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The Search for Answers
By: Chasarae Albert

Michael was sitting outside the Command Center doors staring up at the stars and the full moon. For some reason, he couldn't sleep. Without warning, his communicator went off. His communicator was for communication only since he had no need for the teleportation function as he could perform teleportation himself.

"Go ahead Zordon. What's up?" Michael said.

"Is everything all right? It's almost three in the morning and you need to get your sleep." Zordon advised. "Do you wish to talk about it?" Zordon asked.

"I might as well come in. We can have a long chat when I'm there." Michael said with a sigh.

"I'll be waiting." Zordon said.

When Michael walked into the main chamber, he sat down and leaned up against one of the consoles and waited for Zordon or Alpha to begin.

"Ai-yi-yi, what's the matter Michael?" Alpha stated.

"I want to know everything you know about the Acconies!" Michael demanded. "If the Acconies were supposed to be good, what turned my father to evil?" Michael asked.

"The Acconies were good up...until Dark Specter arrived. Half of the population was good, half of them were evil. At the time of Dark Specter's arrival, Lord Zedd's mother and father were good. Your grandparents were kidnapped. Like you saw in the vision you received from the information crystal, the planet was destroyed as a small few escaped the planet. Your grandparents were turned toward evil and Lord Zedd was brainwashed and trained to be evil. Your father would have used his powers for good, but there was no one to rescue him from Dark Specter's taint." Zordon explained.

"But did Dark Specter destroy the planet?" Michael asked. Zordon did not answer the question. "Answer the question old man!" Michael screamed because he was angry that Zordon wouldn't answer.

"I happened to be visiting on the planet with my wife when all of this happened. She had to stay behind to hold the planet together until everyone could get away. I don't know who destroyed the planet. Now I have told you all I know." Zordon said as he faded from the tube.

"Ai-yi-yi. You shouldn't have yelled at him like that. You hurt his feelings." Alpha said excitedly to Michael.

"I'll apologize tomorrow. I need to get some sleep." Michael said calmly as he left.

He fell into a deep sleep once he landed on his bed. A dream surfaced that Michael would never forget.

He was walking in the rain, thinking about his people when Master Vile stopped him. He could see himself soaking wet as his face became stern.

"You have the seed of evil in you. You must return to your true nature. You cannot deny who you are! You belong with us. You must return." Master Vile said.

"No! I'm not evil and I never will be! I'll never be like you!" Michael screamed at his step-grandfather.

"How dare you speak to me that way." Master Vile roared.

"Just leave me be. I didn't ask for my role, I just wanted to live my life." Michael spat.

"Like it or not, you are evil. Just look at the destruction you caused as a dragon. Look around you boy." Master Vile said as he disappeared.

Michael looked around him and saw nothing but flattened earth. It was enough to make him cry. The images then became jumbled, but the one image that remained a constant was a crystal pyramid.

Michael began tossing and turning in his sleep as the images troubled him more and more. Crash! He jerked up in his bed, his body covered with sweat, breathing heavily. His bedroom windows no longer existed and were now just holes in the walls. He knew he had done this when he felt the breeze coming from outside.

"There's only one type of dream that causes this much destruction. That was a warning of things to come. It's time I talked to Zordon again." Michael said to himself. Seconds later, he teleported to the Command Center.

"What is it Michael?" Zordon asked.

"I want to apologize for what I said last night. I shouldn't have called you that." Michael said contritely.

"You are still a child compared to how long Acconies can live." Zordon said.

Darkside appeared in the Command Center as a hologram.

"He's right about one thing Zordon. He deserves to know." Darkside said sarcastically.

"There is nothing more I can tell you. The only ones that can tell you the true fate of that world and people is your grandparents or Dark Specter." Zordon said. "But, your people did stop briefly on this planet centuries ago." Then he faded.

"We'll never know. Our grandparents are dead and Dark Specter will never tell us. What are we to do?" Michael said in sorrow.

"I don't know. Contact me if you ever find out. Later bro." Darkside said flippantly.

"I need a map of the ancient sites of planet Earth. It may be a clue to my people." Michael thought aloud.

Michael headed to the library and straight to a computer. He began looking for anything on Egypt's pyramids. He had a feeling that they would lead him to his goal. At first, the Internet sent him stuff having to do with Egypt and the pyramids, but none of it was what he was looking for. Then, he came across a site having to do with Cydonia on Mars. As he investigated it further, he found information on Giza, Teotihuacan, and Stonehenge.

After printing out these sites, with the host's permission, he got a hold of a world atlas and began copying the pages with the locations of all of the ruins. Having done that, he asked a librarian to direct him to a book on all of those ruins. She pulled out a book on subjects that a library had for manual searches. As she looked around that section for a 930.1, they came across a book about mystic places, folklore, and myths. After pointing out the other books he could use, the librarian left him to pick out one.

He immediately picked up the book on mystic places, folklore, and myths and sat down with the book. He flipped it open to the table of contents and found a page on Egypt. he also saw pages on Teotihuacan, the Everglades, and Stonehenge. He flipped to the page on Giza and found an overhead picture of Giza's pyramids and the Sphinx. As he noticed something peculiar about the pyramids, he rushed to a copy machine, deposited fifteen cents and copied the page. When he sat down with the page, he took a ruler and a pen and began to draw a line connecting the pyramids with the Sphinx. When he was done, he had an isosceles triangle pointing in a direction.

He checked out the book and went home. As he read about the other ruins sites, he noticed that the Everglades had a small mention. he became curious about the Everglades and teleported to Florida after leaving a note telling his brothers where he went. He appeared in the middle of a swamp with a confused look on his face.

"This defiantly looks like the scenery that I saw in my dream. I'll try opening a portal here." Michael said to himself.

He opened the portal and a girl about his age with white hair fell through. Her presence disrupted the portal and it immediately collapsed on itself.

"Damn! You all right?" Michael asked.

The young girl was covered with the murky water and looked up at him.

"No, I'm bleeding to death." She replied sarcastically. "Of course I'm all right!"

"Who are you?" Michael demanded. "I sense a great power flowing through you, but I know you're not a mutant."

"My name is Alex. I'm a shadow mage." She paused for a minute and then asked, "Could you tell me what a mutant is?"

"First things first. If you don't mind, we should take you back to my place and clean you up. Then we can sit down and discuss how you got here and anything else we need to ask each other." Michael said.

"Are you hitting on me?" Alex asked, raising a snow-colored eyebrow.

"No way! Kat would kill me if I did that and I don't mean figuratively." Michael exclaimed.

"Kat?!?" Alex asked perplexed, "By any chance, do you live in Angel Grove? You remind me of a certain person I know." She rubbed the back of her head and grimaced.

As soon as Alex was clean and in a change of clean clothes, Alex and Michael explained what they were and how they had gotten to the Everglades in Florida.

As this was all unfolding, an archeologist unearthed a tablet from Atlantis in the ruins of Teotihuacan. Upon documenting the find, he packed it in a box sending it to a museum in California to be studied. As the plane was flying over Angel Grove, something went wrong with the engine and it crash-landed in Angel Grove Lake.

"What the hell?" Alex asked, looking up as she heard the airplane crash. She and Michael had been walking in the park when this happened.

"Let's go check out that noise. I think it came from the lake." Michael stated.

They arrive at the lake and see the plane half way out of the water and sinking.

"Michael. Over here descendant." A quiet male voice said.

"Did you hear that? Michael asked not knowing that only he could hear.

"Hear what?" Alex inquired.

Michael turned to the right and began walking. He stopped when he found a tablet lying in the sand. The script of writing was in Atlantian, a clear crystal was centered at the top, and a dragon was on it. It was almost as if that tablet was for him only. Michael picks up the tablet.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Alex inquired.

"Nothing. We need to get this back to my place." Michael said.

"Why?" Alex asked.

"It has something to do with my heritage." Michael said as they left.

After they had returned to the Oliver house, the FBI and the MC show up to salvage the wreckage.

"Where is the tablet?" A FBI agent questioned the MC.

"It's not here, but I know where to find it." David Trueheart replied with a sneer.

Back at Michael's house, Michael is getting a camera and begins taking photos of the tablet. After the first attempt at taking a photo, Michael realizes that he doesn't have any film in the camera.

"Way to go Einstein. You take pictures, but your camera doesn't have any film in it." Alex teased.

"I have my brother's memory. I can remember some things some of the time, but I can't remember everything at once." Michael joked.

They left to get the film. A few minutes afterwards, the MC broke the door down, tear up the house, and take the tablet. The house is found in that condition when they return.

"Damn!" Michael swore.

"What happened?" Alex asked.

"The MC." Michael breathed.

"The who?" Alex inquired.

"MC or Mutant Control. They keep mutants from destroying the planet. Or that was their job. Now they're just hoodlums, but like all government officials, they're corrupted and get away with anything they want. Yep. They took the tablet." Michael explained. "Better clean this mess up. Watch out."

Michael's crystal appeared on his forehead and as he put his fingers up to his temples, everything lifted off the ground and went into its prospective place. After he is finished cleaning, Alex's stomach growls.

"That long since you ate huh? Come on. I know where we can go for food." Michael stated.

"Your treat, right?" Alex asked.

"Sure, why not?" Michael said smugly.

They walked to the Youth Center's outside café. They sat down, ordered some food and began to eat quietly. Two MC walk in and sit down. They deliberately glared in Michael's direction. Michael notices that they are glaring at him and telepathically advises Alex to eat quickly.

When they are finished, they leave a tip, pay for the food, and go to leave. The two MC get up and stop them. "What a waste of perfectly good air for a mutant to be breathing." The first MC said to Michael.

"So why's a pretty human girl acting like a mutant lover?" The second MC asked Alex.

Alex becomes enraged about the treatment Michael is receiving from them.

"Because I have a brain?" She shot back at him.

Michael is grabbed roughly by the arm and shoved into the nearest wall.

Michael, sensing Alex's surge of energy, telepathically advises, "Don't Alex. Those guys are MC. According to the law, they can do anything they want to mutants. That includes taking a beating and not doing a damn thing. Besides, if we do anything, they'll say we started it and arrest us for assault. It's just not worth it."

Alex backed down as the MC received a call from their headquarters.

"All Mutant Controllers report to the museum of ancient history to guard the tablet of Atlantis." It beeped.

"Today's your lucky day freak." The first MC said flippantly.

"Yeah. Today we have something more important to do other than beat the shit out of you." The second MC said flippantly.

They left as Michael sat down and leaned up against the wall to catch his breath.

"You okay? You look a little pale." Alex said worriedly.

"It's funny. I can face whatever monster my father sends, I can face my older brother, and maybe Dark Specter himself, but when faced by the MC, I become so afraid, I'm almost paralyzed. Do you understand how frightening that is?" Michael said sounding shaken and almost about to cry.

"Yeah," Alex admitted softly. "One look at a Shadow Lord, and my mind shuts down. They're too like me for comfort." After an uncomfortable pause, Alex said, "At least we now know where they took the tablet."

Michael gets up and they head for Angel Grove Park. By the time they get there, Michael has come to an important decision.

"I'm going to break in and steal that tablet back from them." Michael said out of the blue.

"If you're doing something that fun, I'm coming too. It's to keep you out of trouble." Alex said mockingly.

"What are you going to do?" Michael asked being suspicious.

"Oh nothing. Maybe install a gremlin into their computer and make the whole system go ballistic." Alex replied.

"Good distraction. While they're trying to fix the system, we could grab the tablet and be long gone." Michael stated with a wicked grin.

Later that night, Michael and Alex teleported into the museum of ancient history. Unknown to Michael, they triggered a silent alarm and activated the infrared camera. As Alex went to work on the computer, Michael levitated off the floor and into the room with the tablet in it. As Michael removed the tablet, Alex came running into the room.

"I finished installing the gremlin when I saw a few of your old friends heading in this direction." Alex reported.

"Then we better get out of here." Michael stated as he landed on the floor and began to try to put the tablet in the backpack that was brought.

"To late freak." An MC said.

Two more were right behind him. Before they could do anything, Michael summoned his wrist blades to protect him from the lasers they were using. He detached them and threw them at the guns. He heard several complaints about pain as the wrist blades cut the guns in two and produced some sparks. Michael and Alex took the opportunity to start running. When they stopped, they were deeper in the building and in a dead end. As Michael began examining the tablet, a soft light began to glow. A beam of light hit Michael where his crystal was and knocked him over. He curled up in pain and proceeded to turn into a dragon. As the tablet disappeared and became part of Michael, an energy explosion circle hits Alex and a shadow.

"Oh shit," Alex swore.

Alex could see the FBI and the MC coming around the corner. Michael needed to teleport them out right then, but couldn't. All his energy was going into changing into the dragon form. The FBI and the MC are carrying weapons capable of emitting an ultrasonic wave.

As the MC and FBI come to a stop and prepare to fire their weapons, the sight of a dragon paralyzes them. Alex saw the MC coming, and brought her hands together to a point. She closed her eyes, and where her fingers met, a ball of black energy gathered, and shot it towards the MC and FBI coming towards them knocking some back. She grinned and let out another ball of energy. When she is finished, the MC waste no time in firing the ultrasonic waves. It is so high pitched, it knocks both Alex and Michael unconscious.

The next day, Kim is lounging around the mall shopping. The MC there receive orders through their two-way radios to apprehend her. As she begins to walk in a store, they stop her.

"Come with us, Ms. Hart." One MC ordered.

"Why the hell should I? I haven't done anything wrong." Kim snapped.

"No, but one of your friends have and we have instructions to bring you in, one way or another." He said.

"No way." Kim responded.

They take out a needle filed with a tranquilizer in it. They insert the liquid into her and she collapses, making it easier for them to take her away.

Michael awoke in a small white room that had a camera in the corner and iron bars instead of a door. Michael noticed he had a major headache. He knew exactly where he was. He was in a prison cell inside an MC complex.

"What hit me? The last thing I can remember was examining that tablet in a dead end with the MC and FBI about to catch up to us." Michael said to himself.

"Quiet in there freak!" The guard bellowed.

Michael did a quick check to make sure that everything was still there. He found the usual collar in place.

"Hey, do you know what happened to my friend?" Michael inquired.

"I'm not telling you that they are busy examining her. OOPS. I wasn't supposed to tell you that." He stated.

"I hope she's all right. I don't want to have anything bad happen to her and it be all my fault." Michael muttered to himself.

An hour later, David came to Michael's cell.

"Time for our little talk little brother. Time to tell us where you hid the tablet." David stated coldly as the cell was opened and he was escorted to another room.

It was pitch black and they sat him down in a chair. They proceeded to tie him down as they hooked him up to a machine through his collar. They turned on dim lights and Michael saw a type of window police used to keep suspects from seeing the witness as the witness saw and identified them. As he looked through it, he saw Alex. Then his attention was brought back to in front of him as his inquiry began.

"Where's the tablet?" A man asked.

"You're not an MC." Michael said surprised to see this sight.

"You're absolutely correct. I'm much more worse than these guys. I'm an FBI agent and I want to know where that tablet is." He snapped.

"Do you mean to tell me that you don't have it?" Michael asked.

"No! We don't have it!" He roared.

"And you think I know where it is. Guess what, I don't." Michael stated boldly.

"Okay, turn on the machine. Let's see if we can improve your memory." He said calmly.

The machine cut on, a man pushed a button, and the machine fed new instructions into the collar. A sharp part of the collar stabbed him in the lower part of the back of his head. Michael began screaming in pain and moving his arms, even though he is tied down, to try to rip the collar off. Alex heard him in the next room. The sharp part of the collar retracted and Michael relaxed trying to catch his breath. Blood was running out of his ears, nose and the corner of his mouth.

"Now, tell me the truth." The FBI agent commanded.

David walked into the room and saw his brother. He saw that they would kill Michael.

"I wanted revenge on my brother, not his death." David thought to himself.

Michael looked up and saw his brother in the room. David saw his hazel eyes looking at him, pleading for help.

"Sir, don't you think this is a little extreme?" David asked with concern.

Everyone but Michael glared at David for having the audacity to say something in Michael's defense.

"Oh, I forgot. This is your brother, isn't it? Since you want to defend him so much, maybe you should join him. You do control the power of ice." The FBI agent said mockingly.

"I d-don't know what you're t-t-talking about." David stuttered.

"I think you know. We've been watching you. We've seen you use the power of ice for the first time as well as the effect you have around others. So unless you wish to join him, Mr. Trueheart, you'll keep your mouth shut." The FBI agent warned.

"Yes sir." David answered.

They turned their attention back to Michael.

"Now answer the question freak!" He yelled.

"I told you already, I don't know." Michael answered.

"Turn up the lights." He said in response to Michael's answer.

The light in the room became too bright for Michael's eyes. His arms began twitching, trying to reach his eyes to cover them. He lost his sight as blood began trickling down his face. It put him in a lot of pain, but refused to scream. They turned the lights back down.

"Now, are you going to tell us?" He asked.

"I keep telling you. I don't know." Michael answered.

"David, would you be so kind as to do something for me?" He asked David.

"What would you have me do sir?" David asked.

"I want you to help your brother cool off." He ordered.

"What?" David asked in confusion.

"You heard me. Now do as you're told." He ordered.

David approached Michael slowly. He didn't want to, but it was either Michael or himself.

"Don't do it David. Don't let them force you to do something you don't want to do." Michael pleaded.

"Then tell us what we need to know. And there won't be any need for this." He said.

"Then get a telepath from one of your cells, because I can't remember what happened to it!" Michael screamed.

"Okay, we will. You don't have to do that David. You may discontinue, for now." The FBI agent said.

They went through the files and found the perfect telepath. They returned to Michael's torture room with her in tow.

"Now. Shall we get on with this?" The FBI agent demanded.

"Fine. As long as he's willing." She said.

Michael looked up and knew her voice.

"Kim!" Michael said in surprise.

"Get on with it Miss Hart. We don't have all week." He ordered.

"All right, all right. Hold your horses." Kim said as she put her hands on his temples.

She went into a trance-like state as she began probing.

"The last time he saw the tablet was when a beam of light hit him in his crystal in the center of his forehead. It knocked him over and he began changing into what looks like a dragon. As his female friend began fighting, the tablet disappeared. He doesn't know where. Then one of your men hit him with an ultrasonic wave and all he sees after that is black. There's nothing more on that tablet." She reported and let go of his temples.

"That will be all Miss Hart." He said as she was taken back to her cell.

"I told you. You guys never listen when someone is telling the truth, do you?" Michael railed.

"Shut up freak!" He said as he backhanded Michael across the face.

"Keep that up and you won't win the Mr. Nice Guy award." Michael snidely remarked.

"Take him back to his cell. By the way Michael, you'll still have to pay for your crime. It's because you tried to steal the tablet that it's gone. You're in quite a lot of trouble young man." He said as Michael was escorted back to his cell.

As they threw him in his cell, Michael began thinking about the tablet. It was his last thought as he drifted off to sleep.

"Where am I?" Michael thought as he realized he was dreaming.

He saw Alex in the distance and began running toward her. She turned to him as if to speak, but pointed instead. In that direction, he saw the crystal pyramid. He began walking to it. As he neared it, he saw the two other pyramids from one of his dreams. As he looked around, he saw buildings similar to the site of Teotihuacan and Maccu Picchu. as he looked further, he saw a structure similar to Stonehenge. He saw many people like him walking the street.

As they saw him, the people gave him a stern look, it was as if they were accusing him of something. Then a Shadow Dragon appeared and began destroying the planet. It leveled everything but the pyramids. A planet that had beautiful plants and animals, now had nothing but the crystal pyramid and its other two pyramids with a small few of inhabitants. A blue dragon was the only thing that stopped the Shadow Dragon.

The two dragons shrank to normal size and revealed two humanoids. Michael was shocked at what he saw. The Shadow Dragon had become Darkside and the blue dragon had become himself. It was unbelievable. It was because of that battle that the planet had begun its decay. It was then that the blue light began sending to the planet in a moon's orbit. Michael awoke in a cold sweat.

He was still in his cell and he wasn't sure if what he saw was a vision or not. Because of the collar, he had no telekinetic out burst. Without it, he had no idea if that dream was a vision or not. He sat up and began to think about his situation. At the same time, Michael began to hear whispers in an ancient language that he didn't consciously know.

"I think I am losing my mind. I'm beginning to hear all of these voices talking to me." Michael thought. "Es tu liya delahiya." He said out load without conscious thought. "What the hell does that mean? Where did that phrase come from?" Michael was unaware that he was in some sort of a trance. Two MC look into the cell to check on him.

"Look at him, he's in a trance." One MC said.

"He ain't in a trance. He doesn't even..... he's not even acting like he hears us." The other MC said.

"Do you think he'll ever come out of it?" The first one asked.

"Eventually." The second one responded.

"Let's leave him be. He'll tell us sooner or later why he was like this." The first one said.

They return facing forward. Michael finally lies down and returns to sleep. He begins seeing images that he can't describe and won't be able to remember. He awakes twenty minutes later with a headache. He feels something warm and wet running down his face. When he checks, he finds that it is his blood running from his mouth.

Meanwhile, in Kim's cell, Kim is pacing back and forth attempting to figure a way out of her predicament.

"If I am considered a low-level telepath, then they wouldn't expect me to make them see that I'm not here and escape when they open the door. But how would I get Michael out of his cell? I know, I use my mind powers to suggest that they let him go. This has to work, I'm sure of it." Kim thought to herself.

The MC did not think Kim was a threat, so they had dismissed the need for a collar. That would all change today. The MC turned their heads to check on Kim and found that she wasn't there.

"What the hell!?!?" The first one swore as he turned off the force field to go in and look for her.

Kim was ecstatic. It had worked and she was now on her way to free Michael. Michael had come out of his trance just as Kim strolled up to the MC casually.

"You should let him go." Kim said.

"We should let him go." The one MC said as he got up and shut off the force field.

"You're dismissed." Kim said.

"We're dismissed." The MC said as they left. Michael had an eyebrow raised as he witnessed this telepathic trick take place.

Kim looked at him and said, "Hey, it worked for Obiwan Kinobi when he did it in Star Wars."

"Yeah, but this makes it look like you've been practicing what I've been trying to teach you." Michael snidely remarked.

They begin running down the corridor when Michael came to a realization. Kim stopped when she realized Michael had stopped.

"There's someone else we have to get. We have to go back." Michael stated flatly.

"Then let's go." Kim said with excitement.

They ran toward the long corridor that led to the lab. As they turned a corner, they accidentally ran into a room where armed MC's were about to get off break. Two of them were faster than Michael and Kim and were able to grab their weapons. Michael and Kim passed out as an ultrasonic wave was emitted. They each awoke in their cells again.

Alex fought back her anger for the MC when she had seen Michael's.... questioning, but she fought back her fear when they brought in Kim. Hearing someone talk about reading Michael's mind shook Alex, and she built up her shields until no one could get past them.

Then the MC officer with her turned Alex away from the window, and demanded, "Where did the tablet go?"

"Would you believe me if I said that I don't know?" Alex asked, eyes innocently wide. The officer slapped her, and Alex's head snapped to the side. "That was uncalled for," Alex said softly. "I was telling the truth. I dunno. It disappeared." Her head snapped to the side again, and she tasted blood from her split lip from a second slap.

"How is it that you register as human?" the officer demanded. "How are you fooling our scanners?"

"I dunno?" Alex asked, and got a third slap in reward. "Look," Alex said, beginning to get angry, "I don't know anything. What's it take to get through your thick skulls?" She had started to stand up, and was shoved back into her seat by one of the guards.

The officer smiled cruelly, and then said, "Then we'll have to find the answer ourselves." Alex's eyes widened at that, and a sharp pain in her arm made her realize that they had just jabbed her with a needle, just before she passed out.

* * *

When she awoke, Alex was still groggy, her body hurt all over, and she was in a hospital gown of some sort. She sat up, and saw that she was in some sort of examining room with a huge viewing window in one wall. In the observing room, two of the MC were standing around with a nurse, and the nurse was the first to notice that Alex was up. She notified the MC, who then left the observing room.

A few minutes later, as Alex was exploring the room, a doctor in a white coat entered, and said, "I have a few questions for you, Ms. DeSantos." He was holding a clipboard in one hand with some form, and he took the small metal stool.

Alex watched the doctor as he pulled out a pen, and then asked, "How did you know my name?"

The doctor glanced at her, and smiled, and wrote something on his clipboard. "Now, how did you do those pyrotechnics back when you were captured?"

Alex raised an eyebrow, and then turned away, refusing to answer. She didn't even try a probe. If they had someone that could read Michael's mind, then she was going to keep her mind to herself as best as she could.

The doctor sighed, and said, "Look, Ms. DeSantos, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. What's your choice?"

Alex remained silent, and then she heard the doctor get up. He knocked on the door, and the guards opened it, and then the doctor whispered in the guard's ear. She couldn't see the guard's reaction, his reflection in the window was being blocked by the door, but the door closed, and then a few minutes later, a new prisoner entered the room, this one wearing a collar similar to the one that Michael had been wearing.

Alex felt a probe, and then strengthened her shields. This "mutant" was good, but he wasn't good enough to break her training. Finally, the prisoner turned to the doctor, and said, "I can't get anything from her. She has incredible mind shields."

Alex held back a smirk. She hadn't even been trying. She watched as the prisoner was lead out, and then someone came up behind her. As she whirled to face this new person, there was a second pain in her arm, and the world went black again.

* * *

Alex awoke to talking around her, and then someone said, "She's waking up." Her eyes slid open, they had given her a bigger dosage this time, and the first thing her eyes had fallen on was the doctor.

That's when she realized that she was strapped to the examining table.

"Now, my dear," he said, "let's start again, shall we? How did you do those pyrotechnics earlier?"

"A really good match?" Alex gibed, and felt a probe. She rolled her eyes, but didn't see anyone that seemed to be using a probe.

"How?" the doctor asked.

"I made a wish?" Alex asked. She wouldn't cooperate with him in any way.

"I have it," a voice said over an intercom, and Alex recognized it as the voice that gave away her waking up. "She's a mage of some sort. I can't get out the whole information, but she calls herself a Shadow Mage."

"Is she human?" the doctor asked.

"As far as she knows," the voice said.

"Then it looks as if we'll just have to operate," the doctor said happily. He fit a mask over Alex's face, she was still too groggy to put up a fight, and as Alex passed out for the third time that day, she thought, :Sadistic SOB.:

Michael awoke for a second time with a headache and he found that the MC had changed his clothes for some reason. He was now wearing a blue shirt that had to be buttoned with the two top buttons undone, black leggings, and no socks or shoes. He was barefoot. He still had to button his shirt and check for a collar. A small circular slot was opened and with the use of a pee-shooter, Michael was knocked out by a tranquilizer. Michael awoke to find himself in a different room. He saw three control panels with three MC behind them. He was standing on a circular platform with a force field around him. There was a type of helmet that was a motorcross helmet with a blast shield that covered his eyes and nose. There was a diode on top of the helmet to send information to a computer.

"Apparatus is ready, let's proceed with the brain drain." One MC said.

"Affirmative. We'll have all of this mutant's knowledge and he'll be our puppet before he knows it." The second MC said before chuckling evilly.

The machine began to hum as the pain in Michael began to feel like he is being ripped in two. It's so painful, Michael begins to scream both vocally and telepathically. He rips his shirt open and raises his arms as an outburst readies to the surface. As the telepathic scream hits Alex, she passes out as the MC are about to operate on her, and Kim receives a splitting headache.

If the MC could see Michael's eyes, they would see an electric surge that erupted in his pupil as the outburst that erupts causes his collar to shatter like glass and the whole system connected to that diode to shut down. Michael removes the helmet and kneels into a ball of pain until the outburst finishes. Despite the dizziness and his weakened condition, Michael takes the opportunity to escape and make his way toward Alex as he tries to keep from being seen.

As Alex lost consciousness again, she thought she imagined that the surgical knife twisted in the doctor's hand, attacking him. Michael finally gets to the room and sees the doctor about to use the knife when it attacked him. Michael assumes that he is doing it.

In Kim's cell, Kim has gotten a panel open and is working on a way to shut off the force field. As it cuts off, Kim takes off running as the guards' chase after her. After the guards have left, the illusion fades as Kim steps through the down force field and takes off in the opposite direction. As she arrives at Alex's holding room, she sees the knife twisting toward the doctor. She believes that she is doing this.

As the doctors run from the attacking knife, Michael practically stumbles in and heads straight for Alex. At the same time, Kim walks in. Together, they carry Alex out of the complex and back to the Oliver house to rest.

On the day after the incident, Michael and Alex left for a South American temple. Upon arriving, Michael was studying the carvings in the walls. As Alex observed, Michael reached out, touched several carvings and a mysterious force knocked him backwards. A door opened up to their right and Michael slowly entered with Alex not very far behind.

It was dark, perfect for Michael's vision, the air was stale, and it was cool. Michael looked inside and saw a crystal lying in the center of the floor glowing radiantly. As Michael looked around, Alex was automatically drawn to the crystal.

Michael saw an object lying on the floor, and Alex picked the crystal up, claiming it as her own. Michael picked up a vile and took it as they left. Unknown to them, they had set off a chain of events in Angel Grove.

Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Kim, Billy, and Aisha were eating their lunch at the Youth Center when their communicators sounded. As the Rangers teleported to the Command Center, Darkside was busy looking for a perfect hostage to torture to make one of his younger brothers appear.

"Rangers, Darkside has begun his destruction of Angel Grove. Observe the image of Downtown Angel Grove." Zordon spoke.

"It's all on fire. How can one guy do so much damage?" Rocky said.

"Remember, Darkside is the eldest son of Lord Zedd. There is no telling how strong he is. You must go and stop him. May the power protect you." Zordon instructed.

The Rangers morphed and teleported to Darkside's location. As they looked around, they could see nothing but destruction all around them. Darkside appeared behind them.

"Nice of you to join the party, Tommy." Darkside spat.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world." Tommy said flippantly.

"It doesn't matter which one I kill. Whether it's Michael or you, both of you die if I kill the other. For me, it's a win-win situation. Did Michael mention my minions? No? Please allow me to introduce you." Darkside said.

Six cat-like creatures appeared. A panther look alike seemed to be the leader. A panther, cheetah, leopard, mountain lion, tiger, and a jaguar is what made up this vicious pack. As each let out a cat like roar, the attack began.

Michael and Alex landed in the Command Center with their items in hand.

"Welcome back Michael. Who is this and why have you brought her here?" Zordon said in surprise.

"This is Alex. She's the one who fell through one of my portals. She found this crystal in a room we found. I found a vile that I would like Alpha to look at." Michael answered calmly.

"That crystal holds the secret to an ancient morphing power. If you found it and were able to take it, then it was meant for you to take it. You need only call the name of your power and it will answer." Zordon advised.

"I understand." Alex responded.

As the battle raged on, both Adam, Rocky, and Kim had been scratched by one of the cat-like creatures. Billy and Aisha had been hit by some psyonic blasts. Tommy had been busy dodging several acid attacks.

Zordon had the battle on the viewing globe and it called Michael's attention.

"Oh no. They haven't the slightest chance in hell at defeating those creatures. They nearly killed me last time I fought them. I have to go help them." Michael said fretfully.

"I'm coming too. You may need my help." Alex said.

"Okay, I'm going to need all the help I can get. But be warned. I discovered in my last fight that these creatures' claws put a poison and another liquid in you. After you are cut, it stops all healing and weakens you. I still have yet to discover the weak spot. I will not be able to watch your back so be careful." Michael warned.

"Don't you worry. I'll take out those things." Alex said.

Michael and Alex arrived at the scene and saw all but Tommy heavily injured.

Alex went straight to fighting one of the cat-like creatures. The one she was fighting had a knife it used to slash her. As the blood began oozing from her wound, Alex did what she did against the MC and FBI. She brought her hands together to a point. She closed her eyes, and where her fingers met, a ball of black energy gathered, and shot it towards the cat-like creature. It fell backwards and the crystal on its shoulder shattered. It disappeared after that.

As Michael began to fight, the voices returned and he heard nothing but the sound of their voices in their language. Before he knew it, one of the creatures slashed his back and emitted a psyonic blast that sent him flying. He landed on the ground with a load thud and could not get up. His mind was screaming for him to get up, but his body refused to move. Darkside walked calmly over to his brother and pulled the left knee out of the socket and shattered it. Michael didn't feel the pain even though he heard the load crunch and the sound of the bone turning to dust.

"You're pathetic. I'll never understand why father chose a weakling like you!" Darkside emphasized the word chose in an evil voice.

Darkside rolled Michael onto his back and then picked Michael up by the scruff of the neck. Michael could only dangle there like a worm on a hook. Darkside unsheathed a sword and put it through Michael's gut. Then he moved Michael until he was still in mid-air on his back with the sword sticking through his gut. His amusement over, Darkside set Michael back on the ground.

Michael pooled all of his strength, got up, called his wrist blades and lunged at Darkside. Michael desperately slashed at Darkside, but even though he cut Darkside, he remained still. It was as though Darkside was healing as fast as Michael could cut him. Michael's upper torso was covered in blood and he realized that he wouldn't be able to keep it up much longer as he felt himself grow weaker.

"Nice try, but I'm afraid it's my turn." Darkside said with an eerily calm voice.

Darkside pulled out a knife, grabbed Michael and went to slice the lower back of Michael's head.

"Now, I believe I shall drain you of your power and then I shall kill you. I hope you realize that once you are dead, I shall claim the throne and the power of the Yin-Yang crystal. Once I have that, I shall conquer Earth and reign unchallenged. How do you like the sound of that?" Darkside stated evilly.

"Over my dead body." Michael said weakly.

Somehow Tommy did a flip over the cat-like creatures toward Darkside. He saw what Darkside was about to do. Somehow Aisha was able to remain standing throughout all of this and as Tommy was about to telekinetically move the knife away from Michael, Aisha picked up a stone and threw it at Darkside.

The stone hit right on target and caused Darkside to drop the knife. At the same time, Tommy used his super speed to put more into his kick. When Tommy's kick reached Darkside, Darkside was thrown to a tree and then into one of the cat-like creature's claws, slicing his gut and putting the poison into him.

Michael laid on the ground, unable to move. Kat was out on a walk when she sensed that Michael needed her. She began running to the scene of the battle.

Darkside slowly stood up and threatened, "I'll be back! Believe that I will find out how you did that."

As Darkside disappeared, Kat arrived. She went straight for Michael as he lay limp, but alive, on the ground.

"Watch out for the poison in our systems. It stops all healing." Michael managed to warn.

"Don't worry about me. I'll take care of you." She said as she began pulling the poison into her. "For poison, this is pretty diluted."

"It wasn't when it was introduced into my body." Michael mumbled.

"Who else has this poison?" She asked as she finished.

"Everyone but me." Tommy answered.

"I'll start with Aisha. By the way, you'd better sit down. You look as if you're about to collapse." Kat stated.

"I don't think that is a bad idea." Tommy said as he sat down.

As Aisha walked over to them, Michael's gut finished healing.

"That was the first time I was accurate. I usually never hit on target unless a telekinetic helps me." Aisha stated as she looked at Tommy.

"I guess I accidentally pushed the stone toward Darkside's hand. My aim was to just make him drop the knife." Tommy admitted.

"I felt a presence during this whole battle. I only felt it for two seconds though, so I didn't have time to identify it. It could have been nothing." Michael spoke truthfully.

"Alex, hold still, I'm only going to heal you. You're really bleeding." They heard Kat say from a distance.

"Alex, it's okay. Kat only wants to help." Michael told her telepathically.

A wave of dizziness hit Michael and after a few seconds, was out cold. They teleported to the Command Center to have a look at Michael.

"I don't like this. This doesn't look normal, even for Michael. It's like he's being changed." Billy said with worry in his voice.

"Let me see. It might be something I've seen." Alex said confidently. After she studied the readings for a few moments she said, "This is nothing I've ever seen before. Maybe it has something to do with those creatures we fought in the park.

"Michael retrieved an object from where he and Alex went. Maybe this will bring him out of it." Zordon said.

"Aye-yai-yai. I'll go and get it." Alpha said.

Michael awoke on his own just as Alpha returned with the vile.

"I had a vision. In this vision, both Tommy and Billy became evil and stronger than me and there were two Kim's; one good, one evil. I was fighting Darkside in a crater of a meteor and I suddenly became a dragon. Then I awoke and found myself here." Michael stated.

Alpha handed Michael the vile and everyone watched as he looked at it. Then they stared at him as if he were crazy as he drank the contents of the vile.

"Michael, are you nuts? You don't know what that stuff will do to you." Rocky stated in shock.

"I can't explain. I just knew that I was supposed to drink it." Michael stated.

Michael's true appearance appeared and the crystal in his forehead glowed with great intensity. Light flowed from head to toe as if it was looking for something. Then it centered on the Yin-Yang crystal and became one with it. Michael's normal blue eyes changed. They were still blue, but instead of the pupils being round, they were now a long oval, almost similar to a dragon's eyes.

"I know where I am to go next." Was all Michael stated as the ground began to shake there as well in Angel Grove.

Billy checked the scanners to try and find the cause of the ground shaking.

"That was no Earthquake. The scanners show that a small hole in the ground opened up near the Command Center. It's in that forest area on the other side of Angel Grove Lake. We should check it out." Billy informed.

Everyone except Alpha went into the hole in the ground. What they found was extraordinary. A black device with an extended silver circle attached was laying on the ground where Adam could spot it. It was covered in dirt and light reflected off of the silver right into Adam's eye.

When Adam picked it up and attached it to his wrist he held it up to his eye and saw a white light that appeared to be an open portal. When he put his arm down, he saw Michael looking in his direction. As Michael nodded and walked away, Adam got a confused look on his face. They returned to the Command Center after thoroughly checking the hole in the ground.

"We found only this device in that area. Do you know what it is?" Adam said.

"I'm sorry Adam. We cannot determine what it is or its purpose." Zordon answered.

As Alpha was scanning the device, he accidentally hit a button that activated the device. Once that happened, there was a flash of white light in Michael's eyes as a small message was played in Michael's mind. It was the rest of the tablet.

"If you are hearing this, then it is time for you to pay a visit to what is left of our world. Once there, a portal through time will be opened and you will know the truth as well as gain your heritage. Good luck to you." The male voice spoke.

As the message faded, Michael knew where he had to go. He was going to return to the Everglades and attempt to open a portal back to the world his ancestors came from.

"Guys, I'm going to be gone for a while. I'm going to open a portal to the world the Acconies came from." Michael said.

"Michael, you cannot go back. That world was destroyed." Zordon said.

Michael told everyone what the message told him.

"You're taking it to literally. Remember that crystal we found outside of the Command Center? The one with the Acconies' past in it? I think that is what the message meant." Rocky said.

"Then I'll take that to the Everglades and you guys can teleport it back." Michael said.

"Remember not to alter anything in the past. It could have disastrous results." Zordon warned.

"Don't worry Zordon. He'll have me to keep him out of trouble." Alex stated.

"Then you had better bring a small bag of supplies. I can probably last longer than you." Michael stated teasingly.

"Then you'd better bring something for that huge ego of yours." Alex sent back.

Michael picked up the crystal and teleported to the middle of the Everglades where it all began. Once again, Michael began opening a portal to their next destination. Once the portal was ready, they leapt through. Before the portal closed, Darkside leapt through behind them.

They landed in a green and lush area full of vegetation and other forms of life. In the distance, the two pyramids and the crystal pyramid could be seen. Michael could feel the force and power that kept this planet strong. Above them was the planet Michael had seen so many times in his visions. He moved in the direction of the pyramids as Alex followed. They walked until they came to a village next door to the pyramids.

Upon seeing that the faces were similar to Michael's true face, he let go of his human face and stepped into the village. A man stepped up to them and said something in Accony to which Michael responded in the same language.

"What? What did he say?" Alex asked.

"He said that he had been expecting us." Michael answered.

The man pointed behind Michael at the crystal pyramid and said something in Accony.

"What did he say?" Alex asked as she saw Michael turn to look.

Michael turned pale at the sight of his brother, Darkside, putting his left hand on the crystal pyramid. He took off toward the crystal pyramid as Darkside became a Shadow Dragon.

"The ultimate power of our ancestors. Only two per generation could harness the power, but only one can claim the power of the dragon. A different dragon for a different personality. I like the Shadows so I am the Shadow Dragon. What will you become my brother?" The Shadow Dragon said.

Michael finally reached the crystal pyramid and touched it with his left hand. His body called the strength and power as he became a Blue Dragon. He looked down at everything and saw that from that height, the buildings resembled Teotihuacan and Maccu Picchu. In a short distance, he saw something similar to Stonehenge.

"This is just like my dream, Alex. Get these people to safety." The Blue Dragon said.

"Right. Just keep your brother from destroying the whole planet." Alex replied.

"Uh........I can't make that promise. This is exactly how it happened in the past. Darkside sent the place to hell, even while I attempted to stop him." The Blue Dragon stated.

The Shadow Dragon opened his mouth and out came a cloud of darkness. Everyone on the ground became blind and confused, even Alex. No one realized that an evil force, older than anyone knew, was watching this battle with great interest.

"We must find these time travelers' ancestors and turn them to our side. Their power will be very useful in the future. If the power is used at all, it will be under the command of I, Dark Spector." Dark Spector stated.

As the Shadow Dragon kept snapping its jaw at the Blue Dragon, the Blue Dragon opened its mouth and out came a five-foot wide lightning bolt that struck the Shadow Dragon. It carried enough force for the Shadow Dragon to shrink back to Darkside.

The Blue Dragon looked around and saw that the same force left only the buildings, the crystal pyramid, the two other pyramids, and the stone circle that looked like Stonehenge was left standing. He realized that the bolt of lightning that he produced upset the planet's own energy. As a result, the crystal pyramid was now glowing a light blue and sending its energy to the planet in a moon's orbit.

The Blue Dragon shrank back into the form of Michael and glared at Darkside who had an evil grin on his face. He saw that Darkside was holding an injured arm and that he could barely stand.

"Good. Maybe now he'll learn." Michael thought in anger.

The people glared at him in hatred. Because of him, all of the plants and animals would now die off leaving a barren desert with no way to survive. He didn't blame them for looking at him like that. Only five people came up to him to comfort him.

A young Zordon and his wife were among those five. He handed the man, who had approached them the first time, and his wife a small translator.

"This should help both you and them to understand each other better." Young Zordon said.

"I am Lord De'Sothep and this is Lady Da'ja-ma. We call this planet Del'Macta. We know that you were trying to do good, even though the deed became evil. Your brother cannot leave where he stands until you are ready to leave our company. To answer your question I know is forming in your mind, I am a person who can see into the future. I'm sure our young friend who gave us the translator's would like to introduce himself." Lord De'Sothep stated.

"Thank you Lord De'Sothep. My young friend, I am Zordon of Eltar. My wife and I are here on vacation. We saw what happened." Zordon spoke.

"Yeah, now this planet will die because of my stupidity." Michael chided himself.

"You're not stupid. You just made a mistake. That's all you did." Alex comforted.

"Except this mistake will kill an entire planet. How do I dare make up for that?" Michael said in guilt.

"You are young. Give yourself time to learn what you did wrong and then let it go. There's nothing you can do from this point on." Zordon spoke with wisdom.

"Come with me. You must enter our stone circle." Lord De'Sothep said.

Michael and the others followed as Lord De'Sothep lead them to the stone circle. Once they reached the stone circle, the wind began to blow as some of the energy from the crystal pyramid entered Michael's body and became a permanent part of him. A tattoo of a blue dragon is put on his back by the energy.

"Congratulations. You are now a warrior. You have earned the right to be called Dragon Warrior. This is a high honor for all Acconies. The name alone speaks of what you can do. Cherish this name. It is bestowed upon you with great honor." Lord De'Sothep spoke.

It was then that an army of Quantrons descended and attacked the whole village.

"Ready Alex?" Michael asked.

Alex nodded.

"Then let's do it. Yin-Yang power!" Michael said with excitement.

Michael immediately lunged into battle as he became invisible. All Alex saw was a solar disk flying through the Quantrons like a hot knife through butter. As the Quantrons began charging at her, she summoned dark energy and threw it at the Quantrons. It wasn't long before the Quantrons left. During the battle, they had not seen the four Quantrons take Lord De'Sothep and Lady Da'ja-ma from where they stood, to Dark Spector. Night fell as the planet sent out a shock wave that killed all the plants and animals. Now only the Acconies were left on that planet. It was time to begin the evacuation.

Only a small group was left as the planet's last energy began leaving. As they entered the pyramid, Zordon's wife took flight. She was going to use her own energy to give the last group a chance to get off the planet. Wind blew, lightning flashed and sometimes hit the ground, and energy that had been sent to the planet in the moon's orbit sent another set of energy that hit the first pyramid and picked it up.

A small portal to another planet was opened and the last of that group jumped through. When they arrived at that planet, Michael took Darkside and Alex and left the Acconies. As soon as they were clear, Michael reopened the time portal and returned to their present time in the Everglades. Darkside managed to escape and return to where he belonged. Michael and Alex returned to the Command Center.

"How was your adventure Michael?" Adam asked.

"Hmmm.........Let's see, I became a blue dragon, accidentally caused the end of the world like I was supposed to, got marked by the planet's energy which is on my back by the way, and I managed to kick Darkside's ass at the same time. What do you think Adam? Do you think I had fun?" Michael said with a grin.

Adam grinned back and said, "Yep. I'd say you had quite an adventure."

"I would say that you are now an adult or a true warrior. You should be congratulated." Zordon said.

"But it was my fault that the planet was destroyed." Michael said sounding upset.

"You must remember that you were in the past and the fact is that fate was meant to happen. You should not blame yourself for something you were supposed to make happen." Zordon said.

"We should go out and celebrate your adulthood." Rocky stated.

"Yeah, besides, it might cheer you up." Adam said.

They teleported to the Youth Center and sat down in the outdoor café. They were each trying to comfort Michael as they waited for their food. The communicator went off before the food arrived. They each contributed money for the food plus an excellent tip and quickly found a secure spot.

"Rangers, Darkside's minions and the tengas are attacking the abandoned warehouse district. You must stop them." Zordon stated.

"What's up with this? Since when did Zedd team up with Darkside? I don't like this. This has trap written all over it. This is way past strange, something is going on." Rocky stated.

"It doesn't matter why right now. We have no choice but to stop them." Kim pointed out.

"Unfortunately, Kim's right. We have to stop them." Adam said.

The Rangers morphed and teleported to the abandoned warehouse district as Kat and Alex were left to talk. Once there, they began searching for the enemies.

"Okay, we'll split up and search for them. Billy, you and Kim come with me. Michael, you and Rocky search the waterfront, while Adam and Aisha check another building. Once you find them, contact the others through your communicators. I don't want anyone to take them on their own. Got that bro.?" Tommy ordered.

"Yes mother." Michael said snidely.

"All right, let's do it." Tommy said.

As Tommy, Billy, and Kim searched the first building, they did not see three of Darkside's minions hiding in the shadows. As Michael and Rocky searched the waterfront, they were jumped by a leopard-like creature and a jaguar-creature. Adam and Aisha were attacked by a tiger-like creature and some tengas. As the battles raged on, Tommy, Billy, and Kim were ambushed by a panther-like creature, a cheetah-like creature, and a creature that looked like a mountain lion. Each had two tengas with them.

As Tommy, Billy, and Kim fought the futile battle, Michael could feel the danger that surrounded Tommy. This served as a distraction and Michael began to be knocked through a bunch of boxes as Rocky continued the fight. Adam and Aisha got rid of the tengas quickly as the tiger-like creature began to circle them.

Michael found it harder and harder to fight as Tommy, Billy, and Kim were knocked unconscious. The creatures departed as their mission was completed. Michael, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha teleported to the Command Center to recuperate.

While all of this happened, Alex and Kat were attacked by Darkside.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Michael's beloved, Kat. I'm going to take great pleasure in hurting you. As for you, Alex was your name, right? I'm taking you back with me." Darkside said darkly.

"I don't think so." Alex snarled.

"So, you have a back bone after all. No matter. You'll soon find out what I can do." Darkside said.

Darkside fired a psyonic blast at them and as they jumped away, he became invisible. Kat was kicked in the gut, which took away her breath, then as she bent over, received an elbow in the back that sent her down to the ground. Alex shuddered as she saw Kat teleported to the Command Center.

"Now, it's just me and you. Prepare to be captured!" Darkside yelled as he became a spirit.

It wasn't long after that Alex was taken to Darkside's dungeon.

In the Command Center, Michael stared in shock as Kat was teleported there. He quickly ran to her side.

As he helped her up, he asked, "What happened? Are you all right?"

"Darkside attacked us. He was after Alex. And don't worry, I'll be fine." Kat said.

"One more thing to add to our list of growing problems." Rocky mumbled.

"Where are the others?" Kat asked.

"That's a good question. Zordon, do you know what happened?" Michael said.

"Darkside's minions captured them. They were taken to Lord Zedd's palace." Zordon said calmly.

"We've got to get our friends out of there. I know only one person who has access to the palace without fear of detection." Aisha stated.

As she said this, everyone turned to gaze at Michael.

"Uh-oh, why do I get the feeling that I'm walking right over water full of piranhas?" Michael asked sounding worried.

"Because you've just been voted to go." Rocky said.

"Now I know I'm walking right into trouble." Michael stated.

As they made plans on what to do, Zedd and Rita walk into their dungeons to put a plan into action.

"Looks like everyone is here. We should begin." Zedd said smugly.

"I don't know what you're planning Dad, but you're not going to succeed." Tommy snarled.

"So you're finally admitting that I'm your father?" Zedd stated.

In response, Tommy spat at Lord Zedd.

"As the Earth rises on the surface, so will Tommy's evil surface. As the light becomes darkness, make following my orders his purpose. Give his strength and power triple as he eats this hickory. And allow him to bring me victory!" Zedd chanted.

He repeated the incantation for Billy as Tommy finally became evil and was released. When Zedd was finished, Rita was alone with Kim and ready to perform an incantation on Kim.

Michael teleported into his personal quarters there on the moon and began from there. As he walked, he saw Tommy and Billy walking down the hall freely. They seemed to be talking about something. They looked up and immediately grabbed Michael. They took the struggling Michael up to the throne room where Michael was thrust down to his knees before his father, Lord Zedd.

"Hello Michael. No doubt you have noticed that Tommy and Billy have turned on you." Zedd said quietly.

"What's going on dad?" Michael asked knowing Zedd wouldn't answer.

As this was unfolding, an evil Kim waltzed into the room with a good Kim being dragged by Rita in chains. Michael leapt up, grabbed the Kim in chains, and teleported to the Command Center.

"I love it when a plan goes right." Zedd chuckled evilly.

"When Michael arrived in the Command Center with the good Kim, questions began flying. Michael explained that Tommy and Billy were evil and that Kim had been split into two parts.

"Now what are we going to do?" Aisha asked.

"First, I'm going to get Alex back. I can only go alone because of how much energy is required to get there. Just keep an eye on Kim until I get back." Michael said sounding like a leader.

"Sometimes it's scary how Michael and Tommy are alike." Adam said to Rocky.

Michael landed within the wall and noticed there were no guards.

"This has got to be a setup." Michael mumbled and then loader, "Where's the love bro.? No welcoming committee for your younger brother?"

"Right on time." Darkside chuckled as he saw that Michael was right on schedule.

As Alex looked down the hall from within the force field around her, she saw Michael walking down the corridor straight toward her. As Alex accidentally looked into Michael's eyes, she saw the blue around his pupil grow. She could have sworn that she saw a small current of electricity run through his pupil. She heard a telepathic voice tell her to be ready.

She didn't know what happened next, but she found herself standing in a meteor crater with Michael and Darkside fighting.

"Give me your body and powers!" Darkside commanded.

"Go to hell!" Michael responded.

When their hands locked together, Darkside became a spirit and entered Michael's body. He quickly opened a time portal and leapt through, leaving Alex behind.

Michael/Darkside emerged from the portal in the year nineteen hundred eighty-nine. It wasn't to far from a broken down car. He found a gun in his hand and knew exactly what he must do. He walked up to where a young boy that resembled Michael as a boy and raised the gun to shoot the boy. A women came out of nowhere just as the gun fired and the women took the bullet for the boy.

"No! Mommy!" The boy began crying.

Michael/Darkside walked to where the broken down car was and saw a boy that looked like Tommy as a boy there looking for his mother. Again, the gun was raised, and the trigger was pulled. The young boy who looked like Michael appeared and knocked young Tommy out of the bullet's path. Instead of young Tommy dying by that bullet, the bullet became lodged in young Michael's right knee. Another shot was fired and the stepfather lay dead. Michael/Darkside took a step forward into the light as young Michael looked up at him.

"Why?" Young Michael asked.

"You will know in due time. Please do not report my appearance to the police." Michael/Darkside said and then faded back into the night. Once all was clear, they returned to their current time where Michael threw Darkside out of his body.

As soon as Darkside landed on the ground, he disappeared. A psyonic blast hit Michael and sent him flying.

"Okay, two can play this game of invisibility. Happy hunting, bro." Michael said with hatred and disappeared.

The next thing Alex saw was one of them landing on the ground as he became visible. Darkside had to remain visible because of the lack of energy. Darkside knew he couldn't regain his energy without the crystal pyramids' help. He saw no way of beating his younger brother without recharging himself. He teleported back home.

Michael undid the force field and became visible. Then he teleported with Alex in tow back to the Command Center. Alex saw Kim behaving differently.

"What happened to her?" Alex asked.

Oh nothing much. Dad and Rita split her in half with some sort of spell. This is her good side." Michael said.

"Oh great. A goody-goody Kimberly. Just what we don't need right now." Alex snidely remarked.

"That's just the icing on the cake. We have an evil Tommy and an evil Billy on the loose. They're in Zedd's palace with the evil Kim. I also noticed that both Billy and Tommy seemed stronger. I think we're in for one hell of a battle." Michael stated.

The alarm began blaring as Alpha began checking the console.

"Aye-yai-yai! Tommy and Billy are in the park." Alpha cried.

"Then let's go." Michael stated.

Everyone was teleported to the park where they circled their friends carefully. They did not see the evil Kim teleport in behind them with a mix of Darkside's minions and tengas.

"Okay, I'll handle evil Tommy. The rest of you keep an eye on Billy and try to talk him out of the spell." Michael ordered.

It was then that Tommy looked at Michael and shouted, "Now!," to evil Kim.

The evil Kim went after the good Kim as the mix of Darkside's minions and tengas went after Adam, Rocky, and Aisha. Evil Billy went straight for Kat and Alex.

Tommy opened up with a roundhouse punch to Michael's face. As Michael was knocked backwards, Tommy closed his right fist and produced a knife. He immediately began slashing at Michael's gut as Michael kept backing away and dodging the blade. In one move, he broke the knife.

"Oh well, I didn't need a knife anyway." Tommy said cruelly as he landed a kick into Michael's gut.

Michael flew backwards into a wall. The damage to his head was not fatal, but enough to cause his vision to blur.

"By the way, Dad also disconnected our link. I could kick the shit out of you or even better yet, I could kill you. It won't do a thing to me. Sucks for you don't it?" Tommy said with an evil grin.

At the same time, the cheetah and the jaguar attacked Adam and Rocky with psyonic blasts. They tried to back flip out of the way, but were caught in the shock wave which sent them to the ground with a thud.

Evil Kim was winning the battle against good Kim as Billy surprised the girls by kicking both girls across the head. The side of good was losing.

"Come on Michael, fight back!" Tommy bellowed.

Michael couldn't bring himself to strike Tommy except in defense. Tommy's blows hit Michael with the force of a morphed Ranger. The last blow sent Michael to the ground. He had deep cuts oozing blood all over his face, his ribs hurt, and his head hurt all over. He had no strength to heal much less get off the ground.

Alex was the first one to get up and say, "I don't want to do this Billy, but I will if I have to. Let's rumble."

Billy started the battle by doing an outside-inside crescent kick toward her. As she blocked, she swept his legs out from under him. After he landed on the ground, he rolled onto his stomach, swept her feet out from under her, and caused her to fall to the ground. He calmly walked up to her and put his foot right on her throat.

"You lose." Billy sneered.

"Don't be so cocky." Alex chided.

As Aisha watched, Alex grabs Billy's leg and twists, flipping him to the ground as she uses the momentum to roll to her feet, prepared to block. Billy rolls backwards and gets into a left forward stance.

"Come on Billy. What's it going to be?" Alex said.

"I'm going to kick your ass until it reaches Pluto!" Billy shouted.

Good Kim was able to block all of evil Kim's attacks, but she was not ready for what happened next.

"By the way, Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes, Rita enhanced my psyonic abilities. For starters, I do something called a Forced Depression. What is a Forced Depression you might ask? It's where my mind assaults yours leaving you with feelings of inferiority and worthlessness. I also do something called a Shortout. That's where my mind shorts out your synapses. It kinda gives you a stabbing feeling. Then there is the Psicrush. That one is my personal favorite. My mind massively assaults your neurons in your brain, while attempting to destroy all by a massive overload of signals. Now, doesn't that sound like fun?" Evil Kim sneered.

Good Kim begins to feel her mind being crushed as she begins to lose consciousness.

As Adam and Rocky slowly got off of the ground, the cheetah and the jaguar creatures grabbed them by their throats. Adam and Rocky felt the claws sink into their necks and the poison enter their system. Then fell unconscious as the creatures cracked their skulls as their heads were brought together. Without warning, all of the Ranger's were teleported back to the Command Center and Alpha began treating their wounds. Michael is the first one to awaken, his wounds fully healed.

"What happened? How did I get here?" Michael asked.

"We teleported you." Zordon answered.

Michael got up and began using his powers to heal. Once he got all of the Rangers fully healed, he was forced to sit down and rest for a moment.

"Okay, now that we're all one hundred percent, what do we do? Don't mean to be harsh, but we got our butts kicked out there." Adam stated.

"I've got an idea. What if we caught three of them in one of Michael's force fields?" Good Kim suggested.

"How are we going to do that?" Rocky asked.

"I've got a way. If Evil Kim is after Good Kim, then we use a hologram of Good Kim practicing her gymnastics." Kat suggested.

"But how do we keep Tommy and Billy from seeing? Think about it. Once they see evil Kim fall for that trap, they won't be dumb enough to fall for it." Adam stated.

"And how do we lure Tommy and Billy? They won't take the same bait as Evil Kim." Aisha stated.

"Me. That's what will draw both of them out. Father sent them after me in the palace to be brought unharmed. I would be the next bait." Michael spoke.

"And just how do you expect to be in two places at the same time?" Rocky pointed out.

"I could help with that. There is a spell that I will have to look up in my book that will allow me to become Michael. I won't have his powers, but I'll look, sound, and maybe think like him." Alex volunteered.

"Now that's scary." Good Kim joked.

"Okay, here's the plan. Good Kim will walk into the mall like it's a casual visit. You are to walk into the food court. Kat and I will be positioned somewhere around the area so we can detain and capture. At the same time, Alex disguised as me, will go walking in the park around the lake. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha will be positioned to help you. Alex, make sure you become me here in the Command Center. We don't want them to know what's coming." Michael stated in a leader's voice.

Alex had amazed everyone when she actually became Michael's double.

"What's everyone staring at?" Alex/Michael asked.

"Nothing. Let's get this over and done with." Rocky stated.

Alpha secretly handed a device to Kim. Once everyone was in place, Good Kim and Alex/Michael each teleported to their designated spots. Good Kim was wandering around the mall in the direction of the food court, stopping to check out one of two stores.

In Lord Zedd's palace, Rita sees the Good Kim wandering around the mall by herself.

"Well Evil Kim, you may get your chance. Your goody-goody other half is at the mall, by herself. Do you think you're up to the challenge?" Rita chuckled evilly.

"I know I'm up to the challenge my empress." Evil Kim sneered.

"Good, then get to it." Rita ordered.

Evil Kim teleported right in front of Good Kim in the food court.

"Time to die little Ms. Goody-Goody." Evil Kim sneered.

"Now guys!" Good Kim shouted.

Michael put the force field in place as he and Kat leaped out of their hiding place.

"Gotcha." Michael said.

"Think again young prince." Evil Kim said.

Evil Kim touched the force field. She used it to channel her Psicrush at Michael. As it hit Michael, the force field dropped and blood began oozing out of Michael's ears and nose. His eyes become blood shot.

"Thanks to your force field, I was able to send you a gift. I call it a Psicrush. Are you enjoying your gift?" Evil Kim snidely remarked as Michael's head lurched backwards in pain.

"Actually, have you ever heard of a backlash? I may not be a designated telepath, but I still can use the skills." Michael said as he sent it all back at her with more power than she had, knocking her back and weakening her.

Good Kim wasted no time in grabbing Evil Kim and using a technical device to create a force field. Michael collapsed to the floor, damage already done.

"I've got you Mikie, just rest." Was all he heard Kat say as he was knocked unconscious. "Alpha, teleport us to the Command Center." Kat said into her communicator.

Alex/Michael was walking around another part of the mall heading straight for the large area with a fountain in it.

"Tommy, Billy, here goes your chance! Bring my son back here alive!" Lord Zedd bellowed at the two.

Tommy and Billy materialized right in front of Alex/Michael.

"What's your hurry, bro.? Father wants to see you right now." Tommy stated coldly.

Adam, Rocky, and Aisha stepped out of their corner between them and Alex/Michael.

"This guy ain't going no where!" Adam yelled.

Alex/Michael disappeared during the distraction and quickly returned as Alex. She began her preparations for her binding spell.

"Let's rumble!" Billy shouted.

Aisha picked up a bench as if it were nothing and threw it at the duo. Adam concentrated and produced a fireball, which he quickly threw at his friends. Rocky became a Kodiac Bear and grabbed the two in a bear hug as the binding spell was completed. They quickly teleported to the Command Center with their captives.

Michael still laid with his head in Kat's lap as she healed him.

"So what should we do with them? How do we reverse this?" Aisha asked.

"Wait, first get David Trueheart here. I have a feeling that he should be here." Alex stated.

Once David was teleported to the Command Center, everyone's eyes turned to Alex.

"What's going on?" David asked.

"Okay, now does everyone remember when Michael and I visited a South American temple and found a couple of things? Well, I found a crystal full of energy. I believe it is time to unleash its powers." Alex explained as Michael began waking up.

The crystal glowed a blinding, white light as energy swirled around the room. It touched and put the two Kim's back together and reversed the spell on Tommy and Billy. Then the light touched all of them and returned memories as well as their original clothing. David received his morphing powers for the first time. David wore armor similar to Michael's and held in his hands a Tomahawk.

Michael's robe, black leggings, black boots, black vest, sword belt, and his prince's headband had reappeared. Adam was wearing a black medallion with a gold dragon on it, black leggings, black tunic, black robe, a ring with a gold dragon in the gem, black boots, and a circlet with a ruby in the center. Tommy wore an outfit similar to Michael's except it was white. Kat had become a weretiger wearing a pink medallion with a weretiger on it, with a cloak with a hood tied around her neck. Rocky wore a red tunic , a red medallion, black leggings, and boots. Aisha wore a yellow medallion, loose black leggings, sandals, and a yellow tank top. Kim wore a deep pink medallion, black leggings, and a pink tunic. Only Alex and Billy remained unchanged.

"Now I remember. This isn't our dimension either. The whole thing was an accident. Darkside forced me to open a portal, but it became a type of vacuum. David just happened to be there. Billy, this Billy belongs in this dimension. All we have to do is return to the park, and I should have no problem opening a portal home. I'm going to be one hundred percent honest here. My portals always take me where I need to be. Sometimes where I need to be is not where I want to be. So be warned, we might not be able to go straight home right away." Michael stated.

"What happened to our doubles?" Rocky asked.

"They're in status. We lead their life until we leave and then they resume. I'm pretty sure there is a good reason for it, but I don't know the reason." Michael answered.

"So, when do we leave?" Adam asked.

"As soon as you find the portal Adam." Michael answered.

"Can I hitch a ride? This isn't my dimension either. It'll be until I find my dimension." Alex finally spoke up.

"I don't see why not." Tommy answered.

"It'll be fun to have you around." Michael stated.

"I'm going to the park. I'll call you guys when I find our portal." Adam stated.

It wasn't long afterwards that Adam found the portal. He was waiting for the others to show up when Darkside appeared. Michael appeared with the others as Adam was preparing to fight.

"Wait! He's hitching a ride with us. He won't dare. I can't leave my brother here. The Federation of Evil will chew him up and spit him out. It would be as bad as killing him with my own two hands. I'd feel guilty. Besides, this dimension couldn't handle him." Michael explained.

"Excuse me, but can we get this over with?" Kim snapped.

"Lady of Love has no patience." Michael teased.

"Well the Lord of Fire and the Keeper of Time are taking to long." Kim retorted.

"Would the Lady of Reason please join my side so that I will have the sense of her strength to help me?" Michael asked.

Kat came and stood by Michael's side and Michael began to open the portal. Everyone jumped through with Michael last. They landed in a society with the Egyptian way of life in the nineties.