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Return of a Friend
Together at Last
Part 3
by : Arielle

Kimberly walked into the infirmary on the Mega Ship; she couldn't sleep so she figured she'd come here.

She walked over to Andros who would be dead right now had she not thought to contact Billy on Aquitar know Billy was going to move back to Earth.

Kim knelt down next to Andros she took his hand in hers and held it to the side of her face she closed her eyes.

"Andros what would I have done if you died?" she asked to no one she looked up at the life support machine the beeping was steady, it had been two weeks since Andros was hurt trying to rescue her.

Kim let go of Andros's hand and stood up she leaned over him and kissed his forehead.

She walked down the hall to Andros's quarters, she pressed a few buttons and the door opened she walked into the room closing the door behind her.

She scanned the room her eyes fell on the table beside his bed; she walked over to it on the table were a few pictures in frames.

One was of Andros as a young child; next to it was of a young girl that she assumed was his sister Karone, another picture showed a blond haired boy who she thought looked like Brad Pitt.

The last picture was of Andros and the four other rangers; everyone was sitting but Andros.

Kim picked up the picture and tapped her pink acrylic nails on the glass; she walked over to his bed still holding the picture.

She ran her hand over the smooth red sheets, which hadn't been slept on in about two weeks.

Kim lay down on the bed; she clutched the picture to her chest tears came to her eyes.

"What if he never wakes up?" she thought to herself as she began to cry, she cried herself to sleep that night in Andros's room.

"Guys have you seen Kim this morning?" Billy asked when he'd found the other rangers eating "She's supposed to come with me this morning to see my parents."

"I haven't seen her since yesterday after she came back with you from Aquitar." Cassie replied

"Morning." They all turned to see Kim walk in; she was in civilian clothing "Billy we'll leave in a few minutes ok." As Kim looked at her friend she realized he looked younger then when she'd last seen him.

"Ok." Billy said. After Kim ate, her and Billy teleported to Earth right outside Billy's house.

"This is it." Kim said as she and Billy stood in front of the front door "It's now or never."

"You're right here goes." Billy pressed the doorbell; they waited a few minutes till Billy's mother came to the door.

"Mom!" Billy exclaimed wrapping his arms around her neck in a hug.

"Billy you're back." His mother said after he'd let go of her.

Billy's mom grabbed Kim's wrists "And Kimberly oh we heard that you came in fourth at the Pan Globals we're so sorry."

"That's ok I was getting tired of Florida anyway. I missed my friends" Kim replied.

Billy and Kim followed his mother in to where Billy's father was in the kitchen.

"Billy you're home." He said when he saw Billy.

"Hi dad." Billy said, "I'm happy to be home."

"When did you get back from your vacation?" his father asked, before Billy left officially for Aquitar he told his parents he had been the blue power ranger and he was going to Aquitar to do some research for the rangers

"I got back yesterday." Billy replied "I actually didn't plan on coming back."

"Yeah we had an emergency and we needed Billy's help." Kim cut in

"We?" His mother asked "The power rangers."

"Well yeah." Kim replied

"So after I helped Kim and the others I decided to come back to Earth." Billy said, "Now if you would excuse me I'd really like to see some familiar scenery…You didn't change my room did you?"

"No it's just the way you left it." His mother said

"Good." Billy and Kimberly went up to his room where Billy threw himself down on his bed "Oh it's so good to be back home."

Kim smiled "Yeah I know what you mean." Kim looked around the room "It still looks the way it did before I left."

"Yeah well I didn't do much changing." Billy replied as he opened his closet "Could you hand me that bag?"

"Sure." Kim picked up the blue duffel bag next to the bed and handed it to Billy who started putting away his clothes

Cassie was walking to her room on the Mage Ship "I wonder where everyone is?" she asked herself "Oh well it's peaceful here by myself."

"Kim." She stopped dead in her tracks and looked around

"Who said that?" She called out, she looked around there was no one around

"Kim." She heard it again; she looked around and realized she knew the voice

"Andros." She breathed the name when she realized she was right out front of the infirmary, she walked slowly into the infirmary

She gasped when she saw Andros tossing on the bed

"I have to contact the others." Cassie raised her wrist to her mouth "Guys, guys get to the Mega Ship now!"

"Guys, guys get to the Mega Ship now." Came Cassie's voice over Kimberly's communicator

"Cassie what's wrong?" Billy asked into his own communicator

"It's Andros get here now!" She exclaimed

Billy looked at Kim then ran to the door and called down the stairs "Mom we're needed I'll be back later." Kimberly and Billy teleported in a flash of red and white

On the Mega Ship Billy and Kim ran into Carlos, TJ, and Ashley who were running to the infirmary

"Do you have any idea what's going on?" TJ asked

"No." Kim said as they reached the infirmary "Cassie what is it?" they stopped dead in their when they saw Andros tossing and turning

"Kim." He said his eyes still closed

"Andros I'm right here." She said as she rushed to his side, Billy grabbed a scanner off a table and started to scan Andros

"This is amazing!" he exclaimed

"Billy what is it?" Ashley asked

"Apparently when Astronama tried to kill Andros yesterday something happened and the blast from her staff somehow healed him more then it hurt him." Billy replied looking at the others

"Andros can you hear me?" Kim asked as she squeezed his hand, Andros's eyes moved around quickly then slowly fluttered open

He blinked a few times "Kim."

Tears came to Kim's eyes "Andros we thought you were gonna…"

"What happened the last thing I remember was we were on KO-35 and Astronama was about to kill you." Andros said as he sat up slowly

"Easy Andros we have to scan you and make sure you're ok." Billy said

Andros turned his head in Billy's direction "Billy! What are you doing here?"

"I called Billy." Kim said

"You would know Billy wouldn't you." Andros said to Kim "You were both original power rangers. But still why is he here?"

"Well when you jumped in front of Astronama's staff you were hit and you've been in a coma for two weeks." TJ said

"Yeah and when we went down to earth yesterday to fight a deco monster Astronama somehow got on the ship and tried to kill you." Ashley said

"So I called Billy to come and help." Kim finished

Billy moved next to Kimberly scanner still in hand and started scanning Andros. When he finished he stood up "According to this you're fine."

Andros hopped off the bed and looked around "Who's been…?" he stopped when he saw Kimberly wearing the a red shirt under her gray jacket

"Kimberly you've been the red ranger while I was…"

Kim smiled sheepishly "Yeah I guess you'll be wanting this back." Kim started to take the morpher off her wrist

"Actually." Billy cut in "It will be a few weeks before Andros is in good enough shape to return to being the red ranger."

Andros turned to Billy "It's good to see you again Billy."

"You too Andros." They hugged each other quickly

"So you still living on Aqutar?" Andros asked

"No actually I'm staying here now." Billy replied

"You are huh?" Andros asked, "Who said you could stay here? I mean it's my ship"

"Kimberly did. If you don't want me to stay here I can always go and live with my parents they already know I'm home." Billy said with a mock expression of sadness on his face

Andros smiled "No it's fine. But."

"But what?" Billy asked

"You'll need an official uniform. Is white ok?" he asked pushing back his brown and blond streaked hair

"That's fine." Billy replied

"Hey you look good!" Kim exclaimed as Billy and Andros walked onto the bridge of the Mega Ship

"Who me or him?" Billy asked, Billy was now wearing the same uniform as the others with a white shirt under the jacket and Andros was back in his uniform

"You both look smashing!" she exclaimed fixing her own jacket "So Billy did Andros give you the grand tour of the Mega Ship?"

"Yup. Now I know where everything is." Billy looked at his watch "I'd better get back to my house I told my parents I'd be back soon it's been five hours. I'll catch you guys later." Billy left in the direction of his room

Andros leaned against one of the consoles "Kim."


"Well I was about to ask you something in the park that day all this started." He ran a hand over the top of his head "I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?"

Kim walked over to him and looked in his brown eyes; Andros moved his face closer to hers

"I'd love to." Kim said right before they kissed

Andros pulled away slowly "It's a good thing I threw that basketball at you that day."

Kim giggled "Yeah and it's a good thing I came back to Angel Grove." She wrapped her arms around his neck

"It's actually a good thing Astronama tried to kill me." He said as he pulled her closer

"Well I wouldn't say it was a good thing." Kim replied

"Yeah I guess it wasn't that good." Andros replied, Andros and Kimberly were so caught up in each other that they didn't notice the others outside the door

"Aw they're so cute together." Ashley cooed

"Yeah they are." TJ agreed

Carlos put a hand on Billy's shoulder "So Billy tell us what it was like being one of the original power rangers."

"Well." Billy began as they all started walking down the hall leaving Andros and Kimberly on the bridge "Well we were chosen by Zordon to save the planet from Rita Repulsa, she was really evil."

The End?