'Part Six, The Adventure Begins '
Chapter 5
by Paladar`

Tension and sadness filled the air, as they reflected on the senseless deaths of both the planet and it's inhabitants.

After several minutes, Billy was the first to speak. "How many major land masses are there?"

"There were 15, but I'm only reading eight of them!" Mariah informed the group.

Ninjara entered a moon-like orbit around Madia, as Mariah continued to scan the planet for signs of life!

Half of Madias' population were dead or injured, Mariah replied with sadness.

A quick visual scan was done, and as they watched they discovered that the damage was far worse then first thought! Structures which were buildings, now sat totally submerged in water! People sat, packed together, on what was left of the land.

With life signs coming from some of the submerged buildings, it was decided that an attempt would be made to rescue the trapped people.

A special transport carrying the fourteen travelers was launched. Paladar` explained that this transport was designed specially for rescues like this one.

As the transport headed for the surface, several of the teens changed into diving gear.

They would separate into two teams!

"Wait a minute!" Adam said just before the doors opened.

"What is it, Adam?"

"These people can see what we look like!"

"He's right!" Rocky agreed.

"I wonder if they can morph." TaLooze puzzled as he looked at Adam with concern.

"Humm . . . I'm not sure!" Paladar` answered.

"There's one way to find out!" Adam said as he pulled his morpher out.

"Black Ranger Power!"

"OOPS!" Adam realized at the last minute that he was dressed in diving gear.

To their surprise, the transformation began; the spandex Black Ranger uniform was replaced by a wetsuit, his mastodon helmet now resembled a diving helmet, and he had two oxygen tanks strapped on his back.

Adam stood before them, wearing a completely new style of uniform which was designed for underwater work.

"Interesting?" Billy commented.

"White Ranger Power!"

"Red Ranger Power!"

"Blue Ranger Power!"

"Yellow Ranger Power!"

"Pink Ranger Power!"

"Pink Ranger Power!"

The two teams worked continuously for twelve straight hours, stopping only to change divers and oxygen tanks.

Surprisingly, the submerged buildings because of their design, provided the trapped people with air to breathe.

When the Patrol ships did finally arrive, they were ill equipped to handle a situation like this one!

"Was there a way to replace the core minerals?" Billy wondered as he stood staring at the vast ocean. "There was land beneath all that water!"

Athos braved the shallow pool of water to make sure Billy was all right. "Billy, are you OK?" The sloth-like life form said as he reached him.

"Huh . . . Yes, I'm fine!" Billy said startled.

As Athos climbed onto his shoulder, he informed Billy that Theians can't swim too well. The pair stood staring as a transport carrying injured people flew over their heads.

"Wow! That transport nearly took our heads off." Athos replied as both jumped.

"I think that ship might be overloaded."

"It probably is!"

"We'd better get back to work."

Billy walked, with Athos sitting on his shoulder, back to a patch of dry land!

With more and more dead bodies being brought to the surface, it was decided to leave the remaining bodies in their watery graves.

Special transport ships called 'Body Carriers' had begun to haul away the dead.

After three more hours, the fourteen travelers' departed the planet of Madia.

Death was something that the Rangers had never dealt with, and they were physically shaken!

The trip back, to Ninjara, was a somber one.

After a night's sleep, they gathered in the dining area to discuss the events that had transpired.

"Firemen and Paramedics, must go through heck doing that on a daily basis!" Rocky said as he passed up a plate of food.

"I appreciate the work they do more now, then ever before!" Adam said shaking his head.

"I couldn't believe that Patrol ship. Talk about antiquated! Compared to the equipment used by the Fire Department, that ship is in the stone age!" Tommy gripped as he held out another piece of orange-like fruit for Ru.

Ru sat quietly on his shoulder, eating!

"That's only one of the problems encountered daily by space travelers." Athos commented as he climbed onto the chair next to Billy.

Out of the blue, Billy asked "is there a way to replace the core minerals in a planet the size of Madia?"

Theius answered him by saying, "There have been some attempts, but no success! Would you like to look at the research material regarding the replacement of core minerals?"

"I had several ideas on the subject, but I'm not sure if all planets share the same core minerals?"

Things slowly returned to normal for the Power Rangers, well as normal as possible!

Billy dove into the research material with Theius, and with each passing day it became apparent to Paladar` that it was time for the Rangers to return to Earth.


"What about Ru? Who's going to feed her?" Tommy said as the little bird landed on his shoulder!

"What do I look like -- chopped liver?" Paladar` quipped back.

"Tommy, Ru would die," Billy began, "Her molecular structure doesn't exist on Earth!"

"Billy's right, Tommy!" Rocky added.

Tommy knew Billy was right, but he couldn't help not worrying about the little bird.

As night fell, this would be the last night the Rangers would spend on the planet of Ninjara!


By late Sunday afternoon, Tommy, Rocky, and Adam were completely baffled.

"How come we can flip each other, but we can't flip him?" Rocky grumbled as he got up from the ground after being flipped by Adam.

"I wish I knew!" Tommy answered, puzzled, still sitting on the ground.

"Give up, yet!"

"Not a chance," Adam quickly answered as he got up.

"Ok, kid give it your best shot!"

And before Adam could even assume a defensive stance, he was on the ground, again!

The three teens sat on the ground, bruised and battered! This time not by any of Lord Zedds' monsters, but by the hands of a mysterious, elderly gentleman.

Rocky glanced at his watch, and relieved he was going to be late if he didn't get moving! "Adam, do you need a ride home?" The teen in Red asked his friend.

"Ya I do, Rocky!"

Both teens said their good byes, and then left heading to the parking lot. Rocky's familiar red car was seen pulling out of the lot about 15 minutes later.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Tommy told Mr. Pal as he, Kimberly, Katherine, Billy, and Aisha began gathering their things from the picnic-like setting (book bags, picnic basket, and the blanket).

"Ok!" The elderly gentleman said as the five teens started to walk away.


After walking Katherine and Billy home, the remaining three teens crossed the street and caught sight of the gentleman just getting home.

"Oh, man," Tommy said, "I should have offered to walk him home!"

"We even stopped for ice cream!" Kim said.

"It's about time!" A voice from shadows said.

"What are you doing here?" Mr. Pal snapped, startled by appearance of the stranger.

"How can I teach my children to leave a note, when I can't get you to do it!"

"Go away, pest!" The gentleman saw the three teens coming down the sidewalk. "Get out of sight!"

"I'm sure they can't see me!"

Mr. Pal stood at the gate watching the stranger and the teens.

"We could have walked you home, Mr. Pal!" Tommy began.

"There was no need. . . . I'm quite capable of walking myself home, Tommy!"

"Ok!" Tommy answered as he, Kim and Aisha passed him. "Good night!"

"Good night!"

After the three teens passed, the stranger stepped out of the shadows.

In the Command Center, the seven teens were surprised as to the identity of the man in shadows.


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