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Marriage of the Millennium... Message
by: Gold Astro Ranger

It was June 12, 2000, and a vast crowd was gathered at the Crowmeowme estate in Angel Heights, the exclusive area outside of Angel Grove. They were gathered for the wedding of Bart Crowmeowme and Ashley Hammond. Bart and Ashley had been seeing each other for over a year and a half, and now, they were finally getting married. Of the three Crowmeowmes who migrated to Earth from the planet Minutiae, Bart, aka Micron, waited the longest to marry his Earth-born love, Ashley. She had been, over the past two and a half years, his teacher in Earthly ways, his teammate, his closest friend, his girlfriend, his lover, and now, his fiance. The mansion's ballroom was filled with friends and family, including Power Rangers. Not since the marriage of Adam and Tanya had the Rangers gathered for such a pleasant event. But, in the front row of seats, there were four empty chairs, each a different color; red, pink, black, and blue. These chairs were held in honor of four Rangers who could not attend, the only four Power Rangers ever to give their lives in the defense of Earth and the universe.

Turn the clock back three months, March 1, 2000. The Power Rangers, Bart, Ashley, Andros, TJ, Cassie, and Carlos, were summoned to the Power Station, orbiting command center, formerly the Astro Megaship, by Dimitria. "Rangers," Dimitria said, "an army of evil greater than any ever assembled has been detected heading towards Earth. I have summoned former Rangers to help you fight them, but I fear that the combined power of twenty Rangers may not be enough to defeat them." Alpha 7, successor to Alpha 6, who sacrificed himself in the final battle with Dark Spectre and Astronema, directed the Rangers attention to the monitor. "Ok-ok-ok, we have developed a series of extremely powerful zords," said Alpha. On the monitor appeared larger versions of the original Dinozords, the Dragonzord, Thunderzords, Ninjazords, Shogunzords, ZeoZords, Super ZeoZords, TurboZords, RescueZords, and AstroZords. Dimitria continued, "We have also begun reconstructing Power Weapons, more powerful than their predecessors incarnations. We are also working on such weapons as Dragon Dagger, Saba, and Manareek."

Below on Earth, the single largest gathering of Rangers was beginning to take shape at the former site of the command center/Power Chamber. The Crowmeowmes, Brian and Kim and Bob and Kat, were first to arrive. Other Rangers began arriving, each with different stories of what they'd been doing since the last gathering of Rangers. Jason now owned a martial arts dojo and was engaged to Emily. Zack was a dancer in a new Broadway play, which was getting good reviews. Trini was still living in Switzerland, working for world peace. Billy, just back from Aquitar, is a father of three. Tommy is now a pro stock car racer for his uncle. Rocky owns an arcade in Stone Canyon. Adam and Tanya are married and co-own a small recording studio in Angel Grove. Aisha is a tribal priestess in Africa. Other than the current Rangers, the last to arrive is Justin, still in high school, captain of the soccer team and Student Council president. Kat had just graduated from the Royal Academy three weeks prior and was considering positions in prestigious ballet companies, including the Bolshoi.

Soon, the current Rangers and Alpha 7 arrive, and a vision of Dimitria appears in front of the massive group. "Rangers," begins Dimitria, "in order to confront the coming onslaught, we must gather allies whom you have fought along side in the past. Only one Ranger each shall be sent to recruit these allies." Seven circles of light appear in front of the Rangers. "Jason," says Dimitria, "as a former Gold Ranger, you shall go to Triforia and find Lord Trey. He shall be needed." Jason moves into the first circle. "Tommy," she continues, "you shall go to find Titanus, who has left Earth for the planet Diniv." Tommy enters the second circle. "Rocky," Dimitria says, "you shall go into the desert and enter the temple of Ninjor. His skills shall prove most vital in the coming battle." Rocky steps towards the third circle. Dimitria continues, "Billy, return to Aquitar and bring back the Delphine and her Rangers." Billy maneuvers his way towards the fourth circle. "Be forewarned, Billy," Dimitria adds, "the armada of evil is within striking distance of Aquitar."

Dimitria points towards Kat and says, "You were among the first Rangers on Earth to meet Lerigot. You shall go to Liaria and request his presence. We shall come up with means for him to survive on Earth." Kat, giving Bob a hug, moves towards the fifth circle. "Justin," Dimitria continues, "You gave your lucky coin to Blue Senturion once. You must go to the Intergalactic Police Academy and bring him back to Earth.." Justin leaps towards the sixth circle. "And what of the seventh circle?" asks Cassie, hoping she will get to seek out her beloved Phantom Ranger. "That circle," Dimitria responds, "is for Brian. He must go to Phaedos and find Dulcea, the master warrior. Her Ninjetti skills will be our secret weapon. Give her this." A strange, high-tech belt appears in front of the seventh circle. Dimitria continues, "It will allow her to leave her plateau without aging." Brian kisses Kim as he enters the seventh circle and grabs the belt. Dimitria ends with "Good Luck on you quests Rangers, and Let The Power protect You!"

Billy arrives on Aquitar at the command center for the Aquitian rangers. He had hoped to arrive at his residence, and contact Delphine and the others from there. Before he could shout for anyone, the whole structure shook from a massive explosion. Soon, the five Aquitian Rangers entered the room. "Billy," said a startled Delphine, "I thought you had gone to Earth?" Billy responded, "I did, but I was asked to return and bring you back to Earth to help stop the army of evil, which I presume was responsible for that explosion." "Yes," said Cestral, "our scanners indicate it was a Machine Empire skybase, accompanied by Master Vile's skullship." Soon, a red alert sounded throughout the complex. "There was a massive bombardment," said Cestral, "massive destruction in quadrants 40 though 65." Billy was shocked, "Sixty-Five?!. Cestria and the kids! Delphine, send me there." Billy soon found himself in what was left of his residence. "Cestria, Zordonia, Alphana, Manati!" he shouted for his family. "Daddy!" a weak voice called from an adjoining room.

As Billy entered the adjoining room, he was saddened by what he saw. The twins, Zordonia and Alphana, were dead, crushed beneath a fallen oxygen generator. The youngest, Manati, was loosing blood rapidly. And Cestria, his beloved wife, was unconscious. Billy roused her with the Aquitian equivalent of smelling salts. "Billy," she said weakly, "I'm glad your home." She looked at the destruction around her, and at her two dead children. "Our younglings, "she said, growing ever weaker, "I couldn't save them. And Manati is dying as well." "You aren't doing that well yourself," Billy told her, "The medical units are on the way, but with twenty-five quadrants affected, it could be awhile." Manati looked up, said "Mommy, Daddy, I love you," and then, little Manati died. Billy shed many tears for his children, then comforted his dying wife. "Billy," she said, fading fast, "I hope you can find happiness with another, perhaps someone on Earth. But, always remember me." "I love you," he responded, holding her close. He gave her one final kiss and then, Cestria died in his arms.

As Billy wept over the loss of his family, Brian was arriving on Phaedos, looking for Dulcea. He landed in a rocky section of the planet, "Just like the arrival scene in my movie," he thought, and made his way towards Dulcea's plateau. Brian was amazed how little had changed in six thousand years. Soon, he reached the edge of the plateau, where, in his script, Tengu attacked the Rangers. "If this were my movie," he said to himself," some Tengas would swoop down from the sky." As if on cue, a flock of Tengas, accompanied by Prince Gasket and Archerina, attacked Brian. "So, former Ranger," said Gasket, "Is your marriage so unhappy now that you seek a former love?" "Taunt me all you want," responded Brian, "My marriage is strong, and your alliance is weak." Brian created an arsenal to fight the Tengas, knocking several out of the sky, then turning his attention to the mechanical miscreants. Brian created a Katana-sword, with which he removed Archerina's head from her mechanical torso. "Press the attack," Gasket told the Tengas.

The Tengas began to surround Brian when, from out of nowhere there came a high-pitched trill. The Tengas' sensitive ears were overwhelmed, and they fled. Without back-up, Gasket grabbed Archerina's head and body and retreated. Brian looked up to ledge and saw just what he expected, a green-cloaked figure putting a two-part staff back together. "Nice timing, Dulcea. I see my gift to you works as good as ever," he shouted to her. "Morphos!" Dulcea screamed excitedly, leaping to the ground, shedding her cloak, and embracing her former lover. "Not to tight, Dulcea, I'm married with two children now," he told her. "Oh," she said, letting go of him, "I guess after six thousand years, I should have expected you to have found happiness. Come, let's go to the temple." The two ex-lovers made their way to the Ninjetti temple, looking exactly as it did when Brian last saw it. "So, where's Snoggle?" he asked. Dulcea responded sadly, "Snoggle died a century ago, he had a good long life." "I'm sorry," Brian told her, remembering when he gave Snoggle to her.

After preparing some squirbs, Dulcea asked, "What brings you here after all this time?" Brian told her, "An alliance of evil unlike any ever seen is threatening Earth. The group that attacked me was just a small portion. I have been sent here by Dimitria of Inquarus, Zordon's successor, to recruit your help." "I would be honored to," she replied hesitantly, "but you know that if I leave this plateau, let alone Phaedos itself, I would age rapidly." "That can be prevented," Brian told her as he reached for the Power Box he wore and got the belt Dimitria gave him. "Wear this," he told her, "It will prevent you from aging, or so Dimitria says." Dulcea takes the belt from Brian and places it around her waist. Soon, a strange, green aura surrounds her. "Perhaps a local test before we leave the planet," Brian suggests, "perhaps to the Nathadian Monolith?" "Once we step off the plateau, we'll know if this works. And the Great Power should be helpful against the alliance." The two of them step off the plateau, Dulcea doesn't age rapidly. Soon, they head towards the monolith and the Great Power.

The other five Rangers also experience delaying tactics. Jason is confronted by Barox Bounty Hunters and Quantrons, but receives assistance from Trey. Tommy encounters Super Putties, under Klank's command, but Titanus arrives with the special blasters. Rocky's journey to Ninjor's temple is delayed by the appearance of Vampirus and Count Nocturne, but Ninjor's timely arrival sends the blood-thirsty duo fleeing. Kat's search for Lerigot on Liaria is hindered by Pirahanoids, humanoid creatures on whom the Pirahanatrons are based, but Lerigot's magic saves her. Elgar and Rito had been sent to stop Justin from contacting the Blue Senturion at the Intergalactic Police Academy. Fortunately, for Justin, the two dimwits thought they were told to watch Police Academy and were in the middle of Police Academy 5 when their mistake was discovered. General Havok and Scorpina were sent instead. The evil duo attacked the academy shortly after Justin arrived. It took the combined skills of all instructors and cadets to give Justin and the Senturion enough time to head for Earth.

By the time the seven Rangers returned with the allies they sought, the last of the Power Weapons had been completed. Dimitria, using D.E.C.A., the Power Station's on-board computer, determined assignments for the gathered throng of Rangers. Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, and Kim would wear their original outfits. Jason would also receive the new Dragon Dagger and Dragon Shield. Zack and Trini would command the DinoMegazord, Jason the Dragonzord, and Billy and Kim the ThunderMegazord. Brian was given his second Silver outfit, Manareek, and command of CheetahZord. Tommy was given his White Ranger uniform and command of both the TigerZord and FalconZord, with Saba at his side. Rocky, Adam, Aisha and Kat were given the Metallic Armor. Rocky and Aisha were placed in charge of the NinjaMegazord, while Adam and Kat oversaw the ShogunMegazord. When it was determined that Tanya was the only Ranger left with Zeo experience who could command both the ZeoMegazord and SuperZeoMegazord, Bob solved this by cloning Adam, Rocky, Kat and Tommy, all wearing the Zeo uniforms and using Zeo weapons.

Tommy2 would be given the Red Battlezord, while Tanya and Adam2 commanded the ZeoMegazord and Rocky2 and Kat2 took charge of the Super ZeoMegazord. The recently rebuilt Robot Rangers, Bart and Justin were given the Turbo Uniforms and the new Turbo R.A.M. Justin, Robot Ashley and Robot Carlos were placed in the TurboMegazord, while Robot Cassie, Robot Justin and Robot TJ were to operate RescueMegazord. Bart was placed in control of MegaLimozord. Andros was given control of the AstroMegazord, and the current Rangers used the AstroZords. Dimitra and Alpha 7 would monitor the battle from a new Power Chamber, one built deep below the Crowmeowme Estate. Dimitria determined that the best place for a first line of defense would be the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, with the Astro Megaship as advanced warning/first strike in the rings of Saturn. Andros and the Astro Megaship would transport Pyramidas, SuperZeoMegazord and Red Battlezord to the a steroids on his way to Saturn. The other Rangers would set up on the moon, to prevent the deaths of further innocents.

Before the Rangers departed for their battle positions, Dulcea and Ninjor combined their powers to grant the Rangers additional powers, a combination of Ninjetti and Ninja, which was dubbed Ninjatti. Brian, Kim, Tommy, Billy, Adam, Rocky, and Aisha retained their old spirit animals. Jason was given the lion, fierce and strong. Zack was the mongoose, cunning and swift. Trini, the Mantis, quick and deadly. Katherine got, oddly enough, the cat, graceful and clever. Bob received the cobra, stealthy and dangerous. For Tanya, there was the nightingale, musical and quick. Justin got the ant, small yet powerful. TJ got the owl, wise and fast. Cassie was bestowed with the rabbit, short and swift. Carlos got the coyote, tricky and strong. Ashley got the butterfly, beautiful and elusive. Bart was the elephant, unforgetting and powerful. Andros received the nimniem, a creature indigenous to his homeworld that was known for it's swift speed and powerful, crushing claws. With their new Ninjatti powers, the Rangers departed to their assigned positions.

Soon, all Ranger units had assumed their battle positions and were ready for the on-coming battle. What they weren't ready for was a sneak attack by a small force consisting of King Sphinx, Robogoat, Repellator, Hydro Hog, Cog Changer, and Count Nocturne. While Sphinx, Robogoat, Repellator and Hydro Hog attacked the Astro Megaship, Cog Changer and Nocturne snuck aboard. Cog Changer placed his evil cogs in the Astro Megaship's transformation mechanism, preventing them from using AstroMegazord. Count Nocturne's mission was more personal. While Carlos was a vampire, Nocturne could see what Carlos saw. As Carlos was about to bite Ashley, Nocturne saw her and realized that she would be the perfect mate for him. He knew that making Ashley his bride would give him both a Ranger who would be out of the battle and someone to bare his offspring. Nocturne, disguised as a bat, searched the Megaship for her quarters. When he found them, empty, he hid in her closet, awaiting her arrival. As soon as she opened the closet, he would take her to an asteroid cave and bite her.

Nocturne did not have to wait long for his intended to arrive. Ashley soon came into her quarters with a dreamy look on her face. She was thinking of Bart, her lover, and how much their relationship had changed since she first met him. She remembered teaching him about fashion design, auto mechanics and Earth dancing. She thought about how, on the shuttle trip, they became good friends, heck, Bart considered her his best friend. She recalled how, shortly after they returned to Earth, they admitted their growing attraction for each other, and shared love's first kiss. Of course, she also had feelings for someone else for a while, but that changed just over two months ago. For the holidays, Bart took Ashley to a private cabin Brian owned in the mountains. They skied, rode snowmobiles and drank hot cocoa. And, on Christmas Eve, they became lovers. She forgot all about the other guy, she even moved into the Crowmeowme estate to be with Bart all the time. Now, she was just waiting for him to pop the question, and she had something in her closet which she hoped would help.

As soon as she opened the closet, Nocturne emerged. He quickly covered her mouth before she could scream. He wrapped his other arm around her belly and prepared to teleport to his asteroid. At that same time, at the staging area on the moon, Bart was running a diagnostic on Stretched Fury with Je.E.V.S. Mark II. Bart became distracted and disoriented by a telepathic flash he had. Like all Minutiaeites, Bart had developed a telepathic link with his lover, Ashley. This link was affected by the distance between the two, but Bart could tell there was trouble. Bart quickly opened a communications channel to the Astro Megaship, first on Ashley's private frequency. When he couldn't get through to her directly, he contacted the bridge. TJ answered, "Astro Megaship, TJ here." "Teej, this is Bart, I just picked up a telepathic flash from Ash, I think she may be in trouble. Why don't you and Cass go check on her." "No problem, Bart," TJ responded. He put the channel on hold, signaled Cassie, and the two of them headed towards Ashley's quarters.

Ten minutes later, Bart's communicator chirped. "Teej?" "Yeah Bart, Cassie and I got to Ashley's quarters and they were empty. Her closet was opened and clothes were spread apart, like someone was hiding in it. We've got D.E.C.A. checking security logs to see who it was." Bart sighed, "Je.E.V.S. can handle things by himself, I'm teleporting there. Bart Out." Bart quickly programed some orders into Je.E.V.S., giving the robot total control of the mighty Limozord. Soon, a silver and gold streak of light left the moon headed towards the Astro Megaship. Bart materialized on the bridge, and walked over to the D.E.C.A. security console where TJ, Cassie, and Carlos were gathered. 'What have you got, guys?" Bart asked his teammates. D.E.C.A. responded, "The most intriguing visuals I have ever analyzed. We see Ashley open her closet. Then we see her move back in shock and terror, struggling against... something. Then, she disappears, but not through Ranger teleportation methods." Bart pondered for a moment, then came to a startling conclusion. "A vampire" he thought to himself.

Bart told his thoughts to the others. "A vampire would not show up on monitoring devices, even D.E.C.A.'s advanced systems. And Rocky told me he encountered our old `friend' Count Nocturne outside Ninjor's temple." Carlos interjected, "If it is Nocturne, why didn't he go after me again?" Bart thought for a second, then said, "Perhaps he is not seeking recruits, but a mate." The others gasped in shock. Bart continued, "If he did capture Ash to be his mate, we have three days before she becomes a vampire. When mating, vampires use three bites to attempt conquest. The first bite causes twenty-four hours of submission, the second causes twenty-four hours of resistance and revulsion, the third and final bite will make her a vampire, and Nocturne's willing bride." Bart was an expert on vampires, and always kept a vampire hunting kit in his chambers, both here on the Megaship and at the mansion on Earth. Bart also had a device which, combined with his telepathic link to Ashley, would allow him to track Ashley anywhere in the solar system.

As Bart rushed to his quarters on the Astro Megazord, Ashley, who fainted when Nocturne teleported away with her, came to in Nocturne's cave. She found she was chained at the hands and feet to a large outcropping of stone, which Nocturne used as a bed. She looked around, seeing only a few light sources, and not much else. Then, she looked at herself. Nocturne had stripped her down to her undergarments. She realized why he brought her here; he wanted a bride, and for some strange reason, Nocturne selected her. Ashley hoped that Bart was picking up anything her mind might be sending him. She knew that Bart had been on the moon, but she didn't know where she was. All Ashley could tell was that she was in a cave, but she didn't know where the cave was, she might not even be in the solar system, which would hinder the telepathic link. Then, she heard footsteps. Ashley was frightened, her breathing was irregular, her heart was pounding like a bass drum in a parade. Then, Nocturne entered the chamber, a blood lust in his eyes, Ashley's neck in his sights.

Back on the Astro Megaship, Bart was preparing to look for Ashley. He loaded his equipment into a shuttle which Andros had given him in late 1998. Before coming to Earth, Bart, then Micron the Shrinker, was a prominent space traveler on Minutiae. Andros, seeing the wanderlust in Bart, gave him a small shuttle that was a minor, non-essential component of the Megaship. Since then, Bart had made the vessel his own, naming it The Ashley, after the woman he loves. Using the psionic tracker, Bart had determined she was in a recently discovered asteroid field beyond the orbit of Pluto. Bart would have to travel at sub-light speeds, as he was still within the solar system. That would place him there in two and a half days. Bart prayed to the lords of Minutiae, and invoked the name of The Prime One, ruler of all Minutiae, in hopes that he would not arrive to late to prevent the third bite. If he did, he would have to slay Nocturne before Ashley tasted blood, or she would be lost to him forever. As he departed, a holo-image of Ashley, which he used for inspiration, was activated.

While Bart traveled towards Pluto, many things happened, Andros and Carlos discovered the evil cogs in the transformation mechanism, but only Ashley or Bart had the skills to remove them. Until Bart returned, with or without Ashley, Astro Megazord was useless. Divatox's space base, the first wave of the attack force, was destroyed by the zords in the Mars/Jupiter asteroid belt. Divatox and her crew, however, fled in the subcraft. The Rangers on the Moon took over Zedd and Rita's palace, which was converted into a field command center. It was linked to the subterranean chamber where Dimitria and Alpha 7 monitored activities. There was one crushing blow dealt to the Rangers. An elite strike team, lead by Astronema herself, landed in downtown Angel Grove and released one of the most evil beings in the universe, Ivan Ooze. Using advanced teleportation, the pieces of the Ectomorphicon Titans, Scorpitron and Hornitor, were brought to the Dark Fortress for assembly. Ooze's presence temporarily shifted the balance of power to Dark Spectre's forces.

By the time Bart arrived at Nocturne's asteroid, Nocturne had given Ashley two bites. For her first twenty-four hours of captivity, she had given herself to Nocturne, thanks to the effects of the first bite. After the second bite, Nocturne ravished her, for her will to resist him was intensified by a factor of three. Before going to a regenerative chamber, Nocturne had placed Ashley in a black outfit, which left almost nothing to the imagination. She was once again chained to Nocturne's "bed", and now, all that was left was waiting. Nocturne told her he would return shortly before eleven pm, giving him one hour to conquer her before the third bite. The third bite, when mating, must be delivered precisely at midnight. According to a clock which Nocturne had left with her, it was 10:45 pm. He would be back within fifteen minutes. She developed a plan to avoid the third bite. She would play up to him, in hopes of him unchaining her. She would then use the Tor Ek Nal that Bart had taught her to fight off Nocturne, at least until after midnight.

Luckily, for Ashley, Bart arrived in the chamber before Nocturne. "Ash! Oh, love that outfit." he said, happily. "I'll give it to you!" Ashley laughed. "Oh Bart, thank goodness you got here before Nocturne. You don't know what I've been through in the past forty-eight hours." "I can imagine, lover," he told her, "remember, I'm an expert on vampires." Bart hesitated before unchaining her, to make sure she was still human. He knew Ashley loved the smell of fresh garlic, especially when Bart was cooking for her. Like his cousins, he had become a master gourmet chef, and was especially fond of Italian cuisine. He opened up his Vampire Hunting Kit and took out a clove of garlic. Grabbing a garlic press, he let the aroma of garlic fill the air. "Oooooh, fresh garlic," Ashley squealed with delight, "Cook me some lasagna when we get home." "Still human, great," Bart thought. He then spoke to Ashley, "Sure thing, baby. And then, someday, I'll cook it for our kids." Ashley was surprised, "If that's a proposal, I accept. Now, how about unchaining me before Nocturne arrives."

Before Bart could unchain his now fiance, Nocturne arrived. "Stay away from my bride." Bart responded boldly, "Make me!" as he drew a wooden stake from his kit. "My associates shall delay you until midnight, while I prepare to consummate my marriage," Nocturne tells Bart as a small army, consisting of Zedd-Putties, Tengas, Cogs, and the infamous Pudgy Pig, surround the lone Crowmeowme. Nocturne then turns his attentions to Ashley, within sixty minutes, my dear, you shall be mine. And he," pointing to Bart, "shall be your first feast." Nocturne stood over Ashley's near-naked form, chanting an incantation in a language Ashley didn't recognize. Bart, however, recognized that incantation from his studies of vampires. "Ash, if he completes that incantation, you'll be able to bear his children, and any `seeds' he may have implanted within you earlier will `germinate'." Bart was then overwhelmed by a pair of putties, whom he eliminated with elbows to the Z. At five minutes until midnight, only Pudgy Pig and Nocturne, still chanting, remained.

Bart remembered stories that Brian and Kim had told him and Willy of Pudgy Pig. He remembered how easily he was dispatched after eating some spicy foods. He threw several cloves of garlic into Pudgy's open mouth, but they weren't spicy enough to phase him. Time was running out, four minutes till midnight, and the incantation was nearly complete. "Time to kill two boards with one stone," Bart thought, "Or rather, one well placed tor-ka." A tor-ka is a Tor Ek Nal kick, and Bart executed it like the grandmaster he was, knocking Pudgy Pig into Nocturne, disrupting the chanting. Two minutes to midnight, Bart grabbed a wooden stake and lunged at Nocturne, driving the stake into the count's heart with his bare hands. As Nocturne disintegrated, Pudgy Pig turned into a chicken, fleeing with his curly tail between his legs. Bart, not seeing a key for the shackles, uses his un-Earthly strength to separate the cuffs from the chains. "We'll cut those open once we get back to the Megaship." he tell her, before she initiates the most passionate kiss the two have ever shared.

Bart and Ashley board The Ashley, Bart sets the ship on homing pilot, a computer system which will automatically return the ship to the Megaship. Since they have roughly two and a half days alone, they go to the cargo bay/bedroom and "relax", even though Ashley has metal cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Meanwhile, final preperations for the great battle are being made in the asteroid belt and on the moon. All Zords are fully charged and readied, all hand weapons are kept at the ready. By the time Bart and Ashley arrive back at the Megaship, all but the Megaship itself are at maximum ready status. While Bart removes the cogs, Ashley tells the others the details of her captivity, her rescue, and Bart's proposal. Cassie wishes the Phantom Ranger would be so romantic. When Bart arrives at the bridge with the removed cogs, Carlos tell him, "Just say the word, and Teej and I'll throw you the wildest bachelor party Angel Grove has ever seen." "We'll see, after the battle." Bart replies. Andros, with a confused look on his face, asks, "What is a bachelor party?"

With the cogs removed, the Astro Megaship is made battle-ready, and just in time. Within hours of Bart and Ashley's return, the full armada of evil appears just past Neptune. Bart signals the other Rangers, then, Brian, Bob, and Bart lead the others in a Minutiaeian war preparation chant, which the warriors of Minutiae have used for over a million years. Two minutes after the end of the chant, the AstroMegazord engaged the enemy in battle. Five AstroZords launched to join the fray, taking out Quadrafighters and other small attack craft. The strength of the attacking force pushed the Astro Rangers back to the Asteroid belt, and the second line of defense. ZeoUltrazord aided AstroMegazord in battle, taking out nearly one quarter of the enemy fleet, including Serpenterra. As the battle progressed, the moon-based Rangers left for Mars orbit, where they would engage the enemy if they made it past the asteroid belt. And they did, forcing AstroMegazord and ZeoUltrazord through the massive expanse of colliding rocks, but losing another eighth of their fleet in the process.

Before the Rangers could press the attack and gain the advantage, the Dark Fortress released the modified Ectomorphicon Titans. Hornitor soon placed RescueMegazord in a bear hug, attempting to crush it, and the Robot Rangers inside. Scorpitron was attacking MegaLimozord, Zeo Zord Prime, and FalconNinjazord. The addition of the Ectomorphicon Titans more than made up for the loss of ships, and the enemy seemed to have the upper hand. Several ships broke through the line, planning on destroying the Earth. The ships were set to destroy Earth, when something destroyed them. From out of nowhere, a ship appeared, heading towards the fray. Brian easily recognized it as an Eltarian battle cruiser, but no Eltarian ship had cloaking devices or invisibility fields. Cassie, however, knew who was on that ship. "It's him," she screamed over the comm channels, "it's just got to be him." Cassie knew, in her heart, it was the Phantom Ranger, her unrequited love. The next message over the comm channel confirmed it. "Power Rangers," the distinctive voice of the Phantom Ranger crackled, "help has arrived."

Phantom Ranger transmitted battle instructions to the Rangers. "Aim for the many antennae on the Dark Fortress," Phantom told the others, "without them, the majority of the battle fleet will be useless." Immediately, every weapon in the Power Rangers arsenal was aimed at the multitude of antennae on the fearsome Dark Fortress. Despite a mighty barrage of enemy lasers, the Rangers managed to destroy every single antenna. Without means of communicating with the Dark Fortress, the majority of the enemy fleet was in a state of confusion, and easily defeated. That left only the Ectomorphicons and the Dark Fortress. The AstroMegazord and ZeoUltrazord attacked the Dark Fortress, keeping it from aiming it's many lasers at Earth, while the majority of the Ranger fleet attacked Hornitor and Scorpitron. "Never a comet when you need one," Brian told the others, thinking of his movie. Ninjor and the Alien Rangers managed to defeat Scorpitron, while Hornitor was easily vanquished by the legendary TurboMegazord spin-out. Now, only the Dark Fortress remained.

The Ranger fleet turned it's attention to the Dark Fortress. Inside, Dark Spectre knew what to do. "Astronema," he bellowed, "aim that special beam at what remains of Muranthias. Let my brother, Maligore, live again." Astronema obediently activated a strange, red ray, aimed at the remains of the island of Muranthias. The massive rock formations which had once been the fearsome Maligore were re-animated. "Now," Dark Spectre commanded, "Super-energize him and place him in the center of Angel Grove." A purple beam replaced the red one, moving from Muranthias to Angel Grove. Alpha 7's voice echoed through the fleet. "Ok-ok-ok, Maligore is back, and he's turning Angel Grove into a land fill. We need as many as you can spare down here a.s.a.p." Without a thought, DinoUltrazord, NinjaMegaFalconzord, and TurboMegazord were attacking Maligore, while the others kept attacking the Dark Fortress. Both battles were fierce, with the Earth-bound Rangers defeating Maligore, before more of Angel Grove could be decimated, but in space, the battle was going the other way.

The Dark Fortress has disabled all but the AstroMegazord, and now the two behemoths were locked in a titanic struggle. The two sides kept turning the tide back and forth for what seemed like hours. Bart and Ashley were kept busy with repair after repair, system after system, trying to keep the AstroMegazord at peak performance. "Even with my un-Earthly stamina," Bart told Ashley, "I'm being run ragged. I just hope that these repairs are making a difference." "I hope so, too," Ashley responded, "With the group that went to take out Maligore now rescuing the others, before they lose their life-support systems, we're pretty much Earth's last hope." Just as Ashley finished saying that, a massive blast from the Dark Fortress disabled AstroMegazord's most crucial system, the engine stabilizer. The young lovers turned their complete attention to the stabilizer, for if that failed, the AstroMegazord would self-destruct. They worked for ten minutes, but to no avail. The engine would de-stabilize within fifteen minutes, destroying the AstroMegazord, and all within.

Bart and Ashley went to the bridge to tell the others of their dire situation in person. D.E.C.A. informed them, "I estimate ten minutes until destruction." Andros inquired, "D.E.C.A., would the destruction be enough to destroy the Dark Fortress?" After a few seconds of computation, D.E.C.A. replied, "If we were close enough, the explosion would destroy both the AstroMegazord and the Dark Fortress." Andros immediately took charge, "All right, Cassie, you man the helm, steer us right for the Dark Fortress. TJ, keep a tractor beam lock on them, so they don't try to escape. Carlos, keep the weapons firing, we'll make them think we're pressing the attack in a suicide run." Bart and Ashley asked in unison, "What about us?" Andros told them, "It only takes four of us to do this, the two of you evacuate. You have your whole lives ahead of you." Bart and Ashley said farewell to their closest friends, and then, reluctantly headed towards The Ashley. The small shuttle departed and entered Earth's atmosphere just as the engines of the Megaship reached critical mass.

Bart turned the ship around in time for the two of them to witness the explosion. It was both the most beautiful and tragic site they had ever seen. They wept for the loss of their friends and teammates, though, if they had been monitoring the scanners, they would have seen a small, unidentifiable blip moving out of range just before the explosion. Was it the Megaship's logs being ejected? Or was it the Phantom Ranger's ship, having rescued Cassie at the last second. That is a mystery for another day. Meanwhile, at the Crowmeowme Estate, the other Rangers looked at the explosion, fearing all six Rangers were lost. Brian and Bob wept for the presumed loss of their cousin, before they celebrated their pyrrhic victory against the forces of evil. Soon, a shadow was cast over the group, and they feared it was one last assault. They were pleasantly surprised when The Ashley landed in the middle of the private airfield. Bart and Ashley shared the tale of their friends' sacrifice, and of their engagement. A bit of sadness and a lot of cheer fills the remaining Rangers' hearts.

A few days later, a memorial service was held, honoring not only the fallen Rangers, but Billy's family as well. Even though only a few Rangers had met Cestria, and none of them had met their offspring, the assembled Rangers mourned Billy's loss. Billy was comforted by both Brian, who was his best friend before Billy left for Aquitar, and by Trini, for whom Billy has secretly harbored feelings. A morphed Bart and Ashley were given the un-enviable task of telling TJ, Cassie, and Carlos' families of their secret and their sacrifice. Brian sent an anonymous release to the mass media, letting them know what the explosion in the sky was, as well as of the sacrifice of four Power Rangers, the only four whose identities would be revealed to the general public of Earth. Within a few days, things were getting back to normal. Repairs to both Angel Grove and the Crowmeowme mansion were going well. The many zords were fully repaired and placed on stand-by, should they ever be needed. Dulcea returned to Phaedos, and the Alien Rangers returned to Aquitar, to help repair their homeworld. By April 1, Billy's birthday, things were back to normal. Billy had just returned from Aquitar, where he buried his loved ones and settled his affairs, before returning to his homeworld. Bart and Ashley continued their wedding plans, and decide to leave four color-coded chairs empty, as a tribute to their fallen comrades. Trini had moved back to Angel Grove, for she admitted that she had feelings for Billy as well. The two of them were starting to build a relationship. In mid-April, the Rangers went east for Jason and Emily's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony, and Bart and Ashley took notes for their impending marriage. Brian loaned the newlyweds his private yacht, Kim's Glory, for their honeymoon. Jason told his former teammate, "We'll have it back in Angel Grove harbor before Bart and Ashley tie the knot." After the wedding, the Rangers went to Crowmeowme Castle in England, were Lord Robert and Lady Katherine hosted a grand medieval tournament. Surprisingly, it was Sir Justin, of the house of Stewart, who won the day, in honor of his fallen friends TJ, Carlos, and Cassie. May was a exciting month for the Rangers. Justin graduated high school, and announced he would be attending M.I.T. in the fall. Kim, Kat, Aisha, and Tanya used Adam and Tanya's recording studio to record an album in tribute to the fallen Rangers. The cover showed the assembled Rangers, bowing their heads in tribute. The main performers were billed as Pink Ranger, Zeo Ranger I, Yellow Ninja Ranger, and Zeo Ranger II, to keep their true identities secret. The most popular cut was Kim's stirring solo, Down the Road, the song she originally wrote for Tommy when he lost the Green Ranger powers. It was made even more stirring, thanks to Brian's violin accompaniment. Two of the songs on the album had been written by Cassie, just three weeks before her presumed demise. The album went gold with a week, and by the time Bart and Ashley got married, it was a double platinum. All proceeds from the album was divided between TJ, Cassie, and Carlos' families, and the Angel Grove Reconstruction Fund. A platinum copy of the album became the centerpiece of Angel Grove's new Ranger Museum.

Finally, we return to where we opened, Bart and Ashley's wedding day. All the guests were seated, and a wonderful string quartet provided music for the celebration. Bart has selected Brian as his best man, with Bart and Justin as groomsmen. Ashley chose Kim as matron of honor, with Kat and Tanya as bridesmaids. Judge Timothy Stone, Lt Stone's uncle, presided over the ceremonies. Soon, the procession began. First came Kimberly Katherine Crowmeowme, the two-year old daughter of Brian and Kim, who was selected as flower girl. Then, five year old Willy and two year old Alfred, cousins who were co-ring bearers. Then, Tanya, Kat and Kim marched down the aisle. Finally, the quartet began that most awaited song as Ashley and her father appeared at the end of the aisle. Ashley was a vision in white, with just a few hints of yellow. Her bouquet was composed of yellow flowers, including roses. On her finger, the 14-k diamond engagement ring Bart had hand-made for her. As he gave his daughter to her beloved, Mr Hammond told Bart, "Take good care of my little girl." "I will sir," Bart replied.

Before the ceremony began, a moment of silence for those who gave their lives saving the earth was done, at the bride and groom's request. Then, Judge Stone began the ceremony. It was a wonderful ceremony, with bride and groom exchanging their personalized vows. Bart made both wedding bands, using the purest gold to make the twin circles. The ceremony lasted half and hour, with rose petal being thrown at the newlyweds as they ran up the aisle. Within fifteen minutes, the reception began in the main ballroom. Bart's special lasagna, which was Ashley's favorite, was among the dinner choices for the guests. Brian and Bob had made an elaborate cake, which ushers Bulk and Skull were allowed nowhere near until after it had been cut. Soon, the time for the first dance came. As was Crowmeowme tradition, a song from a Disney movie was chosen as the newlywed couple's "song". Brian and Kim had chosen Elton John's "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" from The Lion King. Bob and Kat used "A Whole New World", from Aladdin. For Bart and Ashley, "Someday" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

After the reception, Mr and Mrs Bartholomew Crowmeowme made their way to the estate's guest house, once occupied by Tanya, for a private wedding night. That night, Bart injected Ashley with the same potion Brain and Bob had injected into Kim and Kat, the immortality potion. With that, Ashley's longevity would be assured. In a week, after celebrating Alfred's third birthday, Bob and Kat's fourth anniversary, and Brian and Kim's sixth anniversary, the newlyweds would depart for a month-long European honeymoon. They would travel to New York on the family's private jet. From there, they would fly the Concorde to London. After London, they would take a car from Bob and Kat's castle on a ferry to Paris. From Paris, they would drive to Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and finally, Athens. From Athens, the car would be sent back to London via air freight, while Bart and Ashley would meet a cruise ship that would take them back to California. The honeymoon would be the perfect start to a perfect marriage which would last for centuries. And they lived happily ever after.