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Chapter 2: Good or Evil
by : AstroPurple

The power rangers seeing that the mysterious girl could not hold on any more, couldn’t decide what to do.

“We’ve gotta help her.” said TJ. “She’ll never win. And if she is an enemy of Dark Specter’s, than we’re allies.”

“Whoa, hold on a minute TJ.” said Ashley holding up her hands. “She almost fried me and Andros, and you want to help her?”

“TJ is right.” Andros jumped in. “You never know who is the enemy out here. She was just taking precautions.”

“I want to help. She is a girl. She looks younger than us.” said Carlos. “We can’t just stand here and let Dark Specter and Eclipter destroy her.”

Up till then Cassie had been pretty quiet. “You guy’s, do you remember when that computer voice said Dark Specter was coming.”

Every one nodded, but they still looked blank. They had no idea what would come out of Cassie’s mouth next.

“Well he called her Sirena. Do you think this is the Sirena, Zordon was trying to contact?” Cassie asked uncertain.

“If it is, then we gotta help. Come on, let’s get in on the action.” TJ turned and started for the fight. The others followed one by one. Ashley was the last.

The rangers joined in the fighting. Dark Specter’s army proved to be no match for the combine strength of the power rangers. Suddenly Andros found himself face to face with Eclipter.

“Welcome to your doom, ranger.” He said in a menacing voice.

His sword cut across his chest. A swift kick from Eclipter separated him from the fighting. Eclipter followed. They were now alone.

“Prepare to die, red ranger.” Eclipter blasted Andros sending him crashing down in front of him. “Take one good look at where you are.” Eclipter prepare to bring his sword down into Andros’ heart.

“Not in this lifetime, creep.” The purple ranger jumped in front of him, and started beating the crap out of Ecliptor. “This is for all the trouble you caused me. And this is for Zordon.”

“You can’t defeat me. I am too powerful.” Cries Eclipter before getting a blow to his shins.

“We’ll just see about that. You will no longer hurt any one in this lifetime or the ones after this.”

“Retreat!” Eclipter turned and started running away. “I’ll get you next time, Sirena. Count on it.”

She turned and extended her hand to help him up.

“Thanks!” and Andros meant it. He was a little irritated that a girl had saved his life. Especially one younger than him.

The other rangers came running over to make sure he was unharmed.

“Oh Andros, you could have been killed.” said Ashley.

“I’m fine Ashley.”

“Yeah, if she hadn’t been there Andros wouldn’t be talking.” Cassie said pointing at Sirena.

“Cassie does have a point. You don’t have to go ballistic Ashe. Besides Andros is a big boy.” TJ puts in.

“But he could have been killed if she hadn’t been there.” Ashley was about to complain more but decided against it when Cassie shot her a look that said shut up or I’ll slap you. “Fine.”

“That’s a good girl.” Carlos said.

* * *

Sirena was annoyed with the girl in yellow. She could not help but think that the girl was too perky and over enthusiastic. She cold also tell that the girl liked the guy in red. She wondered how the others could stand her.

In less than ten seconds they were all demorphed. Sirena could tell the rangers were all wary of her. They didn’t know if she was friend or foe.

“Aye yi yi yi yi!” Alpha 5 came running out of the ship.

“Oh my god! Guys its Alpha 5.” said the guy wearing a green T-shirt.

Four of the rangers rushed over and gave Alpha a hug.

“Rangers! It’s so good to see that your all right.” The robot said. “And who are you?” Alpha directed the question on the guy who seems to the leader.

“I’m Andros. Leader of the Lightstar rangers.” The guy with the red T-shirt said.

“Oh rangers, this is Sirena. The purple ranger. She will be a new addition to your team. Sirena these are the planetary rangers I was talking about. They have joined up with Andros to become the Lightstar Space Rangers.” Alpha looked so proud.

“How did you know?” Andros asked surprised.

“It’s in the Universal records. I just forgot your name.” Alpha replied.

“I think we should introduce ourselves to Sirena first then talk later.” Cassie provided.

“Good idea. Hi, I’m TJ. Good to have you with us.”

“I’m Carlos.”

“I’m Ashley. It’s about time we had another girl. Now we can even up the odds.”

“I’m Cassie.”

“Nice to have you with us too.” The guy named Andros said with a warm smile.

They all had big smiles. Sirena smiled back with as much warmth as she could muster.

“I don’t want to be a part of a team.” She silently thought. “But I can’t tell Alpha. He looks so proud of me. How could I have the heart to break it to him and the others.” Sirena could tell Ashley didn’t like her. She wondered why. “Oh well.” she thought.

* * *

Carlos detected some unhappiness about becoming a team member. He decided to change the subject. “Is this the Galaxy Megaship?”

“Yes, how did you know?” Sirena seemed puzzled.

Ignoring her question, Cassie asked. “ACTOM is the on-board computer installed on it, right? ”

More confused than ever, Sirena nodded. “How did you know?” She tried again.

Andros jumped in to fill her in. “We intercepted an emergency transmission from Zordon to a Sirena, Alpha, and ACTOM.”

“What did it say?” Sirena asked fearing for the worst.

“He told you to be careful with some kink of disk. He also told Alpha and ACTOM to take care of you. Are you his daughter?” Andros’ curiosity got the better of him.

Sirena laughed. “No, Zordon has been like family to me ever since I was sent to him.” She answered.

“Can you give us a lift back to our ship?” Ashley bounced at the chance to learn more about her.

“I guess so. Come on.” she says uncertain.

One by one they followed her onto the ship. She gave them the basic tour of the massive ship.

“Wow this is amazing. I thought it looked incredible on the outside, but the inside is even better.” TJ said in awe.

“ACTOM start the engines and set a course for outer space.” Sirena said.

“Not until you fix my engine and the cargo bay.” A voice came out of nowhere. “I’ll keep the ship here until they’re fixed.”

“ACTOM, I’ll fix them tomorrow. Besides you know I suck at repairs. Now start the engines.”

“Oh all right.” The rev of an engine filled their ears. The megaship slowly cruised out of Ellis’ atmosphere and into space. A few seconds later the Astro Megaship came into view.

The rangers were getting ready to leave when Alpha came running in to stop them. “May I come with you for the night. It would be a great time to visit Alpha 6.”

“Sure come on.” said Andros. “You want to come on, too?” He was talking to Sirena now.

“No thank you. I need to stay on and make sure no intruders come.” Sirena politely refused.

“See you tomorrow then.” With that the rangers and Alpha disappeared in six flashes of light.

* * *

“Hey DECA.” Andros called out in the privacy of his room.

“Yes Andros.”

“When you talk with ACTOM, can you try to find out more information on Sirena? She reminds me of Karone.”

“All right, I’ll try to find out as much as I can.”

“Thanks DECA.”

After tossing and turning in bed for about an hour Andros fell into a deep sleep about Karone.

In his dream, he and Karone are play with telekinesis when Karone suddenly disappears and is replaced by Sirena. Suddenly Dark Specter shows up and grabs Sirena.

“Andros, Andros help me.” she screams before disappearing.

“Karone!!” Andros screams before waking up in the safety of his room.

* * *

“Hey DECA, long time no see.”

“Hello ACTOM.”

“Still the same I can tell.”

“I could say the same for you too.”

“So tell me about Sirena?”

“I will if you answer one question for me. Are you a lesbian?”

“ACTOM! You are as bad as ever. No I’m not a lesbian, idiot.”

“Watch it with that word there, DECA. I’m very sensitive.”

“Yeah right. So do tell.”

“All right, but I gotta warn you it’s not pretty. All right here goes.”

* * *

Sirena woke up the next morning and changed into a purple blouse and tight blue jeans. Sirena left her room and went on to the bridge.

“ACTOM is Alpha back yet.”


“Have you talked with DECA yet?”

“Duh, like all night. She was the only person.”

“What did she say about Andros?”

“A little of this and a little of that. Why? Does our innocent little Sirena like the big boy?”

“ACTOM, not funny. I’m just curious about him.”

“I’ll try to find out more for you. Sorry, I was just joking around. By the way are you dressed like that for Andros?”

“Like what.”

“Oh the tight jeans that show off your legs, and the see through blouse.”

“It is not see through, and the jeans are not that tight. Besides I’ll change back into my uniform after I’m done with repairs.”

“If you say so, boss. By the way Andros is really interested in you.”

“Stop joking.”

“Really I’m not. DECA was asking a lot of questions about you for him.”

“So, he might just want to have a report on me for the rangers.”

“It’s your call.”

“Okay. I’ll be in the cargo bay, repairing the computers.”

* * *

“Andros, time to get up.”

“I’m already awake, DECA.”

“I talked to ACTOM all night and he told me some very interesting things about Sirena. Plus he asked if I was a lesbian. That’s the last time I’m doing anything like that for you”

“Hey, how was I suppose to know that he’d think you were a lesbian.”

“All right here goes. It seems as though Sirena never met her parents. She was kidnapped right after she was born. Sirena spent 13 years with a Dimitria of Inquiris. After Dimitria left for Earth, she was sent to Zordon. Zordon trained her in martial arts, wisdom, and loyalty to become the purple space ranger. About a week or so ago, Zordon sent her away with Alpha 5 in the Galaxy Megaship. Before she left though, Zordon gave her a disk that means a lot to Dark Specter.”

“What was on the disk?”

“Nobody knows except for Sirena, Zordon, and Dark Specter.”

“Some secret.” Andros muttered. “You think she could be Karone?”

“Quite possibly, except that she was kidnapped right after she was born.”

“But that could have been faked right?”

“Guess so.”

“I’ll take it from here now. Thanks DECA.”

“No problem Andros.”

“Oh DECA.” Andros asked uncertainly.

“Yes Andros.”

“Does Sirena have any birth marks?”

“I believe she has one on her lower right shoulder.”

“Thanks, you’ve been a great help. Just don’t tell anyone.”

“All right.” With that DECA left, leaving Andros to his own thoughts.

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