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The Crowmeowme Brothers
by Gold Astro Ranger

Fifteen thousand years ago, a vessel of extra-terrestrial origin landed on Earth near what is now Angel Grove. Inside that vessel were two brothers, members of the Order of Meledon, Morphos and Multus.

Each brother had a different skill. Morphos could control certain energies, shaping them into whatever forms he chose. Multus could use this power, but his primary ability was the lost art (at least on their home world) of cloning.

The two brothers had been dispatched to Earth by the Order to help another member of the Order, Zordon of Eltar. Zordon was aided in defending Earth by a construct called Titanus. Titanus was built on the planet Aquitar by the family of Cestro.

Zordon said only one of the brothers would be needed immediately. Thus Multus decided that he would remain in reserve, taking Multus' place if he was ever needed, yet he intuitively stayed with his brother. Soon, it became clear to Multus why the Order had dispatched them to Earth.

Lord Zedd and his most loyal servant, Rita Repulsa, were planning to conquer this primitive world. Zordon told Multus that he requested that the Order send Morphos specifically for his power. Zordon, not yet imprisoned in a time warp, helped Morphos create an energy field from which a group of warriors would be empowered. This group of warriors would be the only beings in existence who could harness the greatest power in the universe, they would be teenagers with attitudes. These warriors would be known as Power Rangers, and they would become legend. Zordon named the energy field The Morphin Grid, after Morphos. After acquiring a robotic assistant named Alpha 5 from King Lexian of Edenoi, Zordon began to recruit his warriors while Morphos created their weapons and other items. The battle machines he made, he named after Zordon, calling them zords. These Zords were made out of the skeletons of prehistoric Earth creatures. Three were dinosaurs, two were creatures of Earth's Ice Age, yet another was made in the image of a dragon-like beast native to the planet Inquarus.

Zordon began recruiting warriors, including a beautiful young woman named Pina. Morphos and Pina fell in love, and were quite happy. Morphos was about to ask Pina to become his wife when she was captured by Rita and changed forever into a being of evil, and was renamed Scorpina. Morphos fought the woman he once loved, imprisoning her in a boulder, which was soon covered with scorpions. Zordon's warriors, including Morphos himself, used the equipment Morphos created to push Zedd and Rita's forces back far enough that it would be a few thousand years before they threatened Earth again. During this time, Morphos and Zordon began creating additional, back-up zords, while the wise Ninjor, the first ninja and student of Morphos, created a set of seven coins, including one for Morphos, to be used to change the next generation of warriors into a greater fighting force. This next generation would be the first Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and were all Asian, as that was where the great battle would take place.

Before the next generation could be chosen, Rita attacked, stealing one of the coins and trapping Zordon in a time warp, while Zordon trapped her in a space dumpster on Earth's moon, with four of her worst associates; Goldar, Finster, Squatt and Baboo. With Rita trapped in a dumpster, and Zedd off conquering other galaxies, Earth was safe, at least for four thousand years. During this time, Morphos and Multus travelled to Egypt, where they built a series of early warning scanners, with the help of Trycho, an architect from the planet Triforia. These scanners utilized the standard Triforian design of a pyramid. These scanners were filled with golden objects, a common element on Triforia, thus it was worthless to them, but on Earth, it was considered priceless. Egyptians placed dead rulers in these scanners, which only helped improve range. The power source for these scanners was a Zeo crystal, embedded inside a Sphinx. While the sphinx had a full nose when completed,centuries of exposure to the Zeo energy contained within caused the nose to crumble down to a stub of what it once was.

Four thousand years after the imprisonment of Rita, Earth faced another threat. This time, it was a morphological being known as Ivan Ooze. Ooze planned to destroy the earth with his Ectomorphicon Titan war machines, Scorpitron and Hornitor. Ooze was building these on a distant planet called Phaedos. The Order of Meledon sent a command vessel from the planet Aquitar to take Zordon (still in his time warp) and Morphos, along with five young warriors to Phaedos, while Multus stayed behind to watch over Earth. Once on Phaedos, Zordon and Morphos were met by the Protector of Phaedos, The Master Warrior and last on the Nathadians, Dulcea. Together, they managed to defeat Ooze and dismantle his Titans. They imprisoned Ooze in a hyperlock chamber on Earth, a short distance from Zordon's command center. The chamber looked like a giant purple egg, and gave Ooze plenty of room to eliminate excess parts of his form, as he must do every century. Zordon, being a caring being made sure he could do that, hence, the excess goo in the chamber. The dismantled Ectomorphicons were buried near the chamber.

With no immediate threat to Earth, Morphos stayed on Phaedos when Zordon returned home, for Morphos had fallen in love with Dulcea. Morphos gave Dulcea a special gift, a pet which she named Snoggle. Snoggle's species had the unusual ability to shoot sugar cubes out of their trunk-like noses. Dulcea taught Morphos the proper way to eat a traditional Nathadian dish, squirbs. He carved her primary weapon, a wooden staff which could separate into two smaller staves. These two staves made a high-pitched trill when twirled in circles. Their relationship ended suddenly when the Order forced Morphos to return to Earth. He never got a chance to say good-bye. Earth was being threatened by a group of Barox bounty hunters. Zordon and Morphos defeated them with the help of the Blue Senturions. Once that was done, Morphos and Multus began wandering, returning to the command center once every century. The two brothers learned many things during there travels. While Multus studied the emerging system of finance, Morphos studied fighting styles.

Soon, Morphos had mastered all of what soon became known as the martial arts, becoming the greatest fighter on the face of the Earth. He then concentrated on mastering all known musical instruments. After centuries of practice and learning new instruments, Morphos had become the greatest musician on Earth, with Multus learning music from Morphos. Multus soon became a better composer than his brother. In later centuries, the two brothers each became patrons of different composers. Morphos was a patron of Richard Wagner, Multus of Peter I. Tchaikovsky(as in Nutcracker). Multus, in the meantime, was becoming a financial genius, providing himself and his brother with nearly unlimited wealth. They used this wealth for various "hobbies", which in turn made them even more money. The two of them also began adopting new names whenever they returned to the command center. When they returned to the Command Center in the Eighteenth Century a.d., they were surprised to see a small colony had been formed near Zordon's outpost, a colony called Angel Grove.

The two brothers adopted the names Bartholomew and Bernard Cooper, and returned to their travels, just days before the arrival of a group of strangers from the future, who would meet the two brothers soon enough, especially since one of these strangers was Morphos himself. The two brothers soon fought in the American Revolution, and were instrumental in the survival of General Washington's troops at Valley Forge. After the war, the brothers returned to Europe, avoiding England for awhile, due to their participation in the revolution. When next the brothers returned, Angel Grove was a typical western town. Multus set himself up as the owner of a general store, using the name Beuaregard Smith, while Morphos began blacksmithing, as well as gunsmithing, using the somewhat unusual name of Bolt Shwinchester. Both brothers became friends to the townspeople, including William, Abraham, Rocco, and Miss Alicia. "Bolt" made custom pistols for a man named Thomas, who would fight outlaws as The White Stranger.

It was one normal day, while Morphos was smithing some shoes for Rocco's horse, when a stranger arrived in town. Her state of dress would have been considered scandalous at the time, but Morphos found her to be the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. She called herself Calamity Kim, and Morphos was surprised when she ran up to him and called him Brian. She explained to him that she was from the future and that she was a Power Ranger. He accompanied her when she went to see Zordon, and for the first time in six thousand years, Morphos saw the coin Ninjor had made for him, the coin with the power of the smartest of all dinosaurs, the velociraptor. He and Kim passed out the four other coins to William, Rocco, Abraham, and Miss Alicia to defeat Goldar, who arrived from the future, and the newly created Cactus-head. With Goldar's defeat and Kim's return to the future, the five coins were returned to Zordon. Yet, with the return of Kim to the future, all Morphos' memories of her visit to the nineteenth century disappeared, at least for a century.

Soon, the two brothers returned to their wandering. In Pennsylvania, Multus began experimenting with iron ore, eventually developing the process for making chromium steel, and all the other variations of chromium, from vitamins to the material used on comic covers and trading cards. With the development of chromium, more wealth flowed the brothers' direction. They decided to settle on the name Crowmeowme, a corrupted spelling of chromium, as their last name. Multus chose the first name Robert, though usually went by Bob, while Morphos, perhaps influenced by something in his subconscious, chose the name Brian. The two brothers started a multi-national corporation, Crowmeowme,Inc. Crowmeowme,Inc. contained many smaller companies including Crowmeowme Industries, which specialized in many experimental ideas; a toy manufacturing division, which they called Bon Doi, and a television and movie studio called Sobon. The two brothers soon returned to Angel Grove, this time intent on staying.

While Bob handled day-to-day operations as Chief Operations Officer of Crowmeowme,Inc., Brian, the company's CEO, chose a new hobby, running a martial arts dojo. In August of 1993, he went into the Angel Grove Youth Center to hire instructors for the dojo. After posting a flyer, Brian ordered a grape smoothy from the Juice Bar, run by Ernie. He could tell that Ernie was a descendent of Ernest, proprietor of the Juice Saloon in 1800s Angel Grove. While enjoying his beverage, Brian spied a beautiful young woman practicing a gymnastics routine. He studied her every movement and was mesmerized be her beauty and agility. Not since the first time he saw Dulcea fight had he been so mesmerized by a woman, oh so long ago, he thought. Soon, she saw him, watching her. She found him extremely handsome, a total babe, she told Trini. When their eyes met, the two realized that they were destined to be together. He soon learned her name was Kimberly, and three of her friends, Jason, Zack, and Trini, became the primary instructors at Crowmeowme Dojo, while Kim and her other friend Billy just hung out there.

Only weeks after opening his dojo, Brian sensed something was about to happen. He went to Zordon, and learned that Rita had been released by astronauts. He told Zordon and Alpha that he had found the perfect Power Rangers. He returned to the Youth Center, where the Dojo often held lessons, just in time for Rita's first attack in ten thousand years. He feigned surprise and ignorance when he and the others were teleported to the command center, chosing not to reveal everything until after they accepted their new duties. With the first morph, a quick shout of "Velociraptor" changed Brian into the Silver Ranger, most powerful of the Rangers and master of the Raptor's Egg. The Raptor's Egg was not so much a zord as an assault vehicle. When the Megazord was formed, The Raptor's egg was worn as a wrist blaster, while Brian's main duty was to push a button that summoned the Power Sword. Once the five teens fully accepted their new duties, Brian revealed his history to them, introducing them to Bob and showing them his hidden, useless space vessel.

Brian increased helped his teammates earn some extra spending money by turning Power Rangers into an extremely popular toy line and high-rated television series. He split the earnings amongst his five teammates. Brian and Kim became closer with each passing week, until the arrival of Tommy Oliver. When he became the Green Ranger, not to mention the newest instructor at Brian's Crowmeowme Dojo, he was the first obstacle in Brian and Kim's relationship. Brian found some comfort in the fact that Pterodactyl was not used for Dragonzord's Battle Mode, but not much. Eventually, Tommy was forced to give up the power, yet he still asked Kim to be his date to the spring dance. This didn't phase Brian that much, as he was providing the music for the dance. Soon, Brian and Kim's relationship was stronger than ever. Even after Tommy was able to reclaim the power, albeit in a limited fashion, his presence did little to weaken their love. On February 14, 1994, Kim's 18th birthday, just six months after they met, Brian and Kim became lovers.

In May of 1994, they became even than lovers, as Brian asked Kimberly to marry him. She gave him her answer the next morning, a resounding yes. On June 18, 1994, Brian Theodore Crowmeowme and Kimberly Anne Hart were married by a judge at Brian's mansion, in the exclusive area known as Angel Heights. They spent their honeymoon on a secluded, tropical island. When they returned home, Kim began feeling strange. She went to a doctor Brian recommended, who was actually a clone made by Bob using DNA from himself and his brother. The doctor was a specialist in all fields of medicine. Kim thought it may have been a reaction to the food on the island, or to Brian's special wedding gift to her, an injection of a serum the brothers developed which gave Kim near immortality, so that Brian would not outlive her. This serum halted the aging process, and made her immune to most diseases. As it turned out, neither of these were the case. Instead, it was discovered that Kim was pregnant, Brian was ecstatic when she told him, and he began to prepare a nursery, even though it would be almost nine months until their child arrived.

After two and a half months of wedded bliss, Brian and Kim, along with the other Rangers faced the return of Lord Zedd. In order to protect his unborn child, Brian, with the help of Zordon and Alpha, discovered a dimension where the developing fetus could be shifted without harm in times of battle. Brian also called upon a special power boost, activated merely by saying "Velociraptore"(pronounced velociraptoray) instead of "Velociraptor," to compensate for the greater strength of Zedd's monster. This power boost allowed him to create a claw on each hand, like an actual velociraptor. When the Dinozords were changed to Thunderzords, the Raptor's Egg became the Pegasus Thunderzord. The Pegasus proved important, for it transformed into ThunderMegazord's ThunderSabre. Brian, knowing some sorcery, placed a protective spell on Kim, which is why Goldar's spell didn't change her into Zedd's perfect queen. Brian wanted to embrace Kim when he arrived at the Cave of Fantasy, but the Rita outfit she was in could have impaled him. Soon, Brian himself would soon undergo a great change.

When Tommy had been fully drained of the Green Ranger powers, Zordon and Alpha began working on new powers for him. They also worked on an upgrade for Brian, as a present for the 15,000th anniversary of his arrival on Earth. Thus when Tommy received Saba after receiving the powers of the White Ranger, another weapon floated down, this weapon being a whip-like weapon called a manriki. When a morphed Brian grabbed the manriki, called Manareek, he was transformed into the new Silver Ranger. His costume was similar to Tommy's new costume, except it was silver. Manareek was comprised of a twenty foot chain and a handle of silver topped with a carved cheetah-head. Manareek served as an advisor to Brian in battle and was linked to the computers in the Command Center at all times. The Pegasus Thunderzord was integrated into the other zords, so that Brian could receive the Silver Cheetahzord, the fastest of all zords. Manareek served as the "brain" of the CheetahZord, the central control system. Cheetahzord had it's own warrior mode, and could merge with the Firebird Thunderzord to form the Flying Cheetah Warrior.

At that time, Brian decided to write a movie, using a scenario involving Dulcea and Ivan Ooze. With the exception of Kim, the Rangers played themselves, though Brian did not include himself in the script. Bob came aboard to compose the music for the film, as Brian had several other duties, such as directing, producing, and choreographing the fights. Bob fell for the actress playing Kimberly, a beautiful young actress named Annie Jean Josephson. Like Kim, she was an expert gymnast, and she was hired because she was Kim's perfect double. Nothing really came about but a brief fling during the filming. Interestingly, come the following September, Brian's movie would seem like a prophecy instead of entertainment. Soon, the roster of Rangers changed, as Jason,Zack and Trini went to a peace conference, replaced by three new friends, Rocky, Adam and Aisha, who also took over the instructor positions at the Dojo, leaving Brian as Sensei and Tommy as senior instructor.

Brian had made several changes since his original draft, including changing the roles for Jason, Zack, and Trini for Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. He eliminated a running joke about Billy landing in water after teleporting at Billy request. After encountering giant rats in 1700s Angel Grove, he eliminated similar rats from his script and replaced them with Ooze Men.He also removed Snoggle from the script when he could not make a decent version of him through puppetry or CGI. He had to scratch out crucial training scenes, since he couldn't find the perfect place to shoot those scenes. He trimmed the stay at the Ninjetti temple from three days to one. He later changed one scene on-set, when he saw that Adam developed a crush on the actress playing Dulcea. He could tell this by the way Adam stayed as far from her as possible during filming. He changed the scene so that instead of getting a description of his spirit-animal, like the others, he received a kiss on the forehead. Adam was eternally grateful, although the other male Rangers were envious and Aisha was a bit jealous of the actress.

In January of 1995, two months before the baby was due, Brian and Zordon discovered that the safety dimension could be hazardous to the baby during the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. Brian had Bob clone Kim, so that the Power Rangers would be at full force without harming Kim or the baby. On March 16, 1995 at approximately 3:57 pm PST, Kim gave birth and little William Jason Zachary Thomas Crowmeowme made his debut. Called Willy, he was his parents pride and joy. But within three months of his birth, Willy was showing signs of extraordinary intellect. On June 30 of that year, Brian's movie opened. It may not have done as well as Brian hoped, but he didn't make the movie for the money. On July 2, Willy was crawling better than other newborns his age. By the end of August, Willy was walking and speaking, with an IQ slightly higher than that of Bulk and Skull. Willy was definitely a candidate for the Accelerated Baby Genius Program. Brian and Kim hid his high IQ from everyone except Bob and the other Rangers.

In early September, Brian's movie turned from fiction to prophecy with the arrival of Rita's brother, Rito Revolto. When he destroyed the Zords, it fed back into the Morphin Grid. The only effect this had on Brian was a slight dizziness. Soon the Rangers sought out Ninjor, and Brian's film looked even more like prophecy, as the Rangers received their ninja powers. Brian received the spirit animal of the eagle, and his Ninja Eaglezord was the only Ninjazord that had it's own warrior mode. With his spirit animal, Brian's martial arts skills were enhanced 100 fold. His natural speed and agility were increased by a factor of 12. Brian developed a belt that used a dimensional pocket, in which he kept the traditional weapons of a ninja, from shuriken to katana to bo staff. Soon, Kim's mother married a French artist and wanted her daughter and grandchild closer to her. Brian had a chateau outside Paris, and told the caretaker there to have it ready by late May. Brian then began preparing Bob to become the new Silver Ranger.

But in October, there was a new arrival in Angel Grove. Her name was Katherine, and she spelled change for the Rangers. She was under one of Rita's spells and could live up to her nickname by changing into a white cat, or if you prefer, kat. She stole Kim's coin, affecting Kim seriously. Kat seemed interested in Tommy, but that would eventually change. Soon Kim recovered and was training for the Pan-Global games and had to move to Florida, where Brian had a beach-side mansion. As they said goodbye to their friends, Kim gave her coin to Kat, no longer under Rita's spell, while Brian's coin went to Bob. Anyone could notice that Bob seemed to be attracted to Kat from Day 1. He was usually nervous around her, yet always tried to impress her. He arranged for a carnival to come to town for her birthday, having looked at her birth certificate via the 'Net. But Master Vile, Rita's father had a present for Kat as well, and turned back time. Bob was not affected that much, as he was still physically the same age, yet felt years younger.

Bob and Billy helped the Alien Rangers, and then monitored the Zeo Quests from the Command Center. Bob secured each Zeo fragment as it arrived, and with each fragment, Bob began to feel a power building up within them. When the Command Center was about to be destroyed and the Rangers were forcibly evacuated, Bob caught Kat before she hit the ground. Soon, the Rangers found the Zeo crystal, presumed destroyed in the implosion, which led them to the Power Chamber. There, the five pieces of the Zeo Crystal would give birth to a sixth, the Prime Shard. The Prime Shard was almost powerless without the other five pieces. Soon Zeo Crystals became Zeonizers, and Bob became known as Zeo Ranger Prime. The Zeo Zord Prime was a literal Trojan Horse, it'sseemingly harmless appearance hiding it's transformation into the Zeo Warrior, which utilized the brothers' shared power to give it a vast arsenal of weapons. Bob's Zeo weapon was a rifle that could shoot out various substances, from pebbles to lasers, anything Bob could tell it to fire. This rifle was used as the trigger for the Zeo cannon.

Soon, Kat's parents returned home to take care of a sick relative. Bob allowed Kat and Tanya to stay in his guest house, until one fateful night, when Kat discovered she might actually be attracted to Bob. It was 9:30 pm and Katherine was awake, unusual for her to be up past 9. She had been thinking about Bob. It had been a week since her parents went home to take care of Aunt Bess, a week since Bob allowed Tanya and her to move into the guest house. She had known Bob since last October, and she wondered why he always was first when she needed help with something. First one to agree to help with her architectural project, ready with a recording studio when she and Aisha were recording Angel Grove High's new school song. Then she thought, maybe he feels the same way about her that she's secretly felt towards him. She decides to act on that feeling. Putting her robe on over her night-gown, she sneaks out of the guest house towards the main house. She notices Bob's bedroom light is still on. She enters through the back door and makes her way up the stairs. She then slinks along the hall, until she is outside Bob's door.

Bob was awake, reading the latest issue of Fortune magazine. Kat entered and gave herself to Bob. From that night on, the two became like one, always at each other's side, walking hand-in-hand. It was on a Saturday morning in May, while Bob was reading the horoscopes, that he discovered something special. Both his and Kat's horoscopes mentioned marital status. Bob took this as a sign and asked Kat to marry him. At a lavish, yet hastily assembled party, Kat accepted the official proposal. On June 15, 1996, just three days before Brian and Kim's second anniversary, Robert Tiberius Crowmeowme married Katherine Agatha Hillard. The ceremony was performed by the same judge who officiated at Brian and Kim's wedding. Leaving clones in Angel Grove in case of Machine Empire attack, Bob took his new bride to his Australian sheep station for their honeymoon, so her parents could meet their new son-in-law. After a week and a half in Australia, they flew to Paris for the remainder of their honeymoon.

Things were relatively ordinary when they returned home, where Bob, belatedly, gave Kat her injection of the immortality serum. Within a few months, the Gold Ranger appeared. Lord Trey of Triforia was a descendent of Trycho the architect. Soon, Jason returned to claim the Gold powers before the Machine Empire could. With the introduction of the Super Zeo Zords, Bob's Zord was able to go from Zeo Warrior to Super Zeo Warrior. This meant the armor of the Zeo Zord Prime was 'stronger than before.' With the destruction of the Machine Empire hierarchy, thanks to Rita and Zedd, the Rangers could rest. Then came Divatox. Brian, Kim and Willy had been visiting Angel Grove. Brian was at the dojo when Kim went diving with Jason and was captured. Brian accompanied the Rangers and used his fighting skills to help in the battle on Muranthia. Using mini cameras, Bob filmed the entire switch-over from Zeo to Turbo and modified it into a documentary, called Turbo. When released, it made less money than Brian's film, perhaps because of it's documentary status.

Bob's TurboZord was extremely unique. It was a Silver Limo called Stretched Fury, and was operated by a robot chauffeur called Je.E.V.S.(Jeevs), or Jet Engineered Vehicular Systemsbot. Je.E.V.S. spoke for Stretched Fury when it transformed to LimoZord warrior mode. Bob's current weapon is the extending Fury Pike, which poses as an antenna on the Turbo R.A.M. The best news of all is that Bob and Kat will become parents in June, right around their first anniversary. Already, their child shows potential, it shifted itself into the safe dimension when it sensed a monster was about to kick Kat in the stomach {see Shadow Rangers). Is this due to being exposed to both Zeo and Turbo powers during development? We'll have to wait and see, but one thing is known, at Kat's last monthly visit to the doctor, he recommended not using the pocket dimension for the remaining month of pregnancy. Thus, at the first sign of Pirahnahtron attack, Kat is instantly teleported to safety and a clone of her assumes her place. Will the child be a son or daughter? Will there be more than one? Only time will tell.

The End