Changing of The Power
by : Super Ranger VI

“Doom. The memory of the events that had come to pass that led up to the destruction of the Turbo Megazords, Rescue Megazords, the Power Chamber and our powers, and now this.” T.J. was thinking of all the tragedy that had befell on the rangers since he had joined them, “Now right when we get Zordon back we were shot down but by some miracle we survived but the Astro-Delta Megaship can't get off the ground let alone fly. What’s worse is the fact that only lasers, teleportation and communications work, and on top of that we can't morph. Alpha is in need of a great mechanic.”

Will T.J. was concentrating on what did happen and what to do, Zordon did the same. “This has happened before and we always made a comeback now we grow short on options. We now have two options...”Zordon kept on thinking will Cassie and Carlos kept trying to call there Astro-morphers. Andros and Ashley were trying to fix what they could.

All of a sudden Zordon spoke and all the rangers stopped what they were doing to listen “Rangers I Have good and bad news. First the good, I know of two sources of power that will give you your powers back. First the Ninja powers,”

T.J. interrupted “But I thought they were destroyed in the time the world was in the past.

“Yes, but as a result of the time change they were never used. As I was saying, the second is the Super ranger powers which if you choose them and are successful you shall have more power than as Lightstar rangers. The choice is yours but be warned the Super powers are more heavily guarded than the ninja. Now the bad news you have less than an hour to decide For the power is leaking” with that Zordon concluded and the rangers fell silent in thought.

After a half hour Andros stood and said “We have decided to go after the Super powers”

“Use this map and go to Talos IV and get the powers from the Power Temple my rangers, and may the power protect you.” Zordon finished as they teleported out.

“Everybody, the only weapons that needed our powers were our personal weapons and blasters our swords are in our packs along with our suits.”Andros said” Even though our powers are gone the suits will give a sign of peace to the natives.” With that they suited up, put there swords in there sheaths and started out.

Zordon knew that the rangers would probably need some help, so he considered what possibilities he had. Finally he decided...

After twenty minutes the rangers had encountered beasts of bones, black birds that swooped with razor sharp talons, and gel monsters, still they proceeded until they came up to five totem poles that simply said, “INTRUDERS, THEY MUST DIE”. With that they attacked each sooting a different thing: one shot fire, another shot water, still another shot dirt and rock, yet another shot wind, and the last shot bolts of deadly energy. The rangers dodged, jumped and ran out of the way, but were tiring and caught the usual blast but the suits protected them some but they were tieing.

All of a sudden a red beam appeared and a man in the Red Turbo Ranger suit and wielding a turbo sword. He then used his karate skills to confuse the totems into blasting each other to pieces. Right when the rangers were about to ask “Who” he removed his helmet to reveal that it was Tommy Zordon chose. He said “Zordon thought you could use some help. So this is Andros, nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.”Andros replied, “Now lets find the temple.” With that they kept going forward, with Tommy and Andros leading.

Finally they came to the temple and went inside to find a room as big as the temple. In the center was a light of gold, red, white, pink, purple, and black. They approached and a high shrill man’s voice asked “What are you doing here?”

Tommy replied first “Our mentor Zordon has sent us because Astronema shot our Astro-Delta Megazord down and we lost our power as well.”

The voice replied “I have heard of you. Why did you not go after the ninja powers?”

Andros replied “They wouldn't stand up to Astronema’s forces. Only those disserving can get near the power beam all others will be destroyed, you may proceed.”

As one they moved closer Andros and Tommy moved forward, as Andros and Tommy stepped into the beam they both said “Oh the light” and disappeared. The others stopped then moved forward doing the same as Andros and Tommy. Suddenly the six colors separated and formed a line starting with pink, purple, black, white, red, and gold.

“All except for the one you call Andros will receive new colors. Ashley you shall be the Pink Super Ranger, Cassie you shall be the Purple Super Ranger, T.J. you shall be the White Super Ranger, Andros you shall be the Red Super Ranger, and Tommy you shall be the Gold Super Ranger.” as he said their names and title they appeared in their own colors. Then they were teleported to a beautiful garden where they were met by a big blue thing who said “Hello rangers, I'm Ninjor keeper of the temple and protector of the power.”

“But I thought you protected the power of ninja.”T.J. asked.

“When the first ninja coins were destroyed I felt it and started on new powers and succeeded, now every power that is destroyed the Super powers grow more powerful, so I destroyed the ninja powers. Your zords are a combination of Thunder, Ninja, Shogun, Zeo, Turbo, Astro, and Delta Zords.”

Ashley asked “What about the dinozords?”

“They were destroyed to make the Thunderzords.” Ninjor answered. “As we speak I am teleporting Zordon and two fully restored Alphas to the to a fully restored power chamber. Now the rangers are ready for anything including Dark Spector’s boss Pure Evil!” Ninjor continued “Power Rangers the legacy continues!”

The End... for now