Disclaimer: The beginning of the end of this series. I have a feeling that even though I’m saying this is the beginning of the end of this series, it’ll probably gain a whole bunch more fics before ending. I just need to find a suitable ending so I can work on finishing my stand-alones (that I usually leave half finished for half a year before getting to work on them again).

I Wish...
by: AstroPurple

Sirena yawned as she looked around at the stars around her. There were billions out there dotting the empty space. A shooting star nearby caught her eye. Remembering what Cassie and Ashley had said about shooting stars, she quickly made a wish before it disappeared.

“I wish...” Sirena stopped to think. “I wish that I were back on the megaship catching up on my sleep.” She whispered. A glance over at Karone told her that she was doing the same. “Hey Karone!” Sirena yelled over. “Did you wish for the same thing I did?”

“To get more sleep? Yeah!” Nearby, even through the helmets, they could practically see Zhane roll his eyes. Karone gave Sirena a look.

“You got it.” Sirena said interpreting it. “Let’s go!” She veered her glider closer to Zhane. Without warning, his glider shot towards her. Startled, Sirena lost her balance and fell off. “Hey! No fair!”

Andros zipped under her breaking her fall. “Even out here you two can get into trouble.” He said shaking his head.

“It’s her fault.” Zhane protested. “If she hadn’t come so near me, I would not have been so startled.”

Sirena stuck her tongue out even though she knew Zhane couldn’t see it. “Not true!” By now, they had paused their trip and was floating in one place. “I wanted to tell you something.”

“Yeah right.” Zhane muttered.

Karone giggled nearby. “Sorry, it was my fault. I dared Sirena to do it.” She said catching her breath. “You know, you two fight like me and Andros sometimes.” She pointed out.

“Do not!” They both shouted at once. This made Karone giggle even more and even Andros had to smile.

“Come on, let’s continue on to Weiryn. We can’t delay any longer.” Andros made no move to set Sirena back on her glider. Other than the fact that Sirena’s glider had drifted kind of far away, Zhane and Karone couldn’t help grinning a bit. “Well? Are we going or not?”

“Um...” Sirena started. She knew Karone was gonna drill her when they were alone on where her relationship with Andros stood right then. “Andros, I have to get back on my glider.” She ended up whispering to him.

Turning beet red under his helmet, he glided off after the drifting glider. “Sorry.” He whispered out of ear shot. “I know what Karone’s gonna make you go through about this.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve lived through countless questions, I think I’ll be able to live through the ones she forming right now. What about Zhane? He’s also been asking you questions.”

“I’ll find a way to deal with him.” Andros said nodding to where Karone and Zhane were talking.

“They both need something else to focus their attention on.” Sirena said. “I think I’ve got just the idea. Tell you about it at Weiryn. When we’re alone.” She added.

Andros nodded setting her solidly on her own glider.

* * *

“Tommy, you okay?” Adam shook the still unconscious form. “Kat, you passed first aid, what’s wrong with him?” He asked the pink clad girl on his right.

“I don’t know. I seriously don’t.” Kat trembled a little. “I’ve never seen this kind of black-out before. Are you sure they didn’t drug him or anything?” She asked worriedly. “This isn’t natural.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure. Who were they?” He asked referring to the people that had brought them there. “How did they know we were rangers?”

“Rocky, I’m not sure they were human.” Tanya spoke up. “Did you see they’re eyes? They had no pupils. I’ve never seen anything like that. You think Astronema’s up to something?”

“Well, well, well...” A voice said lightly at the door. They all turned to see a girl standing there with the coldest eyes possible. “I see you haven’t been well informed enough. Astronema’s gone. I’ve taken her place. My name is Kalika, Princess of Evil, and the four of you will now serve me.”

“Forget it!” Adam yelled. “We’re not serving you. Not even if you gave us a million bucks!”

Kalika’s eyes seemed to turn even colder. “You’ve resisted me long enough. My patience has run out. I gave you plenty of chances to fight with me against the power rangers. Now I’ll make you fight by me by force. You’ll also see the I’m worst than Astronema could ever be.” She glared at them before leaving.

“I don’t like the sound of that, Adam” Kat said shaking a little. “Her name, Kalika, it sounds so much like Kali.” She noticed Adam giving her a blank look. “Kali was the goddess of death in the Buddhist religion.” She said in answer. “And what about Tommy?”

“I don’t know. We’ve got to wake him up somehow. We’re gonna need him if we’re going to have to fight our way out of here.” Adam muttered giving Tommy another shake.

“Adam, Kat, I don’t think we’re on Earth anymore.” Tanya said quietly from where she had been quietly sitting. “I was feeling the movements of whatever ship we’re on, and it’s not a planet, that’s for sure.”

“Great, we’re stuck in space on some crack-pot lady’s ship.” Adam groaned. “I just hope the space rangers are on their way.”

“Don’t forget, Rocky’s still out there. He’ll figure out a way to help us.” Kat said reassuring.

“Some how, that does not reassure me.” Adam muttered before sighing. “But I guess he’s our only hope.”

* * *

“You know, Kalika’s been keeping us really busy these few days that we haven’t had a chance to scan her ship.” Ashley said breaking the silence. “What if Tommy and the others are there?”

Cassie brightened. “That would also be why she’s been keeping us on edge and busy, right? So we don’t have a chance to scan her ship.”

“Well let’s do it right now, before we’re interrupted again.” TJ jumped up moving to the scanner computers. “DECA, take one of the scanners off the search for Zordon and scan the Dark Fortress with it. Try and see if you can locate Tommy’s bio-signs.”

“And Kat’s, Tanya’s, and Adam’s.” Rocky chimed in. He had been spending the last few days on the Astro Galaxy Megaship than at his own apartment. “They might be separate.” He explained.

“Even if we did find them, we’re gonna have to wait for Andros to formulate some kind of plan.” Carlos murmured. “Also, Karone knows the Dark Fortress better than us. She might know how to get in or something.”

“That’s right. I’ve forgotten that she use to be Astronema.”

“We all do, until something like this happens.” TJ said. “Then we look to her for advice on where people and stuff might be.”

The all waited quietly while DECA scanned the Dark Fortress for any sign of Tommy and the other Zeo rangers. It was a few minutes before the scanner was able to pick up anything. Even then, the rangers were all nervous and uncomfortable on what it might find.

“Bio-signs found.” DECA reported. The rangers all let out the breath they realized they’d been holding. “They are on the lower deck near the middle. Direct entry would be impossible without getting caught or fighting. Even then, leave from the Fortress is 5%.”

“We’re gonna need Karone on this.” Ashley muttered. “I hope they can hold on for a few more hours. DECA, what are their life signs?”

DECA answered after a few minutes of another scan. “Tommy’s life signs are unstable, cause is unknown. All others are fine besides dehydration and just plain lack of sleep.”

“I suppose that’s good then.” Cassie glanced over to see how Rocky was taking this. “It’s better than them being dead.” She said casually seeing Rocky was taking this better than she’d thought.

“Yeah, at least we know they’re alive.” Carlos added. “Come on, let’s go start on a plan. When Karone gets back, she can improve if it needs to be.” Carlos led them all away and into another room.

“TJ! Carlos! Cassie! Ashley!” Maya called down the hallway as the door was sliding close. “Wait! We need to say something.”

TJ poked his head out again. “What is it?” He asked looking from one galaxy ranger to another.

“We’ve been talking,” Leo started slowly looking at the floor. It was obvious he was uncomfortable with whatever it was he was about to say. “And we’ve come to the same decision that we’re going to help you destroy the Elements and get your friends back in return that our two teams form an alliance to help one another in cases like this.” Leo finished in one breath.

“We’d be honored to form an alliance with your team.” TJ said being the highest rank there currently. “Can it wait until Andros returns? He has to make the final decision and if I recall, the team leaders are the ones that sign that piece of worthless paper, right?”

Leo grinned relief showing in his eyes. “Yeah.”

* * *

“Weiryn’s up ahead.” Andros called back from the lead. “We should watch for unknown ships from here on. Dark Specter’s fighter ships could be anywhere ready to fire.”

“As could the weapons the rebels have.” Sirena muttered silently. Even so, she kept a watchful eye out.

“Did we have to galaxy glide?” Karone demanded beside her. “Couldn’t we have taken the shuttle or even the Galaxy Megaship? We’d be safer too.”

“No, they’re too big and noticeable. We’d attract unwanted attention.” Zhane answered annoyed. “I don’t think the rebels would enjoy us showing up in a ship the size of New York City.”

Andros signaled for complete silence as they entered Weiryn’s atmosphere. A bit harsher and windier than Earth’s, the ride proved difficult and challenging. It was also twice the ride than Earth’s.

On the surface, the rangers demorphed and inhaled strong hot and humid air. The air felt wet and tight around them making their flight uniforms sticky. Both Karone and Sirena stifled a soft groan. The hot wet air was making their clothes clammy.

“Come on, Kinwon said their main base camp is near here.” Andros said looking around. “It shouldn’t be that hard to find.”

“There are some caves near the mountain here.” Karone spoke up softly for she had been to Weiryn many times when she was Astronema. “They’re big and have lots of room.”

“I suppose that’s where the rebel’s will be then.” Zhane said looking down at a scanner he was holding. “Lead the way, Karone. And try not to get us lost wandering around here.” He teased.

Karone playfully slapped him as she walked by. “Don’t worry, I won’t get us lost. I’ve been here many times before.” She led them through a maze of trees for a few minutes taking them to the base of a mountain. “We’re here. And you doubted me?” She snuck a look over at Zhane.

“Where’s the cave?” He demanded in answer to her look.

“Zhane? Andros? Is that you two out there?” A familiar voice asked from somewhere.

“Daryoon?” Zhane called out. “Is that you?”

Sirena tossed a questioning glance towards Zhane, wondering who this “Daryoon” fellow was. Karone must of had the same look on her face for Andros proceeded to explain.

“Daryoon’s an old friend from our childhood. The three of us bonded when Karone was kidnapped.” He explained.

“Daryoon where are you?” Zhane called.

From out of the bushes, a tall boy around Andros and Zhane’s age appeared. He had reddish-orange hair that went along with his flashing blue eyes. A small smile was carved onto his face. “Now who, may I ask are these beautiful young ladies?” He asked in a handsome sweeping bow.

“Stop playing around, Daryoon.” Zhane gave him a hug as did Andros. “The blond is Karone, Andros’ sister. We finally found her. The brunette is his girlfriend.” Zhane introduced with a twinkle in his eye.

Daryoon nodded. “And I was beginning to think Karone never existed.” He said thoughtfully while ducking a playful blow from Andros. “Well come on in. Kinwon is inside waiting. I swear, that old coot should loosen up.” He added with a shake of his head.

Sirena and Karone followed the three guys silently through a secret entrance giving them a chance to catch up on old times. Daryoon threw looks over his shoulder every now and then making sure they were still there.

Kinwon greeted them with huge hugs and pats on the back. “I am so proud of our rangers.” He beamed at Andros and Zhane. “And now may I ask, which one of you is Karone?” he looked from Karone to Sirena and back again.

“This is Karone.” Daryoon gave Karone a push forward.

“And you are?” Kinwon gave Sirena a warm look.

“Sirena Lightstar of Inquiris.” She cut in before either Andros, Karone, Zhane, or Daryoon could say anything. “I’m the purple ranger.”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ve heard of you. Even though we’re isolated from the rest of the universe, little tidbits and pieces of news still get through.” Kinwon gave her a welcoming smile. “I’m glad you’re out there to watch out for Andros and Zhane. They do foolish things sometimes. Come, we have much to tell you as you have much to tell us.” Kinwon led them into a comfy room. “Daryoon, stay.” He commanded.

“Right now, Dark Specter is focusing his attack mostly on Earth since it has some inter-dimensional lines of power. If Dark Specter were to gain control of those, he would be able to attack anywhere in the universe without anyone knowing or expecting his attack.” Andros started as everyone settled down. “Kalika is currently in charge of launching the attacks against Earth. We’re near Earth right now protecting it and keeping it from Dark Specter’s grasp. Kalika has enlisted the aid of the Element Warriors of Earth and turned them evil somehow. Dark Specter himself is trying to drain Zordon’s power.”

“So things aren’t going well for you guys?” Daryoon asked. “I mean, you guys sound like you’ve got some pretty tough battles cut out for you in the future.”

“Yeah, one run-in with the Element Warriors is enough for me.” Zhane said rubbing a sore spot. “I hope they turn good again soon. I’ll settle for psychos, Darkonda, or one of Kalika’s monsters anytime.”

“You’re just not in shape.” Karone snapped at him. “Try working out a little more and improving your karate skill.” She said lightly. “It’s easy.”

“Yeah, for you and Sirena.” He muttered. Andros shot a look to tell them not to start another disagreement. “So how are things going here?” Zhane changed the subject.

“Bad.” Kinwon said gravely. “We’ve moved six times since we last saw you and the other rangers. Dark Specter is moving his army closer and closer to us. The only thing keeping him from searching for us with a fine-toothed comb is you, rangers. He’s had to focus a lot of time in destroying you.”

“I’ve heard something about an eighth ranger that joined you in your fight against Dark Specter.” Daryoon nodded. “I believe the Phantom Ranger mentioned it when he stopped here a few days ago.”

“Phantom Ranger was here?” Sirena asked her curiosity aroused.

“Yes, stopped to let us know what was going on around us.” Kinwon answered looking at her. “Why? Do you know him?”

“He was staying and helping us with the fight before coming here.” Andros said quickly. It was a small lie, not big enough to hurt anyone.

“So is it true about this gold ranger?” Daryoon asked once again. “Yeah, you’re looking at her right now.” Karone said proudly. “I’m just lucky Andros agreed to letting me have the morpher.”

Andros and Zhane could swear that Daryoon’s mouth dropped open to the floor. They both bit their tongues to keep from laughing out loud. The look on his face would be unforgettable.

“Um... I was expecting someone more, masculine.” Daryoon stuttered with an apologetic sound.

“That’s all right.” Karone said. She could hardly keep the amusement out of her voice. “It’s an easy mistake. Most people assume the most powerful rangers would be male. Sirena and I just prove them wrong.” She grinned.

“Kinwon, our look-outs have spotted Darkonda nearby. He’s combing the area for us. We need to move fast.” A trooper said opening the door.

Andros nodded. “Go pay Darkonda a visit.” He nodded towards Sirena, Karone, and Zhane. “I’ll stay and make sure there aren’t anymore of Dark Specter’s lackeys hanging around.”

Zhane nodded and got up. Sirena and Karone followed. Together they trooped out with Daryoon leading them towards the hidden entrance. After they left, Andros requested a favor from Kinwon. They settled back to discuss some things.

* * *

“Let’s Rocket!” Zhane yelled once they were out side.

Soon Karone, Sirena, and Zhane were running through the trees looking for signs of Darkonda.

“Super Silverizer! Blaster Mode!” Zhane called leaping through the air and blasting Darkonda. “That’s far enough!” He yelled landing on his feet in front of the surprised monster.

“Well well well...” Darkonda sneered. “If it isn’t some rangers. I’ll take care of you three easily!” He yelled pulling out his sword.

“I wouldn’t forget last time we met, Darkonda!” Sirena said threateningly. “Meteorite Sword! This time we’re not going to be so easy on you.”

“Ooh, you have me shaking in my socks, but I don’t wear any so bring on what you pathetic rangers have!” Darkonda motioned with his hand.

“You asked for it! Planet Plates! Let’s do it!” All three rangers ran forward with their weapons drawn.

Darkonda blocked the first two blows from Zhane and Sirena and expected the same from Karone only to find himself seeing sparks from the rapid cut the Planet Plates made across his chest.

“Meteorite Sword power up! Activate Flame tip now!” The entire blade of her sword turned an orange color like Daryoon’s hair from the fire within. “Eat fire!” Sirena yelled slashing with her sword.

“Super Silverizer, power up!” Zhane yelled showing the blade of his weapon as it came out. “Hyah!” He sent a bolt of silver energy through Darkonda’s body from the knees.

“My turn!” Karone yelled getting ready. “Planet Plates, blaster mode!” A wave of gold energy circled around Darkonda joining with the purple and silver power already there.

“Nooooooo! I’ll be back!”

“A little too late for that!” Karone yelled as they each took a stance and Darkonda blew up behind them.

“Come on, let’s get back and help the rebels finish packing up there stuff.” Zhane said already running towards where they came from.

None of them made a move to demorph since another attack from Dark Specter could come at any minute.

* * *

Aisha sighed as she tried to finish some work. It was hard to do it when your friends and your old team was in danger. She glanced over at Jason and the others who had a look that said the same thing.

“Guys, I can’t work. Not with Tommy and Adam and Kat and Tanya trapped on Kalika’s ship. Who knows what they’re going through right now.” She finally broke the silence.

“Aisha’s right.” Zack agreed. “I can’t work either.” He threw down his pen. “Who cares about a term paper if your friends are in danger?” He said disgusted. Even with vacation going on, universities still give homework. “I don’t even know how I’m going to write this.”

Jason sighed. He had to agree also. “Why don’t we get out and have some fresh air? We’ll go see Justin and take him to the Surf Spot. Maybe some food will help us think better.” He suggested hopefully.

One by one, each of the rangers nodded. A quick stop at Rocky’s apartment to pick up Justin and then they were on their way. At the Surf Spot, they all sat down and looked at the menu.

“Well, I haven’t seen you guys in a long time.” Adelle said smiling as she came right over. “Would’ve thought some aliens came and kidnapped ya if you hadn’t showed up today.”

“We were busy with college and stuff.” Kim said smiling. She’d always like Adelle. It helped her remember the good ol’ days with Ernie and so on. “This was the first chance we got to come.”

“I hope to be seeing you more often now that you’re on summer break.” Adelle smiled as she took their orders. “I’ll be right back.” She said closing her notebook with a snap. True as her word, a minute or so later, she came back with a huge tray filled with food. She smiled as they dug right in. “Got some more customers, I’ll be back later to chat.” She winked.

“Thanks Adelle.” Jason said as everyone else nodded.

Trini took a break from eating to ask Justin a question. “Hey Justin, where’s Rocky? Aren’t you staying with him?”

“Yeah, but he’s been spending a lot of time on the megaship hoping for news of the other rangers.” Justin answered lowering his voice down to a whisper so no one else but them could hear.

“Poor Rocky.” Kim murmured. “You think we should get him away and have some fun? He’s taking this too hard.”

Aisha frowned. “How are we going to get on the megaship? We can’t exactly teleport. And Justin gave his communicator to Rocky.”

“And the only way we could get in contact with the Megaship is if there’s trouble and they call us.” Jason sighed. “Man! We really need to get more communicators. I hate this one way thing.”

“Hey guys, phone call for you.” Adelle called to them from the counter. “It’s from TJ. He says it’s important.”

“Thanks Adelle.” Jason got up and took the phone from her. “Jason here.” He listened for a few minutes. “Really? Don’t worry, we know the signal and we’ll be there.” He handed the phone back to Adelle who looked curiously at him.

“Teenagers these days. Always got to have their secrets.” She shook her head and sighed. “Everything is a life or death situation for ya.”

“C’mon you guys, we’ve got to go.” Jason said, a hint of urgency audible in his voice.

* * *

Zhane, Karone, and Sirena got back just in time to help finish with the last minute preparations. With Zhane off talking with Daryoon as everyone waited for Kinwon to give the leave signal, Karone and Sirena wandered off in search of Andros. They were just in time to see Andros thank Kinwon as the two stepped out of a room. As Kinwon left to get everyone on-board the ship, Andros was immediately bombarded with curious questions.

Karone was the first to pounce. “So what were you and Kinwon talking about?” She asked.

“Nothing that concerns you two.” Andros answered trying to walk away.

Sirena quickly stepped in his way. “Oh no you don’t. You aren’t leaving until you tell us what you and Kinwon were talking about.”

“Look, you’ll all find out soon enough once Kinwon gets back to me on something. As of right now, just bottle up your curiosity and wait.”

“But you know how impatient we get.” Sirena tried once more. “C’mon, just one teeny tiny hint? Please...”

Andros stood firm. “No, you two will find out once Kinwon gets back to me. And that’s final.” He managed to break away and go off in search of Zhane and Daryoon. “I’ll let you two know as soon as I can.” He called over his shoulders.”

Half an hour later, with all the supplies and people ready to leave Weiryn, the rangers waved as their ship took off. Kinwon had promised to alert them if he or any of the rebels needed assistance. A good-byes were quick as Daryoon, Zhane, and Andros would see each other next month or even sooner.

“Let’s get back to the megaship and return to work.” Andros sighed. Even he wasn’t in any mood for Element activity when they returned. “Galaxy Gliders, hang ten!”

* * *

Tommy moaned a little as he opened his eyes. “What happened?” He thought as he tried to roll over. Now he remembered. Six guys had jumped him on his way to Jason’s. “I’ll bet they took my wallet.” He muttered to himself.

“Tommy? Are you all right?” Kat’s voice said from somewhere nearby.

“Man, I’m really out of it.” He thought. “I’m even hearing Kat’s voice. Next thing I’ll know, I’ll think I’m stuck on some alien ship or something.” Tommy shook his head and tried to clear it.

“Tommy? Hey man, you all right?” Adam’s voice broke in also.

“Adam? Kat?” Tommy couldn’t believe his eyes. He hadn’t been dreaming at all. The voices where real, this was all true. In the dim light, he could see Tanya’s form asleep. “What’s going on?”

“Tommy, you’re not going to believe what happened.” Kat sounded so worried. “We’re trapped on this crazy lady’s ship and she wants to make us evil.”

Tommy finally cleared his head enough to think. “Who’s ship? Divatox’s? She couldn’t even catch a fish and keep it.”

“Not Divatox’s, this lady named Kalika, the Princess of Evil.” Adam mimicked in a taunting voice. “Something tells me she isn’t a thing like Divatox or Astronema, but twice as bad.”

“That does not sound good.” Tommy held his head, trying to subside a pounding feeling.

Kat shook Tanya awake. “I wish we knew what was going to happen. This not knowing feeling gives me the creeps.” She muttered.

Tommy groaned. “I wish we could still morph. Then we’d be able to get out of this position.”

“I wish Rocky would do something and get us out of here.” Adam said angrily. “I hate this place. The sooner I’m out of here, the faster we can teach Kalika a lesson on what power rangers are all about.”

“I just wish this nightmare would end and I can get back to my radio show.” Tanya said still kind of sleepy.

“We all wish something. But I think the wish we all would like the most to come true, is to get out of this place.” Tommy looked at the iron door.

* * *

“Weeeeeeeeeell, the rangers finally have the guts to show up.” Red Element sneered. “And you’re missing four rangers. What happened? Did they get scared and ran away from a fight?”

“Mind your own business Red!” TJ yelled. “Why don’t you keep your concerns on what’s about to happen?”

“This is my business!” Red Element growled.

“We make it our business!” Blue Element yelled. “Everything you do, every step you take, every move you make, we’ll know and we’ll be watching you.”

Jason felt himself fuming. “I don’t give a crap at what you say, you don’t scare any of us and you’ll never will.”

“You give us about as much shivers as the Easter Bunny or one of Santa’s elves would.” Ashley pointed at them.

“Hah! You’re just getting scared of what could happen.” Pink Element said triumphantly. “You know we’ll win, evil always does!”

“Purple Fire Staff! Electrical Charge!” A voice came out of nowhere. “Why don’t we change the ‘evil always wins’ part. Fire!” A long sheet of electricity enveloped the Elements in a tight fold. “May I now say, ‘good always triumphs over evil in one way or another?’ You know it’s true.” Sirena appeared on top of a building with Andros, Zhane, and Karone next to her.

The Elements broke through their electrical fold suffering minor damage but in their original forms of the elements. They were no longer dressed as Element Warriors, but like Erutan.

“Our power’s been depleted!” Seraphin exclaimed in surprise. “No one can do that to us. Not even all the power in the universe combined. We fight with pure energy.”

Sirena was studying her staff. “How’d that happen? I couldn’t even faze them earlier.”

“I must admit,” Erutan said appearing midair. “this would be my doing. I added my own power to Sirena’s Electrical Charge.”

“Why would we care!” The boy who appeared to have been Red Element demanded. “We’re still evil, and evil we will stay!”

Erutan shook his head. “Rid yourselves of the negative energy Kalika installed upon you. You can do it. I know you can.” He faded away. “Only then will you be stronger my friends.”

After the words ‘my friends,’ each of the remaining Elements seemed to shine in their own color. It grew brighter and brighter until none of the rangers could watch with their naked eye.

“Noooooooooo!” Kalika’s voice seemed to have been magnified. “You may think you have won this time ranger brats, but there will be a next time! And the next time I shall win!”