Head Ranger
by Super Ranger VI

Tommy, Andros and T.J. were talking about the city so Tommy could catch up on all the changes. “and if you didn't notice this.”T.J. concluded spreading his arms indicating The Surf Spot.

Suddenly their wrist coms went off. They went into the hall and made sure it was clear and opened a channel. “What is it Zordon” Andros and Tommy said together.

“Rangers teleport to the Power Chamber” was how Zordon replied. With that they teleported out.

When they arrived they were greeted by the others. “First Tommy we have a problem, you have had the power for about 4 1/2 years” Zordon said sighing “and had the most positions in the rangers and I'm afraid that you have to much in short you need to let off some power.”

Tommy asked “How?”

“Alpha, Alpha and I shall work on it but you better stay here for tests. Second we need to choose who should lead the team, I suggest either Tommy or Andros if neither has any objections.”

Tommy said “I do, I may have to give up my powers,” Tommy seemed to get a little distracted then he continued “and if that happens I don't want to be leader.”

All of a sudden the alarm went off. Tommy said “”Been a long time since I heard that sound.”

Alpha 5 was doing his usual “AI, yi, yi”. “Rangers” Zordon began “Pure Evil has sent down Dark Spectere in a final battle between Dark Specter and yourselves.”

“It’s morphin time”

“Pink Super Ranger Power”

“Purple Super Ranger Power”

“Black Super Ranger Power”

“White Super Ranger Power”

“Red Super Ranger Power”

“Gold Super Ranger Power”

The suits looked basically alike except for the Gold Ranger’s, they had white diamonds across the chest with all six ranger colors inside the diamonds, the helmets were a cross of the first helmets combined with the Turbo helmets, zeo ranger belts, gloves and boots. The Gold Ranger had the same costume except for instead of white diamonds he had a mixture of the original white and green ranger chest plates.



“Black Super Attack AXE POWER UP”




Dark Spectre was Pure Evil’s personal second in command, the mention of him ruling the enemy made whole planets forfeit, no group of humans had ever matched him. He lasted a good five minutes before he had to grow or be defeated.

“Time for our new zords huh” Tommy said to Andros

“Yes, Superzords power up”

Ashley called “Pink Superzord”. The Pink Superzord was a pink bird with yellow cannons at each shoulder blade.

Cassie yelled “Purple Superzord”. The Purple Superzord was a purple dune buggy with pink jet rockets on the back and had a rock like outer shell.

T.J. commanded “White Superzord” and a white wolf with three blue horns and wheels where legs were meant to be appeared.

Carlos shouted “Black Superzord”. The Black Superzord was a black bull with a green lions head and white tusks.

“Red Superzord” called Andros and the Red Superzord was the Astro-Delta Megazord with a star on the face and instead of the gun hands it had a sword in each hand.

“Gold Superzord” Tommy was the last to call his Superzord wich was a gold tiger with a green dragon head with a gold pyramid on it’s forehead and white falcon wings.

Dark Spectre fought so dirty the zords had to form The Super Megazord, which had The Pink Superzord as the head, The Red Superzord as the arms and top torso, The White Superzord was the right leg, The Purple Superzord was the left leg and The Black Superzord was the lower torso and The Gold Superzord went into warrior mode in which the tiger stood on it’s hind legs then formed a resemblance of the tigerzord warrior mode but had the Dragonzord head as it’s head and a pyramid on the chest. Dark Spectre never stood a chance, he was destroyed in three minutes flat.

With the Superzords in the zord bay the rangers decided to inform the public that the Lightstar Rangers or Astro Rangers as they were some times called were gone and in their place was the Super Rangers. With that done they teleported out.

When they appeared in the Power Chamber Alpha 5 spoke right away “Tommy doesn't need any help because as soon as Ninjor made the old powers into the Super Gems he broke all of Tommy’s old links to the morphin grid.”

With that the rangers did the traditional “Power Rangers” shout.

The End... for now