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The Fight For Freedom
By: Chasarae Albert

Michael walked for what seemed like hours. He knew that he would be in danger if he stopped. The forces of evil were right on his tail, yet they didn't know where he was. He had to escape, had to get off Earth. After Lord Zedd had conquered Earth, Michael and the other Rangers had become outlaws. Even though Zedd loved his sons very much, Michael and Tommy still had to pay for their crimes against evil. Only one problem. Michael still had to gather every Ranger still alive and escape. Zedd's orders to the monsters were to capture, but not harm, his sons and Kat. Knowing this, Michael ran and disappeared quickly. Kaboom!

The explosion erupted from behind him and sent him flying into a forward flip. It also broke his concentration and made him visible again. The Yin-Yang Ranger costume and power kept him protected from the blast even though it would severely injure any other human. Michael powered down to his other identity as Prince Michael and his true appearance. The monsters stopped the attack, not sure what to do. They couldn't harm him, but Michael knew there would be a brave few who would ignore Zedd's orders. It would be the last thing they do, but they would do it anyway.

Michael had been running and hiding for a full year. He had stopped only to sleep, eat, drink, and take care of other bodily functions. He even shaved parts of the beard he had started growing, leaving only enough left to grow a mustache and a goatee. He drew the sword of wisdom and prepared to fight. Suddenly, Lord Zedd's hologram appeared. "Return home and we'll see that you get a lenient punishment." Lord Zedd commanded. Michael saw that he had no other choice and decided to return home.

"Okay, I'll come home." Michael said as he sheathed the sword of wisdom. He teleported to the palace and then was teleported again. This time he wound up standing before the United Federation of Evil(UFE).
"Prince Michael, you stand accused of betraying and committing many offenses against the UFE. How do you plea?" Dark Specter spoke.
"Guilty. And I would do it again over and over." Michael responded.
"Then we have no choice than to either exile you or to permanently bring out your dark side." Dark Specter decided.
Darkside appears from out of nowhere. "I say that we just kill the traitor. Let's get it over with. That way, we won't have to worry about him returning." Darkside said with a sneer.
"You just want me out of the way so you'll be the only heir left. Then, you'll have the throne to yourself." Michael retorted. Before a fight could start, Dark Specter spoke.
"Make your choice son of Zedd. Make it fast." Dark Specter snapped.
"I'll take the exile." Michael said rather quickly. As he teleported out, he could hear his father speak.
"He has such a nasty streak in him. What a waste of a fine warrior….I will miss my son. It's a shame he turned out like his mother." Lord Zedd mumbled.

Kim was pacing back and forth in Goldar's Dark Dimension thinking about the year's events that got her into this mess. She had been practicing her routine on the balance beam for the last time before the Pan Globals began, when a monster appeared on the balance beam ahead of her. The surprise almost caused her to fall and hit her head. She jumped down and began running forgetting about her new Ranger powers. Suddenly, the Yellow Ranger appeared and began battling the monster. Before Kim left the building, she went back to help the Yellow Ranger. She saw Aisha receive the fatal blow and fall dead. Before Kim could think, she rushed in and began battling the monster. She lost and as a result, was captured and brought to where she now was. The last she had seen of the outside world was when she was in the United Federation of Evil's version of a court room, where she was sentenced to rot in Goldar's Dark Dimension. She knew that the planet was enslaved, but she knew not of the fate of Tommy and the other Rangers.

Tommy walked with his head down like the other slaves were in Angel Grove. He had decided to hide rather than face the wrath of Lord Zedd. He knew his father wouldn't hurt him or Michael, but he also knew that Lord Zedd would make sure that he would receive a proper punishment. He began to wonder about the fate of his brothers. The last that he had seen Michael, David, or the other Rangers was right before that nasty final battle that ended the war in defeat. Michael had insisted that the three of them spend time while they had it and they had the day before everything went straight to hell.

Michael had chosen to defend the orient, Aisha was in Florida, Adam had chosen Africa, Rocky had taken Canada, and Kat chose to defend Australia, while he chose to stay and defend Angel Grove. All of that wasted effort had resorted in one ending. They had lost. Lord Zedd quickly enslaved the planet and began a manhunt for them. Last thing he had heard before the communicators died was, "Oh my God, they killed Aisha." He knew that once Adam heard the news, he would be really ticked off. He also knew that Kim had been captured. They made it clear that they would let her rot until he surrendered. But what could he do? He was sure that the Command Center was destroyed. He knew there would be no way to get her out without the power. For now, he would have to hide in the disguise of a slave.
As Michael landed on the planet's surface, he immediately tried to teleport off. Then he heard Dark Specter's evil laughter.

"Did you think I would make it that easy, did you boy? I know how much you hate the dry desert and I know of your fast dehydration. You'll get a slow and agonizing death. The force field will keep you from teleporting off the planet. The punishment for treachery has been set up. Have a nice death Michael." Dark Specter said.
The image disappeared as Michael began walking.
"Got to find water." He said to himself.

An hour later, the heat and exhaustion had gotten to him as he collapsed onto the sand. As he lay on his back, he thought he saw two life forms heading his way. He passed out before they reached him.

Kim and Kat dragged Michael to a small cave with a small pond. It let a little light come through small holes in the walls. Kat and Kim dunked Michael's head under water. As he began soaking up the water, Michael awoke and saw the girls smiling at him. Kat said something that Michael couldn't quite hear. Then the image faded and Michael opened his eyes for real.
"A dream. It was all a dream. I've got to get up and keep moving." Michael said as he got up and continued to walk.
As he stepped into one area, a giant tornado-like wind picked him up and threw him to another unknown area that surrounded him with more sand.

Adam had already been caught and sent to a different, but dangerous planet. It reminded him of Phaedos. It was muggy, it looked as if it would rain at any minute, and he was surrounded by many plants that he couldn't identify. He needed to find shelter and he needed to find it fast. He thought he had seen a cave ahead of him. He made a dash for it. As he ran, he began to think back to the events that got him in this mess. There had been multiple attacks all over the planet. He had chosen to take the attack in Africa. He thought that he could handle it. There had been a monster that no Ranger, except maybe Michael, could handle. He had needed the others. He took so much damage, he demorphed. By the time he was thrown before the UFE, he was covered in blood because he was beaten so bad.

Dark Specter had sent him to this planet. He had also forgotten that Adam could control the power of fire. He reached the cave and saw nothing to indicate that any life form lived in this cave. Then a shadow moved and caught Adam by surprise. He had nearly given Rocky a kick or an elbow to the ribs.

Michael could still remember her. Her face, a perfect picture of beauty, her golden hair that could blind any man, her scent reminded him of flowers, and the blue eyes that could calm the rage in any beast. All of it gone now. His one cruel punishment visited upon him for betraying his father. He remembered the one moment it all happened with perfect clarity. He had been engaged in battle when he first felt her cry for help. He couldn't leave the battle, to many innocent would have been hurt. Then he felt her spark die. He knew she was dead because he felt a part of him die with her. Then he felt his sanity leave him. He attacked Darkside with such rage, it cost him the battle. The innocent were hurt anyway. He left the battle field and went to her body. She was cold and he saw the injuries. It was to late to attempt calling the soul back. He held her tight and cried. Some of her blood rubbed off on him, but he didn't care.

He took her body to the Command Center, only to find it in ruins. It was there that he found a cryostatis chamber. He looked at it and saw that it was to badly damaged to even try the insane idea of putting her in. He laid her down to rest in the one place she called a second home. After that, he could barely sleep. Every time he dosed off, he would dream everything that happened with a new twist. Every time he would find her body, she would rise up and tell him about how much of her death was his fault. It had made things so much easier when he surrendered to his father's forces. He knew Dark Specter would chose a place that would definitely kill him. Then he knew that he would be reunited with her. There was so much they were supposed to do together. They were supposed to have a family. Where had it all gone wrong? How could destiny have been averted? After this much time, he still could not figure it out and now he was having trouble controlling his emotions. Due to the unstable state of his sanity, his powers kept threatening to take control and chaos wouldn't be far behind. He had to find a way to stabilize himself again.

Kat was no longer in this dimension to help stabilize him. This time, he was on his own. Every time he went insane, a lightning bolt of immeasurable power would strike an area and proceed to destroy it. He knew Tommy was still alive, that Kim was barely hanging on, Aisha was very close to death, and that both Adam and Rocky were very alive on some planet. At least that's was what his sixth sense had told him. If only he could get off the planet, then he'd knock heads together.

Suddenly, a ship landed next to his position. This time, he is to weak to get up and stop the evil beings from picking him up and dragging him into their ship. He was laid down on a very comfortable bed.
"It is very unusual for evil to make their enemies comfortable. I wonder what their scheme is." Michael thought as he drifted into sleep and the nightmare began again.

This time, the monster is his older brother, Darkside, and he is the one Michael is fighting. He sees Kat, Adam, Tommy, Rocky, and Billy all fighting by his side. Along with them, he saw a young women that he did not recognize, yet he knew her. It was there that the dream ended. He awoke and left the room. He walked the unknown ship for a few minutes before he came upon a room with multicolored tubes. There, sitting at the table, were the two who dragged him onto the ship. Upon his entrance, the one with two blonde stripes running through his hair looked up, they both stood and began to approach him. He took a step back as they came closer. Michael had become to wild to be able to recognize a friendly face as they realized to late. He was going berserk and was throwing any punches and kicks he could think of. He didn't stop until a gentle voice called out in his mind.
"Mikie stop. They're friends. They don't want to hurt you." The voice said.
Michael began screaming, "Who are you?! Why are you in my head?!?"
"It's me. It's your mother. Don't you remember me?" The voice asked.
"No! You're supposed to be dead!" Michael screamed.
"Please listen to me." The voice had stopped talking.
"I'm sorry friends. I haven't been myself lately." Michael said to them.
"That's okay. I was the same way for a long time. I just wasn't as bad. By the way, I'm Andros and this is Zhane. What's your name?" Andros said.
"I'm Michael. What planet are you from? I know Earth was no where near this technology." Michael said.
"We're from KO-35. The planet was deserted after Dark Specter attacked. We've been roaming the galaxy searching for him ever since. What's your story?" Andros spoke.

"I was born on Earth. Even though I'm not totally from Earth, I accepted the call to defend it. We were just returning from a quest when the alarms went off. There were eight monsters and only seven of us. The problem was that they each picked a place on Earth to attack. We each split up to stop the monsters, but we were not strong enough to beat these monsters on our own. Only three of us won our battles successfully. By the time we had, the others were dead or severely injured and captured. Not soon after, I felt something I never should have. I was telepathically bonded with my beloved. What I felt was her death. I haven't been the same since. I lost the battle, teleported to her, teleported to the Command Center which I found in ruins, so I laid her to down to rest in a badly damaged cryostatus pod and left. I had been running up until a few days ago. I had surrendered and been exiled to that planet you found me on. They knew it would kill me to be in that heat. I only know my brother is alive for sure, because I wouldn't be alive if he was dead. I don't know what became of the others." Michael began rambling as he colored a little of the truth.
"Ouch. Sounds like your planet is in for hard times." Zhane said.
"Yeah. It's probably a good thing my beloved is dead. She would have hated to see the planet like that." Michael said sadly.
"Lifeforms detected in Sector three-four-nine. Scanners indicate that they once had the ability to morph. Scanners also indicate that they don't belong there." DECA spoke.
"That was the computer, right?" Michael asked.
"Yes. DECA, set course to Sector three-four-nine. Let's check out those lifeforms." Andros said.

Billy was inside Shadow's compound. This compound was safely hidden in Northern California under two Redwood trees. This compound was deep underground powered by geothermics, and was equipped with stealth technology. It even had radar. He had two seriously injured people laying on two med beds. He was doing all he could to treat them. He felt someone slip in.
"Hello Shadow. They haven't gotten much better and I am still having trouble finding the others." He said with a sigh.
Shadow just stood there and nodded. Billy began to think back to all the times he had to come here.

"I wish I could have told them that I was working on a secret base. The only reason I even know about it was because I knew Zordon's technology and I could get the parts without any problem. Why me?" Billy began thinking to himself.
The more he thought about it, the more he was sure that Shadow had used a memory block to keep anyone else from finding it.

"He hypnotized me. How else would I know about this place and know to come here at certain without knowing consciously?" Billy thought. "Shadow, I'm going to turn in and try to get some sleep." Billy said.
He left and went to the small room he had set up as his own. After he fell onto the bed, he went straight into sleep.

"Seven monsters are attacking all over the planet. Aisha is already at one of the attacks, the rest of you must each choose a location and stop the monster there. Good luck and may the power protect you." Zordon said.
"I'll take the one in Northern California." Billy said and teleported out.

When he got there, he found a monster destroying everything in sight. Zedd didn't have to make it grow, it was giant size. He called his Wolf Ninjazord. Every thing was going well until all of his stabilizers blew out. He had defeated the monster, but had taken to many hits and was also hit by the blast. The Wolf Ninjazord began to explode with several small explosions creating a fire. Billy jumped from the zord and landed in the Redwood forest near Shadow's complex. He had somehow remembered where it was and entered to hide. It wasn't long after that Zedd had conquered Earth. Billy awoke from the nightmare with a start. He had begun working more and more to keep from sleeping. He was sure that any Rangers still alive were having the same nightmare. He walked into the room where the girls were.
"Any progress?" Billy asked.
In response, Shadow shook his head. They heard a beep from a console.
"We've found Kim. Damn! There's a dimensional block around that area. No one can get in or out but Zedd himself. Continuing scan for the others." Billy said.
Adam had told Rocky the whole story of what had happened to him.

"I remembered fighting the monster in Africa. The monster had me beaten and bruised me from head to toe. It must have misunderstood Zedd's orders because it brought me up to him. After that, the monster was disintegrated and I found myself in the UFE's version of a courtroom. They passed judgment and I found myself on this planet." Adam explained.
The same thing happened to me. Have you any idea as to what happened to the others?" Rocky asked sounding worried.
"Other than Aisha, no." Adam sighed.
"I've already collected the firewood. I was about to try to make a fire, but since you're here, why do it the hard way." Rocky smiled.
Adam returned the smile and started the fire.

The next day, Adam and Rocky went exploring to see if there were any dangers to avoid and to find anything they could live off of. As they passed an area where the trees grew tall and the area was swampy, they did not see a plant with vines and a mouth.

One of the vines creeped silently toward them. Whap! The vines knocked Adam down and quickly grabbed him by the ankle and began dragging him back to the plant. Rocky just stood there in shock as all of Adam's efforts to burn the plant were in vain. Then watched in horror as Adam was swallowed whole by the plant. After that, Rocky wasted no time in getting out of there.

At the same time that this was happening, Michael had laid down to try to get some sleep. A dream filled his mind. He had expected to see Kat's death once again, but instead, he saw something he wished he hadn't.

Michael was wandering through Zedd's palace as he could see it was now on Earth. He wandered into an area with bars on doors. As he looked around, it suddenly turned night as the door to the entrance slammed shut with Adam on the outside of that same door. He was surrounded by flames as Astronoma appeared.
"Michael!, Get out of there! Run!" Adam screamed and mysteriously disappeared.

As Astronoma got closer, Michael found himself standing on a cliff. She was moving dangerously close to him. Suddenly, she stopped, raised her staff, and Michael was thrown from the cliff as the blast hit him. As he stood at the bottom of the cliff, Michael saw his father laying in Michael's place on the ground. Zedd's outer, humanoid appearance now looked as it would have if he had been good instead of evil. Blood oozed out of his ears, mouth, and nose. Zedd's ears then shifted and long, pointy ears appeared. His forehead shivered and a dark crystal appeared. Michael knew he was dead.
Michael sat up and said, "Dad!, " as he jerked awake.

He looked out the window and saw they were at their destination. As Michael walked to the bridge, his mind weighed heavy with the thoughts about his dream. It wasn't long before they landed on the planet's surface.
"Let's go find those lifeforms." Zhane said.
Rocky had seen the ship land and shifted into the form of a bird. He flew toward where he saw it land.
Michael had decided to stay on the ship because it was to hot outside for him and the fact that his new found friends needed someone to watch the ship.
"There is an intruder in the cargo bay." DECA said.
"I'll check it out." Michael said.

As Rocky became human again, he looked at his surroundings. It was nothing much, just a couple of crates. The door opened, and Rocky quickly ducked behind one of the crates. He cautiously looked over the crate to see who or what was walking through the door. At first he saw just a shadow as the person looked in all directions.
Michael could not see the intruder so he opened his mind to scan the room.
"Rocky? I feel your presence here. You might as well come out. I'm not going to hurt you." Michael said load enough for Rocky to hear.

Rocky stepped out in disbelief. As Michael stepped to where Rocky could see him, Rocky noticed that Michael looked more like a wild animal than a humanoid. Rocky could tell that Kat was dead by looking at Michael.
"Hey Mike. Nice to see you alive." Rocky said.
"I was wandering if you knew who the second lifeform was." Michael said.
"That probably was Adam. Don't bother looking for Adam. A plant ate him and I'm not kidding." Rocky said coldly.
It was then that Andros and Zhane returned. They had puzzled looks on their faces as they saw Rocky standing there.
"Who are your friends?" Rocky asked.
"My name is Andros and this is Zhane." Andros answered.
"Rocky, we've got to talk. By the way guys, it would be a good idea to plot a course to Earth. I have this feeling we're needed there." Michael said trying to sound calm and friendly.
With the cargo bay door closed and the course to Earth set, Andros and Zhane joined Michael and Rocky. They entered as Rocky was telling Michael the grisly details of Adam's death.
"It must have been horrible watching your friend die like that." Andros said.

Suddenly, a telepathic disruption hit Michael as he got up. He flew backwards as if he had been blasted and hit the wall hard. His hands began shaking as if he were having a nervous break down. Rocky got up to check on his friend. Michael got up and began trying to kill the three of them with wild punches. Zhane and Andros got a hold of Michael and held him until he stopped. It was then that they reached Earth. Without warning, Michael teleported.

He landed in his father's palace on Earth and began walking toward the throne room while sensing that something is off. When he reaches the throne room, he finds the throne destroyed, and the whole room trashed. Michael was speechless. He saw his father laying in the floor. He actually looks human upon this meeting.
"It is time for you to assume the throne. This is Astronoma's fault. Dark Specter ordered her to attack me. Go and avenge me." Lord Zedd said weakly and died.

Michael realized that those were his father's last words as he gazed upon the bloodied face of his dead father. Michael tried and tried to revive his father until he realized that it was futile. Michael stood up, found what was left of Rita, and laid her to rest next to Zedd as he buried them outside the palace. He returned to the palace to gather what he needed. As he was doing this, a hologram of Astronoma appeared to him.

"To all of Zedd's children, your father was killed because of his treason. This is what happens when you betray Dark Specter. Darkside, you are to be exiled to the little planet that you conquered. This planet now belongs to the UFE." She said.
Michael knew that Zedd's death meant that he was now Lord over countless planets. It was now up to him to get revenge. It was also time to return to the ship to keep looking for his friends.

In Shadow's compound, one set of eyes were opening for the first time in months. She got up and walked to a computer terminal. Billy had left Shadow on watch again as he attempted to sleep. She tried punching in codes that she didn't know she knew. The computer excepted the codes and brought up all of the information that had been gathered while searching for the other Rangers. Billy walked in after a few moments. He was shocked to see her up and about.
"Amazing. This technology kept her in cryostatus long enough for her wounds to heal." Billy commented.
"What's going on Billy? Where's Mikie?" She asked.
"I wish I knew. For now, why don't you try to tell me what happened to you?" Billy tried to change the subject.
"I'm going to step outside for a few moments and get some air." Kat stated.

Billy was about to stop her when Shadow shook his head as if to say let her go. Kat was shocked when Billy hadn't made one move to stop her. As she stepped into the open, she opened her mind and began scanning for Michael. She checked Zedd's palace and felt death all around. She continued her scan and found him in Earth's orbit. As she noted this in her memory, she stepped back into the compound.
In the ship, Zhane noticed the look on Michael's face. He got Rocky's attention.
"What's that look for?" Zhane inquired.
"I don't know. Let's ask him." Rocky answered.

Before Rocky could say anything, Michael turned to them and said, "Someone just scanned me. Only two people can do that. It isn't Kim because she's trapped in a prison that lets nothing in or out. Which only leaves..........nah. She's dead. But if she was alive, she would scan for my location. Which means we can't leave Earth's orbit. There's a good chance that what's left of the Rangers are still on Earth. And if so........" Michael began thinking aloud forgetting about Rocky and Zhane standing there.
"I'll go tell Andros." Zhane said as he rushed off.
"Michael, I have this feeling that we should start where Billy disappeared. I feel that we'll find him there." Rocky stated what was on his mind.
"Let's have Zhane and Andros start in Angel Grove. Make sure they blend." Michael suggested.
"Will do. By the way, how is your sanity holding up?" Rocky said.
"Okay." Michael lied.

As Rocky rushed off to tell Zhane and Andros the game plan, Michael was sure that he wouldn't last more than a week. He knew Dark Specter had done something extra to him as he was teleported to that planet. He put it aside and began to focus on the current issue.

Kim laid on the ground of Goldar's Dark Dimension knowing that today would be her last. She looked at her surroundings wishing this had never happened. She was so tired and her breathing began to slow as her heart beat began to fade. As her eyes closed, and she drew her last breathe, her thoughts fell on Tommy.
"I love you Tommy." She said and then died.
As Tommy began his work for the day, he felt Kim's death. He stopped only for a moment to cry a few tears for her. As he resumed work, he began plotting many ways to get revenge.

Andros and Zhane joined the slaves unnoticed in the same field Tommy was in. They kept an eye out for any humans that appeared to show that they were Rangers. Michael and Rocky began walking in what was left of the Redwood forest searching for Billy. So far, they had found the remains of the Wolf Ninjazord.
"You know, we could salvage these parts and make some weapons, armor, or anything else that we might need." Michael commented.

"We could do the same with the Command Center, if and when we are ready to go back. Wait a minute, I can barely remember how far we need to go. I know we need to keep going in the same direction we're headed." Rocky stated flatly.

They began walking north from the Wolfzord and soon came upon an unusual tree. Michael entered a code that he didn't realize he knew and they entered the compound. When they entered a type of command room, Rocky saw Aisha laying on a med.-bed and saw that she might not live. As Michael walked further, he saw Kat alive and looking at a book. He walked up to her and touched her, not believing that she was alive. She put the book down and slowly turned around in her seat. She quickly stood up when she saw Michael standing there with tears in his eyes. He knew that his dream would finally stop haunting him. They embraced and went into several long kisses. When this was over and done with, they sat there holding each other.
"I thought I had lost you Kat. I thought you were dead." Michael said in between his tears of joy.

Rocky went straight to Aisha to tell her that Adam was dead. After hearing that set of bad news, she let go of life and died. Rocky simply walked away from that room and entered his quarters and cried. Billy knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. When Michael opened the door, Billy told him the awful news as Kat came to the door.

The four of them went into the computer room where Shadow was and began talking. As Michael thought more and more about his friends' deaths, one thought stayed in his mind. If he could only find out if a Phoenix was real or not. He hadn't realized that he had projected the thought until he saw his friends looking at him.
Andros and Zhane were working hard next to a young man similar to Michael except he had long, dark brown hair, dark eyes, and a hardened face covered in dirt and pain.
"I sense something strange about you two. You're not from Earth yet you're human." Tommy said to them.
"Don't know what you are talking about. We're slaves here just like you." Zhane denied.
"My name is Tommy. I am the brother to Michael. He is fleeing the wrath of Dark Specter. What about you?" Tommy stated as he decided that he could trust them.
"You're Michael's brother?" Andros asked cautiously.
"Do you know him?" Tommy asked.
"We not only know him, but we can get a hold of him." Zhane stated.
"Good enough for me." Tommy stated.
An explosion shook the ground around their feet. As they turned to look behind them, another blast knocked them off of their feet.
"So nice to see you Tommy. Dark Specter has been wanting to see you for quite some time. He'll be quite happy to see you." A female voice stated.
"Who are you?" Tommy asked.
"I'm Astronoma and I'm the one who killed your father. Soak that in while you are facing judgment." Astronoma said maniacally.
During all of this, Andros and Zhane had managed to sneak away and morph. Astronoma stared in disbelief as a Red and Silver Ranger stepped into the space between Astronoma and Tommy.
"Sorry, but he's coming with us." Zhane remarked.
"I have orders to bring him and I'm not about to let two Rangers stand in my way." Astronoma said as she motioned for the Quantrons to attack.
As they blocked then striked, the Quantrons began falling one by one until none were left standing. Astronoma left quickly as the two Rangers turned to Tommy.
"You coming?" Zhane asked.
"Can you give me a lift?" Tommy asked.
"Well, just this once." Andros answered.
The three of them teleported to the Megaship to wait for Michael and Rocky. It wasn't long before they received a transmission from Michael and Rocky.
"We're going back to the planet we picked up Rocky on. We need three things from that planet. I'll explain on the way." Michael said.
"Okay, who else is coming?" Andros asked.
"Three others." Michael answered.
"Well, we'd better get going." Andros said.
Once the others teleported onto the Megaship, they returned to the planet where Adam died.

"Okay, Billy, Kat, Zhane, and Tommy go after the Phoenix while Rocky, Andros and I find that plant that ate Adam. We meet back here as soon as possible. Make sure you take Aisha with you." Michael stated.

As the others began their trek to the mountain range they saw before them, Michael, Rocky, and Andros begin walking back to the plant that killed Adam. When they reached and confirmed it, Michael turned to Rocky.
"Well now, let's see if this giant Venus Flytrap is immune to lightning." Michael stated as he raised his hand to the sky and brought lightning down on it.
The plant split open and fell dead. As they retrieved Adam's hand, an unknown mage stepped out of the shadows.
"Very nice. How did you do that without an incantation?" The mage asked.
"It's an inborn ability. I do it whenever I want." Michael replied.
"That hand belongs to your comrade who died?" The mage asked.
"Yes, we wish to bring him back." Michael said.
"I can bring him back in a new body. It won't be his own, but he would be alive." The mage said.
"At what price?" Rocky asked.
"I am under the impression that one of you can become a dragon. My payment is that I get a dragon scale. It's a fair price for your friend's life." The mage said.
They talked about it amongst themselves and turned to face the mage with their decision.
"We accept. When do we get to have our friend back?" Andros said.
"As soon as I'm ready. I'll need that hand to do this." The mage said.

About an hour later, a creature that looked like a panther on two legs with leather armor, a crystal in the right shoulder, a double-edged spear attached to his back through a strap, and with a knife belt stepped forward.
"Adam, is that you?" Rocky asked.
"No, I'm the Easter Bunny. Of course it's me, Rocky." Adam said.
Meanwhile, Billy, Kat, Zhane, and Tommy had found a Phoenix preparing a nest.
"Quick, put Aisha in the nest and get a few feet back down the trail." Billy ordered.

A few minutes after they did this, the Phoenix burst into flames. As the egg began hatching, Aisha got up and walked out of the nest. She looked disoriented. As the others walked up to her, the new Phoenix rose from the egg and flew with its predecessor in its talons. They walked Aisha back to the Megaship to wait on the others, explaining what happened on the way.

It wasn't long before the others returned with the slightly different Adam among them. Tommy, Aisha, and Kat almost attacked the new version of Adam. When Michael stopped them and explained that this creature was Adam's new form, they apologized. Andros gave them a lift back to Earth and landed outside of Zedd's palace. It was there that Michael sat down and began thinking of what to do.

"I've got it. Tommy and Zhane, you handle Astronoma. Billy and Kat, you handle the Machine Empire. Rocky and Aisha, you handle Divatox. Adam and Andros, you handle Master Vile. As for me, I want Dark Specter. Let's do it!" Michael said.

Michael, Andros, and Zhane teleported to the UFE's Headquarters morphed, while the others had to go as they were. Zhane and Tommy were the first to engage in battle because Astronoma was right there. As the others continued down the hall, they lost two to each enemy until finally, Michael was alone and about to meet Dark Specter in a battle that he would not soon forget. Dark Specter was huge, so Michael began changing into a blue dragon. As he entered the battle, he found that if he just let the dragon in him control the movements, that he was able to dodge more easily. He used his electrical breath several times, but to no avail. Then he heard Kat's cry for help once more.

Michael quickly shorted out Kat's attackers as he realized to late what Dark Specter was about to do. The blast separated both Michael and the blue dragon. Michael and a blue dragon laid two inches from each other, both in tremendous pain. The dragon let out a small whine to tell Michael that it was dying. Michael forced his arm to move and to put his hand on the dragon's scales. Michael used most of his energy to heal the dragon and re-bond. As soon as this was done, Michael realized that the side of good was losing. He used half of his regained strength to send himself back in time.

It was the day of the final battle. The first place he went was Florida. As the battle began, Michael grabbed Kim and teleported her to Shadow's compound. To make sure she would stay there, he knocked her out and placed her in cryostatus. Then he returned to Aisha's battle and morphed.
The Yuan-ti looked at Michael with shock.
"Another wishes to die." The creature hissed.

The Yuan-ti used its telepathy to inflict pain on Michael. As Michael was kneeling on one knee on the floor, Aisha became a werebear and grabbed the Yuan-ti from behind in a bear hug. Then Michael used his telepathy to send a telepathic backlash the Yuan-ti, which was so intense, it split it's skull, getting blood and guts every where.
"Ewe. That was gross. Thanks for your help, Mich ..... Where did he go?" Aisha said.

Michael had used his time traveling abilities to teleport back to Africa. It was happening at the same time Aisha was fighting. As soon as he got the Tanar'ri to let go of Adam, he opened a portal and sent the Tanar'ri back to her own dimension. He then teleported to Canada, also using his time-traveling ability and just as Rocky was about to be captured, Michael grabbed Rocky and teleported him to Shadow's compound. Once there, he put him in cryostatus sleep. He returned to Adam and also brought him to Shadow's compound and put him in cryostatus sleep as well.
"Everyone else should be all right. I hope I don't have to intervene with history again." Michael thought as he returned to his own time.

Once there, he found that he was returning to Earth. He wasn't returning to the battle with Dark Specter. He found himself arguing with Tommy. To Tommy, he had just came home from a job. Michael noticed that the way the sunlight hit the clouds made the sky appear to be on fire.

"Tommy, I want you to make sure everyone, including David, is taken to a safe place. Take them to my underwater base if you have to. Something bad is about to happen. Just trust me on this." Michael said.
"Come on Mike, I tell you that it's just a solar eclipse. It's a natural phenomenon." Tommy said in disbelief.
"And I tell you that it's not natural. There is supposed to be no solar eclipse today." Michael argued.
"Okay Michael, I'll call everyone and tell them to go to a safe place, but I still think you've gone wacko." Tommy said as Kim arrives.
Tommy goes up to Kim and gives her a full kiss and the usual I'm glad to see you embrace.
"Kim, don't go anywhere. Michael says some disaster will happen as a result of this eclipse." Tommy said as he goes into the house to call everyone.

"You've really lost it this time, haven't you? Every time you think you have a premonition, that you're obviously right and that it's really going to happen. I've seen you screw up quite a few times and I think this time you're wrong. Besides, you're a pimp daddy. You would pimp Kat for a quarter and that's on a good day." Kimberly said obviously being insulting.
"I am not a pimp daddy and besides, you're worse. You would pimp Tommy for a nickel on a good day." Michael insulted back while snarling and growling.
"At least my father doesn't cause problems in our lives." Kim snapped.
"At least I know where my father is." Michael retorted.
Tommy comes out and sees the two of them fighting as usual.

"Fighting again, huh? I've never seen two people argue and insult each other so much and still hang around each other on a daily basis. I don't think you two realize how good of friends you are." Tommy chuckled.
Before Michael could retort, his eyes go wide and he starts jerking until it causes him to pass out.
"Tommy, if Michael is out cold, then why have you not passed out as well? You are supposed to be telepathically linked." Kim said.

"Lately he's been shut off from me completely. I can't hear his mind. Is he able to do this at will, I don't know." Tommy said, once again filling in one of Kim's questions before she can get it out of her mouth.

"At least we're rid of his stupidity for a while. He thinks that we'll believe anything he tells us because he saw it in a vision for our future. He already keeps half of those visions to himself." Kim snapped.

"Back off Kim. I know we don't understand half of the things he does, but remember, he has to think on a higher level than we do. He uses over half of his brain, which means more responsibility than us. Besides, I think I know why he started jerking and passed out. His subconscious is trying to tell him something." Tommy said in defense of his brother.
Just then, Kat teleports next to Michael.
"Oh look, Kat is here. Michael's partner in crime. What are you doing here?" Kim snapped at her.
"Kim, what has gotten into you?" Tommy asked sternly.

"I hate him for what he did yesterday. First, he forces me to leave a battle, then he knocks me out, and after that, I wake up in some cryostatus chamber. While he did the first two, he was mumbling something about Kat. That's why I hate her right now too." Kim said.
"Well get over it." Tommy said sternly.
"Through pieces of our special crystals, Michael and I are joined. Technically, I hear his cries for help and he feels when I am in danger." Kat explained.
"Why do you like that idiot? Ever since I've met him, he has caused nothing but trouble. I'm constantly worried about him getting killed, because it will kill Tommy too." Kim stated viciously.
"Don't call him an idiot. It's not his fault that trouble follows him everywhere. I've found a heart that is similar to mine. I've found the one I'm destined to be with." Kat returned.
Michael suddenly sits straight up with his eyes open wide, but it is an empty stare. Kim jumps back in fright.
"He's not evil, is he?" Kim asked remembering that he can become evil in a moments notice.
"No. I've seen the look on his face when he's evil and this is not that face. It looks like he's just totally spaced." Tommy answered.
"In other words, he's crazy." Kim said.
"No. His mind only took a walk." Tommy said.
"That's exactly what I just said." Kim stated coldly.
"Stop putting him down." Tommy snapped.
"Yeah, he's human too you know." Kat snapped at Kim.
"I don't have to take this." Kim states.

Kim walks off. Tommy follows her to talk to her. She isn't mad at him, so she doesn't mind him being there. Then the electricity in town goes out. And with the clouds covering the sky, there is no light shinning on Earth. It is now pitch dark. Kim pulls Tommy back to her, afraid.
"Oh, I hate the dark." Kim said in fear.
"It's okay Kim. I'm here to protect you." Tommy says reassuringly.
"I'm still scared. What if there is a boogie man and he is about to get me?" Kim said sounding like a child.
"Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you. Besides, he probably just wants to dance." Tommy says in a joking voice.
"I'm still scared." Kim said.
He wraps his arms around her and gives her a reassuring kiss.
"Then I'll be your boogie man." Tommy jokes.
"Nice try Casanova." Kim returns.
"Then how about we go back to the house and get the flashlights and lanterns and candles." Tommy suggested.
"Bad time to be romantic." Kim retorted.
"I'm just trying to make you feel better." Tommy said.
"Well, it's not working." Kim said.
"Looks like for once Michael was right about this. I guess we should've listened. Oh man, I've turned into them." Tommy says sadly.
"Who?" Kim asked.
"My mom and dad. Michael warned them about their death on that night. They didn't listen and now they're dead." Tommy stated.
"That's in the past, Tommy. Leave it in the past." Kim said.
"But most of what happened to us could have been avoided if I would have listened to Michael's warnings." Tommy said.
"Don't worry about it Tommy. Besides, we're at the house. I can feel it." Kim said.
"Then let's go in. Do you want a blanket?" Tommy stated.
"No, I'm fine thanks." Kim answered.
"Just let me find the flashlight and the radio." Tommy said as he turned the radio on.

"This just in. The solar eclipse is causing several global disasters, and it looks as if it is the cause of the dark clouds that have covered the whole planet. Scientists at this time are speculating that this will last for a full year. It is also speculated that several natural disasters will occur while the sun is in the middle of this black out. Everyone is advised to grab essential and survival equipment and head for high ground. This will eventually effect all weather and there will be problems." The Radio DJ said.
"I know where we can go. It's the same place I told the others to go. Michael's underwater base." Tommy said.
"Then let's go." Kim answered.

In Lord Zedd's palace, Michael is just snapping out of being spaced out. Michael and Kat could not hear the spell, but as soon as Zedd finished, they watched as the Earth was covered in dark, ominous clouds and global disasters equal to Armageddon began happening all over the planet.

On the planet below, the Rangers, their new friends (that they met on their quests) and David watched in horror as the planet was being destroyed. California to Japan shook with an Earth shattering earthquake, while volcanoes erupted everywhere. Only the Redwood forest remained standing, along with a few other trees. Cities were ruined. The Earth was now dark and quiet. As the humans saw that night was now there all of the time, they began to quiver with fear. The human race was now frightened enough to do whatever Zedd asked of them. They had become slaves. Zedd was generous to the mutants, because he made them the slave masters over the humans. It was a time that many would come to call, the Year of Darkness.
"Doesn't look good for planet Earth." Kat stated.
Michael got up and looked at Earth. He looked like he was about to cry. He didn't know what had become of his friends or his brothers.
"I know what my father is doing." Michael stated coldly.
"Trying to take over the planet as usual?" Kat guessed.
"No. Do you remember when we trained together?" Michael asked Kat.
"Yes." Kat replied.
"Remember when my father promised me a planet?" Michael asked Kat.
It was then that Lord Zedd walks in and enters the conversation.

"And what a better planet than the one you were born on? The same one that gave you so many problems. Now the humans will now be timid and easy to control. Happy Birthday Michael." Lord Zedd stated to Michael.
"Oh man. It is May twenty-fifth. I've been working so hard lately, that I had completely forgotten." Michael said as he suddenly realized what the day meant to him.

"Be careful. The humans have contracted some kind of plague. Even though it is only a common cold among our kind, I still don't want you sick. Let's wait and go to the planet's surface in one year from now. By then, all of the humans and the slave masters will be ready for you and will know to obey you." Lord Zedd stated calmly and cheerfully.

It is one year from the global disasters. The clouds are clearing up and the planets and animals who mutated to adapt to the lack of sunlight are brought to light. It is now time for Lord Zedd to take Michael and Kat down to the planet's surface.
"People, listen to me! Here is your ruler! Do as he commands! Michael, I gave the evolved race power over the humans. They will also do as you command." Lord Zedd stated.
Michael sees Adam with a whip and goes to where he can hear him. At that moment, Adam is beating a slave that has fallen over.
"Get up slave! Get back to work!" Adam shouted at the slave.
As Adam raised his hand with the whip on it, Michael grabbed the wrist and prevented Adam from using the whip.
"Don't even think about it." Michael stated flatly.
"Forgive me sire. I did not mean to offend you." Adam said as he got down on one knee.
"Kat, did you hear what he called me?" Michael asked Kat.
"Yeah, he must have been brainwashed." Kat answered.
"Take the spell off of them father. That especially includes Kimberly. They're no fun this way." Michael said to Lord Zedd.
"Oh, all right. Anything for you." Lord Zedd said.
The spell is taken off and the other Rangers snap out of it. Michael begins talking to Tommy.
"I hope Kimberly appreciates this." Michael mumbles as Kim walks up.
"Appreciates what?" Kim asked.
"The fact that I told dad to remove the spell, especially from you Kim." Michael answered with a sadistic tone in his voice.
"Thanks a lot. Do you mean to tell me that you now own this planet." Kim said in a disrespectful tone.
"Yes." Michael answered.
"So Zedd destroyed the planet to give it to you." Kim said.
"You got it on the bull's eye." Michael said and then thought, as he decided to keep it to himself, "I didn't think a cheerleader had a brain."
"See yah." Kim said and began walking away.
"I'm going after her." Tommy said.
"Let's go for a walk, Kat, and see what's left." Michael suggested.
"Okay." Kat agreed.
Tommy and Kim somehow wind up at Angel Grove Lake.
"What's the matter Kim?" Tommy asked.
"I'm just worried about my brother." Kim said.
"I'm sure he's okay." Tommy said.
"I know. Steve can take care of himself." Kim stated.
As Michael and Kat continue their walk, they come to what is left of Angel Grove High.
"Look Kat, it's Angel Grove High, or what's left of it. I guess it will definitely be a long time before we get our diplomas." Michael stated with his joking tone.
"Yeah, especially for you. They had to kick you out before the humans there killed you." Kat stated.
"Yeah. I was shot at so many times that it was safer for me not to go to school. Sometimes I think this fate would be better for the humans." Michael said as he frowned at the memory.
"No you don't." Kat argued.
"Yes I do. Humans need a wake up call." Michael stated sternly.
"Doesn't it seem like this is a little severe?" Kat asked.
"No. I think this is exactly what the doctor ordered." Michael stated.
It was then that the evil look appeared in his eyes.
"Are you okay?" Kat asked as she saw the look in his eyes.
"Yeah, why?" Michael asked.
"You just have that look in your eyes." Kat stated.
"I'm just feeling angry because I was treated badly by the humans. I guess I'll just have to work on it." Michael sighed.
"I know." Kat stated in a tranquilized voice.
It was then that Michael's childhood memories started coming back. She saw Michael's upset face and went over to embrace him.
"Sh-h-h. It's okay. It's okay." Kat stated in an attempt to calm Michael.
"Don't shoot moma. Don't shoot her." Michael said in a boy's voice.
"Sh-h-h. It's okay. It's okay." Kat said as she realized that Michael was delirious.
At Angel Grove Lake, Tommy and Kimberly are still talking.
"It's not going to be the same. It's weird that Michael now has control of the planet. I wonder if he can handle it." Tommy said.
"Yeah. I'm afraid that the humans might take control again. If they do, things will be worse than it was before." Kim said.
"I'd worry about Michael. If what Adam said about Michael is true, we'd might be in trouble." Tommy stated forgetting that he was supposed to keep it a secret.
"What do you mean Tommy?" Kim asked in curiosity.
"Adam says that once Michael runs full circle, the spell that Lord Zedd put on him a long time ago could come back." Tommy stated.
"That's bad news for me. Last time he almost killed me. His darker half always seems to have it out for me." Kim said down hearted.
"He almost killed me too. I just found his weak spot. The lake won't be the same without the trees." Tommy said trying to change the subject.
"Yeah, but at least they'll grow back in time." Kim stated, all of the sudden cheerful.
"Let's get back to the others." Tommy suggested.
"Okay." Kim agreed.
They begin walking back and arrive just as Michael is coming out of his delirium. He suprises Kat as he sits up.
"Are you all right?" Kat asked.
"Yeah, but what happened?" Michael asked.
"You had a memory attack that made you delirious." Kat answered.
"And you stayed by my side the whole time trying to calm me?" Michael asked.
"Oh course, silly." Kat answered.

"What's happening to me?" Michael said as he begins glowing with white light and within two seconds is engulfed in it. As quickly as it came, it left. Michael found himself dressed as a prince, in the clothes that he had chosen when he began training as Lord Zedd's heir. He is still feeling a little bit of pain.
"My uniform? But I didn't call for my uniform." Michael stated in confusion.
"Maybe your dad put it on you." Kat suggested.
"No. Come on, let's find the others." Michael said as he didn't realize that Tommy and Kim are right there.
"Hey guys. Michael, can you turn the clock back so it will be as it was?" Kim asked.
"I can't. This is the way it was supposed to be, unfortunately. We all knew that this might happen some day. So please don't ask me to go back in time to fix this." Michael stated.
"Because there could be something worse?" Kim asked unaware of the fact that Michael had already fixed the timeline.
"You hit the nail on the head Kim. You're not as dumb about messing with time as I thought." Michael teased.
"As least I'm not completely stupid like you." Kim retorted.
Before anyone could say anything, Michael creates a force field to throw Kim. She gets back up and walks over to him. His face has now taken its true form.
"What did you do that for, you asshole?" Kim snapped.

"Because one, I felt like it, and two, I wanted you to shut up. You don't need to tell me that you don't think I'm ready for this responsibility, because I feel the same way." Michael snapped back and walks away.
"You didn't need to say all of that to him." Kat growled at Kim.
"It's true that's he's an asshole. He's ugly too." Kim said sounding mean.
"He's beautiful in his heart. To bad you don't have one." Kat snapped at Kim.
"Wait a minute. If he's Lord of the planet, what does that make you Kat?" Tommy asked after a lot of thought.
"I don't know. I'll ask him." Kat said as she took off after Michael.
Michael turns to her and is now calm.
"What is it?" Michael asked calmly and gently.
"If you're Lord of the planet, what does that make me?" Kat asked not sure of the answer.
"Depends." Michael answered.
"On what?" Kat asked.
"On whether or not you wish to be by my side always." Michael stated as he proposed to her.
"I'd love to." Kat accepted the proposal.
"Then you are going to marry me?" Michael asked to be sure.
"Yes, Mikie. I've loved you ever since we first met as children." Kat answered.
"Then as soon as we're married, you would be the Lady of the planet." Michael said.
"Let's get back to the others. This place is giving me the creeps." Kat stated.
Michael nodded in agreement and they were soon back with the others.
"What are you going to do with this planet?" Tommy asked Michael, testing him.
"I don't know." Michael answered.
"Do you think they'll ever gain control again?" Tommy asked.
"Doubt it. Look at how they quiver when I walk around. Things will never be the same." Michael answered as he sighed.
"But what if they do when you're gone?" Tommy asked.
"Then I guess it's back to them nuking each other. It would be a shame to waste their potential though. As a race they could go very far." Michael answered.

Michael gets a splitting headache all of the sudden and collapses while moaning and grabbing his head. As he lays there, everyone, including Kim, surrounds him. His crystal that is always between his eyes resurfaces. Then he opens his eyes and looks up.
"Why are you guys staring at me?" Michael asked.
"Because we were worried." Kat answered.
It is then that he gets up and walks away with Kat right behind him.
"Are you okay? Is there something wrong?" Kat asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine and nothing is wrong." Michael answered.
"Your face says different." Kat stated.
Michael drops to his knees holding his ribs in pain while screaming in pain.
"Now I know something is wrong." Kat stated.
"It's nothing. My body is fighting itself because it is not used to this form. I hide it way to often. Besides, I'm receiving a very painful vision." Michael stated.
"I thought that your visions weren't supposed to be painful." Kat stated.
"They're not. This is the first waking dream vision that I have had. All of my visions are usually coming through my sleep." Michael said.
"Then tell me what you see." Kat ordered.
"I see a plane out of fuel and crashing. Tommy and Kim are in the plane. They're hurt." Michael said.
Soon after that, they see a plane flying over head.
"Uh-oh." Michael and Kat say at the same time.
"I guess it's to late for a warning." Kat stated.
"Look, smoke. Let's get there quickly." Michael stated.

Michael took off so fast that Kat couldn't keep up. When he got there, he quickly entered the plane. Using his telekinetic powers, he removed Tommy and Kim from the plane and to safety. But during Michael's concentration, Michael was engulfed in the diesel-fueled smoke and the fire was reaching the fuel intake. The whole plane was about to blow.
"Mikie! Get out of there, it's going to blow!" Kat shouted.
Michael began coughing, but before he reached the door, the plane exploded.
"No! Mikie!" Kat screamed as she saw the plane explode.

She ran up to his body only to find him unable to move and coughing up blood. He is covered from head to toe with black spots from the fire charring some of his skin. He is a little weak, but he stands up anyway and walks to Tommy and Kim. They are now waking up.
"Hey, you guys were almost toast there. I would heal Kim, but we all know how she feels about that." Michael said as he managed a smile and began another coughing fit.
"You can still heal me." Tommy says weakly.
Michael stands near Tommy and extends his hands over Tommy's body. Within moments, Tommy is healed. Then Michael and Kat walked away toward the mountains.
"With the damage that these humans have done to mother nature, I think we should have them clean up their mess." Michael suggested in between coughs.
"Don't order them to do it, just ask them to do it." Kat suggested.
"Okay, but don't let the dark mutants hear because they will force them to do this task. Do you hear that?" Michael said.
"Hear what?" Kat asked.
"The sound of a motorcycle." Michael answered.
"No." Kat said.
"Sh-h-h. Listen." Michael instructed.
"Oh, now I hear it." Kat said.
Michael throws Kat to the ground and covers her just as a gunshot is fired. It hits Michael right in the lung and becomes lodged. He begins to cough up blood. Kat sees him and tries to help him.
"Take my sword. Use it to defend yourself. He's coming back to finish the job." Michael said.
"But you'll need it." Kat said.
"Don't worry about me, I have a few more weapons I can use." Michael reassured her.
"Then I'll not only use the sword, but my heritage." Kat said as she became a weretiger and took the sword. "This will be a battle he'll not soon forget."
Kat hid up in the tree to make the man think that Michael was alone. She waited as the man walked up to Michael and put the gun to his head.
"Now, we'll be free of you." He said.
"Oh no you don't!" Kat shouted as she leaped out of the tree and sliced the hand with the gun off.
"Ah-h-h-h-h! You bitch!" He shouted.
He quickly gets on the motorcycle and leaves. Kat goes over to Michael.
"Are you healing?" Kat asked him as she reverted back to human form.
As Michael winces in pain, he says, "No. Something is wrong. The bullet must be stuck in my lung."
"You need a doctor." Kat answers.
"Unless you know where they are, fat chance finding one of them." Michael responded.
"Can you at least walk?" Kat asked.
"If you help me." Michael answered.
"Sure, I will help you. Now come on." Kat said.
They begin heading toward the plane wreck.
"Kat, I'm having trouble breathing." Michael said in between wheezing.
"Almost there. Hang on." Kat said.
Michael begins suffocating and gasping for air as he falls over.
"Tommy help!" Kat shouts as loud as she can.
Tommy becomes a blur and is there in a matter of seconds.
"What's wrong?" Tommy asked.
"There's a bullet lodged in his lung and he can't heal and he can't breathe." Kat said in a panicked voice.

"Calm down Kat. I think I can help him." Tommy said as he made the hole in Michael's chest bigger and used telekinesis to take the bullet out of Michael's lung. The wound immediately heals after that. "A specially treated bullet. It was made with a chemical that stops the healing process." Tommy stated and left.
"Maybe it's time we found ourselves a shelter." Michael suggested.
"Yeah, but where?" Kat asked.
"I think I know." Michael answered.

They teleport to a cave Michael had found prior to their quests. It was his secret cave. Once there, they find a whole group of what's left of the MC there. They immediately recognize Michael and point their guns at him. Then Michael sees a man with only one hand.
"OOPS. Let's beat it." Michael said with a little bit of fear in his voice.
"I'm for that." Kat said as they teleport out. "That was a bad idea."

"I didn't know they were there. I thought I saw David. I have a better idea. Let's build our home at the ruins of Angel Grove High. The base and some of the walls are still there. I'd bet that I could fix that up." Michael says.
Once they get to the ruins, Michael uses his telekinesis to build a house for them to live in.
"You do the decorating and I'll add a sunroof with glass to keep the rain out." Michael said.
"Fine with me." Kat answered.
When Kat is finished, Michael is astonished.
"Let's go visit Tommy and Kim to see how they're doing." Michael suggested.
Tommy had salvaged parts from the plane and made a modest home. Michael and Kat had just arrived when Tommy opened the door.
"Hey guys, how's it going?" Michael asked.

For no reason, Tommy slugged Michael. The force sent Michael to the ground. Tommy began kicking Michael and beating him unrelentlessly. The girls grabbed Tommy and try to stop him, but have a hard time.
"Stop it Tommy!" Kim shouted.
"Stop, you're killing him!" Kat shouted.
It was then that Tommy stopped.
"Get him out of here while you can." Kim ordered.
"Okay. See you later Kim." Kat stated.

Kat took Michael home and sat him in a chair in their home. She is using some left over alcohol to treat his wounds. In response, Michael makes a sound that a vampire makes when it extends its fangs to say that it hurts.
"That hurts Kat." Michael stated to tell Kat.
"It does not and you know it." Kat said playfully.
"What is that stuff, Peroxide?" Michael asked.
"No, it's much stronger than that. It's alcohol." Kat answered.
"Sometimes you're to good for me." Michael said as Kat wrapped up his wounds.
"I know, but let's go." Kat said.
"Go where?" Michael inquired.
"Angel Grove Lake. I have a surprise for you." Kat answered.
When they get out there, they find a boat and row out to the middle of the lake. When they get there, she throws him in. As soon as he is in the water, he goes under.
"Mikie, are you okay? I know you're down there." Kat stated.
Michael swims under the boat and begins rocking the boat. Kat screams as she falls into the water and Michael resurfaces.
"I took my bath, I thought that it was your turn." Michael joked.
"Very funny. You're going to get it." Kat teased.

He begins to turn her back to him so he can hold her. Before he could, she pushed him back under the water. He put his mind and body into a meditative state. A big air bubble rose to the surface. Kat looked down through the water and saw Michael. She thought he was hurt.
"Mikie, are you okay?" Kat asked sounding worried.
There was no answer so she went down and brought him to the surface. He then came out of his meditative state and pulled her close.
"Gotcha." Michael said scaring Kat.
"That's not funny Mikie. I thought you were really hurt." Kat scolded.
"You were the one who pulled me out of my meditative state." Michael stated in defense.
"Well, I wouldn't have been so worried if you hadn't sent up that air bubble." Kat stated.
"Sorry. I had chilly before this whole thing happened." Michael stated with a smirk.
"That's disgusting. So, what do you think is up with Tommy." Kat stated.
"I think someone has cast a spell on him and I don't think it's Zedd or Rita. I think it may be another evil force we're dealing with." Michael answered.
"I feel sorry for Kim. She will have to put up with him." Kat stated.
Michael sinks back underwater due to hearing a telepathic scream coming from Rocky. Kat brings him back to the surface and is holding him while he floats on his back.
"It's Rocky. Someone is beating the snot out of him. I don't know where he is. He is just sending me a telepathic scream. It has just stopped." Michael stated.
"Why don't we go for a walk, but let's check on Kim and see if she wants to come." Kat suggested.
"I don't think we should go over there." Michael said.
"Why?" Kat asked.
"Because of what happened between Tommy and I. I'm just a little scared." Michael answered.
"Fair enough." Kat said.
Michael goes back under water and grabs Kat's foot. This drags her under right next to Michael with her back to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist.
"If you don't let go of me, I won't hang with you." Kat teased telepathically.

Michael let go of her that minute and they both swim up to the surface. They returned the boat to the upright position and got in. Michael rowed to shore. They left for Kim and Tommy's home. When they get there, they knock on the door.
"Hello, is anyone here?" Michael asked into the house.
Kim opens the door and comes out.
"Hey guys. What's up?" Kim said.
"We thought that you would like to hang with us for a while." Kat stated.
"Sure. Let me make sure that he can't hurt anyone while I'm gone." Kim said as she ducked back into the house.

All of the sudden, Tommy comes out of the house attacking Michael with a ferocity. Michael's body was already weak and this attack knocked him onto the ground. Tommy also slams Michael's head down on the ground several times.
"Tommy, get in here now or I won't talk to you ever again." Kim stated in anger.
Tommy stopped beating Michael and headed straight for Kim. Kat got between them.
"You're not going to hurt her. You've already beaten your brother and you're not going to beat her either." Kat stated with a commanding voice.
Tommy picks up a stone and hits Kat around the temple and goes back into the house where Kim ties him to the bed.
"I'm going to stay here and watch him." Kim stated.
"Okay, I'm going to take him home and examine his wounds." Kat stated as they began walking back home.
She sits him down in a chair and removes the bandages she put on him earlier.
"Am I bleeding again?" Michael asked Kat.
"Yes." Kat replied.
"More alcohol?" Michael asked sounding a little scared.
"Yes." Kat replied.
She gets the alcohol and wets a cloth with it. She puts the cloth on the wound and rewraps the bandages around him.
"Ouch. Wait a minute, Kat are you aware that your temple is bleeding?" Michael asked Kat.
"No." Kat answers as she checks her temple with her hand and finds blood on her fingers.
"My turn to play doctor." Michael teased.
"Go easy Michael." Kat warned.
"I will." Michael said in a joking way as he takes the alcohol and cleans the wound out.
"Ouch Michael that hurts." Kat said as she winced in pain.
"That's what I was feeling. And you said that it didn't hurt. Still have that opinion? Now, here is what you're really feeling." Michael said as a smug smile crossed his face.
"That's better." Kat purred.

When he finishes cleaning the wound, he heals it with his special power. Then for some reason, he starts kissing Kat's shoulder and works his way up to the neck and the side of her head. Then he stops.
"What are you doing and why did you stop?" Kat inquired as she purred.
Michael pulls away for a moment.
"Sorry, couldn't help myself. I just want you so bad right now." Michael stated in response as he walks out of the house and sits on a nearby log. Kat comes out to join him.
"What's wrong?" Kat asked him with concern in her voice.
"You have asked me time and again not to touch you like that until you are ready. I have so much trouble controlling it." Michael stated as he was feeling angry at himself.
"Come back inside. We should do this together." Kat said as she went in to the house, and got in bed.

Michael quickly followed and began removing clothes. Kat was already naked and laying there waiting for him. As soon as Michael is completely naked, he lays down on Kat and begins sucking her on her neck. Hours later, they are asleep, still naked, and Kat is sleeping snugly in Michael's arms. Michael slept soundly, knowing that there was now nothing that could separate them. They both awoke the next morning. As they got dressed, they began to discuss what they would do that day.
"Tell you what, why don't we go find everyone and...." Kat began.
"Get them to help us with Tommy?" Michael finished as he picked up on her idea. "Okay, but we'd better pack a lot of water. It gets very hot out there without all of the trees to provide shade."
They left and soon found themselves in the desert. Kat is the first one to see an old shack. They approach and Michael knocks on the door. Adam answers the door.
"Hello? Guys, what are you doing here?" Adam says in shock.
"We need your help buddy." Michael said as Aisha shows up in the doorway.
"We weren't interrupting anything were we?" Michael asked.
"No." Aisha answered.
"Why are you guys out here?" Kat asked.
"Adam got to cold where you guys are and we had heard about what Tommy had been doing." Aisha replied.
"He's gotten worse. Look what he did to my ribs." Michael said as he showed the bandaged area.
"Ouch." Adam said in response to the sight.
"Do you know where Rocky is?" Kat asked.
"He's hiding in the mountains near where the Mexico-United States border used to be." Aisha answered.
"Come and visit us once in a while." Kat said.
"Okay. We'll see you guys later." Adam said.
"Thanks for the help." Michael said in advance.
"No problem man. Just be careful." Adam stated.

Kat and Michael leave and head back to their home to get some extra supplies. After that, they went over to Tommy's and Kim's home to check on them. Kim had let him up. When Tommy saw Michael, he immediately jumped Michael, knocked him to the ground, and began bashing the back of Michael's head into the ground. When he had knocked Michael out, Tommy went toward Kim and she ran. Tommy took off after her, but was unable to catch her. It wasn't long afterwards that Michael woke up from the beating.
"I don't feel so good." Michael said as he slowly got up and went behind the house and began puking up blood. "I'm so tired Kat."
"Come on, let's get you home to rest." Kat suggested.
When she got him home, she put him to bed and let him sleep. When he awoke, Kat had something to talk to him about.
"We have to find Kim." She said.
"But I don't know where she is." Michael answered.
"But I do. She told me and Aisha where she likes to hide." Kat said.
"Are you sure she wants me to know?" Michael asked.
"She won't mind." Kat said as she helped Michael out of bed and they began walking to the place.
They go behind where the old MC Headquarters was located and begin calling her name.
"What do you want?" Kim asked.
"We were worried and came looking for you." Kat answered.
What they didn't know was that Tommy had followed them.
"What happened Kim? Did he beat you?" Michael asked.
"I don't remember." Kim lied.
"I know that's not true. What did he do to you?" Michael stated.
"Yes, he beat me." Kim stated as she shows them one of her bruises.
"That must have hurt." Kat stated as she saw the size of the bruise.
It was then that Tommy comes out of hiding. Michael gets between him and the girls.
"Tommy, we have to talk. It's one thing to beat me up, but to beat Kim, that's quite another. Now I'm going to give you a dose of your own medicine." Michael stated in an angry tone.
"You want a piece of me runt? Come on then. Let's get it on then." Tommy said obviously wanting a fight.
Tommy and Michael begin fighting. When they finish, Michael is the victor and is holding his sword at Tommy's neck.

"If you weren't my brother and if it wouldn't kill me as well, I'd kill you by cutting your head off. Shoot, I may just do it anyway. What's with you? Why have you been attacking Kim and I?" Michael stated viciously.
"Michael, don't. If you kill him, I'll kill you and I'll never forgive you." Kim stated.
"I'm not going to kill you, but, I'm going to make you wish I did." Michael stated.
They took Tommy back to his and Kim's home and threw him in the closet all tied up in chains.
"Are we going to leave him in there?" Kim asked.
"Yes, with an added incentive. I'm putting up a force field around the closet." Michael stated.
"Don't do it Michael. What if I want to go in and embrace him?" Kim asked.
"All right, then we'll chain him to the bed, but I must warn you. I was the dumb ass who taught him how to pick locks after we met. Don't let your eye off of him." Michael warned.
"Don't worry, I won't let him up." Kim said.
"Okay, but we're going to try to find Rocky and Mariah. Be safe Kim." Kat stated as they left.
They hike toward Mexico and come upon the mountains. They came to a cave and decided to check it out.
"Hello-o-o-o." Michael said as his voice bounced off the cave's walls.
"Anyone there-e-e-e?" Kat asked as her voice also bounced off the cave's walls.
"You don't have to scream." Rocky answered.
"We've finally found you guys." Michael stated in a cheerful voice.
"Why did you guys leave town?" Kat asked.
"To get away from your dumb asses." Mariah said teasingly.
"Seriously, it was to get away from Tommy. The rumors I heard about what he was doing frightened me." Rocky answered.

"You and me both Rocko. We're here because he's gotten worse. We need your help to control him. Just look at what he's done to me." Michael said as he once again showed his bandaged ribs.
"That looks like it hurts." Rocky said.
"Somebody finally whooped your ass, huh?" Mariah said in a teasing mood.
"Yeah, it hurts so very much and I've been vomiting at inconvenient moments." Michael stated as he ignored Mariah's comments.
"What about the screams?" Kat asked.
"Oh yeah. I received a telepathic scream from you. What happened?" Michael stated.
"Tommy showed up and for no reason beat the hell out of Rocky." Mariah answered.
"No wonder you don't want to go back to around where we live. We need to get back because I need to get some rest." Michael stated.
"Okay, see you guys later." Rocky said as they went back in the cave.
Michael and Kat begin their walk back.
"Hang on a moment." Michael said as they reach the half way point.
He runs behind a giant rock and pukes. Then comes back. He trips and lands on the ground hard.
"Mikie, are you okay?" Kat asked in concern.
"Everything is spinning Kat. I don't think I can make it. I can barely see." Michael says weakly.
"I'll help you. We're almost there." Kat said.
"I feel like passing out." Michael stated.
It wasn't long until they reached their house. Kat lays Michael down in bed.
"Here lay down and don't get up for a while." Kat ordered.
An hour later, Michael wakes up as Kat is about to walk out the door. She sees that he is awake and walks over to the bed.
"Stay in bed, I'm going to check on Kim." Kat ordered.
"Okay." Michael responded as Kat left and he entered a troubled sleep.
Kat entered Tommy's and Kim's home and found Kim laying on the floor bruised. She looked like she had been raped.
"Kim, what happened?" Kat asked in a panicked voice.
Kim opens her eyes and sees Kat.
"Tommy raped me. He said that he would be back in about an hour." Kim said weakly. It was then that Tommy comes in. "No, stay away." Kim said in terror.
"Tommy, what the hell did you do to her?" Kat shouted as she turned around. Tommy begins to force himself onto Kat. "Get away from me." Kat said as she began to try and kick him off of her.
"The perfect way to hurt Michael. He's going to be very upset about this." Tommy said maliciously.
It is then that Kat screams verbally and telepathically. Michael hears the telepathic scream and wakes up.

"Kat! I know she's in danger. I'm coming Kat!" Michael shouted as he forced himself out of bed. He teleported kept Tommy from hurting Kat. Tommy gets up and runs out of the house because he sees how angry Michael is.
"Kat, are you okay?" Michael asked as he checked for any bruises or cuts.
"Michael, hold me, please." Kat said as she began crying.
"Okay. Sh-h-h, it's okay. You're safe now. Come on, let's get you home." Michael said as he embraced her.
"No. I'm going to stay here." Kat insisted.
"Okay, but I won't be far away." Michael said.

Michael left and after a while, Tommy returned. He picked Kim up and put her in bed. Then he proceeded with putting a blanket over her. After that, he hid in a small corner. After an hour, Kim wakes up and wonders how she got in bed. Then she sees Kat.
"Kat, how did I get here?" Kim asked.
"Tommy put you there, but watch out, he's here somewhere." Kat answered.
"Oh." Kim responds.
It's then that Michael walks in to check on the ladies.
"Hey ladies, what's up?" Michael said.
"Quiet, Tommy's here somewhere. I don't know where he is." Kat replied.
Tommy leaps out and Michael puts him in an arm lock. Then Kat opens the closet door and Michael throws him in.
"This time I'm going to put a force field around the closet." Michael stated.
"No don't. How would I get in to feed him or what if I wanted to embrace him?" Kim tried again.
"I can make it where only you could come in or out, but he wouldn't be able to come out." Michael answered.
"But what if I tripped and fell and pulled him out?" Kim asked.
"He would bounce backwards." Michael answered as he eyed Kim suspiciously.
"Can we just try it my way for once?" Kim pleaded.
"Okay, but if he escapes this time, we're doing it my way." Michael stated.
"Okay." Kim said.
"I'm going to take him home. He's overdue for some sleep. Come on Michael." Kat said as they leave.
Kim locks the closet door and Michael is led back to the house by Kat. Later, when Kim opens the door to give food to Tommy, she finds him gone.
"Tommy, it's time for your din....uh-oh. Better not tell Michael." Kim said.
All of the sudden, two arms wrap around her waist and someone starts kissing her neck. She knows it's Tommy.
"Stop Tommy." She says as she begins to giggle. "Stop." She giggles again.
"I'm going away for a while." Tommy said.
"Why?" Kim asked.
"So I can get my act together." Tommy answered.
Then without another word, he leaves, but Kim follows him.
"I'm going to check on Kim." Kat said.
"Not without me you're not." Michael said as he tries to get up but can't.
"Want some help?" Kat asks.
"Please." Michael answers.
She helps him up and they go over to check on Kim. They find no one there.
"Excuse me Kat." Michael says as he rushes outside and begins puking blood again. He doesn't make it back to where Kat is.
"Michael, are you okay? Mikie? Where did that bruise come from?" Kat asks sounding worried as she comes out and sees Michael.
She woke him up and walked him back to their home and put him in bed.
"I dread having to do this, but I have no other choice. Zedd, get your ass down here!" Kat shouted to the ceiling.
"Yes. What's wrong with him?" Zedd said as he teleports there and sees Michael.
"He's a little ill." Kat said.
"So, what's the problem?" Zedd asked.
"He has this unknown bruise on his temple. I want to know where he got it." Kat answered.
"Has he hit his head several times?" Zedd asked.
"Tommy slammed his head onto the ground several times." Kat answered.
"That explains the bruise." Zedd commented.
"Can you explain why Tommy is acting so strange?" Kat asked.
"I wish I knew." Zedd commented.
"Could you do us a favor and get him a doctor?" Kat asks.
"Sure, but it may take a few seconds more to get him here." Zedd responded.
Kat is not sure what he means by that and just waits for the doctor to appear. While they are waiting, Michael begins throwing up blood. The doctor appears shortly.
"How long has he been like this?" He asked.
"A few days. He's taken quite a few nasty beatings during that time as well." Kat answered.
"Michael, I want you to take this herb. It will make you feel better and help with your healing. Do you understand?" The Doctor said.
"Yes, I understand." Michael said as he takes the herb.
The doctor leaves and Michael gets up.
"I'm going to dispose of my puke now." Michael stated.
"Okay." Kat replied.
It is then that Tommy and Kim show up.
"Hi guys, what's up?" Kat says.
"Other than the fact that Michael is dumping puke with blood in it?" Kim asked.
"Kim and I are officially joined now." Tommy answered.
"Cool. Mr. and Mrs. Blockhead." Michael jokes as he walks in and hears the news.
"Watch it runt." Tommy teased back.

"He's better now, I think. By the way Michael or your high-and-mighty, a small group of humans keep ransacking us. Are you going to get out of bed and do something?" Kim says with a sarcastic tone in her voice.
"It's not a question of choosing but if I can. Kat won't let me get out of bed." Michael teased.
"It's only because he bashed your head in so many times." Kat said as she pointed at Tommy.
"I admit that I do have my older brother to thank for this." Michael teased.
"At least he didn't hit you in the ribs." Kim countered.
"No, he kicked me in the ribs, which hurt way worse." Michael argued.
"Did not." Kim said.
"Did to." Michael said.
"Did not." Kim said.
"That's it, get out of my way." Michael says as he pushes Tommy and Kim out of the way.
"Where are you going Mikie?" Kat asked.
"Out to the shed to fetch some weapons and then to the mountain to teach some humans a lesson." Michael responded.
"You're not going to kill anyone, are you?" Kat asked.

"No, but because in the past I could not hit a human when he hit me, this matter has pushed me to far. Well, now no human laws exist and it's payback time. I'm going to kick some human ass." Michael stated.
"Can I come?" Kat asked.
"I don' t mind if you choose to come along." Michael answered.
"Should we follow?" Kim whispers to Tommy.
"Only to be there when he needs help. Not to watch their lovey-dovey moments." Tommy whispered back.
"When I find David, I'm going to give him his." Michael stated.
"I thought he was all tied up." Kat said in confusion.
"He is. It will be an 'I told you so' talk." Michael replied.
"What's the I told you so for?" Kat asked.
"Before the disasters, David and I had these talks about the MC. I gave him reasons to quit, gun at his head or no gun at his head, and he warned me to watch what I did." Michael answered.
"Kind of a younger brother to older brother talk." Kat said finally understanding.
"Yep, but he didn't listen and now he's their prisoner. Unfortunately, I feel like destroying these fools." Michael said.

They teleported to the cave with Tommy and Kim secretly right behind them. Michael and Kat had themselves land just outside the cave entrance. They pulled out their weapons and waltzed right in.
"Hello boys. What to play?" Michael said.
The MC pick up all of their machine guns and pistols and take aim.
"You get David, I'll handle these guys." Michael said.
"Right. Just be careful Mikie." Kat replied.
"Don't worry. I will." Michael responded.

The MC began opening fire as Kat turned invisible and teleported to right behind David. Michael blocked all of the bullets by leaping in the air, doing a spin in mid-air, and using his wrist blades to send them back at the MC. He surprised one MC by appearing right in front of him and grabbing his gun. Michael used the gun to knock the man out. An MC shoots Michael in the shoulder and before they knew it, all of the MC are shocked as Michael brings several lightning bolts down on the group. All are knocked out but one.

"Tell your friends to wise up and stop the raids or I'll come back and do much worse. Oh and tell them that I don't intend to be their enemy, but I'm not going to put up with their crap any longer. Also, make sure to tell them to grow up and except facts. Think you can handle that?" Michael stated in warning.
Kat had untied David and the three of them teleported out. Tommy and Kim teleported to their house. It was then that they began discussing something.
"Do you think that they suspect anything?" An enspelled Tommy asked Kimberly.
"No, not yet. Just keep up your cover. Don't give them any more reason to be suspicious." Kim said as she became Divatox. "I don't want them to spoil our little surprise just yet."
Back at Michael's and Kat's home, they are talking to David.

"I told you that they would turn on you. What made you think otherwise? These people are idiots. Well, now you can build your own house and take care of yourself. This is a free world. I'm only supervising. Even though my dad gave the planet to me, I'm only keeping the violent ones in check and providing order. I'm not ordering anyone around." Michael stated.
"What happens when you let it go to your head?" David spat.
"Then I'll knock some sense into him." Kat returned.
"Well, I'm thinking of settling around where Stone Canyon used to be. Visit me sometime." David said as he departed.

"I'm sorry that we couldn't be closer David. I did not want this tension between us. I just wanted you to be apart of my family." Michael said as David was walking out the door, knowing that he couldn't hear him.
"He'll understand one day. You've done all you can. The rest is now up to David." Kat said trying to ease the situation.

Divatox becomes Kim. She and Tommy walk down to Angel Grove Lake and borrow the boat. Tommy rows downstream to where they can't see Michael's and Kat's home any longer. A submarine that only Divatox uses rises to the surface and she and Tommy climb in. Inside, Kim becomes Divatox.
"My appreciation to this monster who allows me to become Kimberly whenever I choose. How's the real thing doing?" Divatox asked as the doors to the bilge opens.
"I'm not a thing you bitch! When Michael finds out, he's going to kick your ass!" Kim shouted at Divatox.
"My, my, such foul language. One, when he does find out, it will be when my little trap is sprung and two, how are you going to tell him?" Divatox replied calmly.
"Oh, you are so going to get it." Kim said as the bilge doors were closed.
"I do believe it is time for phase one to begin. Tell him to be ready for phase two." Divatox said as she became Kimberly once again.
They exited the submarine, climb back in the boat, and row back to where they departed from. Then they made their way back to Michael's and Kat's home.
"Hey guys. Come in, sit down, and stay a while. We were just talking about you." Michael said.
Once they had sat down, Kat joined them at the table with some tea. She handed Michael the water.
"So, what brings you out this way?" Kat asked.
"We found a path leading to a castle. There's a strange aura coming from it and I think that it should be checked out. I was thinking that this could be a group outing." Kim stated.
"I think it would be fun." Tommy said flatly.
"I'll get everyone together. Now that I know where they are, I can teleport there and back. We'll meet you at Chari Rock." Michael stated.
With this, Tommy and Kim finished their tea and left. Kat looked at Michael suspiciously.
"You don't know where Billy is. What were you talking about?" Kat stated.

"I had a vision the other night. I didn't know if it was a nightmare or if it would come true, so I kept it quiet, but now I'm certain. In this vision, we were on our way to this castle, all of us except Billy, Mariah, Suedo, Anselma, and Wotec. But we never made it because on the way, Divatox and a shadowed figure that I couldn't see very well to identify caused me to open an unstable portal. We were all sucked in, except for Divatox and we were put in another dimension. We didn't know about our mutant powers and our memories of this world were wiped clean. Something about Kim still bothers me. The whole time, it appeared as if she had something to do with it. It was like she wasn't the real thing. Am I crazy or is my mind trying to point out something dangerously obvious?" Michael stated.

"I don't think you're crazy. That part about Kim may have just been a dream. You and Kim never really got along in the first place. It's almost like she's never forgiven you for what your dark side did." Kat said.
"In any case, we'll know when it's time." Michael sighed.

A being glanced through a mirror-like window at what was happening. He sighed as he saw what was about to happen knowing that he couldn't do a thing about it without disturbing the journey of the boy.
"I wish I could tell you. You're about to begin a journey that will bring you to your destiny, Time Keeper." The figure said.
Michael teleported to Rocky's and Mariah's cave. They were shocked to see him.
"What brings you here?" Rocky asked.
"Yeah, what do you want?" Mariah teased.

"Kim wants us to come on this trail to find a castle. She thought that we would have fun if we did this as a group. But to be honest, something about this don't feel right. I had a vision that everyone in our party was flung into an unstable dimensional vortex. In case this happens, I want you, Mariah, to stay and protect everyone we hold dear. Do you think you can handle this? It means that I think you are strong enough to defend the whole planet from evil with only Billy to help you. Of course, Psuedo, Anselma, and Wotec will be here as well, but you would be in charge." Michael explained.
"I'll not only handle it, I'll leave it better than you left it." Mariah teased.
"Just make sure you handle it." Michael retorted. "And be careful."
"I'll be back. Take care. I want to have a reason to come back and I would prefer that you were that reason." Rocky said tenderly.
"I'll be here." Mariah said as Rocky and Michael teleported.
Rocky and Michael appeared outside of Adam's door. After explaining the situation and Aisha grabbing Pseudo, they teleported to Michael and Kat's house.
"Okay, Anselma, Wotec, take care of Pseudo and watch the house. It may be a while before we return." Michael said as the small group left for Chari Rock.
Tommy and Kim stood next to a giant rock that was shaped like a giant camp fire and charred black. Hence forth, Chari Rock. It wasn't long until the small group reached Chari Rock.
"Okay, we're here. Where to?" Michael said.
"It's this way." Kim said as she led them down the path.

As they stopped to rest under a giant, green tree that they had nicknamed 'The Tree of Life', Darkside jumped out of the shadows holding a struggling Kimberly by the arm. It was then that the Kim with the group became Divatox and the spell over Tommy was lifted.
"How did I get here?" Tommy asked in confusion.
"Tell you later, bro. Right now, we need to focus on getting Kim back." Michael stated.

All of the Rangers, but Kim morphed. Michael began attempting to open a portal to get the drop on Darkside and grab Kim when Divatox threw Tommy at Michael, causing the portal to become unstable and suck in anything but Divatox herself. The Rangers were demorphed and were sucked into the portal. Darkside and Kim weren't very far behind as the portal closed.