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The New Arrival
by Gold Astro Ranger

It was late on the afternoon of June 14, 1997 at the Crowmeowme estate in Angel Grove. Brian, Kimberly, and little Willy were visiting for the month, since tomorrow was Bob and Kat's first anniversary, while Brian and Kim's third was coming up on Wednesday. Besides, Brian was taking his family and any former teammates who were in town to the movies three times over the next three or four weeks. The rather large group included all members of the Crowmeowme family, plus Tanya, Tommy, Adam, Justin, Rocky, and Jason, had seen "The Lost World" the day after Brian, Kim and Willy arrived. This Saturday, Brian would take the same group to see "Batman and Robin." At this moment, however, that assembled group was in the manor's tv room watching a replay of the MTV movie awards. Alicia Silverstone had just presented the best comedic performance award to Jim Carrey. All assembled loved Jim Carrey, especially Brian and Bob. When Jim Carrey kissed Alicia Silverstone, hyper-intelligent Willy commented, "Whoa, The Riddler's kissing Batgirl." Willy was the most eager to see "Batman and Robin" as he was just three months old when "Batman Forever" was released. The assembled throng roared with laughter at Mr. Carrey's acceptance speech when Kat's water broke.

Kat had been due two days earlier, but nothing happened. And now, it was time. Simon, the butler, brought in a large blanket which was spread on the floor. As was the tradition of their race, Bob would deliver his child himself, with Kim assisting as a mid-wife. Brian retrieved a ceremonial knife, which the brothers' brought with them from their homeworld. This knife would be used to cut the umbilical cord. Soon, Kat was fully dilated and Bob told her to push. Soon the first bit of head emerged, slowly, with each push, more of the head was revealed. By the time Tom Cruise won the Best Male performance award, Bob was holding his newborn son in his arms. Bob went to a nearby humidor and handed a Cohiba Churchill to his brother. Only the best to celebrate the birth of his son. He did not hand any to the other males present because he did not wish to have them smoke, possibly damaging their human lungs.

A surprise soon arrived at the mansion door. Kat's parents had flown in from Australia, taking time out of caring for Aunt Bess to celebrate their daughter's first wedding anniversary and the birth of their first grandchild. Kat's mother held her darling grandson in her arms, and remembered the day Kat was born. The hard part for Bob and Kat was yet to come, choosing a name.

While sleeping that night, Bob had a dream. He dreamed about the episode of "The Dick van Dyke Show" where Rob and Laura told Richie about his middle name, Rosebud, and how it was an anagram. Then the vision changed to Zordon and Alpha 5. In the morning, Bob realized what this meant. After exchanging anniversary presents, Bob told Kat about his dream. They decided on the first name Alfred, as it was the closest name to Alpha they could get without arousing suspicion. As for little Alfred's middle name, unofficially it would be Zordon, which would only be used in the company of Rangers, past or present. On his birth certificate, it would say Alfred Zachary Oliver Reginald Daniel Oswald Nigel Crowmeowme. Though Bob didn't know Zack that well, and Kat never met him, it was one of the few Z names they could come up with. Bob and Kat later discussed the matter of guardians, should any major catastrophe kill both of them. They decided that Brian and Kim should be Alfred's guardians, should the unthinkable happen.

Within a few weeks of giving birth, Kat was performing in the Angel Grove Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker. Bob thought this appropriate, as he had been a patron of Tchaikovsky. Soon. the Royal Academy held auditions in Angel Grove, where Kat won an invitation to attend the Royal Academy. Bob then put a plan into action, a plan which would provide them with more than adequate living space should Kat accept the invitation. Several decades ago, Bob had purchased a castle in the English countryside, located about thirty kilometers outside of London. Bob maintained a staff there, headed by the majordomo, Neville. Bob wired Neville and had him put the castle on standby, and to prepare a nursery room for little Alfred.

The End