Disclaimer: Want powers? Pass the tests. I added a few more tests to the quest for the Great Power just to make things harder for the rangers. I thought the ones Saban made up were too easy.

The New Power
by: AstroPurple

The sun began to rise on Phaedos when Dulcea motioned to tell it was time for them to leave. “Let the animal spirits guide you in your quest. Trust your hearts and nothing else.” She told and warned them before turning into a white owl and disappearing into the sunrise.

“Come on. The sooner we get the power, the faster we can help our friends.” Tommy led the way down the cliff and to the edge of the Naola Jungle.

He and the Ninjetti Warriors followed by Ninjor proceeded deeper and deeper into the jungle. Their senses were alert knowing that hidden dangers awaited them ahead.

* * *

“What’s going on?” TJ demanded as everyone arrived on the bridge. This included the galaxy team, Phantom Ranger, and Andros who had not been seen the past two days. “Is Ivan getting ready to launch another attack or what?”

“Well, Leo just told me that morphers are suppose to return to the command center if the wearer dies. And since the gold and purple morphers aren’t here, then Karone and Sirena are still alive.” Zhane tried to muster a smile. “All we have to do is fine them now.”

“Hold on, I still don’t get it. If the wearer dies, the morphers returns?” Cassie asked puzzled. “But Karone and Sirena were blasted. We all saw the explosion. It didn’t look like anything or anybody could have escaped.”

“I think I’ll let Leo explain this one.” Zhane stepped aside to let Leo go into a deeper explanation with the explaining.

“Even if the carrier is dead, the morpher teleports itself back to the command center, in this case, your ship. It doesn’t matter if the ranger was blown up or what, the morpher will return. Unless of course, the morpher was destroy personally, as in stepped on or something.” He paused before continuing. “If the morphers didn’t return, that means Sirena and Karone are still alive. They will only return if the ranger is dead. No matter how the death was.”

“So Sirena and Karone are still alive?” Ashley asked almost inaudible.

“How come we were never told about morphers returning?” Carlos asked. “It would have helped us a lot if we knew about it.”

“You were planetary rangers of Earth.” Magna Defender explained. “Not to sound stereotypical or anything, but Dimitria found no need to tell you of this. If one of you were dead, the Power Chamber sensors would pick up your bio-signs quickly and be able to assume if you were dead or not.”

“Your point being?” TJ asked still not getting what being planetary rangers or space rangers had to do with it.

“Out here it's different. Space is a lot bigger than a planet. It takes more time which was why the morphers teleporting themselves was important. It eased a lot of pain and worry.” Phantom Ranger added. "We thought you knew that, which was why we didn't say anything when we first arrived."

“How come you two didn't know?” Carlos asked directing the question at the two original space rangers, Andros and Zhane.

Zhane was a bit uncomfortable. “It's been a very long time since we were informed about that kind of thing. I guess it slipped our mind when we saw the explosion out there. Leo had to re-explain it to me also.”

“Is this all you called us here for?” Andros demanded.

“No, DECA found an energy signal that matches our energy sequence.” Zhane got right down to explaining knowing Andros was impatient to return to his room and the next bit of news might intrigue him. He pulled out a star chart. “The signal was located in quadrant fifty-one.”

“Isn't that Ivan Ooze's territory?” Cassie asked announcing all the fears of the people in the room. “Wasn't that where Ivan arrived in this dimension?” She looked over at Andros.

“Yeah.” Andros said more softly. “DECA, scan for any presence of Ivan's army or any of his lackeys there?” He ordered.

“None present.” DECA replied after a few seconds of beeping.

“And if you're thinking of taking the ship and going there, forget it!” ACTOM snapped. “Ivan's ship has is monitoring our activities day and night. If we made any chance to leave, he'd know and reach there before us.”

“Well then, I'm going on my glider.” Andros turned to leave.

“Wait! We don't even know if that is Sirena or Karone.” Zhane stopped his best friend from leaving. “What if there's traps Ivan has set for us? We've no way of knowing. And out there, we'd be alone.”

“I don't care. Those are two of my team mates out there.” Andros managed trying to keep the emotion out of his voice. “And the two women I love most in this world.” He added quietly.

“I am coming with you. Like Karone said, ‘best friends stick together.’ And you’re my best friend.” Zhane said softly. He turned to TJ. “TJ, you're in charge while Andros and I are gone.” TJ nodded. They all knew better than to step in the way of something like this. “We'll be back, with or without Sirena and Karone.”

“You guys, good luck.” Cassie said. The others nodded before getting to work setting up a decoy for Andros and Zhane to slip out. “You'll need it.”

“Thanks.” Andros and Zhane headed for the jump bay to wait for a signal that it was clear to leave.

* * *

Ivan Ooze sat on his throne bored as monsters paraded one by one in front of him. They were all trying out for the part of the purple ranger's daddy in his plan. There were monsters who showed too much emotion it looked fake, others showed no emotion at all, and still others that acted badly.

"Enough!" Ivan yelled. "None of you are good enough for the part. "I'll just have to create someone myself." He added thoughtfully. Ivan sat thinking as the monsters were led out in a single file line. A loud explosion of smoke erupted in the middle of the room. "Who are you?" Ivan asked lazily. He's seen enough not to be impressed by a small trick like this.

"I am the monster you are looking for." A deep voice said. As the smoke cleared away, it showed a young man dressed in black standing tall and proud. "I have something you might find useful in this case," He began not giving anyone a chance to say anything. "I have a morpher I stole from a ranger long ago and can transform into a power ranger. It'll help in convincing those snot nosed pukes that I'm really a ranger and not an impostor."

"Bow!" Jaran ordered to the stranger. "Everyone bows in front of his majesty."

"Forget it, I bow to no one." The stranger snapped harshly. "I've never bowed before in my life. Not to Rita, Zedd, the Machine Empire, Divatox, Astronema, Dark Specter, and I'm not about to start now."

Jaran stepped forward drawing his sword. "You will bow even if I have to make you."

"Back down." Ivan ordered. "I like his attitude. Show me what you can do." He himself ordered already intrigued by the stranger. "And give me your name."

"I am called Ely. My ranger power is equal to that of the all powerful space rangers. It is the ancient power of the Sixth Dimension." Ely said softly. "Would you like to see?" He asked enjoying the attention.

Ivan glared at him. "Of course I would like to see it!" He snapped irritated. "If you were not interesting me so, I'd have you thrown off this ship so fast, you'll never know what hit you."

Ely nodded. "Dimensional Power, Heed my call!" Twin flashes of lightning appeared criss-crossing before Ely and then exploding into a brilliant ball of light. As the light died down, in Ely's place stood a ranger dressed in red and black armor. On his chest, an ancient symbol for the number six stood bright against the red background identifying the wearer as a Sixth Dimension ranger. "Do I play the loving daddy?" Ely demanded.

"You've got it!" Ivan yelled looking pleased. "Get moving! I don’t care if you hate acting, we don't have all day either." He shooed Ely out and Jaran led him towards the docking bay where a ship awaited to transport him to Inquiris.

* * *

The Ninjetti rangers headed deeper and deeper into the Naola Jungle. At first, the rangers who had not been there before thought it was going to be a piece of cake, that only lasted until they reached a graveyard of vines. Cutting through them was impossible since they were as think as trees and as hard as rock. The only choice was climbing on top though not to the joy of Trini who was afraid of heights.

"Whoa!" Jason yelled as the vine he was standing on collapsed beneath him. Tommy grabbed his hand before he slipped out of sight into some sort of a black hole. "This thing is like sucking me in!" Jason yelled.

Adam and Rocky, who were the closest, hurried over while watching their step at the same time and helped Tommy drag him out. An inspection of the hole by Billy confirmed some nagging thoughts.

"It appears these vines are under the influence of some cross-dimensional power," Billy paused. "Either that, or else they break real easily and has some sort of a vacuum inside, or they’re alive and don’t appreciate being tread upon. But I really suggest we be more careful and not take anything as we see it." He cautioned. Tommy seconded it as did Adam. "By my current calculations,” Billy changed the subject. “We should reach the monolith in exactly two hours. That's only if nothing else slows us down." Billy closed the small portable computer he always carried in case for emergencies like this.

"C'mon, we're losing time over this. Don’t forget what we’re really here for." Jason said recovering quickly. "The fall was no big deal. Nobody got hurt or lost. Don't forget that our friends are still out there trying to stop Ivan while we’re dawdling in some sort of illusional paradise."

"Jase's right." Tommy added seeing Jason meant what he said. "We've better get moving and be more careful." Tommy started off again followed by the other rangers with Jason in the rear.

Ninjor was already waiting for them at the end of the vine yard. “I see you got through all right.” He didn’t seem to notice Rocky mutter “barely,” under his breath. “That was the first of many tests waiting for you.” He seemed to smile knowing what had happen though it was hard to tell. “But both Dulcea and I are sure you will pass with ‘flying colors’ as you Earthlings would say.”

“We hope you’re right.” Kimberly sighed. “Now which way?”

“Toward the monolith, duh.” Kat said matter-of-factly. “Let’s go, we don’t want to keep the space rangers in danger a moment longer.”

Kim made a face as she started again. Justin had been watching this exchange carefully. He knew that Kat and Kim didn’t exactly like each other, but he had no idea how deep it went and it was just burning of curiosity inside of him.

* * *

Andros and Zhane galaxy glided through the darkness of space getting closer and closer to quadrant fifty-one. Pretty soon, they were watching out for starfighters or any of Ivan’s people who might attack.

“So what planet was the energy source originating on?” Zhane asked.

“Well, the scanner shows that the energy signals are coming from the planet Pulsa. There.” Andros pointed to a barren looking planet. “Let’s get down to the surface.”

Once on the surface, a small satellite was set up to beam reports and information on what was happening back to the megaship.

“Let’s go.” Zhane led the way down the high cliff they were on. “Well, the scanner is showing the signal is coming from... um...” Zhane pointed around. “that a-way.” He said finally decided on a direction.

“O-kay, let’s hope you’re right.” Andros sighed.

“Am I ever wrong?” Zhane asked jokingly. “Okay, so I am known to be wrong sometimes, I can also be right and I’m positive that is the right direction.” Zhane raised his right hand. “I stake my honor as the silver ranger on it.”

Andros grinned. “C’mon you knucklehead. Let’s find Sirena and Karone, judging if the signal is theirs.”

* * *

Dimitria sighed with relief now that the hard part was through. Everyone had finally agreed that help was needed near Earth whether the planet was with the alliance or not. The last thing they needed to do was select another team to join the Astro rangers and hopefully limit the fighting to the MilkyWay Galaxy.

“If all is as dire as it seems, my team will go.” The quiet ranger team of Ruwena volunteered. “Our planet is deep in alliance territory also, if the need comes to defend Ruwena, I know all other planets in the area will come to it’s aid.”

“That we will do.” Tideus assured them. “You must hurry in case it is too late. The Moonlight Dream will serve in transporting you to the battle scene. It is also capable of withstanding tough battles in which you will be engaged in.” Tideus nodded. “Speed be with you.”

The Ruwenian team left towards the docking bay in which the Moonlight Dream was being fueled for the voyage. They trusted Tideus when he said Ruwena would be protected. An hour later, after instructions on the usage of the Moonlight was done, the team was on its way speeding towards the battle.

“I hope they make it in time.” Dimitria said silently as she watched the Moonlight Dream disappear.

“I’m sure they will.” A loud voice yelled by the doorway. “But you shoulda sent help sooner than this!” Everyone turned to perceive a ranger dressed in red and black armor. What caught their attention most was the ancient sign for six that stood on his chest. “Don’t look so surprised.” He seemed to glare at them.

“Who are you? State your name and rank now!” Leian demanded.

“I am Ely, a Sixth Dimension ranger.” He crossed his arms and leaned against a marble column. “If you fat vagabums had sent help sooner, my daughter would still be alive.” Ely added in fake anger the way Jaran had instructed.

“Your daughter?” Dimitria frowned. She knew that Phantom Ranger was Sirena’s father, and the Lord Carland was Andros and Karone’s. “Who’s your daughter?”

“I believe you know of her as Sirena Lightstar of Inquiris.”

* * *

“Karone! What’s that?” Sirena pointed to something high on a cliff. “That looks like a satellite if my vision isn’t failing me.” She grinned. “You never know on a deserted planet like this.”

Karone nodded also smiling. “Let’s check it out. If it’s a satellite communicator, then we probably can get off this stinking planet soon.” Karone began the long climb upwards towards where the satellite was located. “Aren’t you coming?” She asked looking down at Sirena.

“I think I’ll stand watch just in case the owners of that satellite aren’t exactly friendly.” Sirena stood firm on the ground.

Karone shrugged. “You got a point there. Plus,” She added slyly. “I ain’t the one scared of falling.”

“What?!” Sirena looked up with a start. “I ain’t afraid of falling.”

“Come on, I know you are and so do you.”

“It’s that obvious?” Sirena asked sheepishly.

Karone shook her head. “I know you too well. But don’t worry, nobody will fine out from me.” She continued her climb. “I’ll let you know what that is once I get up there.” Karone changed the subject.

“Thanks.” Sirena leaned against the cliff shading the hot sun from her eyes while looking out for whoever the satellite belonged to. “Hurry up, I’m burning down here!” She called up a few minutes later.

“Just chill, I’m almost there!” Karone grabbed the base of the satellite pulling herself up. “I’m there!” She called down to Sirena.

“Check for identification marks!” Sirena yelled urgently.

“I am. Sheesh! I can see I’m not the only one hoping.” She checked the base hoping for some identification marks or anything like that. None was found. Next, she turned the satellite off hoping the owners wouldn’t get mad at her for doing so. She began tinkering with control panel and pushing wires and stuff aside. An identification mark hidden in the very back by wires caught her attention. “Sirena! You won’t believe who this satellite belongs to!”

* * *

Justin ran a bit faster to keep up with Tommy who was in the lead. Ninjor had disappeared some time ago and hadn’t returned yet. Everyone else was trudging along slowly behind him talking and gossiping.

“What’s up Justin?” Tommy asked. “You look kind of worried.”

Justin paused thinking over what he was about to ask. “What’s going on between Kat and Kim?” He asked slowly and softly. “They don’t seem to like each other that much.”

Tommy was silent for a moment debating on how to answer this. “Well, it all kind of started several years ago when Kat first appeared. I was dating Kim at that time and we were very much in love,” He paused looking over his shoulder to make sure no one else could hear. “When Kat came along, everything changed. It changed even more when Kim left for the Pan Global Awards. The two of us, we grew apart. Kat and I grew closer, and soon we were dating. Kim was left out. I think she still resents giving her power coin to Kat and me growing closer with her.”

“Oh, but why do they both hate each other? I mean, it gives Kim a reason to dislike Kat, but not Kat a reason to dislike Kim. Why’s that?” Justin probed for more answers.

“I don’t know about that. But I think Kat is still afraid she might lose me to Kim.” Tommy brushed some sweat off his forehead. “I don’t understand why either, but you know how girls are. If they want a guy, they want him and won’t share him with anybody else.”

Justin nodded. “I guess that’s true. It was kind of true with Cassie and Ashley when we were Turbo rangers. I remember when they both wanted this boy named Bobby. You should of seen some of the tricks they played on each other.” Justin giggled as he remembered the memory.

“Now you know what I mean.” Tommy smiled. He looked up to make sure they were headed in the right direction. “If I remember correctly, there’s suppose to be a graveyard around here somewhere.”

“Don’t forget, Dulcea mentioned new tests so it might have been replaced.” Adam said coming up behind them. “We’d better keep our eyes and ears open.”

“I agree. Warn the others.” Tommy continued on ahead with Justin right behind him. “Stay right behind me.” He warned Justin.

“You guys! Over here!” Jason waved from the trees. “I found something!”

“Ugh! What is it?” Zack demanded.

Before them lay a large blob of slimy, green, ball of goo. Jason poked at it with a stick he found. In response, a large tentacle extracted from the blob and grabbed the stick throwing it faraway.

“Whoa!” Kat took a step back. “Is it just me, or is that thing alive?”

Kim rolled her eyes and sighed. She found Kat so annoying and irritating these days. “What had possessed her to hand over her power coin to that witch?” Kim asked herself silently.

“Come on, let’s get out of here. I don’t think I want to find out what that thing can do.” Rocky said. “It just gives me the creeps.” As if knowing what Rocky had said, the blob of green goo opened something that looked like a mouth to show a set or razor sharp teeth. “Now I really don’t want to find out.” Rocky shuddered.

Zack tossed a rock into the mouth and it clamped shut, noisily making noises as if it were chewing. “If that thing can eat rock, I think I’ll put a good distance between it and me.” A long slimy tongue reached out of the mouth sticking to a small bird on an over-hanging branch and puled it back into its mouth. “Now I definitely don’t want to be near this thing.”

“Interesting,” Billy commented. “This thing acts like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Perhaps it’s a formation of a carnivorous invertebrate.”

“A what?” Kim asked confused.

Justin poked his head in. “Billy means a type of meat-eating animal without a backbone.” He translated. “I can speak plain English too. I had to around TJ, Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie. They didn’t always understand and no one like Trini was around.” He added when Kim, Kat, Aisha, and Zack stared at him.

“Yeah that would help.” Kim said quickly. “Can we go on and leave this... thing now?” She asked hastily. “It’s giving me the creeps.”

Tommy nodded. “The monolith isn’t that far ahead, I think we can make it there in a few minutes if we don’t get interrupted or anything like that.” The group got moving again leaving the blob behind. True to his words, they were standing in front of the monolith shortly.

“Now what do we do?” Jason asked.

“We wait.” Came his answer from Adam.

Rocky looked around for the stone beings that attacked him and the rangers then before. But saw nothing. “These things are suppose to come out of the wall and fight you to see if you’re worthy of receiving the great powers. But I don’t see anymore. Do you guys?”

“No, maybe them heard us coming and ran away?” Aisha joked. “We did give them a beating last time.”

Before anyone could say anything, the monolith began rumbling. The sealed doors opened, and the great pyramid that held the great powers, emerged.

* * *

“Zhane! I’m gonna stop and put in an update call to the megaship.” Andros stopped. “You go ahead, I’ll catch up.”

“Are you sure?” Zhane asked.

“I’m sure. Go on ahead.” Zhane nodded. Andros bent down and aimed his communicator at a rough location of where the satellite should be. “TJ come in. This is Andros.” All he got was static. “TJ? Are you there?” Static again. “TJ? Carlos? Ashley? Cassie? What’s wrong?” Andros called into his communicator. “Zhane! Wait up. There’s something’s wrong with my communicator, I can’t get through to TJ or anybody.”

Zhane turned around looking worried. “Are you sure? Maybe you’re not aiming it in the right direction. Or the satellite’s not picking up your frequency and sending it to the megaship.” He tried to give reasons as to why nothing was getting through except for static.

“I don’t think so.” Andros turned his gaze in the direction where the satellite was. “I think somebody or something is messing with.”

“Ivan Ooze?” Zhane asked. “After all, this is his territory.”

“I’m sure he doesn’t know we’re here. The others caused a terrific distraction with the megaship. I think we’d better check it out.” Andros began the trek back to the satellite.

Zhane sighed. “All right. Getting cut off with megaship is not something I’m looking forward to having either.”

The long trek back to the satellite began.

* * *

“Who does the satellite belong to?” Sirena called up. “Who? Come on, stop joking around. Tell me who.”

“You will never guess.”

“Eltar?” Sirena took a wild guess. “Inquiris? Aquitar? Triforia? Ruwena? Terra Venture? The Lost Galaxy? Sylvesta?” She paused to rack her brain for more guesses.

Karone grinned. “Well, Eltar is no, Inquiris is no, Aquitar is no, Triforia is no, Ruwena is no, Terra Venture is no, the Lost Galaxy is no, and Sylvesta is also a no. Told ya you would never guess.”

“Then tell me. Please...”

“All right. I’ll tell you. It belongs...” Karone paused for effect. “To us.”

A long silence hung before Sirena’s voice was heard again. “Us? Are you sure? I don’t remember the team putting a satellite here!” Sirena shrieked. “Maybe you saw wrong! Have you gotten your eyes checked recently?”

“Hello! Would I ever lie to you? This satellite belongs to us all right.” Karone yelled down. “Come on us and look if you don’t believe me. That’s if you can get past your fright of heights.”

“I’ll try.” Sirena tried to sound sure of herself. “All right, I’m coming. Just give me a minute or two.” A few minutes later, Karone helped pull Sirena up near the satellite by her.

“See? That wasn’t so bad was it?” Karone pointed out gesturing to how Sirena had made it.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Sirena sighed. “Now show me the identification mark that’s suppose to mark this as one of ours.”

“Right here. Look for yourself.” Karone pushed the wires back to reveal the eight color bar that was the Astro Rangers’ mark of identification. “See? Am I right or not that this belongs to us?”

“You’re right. But how’d it get here? Who placed it here?” Sirena asked. “I still don’t remember the team placing a satellite at this place. I think I would remember, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I think I’d remember too. I mean, this place isn’t hard to forget.” Karone looked around. Her eyes narrowed at two moving specks growing closer and closer. “Hey Si, I think we have company.” She pointed to the two specks.

Sirena squinted. “I think it’s time for a little grab and demand question thing. I want to see who or what those two are, and what kind of a connection they have with the satellite here.”

“I’m game. Let’s go.” Karone looked off the edge of the cliff. “Think we could jump and not break our legs?” She asked hesitantly.

“If I can do it, so can you.” Sirena said before leaping off with a neat front flip. “Come on! It ain’t so bad as the climb up.” She called once at the bottom. “It’s really easy. Just concentrate on your landing.”

Karone took a deep breath to calm her nerves. “Here I come.” She leaped off also discovering for herself how easy it was. “All right, let’s go ask some questions.” She grinned once on solid ground.

* * *

“Rangers of Earth,” A deep voice rumbled. “Why have you come to seek my power again?”

Tommy raised an eyebrow. “This is new.” He whispered to his friends, meaning the voice of the monolith. “We need your power again, so we can fight and defeat Ivan Ooze once and for all. He escaped out last time, and we don’t have to the power to face him again. That’s why we came here.” Tommy said out loud in answer to the monolith’s question. “Right now, our friends, the astro rangers are fighting to save Earth and the universe. We would like to help them and see Ivan’s defeat.”

“You speak the truth ranger, you may have my power, but it will be useful only if you leave this planet alive. Getting here may have been easy, but leaving is another thing. Teleportation will not work. You must prove yourselves worthy of keeping the power.” The deep voice rumbled.

Then, the large coin on turned translucent. Each of the animal spirits were released. Their respective animal entered the coin on each of their uniforms, but their Ninjetti costume stayed the same. No change had occurred.

“Once back to the ruins of the Ninjetti temple, your morphing power will be in full. But remember, there are more dangers on the way back then your way to here. It was created like this for those who returned for the second time. Be on your way rangers.” The voiced died out and the large pyramid returned through the once sealed doors back into the monolith.

After everything was returned to the way it was, Tommy turned the group around to retrace their steps on the way here. Now forewarned, they all watched for signs of possible danger.

The first came when they reached a peaceful bluff overlooking a waterfall for rest. The once peaceful air was disturbed immediately by high voltage winds that could knock over buildings or even pull a tree from the ground.

“Tommy!” Billy yelled. “What do we do!?!”