Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at a fan fic so don't throw stones at me just yet. The turbo rangers are products of Saban and I used them without his permission. I made wrote this story for entertainment only. I'm not making a profit on it. I made up Brian and all of the rangers' powers. It would be pointless to sue me considering I have no cash. If I have any thing in my fic that's in someone else's it's merely coincidental. If any of the characters is similar to anyone it also only a coincidence. So now that all the legal junk is taken care of. read on!

The Beginning
by: Apollo

The ancient cave flowed with power. The power that no human had ever carried rested inside the walls. The magnificent powers would soon be harnessed. The day would soon come that they are needed in the battle of good. Without the power the cave held hidden for thousands of years the earth would perish.

* * *

Brian Thompson stood in front of his locker. His spun the dial on the lock an endless amount of times. A fist came up and slammed on the door of the locker. The locker door swung open. "Thanks!" Brian said. "I've been trying to open this thing for ever."

"Yeah they get jammed a lot." Brian looked up and saw no one.

"Down here." The voice said. He looked down. "Hi I'm Justin." He shook his hand.

"Brian." He said.

"You're new here right?" Justin asked. Brian nodded his head in agreement.

"We just moved here from Massachusetts. Are you on your way to lunch too?" Brian asked.

"Yeah but are you sure you want to be seen with a freshman?"

"Just as long as you don't mind being seen with a Senior." Brian smiled.

* * *

The Space Sphere hovered a few feet from the small brown planet. The Shocker monster charged at the 7 vehicles. "Megabot! Power up!" The ranger in red called. The vehicles combined. A colossal robot in human form stood before the Shocker. Lord Rielik stood on the balcony of the evil ship. He was in human form. He worn dark pants and a blue and gold shirt. He watching intently as the rangers of Thundar's powers were slowly being drained. The rangers called for the Golden Sword and lashed at the monster. Shocker wrapped chains around Megabot and sent electric currents running through them into the robot. The Megabot crumbled slowly to the ground.

* * *

Justin sipped his soda.

"You mean it doesn't snow here?" Brian asked.

"Nope." "Angel Grove sounds awesome." He took a bite of his sandwich.

"That's not the best part." Justin said with a grin. "The Power Rangers are!"

"Power Rangers? It sounds like something out of a comic book."

"No they're so cool! They have zords and weapons. I like the blue one. He's the best." He gloated. The other rangers sat down at the table. "Guys this is Brian."

"Hi. I'm T.J. This is Ashley, Cassie, and Carlos." The lunch bell chimed loudly signaling the end of lunch. "Remind me tomorrow to hop in Lightning cruiser and." He stopped himself before he said too much. "Bye." Justin and Brian walked to his locker.

"So isn't it kindda dangerous having evil space aliens all over Angel Grove."

"Actually I never thought of that." Justin said. "The Power Rangers take care of everything."

"I have to go to Algebra. I'll see you after school OK? I heard about the Youth Center it's sounds like fun."

"See you then. Bye."

* * *

Lord Rielik's henchmen drained the remaining power from Megabot and energized the main engines of the Space Sphere. "That was too easy." Lord Rielik grinned. "Selcor!" He called for his ship's navigator. "Set a course for earth. I would like to pay an old friend a little visit." A silver staff with a red crystal at the top appeared in his hand. His evil eyes flashed with excitement. "I can't wait to see Divatox again."

"Ahh.Sir?" Said Selcor.

"WHAT!" Rielik bellowed.

"W..w..we are approaching the Solar System and we've located Divatox's Space Base."

"DO you know what this means?? Oh Selcor I'm so happy I could hug you!" Selcor opened his arms. Lord Rielik jabbed him with the bottom of his staff. "But I won't."

* * *

The Rescue Megazord fired Artilatron's cannons and destroyed Divatox's latest monster. The rangers demorphed and Justin hurried to the Youth Center. "Sorry I'm late." He said. "Oh it's OK. Hey I heard that there's a karate class here."

"Yeah." Justin's communicator beeped.

"What was that?" Brian looked around.

"Ahhh.it was my alarm I forgot I have to go to the.Dentist's today." Justin knew he wouldn't have believed him if he said a talking robot had just paged him from the Power Chamber. He hurried out before Brian could reply. Oh great. Justin thought. The only Senior who doesn't think I'm a nerd for being in high school, and I have to go save the world.

* * *

"Open communications with the Space Sphere." Rielik said as he walked over to the viewing panel. Selcor nodded and began to push several buttons.

"Divatox, we're receiving a transmission from an unknown ship." Said Porto.

"I wonder who it could be..." Divatox wondered. The holographic image appeared before her.

"Greetings Divatox." Lord Rielik grinned.

"Well if it isn't Rielik. Still playing your childish pranks?"

"Perhaps. He smiled. Just today I destroyed the rangers of Thundar and transferred there remaining powers into my new and improved Space Sphere."

* * *
The hooded figure poured the contents of the brown pouch into his hand. The figure walked over to the wall on the other side of the cave. The glittery stones the figure held in his hand sparkled with power as he placed them in the hand prints on the wall. The figure placed the pouch back on his belt and hurried out of the cave chamber.
* * *

The rangers fought off the remaining piranhatrons. Just as they finished their communicators beeped. The rangers teleported to the Power Chamber in their respective colors. "What is it Alpha?" Ashley asked.

"I've located an object in space. The robot began. I can't identify it has some sort of shield around it."

"So what does that mean Demitria?" Carlos asked.

"I'm am uncertain at this point. It may be Divatox so I warn you to be prepared rangers."

The rangers nodded and teleported out of the Power Chamber in the streaks of colored teleportation light.

* * *

Billy Cranston stood in front of his small computer on Aquitar. He ran a scan on himself. He turned his head to the side and coughed slightly. He read the files he had written earlier.

-From my studies I have found that Aquitian bodies are composed differently than that of humans. The Aquitian body can not handle Earth viruses and vice-versa.-

The answer stood right in front of him. He knew what had to be done if he wanted Cestria, Delphine, and the other aquitians to live he had to leave.

* * *

"Impressive." Divatox said.

"I here you have a little Ranger problem yourself am I right?"

"HA! I have the Power Rangers wrapped around my little finger. She looked down sheepishly. When can you be here?"

"Give me a day and I'll have those brats out of your hair in no time."

"Thank you, thank you thank, you thank you!!!"

"I'll begin my attack an Earth soon. Don't worry."

* * *

Tanya waited for Kat in the hospital's lobby. Kat walked in wearing jeans and a pink T-shirt. She stared at the heavy white cast on her right arm. "Hey Kat!" Tanya smiled and gave her a hug.

"Hi." Kat said softly. Tanya pulled out a yellow marker from her pocket and wrote "Tanya" and a heart on Kat's cast. "So how did you brake it anyway?" Tanya asked.

"In ballet."

Tanya gave her a puzzled look. "How did you manage to brake it in ballet?"

Kat giggled. "No, I was helping with the scenery after class. I was moving some things around and I tripped on a board and slid off the stage and landed on my arm."

"Yeow.that must've hurt. Tanya took out her car keys. OK let's go. Everyone at home has been wondering what happened to you."

* * *

Brian stood at the edge of the mat at the Youth Center. He was wearing dark blue sweat pants and white T-shirt. He took a deep breath. He ran forward and did a side kick and followed it with a back punch. He jumped in the air and launched a hurricane kicked. He landed lightly on his feet, ran forward did two front handsprings and landed on his back hard on the mat. He sighed and got up to his feet. He had taken karate before he and his Family left their home.

In the punching bag in the corner Adam punched and kicked furiously. He wore his white gi and a green bandanna around his head. In his mind he thought about the nervousness he felt waiting for the next time he communicator would go off. He missed the rush of energy when he morphed and the heat of battle he felt when he sat in his past zords. He had passed his powers on to Carlos. He knew Carlos would serve the Power Rangers well but he did miss being a ranger. Tanya has her singing, Kat ballet, and Tommy his racing. Without being a Power Ranger I'm nothing.

* * *

"Have you contacted him yet?" Demitria asked.

"Yup.go ahead." Answered Alpha.

"Greetings friend!" Demitria spoke.

"Demitria. Zordon smiled. How are you?"

"I am well but unfortunately I fear that Earth may be in grate danger."

"Is it-." She nodded.

"I will contact Alpha 5 on Edenoi."

"Zordon please. You are free now. I sent this message only to alert you of his presence. If things go wrong we may need some help."

"There is no sense arguing with a stubborn wizard Demitria. I will call Alpha and we will be there as soon as we can."

* * *

"The day is near." The hooded figure spoke to himself. The power is ready as it has been for thousands of years. He pulled a silvery-white dagger from his belt and put it in the hole in the cave wall. There was a low rumbling sound as the wall lifted up. He walked in and stared at what had been hidden for so many years. The towering machines cast eerie shadows on the dark cave floors. He removed the dagger from the wall and placed it on his belt. He stared a moment at the silver and black ring he wore. He held his fist high in the air. "SHADOW RANGER POWER!"

* * *

Lord Rielik walked into the main room of the space base. "I see you've done some remodeling."

"Yes my brother finally came through. Unfortunately the Turbo Ranger wrecked my zord. Speaking of the turbo rangers. You haven't told me how you going to get rid of them yet!" Divatox said.

"It's a surprise." He smiled. She pounded he feet on the floor.

"Aww.come on tell me!" Rielik shook his head.

* * *

Billy read the scan results over and over again. No, no. It's not true. I did something wrong. He ran a scan on himself for the fourth time. The results were the same as the first three times he'd tried. He read the results to himself. Bachile. An Aquitian virus similar in results to the flu on Aquitians, deathly to humans. No. God help me. I can't leave Cestria.

"Billy?" Cestria walked into his lab. Billy put a fake smile on his face.

"Hey." He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her gently.

"Dinner's ready. The others are waiting for us."

"OK I'll be down in a minute. I just have to finish up something." She nodded and left the room.

No. I just found Cestria and I love her with all my heart. I can't leave her. I'll die if I stay, But I'll die if I go.

* * *

Tommy walked to the track. "Great you're here! I have to introduce you to someone. Tommy's uncle said. This is Sam. I told him about your racing record. He said he had to see it to believe it.

"Great. Tommy said. Watch and learn." Tommy laughed. He slipped on his helmet and ran to his race car. Sam held out a stop watch.

"OK ready, set, GO!" Tommy hit the gas pedal.

"Let's rip some velocity Shift into Turbo!"

"What'd he say?" Sam asked. Tommy's uncle shrugged his shoulders.

* * *

"Did you find anything yet Alpha?" T.J spoke into his communicator.

"Nothing yet. I'll signal you if we find anything."

* * *

"We have to tell them Alpha. We have to tell them now." Demitria said from the time warp. Alpha called the rangers and soon all five of them stood in the command center.

"Rangers, Alpha did find out what the object was. It isn't Divatox." Demitria said.

"That's good right?" Cassie asked.

"No it is not. I only wish it was Divatox. An evil Lord has come to the Milky Way. He may team up with Divatox. Even alone he is a horrible threat to Earth."

"What does he want?" Asked Ashley.

"We aren't sure yet rangers. We will keep you informed. Zordon and Alpha 5 are coming to assist us." The rangers teleported out. "Alpha please prepare the time warp."

* * *

"How about we keep our little ranger friends on their toes and send down a nasty little surprise to Earth?"


"How about we use one of mine? I'll use Shocker. A thin smile spread across his face. He defeated the rangers of Thundar. The rangers of Earth should be easy."

* * *

The viewing screen in the Power Chamber flashed on and revealed an image of Lord Rielik. "Hello Power Chamber.."

"What do you want Rielik?" Demitria demanded.

"That's LORD Rielik. Please tell your rangers I say hello."

"Get to the point fuzz head." Alpha 6 said.

"A rude little robot aren't you? Anyway Demitria just so you're warned. Do be a fool. I will destroy those rangers. Surrender now." The viewing screen filled with snow.

* * *

Kimberly jumped on the beam and began her routine. She finished and flipped off the end of the beam in a perfect dismount. Exhausted, she pulled the thermos out of her gym bag and began to walk to the door.

"Where are you going Kimberly?" Coach Schmidt asked from the doorway. She glanced at the watch on the other side of the gym.

"It's already 6:00 I was hoping to go home. You know.and eat."

Slightly frustrated he pointed to the beam. Kim sighed and put her things down. I miss Angel Grove. She thought as she hopped on the beam and practiced her routine for the millionth time that day. I know it's my dream to be here, but he's such a slave driver. I miss practicing at my own pace and being with my friends. Without thinking she slipped off the side of the beam and fell on the mat.

"Practice for another hour and then we'll talk OK?" Kim nodded and continued her work.

* * *

"Billy?" Delphine walked into his lab. She glanced at the paper near his computer and read it. -From my studies I have found. She finished reading the paper and stared at the floor in shock. Billy walked into his lab.

"Delphine?" Billy asked.

"Yes Billy it is I. I was looking for something."

"Did you?.." Delphine nodded and Billy's face turned pale. "Billy, you have to tell her." Delphine pleaded.

He shook his head. "I'm fine. I just messed up on something. I guess I pressed the wrong button."

"You know Zordon and Alpha can help you."

"I'm fine." He repeated.

"No you are not. You will die here Billy, you know that."

"Please don't tell Cestria. I can't hurt her like that."

"I won't tell her." She looked at Billy sadly. "You will."

* * *

Shocker charged at the rangers. He pulled out a sword and charged at the rangers.

"Enough fun. Launch the torpedoes!" Rygog hit the red button.

The torpedoes exploded at Shockers feet. The rangers called for the Rescue Megazord. The rangers fired Artillatron's cannons at the monster. Shocker held out his hand and sent Artillatron's fire racing back at the Rescue Megazord. Divatox danced around the deck of her Space base. "We're winning we're winning!" she chanted.

"The shields are down forty-five percent!" T.J yelled and the Zord toppled over. Shocker disappeared in a flash of yellow light.

"Why'd he leave? He was winning." The blue ranger said.

* * *

Alpha 5 appeared in the Power Chamber in a glowing circle of gold light. Zordon teleported next. In a cloud of blue light he floated into the smaller time warp near Demitria's.

"I have to admit. I have missed the Power Chamber." Zordon said. Alpha 5 ran about the Power Chamber checking graphs, pressing buttons, flipping switches."

"I'm sure he has missed it too." Zordon laughed. "Now about our problem. Have you heard the legends of the ancient power?"

"Yes I have heard the stories. They are only legends Zordon you know that." Demitria spoke. Zordon smiled a bit.

"The Ninja powers were supposedly only a legend. They exist as much as I do."

The demorphed rangers teleported in. "Zordon!" Justin said excitedly.

"I have something to tell you rangers. He began. Lord Rielik has come to this galaxy. He is an extremely evil being. You may continue to fight Divatox, But if you go into battle with Rielik he can easily destroy your zords and powers."

"So what do we do?" Carlos asked.

"There is nothing you can go at the moment. There may be something that can save the world. I'm afraid I cannot tell you at this point." The rangers teleported out.

"Let the search begin." Zordon said. Both Alphas ran about the Power Chamber.

* * *

Tommy sped around the track. His hands started to tingle. "W. What's going on?" he stammered. He vanished from the car in a streak of white light. His car skidded out of control ,almost toppled over and then suddenly stopped.

"Damn!" Tommy's uncle and Sam ran up to the car.

"Where'd he go?"

* * *

Tanya and Kat walked out of the car to the Youth Center. "Justin will be glad to see you." Kat smiled. They were suddenly teleported away.

* * *

Billy and Cestria stood in Billy's lab.

"I'm so sorry." Billy said. He felt tears stinging his eyes.

"It's not your fault." Cestria said. Smiled despite the tears that glistened in her eyes. "You can't stay here. You have to go back to Earth Billy."

"I can't leave you." He said softly.

"You won't leave me. I can visit you, we can talk through the Power Chamber."

"I can't leave you." He repeated. She put her hand on his shoulder.

"If you died because of Aquitar I would never forgive myself." He knew it was no use fighting.

"I'll contact the Power Chamber." He said.

* * *

Adam walked silently through the park. His arms and legs started to tingle. He dropped his bag. "What's the." He vanished in a flash of white light.

* * *

Kim walked to the edge of the mat. She held up her right hand. She ran forward and did a front flip and followed it with a handstand. She did a cartwheel a noticed a tingling feeling in her arms. She stopped for a moment and rubbed her arms. She did a back flip and was teleported away.

* * *

The four of them landed in the Power Chamber. Kimberly gasped.

"What is this place?"

"It's the Power Chamber. Tommy answered. After you left Rito and Goldar blew up the Power Chamber."

"What's going on Zordon?" Tanya asked.

"I will explain everything rangers. We are still waiting for two more visitors." Zordon said.

"You didn't just call us rangers did you?" Adam asked. Two streaks of white light entered the Power Chamber.

"Brian?" Justin asked.

"Yeah?" He turned around to find himself not in the Youth Center. I loan moan escaped his lips. "Don't tell me I've been abducted by evil aliens bent on world domination."

"No. You were actually abducted by two wizards and two robots bent on stopping those bent on world domination ." Justin answered.


Justin laughed. "Forget it."

* * *

"Now that you are all here I may begin to explain. A new evil being has come to Angel Grove. His name is Lord Rielik. He is by far more powerful than Divatox."

"Then why are we here?" Tommy asked.

"An ancient power is needed to fight Rielik." Zordon said.

"What about the new turbo rangers?" Tanya said.

"The power is only destined for the 6 individuals they were created for. The turbo powers and new rangers may still be kept, but you must fight Rielik and they must fight Divatox."

"Wait there's only 6 powers right? So then why is there seven of us here?" Kim asked.

"Katherine, unfortunately these powers were not destined for you. However, we would be honored if you could help us here at the Power Chamber."

"I would love to." Kat smiled.

"We don't have time to waste Rangers. I will teleport you to the cave. You will search for your powers there."

"How will we know where to look?" Brian asked.

"All of you will know in time. Prepare to teleport." The six teens closed there eyes and where overwhelmed by the energy of teleportation. Kat walked over to where the two time warps stood.

"We don't have much time." Kat said. Zordon and Demitria nodded. Alpha 6 pressed a combination of buttons that opened a secret door on the left wall of the Power Chamber. Both Alphas and Kat walked into the door as it slid shut behind them.

* * *

The six of them landed near the entrance of the huge cave. "My guess is we have to go in." Billy said. The rangers nodded in agreement and headed toward the entrance.

"Whoa." Adam stared in awe. All of them stood in the main chamber of the cave. Tommy motioned for them to walk with him. The roof lowered as they followed a twisting tunnel. "I guess this is why Zordon told us to bring flashlights." Tanya pulled out her small black flash light from her backpack pocket and clicked it on. The others did the same. The six beams of light dance across the cave floor.

"It's too quiet in here." Kim shuddered. "It's kindda creepy." Tommy pointed his light ahead.

"Oh my God what is that!" Tommy yelled. Kim screamed in horror. Tommy chuckled. "I'm sorry I just needed a laugh." Kim nudged him playfully in the stomach.

"What's going on with those two?" Tanya whispered into Adam's ear. Adam laughed and shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey guys." Billy pointed ahead. "This tunnel splits up ahead." Billy shined his light straight ahead of him. The tunnel that they were currently in spilt in to three separate ones.

"OK I guess we'll split up. Tanya, you and Adam can take the first one. Billy, Brian you guys take the one in the middle, Kim come with me and we'll take the last one. The others nodded and headed off to their assigned tunnel.

* * *



"I don't want to intrude or anything. Tommy told me about you and Cestria. I'm really sorry." Billy sighed. Brian figured that was a sign to change the subject. "So.you ever been a ranger before?" Billy nodded.

"You'll love it. It's amazing the first time you morph."


"It's when you change into a ranger."

"Oh." The tunnel made a sharp turn and then continued forward. "I think I'll stop asking questions now before I get even more confused."

* * *

Adam and Tanya walked forward. "So what exactly are we looking for?" Adam asked.

"Beats me. Zordon just said we have to look for the power." Tanya said.

"I have to admit I am glad to be back." Adam said. "We're not gonna find any nasty little surprises are we?"

"I hope not."

* * *

Kim and Tommy walked through the cave tunnel.

"Echo!" Kim yelled. Her voice echoed throughout the cave. Kim couldn't help but giggle.

"Hey the tunnel widens over here." Tommy called back to Kim. She quickly caught up with him. The were standing in a chamber a bit smaller than the first one the had entered. She studied the colors in the cave wall and touched it lightly.

"Cool." She was interrupted by and faint rumbling that grew louder. "Something tells me I shouldn't have done that!" She shouted over the rumbling. Razor sharp stalactites broke off from the caves ceiling and dropped towards Kim. She screamed at the top of her lungs and dove out the way, just barely missed the jagged spikes. "Oh man."

"Are you OK?"

"I smashed my ankle on a rock." She rubbed it gently. Tommy helped her to her feet and led her to a small rock. "You should sit down." Kim glanced at where she stood twenty seconds before. Stalactites covered that entire part of the chamber. She sat down and Tommy knelt in front of her. "Lemme take a look." Tommy touched her ankle lightly. She flinched in pain. "It's just bruised don't worry."

"Sorry about the wall."

"Don't be. We'll go that way." Tommy said pointing in front of them. He rubbed her ankle. Most of the pain had vanished but she didn't really want him to stop.

"So who was he?" Tommy asked.


"You know the guy you told me you met in the letter."

"I was kindda hoping you wouldn't ask me that."

"I'm not gonna go to Florida and kill the guy Kim, who is he?" She stared at the ground nervously.

"There was no guy."

* * *

Tommy looked up at her. "Huh?" She wiped a tear from her eye.

"I'm really sorry Tommy it was the stupidest thing I've ever done. I just knew Kat liked you and I didn't know how long I would be in Florida. I felt guilty. You know like I was tying you down or something. I didn't want you to worry about me if you found someone else." Tommy laughed. "Hey don't laugh at me!" she punched him in the shoulder. "Actually I thought the response I would get from you would be more along the line of: Kim I hate you don't even talk to me again!!!!" Tommy's flashlight flickered.

"I think we should get going." Tommy said. They walked further into the tunnel, Kim daydreaming about what would happen.

* * *

The three tunnels branched off into on main chamber. The chamber they stood in now was about the size of the Power Chamber with no way out. The six teens huddled together in the center of the chamber. "Did anyone find anything?" Tommy asked. All of them shook their heads. Something caught Brian's attention. "Hey guys what's that?" He pointed to the corner of the chamber.

"C'mon lets go check it out." Billy added. The stood at the edge of what Brian saw. A huge hole covered that section of the cave. It was twenty feet long and least forty feet wide.

"I'm not exactly ecstatic about having to hop through that." Tanya said.

"We might not have to." Billy said. He picked up a small rock from the ground and tossed it in. The rock created ripples in the still water. "It's a lake." They looked up to see that the lake made a perfect mirror image of the hole that was about ten feet above them. Billy pointed. "Going up?"

* * *

Kat and both Alpha's hurried about the secret room. "It's almost finished." Kat said to the robots. "OK we'll need to get the warp from the storage room now. Can you guys help me with it."

"Sure thing Kat." Alpha 5 said.

* * *

"You sure you'll be able to held them Tommy?" Adam asked.

"I'll try." He answered. Brian already sat on his shoulders. Tanya, Adam and Billy helped Kim up to Brian's.

"Are you sure this will work Billy." Brian asked.

"You have any better ideas?"

"I see your point." Kim now sat on Brian's shoulders.

"I still can't reach!" She said.

"Try standing." Adam suggested.

"Guys could you hurry it up?" Tommy managed to choke out. His face was turning red from the weight. She stood on his shoulders. Her hands now easily reached the floor of the next level. She climbed up. "OK I'm up! Did anyone bring a rope or anything?"

"No." they yelled into the opening. Brian hoped off Tommy's shoulders. In a puff of smoke a long rope appeared behind Kim. "Forget it guys! I found one!" She tied the rope to a nearby stalagmite and threw the other end down the hole. A few minutes later all six stood on the upper lever of the cave.

"Where'd the rope come from?" Adam asked.

"I don't have a clue. I just found it up here." Kim answered.

* * *

"Selcor run a scan on Earth." Ordered Rielik. "I want to find out what the rangers are doing." Selcor obediently ran to his lap top like scanner and begin his work. A shocked look flashed on his face.

"They ARE in Angle Grove aren't they?"

"Yes the Turbo rangers are. My sensors tell me that six humans are in the Sacred Caves." Lord Rielik shoved Selcor out of the way and read the scanner. "It's them! They're going after the Ancient Power!" A surge of white light ran down his arm. His staff appeared in his hand. "They ain't seen nothin' yet!" He pointed the staff towards the floor. Nine of his best Serpent Soldiers appeared. "Go to the Sacred Caves! I want you to find out what they are doing!" The serpents hissed and disappeared.

* * *

The teens walked through another tunnel. At the same time all the flashlights but Tanya's flickered and died.

"Oh great just our luck." Kim said.

"Does any one have a watch?" Brian asked.

"Yeah it's 6:30"

"Oh great." Kim repeated. "It will be dark and cold soon."

"I think I see some torches up ahead." Billy said. Tanya's flashlight became dimmer.

"Guys it's almost out of batteries." Tanya said. Billy grabbed a torch.

"Anybody got a match?" The shook their heads. Tanya's light dimmed one final time and then died. The torch exploded with fire. It died down slowly giving off enough light to permit the rangers to see. "How'd that happen?" Billy asked.

"Do we really wanna find out?" Brian asked. The rangers walked on. Adam made ghostly wailing noises as the torch flickered.

"Cut it out!" Tanya said. She elbowed him in the arm. Adam giggled.


* * *

The figure jumped out from the darkness. The rangers gasped and huddled closer together. "I'm sorry if I startled you." The figure removed his hood. He had short light hair and dark green eyes. "I am Xander, I protect this cave. You came for the power am I right?"

"Yes." Tommy answered. "Can you take us to it?"

"Come with me." Xander turned to the wall to their left. He pulled a dagger out of his belt and puts it in an opening in the wall. The wall slide open and the seven of them walked into the chamber.

"I wish some one told us about the sliding walls before we came." Tommy said. The walls of the chamber that they were standing in shone like glass. They were wade up of tiny flecks of clear crystals. The only object in the room was a waist high rock in the center of the chamber. The walls in front of them held six pairs of hand prints. Each mark had a colored polished stone in the center. Kimberly walked up to the rock in the center. "Hey what's this?" She picked up a crystal ball looking object. Scenes so familiar to her played in it. "Hey these are scenes from my dream!" Kim said, staring into the crystal.

"What dream?" Tommy asked.

"It's a weird dream I had around June in '95. It was about a evil purple guy coming to Angle Grove. We had to go to another planet and get these great powers from a warrior wearing a green bikini."

"I had the same dream!" Tommy said.

"Me too!" Adam and Billy said in unison.

"Rangers, it is time now for you to receive your new powers."

* * *

He pointed to the wall with the hand prints. "Place your hands in there." The rangers did as they were told. Tommy stood in the middle, Kim and Tanya at his sides, Billy and Adam at their sides and Brian to the right of Billy. The placed their hands in the prints. They fit perfectly. The wall slid open to reveal a secret room behind the wall. They stepped into the darkness. In a bright flash of light Xander stood at the top of a white staircase in front of the six teens. "The six of you were destined to receive their powers thousands of year before your existence." Xander again took out his dagger and pointed it straight above him. "Your new Ultra ranger powers are based on the elements of the Earth." Spirals of bright silver light shot out of the tip and landed in front of him. Six shiny morphers lay at his feet. He picked them up walked to the six rangers. He walked over to Adam first and held out a green and gold morpher. "Adam. You will be the green ranger. Your power comes from the earth and your new zord is the rhino." He moved over to Tanya and handed her a yellow and gold morpher. "Tanya. You will be the yellow ranger. Your power comes from lightning. You will control the fox zord." He came to Tommy next. "Tommy." He handed him his morpher. "You will be the red ranger and leader. You power comes from fire and your zord the eagle." He walked to Kim. "Kimberly. You will be the pink ranger. Your power comes from wind. Your new zord will be the hawk." He walked to Billy and Brian. "Billy. You will be the blue ranger. You powers originate from water and your new zord is the shark. Lastly, Brian, newest addition to the team you will be the white ranger. You powers from ice and your zord the panther." The power told them what they were supposed to do. They held their new morphers high.


* * *

The rangers held there weapons in hand. "Oh! I almost forgot." Xander walked again up to the rangers. "Well I suppose your allowed a mistake every few hundred years or so." He chuckled. "You also have your individual weapons." He raised his hand and a silver three pronged trident appeared. He handed it to Billy. "Associated with the water and similar to your power lance of the past, the Water Trident will be yours." He held out his hand and a pink handled leather whip appeared. "Kimberly, the Wind Whip is yours." He next went to Adam and handed him a green and silver handled hammer. "The Earth Hammer belongs to you." He came to Tanya and gave her a yellow object. "Tanya your new weapon is the Lightning Boomerang." He handed Brian two three pronged white handled sais. "Your weapons are the Ice Sais." He came to Tommy last. He held out a red and silver sword to him. "The Fire Sword."

"This is so cool." Brian grinned from behind the shiny white helmet. Xander pointed his finger to the far side of the chamber. Lights flickered and revealed their new Zords. Tommy pointed to an extra zord at near the wall of the cave. "What's that?" He asked.

"Tommy. Being the leader you have and extra zord. The Red Knight zord can combine with the Ultra Megazord to become the Ultra Knight Megazord. You must go to Earth now rangers. Good luck." The colors of the teleportation beams bounced on the cave walls as the rangers disappeared.

* * *

"I have found something that may be of interest to you sire." A serpent said as he walked into the may room of the floating sphere.

"What is it.?"

"The guardian of the Sacred Caves is actually the Shadow Ranger." He hissed.

"The shadow powers? I've been searching for them for eons!" Rielik said excitedly.

"Yes sir. Now that the rangers took their powers the guardian will be mortal in a short time." Selcor said.

"I think I'll go pay my friend a visit. Personally..."

* * *

In a flash of dark light Rielik appeared in the chamber of the cave that the rangers received the powers earlier. Xander hurried in the room. The tapping Lord Rielik's staff was the only sound that echoed through the cave. "I love what you've done to the place. It's so. so sparkly."

"What do you want?"

"You know what I want you little peasant." He raised his staff and rammed Xander into the cave wall.

"You know I'm not mortal yet." He stumbled forward and caught his balance. He raised the fist with his ring high in the air.


"I don't think so!" He grabbed his fist and pulled off the ring. "I hate to steal your powers and run but I do have a planet to destroy. See you around mortal boy." He put the ring on his finger and vanished.

* * *

The six rangers appeared in a shower of teleportation sparks in the Power Chamber. They noticed there was one less time warp and robot. "Where's Zordon and Alpha?" Billy asked. Kat walked into the room.

"Hi guys! I didn't expect you till another hour or so but it's ready anyway." Kat said.

"What's ready?" Tommy asked. Kat smiled.

"Follow me." The six of them walked into a door on the side of the chamber. They stared in shock at a cave somewhat like the one they had received their powers in. A light fog hid the ground. Twin pillars of flashing lights were placed next to Zordon warp. Several computer panels were against the wall on the right.

"Whoa.. What is this place?" Kim asked.

"It's a surprise that we prepared for you. It's the Power Cave. Zordon, the Alphas, Demitria and I made it." A blue time warp in the center flashed with energy and then reveled Zordon's face. Alpha 5 hurried in and greeted the rangers. On the left was a white hallway and on the right was the same.

"Welcome my Ultra rangers." Zordon smiled.

"Come on I'll give you a tour of the place." Kat leaded the rangers to the hallway on the right. "This are the medical rooms. Just in case anyone gets hurt in battle." She lead them into the hallway on the right. "These are the bedrooms, just in case Rielik blocks teleportation so we don't have to sleep on computer panels. The kitchen is over there, and the bathrooms are down the hall."

"You guys thought of everything didn't you?" Brian remarked.

* * *

"Oh Divatox!" Lord Rielik said excitedly as he walked towards her.


"I've finally captured the shadow ranger powers." He said. Divatox spun around.

"Shadow ranger? Oh he's that guardian dude right So who are you going to choose to make your evil ranger and destroy the new rangers?"

"I won't choose anyone. I plan to destroy them myself." He held up his fist and morphed. The ranger suit had a silvery shield over his chest. A dagger and black gun at the holster, and a sword strapped to his back. He summoned his staff at help it triumphantly at his side. "Hmm. this feels interesting." He walked to the ship's balcony. "Do you know what today is Elgar?"

"Um... Friday?"

"No dunderhead. Today is dooms day." His eyes flickered red from behind the black and silver helmet.