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Authors Note: This story is rated PG 13 for mild language, and violence, . Please read responsibly.

The Heart Won't Lie
By: Pam Marks and Chris Brown

In the dark lairs of Rita's moon palace a young man was scrubbing the old stone floors that had seen many battles. With sad yet determined dark brown eyes; stringy dirty brown hair that had been pulled and yanked until the roots almost fell out. Old greasy worn out cloths that were torn and stained with blood from many punishments and the knees torn and worn from many years of getting on his hands and knees to scrub the palace floors. His hands and feet were covered in cuts and bruises from years of hard labor. A sliver collar reflected of the dim light of the dusty cracked bulbs that hung from the high gothic ceiling, that were supported by tall dark stone peelers. The young man looked up with a sigh of despair at the job Rita was having him do yet again. Then suddenly a shrill screaming fear inducing shrill came down the old cracked stoned hallways "ALEX!!! GET IN HEAR NOW OR I WILL RIP YOUR HIDOUES HEAD FROM YOUR PUNY NECK!!" Alex with a sigh of sadness got of his aching knees and slowly limped down the old stone hallways his head dropping in despair.

Alex walked into the dark dreary misty throne room and saw Rita leaning over her throne with a look of rage that burned her dark black eyes and shone on her evil twisted face. Alex trembled before the throne in fear and meekly said, "You called my empress." Rita turned in a flash to face Alex and started to screech "YOU CALL THIS CLEAN! YOU ARE WORTHLESS! YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT NOW!" Rita screeched out "Putties seize him." In a flash of bright light putties appeared out of nowhere and grabbed hold of him and held him still, as Rita slowly and nonchalantly walked forward and smacked him on the cheek. Rita then got her fingernail and clawed his throat as she choked him. Alex in immense pain managed to squeak out "Please stop." Rita crackled and let go of him and he slumped to the floor gasping for air. "I'll let you of the hook this time but don't think I will do it again." The putties disappeared with another bright flash and Rita strolled out of the room chuckling and looking for another reason the punish Alex.

Alex stayed on the floor and moaned out "It's hopeless! I'm never going to get out of hear!" Then he broke down into sobs of anguish and despair. Alex didn't hear the gold feet come into the throne room until he felt his hair being yanked and he had no chose but to go with it. Once of the floor he was looking into the dark eyes of Goldar. Goldar looked at Alex and smirked and said, "You are such a weakling. You're not a man you're a boy." With that he tossed Alex like a leaf into the wall. Alex landed on the wall with an ump and immediately slumped to the floor. Goldar strolled over to Alex and picked him up by the hair and said in his twisted evil voice "Come with me Alex." Then he drug Alex out of the throne room by the hair and went down one of the dark stone hallways. They stopped at stone door and Goldar pulled him in and threw him to the ground. Before Alex could get up he felt the sting of a whip creak his back. Alex screamed out and fell back to the cold stone floor as Goldar mercilessly beat him. Alex starts to struggle and gets wiped again harder and fells back to the floor and Goldar leaves laughing.

Alex struggles to his feet and goes to the old communications room, which has not been in use in, quiet a while. Alex walks in the dusty dark room, which is only refuge from the storm. Alex goes in there every day to look on the people that he knows from some where but just can't put his finger on it. Alex presses a red button the dusty sliver panel and the old dusty cracked viewing globe lit up. A pleasant screen cam up in front of Alex's eyes a peaceful mountaintop with flowers in bloom and every thing was perfect. Alex longed to be there, he longed to be anywhere but where he was. Alex toke in all the beauty of the mountains and took a deep breath as best he could. The viewing globe went to the beginning of a flower-lined isle and a beautiful young lady that seemed to sparkle started to walk up the isle, with strange music in the background. She was gorgeous in Alex's eyes and had long flowing brown hair, perfect smooth skin, and a body that could kill. Alex smiled as he saw her and she was walking towards a man who she called Josh. Once she got there her long white dress twirled as she stopped to face him. Her face lit up with a beautiful smile and the guy smiled back at her.

The man standing in front of the couple wearing black started saying "Dearly beloved we are gathered hear today to join Kimberly Ann Heart and Josh Sam Davis in holy matrimony. If there is any one hear who has reason why these two should not be wed in holy matrimony then let him speak now are forever hold there peace." Alex tilted his head in curiosity and sighed, as he didn't know what was going on. One thing he did know he liked the girl standing there and didn't know what she was doing. Alex looked at the crowd and saw one person missing and saw it was Jason. Alex turned the dial to find Jason and he found him in his hotel room holding a framed picture in his hands. The viewing screen went to the picture and Alex gasped at what he saw. It was of a young man with long shining healthy brown hair that fell on his shoulders, tanned smooth skin, brown determined warm eyes, a pair of tight black jeans, a black belt, a green tee shirt and white flannel over it. He was standing next to Jason laughing as the cream pie slowly dripped of Jason's face and onto his shirt.

Alex tilted his head and suddenly collapsed to the cold stone floor. Alex held his head in pain and screamed in agony as pounding went through his head. Once the pounding stopped Alex slowly climbed to his feet, just in time to hear Jason say "Tommy where are you?" Alex leaned against the console as another round pain went through his head. Snapping him back into reality came the shrill of Rita "Alex! Get back in hear and finish scrubbing these floors!" Alex slowly got of the console and turned the globe off and slowly walked out holding his head. Once Alex got into the hallway Rita smiled an evil smile as he saw him holding his head, then when he looked up to face her. Rita's face turned to one of rage and said, "What are you waiting for! A formal invention! Get back to work!" Then she grabbed Alex by the hair and threw him back down to he floor and said "Scrub!" Then she quickly stomped out of the hallway as an announcement came on and said, "Attention master vile is landing in docking bay 3. That is all."

Alex just dipped his sponge in the bucket and started scrubbing the hallway outside the throne room. Mean while inside the throne room Master Vile stomped in with a look of rage on his face and screamed "RITA! YOU LAZY PILE OF NOTHING! YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING LITTLE SHIT! YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY CONQUERED THE PUNY PLANET OF EARTH! SINCE WE STARTED THE CONVERSATION I COULD HAVE CONQUERED THAT MEASLY LITTLE PLANT THREE TIMES WITH MY EYES CLOSED!" Rita groveled before him and said "Dad we are trying but it is hard." Mater Vile smacked Rita to bring her back to her senses and screamed "THAT IS NO EXCUSE I WANT THAT PLANET AND I WANT IT NOW!" Then stormed out of the throne and Rita collapsed into her throne in deep thought.

Rita sat up in her throne, like a bolt of lighting and screamed "I got it! Goldar! Monsters!" They all marched in and Goldar timidly said, "Yes my empress." Rita smiled a wicked smile and said "I have a full proof plan to destroy the power rangers and conquer the world." Goldar smiled and said, "What is it?" Rita cackled and said, "It is so simple. We have had the answer under our very noises, since we have had 'Alex'." Goldar with curiosity lurking in his evil back eyes and said "What is it my empress?" Rita smiled a chilling smile and said, "All we have to do is make a clone of Tommy our little traitor slave. Then when rangers are distracted with their long lost comrade we attack and take over." Then they all burst into evil fits of laughter.

To be continued...