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Galaxies Away
By: AstroPurple

Sirena sighed as she looked out among the stars. The Galaxy Megaship cruised at a moderate pace to Edenoi. She hated leaving her friends like that. But, there was no choice. Her loyalty to Zordon was too strong.

“What are you thinking about?” Karone’s voice broke into her thoughts. She just walked in from doing an engine check-up.

Sirena sighed again. “I wish I didn’t have to go. Especially when the psychos are still in one piece. I feel like I’m betraying everything as a ranger.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. The others all understand.” Karone said softly. “Once the Turbine Laser is ready to go, everything will be fine.”

“I hope your right.” Sirena took one last look at the stars and then got back to work. “ACTOM, how many hours do we have until we reach Edenoi without Dex having a fit?”

“Approximately two Earth hours.” ACTOM said. “And at the snail pace we’re going, we’ll never get to Edenoi in time.”

“All right. Engage hyper accelerators on-line.” Sirena ordered.

“Hyper accelerators are on-line and ready.”

“Great. Then here we go.” Sirena grabbed the piloting controls and it was full speed ahead.

Karone watched Sirena silently. Even though it didn’t show, she knew Sirena was excited about going to Edenoi, just not the timing. After getting to know each other a lot better, Karone felt as though she knew the real Sirena and not the fun-loving one that was always on display.

Back on the Dark Fortress, Kalika watched with satisfaction as the quantrons ran laps, did drills, and some other stuff to prepare them for the attack on Earth. Eclipter watched carefully to make sure they were doing everything correctly and there was no one lagging behind.

In another part of the ship, Darkonda carefully trained the Psycho Rangers on how to battle and destroy the rangers. Each psycho had their own way to attack and destroy, but Darkonda wanted them to do it together so there was no way the rangers could survive.

“Darkonda, how are the psychos doing?” Kalika ordered.

“They’re doing fine. But all they need to learn is working together. Psycho Red is obsessed with destroying the red ranger, Psycho Yellow thinks she can do everything alone, Psycho Pink wants to prove she can handle things, Psycho Blue is very sure of the destruction of the blue ranger, and Psycho Black is about the only level headed psycho out of them all.” Darkonda said with a sigh. “With a lot of work, they will learn to work together and destroy the rangers.”

“How long will this take?”

Darkonda frowned. “It is hard to estimate my princess. It’ll depend on how fast they learn. I’d say about 3 weeks, give or take one week.”

“You’d better hope with your life that Lord Dregon can keep the purple ranger on Edenoi that long.” Kalika said sternly.

Darkonda nodded understanding and turned back to drilling the psychos on attack techniques.

Kalika sighed as she thought of how worthless most of the people on the Dark Fortress were. She pushed back her long, blonde hair as she walked, returning to her quarters.

On Earth, Bulk and Skull returned as the day ended with the same results as the days before.

“I’m sorry professor. We can’t find anyone who’s bio-signs match the aliens. It’s vacation time and everyone’s out and about. Maybe the alien decided to take a vacation too and he left to go back to his home-world.” Bulk said tiredly.

“Come on boys. We can’t give up now. Think of how many lives we’re saving by doing this. Think of the fame and fortune.” The professor looked at both their faces and didn’t see anything. “Think of the power rangers!” He tried again.

“The power rangers? What’ll they care?” Skull cried. “This doesn’t concern them.”

“But what if the alien is a power ranger? Think of the worlds we will explore with them.” Professor Phenomenus threw up his hands dramatically. “We’ll be famous alien hunters.”

“Can we talk about this tomorrow?” Bulk asked. “I’m hungry. Can we go get something to eat and then return to this subject?”

“Yeah.” Skull agreed.

“All right. I’m hungry too. What do you guys want to eat?” Professor Phenomenus asked.

“I don’t know. How about Italian?” Bulk asked.

“No, I hate Italian, I want pizza.” Skull disagreed.

The professor started the van while Bulk and Skull continued to argued on what to have for dinner.

Daurius found himself staring out into space in his assigned quarters. Next door, he could hear the Earth rangers arguing on how to spend their evening. He prayed for her to return safe and soundly.

“Please,” He thought. “she’s my only daughter. I want her back alive.” A soft knock sounded at his door disturbing his concentration. “Come in.” Daurius said collecting his composure.

The door slid open with a hiss and Trey peeked in. “I came to see how you were doing dad. I know your worried about Sirena.”

“She’s my only daughter Trey. And your only sister. I worry even though I know she knows what she’s doing.”

“I know. Through all the years I’ve known her without knowing she was my sister, I’ve learned to respect her and her decisions.”

Daurius looked up. “Do you think she’ll be careful and come back safe and sound?”

“Of course.”

“Hey Trey! Phantom Ranger!” Zhane’s voice cut through the walls. “We were all thinking of doing something on the simu-deck. You two want to join us?”

“Uh... we’ll be there Zhane.” Trey called back.

“Okay.” Cassie called through.

“Go ahead and join them.” Daurius said to his son. “I shall be there shortly.”

Trey nodded. He turned with one look over his shoulder and disappeared through the doors. Daurius heard everyone else outside as about him, and Trey’s short but brief reply.

In the palace at Edenoi, Dex paced the hall outside of his father’s room. King Lexian lay in bed inside sick with fever.

“Come on! Sirena get here already!” He found himself yelling. “Ciera,” He called to one of the servants. “Has Sirena of Inquiris arrived yet?”

“No.” Ciera hesitated. “But the other warriors are getting restless. If she doesn’t come soon, they’ll start the attack without her. You know how things could turn out without her. Dex please, talk to the warriors yourself. Assure them that Sirena will come.”

“I can’t Ciera. What if my father wakes up? I have to stay here. Give them my word that Sirena will come.” Dex pushed her in the direction of the throne room.

“All right.” Ciera sighed. She walked back to where she came from.

In the throne room, the matter was chaos. Rangers and warriors were scattered everywhere. Each stayed with their respective group. In the far corner, the elders were assembled. Though not rangers anymore, they were respected for their power and dignity.

“When is Sirena of Inquiris going to be here?” One of the younger warriors demanded when Ciera walked in.

“She will be her shortly.” Ciera answered.

“We’ve waited long enough. I say we attack without her.” Gorgan, the red ranger of Sylvesta said. Around him, his team agreed.

“No!” Tideus, one of the elders shouted. “We cannot attack without Sirena. You younger ones might not agree with me, but, we need her power and skill. She is one of Zordon of Eltar’s pupils which gives her more wisdom and strength than all of us. And last, but not least, she is the chosen one.”

Everyone quieted after Tideus’s short speech. Grateful for that, Ciera gave her announcement from Dex and left to see about some more refreshments.

“Sirena, maybe it’s time to switch to the Astral Boosters.” ACTOM said. “We’re kind of late. As in really late.”

“How late ACTOM?” Karone asked.

“About half an hour.” Came ACTOM’s prompt reply.

“Maybe it is time to start the Astro Boosters.” Karone said timidly.

“All right. ACTOM, fire up the Astral Boosters and turn off the hyper accelerators.” Sirena instructed.

“Done.” ACTOM for once, was one step ahead.

A few minutes later, the Galaxy Megaship pulled into orbit around the planet, Edenoi. Sirena grabbed Karone’s hand and together they ran to the teleportation room. Arriving on Edenoi, they were met by General Glevan of the defense forces.

“This is my friend Karone.” Sirena made a hasty introduction as she took off followed closely by Karone.

Rounding a corner, Sirena skidded into Dex.

“Sirena! Your here.” Dex said relieved.

“Sorry about that. I know you said no running, but I was in a hurry.” Sirena got up and dusted herself off. “This is my friend Karone, the gold ranger, she was also once Astronema, princess of evil. Now she’s good. Karone decided to tagged along if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind. The more the better. You might want to get to the throne room before everyone else starts tearing things apart waiting for you.” Dex looked past the use to be evil part.

“Well sorry. ACTOM was just traveling on the hyper accelerators. It was only after I ordered him, did he switch to the Astral Boosters.

“Ah-hem.” Karone cleared her throat. “You mean until I pointed it out that we might want to move faster, right?”

“Trying to hog all the credit again Sirena?” Dex asked. “And to think I was hoping you’d grow up.” He said shaking his head.

“And when would I ever grow up?” Sirena asked playfully. “You guys need someone around to lighten your dreary moods.”

“That’s also the reason I’m tagging along remember?” Karone asked. “To keep you out of trouble with the other rangers who might not accept your humor as easily as we do.”

“To keep Sirena out of trouble?” Dex asked with raised eyebrows. “I think you’d need a whole team to keep her out of trouble.”

“Well we didn’t have a whole team to spare.”

“Come on. The others are getting restless. We’d better start planning and coordinating the attack right away if we still want any help.” Dex led the way to the throne room.

The door opened to a chorus of arguments. In one corner, Leo, leader of the Galaxy Rangers could be heard protesting loudly on waiting for Sirena. In another, Gorgan could be heard once again demanding that the attack be led without Sirena. The elders could also be heard trying to quiet the noise.

“Enough!” Sirena’s voice rang loud and clear across the room. Everyone stopped talking and looked at her. “I’m here now!”

Karone settled back to watch what Sirena could do. “Wow. And I thought no one would listen to her.” She thought to herself.

“It’s about time. Dex and the oldies insisted that we wait for you.” Leo grumbled. “Now when are we going to see some action?”

“Your mouth is blowing hot air Leo.” Sirena shot across. “You won’t be saying anything like that after the first attack.”

“Sirena speaks the truth.” Tideus spoke up again. “You younger ones don’t know Lord Dregon. Though Sirena is younger than you, she has had experience that has taught her important lessons.”

“Do we care?” Gorgan asked. “All we care about is wining this fight. True, most of us here have just received our powers from the last generation, we are all warriors. We don’t need to be compared to a girl.”

“Our Quasar sabers gives us the strength we need to survive. Look at our fights with Scorpius.” Leo challenged boldly.

“I’ve heard of you Leo. A big mouth, I can only hope your team members can bring you down to reality. Scorpius is a strong foe indeed, but you’ve never encountered Lord Dregon.” Sirena stood up to the challenge.

Karone felt like laughing out loud. Leo’s face had turned red as a tomato. “Wait until Andros and the others hear what happened here.” She whispered to Sirena. “I can’t wait to tell them.”

“And who’s this?”

“She’s my friend Karone, the gold astro ranger.” Sirena neglected to mention the fact that Karone had also been evil.

“The gold astro?” Leian, another elder asked shocked. “But weren’t the gold astro powers put away?”

“Wasn’t the purple astro morpher given to Zordon so they would never be activated again?” Sirena challenged.

“But the two together again. Purple and gold, no one else except for the original astro rangers have been able to hold and use those powers together without them blowing up in their faces.”

“I haven’t felt any side effects. And neither has Karone. And the blowing in up in your face part, hasn’t happened.”

An explosion shook the palace from nearby. A guard ran in to inform them that the palace was under heavy attack.

“Well, it’s time for the inexperienced rangers to prove themselves.” Sirena said afterward. She looked at Karone who nodded. “Let’s Rocket!”

“Ecto-Phase Activate!” Dex was right behind her.

“Go Galactic!”

Around the room, the morphin sequence of different ranger teams could be heard along with the drawing of weapons. Dex led the way outside.

Outside of the palace walls, debris was everywhere. Different squads of soldiers could be seen directing civilians to safety. From some point in the atmosphere, lasers beams could be seen coming towards the city.

“Karone and I’ll go find the source of these beams and destroy them. The rest of you fan out and help the soldiers.” Sirena ordered. No one seemed to object to this plan so Sirena went on. “Galaxy Gliders, hang ten!”

The purple and gold gliders which had been stored on the Galaxy Megaship, whizzed down. Karone and Sirena jumped on and were soon out of sight.

The door slid open to the simu-deck. Uncomfortable, Daurius walked in demorphed. The others were already gathered there in the center. Trying not to cause a scene, he slipped in with the group.

“Everyone ready for a game of basketball?” TJ asked looking around.

“Uh....” Andros started looking nervously around. “Maybe we should do something less Earthly.”

“Like what do you propose?” Cassie asked.

“How about some Platonk?” Zhane suggested. He was met by enthusiastic replies from everyone except the Earth rangers.

“Um... what in the world is Platonk?” Ashley asked.

“You should say what in the universe Ashe.” Carlos corrected. “After all, we’re on a spaceship, with people from other worlds.”

“You guys don’t know what Platonk is?” Arion asked. “It’s a really fun game that everyone in the universe plays.”

“Well, we’re not everyone in the universe.” TJ said. “But we can learn.”

“It’s sort of like your Frisbee game. We have two teams of no matter how many people.” Andros tried to explain. “We throw something like a discus and we try to catch it again on a stick.”

“Count me out.” Ashley said. “If it involves throwing, I’m gonna break an acrylic nail.”

“Ashley!” Cassie stated. “It’s good to learn new things. Besides, when Sirena and Karone get back, we can play it together. And hopefully kick the guys asses.” Cassie whispered.

“I don’t think so.” TJ said wistfully. “You’re looking at the regional Frisbee champ two years ago.”

“Oh please. You couldn’t even catch the pencil Sirena threw at you during math class two weeks ago. How can you be regional Frisbee champ?” Cassie complained.

“Hey, that pencil was small. Plus, Sirena has good aim for the eye.”

“So are we playing Platonk?” Trey asked. “You guys will catch on real fast. It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of things.”

“I guess so.” Ashley finally agreed. “But I’m with Cassie.”


Soon the game got started, and as Trey had said, the Earthlings caught on real fast and were soon having fun. Unfortunately, TJ failed to live up to his boast on being the regional Frisbee champ. He was having a lot of trouble catching the small discus on his stick.

As the vast of space spread out before them, Karone and Sirena kept a careful lookout for where the laser beams were coming from.

“There!” Karone pointed to where a black ship was scarcely visible. “I think that’s it.”

“Yeah, it’s one of Dregon’s war ships all right. Auto Blaster, on-line!” Sirena called pulling her’s out from the it’s special place around her waist. Karone followed her lead. “Fire!”

Two beams, one purple and the other gold, hit the ship, blowing it up. But not before it aimed and fire it’s own laser back.

“Whoa! That was so close. Karone, I can see a few more heading our way. We’re gonna have to split up.”

“I’m fine with that.” Karone called back from where she was recovering. She readied her blaster again. “I’ll take the ones behind us, you can take the ones coming in front of us. Deal?”

“Deal.” Sirena nodded and fired her blaster two three times. “Purple Fire Staff! Time to bring out the heavy duty blasters.”

Karone nodded. “Planet Plates! Dual Firing mode.” Her weapons appeared, one strapped onto each wrist. “What do you say we teach these sorry excuses for being on the wrong side a lesson?”

“You got it.” Sirena flew strait into the on-coming group of fighters destroying four of the leaders.

With a clink of her Planet Plates, Karone sent several streaks of laser blasts and blew up half of the ships. “That’ll teach them to mess with us.”

“Fire Wall!” A wall of flame rose up on either side of Sirena, toasting all of the ships that flew into it. “Suckers!” She shouted.

“No fair. They’re leaving.” Karone said as it became obvious who was winning to the fighters. They retreated back towards outer space where they’re mother ship was orbiting. “We were having so much fun.”

“Party poopers.” Sirena yelled after them. “Come on, let’s get back to the surface and see what the others are doing.”

Karone followed as they zipped back to the surface of the planet. Back on solid ground, the other rangers met them.

“We could have helped on our Galaxy Cycles.” Leo whined. “But no, you guys had to do this on your own.”

“Sorry. There wasn’t any time for questions. And how was I suppose to know that the Galaxy Rangers had space cycles.” Sirena apologized annoyed.

“Oh well. The good thing is, Dregon’s gone for now.” Dex interrupted. “Let’s go back inside and finish planning.”

“We haven’t even started.” Gorgan busted in. “If some people would actually get to things like this on time, then maybe we could get things done too.”

The rangers of Sylvesta all agreed with him on the fact that he was their leader and the strongest of them all. Others weren’t so sure.

“Dex is right. We should get started on the planning and hopefully finish it too.” Tideus said. “Now, I suggest you rangers demorph so as not to die of heat and come back inside.”

“Power Down!” Karone and Sirena were soon back in their regular astro uniforms as they walked back inside.

“Uh oh.” Sirena said obviously remembering something. “Hey Dex. Can I dock the Galaxy Megaship in one of your docking bays?”

“Go ahead. Docking bay 16 is empty right now.” Dex nodded.

“Thanks. ACTOM!” Sirena called into her communicator as she walked. “Bring the ship down to docking bay 16.”

“Got it. I’ll be down in a sec. I need to finish my conversation with DECA. She’s just updating me on the happenings at Earth. I’ll inform you of things later.” ACTOM’s voice came through a little statically.


“Sirena, you were based on Earth?” Tideus asked as his general curiosity was aroused.

“Not officially. I met some friends who are rangers of Earth and with the same morphing power as me. The astro space rangers. Four of it’s then five members are Earthlings, plus, Dark Specter was attacking that planet.”

“What do you mean then five members?”

“Well, Zhane, the silver ranger returned from wherever it was he helped. And then after Andros found his lost sister Karone, she became the gold ranger.”

“So currently, the astro team has 8 members?” Dex asked from his place in the lead.

“Yes and no. Yes, we officially have 8 members. But, by our count, we have 12. While on the planet Whydren in the Quinten system, I met up with two of my old friends who aren’t rangers, but were trained to be one. And after that, they stayed on. Also, we currently have the Phantom Ranger and Prince Trey of Triforia with us.”

“So that’s where Trey is. I’ve been trying to locate him.” A warrior from the back spoke up. “I’m from Triforia. Prince Trey left after receiving a second urgent call from Phantom Ranger.”

“Oh.” Was all Sirena said.

Upon reaching the throne room, a map of Edenoi was brought in. One it, Dex pointed out their location, and the location of Lord Dregon’s main base.

“That’s where Dregon’s staying and where those ships out around the planet take orders from.” General Glevan informed.

“Thank you.”

“Damn. Sirena, I know what type of attack your thinking of, and it’s not going to work.” Karone said after a few minutes of silence. “There’s not enough people here, and even if we add in the soldiers, we’re not going to have enough fire power.”

“Your right. We need, at the least, six more rangers.” Sirena sighed. “And we can’t ask TJ and the rest of them to come. Not with Kalika and the psychos still on the Dark Fortress. Earth would be defenseless.”

“And we can’t ask the Aquitians either.” Dex spoke up. “They’re not use to a planet with an atmosphere like Edenoi.”

“ACTOM,” Karone called into her communicator. “What’s the situation on Earth right now? The most recent one you received from DECA.”

“Well, everything’s pretty quiet on Earth. Justin’s at his lab on Earth looking through all the data you guys collected on the psychos. And he finished on a neutralizer for Professor Phenomenon’s gadget an hour ago.” ACTOM reported. “But the scanners are still on high sensitivity for any disturbance cause Kalika’s been too quiet. She might be planning something big.”

“Let’s hope not. Guess having them come would be out of the question.” Sirena mused. “Um...” Sirena sighed as she thought. “There’s not much we can do right now, except hope Dregon doesn’t attack again today.”

“He won’t. Dregon doesn’t usually attack twice in one day, unless he feels threatened somehow.”

“Can’t imagine why.” Karone tried a little joke. “I mean, so two of the most powerful rangers arrive to help Edenoi and he got his ass kicked in the last fight. That’s really nothing to worry about.”

Sirena smiled. “Well, we can continue this tomorrow morning when we all have a clear head.”

Murmurs of agreement floated through the room. Slowly, all the rangers and warriors filtered out of the throne room and to their assigned quarters.

“Come on Karone. Let’s get to the ship and see if there’s anything new. Hopefully, the Turbine Laser’s done.”

“I’ll bet Zhane’s having a better time than us. So most of the people here don’t seem to like us. And they’re rebellious. Plus, some of them have something against you Sirena. Yes, from the looks of things, Zhane has to be having a better time than us.” Karone muttered.

“We’ll put on a smile, we can’t let him mock us.” Sirena said as they stepped on-board the ship. “ACTOM, close and seal all the outer exits.”

“You got it.” With several hisses, all the doors leading out were closed. “Exits closed off and locked.” ACTOM announced.

“Thanks. Establish a link with the Astro Megaship.” Sirena ordered. “Time to update each other’s records.” She muttered.

“Link established.”

“On screen.” Karone said as she plastered a smile on her face.

As they stopped to take a rest, the security camera on the simu-deck blinked on to life.

“Rangers, Karone and Sirena have established a link. They are waiting.” DECA said.

Together, they all trooped onto the bridge where an image Sirena and Karone was on the viewing screen.

“So, what’s up? You two look extremely unhappy. What happened? Lord Dregon kick your ass?” Zhane asked sarcastically.

“Very funny. It just so happens we won the first fight.” Sirena shot at him.

“And Sirena succeeded in making all the other rangers there hate her.” Karone muttered silently.

“What did she say?” TJ asked. “I thought I saw her lips move.”

“She said Sirena succeeded in making all the other rangers there hate her. Which I can see why.” Bryan said with a shrug. “I can lip read.” He said at everyone’s questioning glance.

Sirena opened her mouth to say something when an explosion sounded in the background. “What in the world?” She said surprised. Sirena looked down at something. “ACTOM what’s going on?”

“Intruder has boarded the ship.” ACTOM said in the background.

“How’s that possible?” Karone asked. “You sealed the ship. Unless of course there’s something your not telling us.”

“What’s going on over there?” Andros demanded to know.

“We have an intruder on-board.” Karone said exasperated. “Weren’t you listening?”

“Karone, who ever it is, has just disappeared from my scanner.” Sirena said from her controls.

“What do you mean?”

“It was on my scanner, showing me where the intruder was heading, but now it’s gone.”

“What’s gone?” Karone asked confused.

“The little blimp that’s the intruder, what else?”

“So lemme see,” Arion started. “You guys are on a ship alone, and there’s an intruder aboard. But you don’t know where he or she is, right?” He asked. Sirena nodded. “Do you know what you do now?” He asked. After a second, he burst. “You panic. That’s what you do. There’s nothing else left.”

“Excuse me?” Sirena asked. “Panic? Of all the advice you could offer, you tell me to panic?”

The image of Arion nodded.

“Thanks a lot.” Karone called from beside her. “We’d be better off going around blindly trying to locate the intruder.”

“Who do you think you are to call me an intruder?” A voice from behind them said mockingly.

Sirena and Karone turned to see Dex hanging out in the mega lift. He straitened up and walked off.

“Who is it?” Ashley asked several galaxies away on the Astro Megaship. “So come on and tell us. We’re dying of curiosity here. Hello, do you remember us?” She demanded.

Sirena turned back. “Sorry. It was Prince Dex of Edenoi.” She turned her back again. “How did you get on the ship?”

“It was ACTOM’s idea of a joke to freak you two out.” He said defensively against her demand.

“I wasn’t accusing that you destroyed one of the doors and snuck on. That’s impossible unless you had a really big laser gun. And even then, people on-board would have felt the impact.”

Dex shrugged. “You have a tendency to make me defensive that’s all.” He walked into view so the people on the Astro Megaship were able to see. “So is this the rest of your team?”

“Yeah. That’s Andros, TJ, Cassie, Carlos, Ashley, and that guy who’s grinning like a stupid idiot is Zhane.” Sirena introduced.

“Hey! You’re gonna regret that once you get back.” Zhane yelled.

Sirena stuck her tongue out and blew a raspberry at him. She then continued on with intros. “The rest of the people there are Arion and Bryan of Eltar, Prince Trey of Triforia, and the Phantom Ranger.” Sirena finished.

“I know Trey all right. Can’t go through life without hearing about his event that dealt with the Zeo rangers of Earth.”

“I didn’t hear about it until he told me.” Sirena was defensive now. “And I have been going through life.”

“Could of surprised me.” Zhane yelled.

Karone, who had been playing with some of the controls suddenly gave a cry of triumph. “Hey Zhane! Feel this?” She asked pushing a button.

On the Astro Megaship, a small bolt of electricity came from one of the small cracks on the computer console and electrocuted Zhane.

“Yeow!” Zhane cried leaping into the air.

“Yep, he felt that all right.” Cassie said laughing along with the rest of them. “How’d you do that Karone?”

“I just hacked into the ships computers and built up a small amount of electricity there. When I overloaded it, it came out to hit the unfortunate soul standing in front of that computer.” Karone said with an innocent look. “It was easy.”

“Andros, we got to get those passwords changed.” Zhane winced in pain. “Any little hacker could get in to play tricks on us.”

“We got to go.” Sirena said. “If we have time, we’ll update you guys tomorrow or the day after that.”

“Okay, bye.”

Soon after, the link was broken. Sirena and Karone followed Dex off the ship to their own quarters.

“We’re meeting tomorrow morning again for breakfast at 7:30 am, Earth time.” Dex told them as he was prepared to go back to his post at his father’s room. “Ciera will wake you up at 7 am, Earth time tomorrow morning.”

Sirena and Karone nodded understanding. In their own rooms, they got ready for dinner. Afterwards, the two returned to Sirena’s room to talk deep into the night about tomorrow’s plans.

The End