'The Week Angel Grove Said Thank You!'
Part 2
by Paladar`

On the Planet of Ninjara . . . twenty years in the future.

A baby Keico scurried down the hallway of the Core Command Center trying not to drop an envelope it had found.

Arriving at the door to an office, the little creature pushed it making an opening just wide enough so it could squeeze through.

Behind the desk sat a member of the Guardians of Power.

Seeing the little creature, Sammy replied "And what can I do for you?" Scooping the infant Keico up.

"I found . . . this . . . on the floor . . . in the mail . . . room." The out of breathe creature answered handing the envelope to him.

"For me?"


"Why . . . thank you!"

"Your welcome!" The baby Keico said as he was put back on the floor.

After holding the door open for the little one, Sammy returned to his desk to open the envelope.

Falcon Control, I need Falcon 6 on deck along with a passenger transport and refrigerated transport in ten minutes! His voice rang out.

"This is Falcon Control . . . affirmative!"

As he cleaned his desk off, there was a knock at the door, and a messenger carrying a large red envelope. "This just came for you!"

"Thank you!" He didn't need to open it because Sammy already knew what was in it!

"This is Falcon Control . . . Falcon 6 is ready to go!"

"Roger . . . I'm on my way!"

After locking the door, Sammy teleported to the docking bay where Falcon 6 sat ready. Beneath each wing-tip was one of the two transports he had requested.

Falcon 6 blasted from the docking bay, destination unknown!

* * * *

Back on Earth, Miss Appleby's classroom . . .

The tension in the room could be cut with a dull butter-knife as people waited.

Time seemed to be standing still!

* * * *

Maria DeSantos looked at her watch when Doctor Fraser began removing his gloves. It said 1:52p.m.

"A four-hour operation done in only two, that's got to be a record!" Doctor Koss stated as he too removed his gloves.

"Lasers do cut down on the bleeding, that's for sure!" Doctor Fraser said removing his mask. "Now we wait!" The tone of his voice sounded grim.

"Doctors, I can stay with the patient!" Mrs. DeSantos said after removing her own gloves and mask.

"We'll stay until he regains consciousness!" Doctor Koss said as he sat down a bench near their patient.

"Should we say something to his grand-daughter?" Doctor Fraser asked as he joined Doctor Koss on the bench.

"Let's wait until we know for sure, that he's out of the woods!" Mrs. DeSantos said as she too sat down.

* * * *

As Falcon 6 streaked across the dark sky, Sammy re-read the note:

Transport 8 down!
Jafa is dead!
I'm hurt!
The note was dated almost three days ago!

{"Hang on Rocky, I'm coming!"} Sammy thought as he stuffed the note back into the envelope.

* * * *

As the clock in Miss Appleby's classroom advanced to read "3:00p.m." there was a familiar beep, beep!

"This is Rocky!"

"It's Doctor Fraser, Rocky . . . Please tell the little girl . . . that her grandfather is going to be OK!"

The entire group gave a loud joyous roar!

A TV reporter and cameraman who had arrived at the school while the surgery was in progress announced to the world:

This is Mark Tanner reporting:
We have just received word that the Red Ranger is going to be OK!
As the news spread . . . people slowly returned to their daily routines.

* * * *

After checking their patient one more time, the two doctors departed leaving the Red Ranger in the care of Mrs. DeSantos.

Day turned into night as Mrs. DeSantos continued her vigil over the recovering Red Ranger.

An explosion rocked Angel Grove as night once again turned into day.

"What the . . . ?" A groggy Red Ranger mumbled, as he tried to sit up. "Ouch!" He yelped.

"I wouldn't try and move around just yet."

{That voice sounds very familiar.} The injured Ranger thought to himself as his eyes adjusted to bright sky. {Mom!}

At the Command Center

"Ayi, Ayi, Ayi!" Alpha 5 said as he scurried around trying to locate the latest monster sent by Lord Zedd. "Zordon, I can't find the monster!" Panic filled his mechanical voice.

"Calm down, Alpha," Zordon said, "Behold the viewing globe!"

The viewing globe displayed an open field close to Angel Grove High School. Also in the same area was the Hospital, Angel Grove Elementary School, and Angel Towers, a brand-new Elderly High Rise.

The monster stood right smack dab in the middle of the open field.

Falcon 1 arrived, and then landed. She stood there just like a bird would, wings folded against her body . . . waiting.

Back at the beach house

"What in the world . . .!" Mrs. DeSantos exclaimed as she looked toward town.

The normally even skyline was broken by the presence of the monster and Falcon 1.

"What is Falcon 1 waiting for?" The injured Ranger said as he slowly got up from the makeshift hospital bed.

"Wait one minute . . . you're in no shape to go anywhere!" Mrs. DeSantos snapped as she caught the injured man. "Could you do me a favor, please?"

"If I can, yes?"

"Please turn off whatever is disguising your features. A mother knows her own son when she sees him!"


"Rocky, I know it's you!"

"How did you know?"

"That's easy . . . your birthmark!"

"Great . . . there's one more thing that the imagers can't disguise." With that he deactivated the imager which was now part of their communicators.

Now before her stood a older version of her now teenage son.

"You are doing this "Power Ranger thing" now . . aren't you?"

"Yes, I am. Mother, you can't . . ."

His mother interrupted him by saying, "I can't tell anyone!" Several tears slowly fell from her eyes as she gazed upon 'this Rocky.' "The little girl . . . Holly, she's my granddaughter, isn't she?"

"Yes . . . Mom, please don't cry." He wrapped his arms around her, "I know this is a shock, I just can't tell you anything."

"It explains a few things . . . disappearing from your room seconds after I checked on you, being late for dinner, and coming home to find your car in the driveway but your not!" She returned the hug from her son.

"You checked on me at bedtime?"

"Of course . . . that's what mothers do."

At the high school

Tommy, Aisha, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Kim attempt to morph, but some unknown force prevents it from happening.

Puzzled, Billy contacts Alpha . . . "Alpha, we can't morph . . . what's going on?"

"I'm not sure, Billy."

Nearby the group, a single red beam of light appears.

"Perhaps I can answer your question Billy!"

The teen rangers gathered around the older version of their comrade, whose appearance suddenly returned to the one the doctors had seen.

"The Hollsworth Manor system overrides the Command Center. Because Falcon 1 is here and my ranger signal returned to normal, the system automatically deactivates your morphers." He paused for second to check something on his communicator. "If Falcon 1 was here by herself, only Tommy, Kim, Adam, Aisha, and yourself would be able to."

"Why couldn't I?"

"Because of me being here and injured."

Their conversation was interrupted by a normally evil source.

"Rocky, I know you can hear me!"


"Beneath the monster's feet is a raging fire. The explosion earlier was some sort of gas."

"Gas! . . . Alpha, scan the area around the monster for a gas leak, please."

"Right away, Rocky."

The group began moving the direction of the monster and the crowd of people.

The Chief of Police, Frank Oliver caught sight of the group and the Red Ranger and headed toward them.

"Red Ranger," Frank said as he extended his hand.

After shaking hands and introductions, their conversation turned back to the monster.

A single beep interrupted their discussion, "Confirmed, there is a gas leak."

"Thank you."

Looking around the area, the Red Ranger decided on a plan of action. "Falcon 1, patch me through to the FireZords."

"The FireZords are already standing by!"

An added problem to the situation was the nuclear medicine lab in the hospital and taking that into consideration, he called "Sabertooth Tiger FireZord and Triceratops FireZord . . . arise!"

The ground beneath their feet began to shake as the two massive zords responded.

Reminiscent of their predecessors, Saber and Tri stood still for several minutes almost as if they were studying the situation.

"Tri, head for the hospital. There is a nuclear medicine lab in the building."

The Triceratops FireZord cautiously moved around the monster and took up a position directly outside of the lab itself.

"Propane tanks!" Adam said suddenly, "there are four propane tanks buried in the ground just about where the monster is standing!" Fear laced his voice.

"There's a man, somewhere, from the company that was hired to remove those tanks." Chief Oliver added.

It took time to locate the man, precious time which they didn't have.

The blue print showing the location of the tanks told them which tanks had blown. Tanks two and four were being stood on by the monster, and if the pressure wasn't released soon the other two would go.

When the group turned they discovered Saber already digging next to the monster's right foot.


The Chief of Police ordered both schools closed, and the hospital and Angel Towers to move all patients/residents away from the windows.

Upon seeing the monster, many parents had chosen not to leave their children at school or were still with them, so sending onlookers home became priority one.

* * * *

Preious time was lost while the police department secured the area.

Some of the media members gripped about being forced to leave the scene. Behind baracades almost two blocks away didn't help matters, which resulted in several fights breaking out.

After what felt like several hours, the police finally got control of the scene.

* * * *

Saber had finished digging up one of the "propane tanks," and sat staring at it almost as if she was trying to figure out a way to disconnect it! Through her mind's eye, Saber saw the blueprints that the gentlemen were looking at. Her sensitive hearing picked up their conversation, "If I can separate each tank at the joint, we'll be home free!" With a quick swish of her right foot, the tank was free.

Ground beneath their feet began the shake as the Mastadon FireZord appeared.

Masty scooped the tank up in his tusks and carefully carried the anicent tank to a waiting truck which drove off.


Copyright 1997-2004 by Ann M. Murphy - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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