomping her foot on the floor.

The mess was cleaned up by the teens and Theians together with one small disruption from Adam who got one last roll thrown at TaLooze.

Laughter filled the air for the first time since the nightmare began.

Paladar` returned several days later to find teens and Theians working together on various projects.

Aisha and Kendra studied the various animals which came near the building.

Adam and TaLooze were working together at the site Adam had found earlier. He had already dug up some rather interesting artifacts in which TaLooze was carefully cleaning off with archaeologists' tools.

Billy and Theius were examining the computer system diagrams from the small space transport, while Rocky, Katherine, Sophia, and Athos studied the ship's blueprints.

Tommy, still not fully recovered, Kim, and Mariah stayed near the building that currently served as home.

Over a period of several days, Tommy began his kata exercises, and then soon after, Rocky and Adam began sparring with him.

Some moves proved to be difficult, due to an injury that could not be explained.

The White Ranger had three cracked ribs! How he had gotten them remained a mystery.

Paladar`, Theius, and Mariah appeared to be arguing as they entered the living room one rather dismal day.

"No, it takes me two hours for supplies!" Paladar` stated matter-of-factly.

"It would be good for them. A change of scenery works wonders." Theius replied with almost the same tone of voice.

Paladar` stood shaking his head, and once again said "NO!"

Mariah finally spoke, "Paladar`, what about the Little One?" Her voice held deep concern.

He started to comment, but stopped as he remembered "the Little One."

He shrugged his shoulders, and stated "Bother, I'm going to be there all day."

The four remaining Theians and the seven teens just sat wide-eyed over the whole conversation.

"Well, they better get to bed early, because tomorrow is going to be a busy day!" Paladar` mumbled as he left the room.

"Kids . . . Teenagers, even worse."

All of their questions were answered with "You'll find out, tomorrow!" As the seven teens were ushered off to bed.

Breakfast came a half-hour early, the next morning, and after which the teens boarded one of Paladar`'s small transport ships.

As the door closed, Mariah yelled "Have Fun!"

The seven teens looked at each other and then at Paladar` who sat behind the ship's controls.

"Where are we going?" Billy's curiosity getting the best of him.

"You'll see," was all the brown cloaked life form would say.

Space was indeed a dark foreboding place, and only a few stars could be seen from the windows of the ship.

Just as Rocky started to turn his head, their destination came into view!

"Guys, look!"

Directly in front of the ship was a space station!

Looking nothing they had ever seen on TV, this station was the length of four aircraft carriers and as tall as the Empire State Building.

An incoming message welcomed them to the "Hothman Orbital Space Station."

Paladar` saw no reason to speak as he followed the instructions from the docking controller and landed in one of station's many docking bays. A tunnel-like structure moved toward the ship, locked against the door side of it, and after several seconds the ship's door opened.

A catlike creature, standing on two legs, stood before them.

Paladar` chuckled as he watched the seven teens' reactions to one of the station's docking hostesses.

The catlike creature resembled a calico cat in coloring and markings, and was dressed in a skirt and blouse.

Paladar` finally spoke, "OK, let's go, follow her please!" giving Kim and Aisha a little push forward toward the catlike creature.

"Their called Altrusians," he added as he gently gave Rocky and Adam a push.

Slowly and cautiously, the teenagers followed the Catlike creature. As they walked down the tunnel, their life-support needs were being determined by the station's Med-Core analysis system.

The door at the end of the tunnel opened, and the catlike creature handed Paladar` eight badge-like discs. She completely understood Paladar` explanation for the behavior of his passengers.

After the catlike creature left them, Paladar` said rather abruptly "Are you going to move or stand here all day?"

All seven began talking at once, and laughed as they realized where they were!

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