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The Heir
by : Chasarae Albert

It was a month after Michael and Tommy had their first fight. Michael and Sarah had been going out for a full month and he had noticed this strange white cat following him. He picked up a strange aura that told him that the creature was evil in nature. Today, Michael was at his locker getting ready for a class when Sarah walks up to talk to him. He noticed that she looked very angry.

"What's wrong Sarah?" Michael asked innocently.

"I know your little secret. I'm going to make sure everyone knows." Sarah said hatefully.

"Tell everyone what, Sarah?" Michael asked, not sure what is going on.

"What, did you think I wouldn't find out that you're a freak of nature?" Sarah said raising her voice so everyone could hear. People began to stop walking and listen.

"I'm still human! You know I wouldn't harm a soul!" Michael screamed in rage. Tommy stop walking with the new students to listen and watch in the distance as this argument got worse.

"You should have told me! I want nothing to do with you! I never want to see you ever again!" Sarah yelled and stormed down the hall. The students sent an aura of hate straight at Michael and then continued walking. Michael looked over at the new girls and touched his temple as the pain of a memory that he had blocked made his head ache. He hadn't even realized that Tommy had walked over to him.

"What's wrong Mike?" Tommy asked seeing the pain on Michael's face and feeling it through their link.

"I don't know. Pretty weird, huh?" Michael replied to his brother.

"Yeah. We'd better get to class before we're late." Tommy said.

"This from Mr. I'm late all of the time." Michael joked. Lord Zedd was in his palace watching the events unfold.

"So they've finally found each other again, eh? It's time to try to bring young Michael back." Lord Zedd spoke maliciously as he saw a blonde about Michael's height with blue eyes, and pale skin watching Michael from a distance.

"Our feline friend could help." Rita suggested.

"Yes. I was thinking the same thing. Have the tengas attack her when he is alone. Make sure it is near his position. His instincts to save her shall be his downfall." Lord Zedd spoke maliciously and began laughing maniacally.

It was after school and Michael was in the park doing some thinking. "I don't get it. I know I know her, but who she is, I just can't figure out. Sarah hates me because I'm a mutant. What am I doing wrong?" Michael thought to himself. He approaches the scene where the new girl is being attacked by tengas. He uses the cover of some bushes and trees. "Ninja-Ranger Power!" He shouts. The Yin-Yang ninja appears. Michael begins attacking the tengas as the new girl hides behind a tree. "Yo tengas! Here's a trick you're really going to hate! Now you see me, now you don't!" Michael taunted and disappeared.

"Where'd he go?" A tenga asked. A second tenga is hit by the invisible Michael and it thinks the third tenga did it.

"Hey, why did you hit me?" It asked.

"I didn't." It answered. The tengas start fighting amongst themselves as a familiar voice calls out to them.

"You morons! He's standing right behind you!" A female voice yells. Michael is then forced to reappear and begins fighting the tengas again. The tengas were beaten shortly after and left. Michael saw no sign of the girl and went back to the Youth Center to think about what had transpired. As he jogs in, his mind is elsewhere, and he does not see the blonde standing there. He accidentally bumps into her and lands on his butt.

"Excuse me. I guess I wasn't watching where I was going. You're new around here aren't you?" Michael stated.

"Yes. My name is Katherine Hilliard. My friends call me Kat. What's your name?" She said in an Australian accent.

"My handle is Mike. Actually, my name is Michael, but my friends call me Mike." Michael stated, not sure what to say. After he calmed a little, he asked, "May I walk you to your destination?"

"Sure." She answered. They are walking through the park and talking, when tengas appear.

"Run Kat!" Michael orders. Kat runs and hides behind the bushes. The tengas beat, peck, and kick until they knock Michael unconscious and take him back to Lord Zedd. At the same time, Tommy collapsed to the floor as he feels a short stab of pain in his head. Adam and Rocky are there and they take Tommy to Zordon.

"What happened to Michael?" Rocky asked.

"He was ambushed by a bunch of tengas and knocked unconscious. He has been taken back to Lord Zedd's palace." Zordon answered.

"Is there anyway we can help him?" Tommy asked.

"No. I'm afraid that for the time, he will have to help himself." Zordon said coldly.

"Why?" Rocky asked sounding angry.

"Zedd is trying to make him evil again. He must do this on his own." Zordon said firmly. Meanwhile, Michael has awoken at Lord Zedd's feet.

"Finally awake are you?" Lord Zedd sounds smug. Michael leaps up as Kat holds him where he stands. "Kat, take him to a cell where he will be more comfortable. We can let him out when the spell regains control over him." Zedd snidely remarks.

"Spell? What spell?" Michael asks in bewilderment.

"The one that turned you to the dark side the first time.

"No! I'll never use my abilities for the use of evil again!" Michael screamed in rage.

"You don't have a choice. Remove him from my sight. Zedd commanded.

"Yes Lord Zedd." Kat obeyed. While they are walking down a corridor, Michael starts trying to talk some sense into Kat.

"Why are you working for Lord Zedd?" Michael asked.

"Because Rita is my keeper and Zedd runs the palace." Kat answered coldly.

"You're half human, you have the same abilities and skills I do, maybe more. You know you're not evil and you know you don't like what you see yourself doing. So why don't you use your abilities and remove the spell?" Michael stated as he began to remember what they were to each other.

"You lie. Now, get in there before I do something I'll regret later." Kat ordered coldly. Her eyes glow as her good side tries to take control again and the spells stops it. She doesn't realize that Michael saw it and knows his speech is working.

"Fight it Kat. You know you're good inside." Michael said pleadingly.

"I'm evil and I've always been evil." Kat said with a sneer. She leaves him locked in the cell and returns to the throne room. Michael begins to feel the effect of the spell's return.

"No, can't become evil. I must not." Michael murmured to himself. Michael begins to struggle as the spell becomes stronger and takes control of him. Just then, a silver ranger teleported in and unlocked the door. She grabbed Michael, knocks him out, and teleported him to the Command Center. When they see Michael, Zordon looks at Michael and sees that he is evil.

"We must place a force field around him now." Zordon said.

"Why?" Adam asks.

"We do not know if Michael is under a spell. We must take the necessary precaution. If we don't and he is under a spell, then it will spell disaster for all of us." Zordon said sternly.

"I understand." Adam said sounding depressed at the sound of locking his best friend up.

"Activating force field now." Alpha confirmed. Michael awoke behind the force field with a look of bewilderment on his face.

"Why am I behind this force field?" Michael asked sounding confused.

"Running scan now." Alpha said ignoring his question.

"Answer The Question Tin-Man!" Michael demanded in rage.

"He is still evil. A dose of good memories should do the trick." Alpha states. Michael is bombarded with a light that causes him to remember only the good in himself. During this, he collapses for the second time. When he is awake, he is good again.

"Who hit me with thirty megatons of nuclear waste?" Michael asked.

"I did. You were misbehaving and I had to put you in your place." Kim said sharply.

"Smart ass." Michael murmured.

"That's right, I am smart." Kim retorted.

"Knock it off you two. I have to much of a headache to deal with you." Tommy stated.

"Yes mother." Michael said sarcastically.

"How peculiar." Alpha said.

"What?" Michael asked.

"You have a telepathic connection with a female that is in the palace right now." Alpha said.

"Where is she now?" Michael asked.

"She is in the Youth Center." Alpha responded.

"Can you send me there now?" Michael pleaded.

"Teleporting now." Alpha said. Once he arrived in the Youth Center, Michael once again bumps into Kat.

"I'm glad I bumped into you again. You see, yesterday my girlfriend dumped me for what I could do. Well, I was wondering if you would like to go on a date sometime." Michael said in a low voice.

"Sure. Just tell me when and where. Here's my number. Call me." Kat said with a smile.

"I will." Michael answered while gazing in her eyes longing for her to kiss him. She put her lips on his and began to kiss him. When it was over and she had left, Michael began to think. "Wow. We really have a telepathic connection. There is no way she could have known that I wanted to kiss her." Michael walked out the door. That night, it was reported on the news that a lion had escaped the zoo.

It was the next day, and Rocky was attending one of Kim's last minute picnics when he heard a lion's roar. It was then that they remembered hearing the news report about an escaped lion. They each picked a direction and began running. For some reason, the lion began chasing Rocky. He tried everything to get away, but the lion would not stop chasing him. Finally, he was tackled to the ground. The lion sank his teeth into Rocky's stomach and began ripping him into a bloody mess. Michael, sensing his friend was in danger, teleported to Rocky's position and begins firing a few bolts of lightning at the lion.

The lion quickly moved away from Rocky and laid down on the grass beside Rocky. Michael picks up Rocky and sends him to the Command Center. Then he sends the lion back to the zoo. Upon teleporting to the Command Center, he calls the others and has them come to the Command Center.

"What happened?" Tommy asked as he assumed the role of leader.

"Rocky got mauled by the lion." Michael said plainly.

"Scan complete. There is nothing we can do for him." Zordon said sadly.

"I'm sorry Rangers. He's lost to much blood." Alpha said with a sad tone.

"Wait Zordon. Maybe I can do something." Michael said hopefully. Kim knows what Michael is going to try and how dangerous for him it will be.

"Are you sure you want to do this Michael? You could be killed." Kim said with worry.

"Didn't know you cared." Michael said snidely.

"I don't. But if you die, you'll take Tommy with you." Kim returned. Michael went over to Rocky's medical bed and placed one of his hands on the left temple and another of his hands on the right temple. He closed his eyes and began to heal Rocky. He had to stop moments later, leaving the wounds unchanged.

"I can't do it without rearranging his DNA. He has to become a mutant or he'll die." Michael said in between gasps.

"Do it Michael, and be careful bro." Tommy said hiding the fact that he felt exhausted. As soon as it was complete and the wounds were healed, Michael fell to the floor. He was still conscious as Tommy sat on the floor. "You okay bro.?" Tommy asked as the exhausted overtook the two of them.

"Yeah. It just takes a lot out of a guy. A day's rest and I'll be fine." Michael said. Rocky tried to sit up, but couldn't because he was still to weak.

"Where's the lion and who hit me with the train?" Rocky asked.

"The lion is back at the zoo." Michael said.

"There's good news and bad news." Adam said.

"What's the good news?" Rocky asked.

"Michael was able to heal your wounds." Kim said.

"What's the bad news?" Rocky asked.

"Welcome to the world of mutants." Michael simply replied.

"You mean I have powers? Cool! What's my power?" Rocky said obviously excited.

"We won't know until two days from now. Whatever power chooses you is the power you get, so don't be disappointed." Michael said calmly. They return to finish their picnic. They do not realize that what had happened to Rocky would start a set of chain events that would forever change their lives. That same day, they decided to have a race. It was Michael versus Tommy when it began. When they heard the word go, Tommy took off in a blur and did a speed almost faster than light. When Tommy had stopped a few feet away, he had a look of confusion on his face.

"What the hell just happened?" Tommy asked as soon as he returned to where they were all standing. There was a look of disbelief on everyone's face except Michael's.

"I do believe that you just underwent a mutation." Michael simply stated.

"Can this day get any stranger?" Tommy asked. As they packed up the picnic, they each began to wonder if anything else would happen. Kim is in her car driving home when she reaches the intersection of Angel Grove Highway and Angel's Crossing. She had the green, but did not see the car on Angel Grove Highway not slowing and about to run the red light.

Michael was the driver and was not paying attention. He did not see the red light until the car he hit was flipping several times. Michael was luckily thrown from his car as it began to do its own flips. Somehow, Michael had miraculously received no injuries. Kim wasn't so lucky. She was laying half way outside of her car and half way inside. She was a bloody mess. He rode in the ambulance with her so they could make sure he wasn't hurt. Everyone soon found out that Kim had internal bleeding all over her body, including her head. She was expected to die. Michael was beside himself with grief.

It had taken ten hours to get the doctors to leave Kim alone and for Michael to figure out what to do. Later that night, as darkness engulfed her room and long after visiting hours were over, Michael stepped out of the shadows and into the room through teleportation. "It's my fault, so I'm going to undo this mess. I'll heal her, then leave. That way, everyone will think she did it on her own via miracle." Michael thought.

He put his hands around her skull where her temples were and began to heal her. In the middle of the process, he noticed that his body was struggling. He would have to stop soon or risk passing out and then his possible death. When he finished, Kim awoke and saw him. "OOPS." Was all he could say before he a psyhonic blast threw him into the wall.

"What the hell?" Kim asked about to panic.

"I deserved that." Michael said painfully.

"What the hell did you do to me and where the hell am I?" Kim began yelling at him.

"I see one thing I should not have healed." Michael said snidely when he had picked himself up and off the wall.

"You wanna repeat that after what I just did? Answer my questions dam it." Kim practically shouted.

"I healed you and in the process, your DNA got rearranged accidentally. I'm really sorry, mainly because of that psyhonic blast you gave me in return." Michael said in a low voice.

"You should be sorry after I told you to never use your healing powers on me." Kim remarked snidely. "To answer your second question, Kim, you're in the hospital. And before you ask why, it's my fault and I'm really sorry." Michael said nervously.

"I remember driving and something crashed into my…….wait a minute, was that you?" Kim asked as her tone changed. Michael nodded his head grimly. "Oh you are so dead when I get out of this bed." Kim said.

She began trying to get out of the bed, but failed miserably. "Oh please. I'm not stupid. I knew to heal to heal your majors, but I also knew that your minors would weaken you. So I only healed your major wounds. That way, if you wanted to kill me, you wouldn't have the strength." Michael explained. Suddenly, a doctor walks in.

"What the hell are you doing here? It's past visiting hours." The doctor said. Before Michael could reply, the doctor notices Kim awake. "It's a miracle!" He shouted. Michael sneaks out while he can. The next day, everyone gathered in Kim's room to talk about events.

"It's to weird. It's almost as if the universe is playing a huge joke on us." Tommy said.

"Not a joke, bro., it's more like it's bestowing a gift upon us." Michael said.

"Well, if I was first, Tommy second, and Kim was the third, who does that leave?" Rocky asked.

"Don't look at me." Adam and Aisha said at the same time.

"It would fit the pattern. We're all Power Rangers and we all hang around Michael. I say it's his fault. Let's kill him." Kim teased.

"Don't do that." Michael returned.

"Come on you guys, let's let Kim sleep." Adam said. Everyone but Tommy left. Later that night, Adam was dreaming about a house on fire. He was running somewhere. He couldn't escape the fire. He saw a woman and ran into a burning house. He found an unconscious little boy and carried him out. There were no burns of any kind found on him. Then he saw Lord Zedd's palace towering over him and he began running from all of these creatures but couldn't get away. Right when they were about to tear him apart, he awoke with a start. He found that he was freezing cold. He pulled on another of his blankets and went back to sleep as he dismissed the dream.

Later that day, Adam was out for a walk. He smells something and sees smoke rising. He begins to run, not knowing why he feels the need to be there. When he got there, he saw a mother bursting into tears and two firemen holding her back.

"What's wrong?" Adam asked the fireman.

"Her son's trapped in there and it's to dangerous for us to go in." The fireman answered. Adam quickly remembered what had happened to Michael and all the pain it caused. He looked at the mother and dashed into the burning house before anyone could stop him. Two minutes later, Adam came out, holding an unconscious, but alive little boy.

"How did you get through that wall of fire without being burned?" the fireman asked.

"I don't know." Adam answered. Adam left the scene and ran to the Youth Center. He quickly found Michael and told him what happened.

"What a wonderful gift, the ability to not be harmed by fire, I wouldn't be surprised if you could conjure it as well." Michael said.

At the Angel Grove hospital, where Kim had stayed after the accident, the security personnel are going over the tapes trying to figure out how Michael got in there. The tape showed a flash of light and suddenly, Michael appeared. What they saw next was Michael taking Kim's head with his hands resting on her forehead and back of her head. Then they see him fly into the wall as Kim began to show signs that she was fifty percent healed. They called the doctor in and showed him the tape. The doctor then called the Mutant Control.

In the Youth Center, Michael was explaining the dangers of being a mutant to Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Kim. "There's a group that calls themselves the Mutant Control. They have federal authority to seize the one's in question that are mutant and accused of a crime. Basically, they're cops specially trained and armed to 'deal' with a mutant. Because we are believed to be not human, we have no rights. They can basically do whatever the hell they want. They can be anyone or anywhere and show up from out of nowhere to arrest you, beat you, kill you, etc." Michael said.

"Why are you explaining this to me?" Aisha asked.

"Because I think you will mutate soon." Michael said. At the Angel Grove hospital, the Mutant Control showed up to talk to the doctor.

"Can we see the tape?" One of them asked.

"Certainly, this way." The doctor said.

"I'm Lieutenant Hilliard and this is Sergeant Tong." Lieutenant Hilliard said. After viewing the tape, the Lieutenant had them pause where Michael had appeared in the room. "That's the Prince of all Mutants." He stated plainly.

"That's his code name. His real name is Michael Oliver. He's a level ten, the most powerful level known. He's capable of healing, teleporting, telepathy, and he's the best damn seer I've ever seen. We don't know what else he's capable of, but those are his most known and used. This Kimberly Hart, did she have any other visitors other than him?" Sergeant Tong asked.

"We don't know them, but we did get them on tape." The doctor said. As soon as they recorded the faces into a small device they carried with them, called a finder, they left to locate all of them. Their finder brought them to the Youth Center where they were found in a whole group.

Speaking in a walkie-talkie, Sergeant Tong said, "We need back up and a van." They waited until the band dispersed and then went to where Michael was sitting.

"Hello Mutant Prince." Lieutenant Hilliard said.

"Hello Lieutenant Hilliard, hello Sergeant Tong." Michael said.

"Why did you heal Kimberly Hart?" Lt. Hilliard asked.

"Because she is my friend and she was going to die. I had to help her." Michael replied.

"Do you understand what this means for her? Do you understand what you have done?" Lt. Hilliard asked sounding hostile.

"Yes. I understand all to well." Michael mumbled.

"Better come with us. You are in violation of mutant law. You and I know that current mutants are not allowed to use your powers for any reason or create a new mutant while using your power. If you cooperate, we might not rough you up this time." Lt. Hilliard said. The trio left and Michael was placed in a holding van. It wasn't long before the others began to join him. Aisha was the only one missing.

They were catching up to her as she walked. She could somehow sense she was in danger. Finally, two of the Mutant Control grabbed her and tried to take her to the van. She began screaming and struggling as if that would help. Then she received her power. All she did was grab one of their arms and squeezed. She crushed the bone and wasn't even trying or squeezing hard. The man collapsed in pain. Then she ran like hell. The others returned to the van and left the scene with an APB for Aisha Campbell.

The van reached a research facility and threw their captives into separate cages. They found themselves wearing these strange collars. Michael was the first to discover what the side effects of the collars were. Michael grabbed the bars and received a shock. "That shouldn't have happened. I should not have been repelled and shocked. I should have been a conduit for the electrical pathway." Michael mumbled to himself.

"How'd you like the little surprise you received, freak?" An MC asked.

"Stuff it mutant killer." Michael replied boldly.

"Keep that up and we'll do something to your brother." He said. Michael sat down and began to think about how he would get out. Then David walked into the holding area.

"Hello Michael. I'm your older brother. Do you remember me? I remember you." David said snidely.

"Unfortunately, I do remember you. You're the back stabber of the family. Ever since we were little, you would help my tormentors beat the shit out of me. Tommy probably does not remember you, but I do. So what game are you playing this time?" Michael asked snidely.

"Shut off the electrical field on this cell." David ordered. When it was off, David reached through the bars and grabbed Michael's throat. No on realized that David had given Michael a hair pin to pick the lock. "You listen to me you scrony pips-squeak. I know you're afraid of the dark and that you couldn't pick a lock and make it through the lab if you used the window that's always opened. So why don't you surrender?" David said in a low whisper.

Michael realized that this was a clue as to how to escape and that his older brother was trying to help him. David let go of Michael's throat and had the field turned on. Then he left. Michael took David's advice and waited until dark to begin the work. He picked the lock on his collar and reached through the bars to open his door. He turned invisible and quietly took the keys while the guard slept. He freed everyone and escaped the way David described. They returned to their homes. The next day, they met Aisha at the Youth Center. Michael and Tommy were at the punching bag, Aisha, Kim, and Kat were at a table, and Adam and Rocky were spring. Then David walked into the room. Michael froze in his tracks David walked over to Michael.

"Don't worry. They won't be hunting you down. They were testing to see what you would do if you were captured. When I heard that they were mutant killers, I tried to quit, but they put a gun to my head and forced me to remain. I came into my mutant power over a week ago. I sometimes freeze things when I touch them." David said.

"That explains why Adam won't go near you." Michael said. They spent the day talking as Tommy found out that he and Michael had an older brother. Later that day, Lord Zedd and Rita are discussing a rather important issue.

"It's a good thing I had that affair with Michael's mother. He can now be trained to take my place when I expire." Lord Zedd said.

"Yeah, a good thing for you. I still prefer Darkside. He is still the first born and the nastiest of your children." Rita spat.

"He doesn't remember a thing because the Rangers broke the spell on him. The spell automatically blotted out the memory." Zedd grumbled.

"So what are you going to do about it, Zeddie?" Rita asked.

"Is that cat of yours still under that spell?" Zedd asked.

"Yes, she's been laying low and keeping her distance from Michael. No one knows she is still under that spell." Rita said.

"Good. Get her in here." Zedd commanded.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty." Rita called. Kat appeared in a swirl of light before her empress.

"You called empress?" Kat asked.

"Go, capture Kimberly, and use her to make Michael remember who he is. Then bring him back here as soon as his dark side takes over." Lord Zedd instructed.

"Yes emperor." Kat said. She goes down to Earth to do as she is told. Michael and Tommy are helping Kim move her furniture around.

"I'm so glad you guys decided to help me move my furniture around.

"Sure, no problem. I had nothing better to do today anyway." Michael said.

"No kidding." Tommy said.

"How about we take a small break?" Kim suggested. "Okay." Michael and Tommy said at the same time. Kim and Tommy go to get a couple of drinks from the kitchen. Michael began looking at the closet space and found a door. He went through that door and found the attic. He sat down in the attic and had a vision of a different appearance of himself. He screams and runs back down. He bumps into Tommy as he comes into the room to see what all the screaming is about.

"What are you screaming about?" Tommy asked.

"I saw myself as one of Lord Zedd's monsters." Michael replied.

"Good reason to be screaming." Tommy agreed. It was then that PC strutted in. PC was Kat as a cat. "Well hey there PC." Tommy said. Michael's eyes began glowing and Tommy had to hold him back. "What's wrong with you Mike? It's just a cat." Tommy said.

"That isn't what I see. I see Kat under an evil spell." Michael stated with a growl. Then Kat changed shape.

"What the hell?!" Tommy almost yelled. Kat used her claws and knocked Tommy out. Kim rushed in, sensing something wrong, and Kat tied her up.

"Well, well, well. It appears we meet again. Do you remember that you are the heir to Zedd's throne? You are a very evil boy." Kat purrs.

"No, I'm not." Michael stated coldly. The ring and medallion Michael has worn since he was a child began glowing.

"Then how do you explain you letting your mother die when you knew it would happen." Kat stated coldly.

"I didn't let her die. I was only ten years old when she died. I did all I could." Michael began crying.

"You were still a very powerful ten year old." Kat said.

"I was not." Michael sent back.

"What about your human father? Did he not give everything to Tommy and David? You were left with nothing." Kat spat.

"That's not true." Michael said.

"Maybe a jolt from Zedd will remind you. Okay, now." Kat said. Michael is hit by a bolt of lightning from Zedd's staff and for a moment, he is levitating off the floor. When he returns to the floor, he goes through something similar to nightmares. When he awakes, he is evil.

"Look, Kim is really hurt. What do you think of that? Go ahead, I know you want to laugh." Kat said. Michael begins to laugh evilly. "There, you see, you are evil. Now, lets go home." Kat said as they teleport to Zedd's throne room.

"Good work Kat. Welcome home my son. Goldar, take him to his room so he may rest. He looks tired right now." Zedd greeted.

"Yes Lord Zedd. Come, old friend, let me take you to your room." Goldar said.

"Come to think of it, you should get your sleep too, kitty." Rita said.

"Yes empress." Kat said. Back on Earth, the whole gang walked through the park slowly, listening to Kim's story.

"Next thing I know, Michael is laughing at me and they're gone. The whole thing is weird." Kim explained.

"You mean to tell me that we might have to deal with an evil Michael again?" Adam asked.

"It's a good possibility." Kim replied. In Lord Zedd's palace, Michael and Kat have awakened and are standing outside the throne room.

"I'm glad he's back on our side." Goldar said.

"Yeah, I was tired of him kicking my butt." Rito said. Just then, Zedd hears them snickering.

"Michael and Kat, I know the two of you are out there, so get in here." Zedd commanded. They rush in.

"I want the two of you to kill all of the Rangers, except Tommy and Kimberly. You may do with them as you wish." Zedd ordered.

"It shall be done." They said. In Angel Grove, Michael is morphed and Kat has become a cat monster. "Here, Rangers, Rangers, Rangers." Michael said sounding like a retard. If he wasn't wearing his helmet, you could see his evil smile.

"Where are those Ranger mice?" Kat chimed.

"I don't know, but I bet if we trash the place, we'll get their attention." Michael said.

"Good idea. Let's do it." Kat agreed. The alarms go off in the Command Center.

"It is as I feared. Michael has rejoined the dark side and has begun destroying Angel Grove. Tell the Rangers that it is imperative that he be stopped. In the wrong hands, his power could destroy a whole system of worlds." Zordon said. The Rangers receive the message and morph to the area. Deep in the park, Michael sees them coming.

"It worked! Finally, we can finish this." Michael sneered.

"I will take Rocky, Adam, and Aisha." Kat said.

"And I'll take what's left." Michael said.

"This won't solve anything Michael." Tommy said.

"Yes it will. It will prove who's stronger." Michael spat.

"He won't listen Tommy. He just wants a fight." Billy said. At that point, Michael uses his wrist blades to first cut through the suit and then to slice Billy open. Billy drops to the ground and uses his left over strength to teleport to the Command Center. Tommy launches an attack on Michael, but gets knocked into a force field before he can do anything.

"Tommy! How could you do that to your own brother!? He'll run out of air in that thing!" Kim yelled.

"Everyone always liked him better!" Michael shouted.

"Listen to me! Zedd has brainwashed you! Let us help you!" Kim yelled.

"Never!" Michael yelled. With one stroke, Michael knocks Kim out as Kat finished the others They grab Tommy and Kim and return to the palace.

"Well done, both of you." Zedd congratulated.

"Thank you my lord." They said. Then Goldar and Rito took the prisoners to their cells to be locked up.

"You two are dismissed." Zedd said. Michael and Kat went to the cells to torment Tommy and Kim whom had awakened. Tommy and Kim saw only Michael at first.

"What do you want traitor?" Tommy snapped.

"Whatever my master wants." Michael responded.

"Why don't you and your harlot go back to your masters?" Kim snapped.

"Be nice. That harlot, as you so nicely put it, is standing in the doorway." Michael returned.

"So?" Kim remarked. Michael zaps her until she is out cold again.

"Leave her alone!" Tommy yelled. Lord Zedd appears.

"Fun's over. Leave now." Zedd commanded. They teleport to their personal quarters.

"What do you want Zedd?" Tommy attempts to bite his head off.

"The two of you are going to be their servants." Zedd stated.

"In your dreams." Tommy replied snidely.

"My dream is about to become your nightmare, you witless White Ranger." Lord Zedd said. He begins to zap Tommy and Kimberly. They struggle only for a short time. After the transformation is complete, the chains fall away. They rush off to receive instructions from Michael and Kat. Lord Zedd leaves to talk to Rita.

"I think I shall see what Zedd and Rita are up to." Kat said as she turned into PC and goes to the throne room. She hears some rather unpleasant news. "They're only using us, they're thinking of killing us." Kat thought. When Kat returns to Michael, she becomes human again, and finds the spell gone. Kat grabs Kim and teleports to Earth. Michael senses something wrong and teleports after her. They end up outside the Youth Center.

"Listen to me Kim. I release you from the spell. You are free to make your own decisions." Kat said. She sees Michael teleport in. "Run Kim!" She yelled. Sensing the danger, Kim takes off. Kat returns to the palace, grabs Tommy, sends him to the Command Center, and then teleports to Australia where Michael soon joins her.

"Do you see the beauty that Zedd wants you to destroy? Do you see the good in yourself, not the evil? Do you see that Zedd is only using you?" Kat asked trying to undo the damage.

"You lie." Michael said. As he tries to leave, Kat grabs a hold of his arm. He doesn't struggle, worried that he'll hurt her. "Let go." He ordered her.

"Not until you see the truth." Kat said. He caught her off guard and knocked her on her own butt. He runs towards the mountains, good memories flood his mind and he willed the spell off.

"Kat? What have I done?" He asked himself feeling the shame. She teleported in behind him.

"It wasn't your fault. Let's go to Angel Grove." She said. When they returned, everyone but Kim greets them. Even though they apologized, Kim holds a grudge and cannot forgive them. The following week, there was a blood drive at the school. Tommy, Michael, Adam, Aisha, Kim, and Rocky are standing in the line for mutants, while Billy stands in line for humans. They felt it was a good way to give something back to the world. As soon as they were done, they left to go have lunch.

"I don't think I can each much after they made us eat all of those cookies." Michael said sounding stuffed.

"I know. I think I put on a little extra weight due to that." Kat said.

"I think it will take a lot of exercise to get rid of this weight." Kim said.

"What weight? It doesn't look like you've gained a single pound." Tommy said.

"That's sweet." Kim said.

"So is what they made us eat." Michael smarted off.

"I'm just glad the needle part is over." Adam said.

"Me too, but knowing that someone will benefit from this is a good feeling." Billy said.

"I just want to eat lunch." Rocky chimed in.

"You always want to eat, Rock man. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going for a walk. Anyone want to join me?" Michael said.

"I think I'll join you." Kat said.

"Nah. I'm going to the Youth Center to eat lunch." Tommy said as everyone agreed.

"Okay, catch you later." Michael said as he and Kat begin walking. They were walking around the lake when they find Goldar standing in front of them.

"What do you want Gold-moron?" Michael said as he falls into a protective stance in front of Kat.

"Lord Zedd wishes to see you traitors. You can go the easy way or the hard way." Goldar said.

"We're not going anywhere." Michael snapped. Goldar pulls out a knife tainted with a chemical.

"Suit yourself." Goldar stated. He shoots a laser aimed at Kat, through his eyes, when Michael pushes her out of the way and falls to the ground due to the blast. He turns to Kat.

"Come with me. I know where we can be safe for a while." Michael said.

"Where?" She asked.

"Just hang on!" Michael said as he jumped in the water with her in his arms. She stops struggling as he puts his lips on hers and blows in oxygen. He uses his telepathy to talk to her. "Trust me. I have gills that let me breathe under water. I will supply oxygen for you as long as I can." Michael told her.

"What happens when you can't?" Kat asked telepathically.

"Then I send you to the Command Center." Michael answered. Goldar somehow finds them, reaches under the water, grabs Michael, brings him to the surface, and stabs him in the gills with the knife. He lets go and watches as Michael sinks while Michael grabs at his gills trying to get the chemical out. Kat swims to him as he is sinking to try and help, but instead, is teleported to the Command Center.

In the Command Center, Zordon and Alpha are trying to deal with a frantic Kat. "Can't you help him Zordon?" Kat pleaded.

"I believe we can teleport him to shore, but we'll have to send the Rangers to retrieve him." Zordon replied.

"Aye-yai-yai-yai! He's already lost to much blood." Alpha cried. In the Youth Center, Tommy and the others are watching Rocky eat. Tommy suddenly feels a pain in his neck.

"I don't know why, but suddenly the side of my neck is hurting." Tommy stated.

"Let me see. Oh, Tommy the side of your neck is blood red. Tell me, does it hurt when I do this?" Kim stated.

"Ouch." Tommy said.

"Sorry. What do you think could have caused this?" Kim asked. The communicator begins beeping.

"Yes Zordon, we read you." Tommy said.

"Go to the lake immediately. Your brother is in grave danger." Zordon said.

"We're on it." Tommy said. They teleport to the lake and find a semiconscious Michael laying on the ground still bleeding. Tommy was still wondering why he wasn't in a similar state.

"No!" Tommy yelled as Billy, Adam, Rocky, and Kim hold him back as he calms down. "Okay, okay, I'm calm." Tommy said. He suddenly feels dizzy and his vision is blurry.

"Tommy, are you all right?" Kim asked sounding worried. They see that Michael is now unconscious.

"I don't know. I'm feeling a little dizzy." Tommy said before he blacked out and fell to the ground.

"Tommy! Come on, wake up!" Kim began yelling.

"It's no use Kim. They're out cold." Adam said sounding calm.

"There may be a way to help them if we can get them to the Command Center." Billy said.

"Hey, no problem, we just teleport." Rocky said trying to cheer everyone up. As they arrive in the Command Center, they see Kat standing there looking upset. Michael and Tommy were laying on the floor. Kat knelt down next to Michael and began to cry.

"This is all my fault." She said between sobs.

"No it isn't. There was nothing you could do." Adam said soothingly.

"You don't understand. Goldar was after me. He was only trying to protect me." Kat said.

"It is still not your fault. Kim, I think you and Kat should go for a walk. I think it might clear your minds." Billy suggested.

"Okay, come on Kat." Kim said. As they leave, Billy and Alpha begin to run a scan to see what's wrong.

"The scanner shows that something is keeping Michael from healing himself." Alpha said.

"You mean there was something on the knife." Billy said sounding calm, but very surprised.

"So there is nothing we can do without an antidote." Adam said. While Kim and Kat were walking, they run into Goldar and the tengas. "Ninja-Ranger power!" Kim shouted and became the pink ninja.

"Come with us quietly Katherine or your boyfriend will never get the antidote he needs to heal his wound." Goldar says with a sneer.

"First give the antidote to Kim." Kat said.

"Okay, catch." Goldar said.

"No!" Kim said as she catches it before it hits the ground.

"Nice catch." Goldar said as he grabs Kat. Then he disappears with her as Kim teleports to the Command Center.

"Goldar has Kat, but we have the antidote." Kim said.

"I'll give it to him right away." Alpha said. After two minutes, the wound on Michael's neck disappears and he sits up, disoriented as to where he is.

"Whoa, take it easy you two." Kim said.

"Zedd and Rita have Kat, don't they?" Michael asked.

"Did you read my mind without permission?" Kim asked angrily.

"The thought was there when I woke up." Michael said. Then he stood up and teleported. In Lord Zedd's palace, Zedd and Rita are about to make Kat evil.

"So we have you back here at last. We have plans for you." Zedd said.

"No, I won't do anything for you." Kat shouted.

"But you all ready have. In that antidote is a magical subliminal spell with an encoded message. It states that we are going to turn you evil again." Rita said with a vicious smile on her face.

"No! Let me out of here!" Kat screamed in her cage.

"No way kitty Kat." Rita taunted.

"Don't call me that!" Kat shouted. Rita used her wand on Kat to make her evil. She let out an ear piercing scream, but changed to a sinister laugh as the spell took over. Michael teleported into another part of the palace.

"Kat! Kat! Where are you?" Michael began screaming frantically.

"Over here Mikie." Kat said sounding calm.

"Are you okay?" Michael asked as soon as he reached her.

"Yes, I'm fine." Kat answered.

"Let's get out of here before old chrome dome finds us." Michael said as he opened the cage and let her out.

"Actually, they're all ready here." Kat said with a smile. Zedd and Rita step out of the shadows and Michael takes a couple of steps back. He trips over his own two feet and stays on the floor crawling away.

"Welcome back, young Michael." Zedd said with an evil laugh.

"I don't want anything to do with you, Lord Zedd." Michael said hatefully.

"To bad. You are my son and someday, you shall rule in my place. You must begin your training now." Lord Zedd said. He used his staff to cast a spell over Michael. As he felt the good slipping away, he let out a howl in pain. "Are you ready to join the dark side?" Zedd asked.

"Never. I will never turn on my brother and friends again." Michael answered weakly.

"Then I will kill the goodness in you." Zedd said. As Lord Zedd begins to zap Michael once again, Kat watches on smiling about the pain it is causing him. Then the spell on her suddenly breaks. She grabbed the staff and pointed it away from Michael. As soon as she could get to Michael, they teleported out. As they land in the Command Center, Alpha begins to freak out.

"Can you help him?" Kat asked.

"We must put a force field around him. He may have absorbed to much evil energy." Zordon says.

As Kat sits down next to him, she says, "Then put one around me too. I was under a spell when he arrived."

"Very well. Alpha, do as she asks." Zordon said. As the force field is put in place, Michael awakes and slowly tries to sit up.

"No, don't get up. You need to rest. Zedd really hurt you. That last blast would have killed you had I not......." Kat said as her last sentence was silenced with a passionate kiss from Michael. They never saw a flash of white and the appearance of the young woman that arrived in the Command Center.

"Greetings. Am I to be bidden welcome?" She asked.

"Dimetria, it's so good to see you again. What brings you here?" Zordon said.

"Is the answer not that Divatox has been seen heading this way? Have you scanners not picked her up yet?" Dimetria asked.

"I thought Divatox had no interest in this galaxy." Michael muttered.

"Do you know Divatox? May I ask who you are?" Dimetria asked.

"I am Michael, son of Lord Zedd. You don't know what she can do. Do not misjudge her capabilities. She can be quite a bother. You don't know what you're up against." Michael replied. Memories of being tutored by Divatox when he was in a gang in New York began flooding his mind. It was just before he had come to Angel Grove. He knew he would need to strengthen himself for what was to come, but he also knew he couldn't. It was because his soul was constantly at war within himself. Even with his good side in control, he never knew when his dark side would take over. The time for getting jobs was drawing near, and he had no job that would take a mutant. He just didn't know what to do with his life. All he knew at the moment was that he would be spending the summer working on his skills to catch up with everyone.

"Michael, what do you think about your future as a Ranger? Do you think you could become stronger?" Dimetria asked.

"I don't know. My soul is constantly at war inside of me. It's like something is holding me back." Michael replied.

"Do you know how confused and unfocused you are? Do you also know how cocky you are? Do you know how to balance your soul? If not, can you learn how? Will you let your dilemma of being unfocused and let it be your weakness?" Dimetria asked.

"I don't know." Michael said.

"Can you try talking to your darker half through meditation? Can you convince it to stop its evil way?" Dimetria probed.

"I can try. I'm not sure he will listen." Michael answered.

"Will the others please leave until summoned? Can we have peace and quiet for this to work? Michael, will you stay here? Will you accept a wish of luck and stay here for safety?" Dimetria asked.

"Rangers, Dimetria knows what she is doing. I will call you when we're finished." Zordon said. Michael sat down on the floor and began preparations to go into meditation. He was in a quiet corner and he quickly slipped into a deep meditation. He saw himself split apart and immediately he knew that his darker half would seize the opportunity to try and take control.

"I hear you need me to do something for you. Well forget it. I don't care." Dark Michael said.

"Okay, but you'll miss the opportunity to become stronger." Light Michael said.

"Wait! Let's hear it." Dark Michael said.

"You can get stronger, but you must do one thing." Light Michael said.

"What?" Dark Michael asked.

"You must coexist with me peacefully and work with me. Together we'll be stronger than when we were on our own. In return, you'll receive whatever you want. We'll both be at peace. How does that sound?" Light Michael said.

"I think it sounds pretty crappy, but the idea of getting all that I wanted is very appealing. You have yourself a deal." Dark Michael said.

"Great. Then let's rejoin and become stronger." Light Michael said. Michael's soul becomes whole again and his body glows with a blinding white light. Alpha took a couple of steps back as the new Michael formed. There were metal cuffs on his wrists that he would use as morphers and a band around his head to show his nobility. At his feet, boots appeared with a cape and a sword belt. Then a vest appeared on his upper torso to cover his muscles and allow the Yin-Yang crystal to show proudly. His pants changed to baggy leggings that looked almost like a ninja's leggings. Then Michael put on the cape and sword belt with the boots going on last. At that, Michael's princely transformation was completed and he was ready for the next step.

"How did it go? Did it go well?" Dimetria asked.

"Surprisingly yes." Michael answered.

"Have you ever heard of the cave of destiny and the sword of wisdom?" Dimetria asked.

"No." Michael answered.

"Legend has it that the sword of wisdom is guarded by many traps and tests. For your power to be complete, you must retrieve the sword. That's when you will become stronger." Alpha said.

"Will luck shine on you? Can time tell your tale young man?" Dimetria asked.

"I think it already has." Michael answered. Michael was instantly teleported to the cave of destiny and was about to begin his quest. The Rangers were in the park and were not happy about what had happened in the Command Center.

"I wonder who this Divatox is? I mean, we all say the way Michael paled at the mentioning of her name." Rocky said. In Divatox's submarine, Divatox has seen the events unfold. "So, my young prodigy has gone to the cave of destiny to get the sword of wisdom. Porto, grab the red Ranger and brainwash him into thinking he's the troll king. With his potential shape shifting abilities, Michael won't know it's his friend. Make sure the other trolls in that cave do as he tells them. That cave will be loaded with good and bad trolls. Michael will have to face an enemy that is a friend." Divatox laughed evilly.

"What are those things?" Aisha asked.

"I don't know. We'd better morph to ninja to be on the safe side." Billy said. The ninjas engage the Piranatrons and get their butts kicked. Rocky finds himself caught between two Piranatrons as they teleport out with him in custody. It's not long after that Rocky is in position and all is ready.

"My queen, everything is ready. Michael will be taken care of." Porto said.

"What about the other Rangers?" Divatox asked.

"We could send something to keep them busy." Porto suggested.

"Oh Elgar, would you like to make yourself useful?" Divatox asked.

"Sure thing Auntie D. What do you want me to do?" Elgar asked.

"Take some Piranatrons and terrorize Angel Grove. The Rangers will show up and you are to keep them busy. Don't fail me." Divatox said.

"I won't fail you Auntie D. I'll eradicate those Rangers." Elgar said.

"Either that or he'll be eradicated. Either way, it will get rid of one thing that bugs me." She mumbled. Then out load, "Porto, prepare to send Elgar and his Piranatrons."

"Yes ma'am. Sending now." Porto obeyed. Elgar and the Piranatrons end up outside the Youth Center.

"What do you think we should trash first?" Elgar asked the Piranatrons. They point at the Youth Center. "Good idea. We'll trash their hangout. That should get their attention." Elgar said. At the cave of destiny, Michael is about to enter.

"Man, it's dark enough for me not to wear my sunglasses. Now let's get that sword of wisdom." Michael said to himself. He entered the cave and went quite a distance before he noticed that he was being followed. The King of Trolls had seen him when he first walked in and now he was following the trespasser. Michael felt a presence and came to a stop. He looked around trying to find the presence.

The Troll King knew that he had been detected. So he leaped out right in front of Michael. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Who are you? What are you?" Michael asked.

"Answer my question." The Troll King commanded.

"I'm looking for the sword of wisdom. Do you know where it is?" Michael said.

"I am the guardian of the sword of wisdom. You will not be allowed to pass." The Troll King said. He commands five rocks to rise and become trolls. They attack Michael as he is forced to defend himself. Even though, fifteen minutes later, Michael finished them off, he could not go on. The Troll King now stood in his path. They both had strong powers, but the Troll King had a sword and Michael had his solar disk. He pulls his solar disk from behind his back and charges it up. He throws it at the Troll King, only to have it backfire and fly back at Michael, narrowly missing his head.

"Holy smokes! No one has ever done that." Michael said with shock and disbelief.

"Now, you're leaving and I will make sure that no one will be able to return." The Troll King said as he laughed evilly.

"That's what you think." Michael mumbled. The Troll King calls upon the wind and blows Michael out of the cave. Then several rocks fall and seal the opening. "If he thinks that this will keep me out, he's crazy." Michael said to himself and began digging. Twenty minutes later, he was able to reenter the cave. Michael turned invisible thinking he wouldn't be seen. What he didn't know was that the Troll King could see him. "I'd like to see him find me now." Michael thought.

The Troll King had turned into a huge rock that is sitting in the middle of the path. He allows Michael to get close to his position and then jumps into the air as he returns to his form. He lands in his fighting stance as the force of all of this sends Michael flying backwards. As a result of all of this, Michael became visible and vulnerable. He quickly returns to his feet as the light show of powers begins. They quickly find out that their powers cancel each other out. They begin a martial arts battle. Ten minutes later, the Troll King noticed the Yin-Yang crystal that was imbedded in Michael's chest. He stops fighting as he kneels down to Michael.

"It's you." He says simply.

"What do you mean?" Michael asked.

"You are the one chosen to wield the sword. You are allowed to pass. Beware, there are other trolls who are not under my control and will try to kill you. They are your final test when you get near the sword. Once you pass, I will be there to hand the sword to you. It is time for you to go. I will not be able to help you." The Troll King said. The Troll King disappeared and Michael continued through the cave. His first trap was to cross a bottomless chasm. His challenge was to use his mind to build a mental bridge to cross safely. After he did that, he came upon a door, but his path is blocked. Before he can open the door, flames from the ground shoot up and keeps him back. While the flames are in the air, he sees a weird, deformed figure in the flames.

Michael looks around to find a way around the flames. As his gaze returns to the door, the flames are gone and there stands a shadow. He is dressed like a ninja in black robes and is very much like a shadow. "Are you the chosen one?" He asks.

"Yeah, got a problem?" Michael says with a snarl.

"Yeah, that means I must destroy you." The Shadow Ninja snarled back.

"Why? I don't even know you." Michael said.

"Because that's my destiny. Feliones, attack!" The Shadow Ninja says. Cat-like creatures, the size of humans, appear wearing leather armor, leather leggings, and a crystal imbedded in their right shoulder. The weapons were attached to their backs with a knife belt about the waist. When they roared, they sounded like panthers. Each of them represented a different big cat. There was a cheetah, jaguar, lion, tiger, leopard, cougar, and lynx. Each of them were trying to kill Michael. As Michael called on his wrist blades, they charged. During battle, Michael found that his wrist blades were useless. He had found that they were not only strong, but had powerful ninja skills. Two sets of claws ripped into his skin and made him scream in pain.

"These creatures can tear me apart on their own, yet they're holding back. Why?" Michael thought. Michael looked at the floor trying to find a better weapon to use, but found none. He was backhanded into a wall as he realized he wasn't healing. His vision was blurring and he could barely stand. The Feliones had done their job. Michael was to weak to fight the Shadow Ninja. They disappeared as Michael kept trying to get up but couldn't. The Shadow Ninja sits next to Michael.

"Ferocious creatures, aren't they? Alone, anyone of them could kill you. Their claws have poison floating in them, it'll stop fast healing, and they can send you through the wall. They are also capable of spitting acid and hitting you with a psionic blast. You can't kill them. They are humans possessed with an evil spirit. I take potentially evil humans and put the spirit in them. I have more than one nasty trick up my sleeve. Want to see?" He said.

Even though Michael shook his head no, the Shadow Ninja grabs his hand and drains all but a little of his last remaining energy. "You shall never win." Michael said weakly.

"Then prove it you puny little pathetic fool." The Shadow Ninja said. Michael harnesses what little energy he has to attempt to shock the Shadow Ninja. It backfired when the Shadow Ninja absorbed the electricity and threw it back at him. "I will not submit to your power." Michael managed to say. He feels a big burst of energy that recharges him. He hasn't a clue where the energy came from. "Now it's time I showed you how to fight." He says as he yells a battle cry. He uses his power to try and knock him off of his feet. Every time he does this, it backfires. Then he finds Lord Zedd's staff in his hands. "Why do I have my father's staff? I am heir to the throne, but this does not belong to me." He thought. Michael's thoughts were interrupted as the Shadow Ninja began his offensive. The Shadow Ninja takes Zedd's staff out of Michael's hands and chains Michael to the cave wall. He beats Michael and drains him to the point where he can no longer move. Then Rita's voice is heard.

"Well done my Shadow Ninja. He is the only thing standing in your way of becoming emperor after Zeddy passes on. You are very strong my son." Rita screeched.

"Thank you mother." The Shadow Ninja said.

"My father won't let you do this." Michael said weakly.

"You're delierious. We both know father won't help you unless it serves his ends. Besides, it's to late to do anything." The Shadow Ninja said. He turns his back to Michael and takes off his mask. "You wonder who I am, well here you go." He said as he turned around. He looks a lot like Michael in his facial appearance. "A good long peak at my identity for the heir of Lord Zedd." He said.

"Who are you?" Michael asked in a confused voice.

"I am your older brother. Before Zedd and Rita were married and a little before you were born, Zedd raped Rita. I was the result. At first, our father tried to train me like he did with you. I was to wild and to much out of control, so he disowned me. He banished me to this cave as a final test into the entrance of that blasted sword of wisdom. Only someone of good is permitted to wield the sword. Join me my brother. Together we will rule with an iron fist. What do you say?" The Shadow Ninja said.

"I'll never kill again or return to evil ever again." Michael said.

"That's to bad. We could have made a great team. With our father's staff, I can now hurt you in ways you never thought of. So long little brother." The Shadow Ninja said. He uses Zedd's staff to electricute Michael. As Michael begins screaming in pain, he begins to realize that his energy is returning. Michael breaks the chains as he appears to be stronger.

"How is this possible? This should have not recharged you!" He screams in outrage.

"You don't get it do you? You can't destroy me because the good in my heart outweighs your evil. You've lost." Michael said with a twisted grin. As the Shadow Ninja puts on his mask, Michael begins the attack. They resume the martial arts battle oblivious to what's going on in Angel Grove. Elgar entered the Youth Center and took a bite out of a lemon.

"You know, this food is really good. I think I'll eat everything." Elgar said. In the Command Center, the Rangers have teleported in awaiting the news of Michael while Alpha is pressing a few buttons.

"Rangers, Elgar is trashing the Youth Center." Alpha said.

"We're on it Alpha. It's morphing time!" Then six colored heroes appeared on the scene at the Youth Center.

"It's about time you guys got here. Go and get them boys!" Elgar mocked. The Rangers defeat the Piranatrons with ease leaving Elgar all alone. "Come on guys, I was just kidding." Elgar lied.

"Tell Divatox she'll never win." Tommy commanded. Elgar leaves as the Rangers follow suit. When they get back to the Command Center, Tommy begins to feel a small tug of pain and wiriness. "That was to easy." He remarked to everyone.

"Do you actually believe that Divatox would give up so easily?" Dimitria asked.

"No, but the scans haven't picked anything up." Adam answered without a thought. As the pain and wiriness catch up to him, Tommy falls to the floor and begins to hold his body while moaning in pain. The pain becomes intense, his body begins to shake threatening to take his consciousness.

"Are you all right Tommy?" Dimitria asks sounding concerned. In response, Tommy shakes his head no and one thought enters everyone's mind at once. 'Where's Michael and what's happening to him?'

Finally, Adam breaks the silence. "Where's Michael?"

"Isn't Tommy's pain coming from a troubled soul in pain?" Dimitria asks to avoid answering the question.

"Please answer us Dimitria." Kat pleaded.

After a moment, Dimitria responds. "Where is a cave leading to his destiny and a powerful sword?"

"He's searching for the legendary sword of wisdom, but I thought only the chosen one may claim that sword. The trials are very deadly." Adam answered.

"How do you know about it?" Alpha asked.

"Family legend. It was one of my ancestors who put the sword there." Adam answered.

"Would you care to watch?" Dimitria asks. As the screen brings up the picture, they see Michael breaking the chains and fighting what looks like a shadow. In the cave of destiny, Michael finally gets the upper hand and takes Zedd's staff from the Shadow Ninja. As a final blow, Michael runs the sharp end through the Shadow Ninja's stomach.

The Shadow Ninja removes his mask so Michael can see the pain on his face. "Good, very good. See, little brother, you have killed again. Tell father I said good-bye." The Shadow Ninja remarked with pain in his voice. As Michael laid the body on the ground, it dissipated. Michael stands once more, returns Zedd's staff, and begins to cry for a brother he never knew. The door to the next chamber opens as Michael enters and spots the sword.

"It can't be that easy." Michael thought. He notices that he stepped into a big cavern. As he nears the sword, two evil trolls appear from out of nowhere. One troll climbed the wall to wait while the other attempted to bounce Michael off a wall. In the midst of this, Michael was able to focus and make the troll explode. He was going for both, but the second one was wearing something that blocked it. It dropped from the wall and began a fierce battle. After avoiding both arms and the troll's vicious bite, Michael summons his wrist blades, hooks them together and throws it at the troll. The head falls away from the body as it falls to the ground.

The enemies defeated, Michael turns to go to the sword and sees the Troll King kneeling to Michael, offering the sword to him. As Michael took the sword and held it, it began glowing as the Troll King stood up and became Rocky. "Thanks Mike. I'd thought I'd never be myself again." Rocky said.

"You showed power of a level seven. I think you do more than shape shift, but this is a rare case. Usually, shape shifters only do that. They never do the things you did." Michael stated in confusion.

"I don't know." Rocky answered.

"Let's return to the Command Center." Michael stated in a not thrilled voice. When they reached the end of teleportation, they were surprised to land on their butts outside of the Command Center.

"Where did this come from?" Michael asks in confusion.

"Since when did we have a force field?" Rocky asked.

"We didn't. This doesn't belong here. Maybe I can go through." Michael states calmly. As he attempts to step through, he receives the jolt of his life and is forced to take two steps back. He shakes his head to clear the pain. "If I can't get through, we're in trouble." Michael says with the fear in his voice.

"Michael, what's that coming from space?" Rocky asks.

"Oh man! Run down the mountain now!" Michael yells his order. As they get more down the mountain, the object crashes right behind Michael, sending him flying. Before he landed, Michael used his levitation to stop and stabilize himself. Rocky trots over to him.

"You okay?" Rocky asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Michael replies.

"There's something glowing over there. It looks like a glowing rock. I think I'll try to pick it up." Rocky states. As he goes to lift it, the stone begins to emit an electric force as a warning. Michael walks up to Rocky. There is a blank expression on Michael's face.

"It's calling me. It wants to give something to me." Michael stated flatly. It was almost as if he was in a trance. He picked up the stone and began speaking in an unknown alien language. Without warning, Divatox and her Piranatrons appear.

"Thank you for finding it for me. Now hand it over." Divatox coaxed.

"Why do you want it?" Michael shot at her.

"Because of the power it possesses. Now fork it over. I won't ask again." Divatox's tone changed to yelling.

"I don't think so." Michael's tone became protective. Michael grabbed Rocky and teleported into the Command Center.

"I thought you couldn't go through." Rocky accused Michael.

"I couldn't. This stone allowed me to." Michael answered. Dimitria was the first to see Michael among the busy Rangers.

"How did you fair on your trial?" Dimitria inquired.

"I have the sword. This strange stone crashed outside of the Command Center. I hear it calling me." No sooner than when Michael said that, a small lightning bolt ran up Michael's arm and shot into his brain. Michael flies backwards landing on his back as Kat runs to him.

Michael sees a crystal pyramid before him along with two other pyramids. A blue-white energy is being sent to the planet that is as close as the moon is to Earth. That same blue-white energy is circling the globe in a different beam. He sees a group of six running into the first pyramid. Moments later, a female comes out to try and hold the planet together. He feels how unstable the whole planet is as the first pyramid is picked up, turned upside down, and destroyed. He is then with the group before the pyramid's destruction as they jump through a portal that appears to be round with a purple color to it.

As the group lands, Michael realizes that they are on Earth. Outside of Michael's mind, Kat is flipping out. "Why won't he wake up? What has that stone done to him?" She asks hysterically.

"Are you sure that it isn't trying to help?" Dimitria tried to reassure Kat. The Rangers put Michael on a medical bed as the picture appeared on the screen. Dimitria takes in a breath as she sees a familiar image. "Isn't that the Accony clan?" She asked.

"Yes Dimitria. I thought they were wiped out years ago." Zordon said.

"Who?" Rocky asked.

"Have you ever seen one race equal the Power Rangers and be on the side of good?" Dimitria's answer not helping much.

"The Acconies were a race of warriors with special abilities. After their planet died, their last known location was here on Earth. They disappeared before the human race even knew they existed. We had feared they were wiped out. That stone reacted to him because he might be a descendant." Zordon said.

"You mean.....?" Tommy started.

"Are you that uncertain about your heritage?" Dimitria asked Tommy.

"Could it be possible that the Accony clan mixed with our ancestors?" Tommy thought aloud.

"Do you feel this is the truth?" Dimitria tried to call out the truth.

"Yes." Tommy answered.

"Then pick up that stone." Alpha ordered. As Tommy was knocked unconscious, Michael awoke.

"My head aches with knowledge." Michael groaned.

"Should in not from learning so much in so little time?" Dimitria confirmed. "Oh no! David has just been captured by Divatox." Alpha stated.

"I'm going after him." Michael says weakly as he staggers in trying to get up.

"No, you'll get hurt." Kat refused to let him go.

"I have to go. He's my older brother and he needs my help." Michael stated firmly.

"Is this decision wise? Do you not need to rest?" Dimitria questioned Michael's judgment.

"I know that I am weak, but David needs my help now. I'm the one Divatox is after." Michael answered.

"Knowing all of this, are you sure you want to go through with it?" Dimitria questioned him again.

"Yes." Michael stated.

"Very well. Alpha, teleport him outside of her submarine." Zordon ordered.

"Won't that kill him?" Alpha asked.

"Does he not have gills?" Dimitria answered.

"Be safe Mikie, okay?" Kat searched for a reassurance from him.

"I'll try." Michael wasn't very good at reassurances. As Michael teleports out, Kat turns her face into an angry one.

"Dimitria, why did you doubt him like that?" She asked with anger in her voice.

"Does he not need guidance? It is the prophecy that bothers me. Zordon, does not part of the prophecy describe Michael?" Dimitria calmed Kat.

"Yes Kat, there is a prophecy. The one Dimitria speaks of is in the database. It states: A gate opener and time keeper, a being born of the light, yet has seen the dark must a leader he become. A force will come, one none have ever known. That's the part that sounds like Michael." Zordon supplied.

"Oh man, do I have one heck of a headache." Tommy groaned.

"I believe I know what is going on." Kat started. In Divatox's submarine, Divatox is busy planning what to do with David.

"What should we do with my prodigy's older brother?" She wondered. There is a tapping that gets her attention.

"What was that?" Elgar asked as Divatox grabs the periscope.

"Ah, my prodigy has come to help his older brother. Let him in." Divatox purred with delight. Michael walks in and goes straight to David. "I don't think so." Divatox said as lasers shot out of her eyes between Michael and David. "You know what, I don't care what you think. Now, I taking my brother and leaving." Michael snapped at Divatox. "You don't get it do you? David can leave, but you can't." Divatox taunted. Michael quickly teleports David out and looks Divatox square in the eye.

"What are you talking about?" Michael had to ask. A type of harness is slipped on Michael and a bolt of very powerful lightning shoots through him. It was so painful, Michael went to one knee, gritted his teeth, and gave Divatox a dirty look.

"If that's the best you can do, you'll get nowhere." Divatox said sweetly.

"Since when do you care?" Michael retorted. Another bolt ran through Michael's body.

"As soon as you obey, you shall be released. But first I have to break you." Divatox purred.

"Of course, you don't want to throw me in the bilge. It would be so uncomfortable. Especially with all the heat and my claustrophobia." Michael stated calmly even though he was lying. "Claustrophobia and heat? Perfect! Throw him in." Divatox said evilly. As soon as the harness lowered him in, the door to the bilge was closed as Michael screamed with fake terror. As the door closed, Michael began to pick the lock on the harness. When he was free, he dropped to the floor. He saw the hatch and began to focus on it. Soon, screws popped out and water began to flow in. Michael swam out before anyone could figure out what he did. When he came to shore, he found himself still in Angel Grove.

"Now to get back to the others." Michael stated to no one.

"I don't think so." spoke a very deep, evil voice. Michael slowly turns around hoping it isn't who he thinks it is.

"The Shadow Ninja?!" Michael shouted in shock.

"Yes, it is I." The Shadow Ninja said.

"But I..." Michael was unable to finish.

"Killed me? No little brother, you can't kill me, but I can kill you." The Shadow Ninja laughed evilly.

"Why do you have such a grudge against me?" Michael asked trying to understand.

"Because you are father's favorite." The Shadow Ninja said hatefully.

"Then I would be careful. Besides, how do I know you're my brother?" Michael challenged.

"I bet you have the family mark." The Shadow Ninja accepted.

"What mark?" Michael asked.

"The sign of the dragon on your right arm." The Shadow Ninja answered. Michael lifted up his sleeve to look and finds the mark. At the same time, Tommy and David teleport to the scene. "Who are these guys?" He asked.

"My older brothers." Michael answered smugly.

"How is that possible?" The Shadow Ninja was in disbelief.

"Easy. Tommy is my older twin and David is the eldest son of my mother. He was born before Lord Zedd did what he did. That's how." Michael replied coldly. Kat teleports to the scene and listens as Michael fills her in on what's happening. Suddenly, Michael's eyes glow blue as Lord Zedd arrives on the scene. They are greeted by a giant thunderbolt shot at them.

"Good. That saves me the trouble of having to locate each of you." Zedd chirped (for once).

"Hello father, it is good to see you again." The Shadow Ninja greeted.

"Do not call me father! I disowned you Darkside!" Zedd bellowed. Darkside throws off his mask, showing his face to look like Michael's true face. He had the long pointed ears, like a Vulcan's, sharp teeth, and instead of blue eyes, he had mean green ones. Michael begins to groan in pain as Tommy bears the pain coming from Michael. "Stop fighting your true form boy. It only hurts because you're fighting." Zedd advised. At last, Michael's pointy ears and sharp teeth emerge with his crystal. Something new appears on the lower back of his head as they realize he is growing a huge piece of metal cover his soft spot.

"Nice bro. You're more my brother than these two are yours." Darkside gloated.

"At first I tried a total alien heir. He failed miserably, so I disowned him. Then I tried a human approach. Tommy did not want the honor, so that left Michael. He showed much promise as he trained. When his mother died, I brought him to my palace and quickly looked for a perfect girl to be his queen. We found a very strong girl who could almost match Michael. We trained them together and made them both evil. When they returned to Earth, they returned to being good, but remembered nothing. When we called them, we reinforced the spell and the rest you know." Zedd explained to everyone.

"Zordon and Dimitria told me of a prophecy. It had something to do with another dimension." Kat spoke clearly.

"Please allow me to open the vortex." Zedd offered. As the vortex opened and the four boys disappear, Kat teleports to the Command Center as Zedd returns to the palace. When the four land at the other side, they all have looks of bewilderment. Although the dimension is completely desolate, there are a couple of mountains, one right next to them.

"Where the hell are we?" Michael asked.

"On the other side is my guess." David theorized.

"Let's explore this creepy place." Darkside suggested. They walk up the mountain until they come to an old cave. There is strange writing on the wall that only Darkside can read. "You must take this entire cavern to a castle that will have the power to make evil see the light." Darkside translated.

"Then let's go." Michael said with enthusiasm.

"Wait a minute. Isn't this supposed to be dangerous?" Tommy warned.

"Yeah. And your point is?" Michael said in a matter of fact tone.

"Then let's get moving." Tommy spoke with renewed enthusiasm.

"This will be fun." David spoke with sarcasm. As they walked down the treacherous path, they were not attacked and they did not run into any traps.

"This is to easy." Michael stated the obvious.

"Yeah, they must be up to something." David confirmed.

"I hope not, because I really don't feel like fighting today." Michael said.

"Shut up Michael, I want to kick some ass." Tommy said with sarcasm in his voice. They hear a smack as he puts his fist into his palm.

"Quiet, we are at the door that leads to the castle." Darkside warned.

"Then open the door dumb ass." Michael snidely remarked.

"I want to kick some ass so I'll open it." Tommy spoke harshly.

"Stop saying that before I kick yours." David threatened.

"Why don't you both shut up?" Michael told them harshly.

"Please do." Darkside agreed.

"Okay, okay, don't be expressing your personal wedgies." Tommy said snidely. The door opens and they find several spears pointed at them. A spear is thrown and before it lodges in his gut, he says, "Oh shit. This is really going to hurt like hell." As David pulls the spear out, both Michael and Tommy pass out due to the intensity of the pain.

"There are advantages to not having a twin you are linked to." Darkside remarked.

"For once, I agree with an alien." David remarked snidely.

"Surrender or be destroyed." An evil voice demands. They surrender and all four of them are taken to the throne room. An hour later, Michael awakes very sore. He immediately heals his brother's wound. "Are you still with us? Good. Now, who are you and why are you here?" The evil leader demands an answer.

"I am crown prince Michael and I am looking for the crystal of light." Michael stated flatly.

"Don't be foolish. I wouldn't give up that crystal to save my mother's life." The evil leader said hatefully.

"His soul is more twisted than mine." Darkside said snidely.

"Your soul isn't twisted, just ticked off about your treatment." Michael reassured.

"Darkside is right. This guy is twisted." Tommy agreed.

"Silence you insolent fools! You are dealing with the brother of Lord Zedd! I was long since banished here before father died due to my evil. I killed him." The evil leader said proudly.

"But what is your name?" David asked calmly.

"I am called Evil Shadow. My brother is a wimp compared to me." Evil Shadow said calmly.

"I guess that makes him our uncle." Michael said to Tommy.

"Unfortunately." Tommy said to Michael snidely.

"You!" Evil Shadow screamed at Michael and Darkside. "The two of you look like my brother. Who are your fathers?" Evil Shadow asked coolly.

"Lord Zedd." Michael and Darkside said together.

"Then I must kill you! When you are dead, there will be no one to pass the throne to, but me." Evil Shadow said evilly. He got off the throne and sent several electrical attacks at Michael and Darkside. As they begin to dodge the attacks, Michael prepares to send a telepathic message.

"Tommy! You and David go after the crystal! Darkside and I can hold this guy off." Michael ordered Tommy telepathically. Tommy grabs David and heads down the hall.

"Now, if I wanted to hide a crystal, where would I hide it?" Tommy thought aloud. They open a door and see a crystal.

"That's got to be it. Let's get it." David said as he went to step into the room.

"Wait. This looks to easy." Tommy warned. A creature came into sight that had the horns of a ram, wings of a dragon, and the body of a bear. It began breathing fire.

"Holy smokes!" David yelled. As Michael and Darkside battle Evil Shadow, they notice there are loose stones over Evil Shadow.

"We're not getting anywhere!" Darkside yelled at Michael.

"I got an idea. Start absorbing some of that energy. Solar disk!" Michael ordered. While Darkside absorbed the energy, Michael threw the solar disk at the loose stones.

As Evil Shadow noticed the stones falling, he said, "I'll be back boys. Count on it." Then he teleported away. Michael and Darkside took off running to find Tommy and David. In the room with the crystal, David is using his ice powers, to no avail, as Tommy is trying to find a weak spot. Michael and Darkside run in and see the situation. They combine their electrical powers and obliterate the creature. They begin to wonder who will be the first to pick up the crystal. After a few minutes, Michael steps up to pick up the crystal.

"Wait a minute. The prophecy that I heard as a child spoke of one staying to rule a kingdom." Tommy spoke with knowledge.

"I'm staying. I know what I must do." Darkside said with a grin. As the vortex engulfed the remaining three, Darkside said, "Good-bye." The vortex opens in the Command Center and out falls three young gentlemen.

"Did you find success and fulfill the prophecy?" Dimitria asked. "Yes." Michael answered flatly. The alarms sounded.

"There's a detonator in Angel Grove." Alpha warned.

"Looks like Divatox is after the two crystals that Michael has obtained." Adam said.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Michael said fretfully.

"You and me both." Tommy said sounding just as worried.

"Time to crash the party." Michael said with renewed excitement.

"It's morphing time!" Tommy cried out. Six rangers teleport into an abandoned warehouse section and begin searching for a detonator, not knowing it is at the base of a building. A monster is there guarding the detonator.

"Hold it right there power punks. Which one of you is the Yin-Yang Ranger?" The monster screeched.

"Who wants to know ugly?" Michael snidely remarks.

"Divatox." The monster replied.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I wouldn't go to her ship to save my life." Michael sneered.

"Insolent little fool. Divatox has ordered you to come, so you have no choice." The monster stated evilly.

"You would have to kill me first." Michael snarled.

"Not a bad idea." The monster agreed. The detonator explodes and the building begins to fall on Michael. He catches the building and puts it back into position as Adam melts the concrete to repair it. With this as a distraction, the monster fires an energy burst and hits Michael in the back of the head. As Michael and Tommy slip into unconsciousness, the monster takes Michael to Divatox as the Rangers take Tommy back to the Command Center.

"Well done. Your task is done. Leave until I summon you again. Now to demorph my prodigy and put him in his favorite cage." Divatox purred with delight. As Divatox demorphs him and takes his morphers, she removes his sword, cloak, and vest. She also sees his face covered with blood as the injury makes itself known. The blood keeps oozing out of his nose, eyes, mouth, and ears. Divatox knows that he will heal and sends him into the bilge. A Piranatron is there and it pulls him to the wall. As it hooks the chains around his wrists, neck, and ankles, Michael awakes and sees his condition. He desperately tries to pull the chains out of the wall, but stops when he realizes Divatox is watching in amusement.

"I wouldn't bother doing that. That metal alloy is unknown on most planets and is practically indestructible. It was made to hold the strongest mutant. There is an easy way to get out of those shackles." Divatox said sweetly.

"And that would be?" Michael replied snidely.

"Join me and return to your true nature." Divatox answered sweetly

"Kiss Rita's ass! You two are buddy-buddy. I bet you do that all the time." Michael gave another snide remark.

"Why you insolent little twerp! Maybe the knowledge of the fact that without your powers, your friends will be defeated!" Divatox screamed in outrage.

"No way. Never happen. By the way, I can still morph. Yin-Yang power! What? Why haven't I morphed?" Michael said not realizing what was happening. As Divatox brings Michael's morphers into sight, she snidely remarks, "Looking for these?" Michael's face pales and then as he becomes angry, his true face appears.

"Let me go now!" Michael screamed his outrage and the ship shook.

"I love it when your angry. You look so cute." Divatox purred.

"Father!" Michael screamed telepathically for no reason. Lord Zedd appears on her ship.

"Lord Zedd, what a lovely surprise. What brings you to my ship?" Divatox asked sweetly, trying not to let her nervousness sound.

"My son. What are you doing to him?" Zedd questioned.

"Easy Zedd. I'm just torturing the little power puke." Divatox said soothingly.

"Sounds like fun. Let me see him." Zedd instructed. Divatox points down into the bilge.

"Are you enjoying your torture?" Zedd asked Michael.

"Yeah, sure." Michael answered snidely.

"You got into this mess, now get out of it." Zedd ordered.

"Divatox! When I get free, I'm going to KICK YOUR ASS!" Michael screamed.

"Oh, I'm so scared." Divatox answered snidely.

"You'd better be scared, because if I know my son, he'll keep his word on that." Zedd warned as he left. In the Command Center, Tommy is in the state of bewilderment.

"Where's Michael? That bomb gave us both a headache. I can sense that he's not in danger as of yet, but I get the feeling that he will be." Tommy said feeling the pain Michael was going through.

"Divatox is really going to get it." Kat growled. On Divatox's sub, Divatox is now in the bilge trying to make Michael turn.

"Why won't you return to your old self and join me? Divatox purred and pleaded at the same time. She began to run her fingers all around his chest while avoiding the Yin-Yang crystal.

"If you're trying to seduce me, you'd better stop. You're only making my stomach toss and turn." Michael answered snidely.

"We'd be a great team. I would remove those shackles and return your weapons. What do you say?" She proposed.

"Go chew on a dead corpse." Michael replied in spite.

"I see you choose the alternative. Elgar, set him up for a beating." Divatox said maliciously.

"Sure thing Auntie D." Elgar replied with a grin. Back in the Command Center, they are unaware of what is happening in the sub.

"My back is suddenly very sore." Tommy said with the pain in his voice.

"Maybe we'd better take a look at it." Billy suggested. As Tommy takes his shirt off, they can see the red marks and bruises all over his back.

"Oh Tommy." Kim said sounding worried.

"Oh no. They're beating him." Kat said as the horror of the thought showed on her face. On Divatox's sub, Michael is screaming in pain.

"That ought to knock some sense into him. Elgar, put some salt on his wounds. He'll heal, but this time, he'll be in pain." Divatox smiled maliciously. Michael screams in pain once more as the salt is applied.

"That one scream sounded better than the ones when we were beating him. Now, how do we get our hands on the rest of those power pukes?" Divatox said.

"If my calculations and understanding of those Rangers is correct, they'll come for him. Might I suggest a trap?" Porto said gleefully.

"We'd better make sure he didn't hear that. Knowing him, he'll tell them the whole thing." Divatox stated spitefully.

Using his telepathy, Michael re-opens their link. "Don't come for me bro. It's a trap." Michael said telepathically before he was blocked.

"Who said you could send a message?" Divatox asked snidely.

"I did." Michael returned.

"If I didn't have bigger plans for you, I'd fry you right now." Divatox stated maliciously. As Divatox left, Michael began to think about how to get out of his shackles.

"Why didn't I think of this before? My crystal can summon my morphers and I can teleport out of these shackles. I can't believe she would make it so easy." Michael scolded himself. Michael teleports out of the shackles and calls his morphers to him.

"Where did those morphers go? Oh no!" Divatox realized the mistake that she had made and rushed to stop him. Michael begins to punch a hole into the bilge while ignoring the pain in his fists. He praises his strength as water begins to flow in and he swims out, leaving Divatox to deal with the leak. It isn't long afterwards, that Michael is being examined in the Command Center by machines and friends.

The crystal with the Acconies' memories begins to glow as these words appear:

A day of darkness shall descend,
One that the Power Rangers can mend.
A power that evil has been lent,
From Lord Zedd has been sent,
Only his heir knows how to defeat this,
But only on his own and without his kiss.
In the light of the Phoenix fire,
The human race, the need for help is dire.
Once the Rangers are defeated,
The humans shall be beaten.
And then the enslavers shall be the slaves.
The mutant race shall be the slave masters acting like naives.
Zedd's heir shall be immune,
To all of his father's disasters that will spell the humans doom.

"I hate to be the one to tell you guys, but that future isn't very far ahead of us." Michael warned.