Disclaimer: Saban's not mine, as usual. This story is to explain what happened down on Earth. How TJ got his powers, his reactions, etc. With Cynthia's help, I thought this might help you readers.

Gaining the Power
by: Ashley

"Hi, my name is TJ Carter. Are you Ryan Steele, Kaitlin Star, and JB Reese?" the young man asked. "Yeah, how did you know our names?" Kaitlin asked. "Well, I know more than that. You see, Dulcea told me who you were, and that your the VR Troopers," he explained," and that your looking for a new Trooper," he finished. "That's all true, but who's Dulcea?" Ryan asked him. "She's the master Warrior of the planet Phaedos"he told them. "Okay, come with us." JB told him.

In a few minutes they were in the park. "TJ, we must ask you a few questions. Have you ever had any powers before?" they asked. "Yeah, I used to be a Power Ranger, but I had to give them up, since Nizbel had captured me," he told them. "Okay, then you can except the Virtual powers. Here this is your Virtualizer." JB said as he handed the small object to him. TJ took it, and put it around his neck.


In the next hour, JB had explained everything to TJ. Suddenly, the ground started to shake. "What's happening, Ryan?" Kaitlin asked him. "Guys, why don't we teleport to the Power Chamber?" TJ asked. "I bet Ninjor can explain it," they were instantly teleported to the PC. "Troopers, am I glad to see you," a mysterious man said. "Proffessor Hart, what are you doing here?" JB asked. "Well, I'm assisting Ninjor. That shaking you just felt was Grimlords latest monster. You must go to the park and defeat it," he told them.

To Be Continued



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