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Building A Mystery
by: Ashley

Training in what seemed to look a lot like the Power Chamber. Two fifteen year olds were practicing with Ninjor, the holder of the Ninjetti Ranger Power. He had taught them since they were both two years old. The boy who wore a Black Ninjetti gi said to the blonde girl in White Ninjetti gi, "Macy, look at this."

"What is it, Grant?" she asked as she looked at the viewing globe. "Oh no, a monster and Quantrons are in the park, attacking the Red and Yellow Rangers. Looks like they need our help. Ninjor, we need Ninjetti Ranger Power, now!" Macy called as she and Grant morphed.

"Good luck, my young Ninjetti. May the Power protect you."

* * *

Meanwhile in the park, "Andros, I don't think I can take much more of this. Woe! Who are they?" Ashley had said as the two new Rangers, in what looked like Ninjetti gis, came flipping by. Suddenly two Quantrons went flying by their heads.

"Need a hand?" the Black Ninjetti asked.

"Sure, thanks!" Andros said at the offer of help.

"White Ninjetti Fire Ball!" the White Ninjetti called, hitting three Quantrons, that were charging toward Ashley, directly in the chest. Then she back flip kicked two more. Suddenly all the Quantrons had been defeated. "Thanks! May I ask who you are?" Ashley asked.

"Your welcome. Should we tell them?" the White Ninjetti asked. "I don't know, we should take them to see Ninjor." the Black Ninjetti responded.

They were instantly teleported to the Power Chamber. "The Power Chamber!~ No way, it was destroyed. But how?" Ashley asked in amazement. "This is not the original Power Chamber, Ashley. This is a modified version of it." he then turned to the Ninjetti, "Have you revealed your identities to them yet?" Ninjor asked.

"No, we had to make sure it was okay with you first." Ninjor said it was alright as they demorphed. "Hey sis. What's up?" "Macy? I can't believe it. How did you get here?" Ashley asked her little sister. "Mom and dad sent me here when I was two. I've been trained here ever since. I've even been trained in Telekinesis and Telepathy. So has Grant. He's Zhane's brother." Macy explained. The four teens talked for another two hours before they all went to the Megaship.

Ashley and Andros showed them around , and introduced them to the other Rangers. Then, they all went to their respective rooms and got ready for the big party at the Surf Spot.

* * *

Andros, Ashley, Macy, Grant, Zhane, and Korone were the first of the nine teens to come through the doors. Ashley and Macy wore the same knee-length dress', except Ashley's was yellow and Macy's was white. Ashley's hair was curled and pulled up with a barrette, while Macy's was french braided with little white roses braided in. Andros, Zhane, and Grant did the same, they each wore black jeans, except their shirts were different colors. Andros' hair was left loose. Korone wore a knee-length purple skirt with a lavender top, and her short blonde hair was neatly combed.

Next, Carlos, Cassie, and TJ came in. Cassie, like Korone, wore a knee-length skirt, but with a pink top, and her long black hair was pulled into a half ponytail with a clippy. Carlos and TJ each wore blue jeans with their respective colored shirts. Carlos' hair was pulled into a simple ponytail.

"Welcome, guys." Adelle and Ernie greeted the young Rangers. "How's it going?" they asked. Each Ranger gave his or her own response, while Ashley pulled Andros onto the dance floor. They slow-danced to "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Savage Garden.

"Oh, no. I just remembered that my parents wanted us to come by. Let's get Macy, Grant, Zhane, and Korone. They'll be glad to see them." she said as she grabbed him by the arm, pulling him towards the four teens. "Hey, guys. I just remembered that my parents wanted us to come by. Wanna come?" she asked them."Sure.Come on let's go." Macy said to the others.

Part 2

When they got to the Hammond house, Mary and John Hammond, Ashley and Macy's parents, greeted them. "Macy, your home, and so are you Grant. Oh my Lord, John, all six of them. Their all together again." Mary said after all six had sat down on the couch.

"Mary, your right." John said.

"Mom, dad, what do you mean, 'All six of them together again' ?" Macy and Ashley asked together.

It's a long story girls." John told them.

* * *

After all was explained, all went back to the Megaship to get some sleep. The next morning, "DECA, set a course for KO-35." Andros commanded.

"Course set. We will be in the orbit of KO-35 in three hours." DECA told them.

* * *

Meanwhile on the planet of Guntz, Dark Spectre's son, Nizbel, had just turned Rita, Zedd, and Divatox back to evil again, and brought Goldar, Rito, and Elgar back to life.

* * *

"We have arrived in the orbit of KO-35. Andros, do you want me to send a message to Kin-Won?"DECA asked.

"Yes, tell him we'll be there in a few minutes." Andros commanded.

When they got down onto the planet, they received a warm welcome from the Kerovans. "Andros, Zhane, Korone, Ashley, welcome back. Who are these two? Mary, John, your back. Ah , I know who you two are, Macy and Grant. Welcome home!" Kin-Won greeted everyone.

"Father, we've told them. Now, they want to hear it from you." Mary told him. So Kin-Won explained everything to the Rangers. "And not only does Zhane have a Digi-morpher, but so does Macy, and whomever you will choose to be the Gold Ranger."

"Grandfather, how do i call on my Digi-morpher?" Macy asked the older man.

"Macy, just concentrate, and call on the 'White Astro-Ninjetti Digi-morpher, and it will appear." he told her.

"Okay, here goes nothing. 'White Astro-Ninjetti Digi-morpher.'" Macy called and it suddenly appeared in her left hand.

"Now, Rangers, take these memory disks and Battlelizers. You can play these on the View-Screan, and then go to the Simu-deck and experience them for yourselves. Come back and visit again, Ashley, Macy. Good-bye, Rangers." Kin-Won said as each Ranger said bye to him, Mary, and John.

* * *

Back on Guntz, "So, the Rangers have learned of their past. Rita, Zedd, Divatox, I want you to find your strongest creature. Then, bring them before me, I have a plan." Nizbel said with an evil laugh.

* * *

On the Megaship, "Hey, guys. Why are we in orbit around KO-35? DECA wouldn't tell us." Cassie said.

Macy explained what they had just learned to Cassie, Carlos, and TJ.

So, whose going to be this Gold Ranger?" Carlos asked.

"We're going through profiles of past Rangers right now. We'll let you know when we find him." Korone said.

* * *

"So, we have from Rita, Lizzanator, from Zedd, Beam-Head, and from Divatox, we have Shrink-a-sect. All three monsters gather around me, now. Powers combine, now." Nizbel said and chanted a little. All three combined into the one form of Lizbeamasect. "Now go to Earth. Destroy the Power Rangers. Quantrons go with them."

* * *

Suddenly the alarms went off. "Aye...yi...yi, Rangers. A new monster has appeared on Earth. It's called the Lizbeamasect. It is a combination of three monster, and is nearly invincible." Alpha said.

"Guys, we found who we're looking for. Alpha, locate Tommy Oliver." Zhane said.

"He's in London, with Katherine Hillard, former Pink Turbo Ranger." Alpha replied.

"Alright, Grant, Macy go to London and get Tommy and Kat. The rest of us will defend the Earth." Andros said to the Rangers, and they all agreed.

* * *

In London, "Tommy, isn't it a beautiful day?" Kat asked him.

"You're the one making it beautiful." he told her, making her blush almost as red as his shirt.

"Woe, Tommy, look Ninjetti." she said in a state of shock.

"Are you Tommy Oliver and Katherine Hillard?" Grant asked.

"Yes, we are. How can we help you, and who are you?" Tommy asked politely.

"If you'll come with us all will be explained." Macy told them. In a minute they all disappeared.

* * *

Back in Angel Grove, "So, you finally show up, Rangers. To bad it's for your doom." Lizbeamasect told them.

"Been there, heard that, not gonna happen." TJ told the ugly creature.

Soon they were fighting Quantrons. All of a sudden, three Rangers teleported in, knocking the monster away from Cassie and Carlos.

"Tommy, is that you in there?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah. This is great. Kat's on the Megaship, helping Alpha and DECA out." he told them.

Part 3

"Tommy, try out your new weapon," Macy said to the new Gold Ranger.

"Alright, let's see if this works right. I need the Golden Saba Saber now." and in a flash of gold, a golden saber appeared in his right hand. "Alright! Is this my original Saba?" Tommy asked.

"Almost, Tommy. It's a little different. We'll explain it to you later. Okay?" Grant asked him as he kicked the monster in the head.

Suddenly, the monster grew to a large size. "Um, guys, I think we need to get to the Zords." Andros said as he dodged a beam coming straight for his knee.

They agreed and called on the Mega Vs. "What about us, Alpha?" Macy asked over her communicator.

"We've found your Zords, Tommy, Macy, Grant." Kat said over the communicator. "Tommy, you have the Lightning TigerZord. It's kinda like your old TigerZord, but with alot of improvements. Macy, you have the Fire DragonZord. It's like the DragonZord, from the DinoZords of the past, and you call on it with this Dragon Dagger. I'm sending it to you now. Grant, you have the Earth- Shaker LionZord. These Zords are part of the Elemental Zords. There are four more, but we have to get four new Ninjetti's. We can talk about this later. Kat out." she said over the communications systems.

"Let's call on our new Zords, guys. Gold Lightning TigerZord, power up." Tommy called, thrusting Saba into the air.

Macy pulled out her White Dragon Dagger, and played the tune for the DragonZord. "I need the White Fire DragonZord."

"I call on the power of the Earth-Shaker LionZord, now." called Grant.

The Zords appeared and immediately went into Warrior Mode. The battle was fierce, when the Mega V fell down, Zhane called on the Mega Winger. With the help of the Elemental Ninjetti Zords, and the Astro MegaZord, the monster fled.

* * *
On Guntz, "No, why did you run?" Nizbel screamed.

"I'm so sorry, my lord, let me make it up to you." he pleaded. Nizbel agreed, and let the monster rest up for awhile.

* * *
Back on the MegaShip, the Rangers, Kat, and Alpha got together on the bridge. "DECA, try and locate those with the Force of the Ninjetti running through their blood." Ashley ordered. Andros wasn't used to hearing her take control, but was glad to see that she could.

"Three have been found. They are Katherine Hillard, location: Megaship. Jason Scott, location: Surf Spot. Kimberly Hart, location: Surf Spot, with Jason Scott." DECA told them.

"Alright, Katherine, will you except the Power again?" Andros asked.

"You know I will, anything so I don't have to worry about Tommy and the rest of you. What is my color?" she asked, this time making Tommy blush.

"Your color will be magenta, and you will control the Thunder Hawk. Jason's color will be blue, and he'll control the Star Shooter. Kimberly will be the Pink Ranger, and control the Wind Ship. It's a little strange, but it's what Zordon named them." Alpha explained, noticing Andros wince at hearing Zordon's name, but Ashley quickly grabbed for his hand to comfort him.

* * *
While everyone went to Earth to tell Jason and Kimberly the news, Andros and Ashley stayed on the MegaShip. They decided to watch some of the disks, at least the ones with just the two of them on 'em.

"Wow, I can't believe that's my first Telekinesis Test. Can you tell how I did?" Ashley asked him, but he wasn't even paying attention. "Andros, what's wrong?" he didn't even turn around. "Andros." This time she turned his chair around, "Hey what's wrong?"

"Sorry, Ash, but I was just thinking about..." he didn't even finish his statement. "Well, I guess I was thinking about what Kin-Won said to us. I was wondering if you would like to go to the Simu-deck and have dinner, just the two of us. he said to her.

"Alright, that's sounds great. What are we having?" she asked anxiously. He told her that it was a surprise, and that she should get her swimsuit. When he told her it was a tradition on KO-35, she said to tell her about it over dinner.

* * *
On Earth, the Rangers had just finished telling Jason and Kimberly the story. "So, Jase, Kim, what do you say. Are you going to take the Power again?" Tommy asked.

"Count me in, man." "Me, too." and they all left for the MegaShip.

* * *
"Lizbeamasect, are you ready? Good, now go back to Earth, and destroy those pesky Rangers, no matter what." Nizbel ordered and the creature left.
* * *
"DECA,, where are Ashley and Andros?" Cassie asked the ships on-board computer.

"They are on the Simu-deck, and have asked to be left alone. Rangers, the monster is back. I will call Andros and Ashley if they are truly needed." DECA told them as they left for Angel Grove.

* * *
On the Simu-deck, "Andros, I love this. Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?" she said as Andros gave her a massage in the hot tub.

"Well, it is a tradition that only two people, who are in love, do on KO-35. Besides, I didn't know how you felt about me then, now I do, and I love you very much." he said as he kissed the base of her neck.

"I love you too, I love this tradition, and I hope we can do this again, soon." Ashley said to him. *Man if he doesn't stop, there's no telling what I'm going to do.* Ashley thought, knowing it was her hormones kicking in a little more than usual, when she was around him.

* * *
"DECA, we can't take much more of this. We need Andros and Ashley, now. We can only hold this freak off for a little while longer. Jason told her.

"Yeah, like could you please send them here now?" Kimberly said over her communicator.

"They are on their way, Rangers. Alpha and I are looking for this monsters weaknesses." DECA told them.

In the next few moments Ashley and Andros teleported in.

"Alright, let's take this thing out now. Andros said as he pulled out his Spiral Saber.

"Andros, let's try that new double-team tactic we've been working on. Star Slinger, power up." Ashley said as she waited for his reply. When he agreed, they took their positions. "Battlelizers power up. Battlelized Rangers power now." Andros and Ashley called together. Soon they stood in their armor. "Battlelized Rangers Attack Alpha." they yelled, and the next thing Lizbeamasect knew he was on the ground, wincing in pain.

"That's it, Rangers. Time to meet your maker." Nizbel yelled, teleporting down to the Earth.

"Who in the universe are you?" Cassie asked the disgusting looking creature.

"I am Nizbel, Pink Ranger, son of the Grand Monarch of Evil, Dark Spectre. I've come to claim your powers." he said as he held out a strange device and pointed it at Cassie, TJ, and Carlos.

"Guys, take these. Use them in good health." TJ yelled, knowing he would never use them again. Carlos and Cassie also threw their morphers to Grant, Jason, and Kimberly, as Nizbel teleported out. He had succeeded in capturing the three Rangers, but not their powers.

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