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Sword of the Ninjetti
by: Ashley

"DECA, scan for Cassie, Carlos, and TJ. Look everywhere you can think of." Andros commands. DECA gets right to work. "I'll have all that information for you in two hours. You should look for Sarah McBride and her boyfriend, Nikolas Spencer. My sources say she is the last of the Ninjetti you are looking for. Their location is the Surf Spot. Tommy, Kat, Macy, Grant, Jason, and Kimberly, go to the planet Phaedos, Dulcea has a sword for each of you. These are the Elemental Swords. They can help you better control your Zords, and will add some more strength to your arsenal." DECA explained, and the Rangers split up.

* * *
"Welcome, Rangers, to your end. Rita, do you have their morphers?" Nzbel asked. "No, lord Nizbel. It seems that they threw them to the Ninjetti's with their same color. Which means Jason, Kimberly, and Grant are also Astro-Ninjetti." Rita responded. "Zedd, send down my monsters. Divatox send Quantrons after those Ninjetti Rangers." Nizbel commanded and it was done.

"You'll never defeat the other Rangers. Never!" Cassie screamed, with Carlos and TJ echoing her words.

* * *
"Well, Sarah, will you join us. You have what it talkes. Nikolas, you can come too, but we don't have any powers for you, regrettfully." Andros explained.

"You got it Andros, Ashley. We're in." Nikolas said. "When do we leave?" Sarah asked.

"Sarah, you'll leave as soon as possible to join the other Ninjetti on Phaedos. Nikolas will come with us to the Megaship." Ashley said. They left a few minutes later.

* * *
"Dulcea, it's great to see you again, well under the circumstances, I mean."Tommy greeted.

"It is good to see you and Kimberly again, Tommy. Macy, Grant, it is nice to see you two again, also. I'm afraid I don't know either of you." Dulcea motioned to Jason and Sarah, who had just showed up.

"Hi, my name is Jason Scott, Blue Astro-Ninjetti, holder of the Power of the Star." he said to her.

"Hello, I'm Sarah McBride. I'm the Bronze Ninjetti, and holder of the Water Powers." she greeted everyone.

"So, Rangers, you are here to get the Ninjetti Swords. It is not going to be an easy task, as you may have thought. Tommy, Kimberly, do you remember the way to the Temple of Power?" Dulcea asked the two adults. When they said they did, she told them what they had to do, and how to obtain their swords.

* * *
"Ha, only two Rangers on Earth. This is gonna be so easy." Blade Head said. "Let's see where to start. I know how about downtown Angel Grove." the creature said to itself.

* * *
"Andros, I've got something. Look at this. Oh, no. It's a monster. DECA, have you had any luck on tracking down the others?" Ashley asked as she and Andros prepared to go back down to Earth.

"I'll stay here with DECA. Just tell us if you need anything." Nikolas said.

"I have found nothing, Ashley, Andros. I will continue to look though." DECA told them.

"Alright then, Ashley, Let's Rocket." they put in the Morphing Code, and teleported to the spot.

* * *
"Remember, guys, Dulcea said our swords were not together. So, when you find your sword, teleport back to the Megaship. Ashley and Andros might need our help." Macy said, and the others agreed, still in disbelief that their leader was younger than most of them. "We're gonna have to split up into two teams," Macy started again. "How about Tommy, Kat, and Jason go one way, while the rest of us go another way. Agreed?" When they all agreed, they made the split. Nobody was thrilled about it, but it had to be done.

* * *
"This guy is really strong, Andros. We're going to the need the Ninjetti's, and soon." Ashley stated as she was hit with a bolt of electricity. "I know what you mean. Soon we're going to have to use the Battleizers." Andros started, but was cut-off by another bolt was shot at him.

"What do we do now, Andros?" Ashley asked. "DECA, we need the others now. Have any of them gotten their swords, yet?"

"No, Ashley, not yet. They have just split up to look for the swords." DECA replied back.

* * *
"Anything yet, Grant?" Kimberly asked.

"Nothing yet, Kim. Wait a minute. I'm getting something now. It's the signature of the Wind Sword. Alright let's go check this out." he said.

* * *
"No, they found the Wind Sword. Goldar, go down their and stop them, now." Nizbel ordered.

* * *
"So, it's in that Wind Storm. Remember, you can't come with me. I have to do this on my own. See ya, in a few." Kimberly said and disappeared into the wind storm. Just then Goldar appeared.

"Well, Rangers, where's Little Miss Kimmy?" he asked.

"We're sorry, but Kimberly can't come to the battlefield right now. If you'll leave your name and your number at the beep, she'll get back to you as soon as she can." Macy said jokingly. "Beep!" Sarah added.

"Very funny, White Ninjetti, Bronze Ninjetti. Quantrons attack." he commanded.

The Rangers lept into action and defended themselves against the Quantrons.

* * *
"Alright, Kat. Way to go. You got your sword. Let's find the others." Tommy said as he hugged his girlfriend.

"This is great, man. We've got all our swords. Now lets hope the others have all of theirs.

* * *
"Tommy, Kat, Jason, am I glad to see you guys. We could really use your help. I see you got your swords." Sarah said.

"Where's Kim?" Jason asked as he started to fight off some of the Quantrons.

"She went to get her...." he didn't get to finish his sentence because Kimberly came flying out of the wind storm. "There she is, now." Grant said.

"Hey, guys. Guess what? I got my sword." Kimberly said happily. "Now let's take care of these goons, and go back home." she said taking on three Quantrons.

"Grant, Ashley and Andros need our help." Macy said, realizing Ashley had just Telepathically called her. "Guys, Grant and I need to go back to Earth. Can you handle these freaks on your own?" Macy asked.

"Yeah, go ahead. Let's take 'em down guys." Kat said to her fellow team-mates.

* * *
"White Fire Astro-Ninjetti Sword power up." Macy called, as she landed.

"I call on the power of the Black Earth Astro-Ninjetti Sword." Grant called.

"Macy, Grant, where are the others?" Andros asked.

"Fighting off Goldar and his goons. The good news is we've got our swords. The others will be here soon." Grant said. As soon as he said this the other Ninjetti teleported down.

"Gold Lightning Sword." Tommy called. "Magenta Thunder Sword power up." Kat said next. Then came Kimberly, "I call on the Wind Sword." "I call for the power of the Star Sword." Jason called. "I need the power of the Sword of Water." came Sarah's voice.

"DECA, have you found a weakness yet? And have you gotten ahold of Zhane and Kerone on KO-35?" Grant called over his communicator. "Zhane and Kerone just left KO-35, and are on their way. This monsters weakness is Water and anything to do with it. Sarah, call on a Water attack. Try Bronze Water Attack Beta." DECA said, and with that communications were broken.

"Well, it's worth a try. Bronze Water Attack Beta." Sarah called. All of the sudden her sword lit up, and a large and fast wave of water cut straight through the monster. "Wow ! that was so cool." she said.

Part Two

Then, the monster fell, and blew up. "Rangers, I have something you want." all of sudden Nizbel had teleported down. Up on the hill behind him were Cassie, TJ, and Carlos, tied up to a post. "Don't fall for it guys. It's a trick. He's just trying to get your powers. Don't let him!" TJ yelled at his friends and fellow Rangers.

"Blade Head, arise. Destroy those Rangers, and take their powers. Do it now!" Nizbel ordered. "Yes, my lord. I hear and I obey." the monster said.

He launched into an attack, knocking Ashley, Andros, Zhane, and Kerone down. "Oh, no he's grown to a huge size. We need the zords now." Zhane yelled, getting his Digi-morpher out. "He's right." Macy said. The Ninjetti's got in a circle, "We need the Elemental Swords." they called.

" White Fire Dragonzord." Macy called, playing her Dragon Flute.

"Earth-Shaker Lionzord." Grant called.

Tommy called, "Gold Lightning Tigerzord." thrusting Saba into the air.

Kat was next, "Magenta Thunder Hawk."

"Blue Star Shooter." Jason yelled.

"Pink Wind Ship." Kimberly called.

Sarah called next, "Bronze Water Carrior Zord."

When the Zords arrived they formed the Elemental Megazord.

"We need the Mega V's now." Andros and Ashley called. "Mega Winger, power up." Zhane and Kerone called, calling for Zhane's zord. "Alpha really needs to get me a zord." Kerone commented to him. "Yeah, but then we wouldn't be so close during battle." Zhane said. "Zhane, you are so romantic." she told him.

The battle raged on, as each zord took it's shot at Blade Head. Ashley called on the Delta Megazord for extra power. Finally, the Elemental Megazord came together with the Bronze Water Carrior Zord to form the Elemental Ultrazord. "Fire!" the Ninjetti called, blowing the creature up.

"No, thta's not what was supposed to happen. If you ever want ot see your friends again, Rangers, hand over your powers." Nizbel commanded. "Never, Nizbel. We'll never give our powers to the side of evil. Hang on, guys, we'll get you back." Tommy yelled. With that Nizbel disappeared with the three Rangers he had captured.

* * *
"DECA, get a lock on Nizbel's ship." Andros commanded. "I'm doing so now, Andros, but it will take awhile. Go to Earth for awhile and have some fun. Do not worry about the others. We will find them." DECA told them, and they all went to their quarters to change into their Earthen clothing.
* * *
"Wow, Mace, you know actual figure skaters?" Ashley asked. "Yeah. Grant and I met Josče Chouinard and Kurt Browning at a competition.Their really nice people. I was hoping to see them here, but I guess their not here." she said. All of a sudden, there was a tap on her shoulder, and she turned around. "Josče, Kurt, it's so nice to see you again." she said as she gave each a hug. "Hello, Macy, Grant. It's nice to see both of you again too. Why don't you and your friends come skate with us in the private rink?" Kurt asked.

"You know it. How about it, guys, what so you say?" Grant asked the others. "Sure. Let's go guys." Jason said to them.

* * *
"Who should I kill first. Let me see, should I kill Cassie, Carlos, or TJ. Rita, Zedd, Divatox, call on one of your monsters. These three are going to have to fight for their lives." Nizbel said.
* * *
"Josče, that was a beautiful triple lutz." Ashley told her. "Thank you, Ashley." she told the girl. The girls were practicing their jumps, while the boys were having a competition of speed.

Josče and Kurt had a meet the next day. So they practiced day and night for the pairs part that they were to be in. Suddenly, Andros' communicator went off. " What was that?"Josče and Kurt asked together. "Um, we gotta go, sorry. We'll be back, or we'll see you tomorrow." Grant told them.

* * *
"Rangers, Nizbel has sent down a new monster. We still haven't found the others, but right now you should take care of this monster." Alpha told them.

Part Three

"So, Nizbel, you think you can beat us, huh?" Kimberly asked.

"Think again." Jason commented.

"Actually, Blue Ninjetti, I do. I know I can. I call on the Clone Maker." Nizbel yelled.

"Yes, master. I am here to obey." Clone Maker said. "Make clones of all the Rangers to destroy them." Nizbel ordered.

"Quantrons, come and help Clone Maker. Destroy the Rangers, now." Nizbel ordered.

"Rangers, call on your weapons. Only use your Battleizers for an emergency." Andros said. "Spiral Saber." he called.

Ashley called, "Star Slinger, now."

Super Silverizer, saber mode." Zhane said.

"Purple Stars, full power." Kerone yelled.

"We need the Elemental Swords now." the Ninjetti yelled. "Dragon Dagger!" Macy called. "Golden Saba Saber," Tommy said.

The battle began. Clone Maker went after Ashley first. She fell, and he made an evil clone of her. The clone Ashley went to Guntz. He went after Kimberly next. She fell also, but Jason came to her aid. Too bad for both of them, he made a clone of the two of them, that went to Guntz. "Ha, ha. My creature has already made three clones. Eight left. Go, Clone Maker, go." Nizbel yelled.

"Rangers, come back to the MegaShip immediately." Alpha called over the Communicators.

* * *
"Guys, what happened? I feel so weak." Ashley asked as she collapsed into Andros' arms. "DECA, teleport us to the Med. Bay, now." he told the computer. In a flash they were at their destination.

"Jason, Kimberly, I want the two of you to get on those cots over there, just in case." Andros started. "DECA, scan Ashley. I want to know what's happening to her." he commanded.

"Scan complete. The Clone Maker made a clone of her, and it's weakening her." DECA started.

"So, all we have to do is destroy the clones, and they'll be alright?" Tommy asked, as he saw his three friends in a weakened state. "Yes, Tommy. But, you need to avoid the monster itself. He can make clones of the rest of you also. I will give Ashley, Jason, and Kimberly a serum, that will make it so they can fight for a limited time. When the three of you begin to feel weak, teleport back as soon as possible." Alpha told them, getting three hypo-sprays. He sprayed each of them in the neck.

"Alright 'Let's Rocket!" Andros said. "We need Ninjetti Ranger Power!" Macy and the other Ninjetti said. They were morphed in a matter of seconds.

* * *
Back on Guntz, "Jade, Lee, Ann, go down to the Earth destroy your clones, now!" "Yes, lord Nizbel. May we have some Quantrons to distract the others?" Jade, Ashley's clone, asked. "Yes, take them and leave immediately." he ordered.
* * *
"Well hello, Ashley. Let's have some fun." Jade began. "Yeah, Jason, ready to rumble." Lee started. "Your mine, Kimberly." Ann said. "Oh, no, Andros, help." Ashley yelled as she fell to the ground. "I'm coming." he began, but got tripped by Clone Maker. "You'll make a great clone. Arise, Katryn. Destroy the Red Ranger, and take his powers for your own." Clone Maker ordered the clone. "Got ya, Kerone. Come forth, Jordan. Take care of Kerone." he called next.

"Alpha, Jason, Kimberly, Andros, Kerone, and I are teleporting up now." Ashley said into her communicator. They teleported up in the next minute. "I'm gonna get you, Macy. Star, where are you? Macy is waiting for you." Clone Maker called upon Macy's clone next. "Tyler, Marie, come here to destroy Tommy and Kat." he called. "That only leaves three Rangers." he told his clones as all the Rangers teleported out.

* * *
"Alpha, the monster made clones of most of us. Zhane, Grant, and Sarah are the only ones left who have not had clones made of them yet." Macy said. "Rangers, you must keep your guard up at all times. The clones have the same weaknesses as each of you has. You need to discover your weaknesses to destroy them." DECA told them. They sat down for awhile to try to uncover their own weakness.

"I've got it. My weakness is that I don't trust so easily. Ashley, remember when we first met, it took Alpha and DECA to convince me to trust you and the others." Andros said. "That's right. Mine is that I'm to protective of anybody. So how do I beat my clone, if I'm to protective, Alpha?" Ashley asked. "Jade is protective mostly of Katryn, as you are of Andros." DECA started. "So, all we have to do is go after them first, right?" Ashley and Andros said together.

* * *
"Jade, Katryn, where are you two? We're here for a fight." Andros said. "No, weapons, just the four of us." Ashley said. "Fine, your on." Katryn said. "Let's get them, Jade. No weapons though. Hand-to-hand combat. Hope your ready." he finished. The battle began as Jade lunged toward Ashley. "Let's try this out, Tommy." Kat began. "Yeah, this new weapon Alpha made should help us out. Okay, it's aimed at Katryn. All you have to do is fire it." she finished. He fired the device at Katryn. "What,? We said no weapons. Your not playing fair. Jade, I'm loosing power." Katryn said. "Katryn, no. You'll pay for this Red and Yellow Rangers." Jade said. "Alright let's finish this. Spiral Saber. “Andros called. "Star Slinger." Ashley called after him.

"Battleized Ranger power now." they called together. In two bright flashes of Crimson and Yellow, Ashley and Andros were in their armor. "Battleized Ranger Attack Beta." they called for their new double-team tactic. "Alright their destroyed. Thanks, Tommy, Kat." Andros said.

"Not bad, Tommy, Kat. But are you ready for us?" came Marie and Tyler's voices combined. "You best not underestimate us. We're not as weak as those two were." Marie said.

"We better get out of here. Your not ready for this battle, not yet." Andros stated. "Your right. Let's go." Tommy told Kat.

* * *
"Tommy, that was one of your weaknesses. You would never back down from a battle unless Alpha teleported you out." Kat said. "Your right. My other weakness is that I too, was to protective of first, Kimberly, then Kat." he said. "Well, Katherine, how about you? What's your weakness?" Kimberly asked. "Mines always been, since I first came here, Tommy. I'd always call out for him if I were hurt or need help." she said. "That was mine too, kinda. Except, before Tommy came to Angel Grove, I'd call for Jason." Kimberly said next.

"I guess mine has always been my guilt. I felt guilty when I didn't get the Green Candle. Then, when I had to give Trey the Golden Powers back. So I've always had a problem with my guilt." Jason said after Kimberly. "Rangers, Marie and Tyler are back, with Lee and Ann behind them." DECA said.

"You'll need our help." Andros told them. 'We'll call if we need it." Tommy started. "Tommy, we need their help, and you know it." Kat said. "Alright, but they might have watched the last battle, so we'll have to come up with a new plan." Kimberly said.

"Rangers, Clone Maker is back." DECA told them. "So looks like we're all going to Earth with the four of you." Zhane said. "Yeah, so 'Let's Rocket'." Kerone told them. They each morphed and went down to Earth.

* * *
"So, your back." Tyler said. "We'll take the clones. You guys take the monster and the Quantrons." Tommy said.

"I've got you, Zhane. Come forth, Joseph." Clone Maker ordered. "I prefer Joey." Joey said. "Your turn Grant. Arise, Hunter. Take on your goody-two-shoes other." the monster said. " Sarah, be careful." Tommy told her. Too late, the Quantrons pinned her to the ground and up came her clone, Kaitlyn. "So, you think you can take me, Tommy? I know you can't handle it. Especially if I were to take Kat as my girlfriend." Tyler said. "Hey, what am I? I thought I was your girlfriend?" Marie turned toward him and started to attack him.

"No, this is not supposed to happen. Marie, get off of your boyfriend. You two can argue later. Right now get rid of those pesky Rangers." Nizbel commanded as he came down with a surprise for the Rangers in tow. "I have a surprise for you, Rangers. Cassie, Carlos, TJ, get them now." he ordered. "Yes, master, we will do as you order." TJ said with an evil red glare in his eyes. "Your mine, Andros," he continued. " Carlos, take Tommy, and Cassie, take Ashley." he told his companions. The battle for their friend s had begun, and they had no choice but to fight them.

"TJ, Tommy is mine. I need no help from Carlos. Send him to take someone else on. Let him help you with Andros. Your gonna need it. Trust me, I saw him and Katryn fighting, and Katryn had alot of fun trying to keep up." Tyler said as he blocked a blow from Tommy's Saba Saber. "I don't need any help either. Carlos go help Cassie with Ashley. She's not as strong as you or me." TJ told the ex-Black Ranger. "Alright, Cassie, let me help you." he said to the Asian girl. "Sure, this little Ranger deserves a thrashing after she destroyed my best-friend." Cassie said.

"Cassie, it's me Ashley. Your my best-friend. Why are you doing this?" she asked the ex-Pink Ranger. "Because you killed Jade. She was my best-friend. Now you'll pay, master Nizbel commands it." she told the Yellow Ranger.

"Rangers, come back to the MegaShip. I have important information for you." DECA told them over their communicators. "Alright, DECA, we're on our way back up." Kerone told the on-board computer.

* * *
"DECA, Nikolas, Alpha, what's up? What is this important information you have for us?" Sarah asked them as she pulled her mask off. "Your swords will bring Cassie, TJ, and Carlos back to normal. Also, Clone Maker can't bring back the clones of: Ashley, Andros, Macy, or Zhane. So you have an advantage over Nizbel's forces. Use your swords on the clones, they will instantly weaken, and you can destroy them. But remember you can never destroy the evil within each of you." Alpha explained, "but for right now each of you should get some rest. Good-night, Rangers" Alpha said to them. "Good-night, Alpha, DECA. Come on, guys, let's go get some dinner. I don't know about you, but I only had breakfast." Kat said as she headed for the work bay.

"Yeah, I'm starved. We're gonna have to keep watches all night though. I say everyone takes one at each hour. Who wants the first one?" Tommy asked. "I'll take first watch. If someone gets to where they can't keep their eyes open, go get someone else. That way no one falls asleep on their watch." Macy stated.

* * *
A few hours later, "Andros, what are you doing up?" Ashley asked her boyfriend as he came onto the bridge. "I couldn't sleep, and decided to see who had watch right now. Want some company?" he asked her. "Sure, come on take a seat." she got up and gave her seat, so she could stretch. Then, he gently pulled her down into his lap. "Is that more comfortable?" he asked. "Yeah, just perfect." she said with a smile on her face, as she laid her head on his shoulder. "Hey, beautiful. Don't fall asleep on me, okay." he stated. "Sorry. I'm just so tired.” she said in a yawn. "I have an idea. You sleep here in my arms, and I'll keep watch. Deal?" he said holding out his hand. She shook it and he gave her a short kiss, "Good-night, Ash." he told her. "Good-night, Andros Katryn," she said back. "Hold on, how did you know my middle name?" he asked in a state of shock. "Well I figured since my clones name was Jade, which is my middle name, that Katryn was your middle name. Is Jordan, Kerone's middle or first name?" she asked him. "Her first. Zhane's full name is Joseph Zhane. Grant's is Hunter Grant, and I'm taking it that the rest are like this: Macy Star, Thomas Tyler, Katherine Marie, Kimberly Ann, Jason Lee, and Sarah Kaitlyn. Am I right?" he asked. "Yeah. Those names are great aren't they?" she asked as she drifted to sleep.
* * *

The next day, "Ash, do you want to go to the Simudeck and do that ritual again?' Andros asked her. "Yeah, I could use a massage. Thanks for asking." she said in delight. "DECA, run KO-35 Ritual Two." he told her. "Program beginning now." she confirmed.

To Be Continued

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