Disclaimer: The usual about something belonging to Saban, if you know what I mean. Well, certain materials belong to me, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would give me some credit or name recognition. I know this is a short fic. I was suffering from lack of ideas. Thank you Trelliah for helping me with Phantom’s name.

Return of Blue Turbo
By: AstroPurple

“Hey you guys!” Cassie called as she ran to keep up. “Guess what!?!”


“Justin...” Cassie started out of breath. “He’s... he’s here. I got a... a call from him... and he says... he’s gonna be here in... two hours. Told him we’d meet him to pick him up.”

“Great! But I thought he said he couldn’t come until next week.” Sirena questioned.

“I guess something happened and Justin’s school had to close or something.” Cassie gasped with much more breath.

“Well, let’s get done with Arion and Bryan’s sightseeing tour, then we’ll head over to the airport.” TJ said as the group started on.

Cassie gasped a little more to get oxygen.

“Geesh! You sound like your going to die.” Karone muttered. “Ouch, hey, I was just kidding.”

In the middle of a tour, their communicators beeped. All of the rangers slipped into an isolated corner.

“We’re all here.” Andros called.

“Rangers! Elgar has attacked the Surf Spot.” Alpha’s voice sounded shaky. “There’s... there’s an electronic gadget in his hand. We can’t tell what it is. A force field is preventing us from doing a scan.”

“Thanks. We’ll be careful. Teleport Arion and Bryan onto the ship.” Sirena said over Andros’s shoulder.

“Got it!” In two beams of light, Arion and Bryan disappeared.

“Okay, Let’s Rocket!” During the moment of silence, the numbers 3-3-5, 1-4-7, and 1-6-6 could clearly be heard.

The rangers flipped off their Galaxy Gliders in front of the Surf Spot. They were greeted by Elgar and a bunch of quantrons.

After engaging the rangers in a battle, Elgar began to think of what to do next. “Let’s see now,” He thought to himself. “Push this button and I have thirty seconds to plant it.” A quantron bumped into him causing the device to activate. “You numskull!” He yelled. “Uh oh!” With a quick move, Elgar slapped it on the back of another quantron nearby.

In a few seconds, the device teleported the quantron away. The quantron landed at a deserted place. When Kalika saw that it wasn’t Sirena, she almost blew up.

“That cone-headed, no brained, dimwit!” Kalika yelled at nobody. “Wait until I get my hands on him! He’ll wish he had stayed with that sweet-pie aunt Divatox of his when I’m through with him.!”

Kalika kicked the quantron and stalked off. She teleported away soon after, leaving the broken apart quantron behind.

Back at the Surf Spot, after the rangers had defeated the quantrons, the psychos arrived.

“Oh come on. Not you guys again.” TJ muttered. “You’re giving me a major headache here.”

“Hello rangers. We meet again.” Psycho Red said. “This will be your last fight ever in the history of Earth.”

“Don’t be so sure psychos,” Karone yelled. “This may be just be your last fight, ever.”

“I seriously doubt this gold ranger,” Psycho Pink murmured. “But the fight will be lots of fun.”

“Oh it’ll be fun all right. For the rangers that is!” A voice shouted. From out of nowhere, Justin appeared. “Hey guys. Can I help?”

“Justin!” Sirena exclaimed. “You weren’t suppose to have arrived for another hour.”

“Yeah, well, Alpha got worried and teleported me off the plane. I’ll have to pick up my stuff later. Right now, let’s get down to business!”

“That little twerp is Justin?” Zhane whispered to Andros.

“I heard that.” Justin warned. “For your information, I am not a twerp. I’m only smaller than you, but a lot smarter than your ape brain!”

“Ouch! Justin just dissed Zhane.” Cassie whispered. “But then, he did deserve it for calling Justin a little twerp.” She added.

“Well, another friend of yours?” Psycho Blue asked sweetly. “He’ll just have to suffer the same fate as you.”

“Oh, we got something up our sleeves all right. Justin, you ready?” Carlos asked.

“Yeah! Turbine Laser Now!” Justin called.

A huge laser appeared in the air. Cassie, Ashley, TJ, Carlos, and Justin immediately took their places under the laser as it completed it’s assembly. It slowly lowered.

“Turbine Laser Fire!” They all shouted in unison as soon as all the ammunition was loaded and ready.

A blast came from the cannon and hit the psychos full head-on. As the dust cleared, the rangers could see the destruction of the psychos. But slowly, piece by piece, the psychos re-built themselves.

“Not possible!” Karone muttered. “They’ve got to have a mind of their own to be able to do that.”

“We may be down, but we’ll be back!” Psycho Red said weakly. All the psychos were teleported away by Kalika.

“Well, the laser worked. Kinda.” Sirena muttered. “Maybe we can modify it to have a teeny bit more power.”

“Come on. Let’s get back to formulate a plan.” Andros ordered. “Galaxy Gliders, hang ten!”

Justin got on with TJ and they all arrived back to the Astro Galaxy by hyper-space, much to the thrill of Justin.

“Elgar!” Kalika yelled in frustration. All the quantrons got out of the way as fast as they could. “Where is that egg-head!”

Elgar was trying to sneak out of the control room as quietly as he could when Kalika reached there.

“There you are!” Her voice thundered with anger. “I thought I told you to put the teleportation device on the purple ranger. Now, didn’t I give you specific instructions on when to activate the device?” She asked.

“Um... I think so.” Elgar stuttered.

“I thought so, and you gave me your word that you’d have it planted on the purple brat!” Kalika said starting softly but then thundering to a yell. “I wanted Sirena, but instead, I got a flaming quantron! Does that mean anything to you?” She demanded with anger.

“Uh... yeah.” Elgar said weakly. “But this guy,” He said pointing to a quantron. “He bumped into me and I kinda sorta put it by accident on a quantron. Your not gonna make me play with Skrudly like Astronema are you?”

“No.” Kalika answered to the relief of Elgar. “Your gonna play with my darling bundle of love.”

“Oh! I get it. You want me to take care of your sister’s daughter. Awwwww.... you shouldn’t have. I’ll take very good care of her.” Elgar resorted back to his regular self again.

Kalika smiled sweetly. Elgar had mistook her meaning. She hadn’t mean her niece a bit at all. She had meant Beast, her wild cat that was a cross between a saber-toothed tiger and a dis-figured animal.

Back at the Astro Galaxy, the rangers were going through what just happened and what to do. Phantom, Trey, Arion, and Bryan waited silently by.

“They just pulled themselves together just like that!” Cassie exclaimed with a snap of her fingers.

“Well, we weakened them, but they’ll be back.” Justin muttered. “Hey, DECA, do you think you could give me that read-out of the information you gathered on the psychos?” Justin asked.

“Sure. Here it is.” As she spoke, a long piece of paper full of writing printed out of someplace.

“Thanks.” Justin said as he scanned the paper. “This’ll take me some time, but meanwhile, can you guys work on the Turbine and give it a boost in power?”

“Sure.” TJ said. Then he glanced at ACTOM. “DECA can give us the directions, Sirena, why don’t you give ACTOM the day off?”

“Sure.” Sirena answered understanding his meaning. “You hear that ACTOM? You can have the day off.”

“Really! Great! See you guys tomorrow.” With a short beep, ACTOM was gone to some vacation place in cyber-space.

Sirena sighed. “Man, this is gonna be a lot of work.” She picked up a thing that looked like a screw and began to open up the Laser’s fire control. The others all picked up tools and began to work.

Silently, Phantom motioned Trey, Arion, and Bryan to follow him out. They made their way silently into his room, and had a privacy lock put on by DECA.

“The rangers aren’t looking at all at reason. The psychos were created to destroy them and other rangers. But for each team, they were modified to have the power to destroy them. Only the weapons of the Lightstar Space Rangers can destroy the psychos.”

“So what are you saying?” Arion asked confused. It was one thing to know about technology, but another when it came to weapon’s technology from different planets. “I mean, don’t the rangers know this?”

“What they don’t know, is that the Turbine Laser must be modified so that the space team can call on it.” Trey filled.

“Oh, so why not tell them?” Arion asked.

Bryan sighed. “Don’t you get it? The rangers’ll find this hard to believe. The Turbine Laser was created for the Turbo team of Earth.”

“Since when did you become such an expert on Earth’s history?” Arion grumbled.

“I read all the information in the universe there was on Earth.”

“Hello!” A faint voice came from the other side of the door, accompanied by a loud knock. “Is anybody in there?”

Phantom walked over and opened it. Sirena was standing there about to knock again. She suddenly looked like she wanted to be somewhere else.

“Um... Am I interrupting anything?” She asked nervously glancing around the room.

Phantom shook his head. “We were about to go to Earth.” He lied.

“Funny, I was gonna go and pick up some stuff too.” She had a strange look on her face as if she knew he was lying. “Why don’t you guys come with me?” Sirena asked.

“Uh... sure.” Trey answered getting up. In a flash of golden light, he was dressed in jeans and a black sweatshirt.

Arion and Bryan got up also still in their Earth clothes. They all looked at Phantom who was still in armor. Seemingly reluctant, he demorphed.

Under the armor, Sirena was able to catch her first glimpse of what her dad looked like. He was a guy in his late twenties wearing a dark tunic with black pants. In the middle of his chest, a red ruby was present and the only indication of his ranger identity. Phantom reached up and touched the ruby, in a hazy appearance, his clothes also changed.

“I would believe this is better for a trip to Earth.” He said softly. “I would not care to have my ruby present to anyone else.”

Sirena nodded understanding, well, kinda. “Well... let’s go then.” She led them out and down a long hallway towards the bridge. “The others are still in the cargo bay.” She explained their absence.

They all nodded. The jeans they were wearing were difficult to walk in. The stiff material was as hard as wood.

“DECA, teleport us to Earth please.”

“Where to?” DECA asked. “I could teleport you anywhere. Just name a place.”

“Thank goodness you have the tendency to ask. ACTOM just assumes he gets to chose, and once teleported me to Alaska.” Sirena muttered. “How about down near the Surf Spot?”

DECA blinked twice understanding. She made no additional comments as to the identity of Phantom Ranger.

Down on Earth, Sirena led them to the parking lot at the Surf Spot. She dangled a set of keys from her hand.

“What’s this type of machine called?” Bryan asked. He was surprised by the thing on wheels in front of him.

“This is called a car. Get in, it’s much faster than walking.” Sirena said as she unlocked the doors.

“You can just take any which one you want?” Arion asked. He reached for a red car.

“No.” Sirena said. She proceeded to explain. “They belong to people. This one is Carlos’s. He’s letting me borrow it.” She slid into the driver’s seat and motioned to the others to follow. “Get in.”

They slowly followed her in. Arion, Bryan, and Trey were alarmed when Sirena reached to put the top down. Phantom, having been to Earth before and seen what these machinery were, was not surprised or alarmed.

Sirena’s watch beeped suddenly. Annoyed, Sirena looked around to make sure no one was watching.

“What is it?” She demanded careful not to raise her voice too loud.

“It’s Carlos.” Came an answer. “If your taking my car, it’s okay with me as long as you take care of it and drive it better than you drive the megaship.” He said.

Sirena rolled her eyes. “And what’s wrong with my driving the megaship?” She asked.

“If you drive my car the same way you drive the megaship, then you’ll get a ticket. I also don’t want my car in the shop!”

“I won’t. If you’ve ever seen me drive Ashley’s car, then you’ll know I’m no idiot!”

“Could’ve surprised me.” She heard Carlos mutter.

Angry, she closed her com-link with him and all the other rangers. “Sorry about that.” She called to the other occupants. Sirena roared the engine to life and people passing by could swear that they saw three teenage boys almost leap out of the car in a defensive mode. “Relax!” She called to them. “It’s just a car, not a living organism.”

“Easy for you to say.” Trey retorted. “You’ve been on Earth plenty of times. We can’t tell the difference between one of these strange mechanical machinery, and one of Kalika’s monsters.”

“Then you’ll have to learn.” She zoomed the car out of the parking lot and turned towards down town Angel Grove.

Along the way to NASADA, she pointed out a lot of the visible sights. Half-way to NASADA, Sirena stopped at the sight of the professor’s van parked by the side of the road.

“Hey you guys!” She called. No answer came. Sighing, Sirena tried again. “Hello! Professor, Bulk, Skull!”

She was rewarded this time by Skull’s sleepy face. “What do you want!?!” He yelled in reply.

“Everything all right?” Sirena asked.

“Sure, sure! Everything’s fine Sirena!” Skull disappeared and stepped out of the door with Bulk. “Where are you going?”

“Um... somewhere!” Sirena provided as little as possible. “These are my friends from my hometown, Arion, Bryan, Trey, and uh... Matt.” Sirena thought up a split second name.

“Okay. Well have fun. Make sure they see some of the monster sights.” Bulk said. He dragged Skull back into the van as Skull waved good-bye.

“Sorry.” Sirena apologized to her father. “I didn’t have time to ask you for a name.” She slid back into her seat and started the car again.

“It’s fine.” Phantom said. “Although my real name is Daurius. Daurius of Tiden.”

“Your Daurius of Tiden?” Bryan asked wide-eyed in the back seat. “Sirena do you know who this is?”

“Yeah, my father.”

“At times I wonder if she ever learned anything in her life.” Arion muttered out loud. “Daurius of Tiden is...”

“Do I need this Important People of the Universe lesson from you?” Sirena shot to the back. “Here we are.” She swung the car into a parking lot.

In the NASADA building, they were ushered into a private office. This one belonged to the head of NASADA.

“What do you guys need now?” He sounded kind of annoyed. “Parts again? You can’t possibly need supplies every week.”

“You try fighting monsters and not getting a zord damaged.” Sirena said under her breath.

“What? Speak up! I can’t hear you.”

“I said, we only need a few parts this time, and I need my driver’s license.” Sirena said politely.

“Oh yeah. Here.” He handed Sirena a large envelope. “You can pick up the parts at one of the warehouses.”

“Thanks.” Sirena smiled sweetly and led them out. Outside, she opened her com-link again. “Hey guys, this is Sirena.”

“Yeah. Did you get the stuff?” Zhane’s voice came through.

“Hmm. There in a warehouse somewhere. Teleport the supplies up. I don’t want to run around NASADA looking.”

“Okay. See ya at the ship then. Oh, DECA just told me that Mrs. Lee Scott just finished baking some cookies. Could you pick up a dozen for me?”

“Sure. If she has extras.”

“Thanks. Bye.” A beep sounded Zhane’s leave.

Sirena rolled her eyes. “Come on. We’ve got one more stop.” She led them back outside and to Carlos’s car.

After a short drive, they arrived in front of a white house. Sirena parked the car in the drive-way, and they walked in.

“Hi Mrs. Lee Scott!” Sirena called cheerily into the kitchen.

“Oh hi Sirena. Come to pick up Zhane’s cookies?” She asked getting up to get a bag on the counter.

“Yeah. This is my dad Daurius, my brother Trey, and two of my friends, Arion and Bryan.” Sirena refered to the people with her.

“Trey!” A voice exclaimed from the doorway. They turned to see Jason standing there. “Man, it’s great to see you!”

“Same thing to you too.” Trey lended his hand and they shook.

“You two know each other?” Sirena asked curious.

“Of course we de. I was power ranger. Did you forget that?” Jason asked. “Trey really helped us out back when the Zeo Rangers were powered up.”

“Jason took my powers as Gold Ranger for awhile. He returned them when the power started to kill him.” Trey explained.

“Too bad it didn’t.” Sirena said through clenched teeth.

“Now how would you know Trey?” Jason asked. “That is, unless you met him normally.”

“He’s my brother.”

“Whoa! And I thought I was unlucky to pretend to be related to you. I feel so sorry for you man.” Jason shook his head.

“And this, is my dad.” Sirena glared.

“Oh, sorry about what I said just a few seconds ago.” Jason said trying to edging out.

Sirena heard her watch beep. “This is Sirena. What’s up?”

“Don’t you dare eat any of my cookies!” Zhane yelled. “Get your own! I ordered a dozen for myself, not you too!”

“Zhane, I’m not eating any of them.” Sirena said angrily. “I know they’re yours.”

“Oh. Oops. Just a sec.” In the background, Zhane’s voice could be heard. “Damn you ACTOM! I thought you said she was eating my cookies!”

“ACTOM’s back already!?!”

“Yeah. Sorry about that. SOMEONE said you were eating my cookies.” Zhane elaborated on the someone.

“So was that it?” Sirena asked. “No monster attack, just cookies.”

“Yeah. Sorry to bother you. Now when are you going to get back with my cookies?” Zhane asked.

“Picking up Zhane’s cookies again?” Jason asked.

“Yeah. Why can’t he ever pick them up himself? Oh well, at least I’m off the ship.” Sirena shrugged.

“Here Sirena dear. I added a few extra for your guests.” Mrs. Lee Scott said handing her a bag of cookies. “Tell Zhane I’m glad he likes my baking, oh and give him a kiss for me, please.”

“I will.” Sirena assured her as she left to go check on another batch of cookies. “Like I’m, going to kiss him.” She added under her breath.

“Like I’m going to let you get close to me.” Zhane’s voice came over her wrist communicator, he had been listening. “If you touch me Sirena, I’ll see to it, that you’ll never be able to use your arms again!”

“Like I would really kiss you. I mean, come on, get real. I don’t want to get sick from whatever it is you have.”

“Haha. Now get back to the ship with my cookies.” Zhane ordered. “That was a direct order for you to obey.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Remember Sirena dear.” Zhane mocked. “I rank higher than you. Now get back!”

Sirena stuck her tongue out at her communicator and closed the link. “Come on, Zhane’s probably dying to meet his cookies.”

Together, they teleported from the Lee Scott kitchen, leaving Jason, onto the Astro Galaxy.

“Great! My cookies are here.” Zhane grabbed the bag dangling from Sirena’s hand and proceeded to tear into it.

“Whoa! Hold on a sec. Mrs. Lee Scott put some extra’s in it so we could share.” Sirena grabbed the bag back. “I hope you know what the word share means.”

“Believe me, I do. I just wonder if you know what the true meaning is.” Zhane tried to grab the bag back.

Sirena held it out of his reach behind her. “Oh no you don’t!” Suddenly, someone grabbed it from her. It was Andros.

“Are you two fighting again?” He asked.

“Yeah. She won’t give me my cookies!” Zhane yelled.

“Mrs. Lee Scott packed extra’s for all of us. He was going to eat them.” Sirena said defensively.

Andros opened the bag and counted. “There’s an extra dozen in here. Sirena, go grab a plate.”

Glaring, Sirena walked over to the synthetron. She returned with a large purple plate. “Here.” She handed it to Andros.

“Man! Did it have to be purple?” Zhane muttered. “You could’ve gotten silver or something.”

“What’s going on?” Karone asked as she, Cassie, and Ashley walked in. “What are they fighting about now?”

“Cookies.” Andros said. He counted out 12, and gave the rest back to Zhane who grabbed the bag. “Come on. Where’s TJ and Carlos?”

“Oh, somewhere.” Cassie said as she grabbed one of the largest. “I think they’re coming.” She managed through a mouthful.

“Pig.” Ashley said. She herself also grabbed a large one. “But, these are good, so there’s an exception.”

“Come on. Let the guests try first. Where are your manners?” Karone asked.

“They don’t have any if there’s a plate full of good cookies in front of them.” Sirena whispered to Karone. “Here, try one.” She handed the plate over to Arion, Bryan, Trey, and Daurius. They each took one. “Try it, it’s good. But be glad Ashley didn’t bake these.”

“Hey!!” Ashley put her hands on her hips. “And what’s wrong with my cooking?” She demanded. “So it’s, unusual. That’s doesn’t mean it tastes bad. Besides, Mrs. Lee Scott has had years of experience.”

“Come on, let’s drop the subject. I hate it when foods flying around here.” Andros picked up his and left.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Cassie called after him. “We don’t throw food. Do we?” She said uncertainly.

“Course not. He’s just being grumpy.” Karone handed Sirena her cookie. “I’m going to take these to TJ and Carlos.”

“Just make sure they get it.” Zhane said. “I’ll ask when I see them the next time.”

Karone forced a smile. “Like I would.” She turned and left.

“These are good.” Arion said through a mouthful. “What are these called again?”

“Cookies.” Zhane and Sirena spoke at the same time. They glared at each other.

“Hey professor!” Skull called. “Did you get the data yet?”

“Yes yes. Come closer and I will tell you.” The professor said. Bulk and Skull leaned closer. “It’s a boy.” He whispered barely audible.

“What!” Bulk yelled. “I can’t hear you. Speak louder, please.”

“He said it’s a boy!” Skull yelled in Bulk’s ear.

“Did you have to yell?” Bulk asked, he was ready to punch Skull. “I asked the professor to speak louder, not you.”

“Sorry.” Skull muttered. “Now what do we do?” He turned to look at the professor. “That alien could be out anywhere in Angel Grove.”

“I’ll put the data into one of my inventions. It’ll find that alien quicker than you can say Phenomenus.” The professor turned around and got to work again.

“So when is it going to be ready?” Skull asked. “I mean, he could’ve killed a lot of people by now.”

“Skull, shut up.” Bulk said. He turned to watch the professor work.

The End