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Return of a Friend
Now and Then
Part 4
by : Arielle

It was a sunny afternoon in Angel Grove the Lightstar rangers were hanging out in Angel Grove Park

Cassie, Ashley, TJ, and Carlos were playing flag football while Andros, Kimberly, and Billy sat and watched them

Kimberly was still the red lightstar ranger; it had been only a week since Andros woke from his two-week coma

"I bet Billy's happy to be back on Earth." Andros said glancing over to where Billy was sleeping in the grass

"Yeah the first thing he did was hug his parents then he went up to his room and kissed the floor, he even kissed their dog." Kim said

Andros chuckled

Kim looked at Andros with a confused look on her face "When Billy first came on the Mega Ship to help us he knew who you were before I even told him. How'd you meet Billy?"

"Well about a year ago I was cruising through space near Aquitar and I was having some trouble with the Mega Ship so DECA advised me to stop there. I stayed there for about a week I met Billy when I was there we started talking and we realized we actually had some things in common." Andros explained

"Really like what?" Kim asked

"Well we both felt like we were alone I mean yeah I had DECA and Z…" Andros stopped himself then continued "And he had Cestria but we both felt like we were the only ones in space like us. So we became friends fast I talked to him a lot before I met the other rangers but after that I only talked to him occasionally. Now we can catch up on things."

"So it's like you just clicked." Kim said

"Yeah exactly!" Andros exclaimed

"Kimberly!" Kim jerked her head up when she heard someone calling her name "Kimberly!" she couldn't figure out who was calling her name she knew she knew that voice

Billy sat bolt upright and looked around "Kim who's calling your name?"

Kim looked around "I don't…" Kim trailed off when she saw the owner of the voice


Tommy must have seen her too cause he started walking in her direction, Tommy looked the same as last time she had seen him when her and Jason were captured by Divatox

Tommy stopped when he saw Billy sitting near Kim and Andros "Billy!"

Billy stood up as Tommy walked to him, they hugged then Tommy patted Billy on the back "When did you get back?"

"About a week ago. I came back to help Kim." Billy motioned to Kim and Andros

Tommy looked at Kim and smiled "My mom told me you called."

"Yeah I got back from Florida about four weeks ago." Kim shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot, she noticed Tommy was looking past her now to Andros "Oh this is Andros."

"Tommy Oliver right? Kimberly told me about you." Andros said

"Really what did she tell you?" Tommy asked

Andros lowered his voice "That you were one of the six original power rangers."

Tommy looked at Kim "She did?"

"Tommy Andros is one of the new power rangers." Billy cut in keeping his voice just above a whisper

"Oh ok." Tommy said, there was an awkward silence "Uh hey I just came by to say hi I've gotta get going but uh I'll talk to ya later ok. Billy Kim we should have lunch sometime or something."

"Yeah sounds good." Kim said, "How about tomorrow lunch at the Surf Spot?"

"Sounds good." Tommy said

"Sounds great." Billy put in

"Ok then we'll meet tomorrow at the Surf Spot at one." Kim said

"Ok see ya then." Tommy started running off "It was nice meeting you Andros."

"Yeah you too." Andros said. Kim glanced at Billy he glanced back at her

"Come in." Kim said, she was in her room on the Mega Ship the next day getting ready to meet Tommy at the Surf Spot

Andros walked in "So you getting ready to meat Tommy huh."

"Yeah. Do you know if Billy's ready?" Kim asked

"I don't know. Billy told me about you and Tommy." Andros said

Kim spun around and looked at Andros "Wh…what did he tell you?"

"He told me that you guys went our for about two, three years." Andros said

"Andros don't worry that was then this is now." She kissed his cheek "Don't worry. Now I've gotta go." She left the room; she walked down the hall to Billy's room

"Billy are you ready?" she waited for a few minutes then pressed some buttons on the console and went in. Kim looked around she was about to leave when she saw a piece of paper on the bed

She picked up the paper, it was a note from Billy: Kim I went to meet Tommy early I wanted to catch up with him. Just meet us at The Surf Spot at one. Luv Billy

Kim glanced at her watch if she waited a few more minutes she would be late

When Kim got to the Surf Spot she looked around till she spotted Tommy and Billy at a table near one of the entrances

When she got to the table Billy stood up

"Billy sit." Kim said

"No I've gotta get going." He lowered his voice "I've gotta help Carlos with something on the Mega Ship."

Kim sat down "Ok."

"Bye guys." Billy ran out leaving Tommy and Kimberly sitting at the table

Kim smiled "So Tommy what have you been up to?"

"Well I've been racing." He replied "But I might stop."

"Really why?" Kim asked

"Well last week while I was racing I turned a corner and almost lost control of the car." Tommy explained "So I pulled over and just sat there I thought what am I doing here this is more dangerous then being a Power Ranger. I thought what would happen if someday I was in an accident while racing and was killed."

"Oh. Have you seen any of the others lately? Cause I haven't seen anyone since I got back other then Billy." Kim said

"Well I saw Kat before I left." He replied

"Oh." Last time she was in Angel Grove Tommy and Kat had been dating

"We broke up awhile after we gave up the Turbo power." Tommy said taking a sip of his soda

"Oh. So do you have a girlfriend?" She asked

"No. What about you a boyfriend that is?" Tommy asked

Kim hesitated "Well me and Andros have been seeing each other since he woke up."

"Woke up?" Tommy looked confused

"Oh that's right I didn't mention that." Kim looked around "Let's go somewhere else there's too big a risk of someone overhearing us here."

"Ok sure." Tommy and Kim got up and left the Surf Spot

Tommy and Kim were in the park sitting where the gang would always sit when they had picnics in the park

She had told Tommy about how she met Andros and the others when she first returned to Angel Grove, about she had been captured by Astronama and how Andros was hurt, and how now she was the rd lightstar ranger.

"Wow." Tommy exclaimed when she'd finished her story "So how is Andros now?"

"Well he's back to normal but he still has to wait awhile to regain the rd power." She replied

"Who would have thought that Astronama would actually help you guys heal Andros." Tommy said

Kim smiled "Well it wasn't something she planned on." There was another awkward silence then Tommy looked up

"You know we didn't really get a chance to talk much last time you were he."

"Yeah I know with me and Jason being kidnapped by Divatox you guys rescuing us then you, Adam and Jason in that match there wasn't much time to talk huh." Kim plucked some blades out grass then looked up at Tommy "You know I never intended on hurting you with that letter."

"What letter?" he asked obviously trying to stay off the subject of that awful letter "Oh you mean the letter you wrote me when you went to Florida."

"Yeah." Kmi said "Tommy I never got a chance to fully explain about that letter."

Tommy stood up "There's no need for an explanation Kim."

She followed him "Yes there is."

Tommy continued to walk towards the lake "No really there isn't."

Kim stopped walking "Tommy there was never another guy."

Tommy spun around "What?"

She closed her eyes and breathed in "There was never another guy."

"Then why did you send the letter?" He walked towards her

"Because I knew that without me there you would sooner or later start dating Kat and I knew that if I didn't send a letter then you were." She replied

Tommy put his hand on the side of her face "I would never have started dating Kat just because you weren't around. I would never have cheated on you Kim you know that."

"I know that now." Kim said, "When I first came back I wanted to find you and make things the way they were before."

"They can." Tommy put both his hands on her face and kissed her

Kimberly pulled away "Tommy things can't be the way they were. At least not right now."

Tommy sat down "You're right. It's just that I miss you."

Kim sat down next to Tommy "Tommy just cause I'm going out with Andros that doesn't mean we can't still be friends. I mean when have we not been friends."

"You're right." Tommy smiled "You're always right you know that."

Kim smiled then looked around "Hey isn't this where we were attacked my the Hate Monster?"

"Yeah it is." Tommy said, "So you're the red ranger now huh?"

"Yeah I am." She said looking over her red shirt

"So what's it like living in space?" Tommy asked as they started walking towards his car

"Well it's different. You go to look out the window and it's dark out all the time and we have to be careful not to run into a meteor shower." Kim said

"Have you met Darth Vader?" Tommy asked smiling

"Oh yeah and Luke and Han too." Kim replied in a sarcastic tone "Why don't I show you what it's like in space."

"Huh how?" Tommy asked

"Like this." She grabbed his wrist and touched a button on her communicator.

"This is awesome!" Tommy exclaimed as he and Kimberly flew through space on the red galaxy glider

"Isn't it?" Kim exclaimed, "This is my favorite part about being a power ranger we get all the cool stuff."

"Hey why don't you show me the Mega Ship." Tommy said

"I guess I could but first we'll need to scan you for any evil spells who knows you might be trying to find out all our secret stuff."

The End... for now