"Protect the Future"


The 'Future' has many paths, yet only one is the right one!

The Discovery, Part 4 Part Four, The Discovery.

Bullet Part Five, The Other Side of Venus Island.

BulletPart Six, The Adventure Begins The Adventure Begins, Part 6

Bullet Chapter 1.
Bullet Chapter 2.
Bullet Chapter 3.
Bullet Chapter 4.
Bullet Chapter 5.

Bullet Part 7, The Adventure Continues

Bullet Part 8, Rocky's Day in Court!

Bullet Part 9, "What's A Shot Gun?"

new Bullet Part 10, "The Future Hath Come!" new

new Bullet Part 11, "Off in the Distance!" new

NOTE: This Saga does contain an adult theme.


bulletEditorial Note:
'Protect the Future,' takes place prior to
Kimberly's departure for and during the Pan Global Games.


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