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Silver Return
By: AstroPurple

Sirena burst through the doors of the mega-lift and onto the bridge. She was on the Astral Megaship in a second.

“Hey Andros.” She chirped cheerfully. “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing a few more scans for my sister.” Andros answered her. “Why do you want to know?”

“Do you need any help?” Not waiting for an answer, she plopped down beside him. “You know, we could do this on the Galaxy. It has a better scanner.”

“Only ACTOM doesn’t know how to use it.” DECA sneered. “What’s the use of a better scanner if the on-board computer doesn’t have a clue as to how it runs?”

“Oh he’s learning.” Sirena said smugly. “Why, are you jealous ACTOM got the better computers?”

“I don’t know why you two fight this much.” Andros said with a shake of his head. “Each time you two are together, all you do is argue.”

“She started it.” Sirena grumbled. “If she hadn’t said anything about ACTOM, then this wouldn’t have started.”

Andros smiled at her.

Through the universe, a ball of energy floated passing all the planets and galaxies in its path. This energy ball stopped in the Kerova system on the planet KO-35. In a flash of blinding light, the energy shield broke revealing a pretty young girl, with the body of a man clothed in ranger uniform. She broke the glass case surrounding the man with a star tipped wand.

“Zhane! Zhane wake up!” The girl called. “Your home now. We’ve finally reached KO-35.”

The young man, named Zhane, stirred in his sleep. He had been recovering from a blaster shot dealt by Kalika.

“Zelphine?” He looked around confused for a moment. “Is this home? Am I home?”

“Yes Zhane. Your home.” Zelphine said. “Everything looks deserted. I’m gonna go look around. Stay here!” She commanded.

Zhane nodded sheepishly. He had learned his lesson last time. Disobeying Zelphine’s order had almost gotten him killed by Kalika.

“Andros, two life forms have been detected on KO-35.” DECA’s voice announced.

Sirena and Andros glanced up startled from what they were doing. (not kissing) Sirena glanced over at Andros questionably.

“Two life forms?” Andros asked surprised. “How come two?”

“Yes. They appeared a minute ago when I discovered an energy ball heading towards the planet.” DECA said.

“Sirena and I’ll go check this out, if we’re not back by the end of this day, inform the others.” Andros ordered.

“Acknowledged.” DECA answered. “Not even ACTOM?”

“Especially not ACTOM.” Sirena muttered. “If he finds out, he’ll kill me. I mean KO-35, that’s a deserted planet. There’s a lot of dangers of buildings collapsing on your head.”

Andros and Sirena headed for the jump tubes. They were ejected out into space morphed and on their galaxy gliders. The tunnels of hyper space loomed up and the pair zipped in. They finally landed at their destination.

They were each holding a portable scanner.

“The scanner has pinpointed a life form toward the north. We should head there first.” Andros said.

“Fine with me, as long as we don’t go through any icky or nasty places to get there.” Sirena grumbled.

Zelphine watched the new arriving girl and boy secretly as they seem to be conducting a search.

“A search for what?” She thought. “Zhane and me. Or someone, or something else?”

The two beings began to move. The girl lagged behind for a few seconds, but ran to catch up. Zelphine followed them to wherever they were going.

“Oh no!” She thought. “They were heading to where Zhane was resting. I’ve got to get ahead and get him to safety.”

Zelphine managed to slip ahead of the two. She ran ahead to the place where she left Zhane.

“Zhane!” She cried as loudly as she dared without being heard. “Zhane where are you?” Finally she spotted him. “Zhane, two people are coming this way. We have to hide.”

Zhane nodded. He got up painfully with Zelphine’s support. She was about to wave her wand, when a voice stopped her.

“Give the wand to me Zelphine.” The voice belonged to Ecliptor. “Astronema wants it.”

“No!” Zelphine said stubbornly. “I won’t give it to you. It belongs to my mother, Queen Astral. Not you.”

“Give it to me, or I will destroy your wounded friend here.” Ecliptor raised his sword threateningly.

“Luckily, he didn’t recognize Zhane’s uniform.” Zelphine thought. Still she refused to hand over the wand.

“Zhane!” Ecliptor cried, much to the dismay of Zelphine. “On a second thought, I’ll destroy him now.”

“Hyah!” Someone flipped in and landed right in front of Zelphine and Zhane. It was the girl she had seen earlier.

“Sirena!” Ecliptor muttered clearly surprised. He spat out the name like it was poison.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you never to stab a man while he’s down?” The girl named Sirena said. “Apparently not.”

Siena growled. “You meddlesome little purple brat.” He called her, obviously angry.

“Hey! Nobody calls me that and gets away with it.” Sirena hated being called a brat or anything like that. “Let’s Rocket!”

“A power ranger?” Zelphine thought amazed. “Zhane, do you recognize her?”

“I’ve never seen her before. She must be new. There never was purple. There was no need for anyone to hold the purple power. The purple morpher was given to Zordon for keeps.” Zhane said weakly.

“Meteorite Sword!” Sirena called on her sword, much to the annoyance of Siena.

An ugly battle started between the two. (As always)

“I’m coming Si!” The red ranger was in the battle soon too. He had heard Sirena morph.

“Andros?” Zhane called out. The red ranger turned for a split second and nodded at the silver ranger.

Thane proved to be no match against the combined teamwork of Andros and Sirena. He soon teleported away with minor injuries.

“Power Down!” Andros was first. “Zhane!” He cried as he raced towards his old friend.

Sirena, who was still morphed, was trying to get her sword into a sheath on her back. Giving up, she just demorphed like Andros.

“I was trying to get my sword into a sheath on my back. It didn’t work. They make it look so easy on television.” Sirena said when she saw their looks.

“Sirena, this is Zhane, the silver astro ranger. He went to the Apean planet to help against some pirates. His companion is Zelphine. Zelphine is the princess of the planet.” Andros grinned. “Guys, this is Sirena, the purple astro ranger, as you can tell. Her morpher was given to her by Zordon.” Then adding in a whisper. “What ever you do, don’t spar with her. She’ll kick your ass and humiliate you in front of the other rangers.”

“I heard that.” Sirena said shoving him against a tree. “It isn’t my fault you got your butt whooped in front of TJ and Carlos. You need to practice more.”

Zelphine and Zhane snickered softly. This Sirena sure had some firepower. She didn’t seem to be afraid of anything or anyone.

“We’d better be getting back to the megaship.” Andros said. “DECA, four coming in.”

Soon their vision was clouded with light for about twenty minutes. They arrived on the bridge to find TJ glaring at them.

“Thanks a lot. Where did you two go. DECA wouldn’t tell us, ACTOM was clueless. You know, we’ve been doing scans for the past half hour.” TJ stormed. “The least you two could have done, was to alert us.”

“I just need to say, it was not my idea. Blame it on Andros.” Sirena escaped to the safely of her ship, only to be yelled at by ACTOM.

“Where the hell were you, young lady?” ACTOM’s voice boomed out. “And no buts about it.”

“Shut up ACTOM.” Sirena said. “It’s not like I was unsupervised. Andros was there with me.”

“Exactly my point.” ACTOM continued on. “When you and Andros are alone, you two act just like two immature kids.”

“I resemble that. I mean I resent that remark.” Sirena yelled. “And we weren’t alone. Two of Andros’s friends, Zhane and Zelphine were with us.”

“Those two clowns. They don’t know the difference between kissing and talking.” Insisted ACTOM.

“Very funny. I’m going to bed.” Sirena mumbled. “And stay out of my personal life.” Sirena grumbled. “It’s my business, not yours.”

“Like you have one here.” ACTOM muttered softly. “I’m always able to find out what your doing.”

Sirena yawned as she walked into the cargo bay on the Astral Megaship still half asleep.

“Good morning Sirena.” Cassie said from her place.

“Morning.” Sirena mumbled. “How come the synthetron is in the cargo bay instead of a living room or something?”

“No idea. Ask Andros. He and the guys are sparring on the simu-deck. Zelphine’s with them.” Ashley informed her.

“So did ACTOM say anything this time?” Cassie asked curiously.

“The usual. You and Andros should not be alone for one second.” Sirena mimicked. “I finally got to tell him a little something for a change.”

“So did you guys do anything?” Ashley asked.

Sirena shooked her head. Her eyes widened when she saw Ashley and Cassie start towards her. Like a lightning bolt, she streaked from the cargo bay with Cassie and Ashley at her heels. Somehow, she ended up heading for the simu-deck.

“Open up!” She yelled, pounding on the door. Turning around, she saw Cassie and Ashley getting closer. “I rank higher than both of you!” Somehow, she knew they wouldn’t stop.

“Dating our leader does not make you rank higher. The three of us are equal in rank.” Cassie said smugly.

“I’m second in command though.” Sirena said.

“Doesn’t matter.” Cassie smirked.

Before Cassie or Ashley could get any step closer, the door to the simu-deck opened and Sirena tumbled in. Strong arms wrapped around her to steady her.

“You wouldn’t want to hurt yourself.” A voice murmured in her ear.

Sirena glanced up startled. It was Zhane. His dark eyes penetrated hers.

“Thanks for the advice.” Sirena muttered glaring angrily at Ashley and Cassie as she stepped away.

“Hey!” Ashley called out cheerfully. “Are you guys still sparring?”

“Yeah. Wanna join in?” TJ asked. He glanced curiously over at Si.

She glared at him.

“Can you stay and spar with us Sirena.” Zelphine broke in. “I’d love to test your skills. I heard from the guys your amazing.”

“They’re probably exaggerating on some of my ability. I’ll talk to ya later about a match. Bye.” Sirena sneaked a glance at Andros. He met her gaze. Breaking away, she turned and left.

“Hey Si, your back!” ACTOM’s voice greeted her when she returned. “How’d things go?”

“Not bad.” Sirena muttered. “Oh, if any of them call, say I’m busy. Don’t let any of them on-board please.” Sirena begged.

“Why? Are Ashley and Cassie going berserk?” ACTOM teased.

“No. I just wanna be alone. I’ll be on Earth if you need me.”

“Astronema,” Eclipter called. “the purple brats been spotted taking a stroll by the beach. Should we make a move?”

“Alone! Hmm. This could be my big break.” Astronema mused. “Send down Dark Weaver!”

Eclipter nodded. “Hey you!” He shouted at Elgar. “Get over here!”

“Who me?” Elgar pointed at himself. “Duh, of course me. I’m the only one with brains around here.”

Eclipter groaned inwardly. With this doofus working here, even the easiest things could go wrong. “Send Dark Weaver to destroy the purple ranger.” He ordered. “And don’t mess things up this time.”

“Yes, sir. Right away, sir. You can count on me, sir. I won’t do a thing wrong, sir.” Elgar continued on. “I’ll have the purple ranger destroyed in no time, sir. Astronema will be so proud, sir.”

“Just do it!” Sooner or later Eclipter was gonna lose his cool and throw the idiot Elgar off the ship and into space.

Sirena walked alone on the beach.

“The little girl is all alone. Where’s you big, bad boyfriend?” A taunting voice giggled behind her.

She spun around ready for anything that would come. A monster stood there grinning like crazy.

“Who are you?” Sirena screamed, angry at being interrupted.

“I am called Dark Weaver. Let me weave you into my wonderful tapestry.” He called lifting up his hands.

“Forget it! If that’s what’s on your mind, you got another thing coming. Let’s Rocket!”

“Oh, I’m shaking in my boots!” Dark Weaver sneered. “Let’s see if you can handle this, little girl!”

Stiff dark yarn spun from his finger tips toward Si. She spun, letting the string bounce off her.

“I can’t keep this up.” She thought to herself. Seeing a break, Si took the chance and launched herself into the air. She made a perfect landing on her feet.

Around her, a group of quantrons appeared.

“Could my day get any worse?” Sirena wondered to herself.

“Hyah!” Andros, Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, and TJ flipped onto the scene to aid their friend.

Andros took out two quantrons, and TJ took out one in the process. The rest were taken care of in seconds.

“All right Dark Weaver, you mess with one of my friends, you mess with all of us.” TJ yelled.

“This is not right!” Dark Weaver screamed frustrated. “Astronema promised me there would only be one ranger, not six. I’m leaving.” Dark Weaver teleported away.

“Well, that’s the end of him.” Sirena muttered.

“Don’t be too sure of that.” Andros dragged her away. “That monster said Astronema promised him one ranger. I think Astronema may be after you.” He looked really concerned.

Sirena couldn’t help but wonder is she could make him blush. “Well, I’m sure no harm would come to me, if you were with me.”

Andros turned a rosy shade of red. He looked really uncomfortable, that is, until he saw the grin on her face. “You did that on purpose.” He accused. “You wanted to see if you could make me blush. That’s not nice!”

“Not true!” Sirena fumed. Then she noticed the others look curiously over at them. “I didn’t mean it the way you thought.” She added more quietly.

“Well, don’t worry about it. Let’s get back to the ship.” Andros said with a shrug.

Sirena was glad that sometimes Andros could be very naive. She happily went along ignoring the glances her other teammates gave her.

“Hope you ready Zelphine!” TJ called from the sidelines. “Sirena can be a killer when it comes to Karate!”

“Your next TJ!” Sirena called back waving her fist.

The match started. The odds were against Si because of Zelphine’s own techniques. Quickly, SI caught on, and the odds were against Zelphine. This went on for some time, until Zelphine switched to a more different technique.

Finally with her adrenaline pumping, Si pined Zelphine down.

“Wow! You are good.” Zelphine complemented Sirena.

“I’m gonna go start the Kalika program running. Maybe all of us could team up against her.” She asked.

“Sure.” Everyone but Zhane and Zelphine said.

“Kalika?” Zhane turned white. “Do we have to do that program? Don’t you have any easier ones?”

“Don’t worry, she’s a simulation. Perfectly harmless, except to Si. She’s the chosen one.” Andros assured his friend.

“Okay. If you say so.”

“Great. I’m gonna go with Si.” Andros ignored the looks Ashley, and Cassie gave him.

The two left for the Galaxy together. The second the door slid closed, Andros grasped Si’s hand tightly.

Andros led her onto the simu-deck on the Galaxy. He backed her against the wall by the door. “I love you Sirena.”

Sirena began to feel very uncomfortable in this position. “I love you too Andros. I’ll never, ever leave you.”

“Promise?” He leaned and pressed his lips against hers, not giving her a chance to answer his question.

The kiss lasted for several minutes leaving Si breathless. She found herself gasping for a breath.

“I’m.. I’m sorry.” Andros stuttered. “Something just over took me.”

“I’m fine with that response.” Sirena whispered. She wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him into another kiss.

Suddenly, the two heard applauding from around them. They looked up to see the other rangers gathered in a half circle. The two parted immediately embarrassed.

“Don’t worry. We’ll just pretend we didn’t see anything.” Zhane said good- naturally.

“Zhane!” Sirena grumbled. “That wasn’t nice.”

“Now look whose talking about nice or not.” Andros muttered to her. “Earlier today, it was me, and now it’s you.”

“So are we gonna start the program and get on with things or not?” Ashley asked peeking out from behind Carlos.

“Oh, yeah.” Said Cassie. “ACTOM, start the Kalika simulation. Do you guys wanna morph or not?”

“No, cause I’m not a ranger, and it won’t be fair.” Zelphine said quietly.

“Okay. Now Si, are you sure the simulation is harmless?” Ashley asked. “Cause, I don’t want anymore bruises.”

“Yeah. The only one she can harm is me. I’m the one she’ll be after most of the time.” Sirena said annoyed. “She’s programmed to kill me, not you guys.”

Carlos found himself shuddering at Sirena’s flat comment. Why does everything Si say always have an effect on his mood?

“Um, hate to break up this little chat, but the simulation’s starting, and Kalika’s getting ready to attack Sirena.” ACTOM broke in.

Sirena turned to see the simulation take off running at top speed toward her. She shoved Andros against TJ, and launched a kick that sent Kalika back a few feet. Grinning, Ashley lashed out in a lethal kick. This caught Sirena tripping her.

“Hey! Who’s side are you on?” Sirena yelled at Ashley.

“Sorry! Geesh.” Ashley muttered. “Kalika’s fast. She moved out of the way too fast for me to stop.”

“If Kalika’s slow, then she’d be dead by now. Speed is what helped her gain the title of Killer Kalika.” Zelphine explained. With a jump kick, Zelphine kept Kalika away from Si.

“You know,” Zhane whispered to TJ, Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, and Andros. “Si and Zelphine look like they could take on Kalika. I’m saying is that we should let them do this alone. Who’s with me here?”

“Me.” Cassie, Ashley, TJ, and Carlos said at the same time.

Andros shook his head. “No, Kalika’s a simulation. She can fight forever without tiring or getting wounded. Besides, if Sirena and Zelphine find out, they’re gonna whip our ass so badly.”

“Your right.” Zhane agreed reluctantly. “Guess we should join in while we still can.”

A few minutes later, ACTOM blasted the alarms on the ship.

“Why can’t he ever turn those down two or three notches?” Carlos complained.

“ACTOM loves to blast them. He know how annoyed we get. Come on. Let’s go see what’s going on.” Sirena shrugged.

She took off followed closely by the others. On the bridge, the rangers learned of Eclipter’s attack on the Apean planet.

“You have to stop him before he and Kalika join forces!” Zelphine begged.

“Wait a minute. Kalika? Did I just hear Kalika’s name?” Sirena asked.

“Yes. She has been attacking my home planet for years. It was because of her, that Zhane was wounded.”

“I’m not going down there. It’s not time yet. I’m sure the other rangers can take care of it.” Sirena backed away.

“Si we can’t last without you.” Cassie begged. “Please come help us!”

“All right. Let me warn you, just cause I’m going doesn’t mean I like it.” Sirena grumbled. “Is Zhane and Zelphine coming?”

“Zelphine and Zhane are going to the castle to protect the people. We’re going after Eclipter. If Kalika comes, Sirena, your expected to take care of her.” Andros instructed.

Sirena grumbled something about the arrangements not being fair. Zelphine and Zhane took off leaving the rest of the Astro Rangers. They followed Andros to the jump tubes.

“Good luck Sirena!” ACTOM encouraged. “I know you can do it.”

Trembling slightly, Si leaped into her tube. High about the city on their galaxy gliders, the rangers were able to spot Eclipter and several quantrons with a long-haired blonde.

TJ could swear he saw Si stiffen at the sight of the blonde. “Uh oh. Could this be the feared Kalika!” He thought to himself. With the others, he leaped from his glider onto the street in front of the group.

“Power Rangers!” Eclipter gasped surprised. He then smiled evily. “Meet our new ally, Kalika. She’s dying to meet a certain ranger.”

Sirena gulped. “Great.” She muttered to herself. “My worst nightmare is coming true. I’ll need more then luck ACTOM.” She thought. “I’ll need a miracle to get through this.”

“Come on Si, don’t give up on us now.” Cassie begged silently. “You’re gonna have to give it everything you’ve got.” Cass couldn’t help glancing over at Si.

“Which one of you is the 'Chosen One?' Come on, don’t be afraid. I won’t bite.” Kalika smiled coyly. “This is getting boring. If you won’t show yourself. I’ll have to personally tear each of you apart!”

Here goes nothing. “Power Down!” Sirena demorphed to face her destiny. “It’s me you want Kalika. Leave my friends out of this!”

“Finaly, you have the guts to show yourself.” Kalika paused to study her oponent. “Funny, I imagined you to be older. No matter, you may be young, but I’ll have no sympathy when the time comes to kill you.”

Sirena clenched her teeth to keep from losing her cool. She couldn’t wait to have Kalika begging for mercy. Of course that’ll never happen if Si didn’t believe in herself. Her mind flashed briefly to a memory of a training session with Zordon.

“I can’t do this Zordon. It’s too hard. I’ll never defeat Kalika.” Young Sirena yelled mad at herself.

“Sirena, you must believe in yourself. Deep inside of you, there is a warrior spirit waiting to be released. It is in your blood.” Zordon’s voiced boomed through the training room.

“Why do I have to fight Kalika? I’m sure there are others better than me.” Sirena said irritated.

“Believe in yourself.” Zordon’s voice faded softly away.

Sirena snapped back to reality to focus on the fight ahead. She reached out her hand to call on a sacred sword given to her by Zordon. “Sword of Strength, Love, and Courage!”

In a flash of blinding light, Kalika and Sirena were teleported to the sacred battle ground. Si found an immediate dislike to the scenery. It was too sad, and gloomy for her tastes.

“Hope your ready.” Kalika smiled. “Sword of Death!”

Sirena shuddered at the black blade that appeared in her hand. It had two snakes twisted to form the handle.

“All the ‘Chosen Ones’ have died at this blade. You’ll make number 100.”

“Forget it Kalika.” Sirena forced through her teeth. “I never let slime like you get the better of me.”

“Have it your way.” Kalika leaped into the air in a down-ward strike.

Holding up her own sword, she blocked and rolled back-ward flipping Kalika. Unlike most warriors, she was able to land neatly on her feet.

“Black Blast!” Around her neck, the jewel from her necklace sent out a laser beam strait towards Si. There was no time for her to move.

Out, back at the Apean Planet, the rangers were getting rather worried. Eclipter and the quantrons had already left.

“Zhane!” Andros called into his communicator. “Kalika has Sirena. Can you scan the city for her bio-signs?”

“I’m on it, but personally, I don’t think she’s even on this planet. I’ll have DECA, and ACTOM scan this entire sector though.” Zhane called back.

“All right.” Cassie called over Andros’s shoulder. “We’ll head towards the palace and meet you there.”

“The rangers arrive to be greeted by a great cheer from the citizens. In the throne room, Queen Astral received her guests with a warm smile. By her right side were her eight sons and daughters. Zelphine stood by Zhane at the end.

“Thank you for ridding our city of those awful beasts. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Queen Astral bowed her head alittle.

“It was our pleasure.” TJ grinned from behind his helmet. “What happened?”

“Kalika would not have gotten through our defenses if it had not been for Eclipter.” She started. “He destroyed our shield allowing her to enter. The palace was the only safe place for my people.”

“Oh no!” Ashley gasped. “We forgot about Sirena. What happened to her and Kalika?”

“I can answer that.” Zamson, Zelphine’s eldest brother stepped forward. “When Sirena called on her sword, her destiny was fulfilled. The two were teleported to the battle ground on the war planet Aries.”

A lengthy silence hung in the air. Nobody liked the legendary planet Aries. Even the Earth rangers, who had heard stories from Andros and Sirena, disliked what they heard. All the things told were unpleasant.

“Maybe,” Zelma, Trikala’s twin started. “What if we adjusted the viewing screen to long range capacity. Can’t we see what’s happening on Aries then?”

“It’s worth a try. I guess.” Zamson muttered. “Adrian, Zory, start working on the main controls. Zhane, can the megaships do long range scans?”

“Sure it can. Why?” Zhane asked questionably. “Are you thinking of using them?”

“Yeah. In case our viewing screen doesn’t work, we’ll need back-ups.” Zamson answered.

“Now why wouldn’t our viewing screen work?” Zelphine asked sweetly.

“Don’t you start on that topic with me.” Zamson growled at Zelphine. “That’s my personal life.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Kiara poked in. She was usually curious about things going around her.

“None of your business or anybody else’s.” Zamson turned and strode out of the throne room.

Sirena saw the laser beam coming towards her in slow motion. Something shiny flew in front of her blocking the beam. It was Astronema’s wrath staff.

“Nobody destroys the purple brat but me!” She yelled. “Not even you Kalika. I am the Princess of Evil! I will destroy her. It may be your destiny, but let me change it for you. Now leave before I get mad!”

“No!!” Kalika screamed in rage. “The death of the Chosen One is my destiny. No one, not even you can change that. I’ve waited too long for her death. I don’t care what you say, and I’m not afraid of you Astronema, or your title.”

“That’s where your wrong Kalika.” Astronema muttered. “I will make if my destiny to destroy the purple ranger. Her defeat will make me universally famous. All good will cower under my gaze. That is my destiny.”

As the exchange between the two continued, Sirena took the chance to slip away silently. She was about to teleport away when something Kalika said got her full attention.

“Do you really think you can trust Dark Specter?” Kalika challenged Astronema mercilessly.

“Why would I not trust him? He’s been an uncle to me.” Astronema asked.

“Because he never told you the truth about your origins. Everyone in the Allegiance of Evil know but you. Even your trusted friend Eclipter.” Kalika grinned at the satisfaction that her comment had hit home.

“Then who am I really?” Astronema couldn’t help asking.

“You are Karone of KO-35. Darkonda kidnapped you when you were young. Your brother is Andros, the red ranger.”

Astronema was quiet for sometime. “Why are you telling me all this? I don’t know if I can trust you or not.”

“I am telling you because I wish to. Once you return to the good side, I become the Princess of Evil. So you see, I benefit from this too.” Kalika smiled slyly.

“How will Andros know or even believe what I am saying”?” Astronema was doubting herself.

“I’ll let Sirena lived form this fight to accompany you to your brother. I know she is still here and has heard all I’ve said. Once you meet him, show him your necklace from your childhood. He’ll believe you. Good-bye dear.” In a flash of light, Kalika was gone.

“Sirena!” Astronema called out.

Sirena was debating with herself on whether or not to help Astronema. She wanted to help her, but she also didn’t trust her. After all, this could be a trap to destroy the power rangers.

Deciding against her best judgment, Si stepped away from her hiding place. “Astronema, I’m right here.”

“You heard what she said right?” Astronema sounded lost. “Will you help me get to Andros? I have to know if what she says is true.”

“All right. But no tricks. You stick by me the entire time.” Si knew there would be disagreements about this among the other rangers. But she loved Andros, and wanted him to be happy. She knew all about his search of his sister Karone. Only he would be able to tell if Astronema was Karone or not.

“I know I’ve caused trouble before. And I’ve tried to destroy you guys, but you must understand that I didn’t know.” Astronema/Karone said. “I don’t know who I am anymore. Karone of KO-35, or Astronema, Princess of Evil.”

Sirena nodded her sympathy. She lifted her communicator. “ACTOM, this is Sirena. Are you there?”

“Of course I’m here!” A voice came through. “I’ve been worried sick. What happened?”

“I’ll answer questions later. Teleport me and Astronema into my room. Let the other rangers know I’m all right, but under no condition do you let them on-board. Understood!”

“Astronema. What are you crazy?” ACTOM boomed. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Your joking right?”

“I’m not. Now do as I say. Oh, and don’t let the other rangers know.”

All right.” Grumbled ACTOM. Unwillingly, he teleported Sirena and Astronema on-board.

In Sirena’s room, Astronema changed into more, {pause} normal clothes provided by Si. Astronema had washed the black dye out of her hair so it was its natural short blonde state.

“Um, do you mind if we swing by a black hole?” Karone/Astronema asked nervously.


“Cause that’s where I’d like to ditch my Astronema attire. Leather really was never my style.”

Sirena couldn’t help giggling a little. “How bout later? Are you ready to meet your brother now?”

“I’m kinda nervous.” Karone/Astronema’s voice shook. “It’s not everyday you get to meet a long lost brother.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll do fine. ACTOM, call Andros on-board. I wanna talk to him in the sitting room.”

“Andros, incoming transmission from Sirena.” DECA’s voice announced.

Andros leaped onto his feet. “On screen.”

“This ACTOM. Sirena wants to talk with you. Teleportation to the Galaxy is on stand-by. Give me the signal when your ready.”

“I’m ready ACTOM.” His vision clouded with red light and focused onto the sitting room of the Galaxy.

He was about to go in search of Si when the door slid open. Andros turned to see Si standing there. A smile spread over his face.

“Andros, I have someone you might want to meet. Don’t panic if you recognize her, she might be Karone.” Sirena got out in one breath. At his nod, she motioned to someone in the hall. “Come on! You’ve waited long enough.” Si reached out and dragged a person into his view.

She was wearing a gold jumpsuit similar to Sirena’s. “Karone?” He asked uncertainly.

The girl looked shyly at Sirena not sure of what to say.

“Well say something.” Sirena urged her on. “Anything.”

“Hi Andros.” She murmured. Sirena rolled her eyes and sighed. “Well you told me to say anything.”

Andros had to smile a little. The girl had a vague resemblance to Karone.

“Hey people!” ACTOM boomed through. “Eclipter’s attacking the Apean Planet again. He’s almost through the palace defense shield thingy or dome or whatever it’s called.”

“We’ll have to talk later.” Andros said to the girl. “Come on Si. We can’t let Eclipter get into the palace grounds.”

Sirena nodded. “Make yourself comfy around here. I trust ACTOM won’t give you any trouble!” She said the last sentence a bit louder.

“Okay, I get the point already!” ACTOM grumbled. “Now get your butts to the planet now.”

On the Apean planet, Andros and Sirena found the other rangers already in battle. Apparently, ACTOM had neglected to mention Eclipter’s present mood. He was not a happy fellow.

“Sirena you will pay dearly for this.” Eclipter fired at her.

“Whoa!” Sirena dove out of the way. “Hey, what did I do?” She dodged a few more attacks.

“Where is Astronema?” He demanded firing again. “I know you’ve done something to her!”

“She hasn’t done anything to me Eclipter. I’m right here.” The voice belonged to the girl Andros had met on the Galaxy.

“My Princess? What are you wearing?” Eclipter asked. “This is not your usual attire.”

“My new uniform, unless you tell me the TRUTH! Am I really Astronema, or am I Karone?”

“Who told you that?” Eclipter demanded.

“One name. Kalika.”

“That traitor!” Eclipter sighed. “It’s the truth. Dark Specter used huge amounts of power and energy to transform you into who you are now.”

“So that girl was Astronema.” Andros thought back to how much he thought she looked like his enemy.

“Andros, is what Eclipter saying true? Astronema’s Karone.” Ashley asked, bewildered.

“Looks that way. What a surprise.” He muttered. “I had thought so for a long time, but gave up.”

“You would still be evil if it hadn’t been for the purple brat. For that, she’ll pay with her life.” Eclipter turned and attacked Sirena again.

“Eclipter no!” Astronema cried. He made no move to stop. In desperation, Astronema brought out her wrath staff and fired.

“My Princess?” Eclipter asked stunned.

“She’s my friend. To get to her, you will have to go through me.” Astronema moved herself in front of Sirena.

“Very well. I cannot harm you. If ever I catch that brat alone, she will die.” Eclipter teleported away.

“Whew! That was so close.” Sirena muttered over Karone’s shoulder. “But why does he always have to call me a brat?” She complained.

“Karone!” Andros ran strait up to Karone and hugged her tight. Sirena saw a tear slide through.

Sirena’s communicator beeped, and ACTOM’s voice rocketed through. “Sirena get you ass back up here! DECA just insulted me on my new look.”

“ACTOM you don’t have a new look.” Sirena corrected him.

“Oh yeah! You come up and see the rooms I re-decorated.” ACTOM said smugly.

Sirena’s eyes widened. “You better not have touched my room!” She warned. “Galaxy Glider, hang ten!” She took off for the Galaxy.

The other rangers laughed. ACTOM was known to them for his bad tastes in decorating.

“Let’s go back to the Astral megaship. While we wait for Si, Karone and I can get to know each other.” Andros hugged her again.

Karone had to smile. She finally belonged to a family now. The other rangers held no resentment, and her brother loved her. Sirena, well, she was still the same, too trusting.

The End... for now