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An Old Flame Returns:
By: Shelly Corvin
Chapter 4

Tommy finally finished jogging through the luscious, green park and came upon the massive building they called the Youth Center. He crossed the street, went inside, and when he did Ernie saw him. He noticed that Tommy's eyes were puffy and red and went over to him.

"Tommy, what's the matter? You don't look to hot."

"Oh,. . . . nothing Ernie," Tommy replied while wiping his eyes once again, "Can I have a strawberry smoothie?"

"Sure , but I know something is wrong and I am not letting you get off the hook that easy," Ernie answered while fixing Tommy's drink.

"Not to be mean Ernie, but I really don't feel like talking about it. It's personal." Tommy said as politely as he could hoping he wouldn't hurt Ernie's feelings.

"All right, I understand but at least talk about it with Rocky," Ernie said pointing to Rocky as he walked in and handing him his drink.

"Hi Ernie," Rocky said walking over to the counter, "Listen Tommy, we've got to talk."

"About what," Tommy replied with a fake look of puzzlement on his face.

"You know exactly what I am talking about," Rocky said pulling Tommy over to a secluded table in the corner of the building. "Now tell me what's bothering you!"

"Look Rocky, don't take this personally but I don't want to talk about this with you or anyone else for that matter. What's bothering me is a really personal matter, and I just don't feel like talking about it," Tommy said.[God, why doesn't he just leave me alone? I knew I should have just gone home.]

"Man, quit it with that act! Listen, were supposed to be a family right? We are suppose to be there for each other correct? I know something is bothering you, in fact from the looks of it it looks like it's tearing you apart. Bro, just tell me, I am here for you. You know I am always willing to listen and give you advice," Rocky said sincerely, "Besides if you don't tell me I just might start singing . . ."

"All right, all right. Anything but that," Tommy said laughing and then his face became serious again, "It's just that I li . . . I li . . ."

"You still like Kim don't you?"

"Yeah man . . . how'd you know," Tommy asked in wonder.

"I don't know, it's really weird. I guess I just had some instinct. I also noticed that you and Kat weren't being as mushy-gushy as you usually are. Well actually Kat was but you weren't. You just kept looking at the ground the whole time we were at the park. Occasionally I saw you glance up at Kim and your eyes would well up with tears, but other then that you just looked depressed the whole time," Rocky stated matter of factly. "I hope it wasn't that obvious," Tommy said remembering the look he had seen on Kim's face which immediately caused his eyes to well up with tears.

"Naw, it wasn"t that obvious," Rocky said, "Katherine was too absorbed in telling her story to notice you, and Tanya was too absorbed in listening to Kat tell her story."

"You think" Tommy asked wiping his eyes.

"Yeah, now listen. I can see that this is eating you up alive, and I know I'm not that great with giving advice about this kind of subject, I mean look at my love life," Rocky said jokingly, "But I think there is only one thing you can do. You've got to tell Kim how you feel and see if she feels the same way. It's the only way that your feelings will be resolved, you know have some closure. Right now your feelings are sort of up in the air. If she feels the same way then you know you've got to break up with Kat. Now I am not going to lie and say that it won't hurt Kat, it will, but you've got consider your feelings for a change. You can't stay in a relationship if it's just going to make you unhappy. I mean why stay in a relationship that's just going to be a act for you."

"Wow Rocky, you're right. You know that was some really good advice you gave me, I have to admit I was surprised by it. If you talked as sincerely and from your heart as you did right now to girls, I am sure you would get a girlfriend," Tommy said smiling and standing up.

"Really," Rocky asked standing up.

"I am sure man. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to go get ready for the club," Tommy said giving Rocky a hug.

"Anytime, anytime," Rocky said, "I better go get ready too."

As they both walked out of the Youth Center Tommy thought [I've got to tell her!]

Adam just held Kimberly for awhile because he knew she had to cry and let it all out. Finally she stopped crying and wiped her eyes as they both started to head towards her new home.

"So you think there's anything I can do about it," Kim asked Adam hopefully.

"I don't know Kim, after you sent Tommy that letter which I had to read to him by the way and break his heart with, he and Kat just sort of fell in love. They've been inseparable ever since an I . . ." Adam said.

"I know, that's what I suspected," Kim said , her voice wavering.

"They may be together, but Kim I can't stand to see you so hurt by this, you've got to tell Tommy how you feel. He may still have feelings for you, but you'll never know unless you tell him Kim," he said. They finally reached Billy's house and Adam walked her to the door.

"Thanks Adam. I think I'm going to take your advice and tell Tommy," Kim said hugging Adam.

"No prob, I am going to go get your bags and drop them off," Adam said.

"Sure," Kim said and opened the door to her new house, "Bye."

"Bye," Adam said and headed back towards the park.

Kim headed inside and chatted with Billy's parents a few moments before heading to her new room. [This room is definitely going to need some redecorating] Kim thought as she looked around her new room. The walls were a light shade of blue and there were posters of famous inventors all over.[Oh well, at least I am back in Angel Grove with . . . ] at the thought of him Kimberly felt her whole body tingle. She went over to her new bed and laid down remembering all of the times that she and Tommy had gone on picnics by the lake. They would stay there laying in each others arms, gazing at the stars until midnight sometimes. Their love for each other had been so strong, and it hadn't just been about the sexual attraction that they both felt so strongly towards each other, it was about the fact that they both loved just being with each other.[How could I have ever let him go . . .] Kim was brought back to reality when her phone rang.


"Hi Kim, it's Tanya. I just wanted to make sure that you were all right. I was worried about you after you just ran off."

"Oh I am fine. Thanks for asking though, it means a lot to me." And it did because besides Kat who she felt uncomfortable with, Tanya was the only one left who she could make friends with. Since Trini and Aisha weren't there Tanya was her last hope.

"Oh come on Kim! What are friends for, right?"


"Listen there's a new nightclub opening up on the cliffs of Stone Canyon. Everyone is going there and we thought you might want to come . . ."

"Sure, it sounds great."

"There should be a lot of cute guys there. Oh wait! What am I saying, your still going out with Marcus, aren't you?"

"Actually we broke up a couple of months."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"No it's all right. We were having problems and I just realized it wasn't working out."

By the tone of Kim's voice Tanya knew that she shouldn't try to press on with that subject. She made a mental note to try to get Kim to talk about it with her later. "Well like I said there will be a lot of cute guys there," Tanya said giggling, "But of course I have Adam."

"Well it's good for me! So what kind of fashion apparel should I be wearing tonight?"

"We're all going for the rocker alternative look."

"Cool! So who's going to pick me up tonight?"

"Well Tommy said that he would so I'll just call him up and tell him right now," Tanya said.

"NO WAIT!" Kim said almost yelling. "I mean," she said calming herself down, "Can't I go with you and Adam?"

"Sorry Kim, we're already picking up Rocky, and besides Tommy's house is closer to yours anyway."

"Yeah," Kim said reluctantly, "I know. Well I'll see you tonight."

"You can count on it. Bye," Tanya said hanging up.

"Bye," Kim said hanging up the phone.[Great, now I'm going to have to face Tommy in the car with Kat. How am I going to face him with her there? Better yet, how am I even going to face Tommy and tell him that I still love him?]

"Kimberly, your bags are here," Billy's mom called out.

"Thanks Sarah. I'll be right there." Kim went downstairs and began to lug her bags upstairs. It took her 8 trips but she finally got everything upstairs and began to unpack. After she was done putting her clothes away she gently picked up one item and held it up. It was a picture that Adam had taken of her and Tommy on the beach smiling at each other and holding hands. She started to put it on her nightstand but instead put it in the top draw of it.

[Now what to wear] Kim thought staring into her closet.[I've got to look great! I've got to look better than Kat! I've got to wear something that Tommy will notice me in!] With that thought in mind Kim pulled out a pair of pleather pants and a lavender halter top that was cropped so that it fell about two and a half above the top of her pants.[This should get his attention!] Kim got dressed and put on a pair of black boots to finish of the ensemble. She then went to her restroom and lined her eyes with a dark eyeliner and smudged it to give her that smoky effect. She left her lips bare, just putting on a clear glossy lipgloss that Tommy had always loved. She curled her hair and put the top half up so that there was a beautiful pile of curls on top of her head. She left the bottom half down so that it hung loosely around her head. "There," Kim said admiring the look she had created. [If Tommy doesn't notice me in this I don't know what else I can do] She walked back to her bedroom and read the clock which said 7:30. [Well, he should be here any minute. Unless he forgot to wind up his watch]Kim thought laughing at all of the times Tommy had been late for a date. [Now I just have to work up enough courage so I can tell him how I feel . . .]

While Kim had been getting ready , Tommy also had. As soon as he had gotten up to his room he had pulled out a photo that he kept hidden from everyone. It was of Kim and him at the lake. Rocky had sneaked up behind them one day and taken a picture of them while they had been kissing. He had instantly given it to Tommy after Tommy had threatened that he would tell everyone that he had drilled a small hole into the girls lockeroom.[What I wouldn't give to feel your lips upon mine. Well actually, more like hopefully I will tonight though] Tommy thought as he got ready. He put on a pair of leather pants and a tight red tanktop. He left his hair down and since he had just washed it let it dry naturally so that it was slightly wavy.[Just the way Kim likes it.] He glanced at his watch and noticed that it was 7:25. [Here goes nothing !]

"Kimberly, Tommy's here," Sarah called out.

"All right. I'll be right there," Kim called out checking herself out in the mirror once more before walking down the stairs and meeting Tommy at the door. She closed the door behind her and said to Tommy shyly, "Hi."

"Wow you look . . . stunning Kim," Tommy said. He couldn't get over how beautiful she looked.[Kim looks 10x better than Gwen Stefani, not to mention Kat]

"So do you. And you wore your hair down . . . just like I like it," Kim said blushing.[Oh Tommy, you look so handsome . . . I love you so-o-o-o much but I . . .]

"Yeah, well we should get going," Tommy said. They walked to his car and Tommy rushed ahead so he could open the door for her.

"Here you are," he said opening the door for her

"Thanks," Kim said.

Tommy rushed around to the other side, got in, started the car, and started to drive towards Kat's house.

"So . . . I thought you would have picked up Kat first," Kim said.

"Your house is closer to mine than Kat's , you know that," Tommy said trying to make it look like he had a good reason for picking Kim up before Kat besides the fact that he couldn't have stood another moment without being next to her and seeing her.

"I um . . . see your with Kat now huh?"

"Um . . . yeah. You know after you sent me the letter and we . . . we . . . we broke up, we just sort of got together," Tommy said very quietly , "You're still with Marcus aren't you?"

"Actually no. I broke up with him a couple of months ago. We were having problems and I had other matters that were concerning me . . ." Kim said , her voice breaking as she did.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Kim . I had no idea . . ." Tommy said.[Could she actually still love me the way I love her? Should I tell her now? Can I tell her now . . .]

"Don't be,it was for the best." Kim said and gently laid a hand over Tommy's own hand.

He looked down at her hand over his and then up at her beautiful face which was smiling over at him.[I ve got to tell her!] "Kim I've got to tell you something . . ." and as he said so he looked up and thought silently to himself [Shit!]

"What Tommy?" Kim asked eagerly, her face so full of hope.[Oh my goodness!! Is he finally going to say the words that I've dreamed of him saying ? Is he going to say, "Kim I can't take it anymore ! I love you so much, more than life itself and I am hoping that you feel the same way. Can we go back to the way it should be?"]

With a look of dread and disappointment on his face as he pulled over to the curb he mumbled , "We're at Kat's house."

"Oh," Kim said barely able to keep herself from bursting into tears. They both climbed out of the car and walked up to the door. After Tommy knocked they both waited for Kat to come to the door, unable to speak to each other.

"Hello," Katherine said as she opened the door. She closed it behind her and faced Tommy completely ignoring Kimberly. "Hi Tommy," she said giving Tommy a long, slow kiss. Tommy tried to pull away but Kat wouldn't let go.

"HI KAT!" Kim yelled hoping it would stop their liplock so she wouldn't feel like barfing anymore.

"Why Kimberly hello," Kat said laughing , "I didn't even see you there."

"I noticed," Kim said through clenched teeth.

Kat suddenly felt a wave of jealousy run through her veins, "Why did you pick HER up before me ?"

"Calm down Kat . . . Kim, lives closer to me then you do and you know that, I just decided to make it easier on myself and pick her up first," Tommy said.

"Yeah Kat, calm down. You're not jealous are you? I mean you didn't think that maybe me and Tommy would decide to just get together again on the way over did you," Kim asked with a sickeningly sweet smile on her face that she knew would piss Kat off.

"Of course not Kim," Kat said with her own evil smile, "I mean what's there to be jealous of. Besides Tommy would never want to get back together with you now. He loves me, and why would he want to get back together with the girl who dumped him for some other man and said that she felt like he was her BROTHER!"

Kimberly was unable to speak for a minute, stunned by the words. "Kat . . . that was way harsh," Kim said with tears in her eyes.

Kat immediately regretted what she had said.[Why did I say that? Why do I suddenly feel so possessive of Tommy and so jealous of Kim? You know why! a little voice inside her said, It's because they had such a strong and passionate, special love and your afraid that their feeling for each other might come back and you'll lose Tommy. No I'm not! Tommy loves me now! I've just got to learn to control this anger . . .] "Kimberly, I am so sorry about what I just said. It's just that I . . ." Kat said shrugging her shoulders,

"Anyways , can you ever forgive me?"

"Um . . . yeah, I guess," Kim said reluctantly.

"Great!" Kat said.

"We better get going," Tommy said.[ Kat, if you only knew how much I wanted to be with Kim right now . . . I can't stand even trying to like you anymore!]

"Tommy, how do I look? You haven't even said anything about how I look," Kat said whining.

"Uhh . . . you look great," Tommy said looking at the vinyl pink skirt and boots Kat had on. She was wearing a black t-shirt and had curled her hair.

"Thank you," she said.

He opened the door for her and they drove over in silence. Kim silently thought to herself [Kat is right! Why wouurquoise shirt that showed off his muscular body. His hair which was the same color as Kim's, came down to his shoulders, and was slightly layered giving him a rugged yet romantic look.[This should make Tommy jealous] They started dancing but Kim wasn't paying any attention to Ashe. He noticed Kim wasn't, and followed her gaze to a handsome man with long hair who was dancing with a strikingly beautiful (in Ashe's eyes) blond.

[Something must be the matter between those two] Ashe inferred and asked Kimberly what was the matter. She didn't answer him at first, but then she felt as if she was compelled to tell him, like she could trust him with anything and told him about her situation with Tommy.

"Kim I think you should be honest with him, you've got to tell him," Ashe said as they swayed silently to the slow song that was playing.

"I know, I know," Kim said but as she did looked over at Tommy who was looking at her but holding Kat very tightly, "Oh forget it, I can't! Look at them, there's no use I . . ."Kim said as tears began to run down her face. "I've got to get out of here and get some fresh air," Kim said running out onto a balcony that overlooked Angel Grove.

"Kim wait," Ashe said but then realized he had to let her go. It pained him greatly to see this girl hurt even though he didn't know her. However, even though he expected himself to be attracted to this beautiful creature he wasn't. He just felt like he had a deep bond with this girl and the thought of it puzzled him . . .

At the same time Kim had told Ashe she had to go outside so had Tommy. He had been watching Kim talk and dance with this strange guy all night and had realized he couldn't take it anymore. [There's no hope for us. I mean look at the way she's dancing with that guy , she obviously doesn't feel the same way about me as I do about her, I'm never going to hold her or . . .] The thought sickened Tommy and he knew he had to get outside.

"Kat , I've going to step outside for a moment. I need some fresh air”

"I'll come with you," Kat started to say.

"No! Get a drink or something OK," Tommy said kissing her on the cheek. He then turned and walked outside.

Ashe saw the blond named Kat start to follow Tommy outside.[ I've got to give Kim some time alone with Tommy. I've got to stop Kat!] He ran over to Kat , stopped her and asked, "Would a beautiful women like you care to dance with an awkward, shy fellow like me?"

"Well I was going to go after . ." Kat started to say but then looked over Ashe and felt an immediate attraction to him, "Why yes I would love to!"

Kim was bawling her eyes out while looking over the railing down at Angel Grove. The city was lit up, and all of the lights twinkling made it look so beautiful. The stars were out also and were shining very brightly that night.[I never realized how beautiful Angel Grove really is. And I now I'm back and I am not with Tommy! It's never going to be like it used to be. I am never going to have you to hold me and look at the stars with ] Kim thought as she gazed up at them.[How am I going to live without you? How am I going to be able to walk down the halls of our school without you? Everyone knows who broke up with who. They're all going to be saying, "There's Kim that bitch who broke up with Tommy," and then when they see Tommy and Kat they're going to say, "Poor Tommy, he's been through so much but at least he has Kat. She's been so wonderful to him." And nobody's going to know how I really feel. Nobody's going to know how much I really do love him . . .] Kim heard footsteps behind her that she would recognize anywhere and said, "What are you doing out here?"

"I had to get outside, you know get some fresh air." [Kim what am I going to do without you? I can't believe you don't love me anymore, I won't , not when I feel so strongly and deeply in love with you as I do, but the way you were dancing with that guy]

"What are you doing," Tommy asked.

"Oh the same," Kimberly said shivering. [I can't believe I forgot to bring a jacket!]

Tommy noticed Kim shivering and immediately took his jacket off. "Here you go," Tommy said draping the jacket around her shoulders.

"Thanks," Kim said pulling the jacket on. "Hey," she said quietly, "Isn't this the jacket I got you for Christmas?"

"Yeah, I love it so much, I'm never without it," Tommy responded shyly. Then he noticed her eyes and face. Even in the dark he could see that she had been crying. "Kim, are you all right," his voice deep and full of concern.

"Yeah of course," Kim said wiping her eyes.[Damn it! Tommy must have noticed me crying. He never misses a thing.]

They heard a new song start up, a slow song, and Tommy asked, "Kim, would you like to dance?"

"Sure, I'd like that a lot." Tommy wrapped his arms around her, and she wrapped hers around his neck as they slowly started to sway back in forth to the music. Neither spoke for they both realized what song was playing and how much the lyrics applied to their situation. The song drifted onto the balcony as they listened:

Where do we go from here?
This is't where we intended to be
We had it all, you believed in me, I believed in you
Certainty's disappeared
What do we do for our dream to survive
How do we keep all of our passions alive, as we used to do
Deep in my heart I'm concealing, things that I'm longing to say
Scared to confess what I'm feeling
Frightened you'll slip away
You must love me

Kimberly started crying softly as she listened to the words. She slowly moved forward and laid her head on his shoulder, and he responded by wrapping his arms entirely around her waist and holding her tightly to him because he was so afraid to let go.[Tommy, how can you not feel the same way I do? I love you with my entire heart and soul and yet . . . you're with Kat now. After all you've done for me? You pushed me to my limits and made me want to live life to the fullest but you don't . . .] Kim thought remembering all of the things Tommy had made her do that she had been so deathly afraid of. She had wanted to go bungee-jumping but been too afraid, so he had gone with her and held her hand the whole way down as they had jumped off a bridge together. She had wanted to form a new club at school but she had been too afraid that the kids at school would think it was stupid, so Tommy had made her form the club and had signed up as her first member. All of the things she had been afraid of Tommy had made her confront. He had made her realize that you can't live life being afraid because otherwise it's not worth living. She had gotten the name kamikaze at school only because he had helped her become one.[Tommy, I need you so much but you . . .] Kim said crying silently into his jacket.

Give me a chance and I'll let you see how nothing has changed

[Kim, how can you not feel what I'm feeling? Can't you see that you're the only one that makes my life worth living? The only one that makes my life complete? I don't, I mean can't go on without you! There is no reason to go on living if I can't be with you! You're the only one who kept me from . . . suicide] Tommy thought as he remembered the second time that he had lost his powers. The first time had been horrible, but the second time had been even worse. He had felt so degregated from his friends, even from Kim because he had been so dense and failed to see how she loved him. He had felt like his life served no purpose. So one night at his uncle's cabin he had almost committed suicide. He and Kim had been talking on the phone that night as they had every night while he had been staying at his uncle's cabin when he finally said three words that he had never been able to say to her before: I love you. Kim had known something was wrong because Tommy wasn't the kind of guy who for the first time ever would say, "I love you," over the phone. She had immediately drove up there and found Tommy sitting outside with the gun in his hand. When she found him she had kicked the gun out of his hand and told him how deeply hurt she was that he had even considered doing that, and that he would only be thinking about himself if he did that. She had told him how much she loved him and needed him, that his life was just as worth living now as it had been when he was a Power Ranger because he had affected so many people and helped so many without his powers, and that he couldn't just throw his life away over something as trivial as what he had been about to do. Tommy had cried openly that night for the first time in front of a girl as she held him. She was the only girl he was comfortable to cry in front of. She was the only girl who had been able to keep him from death and make him realize how valuable his life was. The thing that had touched him the most that night though was the fact that Kim had said if he was going to take his life he would also have to take hers because she wouldn't want to live without him. He didn't commit suicide that night because he realized that her love was worth living for.[After all of that Kim, how can we not be together again? Can't we be together again?] As he said that he finally found a way to tell her what he had been longing to say. With his voice choked full of emotion and love he said, "Te quiero mi amor."

"What did you say Tommy? What did you say? You know I can't speak Spanish," Kim said desperate to find out what he had just told her.

"It means . . ." Tommy started to stay but was interrupted by Katherine.

"What are you two doing out here," Katherine asked.

"We were both just out here, so I asked her to dance," Tommy said quickly unwrapping his arms around her.

"Oh , OK, I asked the others to meet us out here so we could tell them the news,' Katherine said excitedly.

Oh yeah, the news," Tommy said.

"What news," Kim asked.

"You'll see," Kat said.

Adam and Tanya walked out on to the balcony eager to hear the news followed by Rocky who said, "Come on Kat, I've got a girl who actually likes me waiting."

"The sincere method worked huh," Tommy asked.

"Oh yeah, she . . ." Rocky started to stay but was interrupted by Kat who yelled , "QUIET!"

She wrapped one of her arms around Tommy's and said, "Go ahead and tell them sweetie."

"Well, you know my uncle that owns the hotel," Tommy said.

"The one from Hawaii," Kim asked.

"Yeah, well he sent me some tickets," Tommy started to stay before being by interrupted by Kat who yelled, "WE ARE GOING TO HAWAII!!!!!"

Everyone started screaming, yelling, and hugging, while Kim wandered away to the edge of the balcony again.[Great, the place that Tommy and I had dreamed about going to together, one of the most romantic spots in the world, and he's going to be with . . .] At once she started to cry again silently to herself as Tommy stared at her back.

[Look she wandered off because she can't even stand being next to me. I guess there really is no hope for us . . .] And with that thought Tommy wandered over to the opposite end of the balcony and began to weep for the girl he thought he could never have again.