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Rangers to the Rescue
By: AstroPurple

“Hey, thanks guys.” Cassie said. “I’ve gotta run.” Cassie turned and ran all the way back to the alley.

Bulk and Skull didn’t seem to notice the departure of their friend. They continued to look at the little device in their hand.

Back on the megaship, Cassie burst into the formal living room that belonged to the Galaxy Megaship, out of breath.

“Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, ohmigosh!” Cassie yelled as everyone looked up. “You won’t believe what I just found out!”

“And you found out?” Ashley asked. “Come on, if it’s a sale at Angel Grove Valley Mall, I’m there.” Ashley got up to leave.

“No. This maybe dangerous to Sirena, Andros, Zhane, Karone, Arion, Bryan, Trey, and Phantom if they ever go to Earth.” Cassie said. “The professor created a device to locate aliens. “Only he modified it to locate non-earthlings too.” Cassie took a deep breath. “Sirena, do you remember when Bulk and Skull showed up at school that day?”

“Of course I do. They were holding that stupid looking machine.” Sirena mumbled looking down. She suddenly jerked up. “Um... was that the thing you were talking about?” She asked Cassie.

Cassie nodded. “It’s got something on you. Well, either you or one of the others. Bulk and Skull are looking for the owner of the bio-form right now.” Cassie said. “I don’t think it’s such a great idea for you guys to go out.”

“You guys stay here.” TJ ordered. “Carlos, Ashley, Cassie, and I’ll go check this thing out.”

“Oh, and get some data on it for me.” Justin piped up. “I maybe able to find a way to neutralize it’s affects.”

“Okay buddy.” The four left each holding a small cancelable scanner.

“Come on Sirena. Don’t worry about it.” Karone said seeing her friend’s distress. “They’ll be able to do something.”

“Yeah. Once I get the data I need, everything’s gonna be just fine.” Justin assured. “Come on, let’s go to me simu-deck. You can show me those awesome moves you used to flatten Jason and Tommy. Not forgetting to mention Andros with those sword tricks.”

Zhane and Karone raised an eyebrow. “Andros, is that true?”

Andros turned away embarrassed. “When? I don’t seem to recall it.”

“Don’t you remember? It was at that ranger Christmas party.” Justin said. “Isn’t that right Sirena?”

“I believe so. Not that I care.” She added quickly for the sake of Andros.

“You don’t care!!!” Justin yelled. That got Trey and Phantom’s attention. “What’s the matter with you? Your the only ranger in Earth’s history to defeat three team leaders! Tommy, Jason, and Andros. Including the rest of us. Not forgetting to mention that your a girl.”

“And what’s wrong with that?” Sirena demanded hands on hips.

“Well, nothing. It’s just that girls have never played a really big part in Earth’s ranger history.” Justin proceeded to explain. “Your the only girl to be able to kiss some really big ass. I know Jason and Tommy are not gonna forget. They’ve never been defeated ever. Not even in battle with monsters or just for the sake of Karate tournaments.”

“So?” Karone asked. “I’m good also. Sometimes girls are just a lot better than boys.”

Justin shrugged. “Come on Sirena. I want to learn those moves. That way, if I get picked on again, I’ll be able to defend myself.”

“Okay.” Sirena let herself be dragged out of the room. “Coming Karone? Andros? Zhane?” She asked. “It’ll be a great workout.”

“Sure. I’d like to see how good you are.” Zhane jumped up to follow. “Come on Andros. If she didn’t kick your butt, then you’ll have to prove it to me. Come on you guys. Now I really get to see how good Sirena is.” He motioned for the Eltarians, Trey, and Phantom Ranger to follow.

“There’s some work-out clothes for guests in your closets.” Andros informed them. “That is, if you want to join in.” He added looking at Phantom Ranger.

Phantom shook his head. “I shall watch.”

After changing into work-out clothes, they all met on the simu-deck. True to his word, Phantom Ranger stood by the door to watch. The others couldn’t agree on one program or setting.

“I still say the Angel Grove Park.” Sirena insisted. “Just minus the people. The park’s a peaceful place. We can do a lot there.”

“I agree with Sirena.” Karone said. “I don’t like just a work out room. You two are too old fashion.” She referred to Andros and Zhane. “Grow up faster. You aren’t on KO-35 anymore.”

“Fine.” They finally gave in at Karone’s harsh comment. “A park then. DECA, simulate a park scene.”

DECA blinked a few times in understanding. Soon, a park scene appeared. Sirena glanced over at Andros and Zhane.

“You know, how about guys against girls?” She asked. “Me and Karone verses Andros, Zhane, Trey, Justin, Arion, and Bryan.”

Trey shook his head. “That wouldn’t be fair for you girls. It would be two against six.”

“Oh no.” Justin butted in. “It wouldn’t be fair against us. How about, all of us against Sirena?”

Andros nodded. “That would be fair. One against seven is a lot more fair. You up to it Sirena?”

“Of course. Don’t think I wouldn’t drop a challenge like that.” Sirena said. “You guys just watch carefully, I’ll be the winner.”

“Don’t be too sure.” Zhane muttered. “Are we starting or not?”

“Sure.” Sirena leaped up into the air in a flip and landed neatly. “I hope you guys can keep up. I mean, if I get too much, then just say the word and we’ll quit.”

“Fat chance!” Zhane leaped into the air and landed behind her. He grabbed her arms in a lock hold. “Andros, now!”

Before anyone had a chance, Sirena leaned forward and flipped Zhane neatly onto his face. “Um.. a bit late there I think?” She somersaulted backwards and landed in a clean gymnastic landing.

Arion, Bryan and Trey all attacked together in an almost impossible to escape attack. As if to look at options, Sirena looked around. At the last possible second, she whirled around in a swift kick sending the three backwards.

“You guys suck! No offense or anything.” Karone said. “Now this is how it’s done, watch the master.”

“Hey Karone, if your not careful, you might end up a bit more embarrassed than the guys.” Sirena said with her hands crossed.

Karone lashed out in fury and caught Sirena surprisingly, in the stomach. “Is that good enough for you?”

“Hey!” Sirena doubled over in pain. “That wasn’t fair.” She grabbed both of Karone’s feet and pulled them out from underneath.

Karone back-flipped back onto her feet, much to the amazement of the other people. “I’m a lot better than any of you guys thought. I wasn’t Princess of Evil for nothing.”

“I can see why.” Zhane muttered.

“Maybe we finally found someone to match Sirena in combat.” Justin looked over at the others. “But then again, if those two team up against us, then we’d be toast.”

Zhane looked sick. “I’ve never been beaten by a girl until now. And now, it looks as though two girls are gonna beat me.”

“Get use to it.” Andros said. “Now I have the embarrassment of being able to acknowledge the fact that my little sister is better and stronger than me in combat. Plus, not to mention more powerful.”

“Hey! I use to be the most powerful ranger in the universe. Now I’ve been replaced by two girls.”

“So, who cares about that?” Justin asked. “As long as your able to hold your own in a fight, you’ll be fine. Without having one of them,” He said pointing to the two girls. “to come and save your butt.”

Both Andros and Zhane shuddered. Trey looked on in amusement at the thought of his little sister being one of the two most powerful rangers in the universe. Not that he had much to be proud of. Even he was belittled by Sirena and Karone.

“Okay, let me get this strait.” Arion started. “Sirena, the girl from Zordon’s training school, is one of the best rangers in the universe?”

Zhane and Andros nodded.

“I don’t believe this!” Arion shouted.

Sirena looked over at them for a split second and whipped back. She was just in time to block a kick from Karone and throw one herself.

“Tie!” Bryan held his hands in a time-out fashion. Sirena and Karone froze. “If we wait for you two to finish, it’ll be forever. Let’s just call it a tie.”

Karone shrugged. “Whatever. All right Sirena, we’re equal right?”

Sirena nodded glumly. “I’ll never ever hear the end of it from Ashley and Cassie!” She wailed. “Please Karone, don’t tell them.”

Karone looked over at the guys. “What about them?” She asked. “Won’t they tell Ashley and Cass?”

Sirena shook her head. “If you guys tell a single soul out of this room, you’ll get what’s coming to you!” She yelled at them. “Please Karone?” Sirena pouted.

“What’ll we get?” Bryan asked looking at Andros and Zhane.

Zhane looked over at Andros. “Well?” He asked. “You’ve known her the longest. What’ll we get?”

Andros sighed. “Sirena means it when she says we’ll get it. I don’t know what it is, but from what I can tell, I’m not going to like it.”

Sirena paced impatiently back and forth on the Astro Galaxy’s bridge. “Come on. Where are they?” She yelled out frustrated.

“Waiting for TJ, Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley’s results on Professor Phenomenus’s device thing?” A voice came out.

Startled, Sirena turned around. A month or so ago, nobody would’ve been able to sneak up on her like that without her knowing or hearing. In the doorway, stood Trey, Daurius, Arion, and Bryan.

“Wait till everyone back on Eltar hears that we spooked Sirena.” Arion said in triumph.

“Shut up!” Sirena turned back around to face the screen. She was silently embarrassed and mad. “DECA, are either Cassie, TJ, Carlos, or Ashley back yet?” She asked hopefully.

“Same answer as the last one you asked ten seconds ago.” ACTOM called out cheerfully. “Loosen up. I’m sure they’ll find something.”

At that moment, Zhane walked onto the bridge tossing an apple in the air. “Well, everything else may taste bland. The apples are good.” Zhane took a large bite.

“Do you think of anything else besides food?” Sirena demanded.

“Um....” Zhane pretended to think. “Just most of the times, or during one of Kalika’s attacks?” He asked.

“Most of the time.”

“Then no.” Zhane turned to walk off and bumped into Karone. “Hey! Watch where your going.”

“You watch where your going monkey breath.” Karone said with an annoyed tone of voice. “So are the others back yet?”

Sirena shook her head. “I hope they get back soon.”

“Emergency Transmission received.” DECA’s formal voice said.

“On screen.” Sirena, Zhane, and Karone immediately snapped into action. “DECA, alert Andros.”

A fuzzy image appeared on the large screen the moment Andros walked in. “What’s going on?” He demanded to know.

“Emergency Transmission.”

The image started talking. “Sirena of Inquiris, I am Dex, the Masked Rider of Edenoi. My planet needs your assistance immediately. Lord Dregon has decided to launch a full attack on Edenoi. I am here along with other rangers and warriors of good, we need your assistance.” At the last word, the transmission ended.

“Why of all the people in the universe must he ask for my help!?!” Sirena yelled to no one in particular. “I have a life too.” Sirena sighed loudly. “ACTOM, disengage Astro Galaxy links. Set a course for Edenoi.”

“So your gonna go?” Zhane asked hopefully.

“Yeah.” Sirena said reluctantly. “I’ll be back though. You can count of it. ACTOM, are the links still in contact?”

“No. We’re fully separated. The other people will have to teleport back onto the Astro Megaship.”

“Sirena, is it okay if I come with you?” Karone asked timidly. “I mean, I know the invitation was for you only.”

“Go right on ahead Karone.” Zhane said. “As the Earthlings say, the more the merrier.”

“I have the idea that Zhane wants me to leave.”

“Same with me. I know Zhane wants me to leave.” Sirena chimed in. “And I do not call this an invitation. I don’t want to go.”

“Then don’t go to where ever it is your going.” Cassie said as she walked in. “It’s your choice.”

“I wish.” Sirena grumbled.

“What’s going on?” Ashley said as she walked in. “Sirena does not sound like her usual cheerful self.”

“She got a transmission from Prince Dex of Edenoi.” Bryan explained. “So, now she’s ditching us here with the psychos while she and Karone heads over to Edenoi for some ranger slumber party.”

“It is not a slumber party!” Sirena yelled. “Your just jealous cause I gotta be a ranger and you didn’t.”

“Sirena, your not leaving are you?” Ashley asked. “I mean, we need you and Karone.”

“I promised Zordon when I left that I would help any of his friends if they were in any trouble.” Sirena said dejectedly. “And the people of Edenoi are good friends with Eltar. I have to go. Besides, Dex is older than me by a few years. Plus, if other rangers and warriors are there, they’ll probably come and drag me there which is not funny at all.” Sirena added seeing that Zhane, Arion, and Bryan were trying to hide giggles behind covered mouths.

“I’m just going cause I’ve heard Lord Dregon can be really evil. Sometimes a bit more than Dark Specter. Also, Sirena needs someone to watch out for her. She might piss off some of the other rangers or warriors there and they decided to ditch her during a fight or something.” Karone said with a smile.

“Very funny.”

“Hey, she has a point.” Zhane pointed out. “You wouldn’t want your team to hate you, and the evil butt-heads to hate you too.”

“They are not gonna be my team!” Sirena shouted. “I’m gonna be back once I teach Lord Dregon a hard-to-forget lesson in making the good sides call me away from my team.”

“All right. I think you guys have pissed Sirena off enough to last her a week or so.” Trey said with an uncommon grin. “Sirena and Karone had better be on their way to Edenoi. I know Dex, and he hates people to be late.”

“Your right. Last time I was visiting him, I stopped on the way to get some real food and a short rest and ended up being a day late. He was so mad.” Sirena recalled the memory. “ACTOM, teleport everyone besides Karone and me to the Astro Megaship.” She commanded.

“Easier said then done.” ACTOM grumbled. Soon, the bridge was empty except for the two remaining rangers.

“Karone, you ready?” Sirena asked at the piloting controls.

“Ready!” Karone gave a thumbs up.

“ACTOM, switch accelerators to maximum hyper rush velocity.” Nothing happened. “ACTOM, switch accelerators to maximum hyper rush velocity.” Sirena commanded yet again.

“Oh sorry, I was saying good-bye to DECA.” He said sheepishly. “I know we don’t really seem like the pair to say good-bye, but hey, we’re getting along better after commanding one ship with her.”

“Fine. Are you ready to go now?”

“Yeah. Switching accelerators to maximum hyper rush velocity.” A low growl sounded and grew louder. “Gonna leave on your command Sirena.”

“All right. Let’s go before Dex gets mad at us.” Sirena pushed the engines to the maximum they could go, and the stars outside whizzed by.

On the Astro Megaship, everyone crowded at the windows and watched as the Galaxy Megaship zoomed off and disappeared into space.

“I hope they’re gonna be all right.” Andros mumbled.

“Oh don’t worry. Karone and Sirena are two grown girls, they can take care of themselves. It’s just ACTOM I’m worried about. I heard him telling DECA, that if any part of the ship is damaged again, he’s gonna just quit working and running.” Zhane said trying to assure Andros.

“Is that suppose to make me feel better?” Andros asked.

“Zhane’s just kidding, I hope. ACTOM threatens that each time, but he always does his job.” Phantom Ranger said to the surprise of the Astro rangers. He’d never said more than a few words at a time. Let alone joke.

After a few seconds, the group at the window slowly dwindled until only Phantom Ranger and Andros were there.

“Kalika, the Galaxy Megaship has just left orbit around Earth.” Darkonda announced to the satisfaction of Kalika.

“Good. I thought they would never leave. Our alliance with Lord Dregon is working perfectly.” Kalika smiled a smile of pure evil.

“Uh, so what is the alliance suppose to do again?” Elgar asked scratching his head.

Kalika sighed. “Eclipter, teach Elgar why we forged the alliance.” Kalika demanded.

“As you wish.” Eclipter bowed. He stepped towards Elgar who immediately backed away.

“Uh, that’s okay. I think I remember now.” Elgar turned and ran out of the control room.

“My princess,” Eclipter started. “do you really think the purple ranger will stay on Edenoi even though her planet is under full attack?”

“Don’t you dare question my judgment. I know she will. Her loyalty to Zordon is too strong. She’ll stay on Edenoi and help free that planet even though Earth is under attack.”

“I think it’s a wonderful idea Kalika.” Darkonda gushed. “The purple ranger will never suspect a thing. And by the time she realizes what has happened, Earth will be destroyed. And in return, we help Lord Dregon destroy Edenoi. Nothing could go wrong.”

“Your right. Cause nothing will. And if anything does, I will hold you,” Kalika jabbed a finger at Darkonda. “personally responsible. Remember that Darkonda. Now, prepare the psychos for a full attack on Earth. Eclipter, get the quantrons ready for the biggest attack Earth will ever see.”

“Right!” Both Eclipter and Darkonda acknowledged.

Satisfied, Kalika sat back to rest and dream of victory. In her mind, she saw herself destroying the purple ranger with Dark Specter smiling in the background. “I will succeed.” She thought.

The End