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Return of a Friend
The Silver Surprise
Part 5
by: Arielle

Kimberly was walking past the Engine Room when she spotted Billy at the far wall. She walked up behind Billy who had a piece of paper in one hand while feeling along the wall with the other.

"Billy what are you doing?"

Billy jumped and turned to face Kim "Kim you scared me."

"I'm sorry." She apologized "But what are you doing?"

Billy looked at the paper in his hand then hid it behind his back "Nothing. Nothing at all." He started to edge his way past Kim with the paper still behind his back when she put a hand firmly on his chest.

"What do you have? I may not be the leader anymore but I deserve to know what's going on." She said putting her hand down, Andros had recently gotten strong enough to regain the red ranger power.

Billy sighed "Ok, ok." He pulled the paper from behind his back and showed it to Kim "See according to this there's a secret room somewhere in here."

Kim studied the paper "Billy where did you get this? Cause I've seen every room on the ship and I don't think there's a room in here."

"I got it from the ships main computer." Billy replied taking the paper from her "Now leave I want to continue my examination."

"Billy if you don't stop with this secret room nonsense I'm gonna make Andros send you back to Aquitar." She said taking the paper and folding it up.

"Oh fine." Billy said as he left the room. Shaking her head Kim followed after him.

Later that night Kim was tossing in her bed.

"No!" she exclaimed as she sat bolt upright. She had just dreamt about the day she was rescued by the other ranger, which was a little more then three months ago. In her dream Andros hadn't jumped in front of Astronoma's beam from her staff cause he was being held by quantrons.

Kim got out of bed and slipped on her pink terry cloth bathrobe "DECA is anyone else awake?"

"Andros is on the bridge." DECA replied "But everyone else is asleep."

"Thanks DECA." She said as she left the room. She found her new boyfriend leaning over a computer console.


He turned to face her and put his hand on his chest "Kim you startled me."

"I seem to be startling everyone today." She replied smiling.

"What are you doing up so late?" Andros asked.

"I should ask you the same question." Kim said sitting down.

"I was just checking some stuff. What's wrong?" he asked when he saw the sad look on her face.

"I've been having this dream ever since you took back the red power." She started "It starts the day you guys came to rescue me. Astronoma aims her staff at me and before you can jump in the way a dozen quantrons grab you and I always wake up just before she kills me."

Andros looked at her then at the door before taking her hand "Come with me." They walked down to the Engine room.

"What are we doing here?" Kim asked.

"You'll see." Andros walked to the far wall where Billy had been earlier that day. He opened a panel on the wall then pressed a few buttons. When he pressed the last button a door opened in the wall and they both were bathed in blue light.

"Billy was right." Kim thought to herself as they walked into the room.

In the center of the room there was a cryogenic tube and a life support system. In the tube laid a person clothed in a silver power ranger suit.

They walked up to the tube.

"Who is he?" Kim asked.

"He's my best friend Zhane." Andros answered "He was injured on KO-35 two years ago while we were trying to save it."

"I don't understand why'd you bring me here?" Kim asked.

"Well when you told me about your dream it reminded me about a dream that I had after Zhane was injured." He replied "You see Zhane took a blow that was intended for me."

"So you're saying you had dreams that he didn't jump in the way and you got hurt instead of him." Kim said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Exactly. Over time this machine will heal him but he's been here for two years." Andros said, "He may never wake up."

"Billy would probably be able to do something." She said.

"No I don't want anyone else to know." Andros said.

"But why?" Kim asked looking concerned "I mean if Billy can do something…"

"No." he said sternly "I don't want anyone else to know. Will you promise me you won't tell anyone?"

She looked into his soft brown eyes "Yeah I promise."

"Thank you." Andros said "Come on." He started out of the room, Kim took one last look at the Silver Ranger lying in the tube then turned and followed Andros.

When she got back to her room she made up her mind to tell Billy about Zhane cause what Andros hadn't known was that when she made her promise she had her fingers crossed.

"Billy." Kim said when she found him the next afternoon, the other rangers had gone down to earth to fight yet another of Astronoma's monsters.

"Hi Kim." Billy said without looking up from the computer console that he was examining "Do you need help with something?"

She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him away from the console "You were right!" she exclaimed.

Billy looked at her as confusion knitted his brow "Right? About what?"

"About the secret room." She said.

"I knew I was." Billy said as Kimberly loosened her grip on his shoulders.

"Come one I'll show you." She said taking his hand and pulling him out of the room. When they got to the Engine room she pulled him to the far wall and opened the panel Andros had the night before.

"I knew I was right."

Kim pushed the same buttons Andros had, when she pushed the last button the door swung open Kim stepped in.

Billy stepped into the room behind her.

"You have to see this." She said walking to the tube.

"Wow." Billy said as he knelt down to peer into the tube "I've never seen a cryogenic tube up close before."

"This is Andros's best friend Zhane." Kim said, she filled him in on the whole story about Zhane's injury.

"Do you think you can do something?" she asked.

He examined the vital signs on the monitor then looked up at her "I think so."

About an hour or so later the other rangers returned to the Mega Ship after destroying the monster.

"That's been one of the toughest monsters yet." Carlos said pretending to wipe his forehead with the back of his hand.

"Carlos don't exaggerate." Ashley said giving him a playful shove.

"Yeah that was one of the easiest monsters yet." TJ said.

"Then why did it take us more then an hour to destroy him?" Carlos asked.

"Well cause…" Ashley let her voice trail off as she saw Andros smirking "What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all." Andros said "It's just the way you guys ague over such stupid things."

"We weren't arguing." Carlos protested.

"Carlos drop it." Cassie said rolling her eyes.

"Fine. But I still say he was the toughest." Carlos said ducking as Cassie tried to hit him in the back of the head.

"Oh hi guys." Kim said coming into the corridor "Back so soon."

"Yeah." Andros said "The monster was tough but we beat him."

"Hey why don't you guys go eat something you probably haven't eaten at all today." Kim said glancing at her watch.

"Now that you mention it I am kinda hungry." TJ said rubbing his stomach "Anyone else hungry?"

"Good. You guys eat something and I'll be right back." Kim said turning on her heel and walking down the corridor.

"I wonder where she could be going in such a hurry." Carlos said.

"Who knows." Andros said.

While the five rangers were eating Kim walked into the room with a smile on her face "Andros."

Andros turned in her direction "Yeah."

"We've got a surprise for you." Kim said looking out into the corridor and motioning with her hand to someone.

Andros stood up as the person Kim motioned to came in the room.

"Oh my god Zhane!" He exclaimed.

"Andros!" Zhane said, the two rushed to each other and hugged.

"How?" Andros said looking at Kim. Billy came into the room.

"I told Billy." She said, "I hope you're not mad at me but I just had to tell him I saw how unhappy you looked last night. I knew he could help Zhane. And he did."

Andros looked at Zhane then at Kim and Billy then rushed to Kim and hugged her "Thank you." He said as he hugged her "Thank you."

TJ cleared his throat "Um excuse me but are we invisible?"

Andros turned around "Sorry guys." He took Zhane's arm and led him closer to the others "Guys this is my best friend Zhane."

"Hi." Zhane said smiling.

"Zhane this is Carlos, Cassie, TJ, and Ashley." Andros said.

He took Ashley and Cassie's hands and kissed each of them "I've never met female power rangers before." Zhane said.

"And you've already met Billy and Kimberly." Andros said.

"Where exactly did Zhane come from?" Carlos asked pushing back his black hair.

"We did forget to tell you that didn't we." Kim said.

"Why don't I bring Zhane to his room so he can change. Then we'll fill you in on everything." Andros said.

After Zhane and Andros came back they all sat down and Andros and Zhane told the others what Kim and Billy already knew.

"So you've been frozen for two years." Cassie said.

"Yeah." Zhane said "Pretty much."

"I just have one question." Andros said looking at Billy "How did you do it?"

"All I did was slow down the healing process to the point where it was off then I turned it back on slowly." He said.

"Billy how do you know so much?" TJ asked.

"I don't know." Billy replied "I'm a genius I guess." As the others started laughing Andros leaned over and kissed Kim.

The End...for now.