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'Going Home!'
by Paladar`

'Their lives had sure changed ten years ago,' Kimberly Oliver thought as she finished packing the last box. 'After becoming a Power Ranger and saving the world from a superflare it was time to go home! Not back to Angel Grove but to Ninjara.'

An moving man entered the room checking to see if they had missed anything!

'Ninjara!' Kim thought remembering the day they found out about the beautiful planet. 'It would become their base of operations as The Power Rangers entered space to begin serving as The Guardians of Power.

'What sort of evil forces would they encounter? Would they be able to fight it?' Kim sealed the box with tape after checking all of the drawers in the room one last time!

She jumped when two moving men entered the room "Sorry madam!"

'She was going to have a heart attack if she didn't stop daydreaming!'

With the dresser drawers now empty, the moving men could remove the heavy dresser and prepare it for shipping.


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