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A Ray of Hope
by: AstroPurple

Sirena and Karone hung out in Sirena's room while Cassie and Ashley hung out in Cassie's room. They were still mad at each other. The fight had been going on for two days and tension was rising in the air.

"Do you guys think we should put a stop to this fight?" TJ asked as he, the astros who weren't fighting, and the rest of the rangers gathered together. "Cause we really need them if we're going to get this plan into action." He was referring to the plan that they had developed during the two days.

"Yeah, we better do it." Andros sighed. He wasn't looking forward to it. "You and Carlos go grab Ashley and Cassie, Zhane and I will go get Karone and Sirena."

"Why do we have to get Karone and Sirena?" Zhane asked. Andros gave Zhane the Look. "Sorry, my mouth is shooting off again." Zhane muttered. He sighed loudly. "Hey DECA, where's Karone and Sirena?"

"Those two are located in Sirena's quarters on the Galaxy part of this megaship." DECA informed promptly. "Cassie and Ashley are stationed in Cassie's room on the Astro part of this megaship."

"Great." Zhane muttered softly. "They're on the Galaxy part. ACTOM's in control over those parts."

"What's wrong with that?" Rocky asked. He clearly didn't know what ACTOM's humor or loyalty stood on. "I mean, why are you guys all moaning over the fact that ACTOM's in control of stuff over there?"

"Okay, ACTOM listens to Sirena and only Sirena. If Sirena told him to keep people away from where she's at, then he'll do it. Even if it means stopping the Turbo lifts between decks or sliding doors close on your face." TJ said as Rocky began to understand why.

"Plus, his idea of fun and humor is locking you in the bathroom or a closet or something." Zhane added sounding bitter. It had happened to him a few times.

"If you would quit making fun of and bother him, then you'd be on his good side." Andros insisted. "ACTOM can really hold a grudge too. A lot longer than DECA."

"Plus worse." TJ muttered since he had never actually gotten along with any of the computers. "He's plays bugle tapes in the morning in my room with the volume cranked up as high as he can."

Carlos piped in to add something too. "And he spoils Sirena rotten. It may not look it at all, but he lets her sleep in, and have stuff that DECA normally doesn't let us have. The only thing he's strict on is her getting to school on time and getting good grades."

"I get the idea." Rocky muttered. "Oh well, at least I'm not the one going to get her and Karone. I think you guys better move it." He added cheerfully to Zhane, and Andros.

"Very funny Rocky." Zhane said under his breath as he followed Andros out to the Turbo lift.

* * *
"Hello? Hi, this is Jason Scott. Is Kimberly available?" A slight pause sounded on his end of the conversation. "Hi Kim, this is Jason. I was wondering if you've seen Tommy or Adam for the last few days."

Justin leaned closer to hear both sides. He accidentally knocked over a cup of juice spilling it on Jason. Jason looked at him annoyed and handed him another phone before trying to clean up the mess. Justin looked up at him innocently.

"No?" Jason asked as Justin clicked the on button on his phone. "They were suppose to come over and spar with me a few hours ago. Nobodies heard from him or Adam or Kat or Tanya for the last few days."

"Maybe they went camping or something?" Kim suggested. "I haven't seen them either. Tell you what, I'll ring Billy, Zack, Aisha, and Trini for you and ask. They couldn't have just disappeared off the surface of the Earth. There has to be a logical reason."

"Yeah, you're right. I'm probably worried over nothing. But it's not like Tommy or Adam to not show up for something without giving a call first." The tone in Jason's voice echoed his worry.

"Well you know, if we know that anything is really wrong, we can call the present rangers. We might not know them that well, but we're all friends. You have a communicator right?" Kim asked.

"Yeah. Justin and Andros gave me one before they left for Edenoi. They're back right now though. And Justin has access to get onto the megaship. Plus the computers on-board."

"Jason, are you suggesting that we break onto their ship?" Kim demanded. "You know that's impossible. Not without DECA or whatever that other computer is called knowing."

"I wasn't suggesting that. Just that Justin could teleport us onto their ship so we can ask for help. After all, like you said, we are all friends."

"It's hard to talk to you when you're like that." Kim muttered softly but still loud enough for the other two to hear. "All right, I'll ring the others and have them all meet us together at the park in half an hour."

"I'll be there with Justin." Jason answered as fast as he can. "See ya then." He hung up without letting Kim say anything. "Well?" He turned to Justin. "Do you think you can get us all on-board?"

"Sure. I guess so." Justin muttered as an after thought. "If not, we can always have DECA or ACTOM teleport us."

"Good. Come on, let's change and get to the park." Jason smiled ruefully referring to their workout clothes.

Half an hour later, Justin and the old rangers all met at the park. They all looked as worried as Jason was after they had hear the situation.

"You're right Jase. There is no way Tommy and Adam would disappear without telling anyone. Not unless something happened." Zack agreed.

"So we're really going onto the rangers' megaship?" Aisha asked thrilled. She'd only been on it once. Jason and Justin nodded. "Well let's get to it then." She added excitedly.

"Yep. Justin, you ready?" Jason asked looking at the little blue boy besides him. "You're in charge here."

"Yeah." Justin punched a few buttons on the device he had. "ACTOM, can you hear me? ACTOM!"

"All right! Who is this?" A voice came crackling over.

"It's me, Justin. Do you think you could teleport me and my friends here onto the megaship?"

"You bet. Hold on a sec." ACTOM said right away forgetting about the fact that there might be a chance the old rangers would find out about the evil rangers. "All righty, hope you guys held onto your pants."

In a brilliant flash of light, they were all teleported to the Astro Galaxy megaship. "Welcome aboard!" ACTOM said brightly after the rangers had recovered for the ride.

* * *
The Earth rangers were on Earth at the Surf Spot to talk over their problem while the rest of the guests tried to amuse themselves with some of the weird food the synthetron held.

"Now this thing is ice cold." Dammon said as he held up a bowl of chocolate ice cream. "Who wants to be brave and try it?"

"I will." Leo said joyfully as he reached for the bowl. Without hesitating, he shoved a spoonful of the cold mess into his mouth. "Yeow!!!!" He cried spitting it out again. "This thing is freezing cold!"

"That's why earthlings call it ice cream." Trey muttered from his spot. "Ice for earthlings is cold. Cream is just part of the recipe."

"How do you know all this stuff?" Kai asked as Leo drowned down a big glass of hot milk.

"Sirena and most of the other earthlings all have a sweet tooth. You can sit through junk hour with them and learn the names of all the chocolates and candies found in stores. Including which ones taste bad and which ones taste good."

"Sirena's always had a sweet tooth. She can't stand going for a few days without anything sweet. She'll scream and she gets on people's nerves a lot." Dex volunteered a few seconds before a loud crash sounded at the end of the hallway.

All the rangers jumped up and some pulled out lasers or blasters they always wore around their waist. The Earth rangers had said they wouldn't be back until later tonight after dinner. And it certainly wasn't time yet.

Around the corner, several teenagers, obviously Earthlings appeared. They were all wearing jeans and pretty much the same thing with the exception of colors. They froze at the sight of drawn lasers and blasters.

* * *
Jason and his friends froze in their tracks as they turned the corner to where the dinning area was located. They found themselves starring down the barrels of blasters and lasers.

"Great!" Kim shrieked making no move to be quiet. "Our second time to the megaship and we're starring down the end of blasters and lasers. I don't recalled Sirena, Cassie, or any of the others mentioning that they now had their personal army."

"Jason! What are you doing here?" Trey shoved his way to the front along with Dex. "And who are those?"

"Hi Trey. Do you mind asking your friends to put away their toys?" Jason asked nervously. "It's making me edgy."

"These are not toys!" Leo yelled. "Can't you see? This is a real blaster! Doesn't this look real enough for you?" Leo tossed his blaster from hand to hand, accidentally hitting the trigger. A blast came from the end hitting the wall a foot from Jason. "And that's another reason why it's real." He quickly put away his blaster looking innocent. "Do you think Andros will mind the big hole there?" He whispered to Dex.

"Andros may not mind, but me and ACTOM do!" DECA's voice said in answer. "I don't appreciate a large hole in the side of my wall there. And why don't the rest of you put away your blasters too. That way there won't be anymore holes."

"Out of the way!" A loud voice called. "Justin coming through!" From between Kim and Jason, the small turbo squeezed past. "Hey? Where are Andros, Sirena, and the others?" He asked confused.

"They're down on Earth settling an argument." Trey said. "That still doesn't explain why you guys are here."

"We came cause we thought the megaship might have some sort of tracking device to help us locate our friends, the Zeo rangers. We can't find any of them. They just disappeared." Aisha supplied.

"Um..." Trey glanced nervously at the other rangers. "Well.... We've had some problems." He nudged Dex to help him out. "And I think..."

"That you guys had better ask the astro rangers when they get back." Dex jumped in. Jason gave them a strange look. "Nothings wrong. Don't worry."

"So when are Andros and the others going to get back?" Trini asked. She looked from Dex to Trey. "These guys are acting really strange." She thought. "Are you sure nothing's wrong?" She asked to be sure.

"Yeah. Everything's fine. It's perfectly fine."

"Yep, something's wrong." The newcomers thought. "It probably involves the Zeo rangers. I wonder what's up?"

* * *
Sirena sat grumpily in her seat at the Surf Spot. Next to her was Karone and across from them was Cassie and Ashley. The male rangers stood next to the table waiting for something to speak.

"It's not our fault this whole thing got started." Sirena started at the same time Ashley opened her mouth to speak. "Excuse me! I believe I was talking here!"

"Too bad! I opened my mouth first. Why don't you shut your trap and let me talk!?!"

"You guys! We won't get anywhere if you act like this." TJ but in. He was tired of hearing nothing but arguments. "If we want to accomplish something, you four have to work together."

"Who said we were going to work together?" Cassie asked crossing her arms. "Ashley and I are both from Earth. Those two are from some other planet. We don't have to work together."

"Hey! We're just as human as you two. If you're talking about in-human here, than the only ones who are in-human are you two!" Karone protested angrily. "I don't see the point of this. We'll never solve it."

"That's cause you four aren't giving your side and agreeing on something." Rocky pointed out. "Besides that the other is in-human or something. You need to agree on something positive. As I recall, you four are all friends."

"At one point." Sirena muttered under her breath. "Things change."

"We aren't friends anymore." Ashley grumbled as she and Cassie got up to leave. "We never were."

"Sit!" Andros ordered. "None of you are getting up here until we solve this problem." Ashley and Cassie obliged slumping back down in their seats.

"I can't believe how childish these four are acting." Zhane muttered. Andros and all four females glared at him. "Okay, I am guessing, I'm not helping a bit aren't I?" Seeing their nods, he shrugged. "Well you guys are acting childish."

"Hey what's going on over here?" Adelle asked coming over. "I thought I heard fighting. But then that can't be cause you guys are the best of friends here."

"The girls are arguing." TJ offered. "This is Rocky. He's Sirena's cousin's friend."

"You girls are arguing? Over what? What's more important than your friendship?" Adelle asked. "Lemme guess. Is it a guy? Cause if it is, he ain't worth this."

Sirena couldn't help but surpress a small smile. "No, it's a bit more complicated than that. I wish it were that easy though."

"Well just remember this, whatever it is you're arguing, it's ain't worth it one bit. Friendship is more important than anything in the world. Even a guy." Adelle smiled as each of the females broke into a grin.

"Thanks Adelle."

"You're welcome. Just remember what I said all right?" Adelle left when they all nodded.

"Adelle's right you guys. Friendship is more important than everything in the world. So why are we fighting?" Cassie asked looking at Sirena and Karone.

"I don't even remember what we were fighting about." Karone giggled. "This was so silly. Come on, we're best friends, right?"

"Right. Let's get back and get our friends back. In the meantime, we can show Kalika what happens when she hurts our friends." Ashley jumped up. "And thanks for trying to help you guys. I guess all we needed was someone to open our eyes."

"Well, I'm just glad you girls are friends again. Let's go!" TJ led the way out towards the back.

"Fighting over a guy?" Carlos asked looking confused. "I wonder where Adelle got that. I've never heard of fighting over a guy before. You've got to be crazy to do that."

Ashley and Cassie each smiled as they remember their little fight over a boy named Bobby when they were Turbo rangers. They had both liked him and thought he like them. It turned out that he like this girl named Glenda.

* * *
Back on the megaship, the rangers looked curiously at the large blacken hole in the cargo bay. None of the other-worldly rangers were anywhere to be seen.

"I wonder what happened here." Carlos thought aloud. "I hope no one's hurt or anything like that."

"Me too. I'd rather a hole in the wall compared to rangers hurt." Andros muttered. "DECA, where's everyone else?"

"They are all on the bridge." DECA said. "And I hope you fix that hole. It looks awful just like that."

"Don't worry. We will." Karone assured. "Let's go see what happened."

They all appeared on the bridge to where the other rangers were. They were certainly surprised to see Jason and the others. Just as the alien rangers were surprised to see them back so soon.

"Jason! What are you guys doing here?" Sirena felt herself ask. "Justin, you're back already?" She referred to the small boy sitting on a console.

"Yeah. We were wondering where all the Zeo rangers are. Tommy and Adam didn't show up for a sparring match with Jason." Justin then caught sight of Rocky in the back. "Rocky, where's Tommy and the others?"

"They're well, they're kind of away." Rocky said nervously. "Away as in not really in Angel Grove."

"What's wrong?" Trini demanded hearing something wrong in Rocky's voice. "Something's not right isn't it? I can hear it in your voice. Don't deny it. Tell us what's wrong."

"What Rocky is trying to say, is that, well," Cassie paused a little to gather all of her thoughts. "Kalika has them and that they're kind of evil." She muttered afterwards.

"They're what?" Kim asked hearing her. "They're evil? How'd this happen? They were perfectly fine when I talked with them a week ago. Why weren't we told of this?"

"It was an unanimous decision between us that it would be better than you guys didn't know. And it happened a few days ago. We fought them in a fight." Andros quickly answered.

"And what about Rocky?" Billy asked. "How come he's not evil?"

"He was with us when it happened." Sirena added. "Which is good cause then the evil Zeo team doesn't have full power. We're still trying to figure out a way to de-morph them in a fight."

"I think me and Billy can build something that can de-morph them." Justin said thoughtfully. "Can't we Billy? I mean, you're familiar with the Zeo's technology and I'm pretty good with mechanics."

"Yeah. Between the two of us, we can figure out something. Is it a spell or what?" Billy turned his attention back to the astros.

"We think it's a spell. Or a cyber-implant." Zhane said.

"A cyber what?" Aisha asked. "What's that?"

"A cyber-implant is a device that is lodged at the side of the head fused right into the brain which is not good. It's got a really strong hold on the person so that he or she won't be able to do anything about it." Karone paused. "They know what's going on, but the cyber-implant keeps them from stopping what they are doing."

"Well, we'd better hope it's a spell then." Jason grumbled. "Technology, it's getting so hard these days. Back when we were power rangers, it was either a spell, or one of Rita and Zedd's monsters."

"True. So what other kind of trouble are you guys in?" Zack asked from where he had been quiet.

"Well, Kalika and Lord Dregon formed an alliance and they have the morphin generator." Ashley filled them in. "We currently have control of the Turbo morphin powers and the Turbo zords. We also have Saba which gives us the white ranger powers and the White Tigerzord. Earlier, Rocky got us the blue Zeo ranger powers which probably give us control of the blue Zeo zords."

Zack whistled. "You guys are in a heap of trouble. Maybe we can help. I mean, we did hold the old powers and maybe we can figure out a way to get them back. And with Justin and Billy's brains on our side, we're in good hands."

"So what do we need to get back?" Trini asked. "I haven't really been keeping up with the powers and zords when I left." She explained sheepishly.

They all looked to Rocky who was pretty much the expert out of them. "Kalika and Dregon still have control of the Dinozord, Thunderzord, and the Ninja powers plus the zords. And the evil Zeo rangers, have control of their zords except for the blue Zeo power and zords."

Justin looked up from where he was in a thoughtful thinking stage. "I think me and Billy can come up with something to get the powers back. We'll have to do some more researching about Kalika's control over the rangers though. That would include what kind of mind control."

"And it would be a help if we knew how to use the computers and scanning systems on this ship." Billy added hopefully. He was itching to test out the mechanics on the megaship.

"Good ol' Billy." Rocky chuckled. "I knew he'd ask that."

* * *
While the other rangers worked on gaining information from everything DECA and ACTOM were sending from their scans, Sirena found Rocky wandering around the remains of the Power Chamber.

"Hey Rocky." She said softly as not to startle him.

"Oh hi Sirena." He sighed as he looked around at the debris. "Isn't it surprising how this place looks exactly as it did when Divatox bombed it?"

"Well, not really. After all, the Turbo rangers did leave after Divatox right away. I'd doubt they'd have time. Plus, the citizens of Angel Grove don't know the Power Chamber was here or it's location."

"Yeah, I guess so." Rocky stared at what appeared to be once part of the glass chamber that held Zordon and then Dimitria. "Do you think Zordon will ever return here?"

"No, not with this place the way it is. The Alphas told me that Zordon would have to find another place." Sirena kicked at some metal before looking up.


"Alpha 5 and Alpha 6. Alpha 5 was replaced by Alpha 6 when Zordon returned to Eltar. Those two met again when I joined the team. It was part of a decision that Andros and the original team made with me that they were sent to Inquiris away from the fighting."

"Alpha, away from the fighting?" Rocky muttered. "Amazing. He'd always been in the thick of things. I can't imagine him away."

"Well, the battle with Astronema then was growing more and more dangerous. Now that Kalika's in charge, it's even more dangerous."

"Astronema?" Rocky asked. "That villainess with the different colored hair? Where's she now? Did she not please that other guy?" Rocky snapped his fingers to remember. "What's his name?"

"Dark Specter." Sirena offered. Rocky nodded. "And no, she didn't do anything to get moved away. You know Karone, the gold ranger? She's Astronema." Rocky looked up startled. "It was when Zhane joined us that we discovered who she really was. Well, she did. Kalika spilled the beans to her."

Rocky winced. "It must be hard for her to remember all those things she did to her friends and team now."

"It was at first. But only after a talk with me. It's easier for her. But I know she still wakes up during the night with nightmares."

"Do you guys forgive her?"

"Yeah, we do. Not for Andros' sake or anything like that. Dark Specter used spells and everything he could think of to erase her memory as Karone. We felt sorry for her." Sirena paused for a split second. "I guess it's sort of like the time when Tommy was the evil green ranger."

Rocky nodded again. "It's not their fault for being who they were. Some of them didn't choose it. For Karone and Tommy, they were forced into it. That was part of the reason why we forgave Tommy."

"Us too with Karone. If we have to blame somebody, it's the people who did it. Rita, Zedd, Dark Specter." Sirena trailed off.

* * *
Kalika paced restlessly around her room. Her mind drifted to the fight the Zeo rangers had with the space rangers. She reviewed all the events and thought over on the dangers that almost occurred but didn't.

"That last fight with the rangers had been close. If her new inventions were destroyed, the odds would have been against her, and Lord Dregon." She added to herself. "I've got to keep those meddlesome rangers from finding out the truth." She murmured to herself. "Eclipter!" She yelled coming to a decision.

"Yes my princess." The large black and green warrior appeared hearing her call. "Do you wish for something?"

"How are the prisoners doing?" She asked. "I need the real Zeo rangers, not those clones. If those rangers were to find out that they weren't fighting their friends, my rangers would be destroyed very soon. I can't afford that! Dregon thinks they're the psychos using the Zeo morphers."

"They are still unwilling to bow to your demands." Eclipter added hiding the gladness from his voice. It would serve Kalika well in admitting defeat against some humans.

"Ooh! Sometimes I wish I had Rita's sorcery. That would make them change their minds for sure." Kalika fumed.

"Why not use it?" Eclipter suggested although he knew the reason.

"You know I am restricted in those arts. Using them would mean my death. Plus, Dark Specter has forbidden the use of them except in draining Zordon's power. He's afraid one of us might rebel." She grumbled. "Now about those Zeo clones, make sure that the monsters using the powers are trained in fighting in the same style, and everything else or the rangers will know something is up."

Eclipter nodded. "I already have them observing the prisoners while they battle the quantrons I sent in. They are learning as quickly as they can. They can not fail and they know it."

"Good." Kalika said satisfied. "Now leave me. I must think of a way to get Lord Dregon out of the way. Me, helping him? That's insane! Besides, I never keep my end of the bargain."

* * *
Back on the megaship, a new plan was just. Billy and Justin had devised a weapon to demorph the Zeo rangers. Not to hurt them, but keep them out so they could be brought back to the megaship.

"All right you guys." Andros yelled for attention. "We don't know what kind of control Kalika has over them, but we can't hurt them. As for the power she and Dregon stole, the old rangers think they can recover their part of the power by just morphin like Rocky did."

"Rocky did what?" Sirena asked as she and Rocky walked in.

"Their powers. Duh! The old rangers think they can get theirs back the same way Rocky got his back. They still have their old morphers too." Zhane explained irritated.

"Well, we won't know until we try." Jason said from where he was standing. "You guys ready?" He asked his old team. They all nodded in reply. Everyone back away from them so they could morph. "It's morphin time!"




"Saber-Tooth Tiger!"


The classic morphin phrases were soon said. In their places, stood the original power rangers of Earth.

"Cool!" Justin said. "How come we never said `It's morphin time' when we morphed?" He asked.

"It's morphin time was the classic phrase use to energize our morphers. The Zeo rangers didn't have to say it, but it helped them focus their power to morph. As for the Turbo rangers, I was never one nor worked with them so I wouldn't know." Billy shrugged. "But I'm guessing it's the same. `Shift into Turbo' might have helped you guys focus or activate your morphers also."

"Well, now we have all of the Dinozord, Thunderzord, and Ninjazord powers minus the green ranger powers." Sirena muttered. It would mean less work for them and Kalika and Dregon were in serious trouble.

"Tommy's the only one who ever held the green powers so he'd be the only one to use them. As for the Dragon Dagger, well, those two were separate until Rita gave Tommy the dagger." Kimberly said as she took off her helmet.

"So what powers are we missing now?" Aisha asked from where she stood. They hadn't needed her for this.

"Um... the green ranger powers, the Dragon Dagger, all the Zeo powers except for blue, and I think that's it." Karone said ticking things off on her fingers. "Is there anything else?"


From the next room, they could hear Leo and Dammon arguing again over the food in the synthetron. Most of the alien rangers were gathered there since they didn't participate in the plan making.

Soon, ACTOM began blazing the alarms again. "Kalika's attacking with her evil rangers again!" He yelled at the top of his lungs.

* * *
Back at Angel Grove, the battle began. Besides the Zeo rangers, Kalika had Eclipter and quantrons. Plus, Lord Dregon had added a few of his starfighters circling in the air. The Earth rangers engaged the Zeo rangers while the alien rangers took on pretty much everything else.

"You guys!" Jason yelled as he flipped the red Zeo easily. "Something's not right. Tommy and me can match easily. But I'm beating the crap out of him. It's either he's getting worse, or I'm getting better."

"I knew something was wrong the first time we fought them." Sirena insisted. "Tommy wasn't trying as hard as he could when we fought."

"Adam's not much better. We could normally keep each other going for sometime before we began tiring, but he's a lot worse now." Rocky said as he joined Sirena and Jason.

Presently, Kim came to join them also. The other rangers were doing a good job of keeping evil ones busy. Andros and Zhane were off somewhere battling it out with Eclipter and Darkonda.

"You know, Kat's kicking my butt out here which is not surprising. But her footing is not very good." Kim said.

"You know, something is not very right." Sirena muttered. "They're not fighting like they're suppose to. Either they've improved under Kalika or else they've gotten worse."

"Or, it could be something else. Who's with me that these guys are fakes?" Jason asked.

"You're approaching that topic too soon, Jase." Rocky warned. "What if we're wrong? What if they're still them but they can't stop fighting us?"

"Rocky's got a point. But I can't help agreeing with Jason." Sirena said. "I could go through his without anyone and kick all the Zeo's butts out there in a few minutes."

"And you can't do that even if this was a friendly fight?" Kim demanded.

"It'd just take a bit longer." Sirena said defensively. "Tommy's almost up to my level, and Adam could keep me going for five or six minutes."

"So what do we do?" Jason asked. He looked worriedly over at where the fighting still was.

"Well, we can still only engage them in battle. Billy and Justin's new weapon should work." Sirena said thoughtfully. "Think it's time we gave it a try?"

"Go for it." Rocky said encouragingly.

"Great! You guys!" She yelled to the other rangers. "Let's play a bit harder here." From somewhere, she brought out the small blaster like weapon.

Seeing the thing in her hand, all the good rangers moved out of the way. A light blue (trust Billy and Justin to add their color) ray of light surrounded the Zeo rangers. A few seconds later the Zeo ranger were demorphed. In their place stood not the humans they knew, but human looking posers instead. Each was dressed in either red, pink, yellow, or green.

"Told ya!" Jason yelled. "Let's get this over with now! Tell us where our friends are!"

"Forget it rangers!" Kalika appeared. "You've discovered my scheme, but you won't get your friends back. They're still my prisoners. Elements, destroy them!" She ordered.