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Strength of Silver
by: AstroPurple

Several loud crashes came from the Galaxy megaship. It was obvious to the other people that Sirena was not exactly happy with the decorating that ACTOM did.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” TJ counted. The second he said one, Sirena came barreling through the doors.

“Oh. Sorry about the noise. You see, ACTOM re-decorated the simu-decks, not the living rooms.” Sirena explained.

“Wait a minute. Simu-decks? As in a s?” Cassie asked.

“Didn’t I tell you? I have three simu-decks. The one we use is the biggest. The other two are half it’s size and not really good for anything.”

“So why do you have them?” Ashley poked in.

“I was thinking of knocking down the wall between the two and making it one.” Sirena said. “Just never got around to it.”

“Well good luck. Now, how did you know Astronema was Karone?” TJ demanded crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Um, well, I, well I kinda overheard a conversation. Heh heh.” Sirena edged towards the door. “Does that explain it?”

“Kinda. So who was this, alleged, conversation between?” Cassie stepped closer to Si.

“Not that you should know.” Sirena turned and smacked into Astronema/Karone coming in.

“Oof!” Karone stumbled back against her brother also coming in.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see or hear you come in.” Sirena apologized. Leaning closer to Karone she whispered. “Do me a favor and fry them please.”

“Sorry, no can do. “I’m trying to be on good terms with them, and frying them wouldn’t help a bit.”

“So Andros, yes or no?” Carlos asked.

“On what?” Andros looked confused. “Oh, yeah. Astronema’s Karone. I finally found my sister thanks to Sirena.”

“So Astronema’s really your sister.” Zhane walked in followed by Zelphine. “I mean in truth.”

“What does it look like to you?” Cassie demanded.

“Sorry, I was only asking.” Zhane said defensively.

Changing the subject Andros turned to Zelphine. “Will you stay with us?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I think I’ll just stay home. I’ve been away too long.” Zelphine said. “I also don’t feel right intruding.”

“Who says your intruding?” Sirena asked. “Besides, we need a female around here to help kick some male ass when they get too boasting.”

“I just need to spend some quality time with my family.” Zelphine turned to leave. “We’ll meet again. I promise.”

Zelphine teleported down to the Apean planet. After seeing her go, the rangers and Karone prepared the ship for the trip back to Earth.

“Think of it, when we get back to Earth, it’ll be school and homework again.” TJ complained.

“Well think of me,” Sirena grumbled.” ACTOM enrolled me at your high school to learn more about Earth’s culture. I’ll be starting school with you guys too. He says I’m too empty headed.”

“Cassie and Ashley’ll help you get the hang of things. I’ve got to work on my bio-chemistry project.” Carlos assured her. “But, I can’t help wondering where ACTOM got the fake identification papers and what last name ACTOM used to register you.”

“Well, the Lee Scotts were told of the power ranger’s identity, and along with the Hammonds and Cranstons, they agreed to help with NASADA providing false identification for my birth and everything else. So at school, I’ll be known as Sirena Lee Scott, a visiting relative, well cousin, of Jason.”

“Now run by me why NASADA agreed to help?” Ashley asked. “And why did the Lee Scotts have to find out?”

“NASADA already knows of our existence, plus with ties to the government, it was a piece of cake. With the Lee Scotts, the Hammonds and Cranstons agreed it would be better and easier for me if I used their last name.” Sirena explained.

“So a cousin of Jason?” Cassie giggled. “Girl, you now how many people at school want to be related to Jason?”

“From what he told me, almost everybody. I don’t really give a damn about the relation.” Sirena shrugged.

“Most ordinary girls would faint.” Ashley screeched. “And if any of the guys get too hot or fresh to handle, I’m sure either Andros or Jason’ll be glad to lend a hand.”

“Well, having a Lee Scott last name does provide protection against most of the level-headed guys.” TJ said. “I mean no one would want to mess with Jason. Can you guys think of anybody that would?”

“Nobody.” Carlos shook his head. “See you in the morning for school.”

“Night Carlos.” They all said.

* * *

“Um hi, I’m a new student here.” Sirena mumbled in the administration office.

“Oh yes. Your Sirena Lee Scott right?” Sirena nodded. “Oh good. Here’s your schedule dear. We just adore the Lee Scott family here. Oh, oh, Mr. Kaplan! This is Jason’s cousin. Isn’t she adorable? I swear, she looks just like him. They could be siblings.”

“Uh, thank you for letting me know, now get back to work! Ms. Scott, you better be getting to class now.” Mr. Kaplan ushered her out. “If you have any problems, we’ll be glad to help you out. Now run along.”

“Thanks.” As the door shut behind her, Si shuddered. “I hope the teachers are more normal.” She thought.

“Hey Sirena!” Cassie ran up to her. “Who do you have for first period?” She said grabbing her schedule. “Great! We both have social studies with Ms. Applebee. Come on!”

“Hey Cassie, who’s this chick?” Bobby Farrel whispered.

“New student. Her name is Sirena Lee Scott.” Cassie answered making sure to say the last name clearly.

“Jason has a little sister?”

“Cousin. Sirena corrected sauntering off.

“You think she’ll go out with me if I ask her?” Bobby asked.

“Nope. Si already has a boyfriend. My friend Andros.” Cassie smirked.

“Man, Andros gets all the good girls.” Bobby left dejected.

Smiling Cass caught up with Si slinging an arm around her.

Later that day, all the rangers including Karone met at the park for a relaxing afternoon.

“So how was your day Si?” Zhane asked.


“Just okay?” TJ asked. “I would’ve thought you had a super time at Angel Grove High.”

“Everything was so hard. I’ve never been to school like this before. The only subjects as you call it that were easy were gym, trig, science, art, and french.”

“Only those?” Ashley asked. “I don’t understand science, trig, or french. I swear, trig and french have got to be the hardest subjects I have.”

“Did you ever go to school while you were on Eltar or Inquiris?” Karone asked.

“No. I was taught by both Dimitria and Zordon. Alpha 5 helped a little, but I’ve never been to a school until today.” Sirena sighed. “I use to wish I did though.”

“You are lucky.” Carlos muttered.

“Don’t under-estimate the work. Both Zordon and Dimitria were hard teachers. One day with them, and you’d probably rather be stuck on an isolated plantet away from all signs of life than with them.”

Suddenly, Andros’s communicator beeped. They all looked to make sure no one was looking.

“Go ahead.” Andros said.

“Rangers, we have bad news. With Astronema gone, Dark Specter has appointed Kalika to run the Dark Fortress.” Alpha’s panicked voice said.


“I knew this would happen. Kalika even said so herself that with me gone, she would become Princess of Evil.” Karone said angry.

“We’ll still stop them, no matter who they appoint as Princess of Evil.” Zhane said.

“There’s more. Kalika’s attacking the business district in Angel Grove. Rangers, you must stop her.”

“We’re on our way. Karone, teleport back to the ship and stay there. Zhane, go with her. Your not fully recovered yet.” Andros ordered. In a flash of white and silver light, Karone and Zhane was gone. “All right guys, Let’s Rocket!”

The rangers arrived in the business district of Angel Grove to find a new monster attacking innocent people. He called himself, Infestoid.

“Ah, rangers you finally arrive. I’ve been waiting for you. I have orders to destroy all of you except for the purple ranger.”

“Well that’s not going to happen Infestoid. We’re taking you down.” Andros attacked with the other rangers.

Infestoid proved stronger than he looked. One by one, the ranger’s weapons proved useless. Kalika had collected data on each of their weapons. In a flash of silver light, Zhane arrived on the scene.

“All right Infestoid. How do you like some silver power?” Zhane took in the situation immediately.

“Silver ranger, you can’t help your friends either. Take this.” Infestoid was unable to dodge or block Zhane’s weapons.

“Super Silverlizer!” With a slash, Zhane ended Infestoid’s short life. “Now was silver power a bit much?”

“Zhane!” Andros ran up to his best friend. “Are you all right? Your not wounded or anything are you?”

“I’m fine. You better watch out Kalika, cause the silver ranger’s back in action.” Zhane laughed.

“We’ll, I guess our powers are equal Zhane.” Sirena said. “I’m just glad Infestoid’s gone, I won’t miss him for anything.”

“Power Rangers!” They all shouted as they teleported away.

The End... for now