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Explosions of Psycho
By: AstroPurple

“Sirena, there’s some really weird energy readings in the desert.” ACTOM called out. “And boy are they getting close to Angel Grove.”

“Energy readings? In the desert?” Sirena looked confused. “Does DECA have them too?”

“Why do you care? Oh, I get it. You don’t trust my readings do you? So your going to check with DECA. Nobody trusts me here.” ACTOM whined.

Sirena sighed. “Here we go again.” She thought. Out loud she said. “I just want to see if she knows what they are.”

“Oh. Sorry. Let me ask.” ACTOM called through the open doorway of the Astro Galaxy. A combination of the Astro and Galaxy Megaships. “Hey Old Gal, do you know what those energy readings in the desert are?”

“Nicely ACTOM!” Sirena said through gritted teeth.

“Fine. DECA, do you know what those readings are?”

“Thank you. I do not. Should I alert the other rangers Sirena?” DECA asked.

“I don’t know. Let me check it out first.” Sirena turned to leave.

“Oh no you don’t.” ACTOM said. “Not alone. DECA, please call the other rangers. It’s an emergency.”

“ACTOM is right for once. It is too dangerous.”

The rangers soon arrived after being alerted by DECA. Arion and Bryan followed curiously.

“What’s up? I hope not another argument between ACTOM and DECA.” Zhane said.

“Nope. They detected energy readings in the desert. Unknown energy readings.” Sirena said.

“To correct you Sirena, they have left the desert and arrived in a warehouse.” DECA said.

“No, not a warehouse. A, um uh, a warehouse.” ACTOM said meekly.

“Like I said, a warehouse.” DECA smirked.

“I could’ve checked it out myself, but they insisted on alerting you guys. Apparently they thought I was gonna get hurt.” Sirena muttered.

Phantom Ranger, who had been studying the readings, announced. “It’s a good thing you didn’t go alone. These readings signal five separate beings. I’ve seen these readings before. They’re Dark Specter’s Psycho Rangers. He created them to take on power rangers that have became a nuisance.”

“So now he considers us a nuisance. That’s just great.” Ashley muttered. “I thought he only considered Sirena a nuisance.”

“He did. But he must of changed his mind after that Whydren episode.” TJ pointed out. “But there’s only five Psycho Rangers. Adding Karone, there’s eight of us. We can take them guys.”

“Okay. Let’s go.” Andros ordered.

“Last one to the jump tubes is a rotten egg.” Karone called out taking off.

Learning from last time, Andros and Zhane took off after her. The rangers also followed. Last one to arrive was Cassie.

“Yes, my very own glider.” Karone thought as she stood in front of her tube.

A few seconds later, the rangers were walking cautiously through the warehouse. Several blasts caused the rangers to look up at the catwalk. There in a row, stood five, uh, things dressed as rangers.

“Looking for us?”

“If your the Psychos yeah.” Carlos called out.

“Well you’ve found us. If your the power rangers, then you’ve made a dreadful mistake in crossing Dark Specter.”

“No, you’ve made a dreadful mistake in crossing us!” Sirena shouted. “Come on down and fight. Unless of course, your chicken.”

“Fine. Here we come!” In unison, the five psychos leaped from the catwalk. “Psychos, attack!”

A fierce battle took place in the warehouse. Andros and Zhane against Psycho Red; Sirena and Ashley against Psycho Yellow; Cassie and Karone against Psycho Pink; and so forth.

“Oh man, these psychos are strong.” Cassie muttered to Karone. “Do you know of any weaknesses?”

“No. I didn’t know Dark Specter even had them. Looks as though he programmed them to defeat us.” Karone groaned. “Even my Planet Plates have no effect.”

“My Satellite Stunner doesn’t either.”

“Andros, I think we better regroup.” Zhane called out weakly.

“Your right. These psychos are tough.” Andros alerted the other rangers.

“Now TJ, what were you saying about us taking them on easily?” Sirena asked.

“That was before this.” TJ defended himself.

“Aw man, they’re getting ready to attack again.” Ashley muttered. “What are we gonna do?”

“This has to stop them. Purple Fire Staff!” Her new weapon appeared on command. “Earth Charge!” A strong wave of electricity threw the psychos back a few feet. “Uh oh, this didn’t even put a scratch on them.”

“Let’s get back to the ship. We’ll think of something there.” Andros ordered. “Galaxy Glider, hang ten!”

The rangers arrived back in record time.

“So how did it go?” ACTOM smirked.

“Not funny. You know very well they kicked our ass.” Ashley wailed. “Our weapons didn’t have any effect on them.”

“While ACTOM was as always doing nothing but cheering or booing, I was conducting a scan.” DECA interrupted. “The psychos were modified especially for taking on its own color. I don’t know why Sirena, Zhane, and Karone weren’t able to do any damage.”

“So your saying that our rangers are history?” ACTOM asked. “And I thought you had good news.” He muttered.

“Not exactly.” DECA muttered. “If they can figure out the psychos' weakness, then the psychos are gonna be history.”

“I may be able to help.” Phantom interrupted. “But first, all of you are going to the medical bay.”

“The medical bay? Why?” Sirena asked. “I hate that place. Do we have to go there? We’re not hurt.”

“Sirena, do as your father says.” Trey whispered.

“You're no help at all.”

“ACTOM, start a scan within a two mile radius of Angel Grove for any additional energy readings.” Phantom instructed. “DECA, you do a four mile radius.”

“Hey, how come DECA gets the four mile radius and I get the two?” ACTOM asked.

“ACTOM, don’t ask questions. That’s Phantom Ranger, not me.” Sirena ordered.

In the medical bay, the check-ups were fast and proved to be of some value. They showed the extent of the psychos' blasts and weaponry.

“Man, their weapons almost penetrated our suits!” TJ muttered. “I’m glad we listened to Phantom.”

Sirena groaned inwardly. She hated the medical bay.

“You know, if our weapons can’t defeat the psychos, what about the Turbine Laser?” Ashley asked.

“The Turbine what?” Zhane and Andros asked.

“The Turbine Laser was one of our main weapons when we were Turbo rangers.” TJ explained. “And no. I don’t think we could use the Turbine Laser Ashe. When we lost our Turbo powers, the weapons were lost too.”

“I’ve heard of that. Zordon frequently mentioned it to me. He said something about it being able to activate without the powers. Whatever that means.” Sirena said.

“What a minute. Your saying that Zordon said that the Turbine Laser can be activated without our powers?” Carlos asked.

“I guess so.” Sirena muttered.

“Guys, do you know what this means?” Ashley asked. “If we get Justin, then maybe we can use the Turbine Laser against the psychos.”

“Would it work though?” Andros asked.

“No telling unless we try. Carlos, Ashley, go get Justin, and be careful too. We don’t want the psychos after Justin.” TJ ordered.

“Okay.” In a flash, Carlos and Ashley teleported down to Earth for Justin.

“I’m gonna go to the bridge and see what DECA and ACTOM came up with.” Andros stood up to leave.

“Good idea. I’m gonna go with you.” Sirena stood up also. “All this thinking is hard work.”

Zhane leaned close to Sirena and whispered. “I hope you guys make it to the bridge without the kissing.”

“Zhane, would you like to be part of an experiment ACTOM is conducting on the Galaxy blasters?” Sirena asked sweetly.

“Uh, no. Forget I ever said anything.”

“I thought so.” Sirena muttered. “Then you’d better keep your big mouth shut.”

“Yes Sir!” Zhane did a mock solute.

Sirena glared at Zhane angrily. Andros quickly intercepted before this could be thrown into a full fledge battle.

“Come on Sirena. We have other important things to do then hang around this immature little boy.” He whispered in her ear.

“Hey! Who’re you calling immature?” Zhane demanded. “I suppose you think it’s mature to seduce the leader like what Sirena has been doing.”

“I have not been seducing Andros! Just ask him!” If Andros had not been holding here tightly, the other people in the room were positive she would’ve torn Zhane limb from limb happily.

“Okay. Andros, has Sirena been seducing you?” Zhane asked pretty much oblivious to the fact that Sirena was ready to pounce on him.


“Come on, you’re just saying that right?” Zhane asked.

“I think I’d better get Sirena out of here before I lose hold of her.” Andros changed the subject quickly. He dragged Sirena out into the hallway before loosening his hold.

On Earth, Carlos and Ashley arrived at Justin’s house. They’re knock was answered by Justin.

“Carlos, Ashley?” Justin was shocked.

“Hey Justin. Listen buddy, we need your help.”

“Well come on in. We can talk inside. My dad’s still at work.”

Inside, Carlos and Ashley took turns filling Justin in on what happened in Angel Grove, and why they needed him.

“Sure, I’ll be glad to help. Let me talk to my dad and I’ll fly down to Angel Grove as soon as I can. But I don’t think my dad’ll let me skip school.” Justin thougth for a moment. “There’s a four-day weekend coming up in two weeks. Do you think you could wait that long?”

“Sure. Call if you can come.” With that, Ashey and Carlos teleported away.

Back on the ship, the rangers finished telling the others about Justin. They all hoped he could come.

“I can’t wait to see Justin again. Trust me you guys,” TJ said to the rangers who had never met him. “He’s great. Just ask Andros or Sirena.”

“I trust you. Hey, maybe he can help me do my job.” Zhane thought out loud.

“Forget it.” The other rangers all exclaimed.

“Yes. The psycho rangers are perfect Darkonda. This is better than what that traitor Astronema could do.” Kalika said with satisfaction.

Eclipter had to hold himself back from striking her with his sword. “The nerve of that girl!” He thought. “How dare she call Astronema a traitor!”

“Eclipter, I have a plan to get rid of those annoying rangers for good.” Kalika smiled. “I trust you can do your part. Have that dimwit Elgar or whatever his name is to attack the ranger’s favorite hangout. That place, now what was it called, the Surf Spot, that’s it. We need to draw the rangers out, then I can destroy that chosen one for good while the psycho ranger destroy her friends the power rangers.”

“Yes Kalika. I will do as you wish.” Eclipter turned to leave. “And one thing, leave that red ranger to me.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. Psycho Red wants to deal with him.” Kalika muttered. “But, I’ll do what I can. Prepare the quantrons. Report to me when they’re ready.”

“Yes my princess.” Eclipter hated those words and somehow Darkonda knew this for he smiled.

“And what about me my princess.” Darkonda asked. “I want to do some damage too.”

“Very well. You can take a squadron of quadra-fighters and attack the megaship. Those rangers don’t stand a chance against my perfect plan.”

Darkonda grinned viciously. He had his own plan to take over the universe without the hard work. “Then when you destroy the rangers,” He thought. “I will destroy you and then Dark Specter.”

On Earth, Bulk and Skull were at work with Professor Phenomenus again. The crazy professor had an inspiration that some students at Angel Grove High were be aliens in disguise.

“Uh, Professor, what’s this thing suppose to do again?” Skull asked.

“It’s suppose to tell us which students at Angel Grove High are not from Earth. Tomorrow, you and Bulk will go and pretend to visit old teachers while secretly scanning each student.”

“Old teachers? What are you crazy? They never appreciated us. Especially that old guy, Mr. Kaplan. He’s gonna give us detention again.” Skull yelled.

“Skull, we aren’t students anymore. Therefor, Mr. Kaplan and the teachers cannot punish us. Think!” Bulk sighed.

“Um Bulky, what’s therefor mean again?”

Bulk sighed. “I think it means so or something like that.”

“Oh. Okay.” Skull turned back to watch what Professor Phenomunus was doing again while Bulk rolled his eyes.

“Come boys, we have much to do tonight. We must prepare for what awaits us, tomorrow.” Professor Phenomenus said with drama. “Let’s go, let’s go.”

“Hey Sirena, time to wake up. You have to go to school.” ACTOM called into Sirena’s room.

“I’m already awake.” Sirena yawned. “Great, I have a French test today.”

“And you better pass.” ACTOM warned.

“Don’t tell me you suddenly became my father.” Sirena grumbled. “I don’t need another one.”

“Hey, your dad isn’t here 100% of the time, and when he is, he hardly recognizes you as a daughter. Somebody has to play daddy to you.”

“ACTOM! So what if my dad isn’t here 100% of the time. I don’t really care. I can do fine on my own.”

“I can see your going to be hard to persuade. Well hurry up, you have half an hour before school starts. You don’t want to be late.”

Grumbling Sirena rose and got dressed. She yawned. “I hope Cassie and Ashley are still there. They can help me get ready for that test.”

“Well, if you don’t hurry up, they’re gonna leave soon.” ACTOM grumbled. “Your always the last one to leave for school.”

Sirena ignored ACTOM’s comment and dashed out of her room for the Astro’s cargo bay.

“Ashley! Cassie!” Sirena cried as she burst into the cargo bay.

Arion and Bryan looked up in surprise.

“They’ve already left Si.” TJ said without looking up. “Your a bit early though. Normally, you’d still be asleep.”

“Very funny TJ.” Sirena grumbled. “Darn. I’ll have to catch them at school then.”

At that moment, Phantom Ranger and Andros walked in. Sirena sat down beside TJ as she talked.

“Why. You never look forward to school anyway.” Carlos piped up.

“They have to help me study for my French test.” Sirena said exasperated.

“Well, why can’t TJ and Carlos help you?” Andros asked.

“Because, they’re not in French. They wouldn’t even know if something’s wrong or not.” Sirena sighed.

“I took French last year and fully know what to expect.” Carlos announced. “So let me test you.”

“All right. The test is on chapter 4, transportation.”

“Okay, translate ‘Can you order me a taxi please?’ and answer it.” Carlos asked.

“Fine. Pouvez-vous m’appeler un taxi, s’il vous plait? Oui, est-ce que vous pouvez m’attendre ici quelques instants? Is that right?” Sirena asked.

“Um... I never got that far. Andros, was that right?” Carlos asked their leader.

“I didn’t even understand what she said. Hey DECA, you know French. Was that correct?” Andros asked the ship’s computer.

“Yes. That was correct.”

“I thought you said you knew what to expect.” Sirena said to Carlos. “Didn’t you say that?”

“I wasn’t that far advanced.” Carlos muttered. “Besides, DECA knows French, have her help you.”

“Fine. Hey DECA, can you test me?”

“Yes Sirena. Answer this question. Est-ce que je peux parler a Monsieur Dubois?”

“Um... I think it’s, Je vous le passe.” Sirena guessed. “Is that right? I think it could also be, Ne quittez pas!”

“Both are correct. I believe you are ready for this test Sirena.” DECA voiced. “It is almost 7:45. You would best be on your way to school.”

“Thanks. Come on. If I’m late again, Mr. Kaplan is gonna kill me.” Sirena said.

“Your not the only one. Mr. Getterson hates late students.” TJ said as he cleaned up his spot.

“You go to school Sirena?” Arion asked. “I though you were done.”

“Technically I am, with Zordon. On Earth, they have different subjects. I don’t see when I’ll be needing French though.” She muttered the last sentence.

“Who knows, you might go to France.” TJ said. “Come on. We’ve got less than five minutes.”

Carlos, TJ, and Sirena teleported off the ship into a storage room. They slipped in with the crowds of students heading to class.

During Social Studies, the door to Ms. Applebee’s room opened. Bulk and Skull entered carrying a strange device.

“Bulk, Skull, what are you two doing back here?” Ms. Applebee asked her two former students.

“Hi Ms. Applebee, we’re here to visit our favorite teacher.” Skull said as Bulk pointed the device at each student in the class.

Before he could get to Sirena, Ms. Applebee grabbed them both. “I’m in the middle of class boys. But it was so nice of you to think of me. Come back at the end of the day please.”

“Come on Skull, let’s go see Mr. Getterson.” Bulk grabbed Skull by the collar and dragged him out. On the way out the door, Sirena was able to catch one interesting sentence. “We’ll be able to get more students between classes anyway.” Bulk waved the device in the air.

“I wonder what those two are up to?” Sirena thought. “And what’s that machine for?” Her thoughts turned back to what Ms. Applebee was saying.

At the end of the class period, Cassie came up to walk with Sirena to her next class. On their way out the door, they noticed Bulk and Skull waving the instrument in peoples faces. That aroused their curiosity.

“Hey Bulk!” Cassie yelled. “What’s that for?”

“We can’t tell you.” Skull yelled to answer Cassie’s question.

“Thanks a lot!” Cassie yelled back.

“We’d tell you it we could. The professor said it was top secret. He doesn’t want....” Bulk grabbed Skull by the neck cutting him off.

“You’ve already said too much.” He said angry. “If the professor finds out, he’s gonna kill us.”

“Oh well. Like we need to know.” Sirena said as she dragged Cassie away. As they walked by Bulk and Skull, their device started beeping.

“Skull, we’ve got something. Let’s get this to the professor right away.” With Skull in tow, the two left for the Phenomenus van.

“Boys, boys, why are you back so soon?”

“Professor, we’ve got something. We brought it to you just as you instructed when we heard that beeping sound.” Bulk said.

“Let me see!” The professor got very excited.

Skull handed the device over. The professor fiddled with it for a few seconds. He seemed to be having trouble.

“This blasted piece of junk!” The professor yelled. “It won’t give me the data you got on the alien.”

“Well, what do we do then?” Skull asked. “That alien could be killing somebody right now for all we could know, and we could be the only ones that have a clue to it’s identity.”

“Patience, patience. These things take time.” Professor Phenomenus cried in his old, high pitched voice. “I’ll make this thing give us what we need.”

“But professor, we may not have the time!” Skull cried. “That alien might be out right now, killing people, or maybe even.. even, making them into monsters!”

“Would you just shut up!” Bulk yelled grabbing Skull by the collar. “The professor needs silence to do his work. Just... just calm down. We’ll get that alien and stop him or her once and for all. Then our names will be in the newspapers, the television. We might even get to meet the president!”

“We won’t be able to do any of those things is you two don’t shut up and let me do my work!”

Later that day, Sirena made her way slowly through the Surf Spot to the table where her friends sat.

“Hey guys!” Sirena greeted them. In a low voice she added. “I see you finally got Arion and Bryan to change clothes and experience life on Earth.”

“It took some time, but we did it.” Zhane whispered. Out loud he asked. “Where were you?”

Sirena groaned out loud. “I had to stay behind and explain to Ms. Applebee why I was late again.”

“What did you tell her?” TJ whispered. He had been late also.

“I ended up telling her that my cousin Jordan was visiting, and he and Jason got an idea to tie me up and see how long it took for me to get loose.”

“Did she believe you?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah. Remember, she’s met Jordan and had Jason for a student.”

“So where do you get these far out excuses?” Cassie asked. “I mean, last time you told her that you got locked in a closet by your cousins and she also believed you. If I told something like that, Ms. Applebee would say I’m lying and not excuse me.”

“Hey, I make a list of excuses and cross of each as I use them.” Sirena said matter-of-factly.

“Oh. We were getting ready to leave and show Arion and Bryan Angel Grove when you arrived, so how about we leave now?” Carlos asked.

“Sure. Let’s go. As long as we don’t have to stop at every single store we see for Ashley and Cassie to stop drooling at a new outfit or something.” Sirena grinned.

“As if you don’t do it too.” Cassie grumbled.

“If I recall, a normal walk to the park lasted two hours because you and Ashley insisted at window shopping along the way.”

TJ sighed. “Let’s go.” Cassie, Ashley, and Sirena had to be dragged from the Surf Spot still fighting.

“Kalika, the quantrons are ready.” Eclipter reported.

“Good. Darkonda, are the psychos ready?” Kalika asked the strange creature.

“Yes. They’re ready to destroy the rangers.” Darkonda smiled an evil twisted grin.

“Good. Elgar!” Kalika yelled.

“Uh, yes my princess.” The idiot appeared crashing into several quantrons on his way in.

“Take a group of quantrons and attack the Surf Spot. Draw the rangers into a battle. My psycho rangers will take care of the rest.” Kalika ordered. “Oh and, find a way to plant this on the purple ranger.” She added handing him some kind of electronic gadget.

“What is it?” Elgar asked. “Oh I know, a bomb, your gonna blow her to a million pieces with this bomb right?” Kalika glared at him. “Or not. Don’t you worry your pretty little head, Elgar’ll have this thing planted on her easily without her knowing it.”

“Get out! And go! Attack!” Kalika buried her head in her hands as Elgar left. “Eclipter, do you think I should have trusted him with that job?”

“I’m sure he’ll do as he’s told.” Darkonda interrupted. “If he doesn’t, I will take care of him.”

“Hmm. Eclipter, sound the alarm. It’s time to attack!” Kalika smiled with satisfaction as the alarms were blared signaling the attack.

The End