Disclaimer: I created the Element Warriors after I remember Erutan. If anyone already has something like that, I'm really sorry. As for the question some people ask me on how come Leo and Sirena dislike each other, well, it's not like I dislike Leo or anything, in fact, I think he's kinda cute. Anyway, he was the best candidate I could think of, other than Zhane, who could get on Sirena's nerves a lot.

Past The Stars
by: AstroPurple

"Elements, destroy them!" Kalika yelled as an order.

Sirena felt a shiver of memory go through her. "Elements? Where have I heard that before?" She thought to herself. Her attention was soon distracted again as the Red dude spoke up.

"Power Rangers! We do as our princess says. I am Red Fire!" A reddish humanoid yelled.

"Pink Wind!"

"Yellow Thunder!"

"Green Lightning!"

"Ranger brats! Meet the Elements! They're not monsters, nor are they rangers like the psychos. They are Earth bred warriors, and the Earth shall obey them! Have fun." Kalika turned and sauntered away.

"Well, are we suppose to be glad that there is no blue or any other color?" Karone asked. "Cause they look like they're gonna be hard to beat."

"Wrong!" A voice shouted from nowhere. "There is blue." The Elements split into two rows so another could appeared in a spurt of water. "I am Blue Water! We are the Element Warriors!"

"I believe we figured that out already." Ashley said out loud. "Hello! We aren't deaf you know. Why don't you freaks of nature just show us what you got."

"Believe me, we will." Red Fire said lowering his voice. "Element Fire!" He held out his hands and yelled as his body dissolved into a roar of fire. "You rangers don't know what you're dealing with."

"Element Wind!" Pink Wind said using the position that Red Fire did. Her body also dissolved into nothing. "I am the wind, there is nothing you can do to stop me or my companions."

"Element Thunder!" Yellow Earth's body dissolved also into nothing as her voice shook with thunder. "I am the spirit of thunder!" Her voice shook the very ground everyone stood on. "We are stronger than we look."

"Element Lightning!" Green Lightning's body dissolved into a streak of lightning and zipped towards the sky. "Don't underestimate us!"

"Element Water!" The last Element Warrior called out. His entire body turned into water. "Try and destroy us, you will not succeed!"

"Believe me, we'll destroy you guys all right." TJ said under-his-breath. "You guys with me? We've got to get our friends back."

"I'm with you TJ." Each of the Earth rangers agreed. "Let's go!"

Andros and Zhane arrived while the alien rangers had teleported to the ship for a scan of Element weakness.

"Elements! Ready!" Red Fire yelled. Each Element were soon solidly standing on the ground. "Well show you what we do the best! Red Fire spread!" A wall of fire encircled all of the rangers. "I like my rangers lightly toasted."

"I don't like the look of this." Kim yelled.

"You guys!" Sirena waved for her friend. "What do ya say we end this now!?!"

"I'm with you!" They all said coming closer. With a simple leap, they cleared the ring of fire.

"All right guys, let's bring them together!" Jason yelled.

"Power Axe!" Zack transformed his axe into something that looked like a blaster throwing it into the air.

"Power Bow!" Kim called out tossing hers under Zack's so they hooked together.

"Power Daggers!" Trini threw her weapons up also.

"Power Lance!" Billy's weapon broke into two and fit nicely on either side of the bow next to Trini's.

"Power Sword!" The red ranger leaped up and seemed to levitate. He carefully set his sword on top of Zack's and landed in front of the others holding the newly formed weapon.

"Is that it?" Blue Water asked sarcastically. "It'll take more than those toys to defeat us."

Rocky and Justin used their morphers to combine blue energy and transferred it into one of the blasters.

"Quadra-blaster!" Carlos yelled following. TJ, Ashley, and Cassie each stood next to him.

"Super Silverizer, blaster mode!" Zhane yelled his own weapon appeared.

"Spiral Sabre!" Andros hooked his auto-blaster onto his sabre so it could fire also.

"Purple Fire Staff! Meteorite Sword!" Sirena hooked her two weapons together combining the powers she had.

"Planet Plates! Blaster Mode! Is this hot enough for you?" Karone asked.

"We shall see." Yellow Thunder yelled fiercely.

"Fire!" All weapons on the rangers' side were fired. As the dust cleared, all five Elements in solid form walked out.

"Not good enough." Green Lightning laughed. "Our turn!"

The rangers were hit with only a portion of what the Elements truly had. Even so, the blast was enough to have destroyed the entire town of Angel Grove. Seemingly, the effect was almost the same on the rangers. Their own energy and power had saved them from being a million pieces. This blast wasn't hard to miss or anything even if you were on the other side of town. Sure, you're walking around town and every day there's fireworks blowing up at the park.

* * *

"Yeow!" Sirena yelled as one of the rangers tried to close a cut on her arm. "That hurts." She whimpered.

"Tough luck." Leo muttered under his breath as he watched. "No pain, no gain." He quoted a famous universal proverb. "If ya wanna get well, there's always pain." He explained at Sirena's glaring look.

"If you hate pain, then don't get hurt." Trey sighed as he held her still. "I know what you're going to say, but have you ever thought of just being more careful?"

"Someone please give me a reality check." Ashley moaned. "Tell me that the Elements are a lot weaker than the psychos."

"Hate to tell you this, but I'd rather fight the psychos any day than the Elements." TJ winced. "They didn't make me hurt this much. Maybe the first fight, but none of the ones afterwards."

After all the rangers were patched up, they trooped to the bridge for a report from Magna Defender, Phantom Ranger, Kendrix, and Kai. The few who actually knew what each button on the consoles did.

Phantom glanced at Sirena. Even through a helmet, she could see the worried look he threw her. "Fine." Sirena mouthed. She slumped into a seat nursing her wounded arm. "I feel like I just got hit un-morphed by pure evil energy. And the strongest kind in the universe." Sirena moaned.

"I'm with you on that." Andros agreed. "I've never witness this kind of energy except from Dark Specter. And those Elements did not look like Dark Specter to me." He tried to attempt a joke. "But if they were, then his looks have gotten a lot better since the last time I saw him."

Everyone had a good laugh.

"Anything on the Element Warriors?" Cassie asked. "A weak spot?" She asked hopefully.

"Sorry. They don't have one from what we can tell and the scans we've done so far." Kendrix said apologetic. "They're invincible so far. Kalika and Dregon picked some great warriors here."

"Elements," Sirena muttered to no one in particular. "Where have I heard that?" She racked her brain as hard as she could.

"Some of your old friends?" Zhane suggested sarcastically.

"No, I don't have friends like that. "I'd think I would remember if I do." Sirena said missing the sarcasm totally.

"Wow! She's really thinking hard there." Jason joked.

"Elements..." Sirena ignored him. "DECA, ACTOM, do a search of data files for the Element Warriors."

"File on Element Warriors of Earth found." ACTOM spoke a second later. "They also want a stupid access code. I didn't know they changed it." Andros tapped in his to save the trouble since he was closer. "Okay, bringing it up."

A file with a large picture of seven warriors dressed like the Elements appeared on the screen. A computerized voice began reading from it.

"The Element Warriors are warriors of pure energy. They reside only on the planet Earth. There are seven Elements. One of Fire, Wind, Thunder, Lightning, Water, and the Woods. They are the strongest fighting force for good in the universe."

"Whoa, stop right there." Sirena said aloud making the voice stop. "Fighting force for good? Excuse me, but I think I have bad hearing. If they were for good, wouldn't they be fighting with us, not against us?"

"Nope, they're fighting forces of good." Karone said. "Let it continue, maybe it'll say something about them turning evil."

"Continue." Sirena instructed.

"The Elements use pure energy they draw from their own power source. One blast could destroy a single monster or wound a ranger greatly. They are valued for their power and strength by the forces of good." The voice ended the short paragraph of information.

"That thing also says seven warriors. We only encountered six." Trini said as lines creased her forehead. "Unless of course that the last one was destroyed."

"Wait a minute, Element of Woods would be the one we're missing right?" TJ asked. "When I was Turbo ranger, I met a boy that said he was the spirit of the woods, his gave his name as Erutan. If you spell it backwards, it's nature."

"He's the Element of the Woods?" Ashley asked. "But he's so small." She protested.

"Erutan? I met him last time I was on Earth." Sirena said sitting up. "He was a really nice boy. I hope we don't have to fight him, that's assuming his is the Element of the Woods."

"You could see him?" Carlos asked. "I thought TJ was the only person who could."

"He showed himself to me." Sirena said. "After I almost killed myself setting this poor animal free from a hunter's trap." She muttered as an afterthought.

"We should find him. He could probably help us." Andros said. "TJ and Sirena, think you guys could find him?"

"Sure, no problem." Sirena stood up to leave.

"No, sit!" Maya pushed her down again. "You got the worse of it. You're not going anywhere until you heal properly. And if you keep running around like that, you'll get worse."

"Yes nurse." Sirena grumbled under her breath. "Next thing I know, you'll be making me stay in bed and eating from a tray."

"That's not a bad idea." Maya said thoughtfully as a smile formed. "Making you stay in bed would heal you faster."

"Please." Sirena muttered chiding herself for giving her an idea.

"I can find Erutan myself?" TJ said seeing Sirena wasn't going anywhere for long time.

"Did someone call for me?" A small voice spoke at the doorway.

"Erutan!" Sirena gasped recognizing the small blond boy.

"Hello Sirena, hello TJ." He stepped into the room still invisible to everyone except for the two who could see him.

"I don't see anyone." Zhane said glancing at TJ and Sirena. "If you two continue this on Earth, it'll land you a trip strait to the funny farm."

"They can't see me cause I'm not visible to them." Erutan said while a string of leaves swept through him. "Now they see me."

"Is that Erutan?" Cassie whispered poking TJ in the ribs.

"Yeah." He shot her a look to stop. "You know about our problem right?" TJ asked.

"Yes, I am an Element too just as you thought. My friends are also young like me, but when they draw power to fight, they grow older. Dregon and Kalika has them under a spell, or else they'd fight along side you."

"Will you help us?" Andros asked. "We need it. Not only to get our friends back, but to stop Kalika and Dregon from taking over."

"I will not fight against my friends though."

"Just as I will not get hit by pure energy again." Zhane muttered under-his-breath.

"I heard that, but I cannot promise you that. Our power is every where. I control the power of nature and is thus regarded as the most powerful Element. I have some power over water, lightning, thunder, fire, and wind. Just as you, TJ, witnessed. I am actually an Element of everything."

"I hope that's good." Sirena said as pain shot through her wounded arm. She winced slightly which did not go unnoticed by Maya.

"To bed!" She commanded.

* * *

"I have an idea to end this fight a lot faster." Dregon said as he approached Kalika. "You will listen cause I am commanding you to. I will go to Sylvesta and split the rangers in half."

"That's a good idea." Kalika said thoughtfully while she was actually glad to be rid of the old coot. "Why not hire some of the Starfighter Pirates in the area around Triforia and have them attack so Trey will be forced to leave? Also Scorpius, he can launch a full attack on Terra Venture so the galaxy rangers will be history."

"With only the Earth rangers left, I suppose you can take care of them, right?" Dregon demanded not really trusting her.

"Of course I can. With the Elements on our side and their friends prisoners, the rangers won't dare do anything to risk live." Kalika looked over at where she was viewing the last battle. "Well what are you waiting for go then? Go! After we succeed we shall have more than two planets under our wing."

"Right away." Dregon left to command his ship to leave. Switching to hyper-rush velocity ten, his ship soon disappeared.

"Finally!" Kalika yelled. "I was thinking he'd never leave."

* * *

"Hey Andros, you're not going to like this, but Dregon's ship is leaving." TJ said. "You also don't want to know where it's headed."

"Where?" Andros demanded. "I hope not back to Edenoi

"Nope, it's headed towards Sylvesta!" TJ yelled. "I don't know what kind of business Dregon has there, but it doesn't look good."

"DECA, inform the Slyvestian team that Dregon is headed towards Sylvesta. I don't want him accusing us of trying to keep a secret." Andros muttered dryly. "I also don't think I want to know what he's going to do there."

The door slid open and the Slyvestian team walked in. "Dregon is headed towards Sylvesta? Why? We have nothing there that might interest him." Gorgan demanded. "Our planet has been in peace for the past two years. They won't be ready for an attack now. We must return."

Dex, who had followed them, spoke up. "Gorgan is right. I must go with him to stop Dregon. He is my responsibility. I must take care of Dregon."

Andros nodded. "All right. You guys can go. If you need any help, call us and we'll send reinforcements."

Gorgan and his team nodded and left with Dex trailing. Andros set the teleportation system to

teleport them the long way to Sylvesta.

"No more surprises please." TJ muttered. "But then, with Kalika planning something, there'll always be surprises. I think I liked it better when Astronema was in power. Not that I don't like Karone, Andros." TJ added hastily.

"I do too, sometimes." Andros said lowering his voice. "It's really hard to take sides if the fights between your sister and your best friend."

* * *

Sirena popped in her N'Sync CD and got down to an energetic work-out combining karate with the music beat. Phantom looked with interest at the noise the humans called music. Sirena had it turned on full blast which gave a pounding noise into the ears of those who weren't use to it.

"Have you ever heard of dance clubs?" Zhane yelled from the doorway. "Some people were trying to get some sleep. What are you trying to do? Wake up the entire ship?"

"I don't like dance clubs." Sirena muttered turning down her volume so Zhane could hear. "They're too crowded. If you can't stand this, tough luck!" Once again, the volume was full blast.

Angry, Zhane turned to Phantom Ranger for help. "Would you please ask your daughter to turn down the volume or else I'll throw her off this ship through an airlock."

"I can not make her do anything." Phantom said firmly. As for the airlock part, he chose to ignore it knowing there was no way Zhane would even dare. Not right in front of his face.

With the music turned up so loud, no one heard the door open one more time with most of the galaxy rangers crowding in.

"I can't get any peace and quiet on this ship?" Leo demanded sleepily.

"You're telling me. I don't believe I've had any since I got here. There's either loud noises in the middle of the night," Kai gestured to the stereo system. "Or some of the girls are yelling to one another through the walls, ACTOM buzzes the alarms for fun, or Kalika decides to aid in ruining my beauty sleep."

"I swore to myself that if Sirena messed with one of my natural needs, I would throw her out through an airlock and this is it." Leo said rubbing his hands.

"I'll help you." Zhane offered.

"This is a joke, right? You're not really going to do it, are you?" Kendrix asked hoping she had bad hearing.

"Who says we are?" Zhane asked innocently. "I've put up with this a lot longer than you. Remember, I live with her. I'm entitled to some joys, aren't I?"

"And if you toss her off this ship, I, myself will see to it that you join her very fast." Karone said from the doorway. "Andros wouldn't be too happy either."

"Well I need my beauty sleep." Leo interrupted. He walked over to the stereo and ripped the plugs apart. The music soon stopped. "There, now I can get some sleep here."

"Hey! That wasn't mine you know. I borrowed it from Cassie. She won't be too happy to hear this." Sirena said angrily. She had been enjoying the annoyance the music brought to some of them.

"Then explain to her it was your fault." Leo said over his shoulder as he marched back to his room.

Sirena glared angrily at Leo's retreating back. "Come on Karone, I heard from Ashley and Cassie that the New Millennium, that new dance club is open. Are you coming with me?"

"I though you were working out?" Karone asked puzzled.

"To N'Sync!?! You've got to be kidding me, half the songs in there are soothing, I was just playing it to annoy Leo and Zhane." She added glancing over at


"I knew it!" Zhane cried. "I knew it all along."

"Did you have to wake up everyone else along with it?" Kai asked already falling asleep where he stood.

"If I were just playing it in their rooms, they'd know something was up." Sirena protested packing up her stuff.

"Wait a minute, New Millennium? Wasn't Ashley and Cassie talking about how great it was a few days ago or something?" Kendrix asked.

"Yeah, they'd gone with TJ and Carlos." Karone confirmed.

"Mind if I tag along?" Kendrix asked.

"I would like to come too if you don't mind." Maya asked timidly. "And I still don't think you should be doing anything stressful." She added to Sirena.

"Dancing is not stressful." Sirena protested. "It can be relaxing if you're dancing to the right song."

* * *

Early the next morning, Kalika had the wonderful joy of attacking the rangers once more with the full strength of the Element Warriors. Thus, giving ACTOM the joy of ringing the alarms.

"Hey, where's Karone, Sirena, Kendrix, and Maya?" Andros asked looking around at each of the present rangers.

"I don't know. They couldn't have slept through that alarm." Damon said waking up fully. "I mean, if Leo couldn't sleep through it, then nobody can."

"Kendrix, Maya, Sirena, and Karone are not on the ship at this moment." DECA informed them.

"Translation from DECA's vague explanation, they're still at that dance club, the New Millennium. Which might I add, is also the place where Kalika is attacking." ACTOM cut in before DECA could finish.

"Well, let's get our butts down there already. We can worry about what the girls were doing there so late after the fight." Leo said snapping awake. He led the present galaxy rangers and others to the teleportation room leaving the space rangers to get their butts to the jump bay.

"You're also meeting Justin, Rocky, and the other Earth rangers there. I've alerted them already!" ACTOM called after them.

"You mean I've alerted them already, right?" DECA asked.

"Yeah, I knew I was forgetting something. DECA alerted them when I was ringing the alarms."

"Hyah!" One by one, each of the present space rangers flipped onto the scene to form a line. The other rangers arrived soon after.

"Great to see that ACTOM woke you guys up." The female rangers, that were not present, ran over. "We're not doing very well alone here." Sirena informed them sourly.

"The Element Warriors just seem to get stronger and stronger." Karone complained. "Nothing we do seem to faze them."

"Well, I can see all the rangers have arrived." A menacing voice yelled tauntingly. "And I though the purple ranger was always able to take care of things herself. tsk. tsk."

Sirena spun around fuming. "When I get my hands on you, you little creep, you'll wish you never became an Element." She kept her voice low and controlled, but was shaking with anger.

"Just calm down, Sirena. Don't let whatever that creep says get to you." Maya said sympathetically. "You're also in no condition to fight."

"I'm fine."

"Come on, let's spread out and find those guys." Leo ordered. He and Kai split heading one way while everyone else headed another.

* * *

Trey looked up with a start as he sensed something. Andros noticed and looked at him for an explanation.

"It's Triforia." He whispered. "I have to get back. There's something wrong. I can sense it."

"Return to your home planet if you think you need to." Andros whispered knowing that the odds were already heavily against them.

"I will return to end this fight." Trey promised. Andros nodded. "Pyramidas!" Trey called out. The large ship appeared and hovered overhead. In a flash of gold, Trey disappeared.

"Why'd Trey leave?" TJ asked appeared out of nowhere.

"He sensed that Triforia was in trouble. "He had to return. But don't worry Teej, he'll be back as soon as possible."

"I hope so." TJ muttered. "Come on, the other's have met the Elements. They need help, and fast."

Andros nodded. The two arrived at the scene in time to witness several of the Elements get blasted by an unknown source. Everyone looked around confused. In the middle of everything, Erutan appeared.

"Power of the Woods, heed my call!" He yelled raising one hand to the sky and looking towards it. A large dome-like structure made from leaves, appeared around Erutan. When it broke, it revealed an Element dressed in brown. "Brown Woods!" He called out.

"Well my friend, you finally got your head strait and decided to join us." Blue Water said sarcastically.

Erutan shook his head. "No, "I'm here to stop you. You guys aren't evil, you're all good. Look inside of you and you will all realize that Kalika is your enemy, not the power rangers."

"Fool! You are wrong. We are evil! And evil we shall be." Pink Wind yelled angrily. "If you won't join us, we'll have to destroy you also!"

"Seraphin," Erutan called. "Don't do this. We're friends. I won't destroy you guys. I won't join you either." He said to the Pink Element.

"All talk and no action, we are evil, and evil we shall be!" The Red Element yelled. "Element Fire!" He dissolved into pure fire energy, roaring higher and higher with each breath.

Erutan raised his right hand to the sky bringing down a shower of rain putting the Element of Fire out. "You forget that there is nothing you can do to harm me. I am the strongest one of us all. I also need no words."

Blue Element sneered behind his face mask. "So? That's nothing. Element Water!" As Red Fire dried himself, he send a wave of strong tidal water towards the Brown Element.

Once again, Erutan raised his right hand bringing forth a huge wall of fire before him drying the tidal water into nothing. "I told you, you can not harm me." He said in a too calm voice that made most of the bystanders shudder.

Seraphin, Pink Wind, raised a strong tornado like wind that send the rangers running to a shelter for safety. "Element Wind!" She called to give it more power than it already had.

"Element Woods!" Erutan's body turned into nothing. Soon, the area winds seemed to die down a lot.

"Um... is it just me, or does the winds seem to be heading back towards it's source?" Zhane yelled over the loud roar of the winds.

"Erutan's counter acting it." TJ said, remember what Erutan could do from his own experience.

Erutan once again appeared in the exact spot where he had disappeared. "You know you only waste your energy attacking me. But yet you go ahead in using up all your energy." He said as over half of the Elements seem to weaken.

Green Lightning and Yellow Thunder so far seemed to be the strongest since they had used no attack, yet. "We will be back! Count on it!" Green Lightning yelled as he and the other Elements disappeared.

"I'm glad I was not involved in that fight." Sirena said as she came out. "Are you okay?" She asked looking at Erutan who returned to his form as a little boy.

"Yes, I'm fine. As for the fight, they're the only ones drained from using so much energy."

"Thanks for being here, Erutan." Andros nodded. "I don't think we'd have been okay if you hadn't showed up."

Erutan just nodded as he disappeared also. "I will always be here if you ever need me again." His voice faded away.

* * *

"What were you girls doing at that dance club all night?" Leo demanded. He was so pissed that Kendrix and Maya didn't notify him.

"We lost track of the time." Maya said annoyed. "It's not like you own us. We can do what we won't you know."

Leo ran a hand through his hair wishing he'd never taken the quasar sabre from his brother, Mike. "I wish Mike was here instead of me." He thought to himself. "I'd be happier relaxing on a white terrace over-looking a peaceful meadow." Out loud, he sighed. "Next time, just let me know. I was worried."

Sirena, heard that comment as she was walking by. "Gee, I didn't know Leo had feelings. Maybe he should show them more often. Then at least I'll know he's human, just not from Earth." Leo glared at her. Sirena's hand flew to her mouth. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were standing there."

"How come she and Karone didn't get a lecture about staying out all night while we did?" Kendrix asked exasperated. "That's not fair."

"So Andros handles things differently from me." Leo muttered. "I'll bet they got something restricted from them or something."

"Nope, Andros doesn't care as long as we're all right." Karone said lightly as she breezed in.

"C'mon Sirena. Andros and Zhane are waiting for us at the hanger bay. The four of us are suppose to go to Weiryn and make sure the rebels made it there okay. Meaning no attack from Dark Specter."

Sirena pouted. "But I wanted to get some sleep." She whined. "I'm too tired to make another trip."

"Believe me, I made that argument with them but they wouldn't listen. Zhane said something about getting us ready for harsher fights or something. I'm not sure what he meant with that remark. As for Andros, he said it was time I met some people from KO-35 other than him and Zhane."

"Oh all right." Sirena grumbled stomping out with Karone.

"I hope she falls off her galaxy glider and gets blown up by a fighter ship or something." Leo muttered watching them leave. "Now that would be a so sweet and a sight to see."

"How come you hate Sirena so much?" Magna Defender asked appearing from one of the many rooms. "No wait, hate's a much too strong word. How come you dislike Sirena so much?"

Leo was caught off guard with that question. "There's a lot of reasons why. I could go on forever if I choose to."

"Name four." Said Kai from where he was sitting catching on to what Magna Defender was getting at.

"Well. she's... she's... she's annoying, whinny, a spoiled brat, and... um... well... she's Sirena."

Leo finally burst out.

"She's annoying, whinny, a spoiled brat, and she's Sirena?" Maya asked puzzled. "That's why you dislike her?"

"Yeah, I guess so. We just never hit it off from the minute we met." Leo shrugged. "It's not like I'm her favorite person in the world either."

"Would it help if you two got to know each other better?" Kendrix asked. "I mean, other than the fact that you're both stubborn, persistent, determined, pigheaded, and headstrong."

Leo opened his mouth to object when DECA interrupted. "Intercepted an emergency transmission from the Lost Galaxy."

"The Lost Galaxy?" Damon asked walking in with TJ. "I hope everything's all right there."

"DECA, play the transmission." TJ ordered not wasting any time.

An image of Commander Stanton appeared. "Terra Venture to galaxy rangers. Scorpius has launched an attack on Terra Venture. Our defenses are going down, we need assistance." The image averted to one that showed the Scorpion Stinger firing at Terra Venture.

"Great! Just what we need." Kai muttered. "Scorpius again. The last time we checked, wasn't the Scorpion Stinger still in massive repairs?"

"Who wants to bet Kalika has a hand in this?" TJ asked.

"I will return to the Lost Galaxy alone and take care of Scorpius with my Torrozord. You are needed here on Earth to fight against the Elements." Magna Defender spoke up softly. "Don't worry, I'll call if I need help."

One by one, the galaxy rangers nodded. Magna Defender left with TJ to boost power to the controls on the teleportation console for a really, really, long-distance teleportation. Which would include going through a dimensional portal as part of a short cut.