Power Rangers: The Road Rules Adventure
Chapter 1
By: Shelly Corvin

If you haven't read my story An Old Flame Returns, let me fill you in because this continues after it. Kim has returned to Angel Grove, and she and Tommy have gotten back together again. Kim has also discovered that she has a twin named Ashe. Both of them have become Power Rangers from the coins that Zordon created long ago that were passed down generation by generation through their family until someone gave birth to twins. If you want all of the details go to http://www.paladar.com , look under Sarah Corvin, and read all chapter 8. Oh yeah, Kat and Ashe are an item. That's about it, so let's get to it!!

Kimberly blew a stray hair out of her eyes as she finished painting the numbers onto the Corgan's mailbox. [It's the least I can do after they took me in. This hair though . . .] Kimberly looked at the long locks of hair that fell past her shoulders.[I can't believe I grew it out again for that butt!! I want to cut it off so bad. I mean, what's with guys liking girls with large chests and long hair anyway? Tommy has enough hair for the both of us!] At that moment the loveable lug Kim had recently gotten back together with came up from behind and wrapped his arms around her.

"So, how's my little artist doing," Tommy said as he gave Kim a quick peck on the cheek.

"Oh yeah Tommy, painting numbers on a mailbox is really art. However, if I could work on a canvas . . ." Kim replied as she turned around in his arms and eyed his white shirt with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

Tommy stared into her eyes and said, "Don't you dare Kimberly Ann Harte!! If you do, I'll . . .I'll tell Skull that your into him tonight at the dance while they're patrolling. Nobody knows that we're back together yet anyway."

"Oh yeah, just remember who's the one that figured out they were monkeys and turned them back!!! Geez, you guys let them stay like that for three months," Kim said as she burst out laughing.

Tommy stood ashamed for a minute looking down at his feet.

"Oh sweetie, it's okay. I'm sure you would have realized that they were missing . . . sooner or later."

"Yeah," Tommy said licking his lips as he grabbed a paintbrush that was just dripping paint, "I'm sure I would have," and then Tommy launched into an attack on Kim.

"TOMMY STOP," Kim squealed as she tried to stopTommy from getting paint all over her. "Fine," she at last replied before dipping her paintbrush in the can and painting a thick strip down Tommy's brand new white shirt.

"Oh Kim," Tommy said as he looked down at his shirt.

"Come on you meanie," Kim said as she took his hand and led him into her house. They both walked back to the laundry room. Kim then anxiously said, "You're going to have to take off that shirt."

"This is so unfair. Here a girl can see her guy's chest anytime she wants," Tommy said and then raised his eyebrows, "but not vice-versa."

"I know, what a tragedy," Kim said as she put Tommy's T-shirt in the washing machine. She eyed his chest with delight as she turned around and wrapped her arms around him, "If you keep complaining as much as you do though, you'll never see this girl's."

Tommy prepared himself with a comeback, but then he suddenly realized something that he knew he would enjoy far more. "How come you weren't ready when I got here? I told you I was picking you up at three to decorate for the Who's Who dance."

"I guess I must have just lost track of time," Kim said as she nuzzled her cheek into Tommy's shoulder. Then the realization hit her like a freight train and she groaned, "Oh no."

"Oh yes!! I was on time and YOU weren't. I'm going to tell everyone tonight!!! This is great."

"Oh shut up! I'm going to take a shower and get changed and get my costume and then we can go. Do you want me to get you a T-shirt," Kim asked as she walked back to her room.

"No," Tommy replied as he walked into the living room and took a seat. "We'll just stop at my house before we head to the Youth Center. That shirt is trashed anyway." Then Tommy began singing, "I was on time, and my Kimmie was late."

"I can still hear you," Kim called from her bedroom.

"Good, because I'm never going to let you live this one down," Tommy said smiling.


"Hey Kim, I'm going to the store to pick up some more snacks for the dance, but I'll be right back," Ernie called out as he climbed into his car.

"Okay," Kim called out from behind Tommy's jeep as she loaded the rest of the steamers into her arms.

"Oh yeah, and Kim?"

"Yeah Ernie?"

"It's really good to have you back."

"It's really good to be back," Kim replied smiling as she walked into the halfway decorated Youth Center. She began cutting up some tin foil stars to hang from the ceiling and then shaking her head commented, "You know, I still can't believe that Lt. Stone owned this place for awhile. I'm really glad that he let Ernie buy the place back."

"I know what you mean," Tommy said as he finished tacking a black tarp up onto the ceiling. "It just wasn't the same without him."

"So where's the rest of the gang?"

"Well," Tommy said as he moved the ladder to the middle of the room to hang up the discoball, "Rocky is at home doing chores, and you know how his mom is. He said he'd be over as soon as he's done. Tanya's at the radio station filling in for a friend. Adam's over at the stunt show theater finishing up his last performance for the day, and Ashe took Kat out for a picnic in the middle of the lake on a boat he rented."

"That is so sweet," Kim said as she began hanging the stars from the ceiling. " I can't believe how romantic my brother is. Taking Kat dancing, and on strolls on the beach." Kim then stood up and placed her hands on her hips, "How come you never do anything romantic for me?"

"I do romantic . . .stuff," Tommy replied from his perch on the ladder.

"Oh, and you think taking me to the movies to see Men in Black' is romantic?"

"Well . . .no," Tommy said as he climbed down from the ladder. "Listen," Tommy said as he walked over to Kim and wrapped his arms around her, "how about I take you for a night picnic at the beach and then a nice moonlit stroll? It'll be a full moon . . ."

"Well . . .okay. You've talked me into it," Kim said smiling contentedly up at him.

"Good," Tommy said as he suddenly dipped Kim, "how's this for romance?"

"Better," Kim said as she closed her eyes anticipating Tommy's soft warm lips . . .

"Hi guys," Rocky said.

Kim opened her eyes and screamed when she saw that Rocky was staring at them with his face between theirs as he knelt down. Tommy dropped Kim accidentally and while helping her up said, "Man, don't do that!"

"Sorry," Rocky said with a serious face and then yelled, "NOT!!"

"You jerk," Kim said chasing him around the Youth Center. Kim then leapt up into the air and pounced on him knocking him to the floor. Kim straddled Rocky and then punched his chest, "That's for what you did you raging sack of hormones!"

Rocky eyes suddenly had a gleam to them, and then Kim felt Rocky's hands on her behind.

"Oh Kimmie," Rocky said.

Kim's eyes immediately sprang open and then she yelled, "Tommy, he's trying to feel me up!!"

"Oh really," Tommy said storming over to the two. He practically threw Kim off of him, and then picked Rocky up and held him over his head, "If you try that again, I swear I'll . . ."

"It was a joke man," Rocky pleaded.

"All right," Tommy said as he let Rocky fall to the floor.

"Agh," Rocky said rubbing his neck. "You guys did a really nice job."

"Yeah, with no help from you," Kim said as she picked up the last star.

"Isn't there anything left to do," Rocky asked.

"I guess you can hang this last star," Kim replied as she handed it over to Rocky.

"Cool, I'm on it," Rocky said taking it as he started to climb up the ladder.

"Hey guys," Adam said walking into the Youth Center. He immediately walked over to the radio and turned it onto Tanya's radio station.

"Hi Adam," Kim chirped out.

"All right, here's one going out to my friend Rocky who just can't seem to get enough of this song," Tanya said as she put on the "Men in Black" song Will Smith sings from the movie.

"Ahh yeah," Rocky said from his perch on the 12 ft. ladder, "I knew Tanya would play it for me!! Hey guys, watch this," Rocky said as he started swaying like the guys in the video.

"Bro, I wouldn't do that if I were you," Tommy called up to him.

"Yeah, well you're not me," Rocky said not even noticing that the ladder was starting to sway dangerously. "Hey Tommy, you know what the difference between you and me is?"

"No what," Tommy said rolling his eyes and knowing the line that Rocky was going to answer back with because he had already asked Tommy the same question a hundred times.

"I make this look g-o-o-d," Rocky said as the ladder tipped and Rocky fell.

"ROCKY," Kim screamed as Rocky plummeted towards the ground. Tommy and Adam immediately rushed forward and luckily caught Rocky.

"Rocky goes down," Adam said shaking his head as he helped Rocky to his feet.

"But I'm okay," Rocky said smiling. Then he whispered low enough so that only Tommy and Adam could hear, "Thanks guys."

"No sweat," Tommy replied smiling.

"Hey guys," Ashe said in his Australian accent as he and Kat walked into the Youth Center hand in hand.

"The place looks great," Kat said as she stared up at the ceiling which was covered with a black tarp which had glow in the dark stars all over it.

"Hey, I just got a news story in. Apparently the questionnaires Ernie had everyone fill out last week and the pictures he had everyone take were actually applications for Road Rules. Apparently they were looking for high schoolers for the new fall season eps.," Tanya's voice drowned out from the radio.

"Road Rules," Adam said puzzled.

"Hey Adam, turn it up," Kim asked.

"Sure," Adam said as he turned the knob.

"The casting directors have chose a cast and they're . . .all from Angel Grove," Tanya said with amazement in her voice."It says that they were looking for a close knit group of friends!!! Here's the lucky cast Adam Park!!! Oh my, Kim and Ashe Harte, Tommy Oliver, Kat Hillard, and Rocky De Santos!!!! Oh my gosh!! Guys, I know you're listening!! Can you believe it?? I guess we don't have to make any plans this summer!! We're supposed to listen for our first clue tonight at the Who's Who dance at the Angel Grove Youth Center. Whew, that's enough excitement for me. This is Tanya Sloan signing off for . . .what I guess is my last broadcast this summer!! See ya la-ter!!"

"Agh" Kim screamed as Tommy picked her up and swung her around.

As he set her down Tommy commented, "From Hawaii to this . . .I just don't see how this summer can get any better!!"

"You're telling me! I . . .I," Kat said. She and Kim both turned to each other, grabbed each other by the elbows, and screamed.

The guys all high-fived, and then Adam said, "Now we just have to get the first clue."


"Nice outfits guys," Rocky commented at Kat and Ashe's Cleopatra and Antony costumes.

"Thanks Rocky, and you are . . ." Kat asked looking over his dark suit and sunglasses.

"Hello, I'm a man in black."

"Oh no," Ashe said shaking his head, "don't you think you're just a whee bit obsessed with the movie?"

"Not at all!"

"Don't anybody move!! This is a stick-up," Tommy said as he walked over to the group with his arm around Kim, both in their mobster outfits.

"Yeah," Kim said as she raised her skirt revealing a garter belt with a toy water gun tucked into it, "give it up," Kim finished as she smacked her gum, her voice very reminiscent of the tone she had used when she and Billy had been turned punk. She took the gun and held it up.

"Very nice Bonnie and Clyde," Ashe said laughing, "and look. Here come Romeo and Juliet."

"I can't believe you talked me into wearing tights," Adam grumbled.

"Oh sweetie, you look darling," Tanya commented.

"Hey," Kim said still smacking away with her gum, "let's say you and me have a little fun."

"What do you mean sweetheart," Tommy said as he took out the gum cigar he had had in his mouth.

"Let's case this joint. Nobody knows we're back together," Kim said wiggling her eyebrows.

"And everyone thinks I'm on the rebound," Tommy said catching on.

"All right, spread out," Kim said as she began walking around. All of the guys seemed to turn their heads toward her, and Kim all but couldn't help laughing. Kim was dressed in a 30s style woman's suit that had a slit up the side of her long skirt and a beret. She sat down at one of the table's and crossed her legs slowly which she thought she heard cause a sigh from every guy.

Tommy on the other hand was wandering around with a puppy dog expression on his face. All of the girls were whispering or pointing at him, and then all at once they circled him and began drilling him. Tommy looked across the room at Kim, and she winked which was the signal they had agreed on. "Girls, it's Kim. I've got to go talk to her."

"Oh forget her. Remember how badly she hurt you," a beautiful redhead said placing a hand coyly n his shoulder.

"I've got to though," Tommy said as he removed her hand. "Excuse me ladies," Tommy said as he walked away, laughing at the whimpers of frustration as he did. "Kim??"

Kim put on a fake look of astonishment and then answered, "Tommy?" Some of the guys tried to hold her back but she shook free and walked over to Tommy. "I . . ."

"Shh," Tommy said and then dipped her and kissed her slowly.

Everyone suddenly noticed their matching costumes, and some girl asked, "How long have you two been back together?"

"Why, since right now," Kim said walked back to their group.

"Bye girls," Tommy said shrugging his shoulders as he looked at Kim and then them.

"Come here you," Kim said smiling sweetly at the girls and then taking Tommy's hand led him back to their group.

"Bravo, bravo," Tanya said as they all began to applaud.

"Thank you," Kim and Tommy said as he bowed and she curtsied.

"Like I said, always the center of attention," Adam said laughing.

"May I have your attention," Ernie said from the stage.

"Speaking of attention," Tanya said excitedly as she gripped Adam's hand.

"Road Rules Posse, here's you first clue. Pack up because Monday you have to meet at Magic Mountain in Valencia where you will pick up your vehicle and first clue. Be prepared to face your deepest, darkest fears. That's it," Ernie finished, "let's start up the music."

"Deepest, darkest fears," Kat repeated shaking her head. "I'm just a tad bit worried," Kat said holding up her her forefinger and thumb very closely together.

"Don't worry Kat, it can't be that bad," Kim said assuringly.

"Yeah," Ashe said rubbing her shoulder, "I think it's just to add atmosphere for the show anyway. They've already started filming, see," Ashe said pointing to a cameraman who was tucked away safely into the shadows.

"Oh my gosh, do I look all right," Kim said anxiously.

"You look fine girl," Tanya said.

"Hey guys, let's start a new tradition," Tommy said with a smile as he held his hand out in front of him. The others smiled knowing exactly what he meant and all put their hands on top of his.

"On three. One . . .two . . .three," Tommy counted down.

"ROAD RULES," they all shouted.

"Babes of America, I'm coming," Rocky said rubbing his palms up and down.

"Yeah . . .you better beware," Kim added causing everyone to laugh. Tommy then led Kim to the dance floor and they both began to sway gently back and forth to one of their favorite songs by INXS, "Never Tear us Apart," enjoying the night and anticipating the adventure to come.