The Untold Power of Yin and Yang
by : Chasarae Albert

The full moon rose as it normally did. A young man with black hair, blue eyes, and a face the made him appear alien to some sat outside a tent in the mountains listening to the sounds around him. He was attempting to calm his inner and stronger senses. It was then that he began to hear it again. "Mommy, daddy!" The words began to echo in his mind. The words were of a little boy as he watched his parents die and by who's hand. His guilt began to flood him once more as he starts to cry silent tears. He began to shake his head, trying to remove the guilt and sadness in him. The memory was growing stronger and it made him feel as if he was reliving it. He broke free of the memory and went to bed, once again plagued by nightmares. The next morning, he began packing his things.

In Angel Grove, five teens are sitting at a juice bar. They were discussing normal teenage topics when a young man by the name of Tommy began to walk through the door. His watch beeped six familiar tones and he stopped dead in his tracks. The others had seen him stop and walked over to him. Tommy stepped into their usual secluded spot before answering it. "Go ahead Zordon." Tommy said in his leader tone.

"Come to the Command Center at once. I have found something that requires your attention." Zordon said in a voice that reminded them of a father. They teleported to the Command Center and immediately began looking at the viewing globe. Kim was the first to speak up.

"What is that?" Kim asked.

"That Kimberly, is the Yin-Yang crystal. It possesses so much power, it would take up a small galaxy. It is more powerful than all of your powers combined. I am sure that Zedd and Rita are already aware of its presence. It is imperative that we find it first. Unfortunately, Goldar and Rito are already in the area with the tengas looking for it." Zordon said in a serious tone.

"Then we're out of here!" Adam said enthusiastically.

"Then may the power protect you." Zordon said. Then they teleported out in a rainbow of light. Meanwhile, that young man on the mountain had begun working on a kata when he heard a summoning. He began to follow it when he saw the rainbow light coming in for a touch down.

"What the hell?" He thought to himself. Then he saw six humans materialize from the light. He hid to keep from being seen. "Could they be mutants like me?" He thought and then said to himself, "No dofus, you'd be able to sense their power if they were." He watched as each split up and began to search for something. "They look familiar. Where have I seen them before?" He said as he began probing his memory. Then he heard a small six tone beep from some sort of pager.

"Rangers, it appears that Goldar and Rito have already found the crystal. Return to Angel Grove. We'll contact you as soon as we know anything more." A little voice that came from their watch said. The six teenagers teleported out as Michael came out from his hiding spot.

"Those guys the Power Rangers? No way. They can't be." He said in disbelief and returned to his tent. The next day the Rangers were at the Youth Center talking in a whisper while Michael was working on a kata.

"Wow. Where do you think he learned that Tommy? Tommy? Hello-o. Earth to Tommy. Come in Tommy." Rocky said as he began waving his hand in front of Tommy.

"Huh? Oh, everyone says he's from New York and that he grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. But he could have picked that up from anywhere. I get this feeling I know this guy." Tommy said.

"Can't tell you a thing Tommy." Adam replied unconsciously. Then he finished the kata and walked over to the group. "Actually, I've lived in different places. Charlotte was one place I stayed as well as New York. By the way, I have great hearing. I think I know something about you guys that you may want to hear." He chimed in before going to a whisper. "I know you are the Power Rangers. Don't worry. I'll keep your little secret, because I have plenty of them." He replied as he got up and hurried out.

"How did he know who we are?" Billy asked in a shocked voice. "I don't know. But I bet it has something to do with my past." Tommy replied unconsciously. The next day after school, they catch the boy at his locker and confront him.

"How did you know?" Adam asked.

"One, it's kind of obvious that when you guys disappear, the Rangers appear. And two, I was hiding behind some bushes when you guys teleported into the mountains area. What were you looking for?" He answered calmly.

"Can't tell you. But the name's Tommy, this is Kim, Adam, Aisha, and Billy." Tommy made the introductions.

"My name is Michael Bradley. The Bradley is my middle name and my friends call me Mike." Michael said in a friendly tone. He reached out to shake hands with Tommy when an electrical spark reaches from out of Michael's hand. This caught all of the Rangers by surprise.

"What the hell?!" Tommy remarks.

"Excuse me." Michael said as he rushed off. The Rangers took off after him, but can not find him.

"Where did he go?" Adam asked.

"It's like he just disappeared right into thin air." Tommy said.

"A true ninja without his smoke." Adam said. They re-entered the school to gather their books and head for home. Michael reappeared out of thin air when he was sure no one was watching. All of a sudden, he was hit by a bolt of lightning and he disappeared. He reappeared in Lord Zedd's palace.

"I have chosen you as the one to bear the Yin-Yang crystal." Lord Zedd stated. Michael's face shifted until you saw a human with a blue crystal in his forehead, pointed ears (Like a Vulcan's), and extended lips to show his longer canines.

"Why me? I'm not worthy of such an honor." Michael was bold enough to try and decline.

"Because you have no choice. Goldar! Rito! Hold him so we can insert the crystal in his chest." Lord Zedd commanded.

"You foul smelling goons, get your hands off me!" Michael began yelling. As Lord Zedd began inserting the crystal into his chest, it began glowing, and Michael began screaming in agony as the crystal began to attach itself to its new owner. Then Lord Zedd used his staff to put an evil spell on Michael.

"Your assignment is to destroy the Power Rangers." Zedd commanded.

"Yes master. I shall do as you command." Michael said flatly. When he returned to Earth, he quickly found the Rangers in the park.

"I don't like it. What Michael did earlier was scientifically impossible. Not out of thin air." Tommy speculated.

"You're right Tommy, that doesn't sound possible. But he still did it." Billy said. Michael began walking up to them morphed as the Yin-Yang Ranger. His costume was half white, half black from head to toe. The top of his head had a blue dragon engraved in his helmet and in his chest, shone the crystal itself.

"Rangers! I'm here to kill you!" Michael said maliciously. The Rangers made sure that no one was there and morphed.

"You looking for us? Look, we don't want a fight, but we will defend ourselves." Tommy said as the memories of being the evil green Ranger flashed through his mind. Michael slapped his wrists together and wrist blades appeared.

"Want to play?" Michael mocked.

"No." Adam answered. Rocky teleported to the scene.

"To bad. I'm going to slice and dice you pathetic rangers into very small pieces. I promise." Michael snidely remarked.

"You're welcome to try, if you want." Rocky returned.

"You want to go first, monkey for brains?" Michael insulted.

"No. Hey! I resent that." Rocky sent back.

"No, you resemble that." Michael insulted again. With this said, Rocky begins fighting Michael while the Rangers are watching, making sure it is a fair fight. Tengas appear behind them, unnoticed. As Michael begins to defeat Rocky, the tengas sneak up on the Rangers and grab them. As the Rangers struggle with the tengas, Michael knocks Rocky off to one side. Michael begins preparations to emit an electric pulse, that will send the Rangers to the Other World. Adam and Billy defeat their Tongas and start running. As Billy and Adam stop to take a breath, they see the other Rangers disappear with Michael. They are teleported to the Command Center without warning.

"Zordon, what's going on?" Billy asked. Meanwhile, Michael is standing in front of the unconscious Rangers knowing full well two are missing. He separates the Rangers into two groups to be on the safe side. He sent Rocky and Aisha to the other side of the lake in that world. Which left Tommy and Kimberly. Once Michael used his telekinesis to position them in an upright position, he put a force field around each of them. Tommy was the first to awake as Kim slowly stirred.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I remember." Tommy said as he realized what was going on and where he was.

"Good morning Tommy, he, he, he." Michael said maliciously. Then Kim awoke.

"Tommy? What's going on?" Kimberly said in her worried tone.

"I'm right here." Tommy said soothingly. Kimberly took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves.

"What do you want with us?" Kimberly asked.

"Oh, I don't want much. Just you dead, along with your friends. It's my master's wish." Michael said with a sneer.

"And who's your master?" Tommy asked with a guess already on his tongue.

"Lord Zedd. I think I'll have Kimberly go first." Michael said malevolently. As Kim backed into the back of her force field shuddering, Tommy shouted, "Don't you touch her!"

"Temper, temper. Why not? You want to go first loverboy?" Michael said sweetly. Suddenly, Tommy's force field dropped. Tommy lunged at Michael, knocking him down partially. Michael sends Tommy flying back to his force field wall. Kim lets out a blood curdling scream as Tommy hit the wall with a sickening thud and is knocked out. He slides down the wall moaning only to himself. When he awakes, he sees Michael holding Kim by the wrists as she cries to herself and is struggling to get free. Then watches in horror as they disappear.

"NO!" Kim screams. Tommy's heart aches as he realizes that he can't save her. Meanwhile, in Goldar's Dark Dimension, Michael has Kim chained to the wall. "You'd better not touch me or I'll, I'll"Kim started.

"You'll what? Steal my credit cards and go to the mall?" Michael snidely remarked. Kim begins to scream stifled cries as Michael starts to beat her without mercy. With the last once of strength, Kim breathes how much she loves Tommy. Then Michael sends her battered body back to the Command Center and returns to taunt Tommy, knowing there is nothing anyone can do to save her. Meanwhile, in the Command Center, Billy and Adam are thinking about what to do next.

"Aye-yai-yai-yai! Incoming!" Alpha cries. They see a bruised and battered Kim teleport in face down on the Command Center floor.

"Ah man. Look at her." Adam said with concern. As they approach her, they notice how serious her injuries are.

"She looks like she tried to take on a monster all by herself." Billy said.

"Is she dead?" Adam asked. They hook her up to the life support and examine the seriousness of her wounds. Meanwhile, in the Other World, Tommy stands looking at Michael, hate burning in his eyes.

"Where is she?!" Tommy yells angrily.

"Don't worry. You'll be joining her soon." Michael said malevolently.

"What did you do to her?!" Tommy screamed his outrage. Michael let the force field drop. Tommy was confused, but he attacked Michael none the less. Michael had the upper ground as he sent all of Tommy's blows back ten fold, but then Tommy noticed that Michael always protected his right knee. He took aim, waited for the right moment as he blocked Michael's attacks, and kicked him in the right knee. Michael landed hard on the ground with a thud and began screaming in agony. Tommy took the chance to teleport to the Command Center.

At the Command Center, Billy and Adam continued to monitor Kim's condition. "She's steadily getting worse. I can't help her." Billy said hopelessly.

"Rangers, another human is teleporting in." Alpha reported. Tommy materialized in the Command Center.

"How is she?" Tommy asked with worry. Kim's heart beat strengthens as she hears his voice.

"She was getting worse, but by the noise of the machinery, she is getting better everytime she hears you voice. Talk about a miracle." Billy said, the hope returning in his voice.

"That's good. The Yin-Yang Ranger said that he had killed her." Tommy said with relief.

"What are we going to do? We still have to find out who he is and stop him. Even then he may be to powerful." Adam said.

"Maybe we can find out who he is. But I'm going to need both of your help." Tommy said as an idea formed. At that same time, Michael returned to his feet and went to the other side of the lake to torment Rocky and Aisha.

"Who wants to die first?" Michael asked malevolently.

"We both want to fight you." Rocky answered.

"Rocky? What are you saying? You're going to get us killed." Aisha whispered.

"Trust me. I recognized his fighting style. If this is who I think it is, we have a fighting chance. I think we can win." Rocky whispered back.

"I don't think so. I'm not stupid. Aisha will fight me first." Michael said as her force field dropped.

"Are you afraid to fight us both?" Rocky challenged. As an answer to Rocky's question, Rocky's force field dropped. The two Rangers got into a fighting stance to prepare for Michael's worse. All of the sudden, three shades of rainbow light appeared. From out of the light stepped Tommy, Adam, and Billy morphed. That's when the real battle began. Each of the morphed Rangers pulled out a power weapon to help fend off Michael's razor blades. The five of them circled Michael to attempt to divide his attention and weaken his focus. While two of the Rangers were taking a beating, two grabbed a hold of him, as one kicked his right knee. The Rangers held him as he fell to the ground. Then as four Rangers pinned Michael to the ground, Tommy removed Michael's helmet.

"Holy shit! It looks like Michael, but is it Michael? You son of a bitch! You're going to wish you were dead!" Tommy began screaming as his rage overtook him.

"Like to stay and chat, but I got to split!" Michael said as he teleported.

"Damn! He got away." Adam said. They returned to the Command Center to plot the next action.

"I can't believe he got away. He was such a nice guy in New York. What did Zedd do to him?" Rocky said angrily.

"Calm down Rocky." Zordon said.

"One thing we need to remember." Billy said.

"What's that Billy?" Adam asked.

"Tommy, do you remember the last time we had to face an evil Ranger?" Billy asked.

"Yeah, I trashed the Command Center and I tried to take out Zordon." Tommy said as the guilt returned.

"Right. Which means one of us need to stay in the Command Center at all times." Billy said.

"I'll take the first shift." Adam volunteered.

"I'll take the second one." Rocky said.

"I'll take the third." Tommy volunteered.

"Which leaves the last one for me." Billy said. The first shift seemed to last forever as Adam paced back and forth. The second shift was just as dull until Kim began to stir.

"Kim? Are you awake?" Rocky asked as he walked toward Kim. After there was no response, he shrugs it off. The third shift, Tommy waited out the long and dull hours holding Kim's hand and kicking himself for not being able to protect her. The fourth shift, Billy sat and talked to Kim until he showed up. Without turning around, he heard Michael's entrance. Michael begins the destruction of the Command Center, not noticing Billy sitting in the shadows. Michael notices Kim laying helplessly and begins moving towards her. Her eyes suddenly opened as she felt Michael's evil presence.

"Please don't hurt me." She begins to whisper in fear. He picks her up and puts her on his shoulder. "No! Zordon! Tommy! Help me!" She began gasping. Then Michael teleported out of the Command Center with Kim as his captive. Billy slowly came out of the shadows and contacted the Rangers. As soon as everyone was gathered, they began to discuss what to do.

"We need to break the spell!" Rocky shouted.

"But how do we do it?" Aisha asked the whole group calmly. Meanwhile, Michael taunts a chained up Kim.

"Tommy will come rushing after you, like totally. Then my trap will be set." Michael said sadistically.

"Please share with me." Kim tried that line again.

"I'm not as easily fooled." Michael said. Kim suddenly notices a glowing arrowhead necklace.

"What's the necklace for?" Kim asked innocently. He teleports out without answering the question. Back at the Command Center, the Rangers have decided to go and retrieve Kim until they figure out how to break the spell on Michael. When they teleport there, they notice that Kim is unconscious and chained. It is then that Tommy assumes the worst. Kim manages to say, "It's a trap. Save yourselves." Before they can teleport out, the trap is sprung. A force field is activated around the dimension to keep them from teleporting. Then Michael reappears in front of the Rangers and begins to laugh malevolently.

"You pathetic Rangers! You have fallen right into my trap." Michael said with evil in his voice. The Rangers fall into their fighting stances and prepare to fight for their lives. As Michael begins fighting them, Tommy heads over to Kimberly and proceeds to carefully unchain her.

"The necklace. Get it off him." She manages to tell Tommy. Tommy lays her gently down out of harms reach and then heads toward Michael. Tommy screams at the others about the necklace.

"I won't give up until one of you is dead!" Michael screams. As his attention is divided, Tommy manages to remove and destroy the necklace. Michael collapses to the floor and passes out. The force field remove, they take him to the Command Center where he awakes there. "What did I do? Did I almost kill someone?" Michael asked as his guilt became stronger than ever.

"Yes, but it wasn't your fault. You weren't in control of yourself." Billy replied to Michael's question.

"I wish to undo the damage I may have done by healing Kimberly." Michael requested. Tommy was a little unnerved by Michael touching her. All Michael did was put his hands over her. Then as he focused, he felt a warm glow on his hands. "I feel your pain. Now it is time for it to be removed and for you to be at full strength." Michael spoke softly. Kimberly's body glowed with a pink energy as she sat up and walked around. "I'm sorry for the pain I caused. With this crystal, I would like to join your team and assist you until I have made amends." Michael said.

"I think we can trust him." Kim said. And with that, he was part of the team. It was a week later and school was out for a whole week for some silly reason. Tommy, Adam, Kim, and Billy were planning an outing. They hiked up to the top of one of Angel Grove's mountains to camp overnight. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd was planning his revenge, when he saw this opportunity arise.

"Four of the Rangers out on an outing huh. I should send them far into this planet's future so they'll be out of my hair forever. With them still owning the powers and the coins, there will be no more of those Rangers!" Lord Zedd plotted.

"How are you going to do that?" Goldar asked as he realized he didn't understand how his master would do this.

"With a spell you idiot!" Zedd screamed and then began casting the spell. "Powers of Darkness, hear my plea. Send the Rangers farther than they can see. From my present I wish to amend, send them to 2010." Zedd cast. Back in the forest, the four Rangers disappeared. Michael was there invisible, keeping an eye on them, because of a premonition he had dealing with them. He was the only one who knew that they were thrown through time. The Rangers hadn't given him a communicator because he could teleport on his own. They didn't know how he did it, he just did.

Michael went to the Command Center to inform Zordon of what had happened. In 2010, the Rangers slowly awoke, each with a huge headache. "Where are we?" Kim asked.

"I think the question is when are we?" Billy corrected.

"Can anyone find their morphers, coins, or communicators? " Adam asked searching frantically.

"No." They all began to answer after checking.

"Alright. Stay calm. We need to first find our bearings so we can't get lost." Tommy stated in his usual leader tone. As they began walking, a pair of inhuman eyes watched, unnoticed from the shadows, as he began following them. After ten minutes, the Rangers come to the town square where the citizens were paying tribute to what looked like Lord Zedd.

"They are right on time Goldar. Go. Take your putties and capture them." Lord Zedd stated in a malevolent voice.

"Yes master." Goldar replied. In a matter of seconds, Goldar and the putties were among the people searching for the Rangers. They didn't move because they knew that their hurried escape would pinpoint where they were. Suddenly, their communicators and coins reappeared. They teleported out at once with questions on their minds about where the items had returned from and where they were being sent. The creature who had been following them met them at the Command Center.

"Who are you?" Tommy immediately demanded an answer.

"Don't you recognize me?" He asked.

"No." They answered in unison. He pulled off his hood and revealed the face of Michael. He was in a Ninjetti uniform and he smiled a huge grin.

"How?, What?, Where?" Tommy didn't know which question to ask first.

"How did I get here? I can travel through time easily. Piece of cake for me. As for what I am doing here, I never know until I complete my task, this time being an exception. As for where I got the Ninjetti powers, you'd better sit down. This could take a while. While you guys were on your camping/hiking trip, I was keeping an eye on you. Then when you disappeared right in front of me I suspected that you had been sent through time. I teleported to Zordon and he sent me to Ninjor. You follow me so far? " Michael explained. They nodded. "Good. I'm a wolverine because a wolverine has a 'do or die' attitude, the same is for me. Have you ever heard of someone attacking a wolverine? That's all because a wolverine doesn't attack until bothered or when it's eating." Michael finished.

"I want to know where we teleported to." Kim said as everyone looked around and saw only ruins.

"We're in what's left of the Command Center after Lord Zedd somehow destroyed it." Michael supplied. They built a shelter and began planning what to do next.

"We have it straight, right? We let Michael handle Zedd and Rita while we do the rest?" Tommy stated after explaining the plan. They all acknowledged as Tommy and Michael shook hands. An energy wave of great power hit the two of them and each got thrown in separate directions. Both landing hard. They were flooded with childhood memories as they began standing.

"Brother?" Michael asked in confusion.

"It all makes sense now; Why I couldn't remember my past. Mom and Dad died, I was in shock, and when I was adopted, we were separated. It was to much for me to handle, so I blocked it out." Tommy spoke with realization.

Even though I had the memories, I couldn't recognize him right away. But now that we know, as soon as we return to our present, we can catch up on old times. Oh yeah, you need to know this Tommy. We now have a telepathic link between the two of us. If you get hurt, so will I. If you die, I will die slowly and painfully and vice-versa. We'll also have trouble with privacy because I can hear your thoughts, see through your eyes, and sense where you are. It works in reverse as well." Michael informed.

"Alright, enough chit-chat. Let's get this over and done with and go home." Adam said having run out of patience. The other Rangers morphed and Michael replaced his hood. Then they teleported to the center of the city. They were immediately attacked. Michael teleported right behind Lord Zedd and Rita.

"I see the prodigal son has returned. Wonder what he plans to do." Lord Zedd sneered.

"I plan to rid the planet of the two of you." Michael replied rather coldly. Michael brought out his wrist blades and blocked the blow from Lord Zedd's staff. Without warning, Michael removed his wrist blades, formed a boomerang, and threw it at Zedd. The boomerang killed Zedd and Rita. Once Michael had accomplished this, he returned with the Rangers to where the time rift had dropped them. "You may pass out as we begin to return to the present, so be careful." Michael warned as he began opening the portal. As they jumped through, they couldn't help but wonder how such a future came to exist. Michael opened the other end of the portal in the Command Center.

After the break, Michael and Tommy were in the Youth Center talking about a girl Michael had met over the break. The Youth Center was full of the normal activity. People were lifting weights, passing through on their way out, enjoying one of Ernie's drinks, picking up ordered food, and Billy and Adam were doing their homework. "I'm telling you Tom, she is not what they say about her." Michael said excitedly.

"I'm only saying that you should really think about this Mike. I am only trying to help you." Tommy said sounding disturbingly calm about the subject.

"No! I'm not going to think about this!" Michael yelled and the Youth Center froze. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd is watching gleefully as the brothers argue. The throne room has an eerie and evil glow to it. Rita is standing there behind Zedd wondering what could put him in such a good mood.

"Are those two finally starting to bicker? That gives me a great idea. Rita, keep everyone out of the room. Watch out Rangers, your doom is near." Lord Zedd said with his steel grin on his face. Michael and Tommy are walking through a deserted area in the park still discussing their disagreement.

Lord Zedd finished with the spell and created a scepter. "Goldar; take this scepter and while you have the tongas attack, use it on both Michael and Tommy." He commanded.

"Yes my lord." Goldar said flatly. He teleported in golden flames to Earth. Suddenly, Michael and Tommy find themselves surrounded by attacking tongas.

"Ninja-Ranger Power now!" Tommy shouts and the two morph into ninjas. While they are in the midst of battle, Goldar sneaks up behind them and uses the scepter. As the other Rangers are arriving, Goldar and the tongas leave.

"Are you guys alright?" Kim asked with concern.

"I'm alright." Tommy replied.

"I'm fine." Michael said. Billy, Adam, Kim, and Michael, Rocky, and Tommy returned to the Youth Center. Michael decided to get in some practice and was in the center of the mats. Tommy was watching while waiting patiently for his turn. Billy, Adam, and Kim stuck around to double check for any difference in behavior due to a spell.

Tommy began thinking, "Man, I wish I could clean his clock and get him to listen to reason."

"I heard that." Michael said telepathically. He stops his practice and goes over to Tommy. "Don't think you're better than me. I could kick your butt any day of the week. I could even do it blind folded and you know that." Michael challenged.

"Oh I'm so scared. Why don't you leave the hero business to the real hero's, you zero." Tommy retorted. Meanwhile, in Zedd's palace, Zedd was having a field day. For him it was like watching a comedy.

"I may have just improved the two of them. Their little fight will destroy them all!" He said malevolently and began to laugh. In the Youth Center, things are getting very ugly between the brothers.

"We'd better stop this." Billy commented when he looked up and saw the brothers in each others' face.

"Literally." Kim said.

Adam pulled Michael aside. "What is the matter with you? Why are you fighting your blood?" Adam asked with deep concern.

"Because he is a jerk." Michael replied hatefully.

"Don't you remember the happiness you felt when you found he was your brother? Don't you remember the great loneliness you felt before you found him? Adam asked while scolding him at the same time.

"Life was a lot better before I met him." Michael said coldly and loud enough for Tommy to hear.

"Same here." Tommy agreed as he heard Michael from across the room. All the people in the Youth Center, at the moment, were watching and listening to see if it got worse. Bulk and Skull walked in to see all of this going on. They went straight toward the center of events.

"So Michael, are you going to fight for your girl's honor?" Bulk asked.

"After what Tommy has been saying, I wouldn't be surprised one bit Bulky." Skull chimed in.

"Stay out of this guys." Billy warned. For once Bulk and Skull listened to Billy and walked out of the Youth Center.

"Kim, why don't you try talking to Michael and let me talk to Tommy. He doesn't want to listen to me." Adam said disheartened.

"Okay, and good-luck guys." Kim said.

"Same to you Kim." Adam returned.

"Look Kim, I have nothing against you. I just need to show Tommy that he can't always boss people around." Michael said calmly and loud enough for Tommy to hear as Kim took him to one side.

"Alright jerk, I've had enough of your cocky attitude, let's settle this right now." Tommy screamed.

"Guys, let's not resort to violence." Billy said trying to calm things down.

"He started it!" Michael said childishly.

"No, you started it the day you were born!" Tommy returned. They met at dead center on the mat.

"You may have the leadership abilities of the family, but I have the strength and speed. Without me, you would still be stuck in that horrible future." Michael said hatefully in Tommy's face.

We'll see who has the strength and speed when I mop the floor with your face!" Tommy was now buzzing mad. Just as they were about to trade Karate moves on each other, Billy and Adam get between them.

"How about Michael and I go for a walk." Kim suggested.

"Okay, but I have just one last thing I want to say to Tommy." Michael said with a sneer.

"What's that you little bullheaded jerk?" Tommy asked with a mean voice.

"I may be a sarcastic, fun-loving guy, but at least I don't need a major haircut!" Michael said knowing it would make Tommy angry. It took both Billy and Adam to hold Tommy back while Kim got Michael out of there.

"Some day, he is going to push me to far. Then he will give me a good reason to kill him." Tommy said coldly after Michael was gone. Lord Zedd noticed that Michael and Kim were walking alone in the park discussing why he and Tommy are fighting.

"Now that Michael and Kimberly are alone in the park, let's send down the tongas and capture them." Zedd commanded.

"So, Michael, why are you and Tommy fighting?" Kim asked.

"I hate him, he hates me, we're a sucky family." Michael said in a different variation of that song.

"But you're friends, you're more than friends, you're brothers." Kim said trying to talk some sense into him.

"Well, not anymo.." Michael was cut off by the tengu attack.

"Oh no! Tongas! We need Ninja Ranger Power now! What do you creeps want?" Kim seemed to say in the same sentence.

"We're doing what our master has ordered us to do." A tenga said. Lord Zedd was watching the battle and had called Goldar into the throne room.

"Goldar, take this wand and go down to Earth, then knock out the Kaleidoscopic Kim and that Maniac Michael. Then take them to the Other World and put them in my special chest." Lord Zedd commanded.

"Excellency, do you intend to drown them?" Goldar was bold and dumb enough to ask.

"Yes!" Zedd shouted.

"Why does Goldly get all the good assignments?" Rito asked.

"Because he can get my name right!" Zedd yelled at Rito.

Goldar appears in the park, in golden flames, as the Rangers are fighting. "Now to see to the end of you two." Goldar said with a sneer.

"What do you want Goldbutt?" Michael asked insultingly.

"I want to destroy you, traitor, but first I will settle for your pink friend." Goldar said malevolently. Goldar sends a energy blast from the wand at Kimberly.

"Kim, look out!" Michael screamed the warning in her direction.

"What?" She called back. The blast from the wand finally hit her and she whimpers as she hits the ground.

"Tie her up!" Goldar ordered two of the tongas.

"No!" Michael screams in defiance.

"Tongas, grab him so I can get a clear shot!" Goldar orders the rest of the tongas. The tongas do as ordered, but have trouble due to the fact that Michael is struggling.

"You'll never get away with this!" Michael yelled.

"To late, I already have." Goldar says before he blasts Michael with the wand. Back at the Youth Center, Billy and Adam are trying to talk some sense into Tommy.

"Tommy, what's wrong with you?" Billy asked trying to help his friend.

"He's always getting on my nerves." Tommy said hatefully before he passes out.

"That's no reason to fight." Adam commented to the unconscious Tommy. Adam's communicator beeps. They pick up Tommy and carry him to a bench just inside of the Youth Center. "We read you Zordon." Adam said.

"Teleport to the Command Center at once. Kimberly and Michael are in great danger." Zordon said in a serious tone.

"But shouldn't we go help them?" Billy asked.

"I'm afraid that they've already been captured." Zordon replied. When they get to the Command Center, and find Aisha already there.

"What's happened to Kim and Michael?" Aisha asked when she arrived.

"I don't think it's good because Tommy passed out just before Zordon called us." Billy said as he put Tommy on a medical bed.

"We can't pinpoint the exact location, but we do know that they are in the Other World." Zordon informed.

"We have no choice Zordon. We have to help them." Aisha stated. With those words, Tommy woke up and began to stand. No one knows that he severed his and Michael's link.

"I'm only helping Kimberly, not that blockheaded Michael." Tommy said maliciously. They morph and teleport to the Other World. At the same time, Goldar and some tongas are busy preparing the chest for the two Rangers. Michael is already in the chest.

"Put her in the chest." Goldar orders. Michael is still unconscious, not knowing what is about to happen. Kim awakes.

"What?, Where am I? Let me go you mangy buzzards!" Kim said as she began struggling.

"Zip your lip!" Goldar orders Kim.

"What are you going to do with us?" Kim asked.

"We're putting you two out of commission! Tongas, do as you were ordered, put her in the chest." Goldar said malevolently. With those words, Michael wakes up with one hell of a headache.

"What's going on?" Michael asked not realizing the situation.

"Like I told pinky, we're putting you two out of commission." Goldar said.

"You can't get away with this." Michael said quietly as the pain grew again.

"You want to bet? Tongas, close the lid." Goldar said maliciously.

"No! You can't!" Kim screamed as the lid closed.

"Now, throw it in the lake." Goldar ordered. Inside the chest, Michael and Kim can feel and hear them being picked up and moved.

"Do you hear that? Sounds like we're moving." Kim said.

"I wonder where they are taking us." Michael thought aloud. They hear a load splash as they are thrown into the lake.

"Oh no! They just threw us in the lake!" Kim began to panic.

"I had always hoped my special training would pay off some day, I just hope it will work now." Michael said as he began untying himself.

"The trunk is filling up with water!" Kim began shrieking.

"Just give me five minutes." Michael said calmly.

"We don't have five minutes!" Kim shrieked. Michael finishes untying the rope around his hands and feet, kicks open the chest, grabs Kim, and swims to the surface.

"That was to close." Kim says after coughing for a minute. Some tongas appear, flying over them, they knock Michael unconscious and take Kim to Goldar as Michael slowly sinks to the bottom of the lake. He appears to be dead, but is breathing through a pair of gills. "Let me go you stupid tongas!" Kim yells.

"You will be bait for your fellow Rangers." Goldar says.

"And what about Michael?" Kim asked knowing the answer.

"He's as good as dead." Goldar said hatefully.

"You're not going to get away with this!" Kim repeated what had already been said to many times.

"Quit saying that phrase. It is to late. We've already gotten away with it." Goldar stated. He ties her up to a post and disappears just as the other Rangers come from around a corner and see her tied up. They slowly and cautiously approach. When they get two feet from her, Goldar and the tongas jump out of their hiding places. They get between the Rangers and her.

"You'd better move if you know what's good for you." Tommy threatened.

"In the name of Lord Zedd and Empress Rita, we demand that you surrender your coins or we kill Kimberly." Goldar says maliciously. Tommy does a flip over to Kim and unties her.

"You want our coins, come and get them!" Tommy yells defiantly.

"Gladly." Goldar accepts. A battle erupts there and with several martial arts moves, the Rangers win. Goldar quickly teleports from there.

"We have to get Michael before it's to late." Kim says.

"You guys can go, but I'm going to stay right here where it is nice and dry." Tommy said coolly. This said, Kim walked over to Tommy, picked Tommy up, and threw him in the lake. "Hey Kim, what did you do that for?" Tommy asked with a confused expression on his face.

"Because you needed to cool off. You should not talk that way about your own brother. And quite frankly, I'm sick of hearing both of you talk that way. Now get off your butt and help us get Michael." Kim said viciously.

"Don't underestimate a woman's adrenaline rush." Adam warned.

"I hear you." Billy agreed. In Lord Zedd's palace, Zedd is not pleased with Goldar.

"Goldar, you have failed with your mission." Zedd said in an unusually calm voice that was more frightening than Michael Bolton singing or listening to polka.

"But master, I thought I did kill Michael." Goldar said.

"He's a mutant! He can breathe underwater!" Zedd shouted.

"Please forgive me master. I will not fail again." Goldar pleaded. In the Other World, the Rangers are looking in the water for Michael.

"Look how clear the water is. We can see clear to the bottom. I see him! What?! How is he able to breathe under all that?" Kim said in surprise.

"Think about it Kim. He can literally do anything he puts his mind to. And if he wants to breathe under water, then his mind will make it possible, especially to save his life." Tommy snidely remarked.

"Here he comes." Kim said.

"Oh, I see you brought Mr. Over-inflated ego with you." Michael cynically remarked.

"Well Mikie, why don't you tell them who saved your tail so many times when we were kids." Tommy bitterly remarked.

"I told you never to use that name Thomas!" Michael yelled at him.

"Don't call me Thomas!" Tommy yelled back.

"JUST KNOCK IT OFF! You two ought to feel very lucky to have each other. If you two aren't careful, you will end up killing each other. That's exactly what Zedd wants. Is that what you want?" Adam uncharacteristically yelled.

"No." They answered at the same time.

"Then I suggest you two work it out." Adam said in a much calmer voice.

Tommy and Michael looked at each other and memories flooded into their minds. It was like they were in some kind of trance. Tommy saw all the times Michael tried to teach him how to use his other senses to feel nature's energy and how Michael helped him when he got lost in the woods. Michael saw all the times that Tommy stopped bullies from beating him and taught him a little of what he knew in martial arts. When they were finished seeing these memories, the spell was broken.

"I'm sorry for calling you all those names and for saying all that stuff, Tom. I had no right." Michael apologized.

"No, I'm sorry Mike. If you want to go out with Sarah, despite the rumors, then that's none of my business." Tommy apologized. Apologies said, they hug to show they mean them.

"Okay, if the mushy-ness is over, let's get out of here." Rocky said. Then they teleport back to Angel Grove park and return to the Youth Center. The next day, Michael introduces Sarah to Tommy.

The End