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And Still Thinking...
By: AstroPurple

Andros lay on the beach starring at the stars. The night was cool and space seemed endless. Somewhere out there, he knew, he hoped, Sirena was looking at the same ones.

“God I miss her.” He thought out loud. “Hurry up and come back.”

“Hey Andros, who’re you talking to?” Zhane’s carefree voice drifted across to his ear. “And don’t try to deny it. I saw your lips move.”

“Come on Zhane, leave him alone.” He could hear TJ whisper.

Sighing, he sat up and looked over at the other rangers. It had been Justin’s suggestion to spend the rest of the evening at the beach. The little blue ranger walked over and plumped down beside him.

“Are you thinking about Sirena?” Justin asked him.

Andros nodded. “Yeah. I miss her so much.”

“I do too.” Justin lowered his voice so it was barely audible. “I miss those fights she has with Zhane.”

Andros smiled. “You think she’s having those same ones on Edenoi?”

“Nah.” Justin shook his head. “There’s probably no Zhane type guy there. Besides, wouldn’t she be too busy helping Dex kick Lord Dregon’s ass?”

“Now where’d you learn to say words like that?” Andros asked. “Wouldn’t your dad disapprove of it?”

“Yeah, I guess so. But you should hear Sirena say them. She doesn’t make them sound like swear words.”

“Still, you shouldn’t be learning those words.”

“I wish we could go visit her.” Justin looked down as he played with the sand. “Hey can we? After all, Kalika been pretty quiet. I can construct a small sensor, leave it with the Lee Scotts, and it’ll send us something if Kalika attacks.” Justin sounded so excited.

Andros had to admit, that wasn’t such a bad idea. “I don’t know, we’re gonna have to talk to the others about it.”

“Come on!” Justin jumped up and ran back to the other rangers. “Guess what!?! Guess what!?!”


“Andros said we could go drop in on Sirena and Karone’s party on Edenoi if you all agree.” Justin yelled.

“But weren’t we gonna have a Sirena and Karone free vacation?” Zhane whined “Please?” Justin begged. To add a little more begging, he stuck out his lower lip in a pout. “Can we?”

“Oh doesn’t that look so cute?” Ashley asked. “Maybe we should?”

One by one, all the rangers agreed except for Zhane who continued to put up a fight. But in the end, he gave in also when Justin mentioned that he would be able to get Karone back for the shock.

Back on the Megaship, Arion and Bryan were playing with the sensors when the Phantom Ranger and Trey walked in.

“What are you guys doing?” Trey asked.

“Bryan wants to see if he hack into the Universal Ranger Records’ headquarters and change a few things.” Arion said looking up.

“Now I wonder what Leian would do to a few more hackers?” Trey said thoughtfully. “I know he stripped the last five hackers of their ship and kicked them into some camp for losers.”

“Ha ha ha. Very funny.” Bryan muttered as he quickly backed out.

“DECA, send a portable sensor and communication radio to the Jason Lee Scott with instructions on what to do.” Andros ordered as he walked in.

DECA blinked a few times. “Done.”

“Plot a course to Edenoi, hyper-rush accelerators.” Justin ordered as he sat in one of the leather seats. out loud.

“Get out twerp.” Zhane ordered. “That’s my spot.”

Justin glared at him as he transferred seats. “I wish you were a computer like DECA. Actually, I wish you two would change places.”

“Yeah, well, I wish you were with Sirena right now.” Zhane shot back as he got comfortable.

Justin stuck his tongue out.

“Hey Justin, where’d you learn to do orders like that?” Cassie asked from her station.

“I learned from you guys. You always say that when you want to go somewhere fast.” Justin said matter-of-factly.

“So why are we going to Edenoi?” Arion asked. “Isn’t that where that fight with Lord Dregon’s going on?”

“Yeah. We’re going to crash Sirena’s little party.” TJ grinned. “It was all Justin’s idea.”

“Now run by me why you’re gonna do this?” Trey asked.

“We miss her and Karone.”

“Don’t you know that those other rangers don’t like Earthlings?” Arion asked. “They think you guys are uncivilized.”

“Yeah so?” Carlos asked.

Bryan sighed. “Lemme put it this way, no one in this universe likes Earth. Your not up-to-date in technology.”

“Don’t listen to these guys.” Zhane dismissed it with a wave of his hand. “They don’t know anything. We’re all rangers.”

“Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you.”

Phantom Ranger watched silently. He was secretly glad. He wanted to see Sirena again too. Just to make sure she was all right and safe.

“Ready to go?” DECA asked.

“Sure. Let’s go party now.” TJ said as he pushed the accelerators as fast as they would go.

“All right. We’re finally on our way!” Justin cheered.

“My princess,” Eclipter said as he walked into her room. “The Astro Megaship has left orbit around the planet Earth.”

Kalika got up. “When did they leave?”

“They left a few minutes ago.” Eclipter said. “We were monitoring their ship for activity.”

“Do you know where they are heading?” She demanded. “I want to know where they are going and stop them.”

“We are working on that now.”

“So you don’t know?” Kalika asked.

“No my princess. I am very sorry.” Actually, Eclipter didn’t feel any sorry for her at all. ‘Serves her right.’ He thought.

“Follow them!” Kalika ordered. “I want to see where they are going. And next time I want to be alerted sooner than this.”

“Yes my princess.” Eclipter backed out of the room to issue orders to the quantrons.

Kalika got up in search of Darkonda and the psycho rangers as the ship got moving.

“Darkonda!” She shouted.

“Yes my princess.” Darkonda appeared out of nowhere. “You called.”

“Are the psychos ready?” Kalika demanded.

“No, I’m afraid not. They’re getting their information up-dated. It could take some time. And they are not finished learning about teamwork.”

“When I want something done, I want it done now!” Kalika was angry. “Make sure the psychos are ready soon. I have another job for them.”

“Yes my princess.” Darkonda disappeared as fast as he had appeared. “It shall be done and soon you will follow my orders.” He said too quietly for any eavesdroppers to hear.

On Edenoi, it was morning and both Karone and Sirena were up and discussing the days events during breakfast.

“So we’re actually gonna get to see how a battalion works?” Karone asked uncertainly.

“Yeah. Leo’s team suggested it.” Dex said. “It won’t be so bad.”

“Who said it was bad?” Sirena asked. “It’s really boring, believe me.” She whispered to Karone and Dex turned away. “Last time I had to go through this same torture. Glevan goes on and on about how great his force is and he lists all their achievements. If we live through this, everything else will be so easy.” Sirena sat up strait and pushed her plate away.

“So how come we don’t get to suggest anything?” Karone asked.

“Our team isn’t here. We need at least five members to be a team. Andros and Zhane had this same problem before the others merged with them.” Sirena explained. “It also sucks because I want some time off to show you around the city and the others don’t.”

“Is everyone done?” Tideus asked. “We really must be getting the battle planning on.”

“Yes.” Murmurs of agreement filtered through the group.

“Hey Dex, I just noticed, how come the Gabon team isn’t here?” Sirena asked.

“Sirena you really should keep up with the universal news.” Leo chided. “The planet Gabon has been attacked by Divatox. They had to stay and defend their home. Don’t tell me spending too much time on Earth has boggled your sense of what’s happening in the universe.”

“Don’t worry, it hasn’t. Our communications on both ships were jammed by Dark Specter to keep us from finding out where Zordon was hidden.” Sirena said through clenched teeth.

Leo shrugged. “Can’t blame me for not knowing. We all know that Earth has a lot of catching up to do with the rest of the universe.”

Sirena glared angrily at him which made Leo feel very uncomfortable. Very calmly, Sirena stood up and motioned Karone to do the same. “Are we ready to go start the planning now?”

Everyone else followed and they proceeded to the throne room. In the midst of their conference, a guard walked in and informed Dex of something.

“May I have your attention please. Two unidentified ships are heading towards Edenoi.” Dex announced. “Please look at the screen.”

A large TV like screen lowered from the ceiling. The screen was divided in half as an image of two ships appeared.

Sirena groaned out loud. “Karone, it’s the Dark Fortress. I wonder what Kalika’s planning now?”

“And the Astro Megaship. I wonder what’s happened?” Karone said worriedly.

“Dex, how far away is the megaship?” Sirena asked.

“It’s about half an hour away. Why?”

“Close enough.” Sirena ignored Dex’s question and lifted her communicator to her lips. “Astro Megaship, come in.” There was no sound. “Andros, Zhane, somebody better answer their communicator now!”

“Um... hi Sirena.” Justin’s voice came through clear and loud. “Is everything all right? What’s up?”

“Yes, everything’s fine. Now what are you guys doing heading towards Edenoi? Should you be on Earth working on the psycho problem?”

“Um.... well.... you see, we all missed you and Karone and well we decided to come see you guys.” Justin stuttered out. “Your not mad are you?”

“No, just annoyed. Do you guys happen to know the Dark Fortress is right behind you?” Sirena asked.

“Well yeah, the Phantom Ranger and Andros are working on that problem right now. Um... are you gonna meet us in the Galaxy?” Justin asked hopefully.

“No, I can’t. Karone will meet you guys though.” Sirena said glancing at everyone else in the room who was listening.

“Darn. Well we’ll” Justin was interrupted by an all too familiar annoying voice.

“Hey Si, we came all this way just to see you guys so you’d better appreciate it even though I was against it.” Zhane yelled. “And tell Karone I’m gonna get her back for electrocuting me. See you two soon.” Zhane cut off before Sirena could say anything else.

“Looks like my team’s gonna be coming after all.” Sirena sighed. “Karone, you’ll help me kill Zhane if he does anything stupid right?”

“Be glad to.” Karone assured. “Do you want me to go meet them?”

“Nah. They’re al big guys, they can take care of themselves.” Sirena changed her mind. “Oh well, let’s get going on this planning thing before they get here and ruin everything.”

Pretty soon, the talking resumed and all else was forgotten. The meeting broke up forty minutes later. Sirena and Karone headed towards the docking bay to take the Galaxy out to meet the Astro.

“ACTOM, fire up the thrusters. We’re going to meet the Astro Megaship which is almost here.” Sirena said as she walked onto the bridge.

“And I thought we were gonna have a Zhane free vacation.” Karone whined.

“Yeah, whoever thought of this is gonna be dead.”

“I don’t know about you girls, but I’m looking forward to the companion DECA will bring. It gets lonely you know.” ACTOM grumbled. He was partly true. He was the only talking ship in the docking bay.

A few minutes later, they sighted the Astro Megaship ahead and docking procedures for the Astro Galaxy were being made ready on both ships. As docking was carried out, both groups waited at the adjoining door.

“Docking procedures completed.” ACTOM said. “Should I open the door or leave them waiting for a few minutes?”

“Open the door ACTOM.” Sirena commanded.

“What about a please?”

“Now!” Sirena yelled at one of the security type cameras that was ACTOM’s eye on the ship.

“Okay, that could also replace the please too.” ACTOM grumbled as the door slid open.

With one swift move, Sirena threw herself into her father’s waiting arms. Karone hugged her brother the same way.

“Man we missed you guys.” Karone said as she pulled away. “You won’t believe how hard it is being the only girls.”

“Yeah, it’s like an all male conference and none of them want us here except for the older and wiser men.” Sirena grumbled. “And those young amateurs still need to learn respect.”

“Come on Sirena. Give some of them a break. They aren’t all that bad.” Karone mumbled. “So Leo and Gorgan have been giving you a hard time. Doesn’t mean they’re all like that.”

“Come on, we can get this ship moving to Edenoi now that Kalika’s learned her lesson following us. I want to meet some of these awesome guys.” Zhane called cheerfully. “They sound okay to me.”

Pretty soon, the ship started again at a faster past towards Edenoi. After the larger Astro Galaxy docked at a larger docking bay than number 15, Sirena led them through the halls towards the throne room.

“Hey. How come the doors are closed?” Karone asked. “They were open when we left.” She raised a hand to knock.

“Don’t bother.” Sirena grabbed the two handles and pushed open the door with a bang. “Oops. Was I too loud?” She asked the surprised rangers gathered inside. “This is my team.” One by one, Sirena introduced them all. “And lastly, this is our leader Andros.”

“I wonder if anyone on her team besides Karone actually like her.” Leo whispered loudly to his own team mates.

Sirena felt her face flush. Walking by him, she hit him in the head. “Get your brain cleaned Leo. I think it’s stuffed with some useless things.”

“Hey!” Leo reached out and grabbed her wrist. “You apologize for that little girl.” He demanded.

Sirena flipped him easily. “I don’t think so. And next time you touch me, you won’t be so lucky.”

“Sirena, try being a little bit nicer to some of the other guests.” Zhane called from the food table. “And give my complements to the chef. This food isn’t so bad. A lot better than DECA’s synthetron.”

“Sirena’s right. You are a pig.” Justin said from where he was sitting. “The least you could do is help us with this map. I can’t understand some of the weird symbols.”

“I swear, I’m gonna teach you a lesson on listening to Sirena you little twerp.” Zhane said as he headed towards Justin.

“Uh oh. Sirena! Zhane’s threatening me again.” Justin ran and hid behind her.

“Zhane. Stop it. It’s bad enough you are a pig, now you have to pick on younger kids for your entertainment.” Sirena muttered.

“That’s enough you two.” Andros called from where he was talking with Dex. “I can’t believe that it hasn’t been half an hour, and you two are fighting again.”

“I can believe it.” Cassie said. She turned back to her conversation with Ashley once Sirena looked in her direction.

“Prince Dex!” Glevan yelled as he ran into the throne room. “Five unknown beings are attacking the city. None of my forces can stop them.”

“What do you mean five unknown beings.” Dex asked.

“We can’t identify them. They don’t seem to be under Dregon’s command. They seem to work for someone else.”

“Andros. Could it be the psychos?” Karone asked worriedly. “I mean, five unknown beings, five psycho rangers. It’s too much of a coincidence.”

“That’s what I was thinking. Come on guys. Let’s check it out.” Andros called to his rangers. Nodding they all walked next to him. “Let’s Rocket!”

In a few seconds, the eight astro rangers left the palace for the destination of the disturbance. Justin stayed behind where it was safe on orders of Andros. On their galaxy gliders, the rangers quickly located where they were heading.

“Psycho Rangers! What are you doing here?” Carlos demanded.

“Hello rangers. We’re looking for you. Who else.” Psycho Black said matter-of-factly.

“We’re back better than ever. Watch out rangers, this’ll be your last fight ever.” Pink Psycho yelled from where she was standing.

“I’ll bet. The only ones going are you guys.” Sirena said angrily. “And you’re heading for the junk yard!”

“Don’t be so sure. We’re stronger than you, smarter than you, and faster than you. You can’t stop us.” Psycho Red growled. “Psychos, Blast!”

Several waves of energy streaked were emitted from their hands towards the astro rangers. From somewhere, a strong solid shield blocked the damage to the rangers that blast would have done.

“What?” Psycho Yellow looked at where the shield had come from.

Justin stood there holding some sort of strange looking device. “I’m not sure about stronger or smarter, I just proved you wrong!” Justin winked at the astros. “Shift into Turbo!” In a few seconds, he was morphed and had grown from his puny sized into his well muscled one.

“Justin! Watch out!” Sirena tackled him and pushed him out of the way as another blast came. “Purple Fire Staff! Earth Charge!” Her charge of strong electricity slowed the psychos down, but didn’t stop them.

“You’ll have to do better than that purple ranger!” Psycho Red yelled. “We won’t be taken down so easily.”

“Hey guys, are you done with the Turbine Laser?” Karone asked as Sirena and Justin rejoined the group.

“Yeah.” Zhane said.

“Can we use it?” Sirena asked hopefully.

“It hasn’t been tested yet.” Justin said. “It might blow up in your faces or something.”

“Well we don’t have time. We’re gonna have to use it.” Andros sighed. He stood strait to call out. “Turbine Laser!”

In a flash, the Turbine Laser appeared. Standing in almost the same way as the Turbo Rangers would, the astro rangers got ready to fire.

“Turbine Laser Energize!” Andros commanded. “Well, here goes nothing. Turbine Laser Fire!”

In a flash of blinding light, a loud explosion could be heard and it was over. One look told them that the psychos had been destroyed. Debris was everywhere.

“Um..... are they gonna pull themselves together again?” Sirena asked timidly. “Cause I don’t want to do that again.”

After watching a while, they all agreed that the destruction of the psychos had come. With sighed of relief, the astros returned to the palace leaving the debris. As they left, Kalika appeared with a squad of quantrons.

“Pick up the pieces.” She ordered. “We’re gonna do some rebuilding. Nothing will stop me.” She waited while all the pieces were gathered. “Let’s go. We don’t want the rangers finding out what happened.”

With no one watching, Kalika and her quantrons disappeared and everything was as it was, only with no pieces of psychos laying around.

“So?” Leo asked as they arrived back at the palace. “Did Sirena get her butt kicked or what?”

“For your information Leo, the psychos are destroyed. I hope you know what that means. They’re the old news.” Sirena said angrily. “And I did not get my butt kicked. Never has happened, and never will.”

“So the Turbine Laser did it’s job?” Bryan asked from his chess game with Arion. “I mean, it didn’t blow up did it?”

“Yeah. The psychos are history.” Cassie said. “Now we can really rest. What do you say this trip to Edenoi is a vacation?”

“Sure.” They all agreed.

“Oh no. Don’t celebrate just yet. We still have kick old Lord Dregon’s butt.” Sirena cut into the small agreement.

“Awe come on. Andros we deserve a break from the psychos. Do we have to teach Lord Dregon a lesson now?” Zhane complained. “I need to rest my sore limbs.”

“Why don’t we kick Dregon’s butt to the next dimension, and then take our vacation? How’s that?” Carlos asked. “That’s way, we can have some fun humiliating Dregon, and then go on our well deserved vacation.”

“I can live with that. How about you Zhane?” TJ turned to look at their silver haired friend who was silently fuming from another loss.

“Oh all right.” Zhane gave in. After all, the thought of humiliating Lord Dregon was too good to pass up.

“You guys make defeating Lord Dregon sound like a cinch.” Dammon, the green galaxy ranger said.

“Well, if you’ve been up against Dark Specter and Kalika, oh, I forgot, the Princess Kalika of evil. My fault.” Ashley smirked. “Then Lord Dregon’s gonna be real easy.”

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch Ashley.” Trey said. “Lord Dregon’s not exactly easy. Let Sirena tell you about him. She’s had more experience and can tell you more about him.”

“Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. Well, Dregon’s fortress is really heavily built. Getting in is not easy. Believe me. But once we get, everything else is a cinch.” Sirena shrugged. “All we need to figure out, is how to get in.”

“The great and mighty Sirena, not know how to get in?” Zhane gasped. “This is the biggest shock I have ever known in my entire life. I can’t believe it. Someone tell me it’s not true.” Zhane straitened up when he found the rangers of other alien worlds looking at him strangely.

“Serves you right.” Sirena whispered to him.

“Hey Sirena, do you happen to know that we already have a plan?” Leo asked. “It involves you of course, so don’t worry about being left out.”

“No. Lemme so it. If you helped think of it, it might not work.” Sirena walked over to where the map was. “What!” Sirena cried once she saw the plan. “I can’t work with bubble brain here.” Sirena complained jabbing a finger at Leo who was smirking silently.

“If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to.” Leo crossed his arms over his chest. “And this plan works.”

“For you. Your giving yourself the easy job.” Sirena yelled. “I’ll do it if the jobs are divided equally. But if they aren’t, I’m doing this alone.”

“Forget it. I thought of it. And if you don’t like your share in it, I’ll take my team with me.” Leo stood up strait. “And your not doing this alone. It’s my plan and I get a share in it too.”

Kendrix sighed from where she was sitting. “Leo, I told you it isn’t fair. Besides the fact that you two hate each other, you won’t work well together. Plus, your not very good at keeping quiet. Especially through those tunnels.”

“Kendrix!” Maya whispered from next to her. “Let’s keep out of this. This is for Leo and Sirena to work through. We shouldn’t butt in.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Dammon grumbled. “They’ll never work through anything. Both of them are as stubborn as a mule. They probably won’t even give in to their dad or mom. If Sirena had ever met her’s.”

“Hey!” Sirena felt herself fuming at hearing that. “I’ve met my father before now get out of my personal life! What is this? Is my life, what I do, and who I meet posted all over?” Sirena was on the verge of tears.

Phantom Ranger automatically rose from where he was sitting. Andros stepped in also, in case he was needed. They both knew that Sirena never cried unless something had really hurt her.

“Sorry.” Dammon apologized. “It’s just that everyone here knows that your parents left you to Dimitria. It’s not exactly a well kept secret.”

Under his helmet, Daurius felt his own face flush. “If only he knew.” He thought silently. “Come on Sirena, don’t lose control.”

Dex chose that moment to appear from wherever it was he had disappeared to after the astros had left to see about the psychos. “Um... I take it this is not a good time to ask how Sirena likes Leo’s plan.”

Andros nodded. He reached out to touch Sirena, but she turned so quickly he was startled. Sirena ran from the room with tears streaming down her face to some place private. Andros was about to go after her when he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder. It was Phantom Ranger.

“Don’t.” Phantom shook his head. “I have to do this.”

Andros nodded understanding as Phantom Ranger walked out after Sirena.

Lord Dregon listened as the radio device related all that was happening over at the palace. “So Sirena is mad? Hmmmm... This work to my advantage.” He said thoughtfully. He quieted once the talking started again.

“Sirena.” Phantom Ranger began hesitantly. “Sirena you all right?”

“Oh hi.” Sirena muttered. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“No your not. Try not to lie to me.” Phantom Ranger paused. “I’m sorry about what Dammon said back in the throne room. If I could, I would change your past.”

“You don’t need to feel sorry. I had it coming to me a long time ago. Anyway, my past was fun enough.”

“Don’t you ever wonder about things? Like, why we, your mother and I, left you to Dimitria to raise?”

“No, Dimitria and Zordon told me it was because you guys didn’t want me facing Kalika. The only things I’ve ever wondered were who you guys are and if I was gonna ever meet you. Now I have.”

“That’s not true. We didn’t leave you to Dimitria because of your future. It because of what was going on around when you were born. I wanted you to be raised in a safe environment. Dimitria and Zordon were the answer. I didn’t count on you becoming a ranger. It was never my wish.”

“I?” Sirena paused at that. “What do you mean I? What about mom? Didn’t she have a say in things? ”

“Your mother was not who she appeared to be. She was the reason I sent you to Dimitria and Zordon. To be safe from her.” A silence lingered. “You do wonder about her right? If you want, I can answer questions about her right now.”

“No.” Dregon said softly. “Sirena must not find out. If she does, Dark Specter would destroy me. I must stop him from revealing anymore. It’s bad enough that she knows he’s her father, she must not find out who her mother is.” Lord Dregon yelled loudly for his general. With rapid talking, he outlined what was suppose to be done to keep Sirena from finding out anymore. “And do not fail me or else Dark Specter will destroy us all.”

His general nodded with understanding. Upon leaving, he yelled for orders to be given to the ships orbiting the planet to attack the city now. He himself would go see about the troops.

Sirena sat with her feet tucked up on a large rock outside the city walls. She looked down over the valley from where she was. Silently, she wiped her eyes free of tears.

Daurius walked slowly up to her. He demorphed when he came within five feet of his daughter. “Sirena.” He began hesitantly. “Sirena you all right?”

Sirena looked up. “Oh hi.” She muttered. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She let her eyes drop back down again.

“No your not. Try not to lie to me.” Daurius slipped an arm around her and hugged her. “I’m sorry about what Dammon said back in the throne room. If I could, I would change your past.”

“You don’t need to feel sorry. I had it coming to me a long time ago. Anyway, my past was fun enough.” Sirena pulled away and stood up.

Hurt, but not wanting it to show, Daurius put a smile on his face. “Don’t you ever wonder about things? Like, why we, your mother and I, left you to Dimitria to raise?”

Sirena shook her head. “No, Dimitria and Zordon told me it was because you guys didn’t want me facing Kalika. The only things I’ve ever wondered were who you guys are and if I was gonna ever meet you. Now I have.”

“That’s not true. We didn’t leave you to Dimitria because of your future. It because of what was going on around when you were born. I wanted you to be raised in a safe environment. Dimitria and Zordon were the answer. I didn’t count on you becoming a ranger. It was never my wish.”

“I?” Sirena looked questionably at her dad. “What do you mean I? What about mom? Didn’t she have a say in things? ”

“Your mother was not who she appeared to be. She was the reason I sent you to Dimitria and Zordon. To be safe from her.” A silence lingered. “You do wonder about her right? If you want, I can answer questions about her right now.”

“Yeah. Some of the time. So what was she like? Why did you send me away from her? What did she do? Will you tell me everything about her?” Sirena asked. She looked hopefully at her father.

“I will tell you all I know.” Daurius opened his mouth to begin. Dregon must of been listening, for he chose that moment to attack.

“Damn.” Sirena said aloud as fighters appeared from the sky and began circling the city. Inside the city, screams and shouts could be heard. Sirena knew perfectly well that Dregon had also sent a few of his strongest warriors and about several dozen troops to the city.

“We will have to protect the city.” Daurius said nodding. “We shall finish this later. I promise.”

Sirena nodded. “Let’s Rocket!” In a flash of purple light, she stood fully morphed. During her transformation, Daurius had morphed back into the Phantom Ranger. “I’ll take care of the ones in the sky.” Phantom nodded as he disappeared towards the city. “Galaxy Glider, hang ten!”

The End