Disclaimer: Power Rangers and related characters are property of Saban Entertainment. Bart Crowmeowme is my original and exclusive creation. This takes place immediately after When Push Comes To Shove, so if you haven't seen today's episode yet, don't read the body of the story.

Author's note: This story makes references to the unfinished tale of Bart and Ashley's spring break in Beverly Hills. It will be posted as soon as it's finished.

Log Entry III
From the Explorer's Log of Bart Crowmeowme
as transcribed by Gold_Astro_Ranger

Explorer's Log Entry Earthdate: 32798

Log Entry: My sense of honor helped Ashley today, not to mention my pool-playing skills. After the wonderful time we had at Brian's Beverly Hills mansion, despite the "incident" on Sunday night, my love for Ashley is stronger than ever. I know that someday, we will become lovers and we will spend the rest of our lives together. I have a feeling that the "incident" may have slightly weakened our relationship, but so far there is no outward signs of such. I feel that I could move planets if it meant that I would be doing something to help Ashley. So, when Cassie overstepped the boundaries of friendship and got Ashley into an unwanted situation, I helped her out of it. It is interesting that I am transcribing this here in my log, since it started with something similar which Cassie calls a "diary". Cassie left this "diary" at the Surf Spot, and to get it back, had to go on a reluctant date, which she eventually enjoyed.

That's where I came in. After this first date, Cassie agreed to a second, and said it would be a "double date", meaning two couples going out together. Unfortunately, she said Ashley would go out with this over-bearing, slightly obnoxious human. I could see that Ashley was not excited about the situation Cassie had gotten her into. I almost wanted to disable the human, called George, but that would be wrong. As we were standing by the pool tables at the Surf Spot, I made him a gentlemen's arrangement. If he could beat me at pool, I would pay for his date with Ashley. If he lost, he would never come near her again. Ashley looked on confidently, knowing my pool skills. George was over-confident, which would be his undoing. Being a man of honor, I gave George the break. It was a good shot, and he sank two before he scratched. I, of course, then dominated the rest of the game, "missing" only once to hide my advanced skills at the game. In the end, George went home without a date.

After my game, I noticed Ashley telling Cassie never to do anything like that again. And then, Ashley came over to me. She told me, "If Cassie ever does anything like that again, I hope that you do something like that again." I told her that I would always protect her from over-bearing, uncouth, unwanted suitors. Soon, we walked through the park, stopping at what Brian refers to as "That Rock." This was a spot where, some years ago, before Brian had married Kim, Tommy kissed her. I told Ashley the story of "That Rock", as Brian and Kim, and to a lesser degree Tommy himself, had told it to me. Ashley had me lift a nearby rock, and she placed a quarter on the dirt. As I set the rock down on top of the quarter, she made this promise: "So long as that rock sits on top of that quarter, I will never kiss another on this spot." And then, we kissed. We would have kissed longer, but Bulk and Skull happened by. Bulk told us to "get a room." I have several rooms at the mansion, and Ashley has her own room at her house.