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Divided We Fall
By: AstroPurple

"Sirena! Wake-up!" There was no answer from the sleeping form curled up in bed. "Sirena get your butt up!" The voice yelled louder.

There was still no answer. From the chair besides the bed, Saba rose and flew right over Sirena's head. Taking a deep breath, he proceeded to shout louder. "SIRENA YOU'D BETTER GET UP NOW OR ELSE YOU'LL BE SORRY!"

"What is going on?" Sirena muttered opening her sleepy eyes. "Saba get back down. What time is it, ACTOM?"

"It is precisely 5:02 am." ACTOM said with a sleepy voice too. "And I was just dozing. DECA has the watch from 4-6 am."

"Exactly, it's time for a morning run." Saba muttered hiding his smile.

"I'm not running at 5 in the morning. I don't run at all. Now shut up and let me get back to sleep." Sirena groaned.

"Oh no you don't." Saba sent a short shock through her system.

"Ack! All right! I'm getting up." Sirena sat up fully awake. Grumbling and groaning the entire time, found some work-out clothes and changed in the bathroom. "There! You happy now?"

"Hmm. Now come on. The simu-deck can do some simulations of a park or something." Saba floated to the door and waiting until Sirena, taking her time, reached there too. "Now open this door."

Obliging, Sirena opened the door and followed him out. On the simu-deck, Trey and Dex were already wide awake working out. They stopped when Sirena dragged herself in.

"Good morning Trey, morning Dex." Sirena muttered glaring at Saba who was still hiding a smug smile.

"Gee Sirena, I didn't know you got up this early in the morning." Dex couldn't help commenting. "I thought you'd still be asleep."

"I would if it hadn't been for Tigerface here." Sirena mumbled. "Don't take it too personally Saba. I mean, I'm not Tommy."

"I can see that." Saba muttered setting himself down. "So?" He asked. "Aren't you going to work-out?"

"Okay, okay." Sirena held up her hands as she yawned. "So what are you guys doing?" She asked Trey and Dex.

"We were practicing some Karate." Dex said before Trey could open his mouth. "Do you wanna join us?"

"Um... I think I'll sit out on this one." Trey muttered remembering the high level of martial arts his little sister displayed. "You can spar with Sirena." He said to Dex.

Two hours later, the slid open once more and Andros and Zhane walked in, they stopped when they realized that this simu-deck was occupied also.

"Oh great. No wonder no one else was in this one." Zhane muttered. "She's in here."

"Expected anyone else?" Sirena yelled.

"Sirena, is today a Monday or a Sunday?" ACTOM cut in nervously.

"It's a Monday, why?" Sirena asked. "Oh shit!" She muttered slapping her head. "Spring break is over. Are Cassie, Ashley, TJ, and Carlos awake?"

"Yeah, they're having breakfast." ACTOM answered. "I'll call them, you get your butt to your room and grab your back pack."

"Right." Sirena started on her way out, then stopped. "And Saba, no following me all right. Stay on this ship and don't even think of setting foot off."

Saba nodded. "Would I ever disobey you?"

Sirena just glared. She then ran out of the room.

"Well, that got rid of Miss Bigmouth." Zhane said cheerfully. "Oh, I'm sorry Andros, Trey. I didn't mean what I said. I just totally forgot that you have a thing for her and that you were her brother. That was so insensitive of me to just blurt out the fact that I was glad."

"She's your sister?" Dex asked surprised. "I didn't know that."

"Was I suppose to tell everyone else?" Zhane asked. With Trey's silence, Zhane got his answer. "I take it that was suppose to be a secret. I'm sorry. I didn't know, you guys never told me that."

Trey sighed. "Dex, can you keep it a secret? My dad's not ready for the entire universe to know that Sirena is his daughter."


* * *
After school that day, all the rangers, Earthlings and non with the exception of Phantom and the Magna Defender, met at the beach. Although the non-Earth rangers complained of the clothes they had to wear, they're mood on the beach was not at all affected.

"So how did you guys get some of the rangers out here?" Sirena asked quietly when she and the Earthlings arrived. "I can never get them to do anything."

"Well, Sirena," Zhane started. "Considering that it's you we're talking about, of course they wouldn't do anything you're saying. Now me on the other hand, they listen to me."

"And what's that suppose to mean?"

"Meaning they respect me more than you." Zhane walked off with a sly smile.

Sirena glared at his retreating back. Her face brightened when she saw Andros sitting casually on a blanket with Trey and Dex. She walked over and wrapped her arms around his neck planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Hello Sirena." Dex and Trey greeted. She nodded at them as they got up to leave.

"Hey Sirena. So why are you still dressed in your school clothes?" Andros asked pulling her down beside him.

"Didn't have to time to change. I'm going back to the ship to change though. Cassie and Ashley are coming along with me. They don't like walking around on the beach in jeans either. TJ and Carlos are just fine though."

"Well hurry up." Andros said as he brushed a quick kiss on her lips.

"Will do." Sirena got up and managed to drag Ashley and Cassie away back to the ship. They teleported from the shelter of some rocks near the shoreline unnoticed.

"So do you guys always come to the beach to relax?" Gorgan found himself asking as Sirena left. "I mean, it is okay, but there's not a lot of people."

"The Earthlings and Sirena like it a lot. They find it relaxing and soothing to stressful days." Andros shrugged. "I personally think it's okay, but a lot of people wear too little."

"It's called a bikini." Karone said as she collapsed after an exciting game of volleyball with TJ. "I wear one, but with something over it." She said referring to her shorts and tee-shirts then.

"What about the guys? I've seen them wear the usual things." Gorgan asked cocking his head to one side.

"Their pants are the swim trunks." Karone started to explain. "Girls wear bikinis and guys wear swim trunks. They're both also called a bathing suit or a swim suit, but those are the one piece."

Gorgan gave her a confused blank look. "What? So what do you call them?"

"Nevermind." Karone sighed. She got up once more. "TJ and Carlos just started a game of frisbee. Let's join them." She dragged both Gorgan and Andros up towards the game.

"What's frisbee?" Maya asked when TJ and Carlos got them all together.

"It's sort of like the game Platonk." Andros was explaining the differences once more. "We throw a discus too, but you don't catch it on a stick, you catch it with you hands."

"Hands?" Leo asked bewildered. "What if we cut ourselves? Cause you know a discus has a sharp edge."

"We throw this." TJ help up his blue frisbee. "Carlos! Catch!" He threw it at the black ranger who was already off running to catch it. Carlos leaped up and caught the frisbee with both hands. "Good catch!"

"Thanks!" Carlos called as he threw it back towards the large group. "Someone better catch it!"

Andros reached in front of Kai catching the blue frisbee. "Do you guys kind of get it?" He asked hopefully.

"Yeah. It looks pretty easy." Dammon said as he took the frisbee from Andros. Trying, he lobbed it at Kendrix who easily caught it. "Yeah, I think we got how to play it."

"Hey you guys! What are you doing?" A loud voice called getting closer.

They turned to see Sirena, Cassie, and Ashley walking towards them. Each had changed from their school clothes into what Karone had said were bikinis. Unlike Karone, they only wore shorts.

"Sirena!" Kendrix called as she threw the frisbee. "We're playing frisbee. Catch it!"

Sirena dove forward catching the blue frisbee barely. She handed it to Cassie as she got up. Cassie in turn swung it at TJ. Pretty soon, a game got underway. To onlookers, it was probably the strangest game. Since some of the rangers knew telekinesis and other methods of moving an object, the frisbee kept flying off in the weirdest directions.

* * *
"So does anyone else in the universe besides Trey, Sirena, and me know you have a daughter?" Magna Defender asked the Phantom as they sat in the Galaxy's formal living room.

"Yes, Zordon of Eltar and Dimitria both know Sirena is my daughter because they raised her. Also her mother. Otherwise, no one else." Behind his visor, Phantom was glad Magna Defender could not see his expression.

"So who is Sirena's mother?"

Phantom sighed quietly as he looked down at his hands. "It is something that I wish not to talk about."

Magna Defender nodded understanding. He respected Daurius' privacy. Outside, he could hear rapid footsteps going down the hallway. "DECA, who's here?" He asked with a hidden puzzled look to the computer.

"Sirena, Cassie, and Ashley teleported onto the ship a minute ago." As if reading their minds, DECA also added. "They will only be here for a few minutes. They need to change for the beach."

"Thank you DECA." Phantom Ranger murmured.

Out in the hallway, they could hear muffled talking. This was interrupted by a scream from Ashley.

"Did one of you borrow my sun screen?"

"No! Why would we borrow that? It smells horrid, like rotten flesh." Sirena yelled from the supposed direction of her room. "And did one of you take my white shorts?"

"No, I don't know what it looks like. Anyway, why would we take that? If one of us needed it, we would've asked. And why do you need it now?" Cassie's voice was joined.

"It's the only pair of shorts that matches my bikini. I could wear my purple ones, but then I won't have any other color on except for purple."

"I think Cassie has it!" Ashley yelled. "I saw it in her room the other day. It was with a pile of her dirty laundry!"

"I do not! That was a tank top! Besides, it was too tasteless for my needs! I need something that shows my wild side." Cassie yelled defensively.

"Tasteless? I thought you didn't know what it looked like?" Sirena demanded. Footsteps could be heard going down the hallway.

"I didn't! I meant that all of your clothes are pretty bland!" Cassie's voice had rose to a shriek. "Ashley! You know that I don't like bland clothes don't you? You know what I dress like."

"Oh sorry Sirena. I just remembered. I saw them in Karone's room. Not Cassie's. Sorry Cass!" Ashley yelled down again. The little laughter in her voice was noticeable.

"You did that on purpose!" Cassie yelled. "You knew what I would have said and what Sirena's action would have been."

"Why don't we just forget it?" Sirena yelled in. "I have my shorts, and I'm pretty sure Karone has your sun screen too, Ashley! Also Cassie's pink and gold hair clip."

"Why that little thief! Wait until I get my hands on her!"

"Cool it Ashe! I'm sure she didn't mean it. Let's just get our stuff and get back to the beach." Cassie's take-charge voice was unnoticeable. "I don't want to miss out on any fun. We can kill Karone later."

"Deal!" All three of them shouted at once.

Running footsteps could be hear several minutes later signaling the leave of the three female astro rangers.

* * *
"My princess," Darkonda bowed as he approached Kalika. "The rangers, Earth and all, have been spotted on the beach. I say we attack now!"

"Is Lord Dregon ready?" Kalika asked as she painted her nails. She had discovered that she liked Earth cosmetics. "I don't want to leave him in the dust. After all, he is the guest."

"I shall ask." Darkonda muttered as he backed out. "And when I get the psychos re-built, I shall give orders." He thought to himself. "I wonder if Kalika likes being ordered around?"

Kalika set her stuff aside as she stood up. "Elgar!" She waited impatiently for the egghead to get there. "Elgar!" She shouted again. "Where is that nincompoop?" She muttered out loud.

Elgar came running in crashing into several quantrons on the way. "I'm here. Sorry I'm late, several quantrons thought they could give me orders, ha!"

Kalika sighed as she shook her head. "Darkonda just informed me that all the rangers are at the beach. Take a squad of quantrons, and attack them. And don't mess up this time."

"What are you worrying for? I won't mess up." Elgar turned to leave. "You two, get your buddies together. We're having a party." He yelled at several guards. "It's a ranger smashing party."

"Was it a good idea to have Elgar do this?" Kalika said softly as an afterthought.

"If he messes up, I can take care of him." Eclipter came up behind her as he talked. "He has messed up too many times already. Dark Specter is not happy with what he is doing."

"Don't destroy him. I'll just toss him back to that useless pirate queen Divatox. I know she wants him back. And with him working for her, maybe she'll mess up too many times and Dark Specter destroys them."

"Good idea." Eclipter left to keep careful watch over the attack.

* * *
Back at the beach, all the rangers had stopped for a rest when the just-issued-attack from Kalika appeared.

"All right people, don't panic!" Elgar yelled waving his sword. Of course, everyone on the beach did just the opposite. "I said don't panic!" Elgar tried one more time. Him blasting his sword did not help much either.

"I guess we should stop this." Cassie muttered. "So much for a relaxing afternoon. I should have known Kalika couldn't have kept quiet any longer."

"Uh oh." Sirena muttered suddenly. She took off running and then launched herself into the air in a combination of flips and twists. She landed beside a guy and kicked two quantrons away.

"Isn't that one of the former rangers?" Karone asked. "I remember seeing his picture in the files of the past Earth rangers."

"Yeah. That's Rocky. He was the second red ranger of Earth, the blue Zeo ranger, and I think that's it." TJ muttered as he moved forward to sent some quantrons into infinity.

"We should take care of this little hazard. After all, people come to the beach to relax and take a swim, not get attacked by monsters." Andros cut in just as TJ was about to go on.

"True. Well, what are we waiting for?" Zhane asked as he launched himself into the heat of battle. "We can continue what we were doing after Elgar and his friends leave, or get kicked out."

"Or run away." Ashley added.

Pretty soon, a sorry looking group of quantrons and Elgar retreated back to the Dark Fortress. From nearby, Eclipter shook his head in disappointment. Elgar had failed, yet again. He also left to return back to the ship.

"Hey Rocky!" All of the Earth rangers, with the exception of Karone and Zhane who hung back, ran up and hugged him.

"Hey you guys. I thought you'd disappeared off the face of the universe. I hadn't seen any of you in last the week or two in Angel Grove."

"We were on Edenoi because of Sirena." Cassie answered. "Come on." She dragged him all the way to where Karone and Zhane were. "This is Zhane, he's the silver ranger. And this is Karone, she's the gold ranger. They're both one of us, and from KO-35."

"And who are the rest of them?" Rocky asked as he looked from face to face. "I know Trey and Dex. Dex, we helped a long time ago, before you guys were rangers. And Trey came to save our butts when we were the Zeo rangers."

"The rest of them are rangers of other planets. We brought them here cause Kalika and Dregon joined forces." Sirena took up. Ashley gave her a look. "And because they have the morphin generator from the ruins of the Power Chamber, and the old morphers you guys used before. With all of that stuff, they're about ten times as more powerful."

"You mean they have the Dragon Dagger, Saba, the power coins, the Zeo crystals, the turbo powers, and the zords?" Rocky asked aghast.

"We still have the turbo powers, the Turbo Megazord, the Rescue Megazord, and Sirena managed to recover Saba." Andros tried to bring a ray of light into the news. "We still have a lot to recover, but at least we've started."

"True. But all you had to do was call all of us back and we'd be able to get the stuff back in a snap." Rocky snapped his fingers to demonstrate.

"How?" Zhane challenged.

"Watch carefully." Rocky shook a finger as he stepped back. "It's Morphin Time!" As he brought out his arms, two morphers appeared, one strapped onto each wrist. "Zeo Ranger Four, Blue!"

"Great! We had to pick the hard way to retrieve the items." Sirena muttered as Rocky morphed.

"Well, we didn't know that." Ashley muttered. "Now we have the blue Zeo powers though."

"We all kind of forgot about the Zeo morphers when the turbo power came. All but me. We didn't give them back to Zordon. Lucky us we didn't. If we find Kat, Tommy, Tanya, and Adam, we can recover the rest of the Zeo powers."

"Which will make my life easier." Sirena muttered. "Do you think Tommy will get mad at the thought of me controlling the Tigerzord?"

"The Tigerzord? I don't know. It's always been Tommy's favorite zord. He like Saba a lot." Rocky shrugged. "But I wouldn't really take any chances. Tommy was crushed when we lost the power coins."

"Oh great." Sirena groaned. Rocky looked at her. "Here, lemme show you what I mean. Saba!" The little white sword appeared.

"Okay, I don't think Tommy would mind. If it's for the good of Earth. Otherwise, you'd be on orders to return it to him."

"Yo blue boy! I'm not an it!" Saba yelled. "My name is SABA! Saba! S-A-B-A! Saba! Get it?"

Rocky nodded. "His mouth got bigger all right." He whispered under his breath to Sirena.

"You don't know the half of what I've been through." Sirena shot back. "He's an annoying, little, mechanical, brat."

"I heard that!" Saba yelled in a singsong voice.

"Power Rangers!" Kalika yelled as she appeared with Lord Dregon. "I have some thing to tell you that you'd be quite interested in hearing, or rather seeing."

"We!" Lord Dregon corrected.

"Yeah, we." Kalika snapped her fingers. In front of them, all of the Zeo rangers, minus blue appeared. "They work for me now." One by one, the Zeo rangers removed their helmets.

"Tommy! Kat! Tanya! Adam!" Rocky yelled. "What have you done with them?" He demanded.

"Merely an alteration. Zeo rangers, show them what you can do!" Kalika ordered.

"All right rangers! Be prepared to surrender!" Tommy yelled.

"Tommy! I don't want to fight you! You're my bro. man."

"He's right! Kat! Tanya! We're your friends. Don't listen to her, she's evil!" Cassie yelled.

"Forget it rangers! You can't make them turn against me. They're programmed to destroy you, or make you surrender to me." Kalika smiled. "I mean, us." Lord Dregon sighed silently.

"You listen Kalika! We're all rangers! You can't make us turn against our friends! And we'll get them back!" Sirena felt like fuming. "You can't turn rangers evil."

"Tommy?" Saba asked his voice quivering. "That can't be you. You're the white ranger. Not red. That was Jason and Rocky."

"Are you guys going to talk, or fight?" Adam demanded. "If you're fighting, we'll give you one hell of a fight."

"We're fighting. But not to destroy you guys, to get you to realize that you're all good. Like us." Andros yelled. He cared for the Zeo rangers too. "I think you guys should stay out of this." He said to the other rangers. "It's our fight. They're Earth rangers too." The other ranger teams nodded. They understood the feelings. "Let's Rocket!"

Phantom Ranger and the Magna Defender chose to appear that moment. DECA and ACTOM had alerted them on what was happening at the beach.

"Power up!" The Zeo rangers shouted as Magna Defender and Phantom appeared at the battle scene. "You guys aren't our friends anymore! Prepare to feel the wrath of evil!" They shouted all of this in unison.

"Power Rangers!" The two Earth teams collided in battle.

"Now this is entertainment." Kalika laughed to Lord Dregon as the two of them stood a distance apart to watch. "One team of rangers trying to kill another team of rangers."

"Yes, this is good entertainment. If only Zordon were to find out." Lord Dregon laughed along. "Friends, that was easy to disguise with hate. If I had known things would go this way, I would have done it sooner with Dex and Edenoi."

"You'll get your planet soon enough. I always keep my promises." Kalika lied. "Now sit back, and enjoy the show."

"What is going on?" Phantom Ranger demanded from Trey and Dex.

"Kalika and Dregon turned the Zeo team, minus the blue ranger evil. They plan on using friends to destroy friends."

"Why aren't you guys helping?" Magna Defender asked.

"They wanted to do this themselves." Dex muttered. "Earthlings have feelings for their friends. I suppose Sirena, Andros, Karone, and Zhane learned that too on Earth. The rangers of Earth are always friends. When Tommy was evil for the second time, the Zeo rangers fought to have him back. Jason, the gold ranger, blamed himself. So did Kat, the pink ranger."

"Zeo team!" Kalika yelled. "Return to the Dark Fortress. You'll have plenty of time to destroy them later."

Leaving battle, the Zeo team formed a line. They all teleported using the Dark Fortress' teleportation system away. "We will be back." Tommy yelled as they disappeared.

"Believe me, they will be back. You rangers will soon have no choice but to bow to my demands later on." Kalika and Dregon also left.

"I'm not going let that two-faced witch get away with that!" Rocky yelled in response to something Carlos had said. "They're my friends, and my old team. I won't abandon them. Not now!"

"Rocky! Listen, we'll get Tommy and the others back. As a team! The Earth rangers stick together. You remember the old saying? `United we stand, divided we fall.' It means the same for us. We need to remember that those aren't our friends anymore. Kalika and Dregon did something to them. They're just a new form of Kalika's monsters to destroy us." TJ yelled into Rocky's face.

"You guys, cool it. I don't want things to get ugly." Karone yelled stepping in between the two. "Let's get back to the ship, and figure out a plan. Like maybe, maybe Jason or Kim, or one of the older rangers could help us or something."

* * *
"Man! I am so tired!" Skull complained as he and Bulk struggled to reach the Phenomenus van. "It'll take me a year or two just to recover."

The two were just getting back from yet another one of their searches. This one had taken them into the woods, where they had gotten lost.

"I was telling not to go to deep into the woods or else we'd get lost." Bulk said angrily as he too struggled to reach the van. "We wouldn't have found anything anyway. Who would go that deep into the woods?"

"I don't know. If was you're idea. Do you recalled a, `Hey! Maybe the alien is hiding in the woods. That's probably why we can't get anything on him,' thing? Cause that was you!" Skull jabbed his finger into Bulk's chest.

"I did not say that. I just thought he might be hiding in the woods. I never suggested we go look." Bulk defended himself. "Anyway, come on! Let's go get something to eat. I'm starving."

"Me too! Maybe the professor ordered something?" Skull said hopefully. This brought a new strength into them. "I'm so hungry, I could probably eat a horse or maybe even two."

* * *
"Okay, somebody has to tell Jason, Kim, Trini, Zack, Justin, Billy, and Aisha what just happened." Cassie cut in. "If those, look alikes, pay them a visit we might end up losing everyone."

"I'm not gonna be the one." TJ muttered. "I don't know them that well. Rocky shouldn't either cause he might make things personal."

"Sirena, I think you should. After all, people think your related to Jason, plus you've spent a bit more time with them than the rest of us." Ashley said that just so she wouldn't be the one.

"Why? Why is it always me? Couldn't it be one of you guys for a change? I don't want to tell them what happened too."

Leo sighed. He knew this would be a long time before Sirena would do it. He stood up and butt in. "Why don't you not let them know at all? You know, have the megaship scanners keep a lock on them. That way, if anything happens, you guys will know and be able to keep track of them."

"We could do that." Sirena murmured thoughtfully. She cock her head to one side to think. "Yeah, it could work. What about it Andros?"

"Well... it would be unfair not to let them know what is going on. But then... none of us want to be the informants. All right. I guess." All the astros silently pulled a yes. "DECA, can the megaship's scanners do something like that?"

"That is possible. ACTOM and I will get to work right away."

A chorus of, "thanks DECA." rose.

"Now what do we do?" Rocky demanded. "Kalika still has my friends. We should be working on a plan to get them back."

"Ahem..." TJ cleared his throat. "My friends? Our friends." He corrected. "If you don't remember, we're all a team. The Earth rangers stick together."

"Rocky, that's true. We all mean what we say. We'll get them back. Right now, the only good plan I can think of is sending Sirena and Karone onto the Dark Fortress for some scouting." Carlos soothed.

"Hey!" Karone protested. "Sure, send us for scouting, and possibly get killed if we're too loud. That's saying IF we're too loud."

"You two are the, how do I say this. Um... super rangers." Zhane defended Carlos. "Together, I'll bet you can do anything. Even sneak on-board the Dark Fortress."

"That is kind of true you know?" Cassie offered her opinion. "If you and Sirena work together, anything can be accomplished. Just like if Andros and Zhane work together."

"Why not send them in?" Sirena pouted. "They are the more experienced and well knowledgeable rangers."

"Yeah but we need Andros and Zhane."

"And who's side are you on, Ashe?" Karone demanded. "Andros and Zhane's, or Sirena and my side?"

"I'm not saying I'm taking sides, just that Andros and Zhane would probably be more useful here then on the Dark Fortress."

"Like we aren't? Me and Karone can be useful. What about you and Cassie? I don't see you two doing any of the special missions. You two are more worried about you acrylic nails."

"That's it! I've had it up to here," Cassie put her right hand up to her chin. "with you two! Come on Ashe. Let's let the better suited people do this." Both Ashley and Cassie stalked off.

"If they're not doing anything, we're not either." Karone and Sirena also left a different way.

"Great." TJ muttered. "Our female members are in a cat fight again. Now what? We can't do anything without them. They're half of our team."

"Does this happen often?" Dex asked. "It didn't seem to with the team that I knew. Or is the teams just getting more rebellious?"

"It doesn't happen very often. Like once in a billion years. They'll make up soon. Hopefully." Zhane muttered. "Now that half of our team is mad at each other, what do we do now?"

"Nothing, I guess. We can't. Not without the girls." Andros muttered dully. "I hope this gets over soon. We can't have half of our team mad at each other. The odds are against us already."

"And remember, `United we stand, divided we fall.' If those four don't become friends again, I don't know what will happen." Carlos said frustrated.