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Authors Note: This is the second story in "The Clone" series, I hope you enjoy it. It is rated PG 13 for mild violence and language. I forgot to tell you in the first story were this story takes place. Tommy doesn't know about the Zeo rangers or Turbo he left one week after the Ninja rangers came to go to collage because he had graduated early. He gave his power coin to Jason and Jason leads the team. Now they are Turbo and the power transfer never happened and the command center was never destroyed. Zordon and Alpha never left and Tommy has been on the moon with Rita for eight years. The rangers and Angel Grove pronounced Tommy dead after he was missing for two years.

The Discovery
By: Pam Marks and Chris Brown

Master Vile stormed out of the throne room rage twisted on his evil face at his daughter's inability to even conquer a minor planet in the galaxy. Master Vile blind with rage didn't see Alex scrubbing the floor and tripped over the unsuspecting Alex. Then Master Vile leaps to his feet and screams "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Alex meekly answers "Scrubbing the...the floor." Master Vile looked disgusted and said; "Scrubbing the floors I'll give you scrubbing the floor you good for nothing little wrench!" Then Master Vile kicked Alex trying to kick him in the chest misses and hits the memory-suppressing collar. Alex doubled over in pain, Master Vile satisfied that he severely injured him strolled down the hallway and out a side door.

The sliver collar that Alex wore had been dented causing a malfunction and the collar shut its self down. Alex's memories came storming back into his brain in a great wave of pain and he closed his eyes and laid on the stone floor witching the pain would stop. Suddenly the pain seized and Alex's eyes flew open with a start.

'Tommy' pulled himself of the floor and looked around dazed. Suddenly he remembered where he was and heard Rita's shrill "Goldar! Monsters get in here!" Tommy covered his ears and slowly creaked to the door of the thrown room and listened in on their hideous plot to make a clone of himself. Tommy heard footsteps coming his way and quickly got back on the floor and dipped the sponge in the water and started scrubbing the floor again. The door flew open and Rita came out, with a needle in her hand and bent down to Tommy's level and poked Tommy with it and filled the needle up with blood. Tommy paused as she did this and gritted his teeth in pain as Rita jammed it in and jerked it out. Then Rita hit Tommy over the head and screamed "Get back to work! You little puck! I swear sometimes I wonder why I even keep you around Alex!" Then she swiped Tommy's arms out from under him and her went cheek first into the wet floor. Rita laughed and said, "You needed a shower any way!" Then she got up and walked away cackling.

Tommy sat up and wiped off the water he had on his face and threw the sponge in the bucket. He sat against the cracked gray stone wall and took a breath and sighed. Then he heard another pair of feet coming and quickly got the sponge out and started scrubbing again. Goldar came out of the throne room laughing and when he walked by Tommy tipped the bucket of water over and it went all over Tommy's pants, shirt, and hands. Goldar laughed and said "Slut!" Then he picked Tommy up by the hair and threw him against the wall. Tommy slumped to the ground and growled at Goldar. Goldar didn't catch this and went over and picked Tommy up by the hair and tossed him back into the pool of water. Goldar was lost in a fit of laughter and all Tommy could see was red.

Suddenly Tommy with out even thinking about the consequences of his actions jumped on Goldar and tackled him to the ground and started beating him with his fists and feet cussing him out under his breath. Goldar screamed out and Tommy punched and kicked harder. Suddenly Tommy felt to strong arms go around him and pry him of Goldar. Tommy started to struggle and try and get lose of the arms and attack Goldar again but they held him tight. Tommy screamed out "LET ME GO!" Then he heard Master Vile's voice say "My he is strong. Calm down Alex!" Tommy was kicking and screaming and then Goldar got up and said "Keep him away from me he has gone nuts." Rita who was standing a few feet away from the enraged Tommy said, "What did you do Goldar?" Goldar smirked and said "I just tipped over the bucket of water and he went crazy." Tommy was in rage and cried, "THAT'S NOT TRUE! YOU DID KNOCK OVER THE BUCKET BUT THEN YOU THREW ME INTO THE WALL! THEN YOU THREW ME BACK INTO THE WATER! I HAVE THE WET CLOTHS TO PROVE IT ASS HOLE!"

Rita gasped at Alex's violent out burst and said "Alex calm down!" Master Vile who had been watching this said "I think we need to put him in his room and make him calm down." Master Vile looked at Rita and cackled and Rita said "Take him to his room daddy and make him calm down! I will get on with my plan!" Master Vile smiled and then started to drag Tommy off. Tommy screamed out "YOU JUST WAIT GOLDAR! THIS IS NOT OVER! I HATE YOU! GOLD MONKEY! THIS IS NOT OVER! YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!" Rita shook her head and looked at Goldar and said "Come on we have to work on making that clone. Don't ever mess with Alex again, well at least not for a little while." Rita smiled at Goldar and Goldar smiled and chuckled and said "As you which my empress." Then they both went down the hall evilly chuckling.

Master Vile dragged him down the old hallways by the hair and tossed him in his cell and into the wall with a lot of pain breaking a least one rib. Tommy slumped to his knees holding his chest and snarled at Master Vile as Master Vile side kicked him on the face and Tommy was sent spinning to the ground. Master Vile cackled and screamed "YOU STAY HEAR AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!" Then Master Vile cackled evilly and slammed the door in Tommy's enraged face. Tommy looked around the room and started to recall all the extra training he had from Zordon for being the leader. He suddenly noticed the safety pin on the floor that had fallen off Rita's dress while she was screaming at him for another mistake he some how managed to do.

Feeling tired from the events of the day he slowly drifted off into a deep sleep on the cold floor, and started to dream. His dreams are flashes of repressed memories of his past years on earth and his parents and old life. One by one they slowly placed themselves in the right position in his mind. The only whole memory he has when he woke up is the memory of his capture and transformation.

Tommy walked home, after a long day of collage, down the cold rainy dark ally ways his book bag dripping with water and he hoped that his term paper inside would not smudge and ruin because he could not re write it quick enough to turn in. Tommy was walking from AGU, his friends didn't know he had transferred collages from CU to AGU and Tommy didn't want them to know yet. Tommy sighed to himself, he had lost all contact with his friends when he went to collage, and he just didn't have the time any more. He had even lost Kim the one girl he loved and cares about more then any thing; she had dumped him with a cold letter. Tommy walked into a familiar ally way and shivered from the cold and from the memories of that horrible day many years ago when he was kidnapped by Rita and turned into the evil green ranger.

Tommy heard a snap in the shadows of the ally way and spun around and said, "Who's there?" Upon not getting an answer he said to himself "Tommy get a grip on your self and chill. I am chilling I'm chilling so much I am freezing my butt off." Tommy giggled to him self and then heard footsteps coming from behind him. Tommy spun around and saw nobody. Tommy turned back around slowly and started to walk slowly down the ally way and heard the footsteps again. He walked faster and the footsteps started to walk faster. Tommy dropped his book bag and flat out started to run. Tommy ran in pouring rain and slipped and fell in a puddle and Tommy didn't have time to get up when something grabbed him of the sidewalk by his hair and Tommy opened eyes and found himself face to face with Goldar. Goldar snarled and said, "Sweet dreams traitor boy." Then Tommy felt a sharp blow to his head and every thing went black.

Several hours later Tommy opened his eyes to found himself bound to a chair and surrounded by the dark outlines of people standing around him with large weapons in there hands. One person standing directly in front of him with no weapons stepped forward and Tommy gasped as he saw Rita's evil twisted face glaring at him. Rita walked over to him and Tommy snarled at her as she got close and Rita smacked him hard across the face sending Tommy's head to the opposite side and snapped a sliver collar around his neck.

Tommy began to shack his head as the memories of his life faded away leaving him dazed and confused and he looked up with bewildered eyes and asked "Where am I? 'Who' am I?" Rita leaned over him with her sour breath and with a snug smile said, "Welcome to hell Alex." As she cackled evilly.

Tommy woke up sweet covering his body and his chest burning from his broken rib. Tommy sat up slowly and held his chest and rocked himself trying to make the pain stop. Tommy managed to get to his feet and walked over to the safety pin and with pain surging through his body bent down and picked it up. Standing back up quickly he went over to the door and put his arm in-between the black metal bars and messed with the lock until it snapped and the cell door opened. Smiling he poked his head out and seeing that the lights were out he guessed every one was a sleep and tip toed out of his cell and down the dark creepy hall way. Tommy took short painful breaths as his ribs hurt with every step he took.

Finally Tommy reached the dark dusty communications room and tip toed in and went over to the panel were he knew would be the communications with the command center. Tommy looked at the power index at the top of the panel and sighed he had only enough power to send only on sentence of communication. Tommy flipped on the power and it buzzed as it came to life and Tommy flipped on the communications link and typed in on the computers destination keyboard 'Power Chamber'. Then he went over to the microphone and spoke into it "Zordon this is Tommy be on the look out for a clone of me. I am on the moon." Tommy hoped and prayed that this would work. Tommy went back over to the main computer and took a deep breath and pressed the red button that had send above it.

In the command center Alpha was busy checking on all of the rangers making sure they were all snug and all right. Then suddenly the alarms went off and Alpha said "Aiyahyah Zordon we have a incoming transmission from I don't know where." Zordon looked down at Alpha and with concerned eyes said "ALPHA CAN YOU NOT PEN POINT THE LOCATION OF THE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM?" Alpha whirly shook his head and said "It was sent using a very old system and it can't be tracked oh aiyahayah Zordon. Do you want me to play it, it is a voice massage?" Zordon took a deep breath and said "YES ALPHA PLAY IT." Alpha pressed a couple of keys on the sliver panel and then a very static message came on and what they heard shocked them they heard "Zordon this is Tommy. Be on the look out for..." Then it was swallowed by static.

To be continued..