'The Week Angel Grove Said Thank You!'
Part 1
by Paladar`

The halls of Angel Grove High School were a maze of students changing classes, as the frighten little girl hid in the corner near the stair case.

Soon the halls cleared and she came out from her hiding place, only to be cornered by Mrs. Rodriguez making her rounds.

"Shouldn't you be at the Elementary School?"

"No, madam . . . my school is on summer break."

"Oh . . . well then . . . can I help you?"

"I'm looking for someone, madam!"

"And who might that someone be?"

"Rocky DeSantos, madam!"

"Rocky . . . umm . . ." She looked through the folder of papers she was carrying. "He's in Miss Applebys' classroom which is just down here." She turned and proceeded toward the classroom door, with the little girl following close behind.

* * * *

Class had not yet started and the students were grouped together in their various cliques.

Seven of the teens were huddled in a corner, each holding a piece of a picture Billy had made from an image displayed by the viewing globe.

"I can't believe this . . ." Adam said softly, "Grand children, my grand children!"

The others agreed, "Seeing the future really makes what we're been doing worth it!" Rocky added just as the classroom door opened.

"Mrs. Rodriguez, how can I help you?" Miss Appleby inquired as she moved toward the door.

"One of your students has a visitor!"

"A visitor?"

The petite girl moved from behind Mrs. Rodriguez.

"Holly!" Rocky exclaimed, surprised to see the little girl. He rushed to her just as fatigue overcame her, and she collapsed in his arms.

* * * *

It was Miss Appleby who noticed the blood stains on the girl's clothing.

"Holly, what happened?" Rocky asked as fear and anger knotted inside him.

Holly looked up, disoriented at first, "We crashed!" She covered his hands with her small ones, and in the process handed him something.

Secretly looking at it, he discovered it was the Blue Power Coin.

* * * *

"The bus . . . crashed?" Rocky said in a shaky voice.

"Yes . . . the driver is dead and my grandfather is hurt real bad!"

"Miss Appleby, I've gotta go . . . I was supposed to meet a school bus later today at the secured side of the lake."

"Shouldn't you call 911?" Mrs. Rodriguez asked.

"I didn't know where to tell them to come . . we're not from around here." Holly said, slowly standing up. "I've got one of these." She added holding a cellular phone.

"Alright, Rocky . . ." Miss Appleby said adding, "just as soon as you know where they are, call 911 immediately."

"Yes, Miss Appleby." Rocky agreed, knowing that 911 would be out of the question. "Adam, can you take of care of my books!"

"Sure!" Adam said slightly puzzled, "What bus?" He thought to himself.

The pair departed the classroom almost running.

* * * *

At the crash site. . .

"Holly . . . !" A man's frantic voice was heard. "Kids! . . . He screamed in pain as he tried to move. He already know what the humming sound was . . . the chiller!

"Kids . . . can any of you hear me?" Once again he screamed as he tried moving again.

* * * *

After teleporting from the school and climbing over the several boulders, the crash site came into view.

The still burning remains of a passenger transport were scattered over a 390 degree area. The crater-like hole at the center held the crushed cockpit of the ship.

The passenger section even though damage was still in one piece, and partially covered under it was the lone survivor . . . he thought!

"Holly . . . !" The man yelled frantically again.

"Grandfather," Holly yelled as she climbed down off of a boulder, followed closely by Rocky.

"Holly . . " There was the sound of relief in the man's voice as the child took his hand. "You did see what I did!" He replied as the younger version of himself appeared behind her.

"Yes!" The relieved child said thankful now that her grandfather was conscious.

"Where are the rest of the kids?" The injured man asked frantically glancing around.

"Over there . . . in the shelter." She said, pointing in the direction of a medium sized tent-like building.

He tried to move again to see the building, but the sharp pain stopped him. "Oh . . . ."


"He's dead . . . I started the chiller as soon as I could."

"Is this thing on top of me . . . empty?"

"Yes, all the moveable stuff is out."

"Rocky . . . there's one advantage to morphining you haven't discovered yet."


"Getting things like this off of you in a real hurry!"

"But what about your back, it might be broken!" The younger version said concerned.

"It isn't . . . I wouldn't be able to wiggle my toes or move my legs!" Pain gripped like a vise. "I do have a broken leg . . . that much I know."

"Holly go over to the shelter, and stay there until I call you. . . Please."

The little girl ran over to the shelter, and caught several of the children as they started to open the door.

"Rocky, after I morph, you're going to have 45 seconds to pull me straight out from under this thing." He pause so he could be sure that both of his arms were free to move. "Ok . . . 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!"

The sound of metal on metal, and a flash of light jettisoned the passenger section, and the younger Rocky did as asked. Seconds later, the passenger section crashed back the ground with a loud bang.

* * * *

The group ended up at the beach home owned by Mr. Philip E. Pal. Once inside, Alpha 5 teleported to the scene. Using the medical equipment located at the house Alpha began determining the extent of injuries to the older version of Rocky. The broken bones would be easy to repair, but internal injuries were a different story. Thankfully none of the children were hurt!

Holly quickly prepared a note that would be taken to the post office and given to the Post Master.

It was apparent that the children would go with the younger version of Rocky back to the high school. But how was Rocky going to explain them to Miss Appleby?

"Put this on her desk face up, and it will do the rest." The older Rocky said while watching Alpha use the bone knitter to repair his broken leg.

"Ok!" Was all the younger version could say. The twenty children and Rocky first teleported to the post office, and then to the high school.

* * * *

Rocky dreaded opening the door to Miss Applebys' classroom, but he did finally!

The interruption was soon clearly explained. Rocky placed the small round coin-like object on her desk, and within seconds its message was seen and heard by all.

The image of the Red Ninja Ranger appeared, only this time the upper part of his face was visible.

Many of the students gasped as the Red Ranger appeared before them.

"Hello, he began, First I would like to thank the teacher who allowed Rocky DeSantos to accompany my granddaughter Holly.

The bus in which they mentioned was in reality a passenger transport, and we were going to meet Mr. DeSantos later this afternoon so the children could play in the water.

The pilot who was their teacher is dead, and my condition is serious at this time. With this in mind, I have entrusted the safety of these children to Mr. DeSantos who assured me he could find proper caregivers until I or one of the other Rangers could come for them.

I have given Holly some money to purchase clothing, and other essential items that the children will need. {Holly hands Rocky an envelope which contained the money.} A coffin will need to be purchased also, Holly knows the requirements for this purchase. The body will then be placed in it and placed a refrigerated truck. It is against the religion of the pilot for the body to be autopsied.

A message has also been sent to the other Rangers, so hopefully one of them will arrive shortly.

Please don't be concerned with my condition, I am receiving medical treatment at this time.

My main concern is, that while I am here, the Zords we normally use will not function; therefore I have placed Falcon 1 on defense protocol one status. She is heavy bodied ship with a wing span, from tip to tip, the length of two aircraft carriers put end to end. She will be off the ground and ready to destroy anything the moon could throw at Earth before the creature gets to the halfway point.

The safety of the children is my second concern. I have no doubt that several of the younger children have already found a comfortable lap to sit on. {Several of the teens shook their heads in agreement.} Holly has a list of foods that the children cannot have due to allergies.

Once again, thank you to the teacher who allowed Rocky DeSantos to accompany my granddaughter Holly."
The image of the Red Ninja Ranger disappeared as fast as it had appeared.

* * * *

The second time the message was viewed by the City Council members from Angel Grove and Stone Canyon.

"I still feel that those children would be safer with proper careproviders, not a bunch of kids." Mr. Milburn, the Director of Child and Family Services for Angel Grove County, stated pompously.

A heated argument started between the parents of the students and Mr. Milburn, which may very well have come to blows, if the Chief of Police from Angel Grove not entered the room when he did!

"The Red Ranger has approved the homes in which the children are currently in!"

"WHAT?" Mr. Milburn yelled.

"Yes . . . Mr. Milburn, the Red Ranger approved the homes."

"Does he realize that those kids are being cared for by . . . kids!"

"Yes he knows . . . the younger children are in homes with parental supervision, and the older children know the proper behavior when visiting friends!" Frank Oliver answered.

Fred Milburn, a confirmed bachelor, knew by the Chiefs' voice that the decision had been made, so he grabbed his coat and stormed out of the room. The outside school door made a loud noice when it slammed shut!

* * * *

"How did he sound?" Asked Maria DeSantos, a surgical registered nurse.

"He tried to hide his condition but his voice waivered several times while we spoke, I think he's in worse condition then he wants us to know!"

"Who could make a decision to seek outside medical help, if he can't? Charles Miller asked. His daughter, Cindy, had temporary custody of one of the younger children.

"I would," Holly said standing up, "I'm the oldest of the kids." Her voice faded filled with fear. She sunk back into the chair behind her.

Maria DeSantos gathered the frightened little girl into her arms comforting her the best she could.

* * * *

Over the next several days, teens and children alike learned from each other.

The evening of the third day, Holly and Rocky sat down with his mother to discuss the medical options.

"Any medical information . . . I hate to ask this . . . but are the Rangers . . . Human?" Maria inquired nervously.

Holly tried to surpress a laugh as she answered, "Yes."

{Well I said tried . . . it didn't work, because the three of the were laughing soon after.}

Tears of laughter fell from Holly's eyes as she continued, "The Bio-MedScan can provide the medical data you'll need, and I'm pretty sure xrays can be taken if needed."

"But what if the treatment needed requires surgery?" Rocky asked.

"Any medical equipment needed is already with my grandfather." Holly replied wiping her eyes, "including medicine, surgical equipment, and stuff like that."

"Well then it's settled, I'll speak to several of the doctors and we'll be ready to move if necessary."

* * * *

The next day held a special surprise for Miss Appleby's class.

The museum curator, Mr. Hamilton, was back with that strange box and the clay tablet, again!

Many of the seniors groaned when they saw the box sitting on the table near the door.

As the young visitors entered, Sarah caught sight of the bejeweled box . . . grabbing Holly by the arm she squealed with joy, "Holly, look!" She pointed in the direction of the table.

Holly stared at the table for a second before realizing what Sarah was pointing at.

"Is that what I think it is?" Sarah squealed again.

"It might be!" Holly excitedly responded. She walked over to the table and very carefully touched the box.

"Child . . . don't touch that!" Mr. Hamilton yelled from across the room. "It gives off an electrical surge."

"We know, Sir!" Sarah replied as she moved toward the table.

It came as a surprise to Mr. Hamilton when Holly didn't jump back away from the table after getting shocked. "Where did you touch that at?" He asked as he came over to the table.

"Right here." Holly said pointing to the left top corner of the bejeweled box. She turned to Sarah and said, "Go write the colors on the chalkboard, Sarah. . . . please."

Sarah ran to the chalkboard, picked up a piece of chalk, and then started to write:


"Where is the clay tablet at?" Holly asked excitedly.

"It's under the table," Mr. Hamilton stated bending down to pick up the heavy object, and after placing it on the table removed the protective cloth that covered it. "Are you saying that this belongs to the Power Rangers?" His voice rose with excitement at the possibility.

"Yes, Sir!" Sarah acknowledged as she slipped by the man to rejoin Holly at the table.

The two girls carefully looked at the tablet, then at the chalkboard, and then back at the tablet again.

"The last word is . . . key not code." Sarah said finally.

"That's what I think too . . . but what's the first line say?"

"I think it's Reverse the sequence . . . she paused a second . . . "Reverse the sequence to unlock the key!

"There's nothing to push or pull on that box!" Mr. Hamilton gruffly replied.

"You just need to know what to look for!" Sarah retorted. {"This man is beginning to get on my nerves."} Sarah telepathically said to Holly who giggled in response.

"This is the only possible combination it can be!" Holly finally declared.


As she spoke, she pushed the respective jewel atop the box.

Moments later . . . a moving image appeared above the table.

A comet hit the Triad Voyager, and simultaneously The Empress of Time appeared just as "the power" left them forever!

The Zords appeared as streaks of six colors (red, black, yellow, blue, pink, and green) across the sky to join with the medallions. Two bejeweled boxes appeared to capture the individual items (one for the medallions and the other which contained the transformation devices). Shortly there after the boxes became one!

As the image moved across the blanket of space, three additional blue streaks appeared. {The two girls simultaneously said "Ninjor!"} The three additional blue streaks did indeed contain Ninjor, the NinjaZords, and the ShogunZords.

The Empress was singing something but the girls couldn't understand the language.

The appearance of a black hole provided the explaination as to how the green coin got out of the box. {A change in the harmonics briefly separated the boxes.}

The image faded for a few seconds reappearing displaying the Empress standing beside "Stonehenge" as it must have looked in the beginning.

She called upon the powers of good and before their eyes "the White Tiger and the White Ranger" were created and transformed into pure energy.

As a rainbow appeared, the white light joined and thus landed on "The Third Planet from the Sun."

Sarah squealed with glee saying, "Grandpa Frog is going to owe us . . . big time!"

Both girls danced around the table for several minutes delighted in the discovery.

Ben Thompson yelled "Look" when a drawer at the bottom of box opened.

"The Medallion of Peace!" Holly excitedly squealed.

Two connected surrounded by five.
Seven perfect diamonds representing
the seven universal colors.

Mr. Hamiltion was dumfounded. When he reached for the medallion, Holly yelled at him "Don't touch that! If you think the box gives a shock just try picking up that, you'll be dead in a second."

Bulk tauntingly said "Let me guess . . . only the White Ranger can pick that thing up!"

"No!" Sarah mockingly answered adding, "The Black Ranger."

The girls informed Mr. Hamilton that they would be taking charge of the box and the tablet.

Needless to say he didn't argue with them.

* * * *

Later that day . . . "Alright," Miss Appleby began, "Seniors, you have a test to take, and the rest of you have an assignment to do."

The seniors settled into their seats, as did the children in the make shift classroom to begin their assignment. {The children's assignment came from their late teachers' class planner.}

The forty-five minutes passed rather fast for the seniors, and several minutes after putting their pencils down, a "beep, beep" was heard.

"What was that?" Keith Williams said startled.

"I think it was the thing in Rocky's pocket!" Holly said as she jumped up.

Rocky pulled a dice-like object out of his pants pocket. "Here!"

Holly took the object, found its top side, and then pushed down. But nothing happened! Tears began to fill her eyes, "What's wrong . . . I didn't teleport to my grandfather?"

"Let me try!" Rocky said taking to object from her. Seconds later, he vanished from sight.

* * * *

Rocky teleported to the beach house where Alpha 5 was watching over the older version of himself.

"Rocky," Alpha, "You just lost consciousness! I did what you said . . . Aye, yi, yi."


"The decision is Holly's, now . . . I can't!"

The younger version groaned.

* * * *

Kimberly Hart was holding Holly when Rocky returned carrying several things.

"What's wrong . . . why didn't I go to him?"

"He has all of the children on a lock-out, and he's lost consciousness. The last thing he said to the robot was "The decision is Holly's now . . . I can't!"

"Can I see the xrays, please?" Sarah asked as she pulled the large envelope out from under his arm.

"Uh . . ." was Rocky's answer while Holly pulled the computer printout out from under the other.

The two girls began talking at the same time, "He's . . . His . . . bleeding . . . blood . . . internally . . . pressure is dropping." with Holly finishing their combined sentence.

Rocky already knew what Holly's decision was going to be, but he needed witnesses since the little girl before him was his grand daughter.

At that very moment . . .

Cindy Miller and Katie entered the classroom, out of breathe. "We ran all the way!" Katie said between breathes.

"We took another note to the post office, Rocky!" Cindy added as she sat down and Katie climbed onto her lap.


"Rocky, you can get your mother . . . please?" Holly mumbled with tears falling, "I don't want to loose my grandfather like this!"

"Ok!" Rocky held the dice-like object up close to his mouth, and then said, "Can you send me to where my mother is?"

Seconds later, he vanished from sight.

* * * *

The nurse's station in the Surgery Department of Angel Grove Hospital was buzzing as usual for this time of day {10:45a.m.}, and with two nurses out sick there was a floater sitting behind the desk who jumped at the appearance of a teenage boy directly in front her.

"How did you get in? This area is off-limits to family members of patients having surgery." Claire Henderson yelled. "I'm going to call security!"

"I need to speak to Maria DeSantos . . . just tell her that Rocky is here . . . she'll know what it's about!" Rocky partically yelled back.

The startled nurse was dialing the phone as Rocky spoke, and he pushed down on the button to stop her! "This is an emergency! Just get Maria DeSantos . . . now PLEASE!"

At that moment Rocky's mother came out of one of the surgical rooms and saw her son, "Rocky . . . Oh no!"

"Mom . . . Here's the stuff you said you'd need for the doctors!" He still had his a finger on the telephone button as he handed his mother the medical data and the envelope containing the xrays. "He's lost consciousness!"

"It's alright Claire . . . I'll handle this!" The look Maria gave Claire told her to put the phone down and forget about calling security.

"He shouldn't be in here!"

"Claire . . . I'm aware of the reason why my son is here!"

"I'm sorry Mom . . . I didn't know that I going to land inside surgical area!"

"I know you didn't, son! Come with me," Maria paused for a second to pick up something. "Claire . . . please go get Doctor Fraser . . . he's in surgical room 4." When the floater didn't move Maria snapped at her saying "Claire . . . go get Doctor Fraser . . . NOW!"

As Rocky and his mother entered an empty surgical room across from the station, the young woman went to get Doctor Fraser.

Seconds after Maria put the xrays on the viewer, Doctor Mike Fraser entered the room. "Is this what you were talking about this morning?"

"Yes . . . Doctor!"

Claire stood in the doorway waiting and watching!

"Joyce . . . are you out there?" Maria called.

Joyce Kramer answered back, "Yes . . . Maria!"

"Go to my locker, and get my nurses bag. It's on the bottom shelf . . . please!"

"Ok!" You could hear her running down the short hallway.

"Claire . . . get Doctor Koss . . . he's in surgical room 7." Doctor Fraser ordered.

"I'll go see what we have available and if we will need anything!" Maria replied as Joyce handed her the bag.

"OK!" Mumbling to himself, Doctor Fraser examined the xrays closer, "He's got a possible punctured lung . . . !" His voice faded.

* * * *

The feeling of teleporting took Maria DeSantos by surprise. "It feels like your whole body fell asleep!"

"It's a pretty weird feeling!" Rocky said trying to act surprised.

"He's outside!"

"Not really . . . I'm Alpha 5!" Alpha replied as he moved toward the pair. "This area is covered by a energy shield which provides the outdoors' look but without the outdoors' feeling."

Maria DeSantos could see their patient, and went straight to him. Glancing around she couldn't see any of the medical equipment they would need. "We'll need to bring a few things."

"All the equipment you will need is right here!" Alpha replied as he pushed several buttons on a small console near where she was standing.

One section of the enclosure opened revealing numerous pieces of medical equipment. Upon seeing the equipment, Maria walked over to see what type of equipment was there. "Oh . . . good . . . a Cell Saver Autologous Blood Recovery System. We don't have time to type and cross match his blood."

After a few minutes, she returned to their patient. "Rocky, why don't you go back to school and stay with his grand daughter. She's probably scared." She told her son while examining the Red Ranger!

Rocky didn't argue with her for a change, and disappeared.

* * * *

Back at the hospital, the two doctors were examining the xrays and waiting nervously for Maria's return. "And here I thought my most important patient was going to be the Mayor of Williamsburg." Doctor Fred Koss replied.

The two men agreed and began discussing their plan of treatment.

* * * *

Maria DeSantos wrote something in a small notebook which she dropped into her pocket. "Ok . . . I need to get the doctors'!"

"When you are ready to return, just push this." Alpha stated as he handed her one of the dice-like objects.

"Ok . . . we shouldn't be very long." Before she could ask Maria was handed an updated copy of the medical data from the Bio-MedScan.

"Thank you!"

She too disappeared, and then reappeared in the hall next to the surgical nurse station.

* * * *

After only several minutes, the party of three appeared ready to get to work. Maria glanced at her watch just before they began retrieving the medical equipment they would be using. It said 11:50a.m.

The discovery of using lasers instead of scapulas didn't seem to worry the doctors at all!

Soon after, with everything they would need within reach, they began the delicate surgical procedure which they estimated to take about four hours.

As word spread throughout the towns of Angel Grove and Stone Canyon, daily routines stopped as people waited and prayed.

* * * *

Meanwhile on the moon . . .

With the confidence that her plan would work, Rita sent "Brillianizer" down to stir up trouble.

Seconds after the monster left the moon, Angel Grove Airport picked up something on radar moving at a high rate of speed.

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) simultaneously identified a fast moving object, and instantly scrambled to launch fighters. At the last minute, the signature profile from Falcon 1 appeared on their senors.

The Kennedy Space Center had to suspend the launch countdown for a space shuttle mission, until Falcon 1 cleared American air space. For many of the employees at the Kennedy Space Center seeing this awesome Zord take to flight was a treat.

When Brillianizer was destroyed while still in space, Rita screamed, "NOOOOOOOO . . . where did that thing come from . . . I've got a headache!"

** * * * * *

Will the Red Ranger survive???


Medical equipment: Cell Saver Autologous Blood Recovery System made by Haemonetics Corporation


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