Disclaimer: Saban started the debate over if rangers were mad they were replaced and everything else. I'm using it to my advantage and it's kinda fun working off of it. As for ACTOM and his little problem...it was fun thinking that up also and writing was the best.

by: AstroPurple

"Hmmm..." Andros shielded his eyes as he looked at something. "I could have sworn something moved up next to the satellite." He frowned.

"Maybe the heat's playing some tricks on you?" Zhane offered. "I didn't see anything at all. Except for the satellite itself."

Andros sighed. "I guess the heat's just getting to me."

The two continued to walk on in silence getting near and near to where the satellite was positioned. Soon, they were close enough to see that the side control panel was open. Both frown as they started running.

"Oof!" They both found themselves starring into sand.

"Andros! Zhane!" Two very familiar voice yelled. "We're sorry. We didn't know it was you."

Zhane groaned. "Andros, I think I'm getting delirious from the heat. I just thought I heard Sirena and Karone's voices." He rubbed his head still not believing what he had just heard.

"Zhane! Stop playing around. You know it's us." Karone whacked him in the head.

Andros groaned. "Remind me never again to upset you two next time." He mumbled getting up.

"Andros!" Sirena threw her arms around him.

Zhane grinned getting up also. "Please, don't get mushy in front of me. I don't know about Karone, but I sure don't want to see it." He teased.

"So how'd one of our satellites get up there?" Karone asked pointing to where the satellite was.

"We set it up there to transmit information back and forth between us and the megaship." Andros explained. "DECA's scanners located the energy from your morphers here."

Zhane gave a soft teasing smile. "We only returned here because someone tampered with it."

"Sorry, we didn't know." Sirena pulled away from Andros' arms. "So what made you want to scan for us? I mean, to any onlooker, that blast Ivan sent our way could've made us a billion pieces."

"Leo, he and his team arrived to help us. Well, he was the one who refreshed Zhane's memory that the morpher returns to its base of command no matter what happened if the wearer dies. He had DECA scan for your energy signs and found one that would match the astro morpher." Andros paused. "The two of us left the ship to come search for you."

"That's so sweet. Tell me, what made Zhane have DECA do a scan instead of just leaving things be?" Karone asked.

"Karone!" Andros warned. "Believe me, he was crying also."

Zhane groaned. "And you had to tell that to them." He muttered angry. "Try not to expect me to do something like this again okay?" He said to Sirena and Karone who were grinning.

"Don't worry. We understand completely. Can we get back to the ship now?" Sirena begged. "I hate the heat here."

Andros nodded. "We have to take down the satellite though."

* * *

"I believe you know of her as Sirena Lightstar of Inquiris." The sentence hung in the air bringing a wave of shock to everyone in the room.

Dimitria was the first to collect herself. "Sirena Lightstar?" She asked again hoping she had heard wrong. She and Zordon were the only ones who knew who Sirena's father really was. And maybe two or three more people besides the astro rangers that Daurius had confided to.

"Yes," Ely answered his eyes darkening as if daring her to say something in protest. "She's my daughter. I admit it's been a long while since I had a chance to show myself, but I just needed time to get up my courage."

Behind her veil, Dimitria frowned. Because of the oath of silence she had taken with Zordon on the identity of Sirena's father, she couldn't say anything lest it give away that she knew. Choosing her words carefully, Dimitria proceeded. "I suppose you would like to pay a visit to the astro team?"

Ely nodded. "I would."

"Delphine, could you establish a visual contact channel with the Astro Galaxy Megaship?" Tideus asked oblivious to Dimitria's sudden change in her mood.

Delphine nodded and with the Blue Aquitian ranger, the two soon had a visual contact with the Astro Galaxy Megaship. Everyone was present on the bridge. "Astro Rangers, the council wishes to present someone whom may be of interest to you." Delphine said formally.

The blue ranger nodded. "Our red and silver ranger are currently unavailable right this moment. But please go ahead." TJ said equally formally.

Tideus stood up and walked towards the visual. "We have with us here, Sirena Lightstar's father." He moved to one side so Ely would be shown.

"Pleased to meet you." Leo said smiling. Magna Defender jabbed him in the side. "Oww... hey."

"He will arrive soon after the Ruwenian rangers." Dimitria said keeping her voice even. "The Ruwenians should arrive soon, and another ship will bring me and Ely to you."

"I shall be coming too." Tideus added.

The blue ranger nodded. "We will be expecting you soon as well as the Ruwenians." The visual winked out.

* * *

"Tommy! What should we do?" Billy yelled as the strong wind came through almost blowing half of them off the cliff. "This type of wind speed could classify as a level three tornado on Earth."

Jason grabbed Justin to keep him from blowing away. "We need to all link together! If we separate, who know show long it could take to find each other in this jungle!"

"Jason's right you guys! Come on! We have to link together!" Tommy grabbed Trini's hand and held onto the branch of a nearby tree with his other. Zack grabbed Trini's other hand and Billy had Zack's. Aisha was next and then it was Rocky, and lastly was Kim. Over near Jason, it was Kat, Adam, Tanya, Jason, and then Justin. "Kim! Kat! Grab onto each other!" Tommy yelled as loudly as he could.

"No way am I holding onto her!" Kim shook her head. Instead she shouted louder for Justin. "Justin, give me your hand!"

"I'm too far away Kim, you're gonna have to take Kat's!"

Kat sighed. "Forget it Kim! Just forget the past and think of the present! If you don't grab onto me, you'll lose not only me, but Adam, Tanya, Jason, and Justin! You have to grab onto me!"

"No way! Forget it Kat!" Kim protested stubbornly. "I refuse and I won't hold onto you!"

Jason grabbed a tight hold of Justin as he felt like just drifting away. Now was not the time. "Kim! Kat's right! Forget about the past, just grab onto Kat! Now's not the time for a fight! It's our lives at stake! You have to grab onto Kat!"

"Kim you're being too childish!" Rocky urged beside her. "This wind gets stronger by the second. Are you willing to risk loosing Adam, Tanya, Jason, and Justin just because of Kat? You're crazy!"

"Kim, let's call a truce! I don't know why we're fighting like this and willing to risk other lives. But we can't keep this up! You forget the past and I will too! We can start over as friends!" Kat begged. "Just take my hand! Please!"

Kim closed her eyes. She seemed to be thinking. With a soft sigh, her eyes snapped open and she grabbed Kat's out stretched hand. Almost at once, the winds died down and everything was returned to as they were before the winds came. Cautiously, they let go of each other's hands but stayed in close range in case the winds flared up again.

* * *

Sirena and Karone burst onto the bridge with great excitement after having told DECA and ACTOM not to announce their arrival. Andros and Zhane followed with a more, minimal approach.

"Hey you guys!" Sirena called out enthusiastically.

Cassie's eyes widened. "Ohmigosh! You two aren't dead!" She and Ashley rushed forward and the four girls were enveloped in a giant hug. TJ and Carlos stood awkwardly by awaiting their turn.

"They may not be dead, but they sure look dead." Ashley grinned stepping by to let TJ and Carlos have their turn.

"You try getting stuck out on a deserted planet for a few days with no modern luxuries available." Karone grinned back before hugging TJ and Carlos. "It was a death trap. Boy am I grad to get back."

"So what's been happening with me and Karone gone?" Sirena asked.

Leo stepped forward. "For starters, you could say hi to those of us who aren't part of your team, and then ask questions."

Sirena gave a soft smile. "Sorry, getting stuck away from civilization on a barren planet can affect my manners." Sirena apologized before giving him and the rest of the Galaxy team hugs. Sirena stood by while Karone greeted the Galaxy rangers wondering how exactly to greet Phantom Ranger who stood apart from the reunion with Magna Defender.

"Sirena guess what!" Kendrix yelled after giving Karone a hug. "You're going to get to meet your father!" She rushed on obviously too excited.

"I'm what?" Sirena looked blank while those who knew her well and also that Phantom was her dad could see the wheels inside her head turning just trying to figure out what was going on. "But..." She turned to Phantom Ranger and Magna Defender with an obvious question.

"Uh... Sirena you might want to change into something nice and take a shower!" Cassie cut in. "Let's go, you can ask questions later!" She motioned for Ashley to do the same with Karone and shot a Ôwe'll explain later' look at Andros and Zhane. "Come on!" She dragged Sirena out who was still trying to figure out Kendrix's meaning.

"Gee, you'd think she'd be more excited." Damon commented after the four Space girls had left. "I mean, a chance in a million at meeting her dad and she's looking like a space cadet and all she can say is ÔI'm what?' and ÔBut...' without the excitement I was expecting."

Maya shook her head. "It's obvious confusion. I'm sure once Cassie lays out everything step by step, she'll get more excited.

"That I truly doubt." TJ muttered to Carlos.

* * *

"I have to what!?!" Sirena sat bolt up. "No way!"

"You've got to Si." Cassie begged. "You know that's not your real dad. It's got to be Ivan Ooze's trick or something. You just got to play pretend for a while until Phantom Ranger can convince Tideus that he's your real dad."

Sirena shook her head. "I can't act. You know I can't act. And with something as big as this, I'm bound to do something wrong and blow the entire thing. Plus I can't fool the galaxy rangers, they already know me too well."

Cassie took a minute to think. "We'll just let them in. It's the only way."

Sirena sighed. "All right, I'll try to act. You drill me in how to act when I first meet this guy, and what to say when I meet him."

"Deal." Cassie agreed. "Let me go let the galaxy rangers know about Phantom being your dad and the others in on the plan before the rangers from Ruwenian arrive. They're back up sent by the council."

Sirena nodded. "I'll be out as soon as I can. After all, I have to look nice when I meet my dad." She said sarcastically.

"You're getting there. Just lose the sarcasm and add a bit more sugar into your voice." Cassie grinned. "Just kidding. We'll all help to drill you in how to act and what to say. Come on out when you're done." Cassie got up and left to return to the bridge. Sirena sighed as she looked glumly through her closet.

* * *

Cassie peeked into the bridge. The galaxy rangers were debating within themselves about something and TJ and Carlos were filling Zhane and Andros in. Magna Defender and Phantom Ranger were alone in a corner talking together.

"Okay, be calm Cassie. You're doing this for Sirena. All you have to do is get in there and ask for their help explaining why." Cassie thought to herself. "Leo, you guys, we need your help." Cassie called when she finally stepped onto the bridge.

"Why? Is Sirena going hysterical and you need us to help restrain her?" Leo asked jokingly bringing a round of laughter. "I know we can do that."

Cassie sighed. "Um... that's.... not it. I don't know how to tell you guys that the person coming is not Sirena's real dad." Cassie lit up. "Finally got through that part of it." She breathed a sigh of relief to herself.

Kendrix frown. "W... what do you mean?"

Phantom had been debating over what to do and what Cassie had said opened a new window for him. "She means that the ranger who says he is Sirena's father is lying, I am her father."

Damon sat down. "Okay, everything's just going right through my brain here and boy do I have a headache. What do you people mean?"

"Eat a little less and you should be doing fine at a time like this." Leo muttered sounding a lot like Sirena, Karone, and Zhane in one of their little skirmishes.

Damon just glared at him. "You get more serious about being a ranger and you'll do fine when desperate times call for desperate measures. That I can assure you."

"Cut it out you two." Kendrix sighed. "So what do we have to do?" She asked Cassie. "We don't believe you 100%, but we'll do our part until Dimitria or Tideus or somebody can vouch for what you just told us."

"Dimitria can vouch for us. For she knows who I am and what I am to Sirena. It was she who took Sirena out of my hands 16 years ago." Phantom had a flash back of handing baby Sirena over to a younger looking Dimitria.

"The Moonlight Dream is requesting docking privileges." DECA informed them cutting in. "The Ruwenian rangers are on-board."

Andros nodded. "Docking privileges given." He stood up. "I think me, Zhane, and TJ can go meet them. The rest of you should stay here and finish debating on how to handle things when this Ely arrives."

"I think they got everything. Just no one can squeal until we figure out who this Ely is working for or why he's doing this." TJ stood up. "If we can get Dimitria alone to us, she can confirm to the galaxy rangers."

"Oh wait, does Tideus know?" Carlos asked.

A long silence answered his question. "I never really thought of letting him know." Phantom Ranger shrugged. "I couldn't find a reason to."

"Oh well, we can deal with that later." Zhane said on his way out. "Just tell old Tideus the truth with Dimitria around to confirm it. It won't be so bad."

Andros was lost in his own thoughts as he walked silently to the docking bay followed by Zhane and TJ. The door slid open with a hiss in front of them and the red ranger of Ruwena stepped out first. He was followed by black, pink, yellow, and then blue. Andros and their leader shook hands by clasping the wrists of the other.

"Greetings rangers of Earth." The red ranger spoke. "I am called Antar by my people. This is Gieve," He gestured to the black ranger. "He would be my second in command. If you wish to consult about anything, you may approach either him or me on the subject."

"Thank you." Andros answered. "Zhane would be my second in command and this is TJ. He can be approached on the subject of Earth."

Antar and Gieve stepped aside letting the rest of their team through. "Anigel is pink, Haramis is yellow, and Tollo is blue." Antar introduced the rest of his team. "I hope our teams can work together with the galaxy in destroying this menace."

Andros nodded to each of them. "Follow me, this way to the bridge where most of the other rangers are." He turned to lead the way. "DECA, ACTOM, tell everyone to be on the bridge." He ordered at the two cameras in that hallway. The lights blinked understanding.

On the bridge, the Ruwenian team was met by two groups. One was the galaxy and the other was the astro. Phantom Ranger and Magna Defender stood off to the side.

Leo stepped forward to represent his team. "I'm Leo Corbett, red galaxy ranger. We're pleased to receive help. This is Kai, Kendrix, Damon, and Maya." He introduced each member. "Magna Defender is over there." He nodded to where Magna raised a hand in greeting.

"Phantom Ranger is over next to Magna Defender. The rest of my team would be Cassie, Ashley, Carlos, and...." Andros let the rest of his sentence trail off.

"Sirena and Karone are still resting in their rooms." Ashley butt in having been informed of what to do when Dimitria, Tideus, and Ely arrive. "I can go get them if you want."

"Sirena Lightstar and Karone Trephon?" Antar asked with a puzzled face. "Weren't those two destroyed?"

Leo jumped in seeing the astro rangers were still uncomfortable on that subject, not to mention feeling kind of stupid. "The blast was large enough to create a nebula type portal to transport the two to safety. Thank goodness they were found."

"Ahhh...." Antar nodded. "Oops, forgive me, where are my manners? This is my team. I am Antar, this is Gieve, Anigel, Haramis, and Tollo. Now if you will excuse us, we need to return to the Moonlight Dream and inform the other rangers that we have arrived safely."

"Go ahead." Andros stood aside to let them through the door. Zhane followed to make sure they arrived without getting lost. "Whew! Glad that was through. I thought I was gonna crack!"

"Me too." Leo collapsed in one of the leather seats. "Did you see their manners and how they were?" He asked looking at the others.

Cassie nodded. "If that's how a team's suppose to be, we're far from it. Hello! We never let Andros do the talking and instead just jump out and introduce ourselves and boy am I glad Sirena and Karone weren't here."

Ashley grinned. "Those two would never have lasted a second of that. It would have been too quiet and settle for them. And they would have insisted on introducing themselves with more flair."

"I just hope that when they do meet those two, Antar won't have a heart attack or any of that sort." TJ said sourly. "They'll all loose their impression of our Ôorderly team.' Actually, I won't mind that."

Andros waved them off. "If I had said I was gonna go check on Karone and Sirena when Ashley said they were still resting, they would have lost that good impression already. Plus, I don't think Antar's gonna like me very much."

"Or Leo. Now if Kai was leader, we'd be able to retain that impression." Damon pointed out. "If it weren't the fact that your team exists," He said at Andros. "We'd be known as a nightmare team."

Sirena popped into the room with Karone not soon afterwards. "So what do they say about this team over at council and alliance meetings? Or more definitely, what do they say about me? Don't be afraid, I already got a good idea."

"Not a lot of the rangers like you that's for sure." Kai muttered. "Mostly the guys and more definitely, the leaders. But some of the younger Inquirian rangers-in-training seem to have you as a role model."

Kendrix threw Kai a dirty look. "He means most of the female trainees. The male trainees are developing the male ego you see in a lot of the other male rangers."

"Hey!" Zhane called stepping back into the room. "I heard that. And I do not have an ego nor do I have one developing."

"She said Ôother' not all." Karone grinned. "If would help if you'd listen and not jump to conclusions so fast."

Zhane shrugged. "I can already tell you I hope we get rid of Ivan, and fast. I don't know how much longer the Ruwenians, namely Antar and Gieve, can stay before freaking out at our system of Ôorder' we supposedly hold."

"What do you mean?" Leo asked resting his feet on the console only to get them kicked off by Maya. "I thought those two were already freaking out by the way Ashley spoke out without Andros allowing her."

"They were grilling me on us here. I mean asking my tons of questions about how our team runs and so on." Zhane got an apple from the synthetron. "Makes me kind of hungry answering all those question. Of course I had to do some fast thinking."

"Now that I would love to see." Sirena whispered to Karone.

* * *

"So what do you think that was all about?" Adam asked as they all got into a group to talk. "I mean, those winds started like nothing could, and then they suddenly stopped when Kim and Kat stopped fighting."

Justin perched himself on a rock. "I know something like that couldn't have happened naturally. Maybe it was one of those test." He offered.

"I know!" Rocky snapped his fingers. "Remember how that voice said we needed to work as a team to get through these tests, well what if these tests were created to mellow out bumps that might affect how we fight in the future?"

"A logical explanation." Billy shrugged. "Even from observing the sky and area around here, I can't formulate a well enough hypothesis to explain the wind and maybe possible future obstacles."

Aisha sighed loudly. "Man these tests are going to be harder than last time we were here. How can we know what to expect and who the next test is going to affect? I mean, there's no way to physically and mentally get ready for these tests."

"Hey you guys, remember Rita's Island of Illusions?" Trini pointed out. "This sort of reminds me of that place."

"What place?" Tanya asked confused.

Tommy grinned. "Sorry, it was with the original team. Rita Repulsa sent the six of us to her Island of Illusions to try and make us disappear. It almost worked except for this little green guy called.... um.... Quasimodo?"

"No... it was... Quagmire! That's it." Kim's eyes lit up. "Anyway, he talked to us and built our self confidence to face our worst fears Rita sent."

"Yo guys, what's that?" Zack pointed a large stone that was glowing yellow. "Is it just me, or does that rock have writing on it? And in a language we can read...English. If you ask me, I think it's freaky."

They all crowded around as close as they could get. "What does it say?" Justin asked pushing his way towards the front. "From this point on...only one may choose and call himself leader? What's that suppose to mean?"

"I believe it means...that from here to the edge of the jungle, only one person that we choose can call himself leader. And I suppose we have to choose someone to lead us then." Aisha looked from Tommy to Jason. "So which one?"

Jason waved it off. "Tommy can be leader, he's been one longer than me and I think when it comes to leading...Tommy should get the job."

"No...it's all right." Tommy also waved it off. "Jase you take it. You were after all the first leader and the model that was set for me. You take the position. All I'm gonna do is ask you if it's the right decision I'm making."

"Wait..you guys!" Billy called out raising a hand looking from the rock to them, but it was too late. A faint yellow light began circling between Jason and Tommy. "Too late. Another test that's set before us." He dropped his hand.

The argument between Tommy and Jason intensified. "You be the leader cause you were born and made to be one!" Tommy yelled. "You were the model for everything I did so I think you should take the title!"

"Me?" Jason pointed to himself. "Why not you? I thought you made a terrific leader as the white ranger and as the red Zeo and Turbo ranger! You've been through more than me, thus having the wider experience for things to come!"

"Jason listen to reason!" Tommy shouted. The yellow light began to intense in color. "You were the first leader and so the job should be set on you! A lot of people count on you to get through things and so you're the natural leader!"

Jason shouted back. "Me listen to reason? Why not you Mr. Hot Shot! You were the one who took the job from me in the first place...why can't you take it now? Or is it because Zordon isn't here to support you? Are you afraid everyone isn't going to listen because Zordon didn't give the Ôokay go ahead and take Jason's job' thing?"

"Oh! So you admit it! You were jealous that Zordon transferred the job to me and didn't let you keep it!" Tommy jabbed Jason in the chest. "Why didn't you just speak up!? I would have gladly stepped down to let the Ôoh so powerful leader of all the rangers in the universe' take his job back!" Soon the light grew to an eye blinding degree. "You know...I'm glad I took the job, you obviously couldn't handle it!"

"You guys! Cut it out!" Kim yelled from the sides shielding her eyes along with everyone else. "If me and Kat could get through our differences...you two can also! Just agree on something!"

Kat reached into the yellow light to grab Tommy. "Kim's right! Forget the past and remember the future! Just forget the bad friction between you two and remember all the good times you had!"

Everyone else joining in. "Think of the great sparring matches you had! The fun times in school! Defeating one of Rita's monsters by working together! It's not who's leader that matters! As long as everyone on the team worked together! Stop fighting! You two could both take the job! The rock was only another test! You guys please stop fighting! You two were both great leaders!"

Slowly the yellow light began to dull and fade. Billy and Justin watched carefully as Tommy and Jason's moods began to settle down. Pretty soon, the light faded away altogether leaving everything as it was.

Jason blinked. "Gosh Tommy...I'm sorry I said all those things. I don't know what came over me. I never would have said any of those things intentionally."

"Don't worry bro. I forgive you. I'm sorry I said some of the stuff I said too. I didn't mean any of those things. You were a great leader before me." Tommy reached out a hand and the two shook.

"Hey!" Justin yelled from looking at the rock. "The message changed! Test two has been passed, the two leaders have been dubbed. Go on and finish your quest to receive the powers you request. Gee that kinda rhymes." He scratched his head.

Rocky sighed. "I'm glad that's through. I hope we get this over with."

"Me too, I guess I won't be surprised anymore if another weird thing like that happens here. I first thought the Naola Jungle was cool the first time we went through, but this time...I'm beginning to change my mind about what's cool and what's not. Also what's safe and what's not." Adam made a face. "I hope there aren't a lot of tests left to get through. Two's enough to last me a lifetime."

* * *

"The royal Inquirian ship is requesting docking permission." DECA said calmly breaking through the layer of tension between the strict Ruwenian team and the two more loose teams. "They shall be arriving on the bridge shortly."

"Thank you DECA." Andros said glancing casually at Antar. He had instructed ACTOM to remain silent knowing how he would burst through with a comment now and then that might offend the other team. So as of now, DECA was doing all the ships work while ACTOM was off playing with the simu-deck.

Soon, one of the doors to the bridge slid open and Dimitria floated in followed by Tideus and a ranger who were on their legs walking.

"Dimitria!" Sirena yelled running into the room. She had been rehearsing with Karone over what to say and do. Andros notice Antar and Gieve cast a disapproving glance at her. "You're finally here." She hugged Dimitria forgetting all about Ely and what she was suppose to do.

"Sirena Lightstar...! Alive?" Tideus almost had a heart attack. Just then, Karone came walking in. "Karone Trephon? What is this!? Some kind of joke? I don't find it very amusing."

"It's not a joke. You see, they thought those two were dead cause of that blast but it opened a nebula of a sort and they got sucked away to another planet. Of course the space team thought they were dead until I came along and saved their feelings." Leo joked the last part only to get a jab in the ribs from Kendrix. "Sorry." He murmured to the space team.

"Sirena Lightstar, where are your manners?" Dimitria asked quietly nodding towards Ely. "This would be your father." She glanced over at Phantom Ranger under the cover of her veil. He seemed perfectly calm. "Now I wonder what they're planning..." She thought to herself.

Sirena nodded suddenly forgetting all she was suppose to say. "Um....." She found herself at a loss of words. "Hi..." She could picture Cassie and Ashley groan in her mind but the only thing keeping it a reality was the present timing.

Ely nodded. He had absolutely no idea what to say either. Jaran hadn't prepared him for the purple ranger being there herself. And he hadn't even mentioned she would be there. Come to think of it...he recalled it being mentioned that she was suppose to be kinda dead.

Tideus glared at Sirena. "Well...?" He sighed inwardly thinking of how kids these days were so unappreciative of their parents who brought them into existence. "Say something other than Ôhi' for heavens sakes."

DECA interjected just in time. "Ivan Ooze is on the move towards Earth. He will reach the planet in approximately two minutes. Destruction on the planet will occur in soon after that."

"Let's get going then." Andros sat down in his seat while the other rangers took their station. "Dimitria, Tideus, you might want to take our guest back to your ship and get out of weapons range. It might get nasty."

"We will be fine here." Tideus said firmly.

Leo nodded. "Uh...sure then." He then turned to Andros. "We can't call our zords out in space and the Ruwenians don't have zords."

"We shall return to the Moonlight Dream and fire with it's own weapons." Antar nodded and his team left.

"I suppose we could do the same with the Sun Star." Leo mused. "Damon, Kai, get to the Sun Star and use those weapons on Ivan's ship. The rest of us will stay here and help out with the Megaship's weapons." Those two were gone.

Zhane motioned to Andros. "I'm gonna galaxy glide out there and stop those flying things Ivan sent out."

"Those would be Scorpius' army. I guess old Ivan's been collecting." Maya muttered.

Sirena looked up. "You're not going alone you know. It's bad enough I get stuck here monitoring your old spot, now you're taking all the fun. I'm coming with."

"Oh no you're not!" Andros yelled remembering what happened last time. "And neither are you Zhane. We can take them with the MegaLasers on the ship. I don't need to spend another two or three days looking for another lost team mate or two." He added under his breath softly.

Karone shook her head. "For once, I'm siding with Andros on this." She said throwing a glance over at Sirena. "Sorry." She mouthed.

"Me and Kendrix can take care of those on our jet jammers." Maya offered. "That way none of your team has to go out there. Plus...we know more about Scorpius' army than you."

"And what if the same thing happens to them with the portal stuff?" Zhane asked.

Leo waved it off. "That's only brought on by mass explosions. They'll be fine as long as they stick together."

"Let's go." Kendrix and Maya left.

"Ivan's ship approaching at 3 o'clock. Weapons on-line and shields up. Fire on your command." Cassie yelled from his station.

"Fire at will whenever you think is the right time." Andros said bring the MegaLasers on-line. "Only try not to hit Kendrix or Maya."

Cassie nodded before she began firing. On the screen, they could see rapid shots being fired from the Sun Star and Moonlight Dream also. Two specks, one pink the other yellow signaled where the two galaxy rangers were picking off StingWingers. Tideus, Dimitria, and Ely stood by watching their actions.

"Our engine's been hit!" Ashley shouted. "It's got to be fixed or else we're sitting ducks!"

Andros nodded to TJ. "Leo, you're going with TJ to fix the engine! Phantom, Magna, if it won't trouble you two to go check out our weapons." They nodded and also left. "DECA! Where's ACTOM?"

"There is something wrong with the computers on the simu-deck. I am not sure. I have no control over there." DECA said. "Megadecks 7 and 8 are off-line currently and cannot be brought back."

Sirena pointed to her station and motioned to Zhane who understood. "I'm gonna go check on ACTOM and the Megadecks!" Andros nodded as she was leaving. A red light had begun flashing warning of the danger. She stepped on the Megalift. "DECA, Megadeck six." She grabbed a flashlight from a side storage knowing she'll probably be needing it soon. The door slid open and she stepped out into pitch black. She clicked her flashlight on to look around. "ACTOM?" She called moving over to the computers. Everything was off which showed a power shortage. She swung the light around the simu-deck coming upon a body. She frowned.

"Ugh....." The body moaned and sat up. "Sirena? What happened? How'd I get here? What's going on?" He seemed to have a lot of questions.

"Who are you?" Sirena asked frowning. He seemed to know her but she didn't know him.

"It's me, ACTOM."

Sirena couldn't help asking questions. "ACTOM? What happened? How'd you get a human body? Is that even possible? I thought you were a computer?"

ACTOM smiled faintly. "I programmed the simu-deck to create a human body for me to walk around in and play around. It was kinda fun experiencing walking, running, and so on. But then one of the computers blew and everything went black. I don't remember anything except waking up here."

Sirena looked over at the computer. "Maybe when the computer blew, it cause a power increase and make the simulation real. I remember Ashley telling me about something like this that happened with their craterites simulation. I don't know much about this sort of thing...so you might have to stay human for a while. Only until we figure something out and a way to turn you back into a computer."

ACTOM groaned. "Oh great. I'm not enjoying this right now." He muttered. "So where are you headed after this?"

"I got to go check out Megadeck 7 and 8. They were damaged and DECA can't get a report on them." Sirena turned for the Megalift again. "You could come with me. I really don't think I should leave you on here to use the Megalift to get back to the bridge. Everyone's going to be curious."

ACTOM shrugged. "Might as well come with. I know more about the decks than you ever will anyway." He stepped onto the Megalift after her. "DECA, it's me ACTOM. Don't even think to ask what happened to me."

"I won't." DECA said calmly. "I already know what happened." Her light blinked as if laughing. The Megalift started. "Megadeck 7." The door slid open revealing a black hallway. "Unable to start the lights."

"It's all right." Sirena assured swinging her flashlight around. "So far so good. Only the lights are damaged and I can't see anything else wrong. Next level DECA." She moved back into the lift as the doors closed.

"I'm starting to get woozy from this. I can't wait to be a computer again." ACTOM complained. "Once I am...remind me never to try being in a human body ever again. Once is enough to last a lifetime."

Sirena giggled. "I will." She took a step once more as the doors slid open. "This deck isn't much worse. I guess all that's wrong is the lights." She stepped back in. "All right DECA, take us back to the bridge."

The door to the bridge slid open along with DECA's announcement of an arrival, and Sirena and an unknown man stepped out. Andros looked up and an expression of surprise crossed his face. "Who's that?" He asked voicing what was on everyone's mind.