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Return Of The Ninja
by: Jason Festa

The sun shone brightly above Angel Grove, on this Saturday morning. The air was full of a sweet smell that it had not known in almost five years. Cleanliness. There had not been an attack on Angel Grove, or the world for that matter, in almost two weeks. The new peace and beauty that Angel Grove had acquired shocked and astounded everyone. Because of the newfound peace, the citizens of Angel Grove decided that they would once again host their Power Ranger day to celebrate. It was to once again be held in Angel Grove Park. It was decided that Power Ranger Day would be held on Sunday. In the park, preparations were all ready being made. They were setting up the stage and other technical equipment first. On the other side of the park, all of the Rangers, except for Kim, Alysa, Jc, and Collin, were gathered. They were all sitting on a large blanket and having a picnic. Smiles were spread across all of their faces, which was an unusual site.

"I cannot believe how beautiful this city has gotten in the past week." Aisha stated.

"Isn't it amazing? And just think, there's a chance that it'll stay that way for a while." Tommy responded. He leaned over to his right and picked up a large glass of soda. He gulped down half of it very quickly.

"I wonder how long it will stay this way?" Cassie asked. "I mean, they may all be gone for now, but let's face the truth, they'll probably be coming back eventually."

"When they do, we'll be ready." Michael stated with a grin across his face. "Dimitria said that Jc and Collin would be all right in a few days, and then we can get Alysa and Kim out of there. We'll be back up to full power in no time."

"Plus, we have me." Alex stated as she pushed a strand of purple hair out of her face. "With Star Runner, we can increase the power of the Turbo Rescue Zords."

"Which we still haven't had a chance to pilot." Ashley pointed out.

"I think it's time that you get that chance." Tommy stated.

"What?" TJ asked.

"Yeah. After lunch, we'll go to the Power Chamber and see if Dimitria will allow you guys to test drive them." Adam stated.

"That is so cool!" Carlos exclaimed.

"Man, I can't wait! Can we go now?" Justin asked.

"Let's eat first." Rocky stated between bites of food.

"We have got to break you of your eating habits!" Aisha cried.

"What?" Rocky cried as he took another bite of his sandwich.

"Hey guys!" A female voice called from a few feet away. A tall black woman, and a tall white man approached the group.

"Tanya!" Adam cried as he got up. He quickly embraced his girlfriend. A small knot formed in Alex' stomach.

"What do I look like, chopped liver?" The man asked as he looked at everyone.

"Hey Jason." Aisha stated as she stood and hugged the man. Jason smiled.

"Nice to know that somebody remembers me!" Jason called. Tommy smiled and stood.

"Hey bro!" He cried as he grabbed Jason in a bear hug. Jason's face began to turn red when Tommy finally dropped him. "How ya doing?"

"I'm great!" Jason stated. He looked over the group. "I see we've made some new friends."

"Yeah, I'll introduce you to them." Tommy stated as he turned around. He began to point at various people. "That's TJ, he's the Red Turbo Ranger. That's Carlos, the Green Turbo Ranger. You know Justin. That's Ashley, the Yellow Turbo Ranger. That's Cassie, the Pink Turbo Ranger. That's Sanchez, the Green Syber Soldier, he's from another planet. That's Michael, the Blue Syber Soldier, he's from the same planet as Sanchez. And that's Alex, the Purple Turbo Ranger. She's from another dimension. I think that's everyone."

"Other planets? Different dimension? I've been out of the loop for a while, haven't I? Where's Kat?" Jason asked.

"She was kidnaped by an evil sorceress named Syberia. We know that she's alive, but personally I'd rather have her die than live with what she has." Tommy stated sadly.

"What?" Jason exclaimed.

"We found out that Kat was once Syberia's daughter, Melissa. Right now, she's up there, and we believe that she's been turned into Melissa." Sanchez stated.

"Wait, Syberians, Syberia, Kat being an evil being? This is too much!" Jason stated as he shook his head.

"Don't worry, we'll make it all clear later." Tommy stated. He looked over at Alex as she stood up. "Where are you going?"

"I wanna go to the Power Chamber, and see how Jc and Collin are doing." Alex stated.

"Can I come? I haven't seen Zordon in a long time." Jason stated.

"Boy, you really are out of the loop!" Alex cried. "Zordon is no longer our mentor."

"What?" Jason cried.

"Zordon left a few months ago to go back to Eltar. We have a new mentor named Dimitria." Tommy stated. Jason once again shook his head.

"I'll come with you." Michael stated as he stood. Alex nodded.

"We'll be back later." Alex stated. Michael and Alex looked around to make sure that no one was watching, and then teleported away in twin streaks of blue and purple. After they left, Tanya and Jason sat down in their places. Rocky lifted a plate of food and offered it to Tanya. Tanya began to laugh. Soon, everyone did.

"What?" Rocky asked as he took another bite of a hotdog.

Purple and blue light rained down from the ceiling of the Power chamber as Alex and Michael teleported in. Alpha 6 looked up at them and then went back to his work. Dimitria smiled as they materialized.

"Rangers. Good afternoon. How can I help you?" Dimitria asked.

"Well, I was just wondering how Jc and Collin were doing." Alex stated. Dimitria smiled.

"They are both doing fine. They are almost done regenerating, which means that in another day or two, you can go in and try to bring Kim and Alysa out." Dimitria stated. Alex sighed.

"I can't believe I left them in there. I should have brought them out with me." Alex stated.

"Alex, they had to stay. Otherwise, Collin and Jc would have never stayed separated." Dimitria stated. Alex nodded.

"Are we going to be able to get Jc back to normal? I mean not only power wise, but also behavior wise." Michael asked.

"I can get Jc back to normal behavior wise. As for his powers, I am unsure. We will have to wait and see what happens." Dimitria stated. Michael nodded.

"Dimitria, I think that now would be the perfect time to have the Ninja Rangers go on their quest to the Desert of Despair." Alpha 6 stated. Dimitria nodded.

"That is what I was thinking. Contact the Rangers and tell them all to come up here." Dimitria ordered.

"Right away." Alpha stated as he began the transmission.

"Will they be done by tomorrow?" Alex asked.

"I think so. It depends on how long it takes them to complete the tests." Dimitria stated.

"I hope so, because tomorrow we all have to make an appearance in the park." Michael stated.

"What for?" Dimitria asked.

"They have decided to host a Power Rangers Day tomorrow to honor us for restoring peace to the Earth." Alex responded.

"I have contacted the Rangers and they are all on their way." Alpha stated. Dimitria nodded.

"Good. This will give us the boost of power that we need." Dimitria stated. They all guarded their eyes as thirteen beams of light fell from the ceiling. As the light cleared, the Rangers all materialized and looked at Dimitria.

"Wow." Jason stated as he looked up at Dimitria.

"Who are you?" Dimitria asked. Jason stepped forward.

"I am Jason Scott, the original Red Ranger, and former Gold Ranger." Jason stated. Dimitria nodded.

"I have heard of you from Zordon. I must say that he underestimated your physical appearance." Dimitria smiled at him, and it took him a moment to realize what she was saying. He then turned a bright shade of red.

"What's up Dimitria?" Tommy asked.

"Rangers, I have decided that it is time for the Ninja Rangers to go to the Desert of Despair and get your full Ninja powers. Since everything is quiet, it would be the ideal time to do this."

"Finally! We get a comeback!" Rocky cried.

"But there is one catch. None of you may use your Ninja uniforms to persuade Ninjor. This shall be the first of many tests that you will have to endure. It will not be as easy as last time, Rangers."

"I think that Tanya and Jason should come with us." Tommy stated.

"That is a good idea, Tommy. But Tanya cannot go."

"Why?" Adam asked.

"It's because of the Turbo energy, isn't it?" Tanya asked. Dimitria nodded. Adam looked confused. "Dimitria told me that the Turbo power had taken over most of my bodily systems, and that it will reject ANY power, not just Turbo."

"Tanya will be able to receive powers again, one day. But the Turbo powers have to completely flood out of her system first." Dimitria replied.

"How long will that be?" Aisha asked.

"I am unsure at this time."

"Guys, it's no big deal. I wouldn't have been able to do it anyway. Remember when that guy offered me a contract singing? Well, I called him last week and we struck a deal. I'm moving to Hollywood to record my first album." Tanya stated.

"Tanya, that's great!" Adam cried.

"I'm really happy for you." Rocky stated as he hugged her.

"Thanks." She stated.

"Rangers, I would like to get you all started on this as soon as possible. I have been informed of this Power Rangers Day, and I would not want to keep you from that." Dimitria interjected.

"Good idea." Tommy replied. "Are we ready for this?"

"I am." Aisha stated.

"Count me in." Adam replied.

"Why not." Rocky joked.

"Hell yeah!" Jason cried. Dimitria smiled.

"Alpha" Dimitria called. Alpha nodded and walked over to a control panel. He pushed a few buttons, and then turned around. The four Ninja Rangers lit up as their armor appeared, and then quickly dissipated.

"What was that?" Tommy asked.

"I apologize, but I had to strip you all of your Ninja powers. It's not that I don't trust you, it's just that I wanted to be sure." Dimitria stated. "Happy power seeking." She cried as the five Rangers turned into five white beams, and teleported away.

"Shall we return to our picnic?" TJ asked. Everyone nodded.

"I think I'm gonna stay here for a while and help out." Alex stated. "You guys go have some fun."

"See ya around, Alex." Carlos stated as the five Turbo Rangers teleported away. Michael and Sanchez soon followed. Alex left the main room of the Power Chamber and wandered into the medical room. In the middle of the room, were two large tanks. Inside of each, were the bodies of Collin and Jc. On a computer screen in the middle of the two tanks, was a split view of Jc and Collin. Each body looked to be almost complete, except that they were both missing the lower half of their separated halves. Alex sat in the chair at the computer and looked at the screen. Below each picture of them, it showed a percentage of how complete each body was. They were both 87% finished. Alex smiled as she leaned back in her chair and looked at both tanks.

"God, it still looks the same." Aisha stated as all five Rangers materialized in the Desert Of Despair. They all looked around.

"Man, we haven't been in this place in almost three years." Tommy stated.

"Does anyone remember the way to the rock?" Adam asked. Everyone shrugged.

"This is the desert you guys came through to get your powers?" Jason asked. Tommy nodded.

"It took us quite a few hours to make it through. But without the map, how will we find the rock?" Tommy asked.

"If Dimitria had let us keep our powers, we could have found it easily." Rocky stated.

"Yeah, but that would defeat the purpose." Aisha said. "We have to use our wits to find it." Aisha looked around. "I think it was in this direction." She began to walk off to her right. The other Rangers followed suit.

"So, fill me in on all that's happened since I left." Jason asked of Tommy.

"Well, let's see, after we graduated, Syberia showed up. We went to confront her, and she created an army of Mechanizers. Those are her foot soldiers. We battled them until Syberia kidnaped Kat, Justin, and Adam. We came back to the Power Chamber where we waited until Syberia sent down a large monster. Tanya and I made the Turbo Megazord, and fought him. He destroyed the Zords, and Syberia took the parts. We returned to the Power Chamber, where Syberia threatened the others if we didn't hand over our powers. So we teleported them out of there. Syberia was pissed, and she slit Kat's throat."

"Oh my god." Aisha stated. "And she's still alive?"

"Well, we found out later that it was really just a robot. But we thought it was her. We went back to the Zeo powers because they would be stronger against her. She then sent down her three Soldiers, Jc, Sanchez, and Alysa. They came from a colony on the moon referred to as New Syberia. We fought them, but were losing really bad. Zordon called back Kim and gave her the Pink Zeo powers. She helped us out, and we got the Soldiers under control. They were actually beings of good, so we took the spells off of them. We let them keep the powers since Alpha couldn't turn them back. But, Syberia cast a spell on Kimberly which gave her nightmares and drew off of the power of the Zeo Crystal. That power created a shadow of Kim's first powers. Kim had to defeat the shadow, and then in doing so, she used up the last of the Zeo Crystal's powers. Zordon called upon the Syber Soldiers to stop a large monster, and then invited them to stay on Earth to protect it. They decided to stay, and moved in at Kim's new house. Then, Zordon and Alpha had a chance to return to Eltar, which they would never have again, so they took it. Zordon sent Dimitria in his place, and she restored our Turbo powers. Then, Syberia use a device called the Scatterer to scatter Prince Jc's particles into 25 different orbs. It took us a long time to gather the orbs. But in the end, we only had 23. Alysa had absorbed one orb, which was Jc's memories, and Syberia got one orb, which was Jc's natural Syberian powers. Tanya had been hurt bad, so she had to get rid of her powers. So we gave them to Ashley, who is now the Yellow Turbo Ranger."

"And she makes a great Ranger, if I may say so." Adam stated.

"I think so too." Aisha replied.

"Okay, where did Syberia come from?" Jason asked.

"Well, she was created by a man named The Dark Master. He was one of the original masters of the Morphing Grid. He was turned evil and taught about Syber. He went on to create Syberia and the Dark Specter. He went off hiding while Syberia created a planet in deep space and named it after herself. She created a superior race of beings that were practically immortal. But, some of them didn't like her way of living, so they left the planet. The counsel of planets allowed them to create a colony on our moon."

"Okay, so go on about what's happened." Jason asked.

"All right, uh, we sent all the orbs we had to New Syberia where the queen brought Jc back to life. But since he didn't have his memories, he had to learn everything all over again. He could no longer hold his Blue Soldier powers, so he gave them to his brother, which would be Michael. I had gotten hurt and my system became flooded with Turbo power, so I had to get rid of however much I could, which is what happened to Tanya."

"So how is it that you can get ninja powers, but she can't?"

"I wasn't infected as much as she was. And besides, the Ninja powers were still inside of me. Anyway, so Kim and Adam decided to give up their powers as well so that the new team could get used to each other. We had everything set up perfectly for the power transfer to our replacements, but then Divatox decided to hold us captive. But she didn't realize that Tanya had given up her powers. So since Tanya was with us, Rygog thought that they had all of the Rangers. But, Ashley was still loose. She got all of our replacements together and we did a quick transfer behind Rygog's back, and then they attacked. We got away and finished the transfer. Then Jc came back to Earth so that he could get back into the swing of things. They thought that if he was around more familiar surroundings, that he would do better. He went to go see a shrink who turned out to be Alex. When she was attacked, it was revealed that she was actually a Ranger. We found out that she was from another dimension. She told us her story, and then we all became great friends. Dimitria called us Ninja Rangers back because Divatox set up a device that kept the Turbo Rangers from morphing. So we came in with our ninja uniforms and kicked some ass. Alex and Jc, who was now going by the name of Collin, left to go do some therapy sessioning. Then they got attacked by a monster and had to run. Alex didn't have her morpher, so they had to improvise until Alpha could send it to her. When she got it, she morphed and they made their way up to the roof. Collin got electrocuted by the monster, but the Turbo Rangers stopped him. Collin was unconscious, and then reverted back to Jc. We went through this whole deal with him and found out that Alysa had kissed Collin and somehow the memories went back into him. Kim and Alysa had a big cat fight, and then left. Then, Divatox, Rita, and Zedd attacked."

"Wait, when did Zedd and Rita came back into the picture?"

"About the same time that we did the transfer. They made this cross between piranhatrons, putties, and Tengas that we had to face. Anyway, we discovered that a power that Jc and Collin had spat out had affected the Morphing Grid and was keeping us from morphing. But the Soldiers and Alex were able to morph, so they did. But they had to leave the Power Chamber to do it. When they did, they discovered an interesting side effect of our defect. More power was being pushed into their powers, so their armor and weaponry was upgraded and they were like super Rangers. Scorpina came back and we fought with them. I used the Red Battle Zord to destroy her once and for all. Then Alex, Kim, and Alysa managed to pull Collin and Jc apart, and then Dimitria separated them. And that's pretty much where we are now."

"So what happened to Kim and this Alysa?"

"They're still in Jc and Collin's minds. We have to wait until they finish regenerating before we can get them out."

"Guys," Aisha called. Everyone looked over, "that rock." They all looked at the rock that she pointed at.

"That doesn't look like the rock formation." Rocky stated.

"No, that's the rock where the fire started. See? There's the little silver ball." Aisha replied.

"She's right." Tommy stated.

"Which means that hole thingy is somewhere around here too." Adam said nervously.

"Let's just keep moving." Tommy stated.

"What hole thingy?" Jason asked.

"Man, this is so cool. I mean, we've been attack free for two weeks!" Carlos stated.

"I know, plus, we're being honored for doing it." Cassie replied. Justin shook his head.

"No, the other Rangers and Soldiers are being honored for it. We've barely done anything around here." Justin stated sadly.

"Justin, we've done enough. I mean, we're the Power Rangers. No matter how much we've done, we're still a part of this." TJ stated.

"But I just feel so useless. I mean, ever since the Soldiers arrived, we haven't been able to do anything." Justin stated.

"Why didn't you tell us you felt that way?" Michael asked as he and Sanchez returned from the restroom.

"Well, I didn't wanna seem selfish." Justin stated feebly.

"Justin, we would have understood. You were only a Ranger for about a week until we came along. Then you guys didn't get to do much." Sanchez said. Justin shrugged.

"Nothing's changed. I just don't feel like a Ranger. I feel like I was just let in on the secret because someone was bored."

"You know that's not true, Justin." Michael stated. "If it wasn't for you and the other Rangers, the Soldiers would still be under Syberia's control."

"You freed Jc. If you hadn't done it, Jc would have returned to Syberia." Sanchez stated.

"You guys are all an important part of the team, and if it wasn't for you guys, there would be no Power Rangers right now. Tommy and Tanya would have died, and Kim and Adam wouldn't have been able to handle all of this alone. And we're always getting into trouble. You guys have helped to keep the world safe, and no one is ever gonna forget that." Michael finished.

"Yeah, you're right. It's just that I feel like we haven't done much for the team."

"We have. It may have been small things, but we have done a lot for this team." Cassie stated. Justin nodded.

"Why don't we go see if Dimitria will let us take the Rescue Zords out for a while." Michael suggested.

"We'd love to, but how? Our powers aren't working." Ashley stated.

"Well, we can each accompany you in the Zords and help you. It'll be cool." Sanchez stated.

"Let's do it!" Justin cried happily as he jumped up.


"God it is getting hot out here." Aisha stated as she took her over shirt off. "I would give anything to be at the beach right now."

"I hear ya." Adam stated.

"Just keep a lookout for the rock formation. We have to find it." Tommy stated.

"What did you guys mean by hole thingy earlier?" Jason asked.

"The first time we went through here, Aisha fell into a hole that tried to suck her underground. We had to form a chain to get her out." Rocky replied.

"Oh." Jason replied. "Wh-what else did you c-come across out here?"

"It's nothing to worry about, bro. We're safe." Tommy stated.

"GUYS!" Aisha and Adam cried out as they were sucked down under the ground. A small hole had opened up underneath them and they were oulled under.

"AISHA! ADAM!" Rocky called. The three males approached the hole and peared inside. "It's a river!"

"Well, they wanted water." Jason stated.

"We have to go after them." Tommy stated.

"How?" Jason asked. Tommy suddenly jumped into the hole and splashed into the river. He was quickly carried away by the stream.

"You had to ask." Rocky stated as he followed Tommy.

"Please don't let me drown." Jason cried as he jumped in. The hole soon closed up. As Jason tumbled down the river, he tried to look around himself, but he could see nothing. Soon, the river began to slow a bit and Jason could keep his head above the water long enough to see Rocky ahead of him. The river began to pick up pace again as it turned into a waterfall. Jason fell twenty feet into another lake and strugled to reach the surface. As he came above the water, he could see that they were in a large cave. On the shore, Aisha nd Adam were helping Tommy and Rocky out of the water. Jason swan toward them and soon he was helped out of the river as well.

""What is this place?" Rocky asked.

"I don't remember this being part of the temple so it's obviously not." Tommy stated.

"Guys," Aisha began as she stared at the water, "what is that?" They all turned to look into the water and saw a long tail whip around under the water.

"Oh God, snake!" Rocky cried as he backed far away. They all watched as the large anaconda rose out of the water and stared at them all.

"Everyone stay still." Tommy stated. Rocky began to shake. As the large anaconda rose from the water to the shore, it looked at each of them and then began to stare at Rocky.

"Oh God!" Rocky cried as he bolted away. The snake was quick to chase. It caught up to him and wrapped itself around Rocky. It then darted for the water.

"ROCKY!" Aisha screamed. Tommy raised his communicator.

"DIMITRIA!" He shouted. Nothing but static came back. "DAMMIT!" Tommy cried.

"We have to do something!" Aisha shouted. Tommy suddenly jumped into the water and was soon followed by Adam and Jason. "GUYS!" Aisha paced around on the shore as she stared at the water. She occasionally saw a head poke out of the water to gasp for air, but otherwise could see nothing. After a few moments, the water became calm, and Aisha couldn't see them anymore.

"Guys?" She asked. "GUYS!" She screamed. Nothing came back. She began to worry. She went to bring her communicator up, but then found that it was missing. "No, guys! Please!" She shouted as tears began to roll down her cheeks. She looked up as Tommy, Jason, Adam, and Rocky rose from the water with black goo all over them. Aisha ran over to Rocky and grabbed him in an embrace. "How did you guys get away?" Tommy then held up the severed head of the anaconda. Aisha almost lost her lunch. Tommy quickly tossed the head away.

"Why don't we get out of here." Jason suggested. He looked around and then saw a cave entrance. Small rays of lights were pointing out of it. "Hey guys, that may be a way out." They all looked over. Tommy looked around.

"It's gotta be better than staying here." He walked toward the entrance and entered. The others were quick to follow.

"Dimitria, come on." Michael pleaded with their mentor. Dimitria shook her head.

"I understand that the Turbo Rangers are anxious to try out their Zords, but without full powers it isn't safe for them." Dimitria stated.

"But we would be morphed in there with them." Sanchez stated.

"Rangers, please trust my judgement when I say that it just would not be safe for them or you if they were up there without powers."

"Dimitria!" Alex cried as she ran into the room. They all looked over at her. "It's Jc and Collin. Something's happening." Dimitria immediately floated down from her tube and floated into the medical room. Both tanks were blanketed in light. Dimitria looked at the screen and grew wide eyed. It said 100% complete. "What does that mean?"

"It means that Jc and Collin are back." Dimitria stated.

"But it's pre-mature. They shouldn't have been fully restored 'til Tuesday." Michael stated.

"What could have caused the fast healing?" Cassie asked.

"Kim and Alysa." Dimitria stated. "When the computer did the calculations for the restoration, it didn't account for Kim and alysa's healing factors. They've spead up the process." The light from the tanks faded and then the two Syberians were visible. They were both fully awake and aware.

"I thought this cave was supposed to lead us out of here." Jason stated.

"Well, sometimes it's real easy to make a wrong turn, bro." Tommy stated. As they continued to walk on, they soon came upon a dead end.

"No way." Aisha sated.

"But where's the light coming from?" Adam asked. Tommy looked over to the wall and began to remember the last time they came to the Desert of Despair. Tommy suddenly moved toward the wall. As he came up to it, he went through it.

"It's the wall!" Aisha cried as she ran through it as well.

"The wall?" Jason asked as Rocky and Adam walked thorugh. Jason walked up to the wall and looked around first. Then, Adam's arm shot out and pulled Jason through. As Jason emerged on the other side, He saw Tommy and the others looking through a gate. As Jason approached the gate, the doors opened. Blue light flooded through the entrance and they all walked through. As the doors closed behind them, the blue light shut off.

"Who's there?" A dark voice asked from nowhere.

"The Power Rangers. We'd like to see Ninjor." Tommy stated.

"Ninjor isn't here, leave immediately." the voice called out.

"No way! We know that Ninjor's here and we demand to see him immediately!" Rocky cried. Blue light filled the area as Ninjor appeared in front of them.

"What do you want you annoying teenager?" Ninjor asked, in his regular voice.

"We have come in search of the Ninja Powers. We have been here before, and gained the powers before. Now we would like to get them back." Tommy stated.

"For one thing, I don't remember any of you. This ain't no convenience store, so if you came in, I'm the only one here to do anything. For two, even if you did have the power, you lost it. It obviously wasn't meant for you. Now leave my temple before I remove you." Ninjor crossed his arms.

"Ninjor, in your heart, you know that we speak the truth." Adam stated. "We need to get our powers back if we want to stop Rita, Zedd, and Divatox."

"That's not my problem." Ninjor stated.

"Look, he's obviously not gonna help us. We should just go." Aisha winked at Tommy. He got the point.

"Yeah, we're just wasting our time here." Tommy stated as he winked at rocky.

"I'm glad you all understand that." Ninjor stated.

"Looks like we'll have to go back to Dimitria and tell her that we failed." Rocky stated. Ninjor perked up at the mention of Dimitria's name.

"But what are we gonna do? Without our powers, the team just got cut in half. The Turbo Rangers and Soldiers can't handle Divatox, Zedd, and Rita alone." Adam pointed out. "They'll take over the Earth."

"Well, we'll have to deal with it. We can still fight to defend. We don't need powers for that. As long as we don't just give up, we've all ready won." Tommy stated.

"Oh geeze, wait a minute. I'm gonna regret this." Ninjor stated. "Your hearts speak the truth." Aisha and Tommy low-fived. "I will help you on the journey to gain your powers back."

"Thank you, Ninjor." Tommy stated.

"Yeah, yeah." Ninjor replied.

"Okay, the am biotic fluid is beginning to drain." Michael stated.

"Good." Dimitria replied. "Slowly inject oxygen into their tanks. They've both been breathing from that liquid for two weeks. It's gonna take them a while to get used to oxygen again." Michael pressed a few buttons on the computer console and vents opened from the top of the tanks. Air began to seep into each tank. A tube extended from the ground and into each Syberians mouths. It began to pump all of the am biotic fluid out of their lungs. The tubes retracted as the liquid cleared away from their faces. They both began to wheeze and cough heavily.

"Are they all right?" Ashley asked.

"They'll be fine, they just have to adjust." Dimitria stated. "Alex, why don't you go prepare to get Kimberly and Alysa out." Alex nodded and left the room.

"Dimitria, will you be able to fix Jc's 'behavioral' problem?" Michael asked.

"Yes, I can take care of that by running a graviton beam through his particles. The only problem we may encounter are his memories. I don't think that all of Jc's memories were returned to him. When he is back to normal, he may be a bit hazy."

"What do you mean?" Cassie asked.

"He may have partial amnesia. It's nothing that some time and familiarity won't cure, but I'm afraid of what the long term effects of this ordeal may have on Jc and Collin."

"Don't worry about it. Collin and Jc are both strong people. They'll be fine." Sanchez stated.

"I have no doubt of that." Dimitria replied. _Yet._

"Now, you have all ready passed three tests of gaining the power, but there is one more." Ninjor declared.

"What three tests did we pass?" Aisha asked.

"You passed the test of loyalty to each other when you all jumped in after Adam and Aisha. You passed the test of courage when you battled with the anaconda. And you passed the test of faith in yourselves by fighting the anaconda." Ninjor explained.

"What's this other test, then?" Jason asked.

"This final test shall be to determine your abilities to overcome obstacles as a team. For this test, I shall give you each partial Ninja powers." Ninjor stated. "Gather around me, Rangers." The five Rangers came to each side of Ninjor. "Raise your hands together." They all raised their hands and touched. "Older than time itself, man has always known the calling. Light of the light, strength of the soul, light this eternal power inside of me. I am Ninja! I am pure of heart, body, mind, and spirit. Join with me now as I become one with the power of Ninja." Each Ranger closed their eyes as white light filled them each. As the light faded away from Tommy, he was clad in a new Ninja uniform. It looked much like before, but this uniform was tight fitting and made of spandex material. His Falcon emblem rested in the middle of his chest. As the light faded away from Adam, he too was clad in the new Ninja uniform, except his was black. He also had the emblem of the frog in the middle of his chest. As the light faded away from Rocky, he was also wearing the new uniform. But his was now blue, yet it still contained the emblem of the ape in it's center. As the light faded away from Aisha, she was wearing her new Ninja suit as well. It was a bright yellow and carried the emblem of the bear in it's center. The light melted away from Jason and revealed him to be wearing a red Ninja uniform. This uniform held the emblem of the cougar in it's center. "Your journey is almost complete. Look upon your selves and accept your destiny." They each opened their eyes and looked at their uniforms.

"This is totally awesome! I can feel the power inside of me." Jason rejoiced.

"How about that test, now?" Adam asked. Ninjor nodded.

"To pass this test, you will have to work as a team. Good luck, Rangers." Ninjor raised his arms and the five Rangers disappeared in their respective streaks of color.

"Dimitria, I'm ready." Alex stated as she entered the medical room again. Dimitria nodded and the Rangers all moved aside. Alex sat down in the middle of the floor.

"Be careful." Dimitria warned. Alex nodded and then closed her eyes. After a few moments, Alex began to glow purple and then a small ball of light rose from her chest. The light spun around in the air for a moment and then flew over to Collin's tank. It filled with purple light as it entered his head. A moment later, it left Collin's head and darted over to Jc's head. His tank also filled with purple light as it entered his head. The ball of light stayed there for a while as the Rangers watched in anticipation. A moment later, the ball of light left the room and disappeared. The Rangers waited a moment before running after it. They followed it into the recovery room where Kimberly and Alysa's body awaited in stasis. The ball of light entered Alysa's body first. A moment later, the heart monitor flared to life and began to beep. Then, the ball left Alysa and entered Kim's body. He heart monitor also flared to life. Then the purple light left her body and darted back into Alex' body.

"Is that it?" Carlos asked. Dimitria nodded.

"That is it." She stated. "TJ, Michael, please roll Kimberly and Alysa into the medical room." Dimitria left the room and the two men did as asked. As Dimitria entered the Medical room, along with the other Rangers, they saw Alex standing at Collin's tank. They were both looking at each other and crying.

"Here we go." Michael stated as he and TJ rolled the beds into the room. Alex turned away and wiped her eyes.

"So, are they doing all right?" She asked. Dimitria nodded.

"They'll be fine." Dimitria smiled at Alex, and she returned the gesture.

"Dimitria," Alpha interrupted, "it's Ninjor." Dimitria left the room and came back into the main Power Chamber. On the viewing globe was an image of Ninjor.

"Ninjor! How are the Rangers doing?" Dimitria asked.

"Well, they're on their last test right now. In about an hour, they'll be full fledged Rangers again." He replied.

"Thank god. We need the help." Dimitria stated.

"But they are missing a companion." Ninjor pointed out.

"Yes, the Pink Ranger. She was occupied for some time. She will visit you soon, though."

"Good. I must be going now. I have to prepare for the Rangers' finish." Ninjor quickly faded away from the screen.

"Wait a minute, I thought Ninjor didn't know they were coming." Michael asked. Dimitria didn't respond for a moment.

"Ninjor knew that they were coming. He remembers everything from the first time they received their powers."

"Then why go through all the tests?" Justin asked.

"Ninjor wants to be sure that time has not corrupted their hearts. Obviously, he believes that it hasn't. But he also wants to be sure that they can function as a complete team and not have to rely on other's help to get out of tough situations."

"Boy, what does he know?" Justin joked.

The Rangers materialized in the middle of a woodsy area. The light faded away and they all looked around.

"Okay, so what do we do?" Aisha asked. Nobody answered.

"Maybe we're supposed to wait." Rocky suggested.

"For what?" Adam asked.

"Hopefully not a monster." Jason replied. He covered his mouth as a flock of Tengas appeared.

"What are you bird brains doing here?" Tommy asked as he dropped into a defensive stance.

"Yeah, I thought you guys all got turned into those large freak foot soldiers." Rocky replied. The Tengas shook their heads and then attacked. Some birds flew at each Ranger and separated them.

"Let's do this!" Aisha cried as she dropped into a defensive stance. A bird struck out at her, but she grabbed it's arm and flung it around into another Tenga. She kicked another Tenga in the stomach and sent it to the ground in pain. Another Tenga grabbed her in a bear hug from behind. She struggled to get out of it's grip, but couldn't.

"Back off!" Adam cried as he flung the bird off of her.

"Thanks." she stated. They both ducked as a Tenga moved between them and lashed out at each.

"Ay-ah!" Jason cried as he slammed his foot backwards into a Tenga. It fell back a few feet. Jason then brought his arm forward and flipped a Tenga over his shoulder. He spun around and ducked as a Tenga struck out at him. He then came around and slammed his foot into it's back and sent it flying into another Tenga.

"Get back here!" Rocky cried as he grabbed a Tenga by the neck and pulled it backwards. It fell on it's butt and shook it's head. Rocky was quick to grab it by the feet and sling it into the air. It sailed high and then slammed into a stone wall. Somehow, the birds had managed to maneuver the Rangers towards this wall. As they each realized this, the Tengas disappeared.

"What's going on here?" Tommy asked as he looked around. In the center of the wall was a large stone gargoyle.

"What don't I like about this scene?" Adam asked. Everyone's eyes grew wide as the stone gargoyle came to life and stepped down out of the wall.

"This is not good!" Aisha stated.

"No duh." Rocky replied.

"Let's do this. Ninja Ranger power!" Tommy cried out. "WHITE FALCON NINJA POWER!"




"RED COUGAR NINJA POWER!" In a bright flash of light, their face masks appeared and covered their faces. The stone gargoyle moved forward and raised it's arms. It growled loudly and pounded it's chest.

"Hey! That's my job!" Rocky cried as he pounded his chest. This produced laughter from the other Rangers.

"Smash." The gargoyle stated before it began it's attack. It lashed out with a sword at Rocky's head. Rocky jumped back and barely missed the blow. Tommy was quick to slam his foot into the creature's back and made him stumble forward. The other Rangers gathered around their leader as the creature regained it's posture.

"Ninja solar rays!" Tommy cried as he made his hands join in a funny shape. The other Rangers followed suit and they all placed their hands together. Light came from each Rangers' hands, it's respective color, and joined in the center to form a ball of light. The ball of light was hoisted into the air by Tommy and then hurled at the Stone gargoyle. A loud growl escaped his mouth before he stumbled backwards. His entire shell cracked and he looked like a damaged windshield. Adam and Jason performed a flying kick in unison and their feet slammed into the gargoyle and it cracked more. Aisha and Rocky then flew at him with their fist extended and slammed them into the gargoyle. He cracked even more. Then Tommy did a flying kick and slammed into the gargoyle's chest. It stumbled backwards and cracked to the point of almost shattering.

The Rangers lined up and placed their arms out to their sides and then touched hands. Their emblems all started to glow their respective colors and then a beam of light extended from each one and hit the gargoyle. It flew backwards and slammed into the wall it came from. It then broke apart into a million pieces. The Rangers moved their hands in front of their faces and their masks disappeared.

The ground began to shake around them as the wall began to rise. A small pyramid slid out with a golden emblem in the center of it. It lit up and you could clearly see seven animals present. The falcon, the frog, the crane, the ape, the bear, the cougar, and the butterfly. Five of the animals lit up and left the massive emblem. They became three dimensional and each animal flew to it's Ranger and began to circle it's body. Soon, the animal flew into the emblem in the center of their uniforms and lit it up.

The Ninja uniforms faded away and were replaced with new armor. Tommy was wearing the White Tiger armor, Adam was wearing the Mastodon armor, Rocky was wearing the Triceratops armor, Aisha was wearing the Saber Tooth Tiger armor, and Jason was wearing the Tyrannosaurus armor. They all admired their new armor and looked around as the woodsy area faded away and they found themselves back in the temple. The rocks on the ground came back together to form Ninjor.

"Wow you guys pack a mean punch!" He cried as he shook his head. "I am very proud of you, Rangers. You have shown true teamwork and you have shown that after three years, you still deserve the power."

"You mean, you remember the last time we were here?" Aisha asked. Ninjor nodded.

"Then why did we have to pass these tests?" Rocky asked.

"I had to be sure that you still had the ability to function as a team. I'm glad to see that you can." The Rangers all smiled. But their smiles faded as their armor disappeared.

"What's going on?" Tommy asked.

"Don't worry. It's the flux in the grid. You still have your powers, but until the power is called back, you can't utilize them." Ninjor explained. "Perhaps it is time for you all to return to Dimitria?" the Rangers nodded.

"But we don't have our communicators." Aisha pointed out. Ninjor waved his hands and their communicators reappeared.

"You had to pass these tests without help." Ninjor stated.

"Thank you for helping us, Ninjor." Jason stated.

"It was my pleasure. Just don't forget that I'm here if you ever need my help." The Rangers nodded and raised their communicators. They all teleported away in their respective colors.

Alex smiled as Michael helped Collin out of the tank. Jc was being detained by straps in a medical chamber across the room. A purple beam was scanning over his body.

"God, I feel so weak." Collin stated.

"You probably will for some time. Your body needs to be exercised some. It's been asleep for a while." Dimitria explained.

"I still can't believe you're back!" Alex cried as she swept up Collin in a big hug.

"Ow." Collin stated as Alex set him back down. Alex smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry." Collin smiled at her.

"It's all right. No harm done." Collin stated.

"Collin?" Alysa asked as she stumbled into the room, along with Kimberly.

"Guys, you're not supposed to be up yet!" Ashley stated as she and Cassie came up to help hold them up.

"I don't care." Alysa stated as she walked towards Collin. The two came together in a passionate kiss. Kim moaned at this and turned her head away. As Alysa and Collin pulled apart, the Power Chamber filled with light and the Ninja Rangers appeared on the floor.

"Guys!" Kim cried. Tommy ran up to her and hugged her.

"You're back?" Tommy asked. Kim nodded. Aisha pushed her way in and hugged Kim.

"Kimberly Ann Hart." Jason stated with his hands on his hips. "You don't call, you don't write, what am I supposed to think about you?" Kim smiled and wobbled over to him. He met her half way and picked her up in a large hug.

"Kimberly and Alysa, you both need to lay down." Dimitria ordered. Alex and Jason helped them both to beds. "Collin, there is the matter of a certain flux that you need to fix." Collin stared at her in confusion. Michael was quick to explain.

"How am I supposed to do that?" He asked.

"You'll know how." Dimitria moved back into the main Power chamber and a wall opened behind her tube. The Rangers recognized this as the entrance to the underground chamber where they made the power transfer. Collin and Dimitria entered the entrance and walked down to the end of the room where the sword was. "Just place your hand on the sword and concentrate." Collin carefully placed his hand on top of the sword and closed his eyes. A white light engulfed the sword and then Collin. Ech gem began to light up and then a wide circular beam of light shot out and rang through the power Chamber. As it hit the Ninja Rangers, their new armor materialized on their bodies. As it hit the Turbo Rangers, their armor materialized as well. The light hit Kim and Alysa, and their suits appeared. It also hit Michael, Sanchez, and Alex and their armor materialized as well. After a few minutes, the Power Chamber was full of fifteen morphed Power Rangers. Then the beam of light shot out of the Power Chamber and rang through the world. Collin stepped back from the sword and appeared to be better.

"I feel wonderful." He stated.

"That would be the feeling of the power deep inside your soul now." Dimitria explained.

"It's a beautiful feeling." Collin said as he let the tears of joy flow.

The next day in Angel Grove Park, the entire city's population was gathered around the massive stage set in the center. In the back of the crowd, all fifteen Rangers were gathered.

"I think that beam actually helped to set the beauty of Angel Grove on another level." Tommy stated.

"It sure helped to get us back on our feet." Kim said referring to herself and Alysa.

"This city looks so peaceful." Jason stated. "It's a sight that I've waited my whole life to see."

"We all have." TJ replied.

"And it's a sight we'll always remember." Ashley added.

"I think that they're ready to start. Made we should go 'change'." Cassie suggested. The other Rangers nodded.

"We'll be right there." Kim stated as she held Alysa's arm. The other Rangers began to walk off to a secluded area. "Alysa, I wanted to apologize for my behavior the last time we really talked. It was really uncalled for, and I'm sorry."

"No, you had every right to be upset. Even though Collin didn't remember anything, he was still your boyfriend and it was wrong of me to kiss him." Alysa replied. "I can only imagine how you felt when I kissed Collin right in front of you. I am so sorry."

"It's all right. I'm happy for you and Collin, and I hope you guys have a wonderful relationship."

"So, best buds again?"

"Of course!" Kim cried as she threw her arms around Alysa. The two walked over to where the other Rangers were gathered and joined them.

"All right, guys," Tommy began, "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!"















"NINJA RANGER POWER! PINK CRANE!" In a bright and noticeable flash of light, the fifteen Rangers all morphed. They then made their way out to the crowd. As soon as the people saw them, they erupted in a roar of cheers. The Rangers all waved their thanks and slowly made their way to the stage. It took a while to get them all up there, but the fifteen Rangers all stood behind the mayor. She stepped up to the podium and cleared her throat.

"People of Angel Grove, this day has been picked to represent the Power Rangers and all that they represent to the world. They are a brave group of heros and I, personally, am glad to have them on our side." The crowd began to cheer again. "I would like to present each of the Rangers with a key to the city. Normally, there would only be one key given out, but these heros deserve to have their own." The mayor turned to hand out the keys and looked at the Rangers. She looked twice and then turned around. "It seems as if we have a lot of Rangers to give keys to!" The crowd laughed at that and then quieted as each Ranger was handed their keys. "People of Angel Grove, I give you our official protectors of life and justice, the MIGHTY MORPHING POWER RANGERS!" The crowd went wild and made the Rangers all blush.

Later that afternoon, the Rangers were all gathered in the park and were enjoying the festivities. They had teleported their keys to Dimitria and de-morphed a while ago. They had once again set up their large blanket and littered it with beautiful food for a picnic. They were all having fun and enjoying what the day had to offer.

"This is the best day of my life." Justin stated plainly.

"I don't think it could get any better." TJ replied. Sanchez and Michael exchanged glances.

"Are you sure?" Sanchez asked.

"Positive!" Ashley replied.

"Well then this won't mean much to you." Michael stated.

"What?" Carlos asked.

"We pulled some strings and got Dimitria to agree in letting you test drive the Rescue Zords." Sanchez stated. The Turbo Rangers grew wide-eyed. Cassie jumped up and flew at Sanchez and hugged him.

"This is so cool!" Justin cried.

"Come on." Michael stated as he stood. Alysa and Sanchez joined him. Then the Turbo Rangers and Alex also stood up. "We'll be back." They walked away from the group and teleported away in a bright flash of light.

"That ought to make their century!" Kim cried.

"They'll get tired of it fast." Tommy stated.

"I did. Why do you think I quit so early?" Aisha joked.

Well, that's the end. I hope that you enjoyed reading this story because I enjoyed writing it. I think that this is one of my best stories. Don't you agree? Let me know what you think about this story. festa@gte.net

The End . . . . . for now.